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Fixing a crooked cabinet

By Jargus

7 years ago

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#1 7 years ago

I recently picked up a TZ that's in need of some love. It's mostly the usual stuff: rotten rubbers, broken plastics, burnt bulbs, lots of dirt. I've got no problem putting in the time to give it the love it needs.

The big wild card is the cabinet. At some point in the past, it was dropped on it's back right corner and wracked out of square. The front right corner is probably a good inch or two too far forward, and the playfield is jammed in place because of it.

My plan was to wrap a heavy duty, ratcheting tie down strap around the cabinet and pull it back into square, like you'd do with a strap clamp on anything that has mitered corners. Unfortunately, that didn't work - I just couldn't tighten down with anywhere near enough pressure.

I've got a couple other ideas, but they're not as good as the strap clamp. I'm curious if anyone else has successfully dealt with this issue and might have some helpful suggestions.

I really don't want to buy a new cabinet, though it was a good enough deal I'd still come out ahead.


#2 7 years ago

Drop it on the back left corner?

I keed.

That's a tough one. I'd probably take the legs off, sit it down flush against a wall corner with no baseboards, and push. I'd be worried about how well it'd hold together long term though.

#3 7 years ago

Try your strap clamp diagonally across the long axis, (wrapping a clamp around the cabinet will do nothing as you need to make the diagonals equal) either at the legs or put 2 legs on upside down on long diagonal and pull with clamp till cabinet square. Putting legs upside down allows strap clamp something to attach to just above cabinet opening, you may need to fill between legs and cabinet with shims to fill any gaps.

#4 7 years ago

Thanks Law, that's basically my next idea (the pushing, not the dropping )

Out-West, that's an interesting thought. It's currently off the legs, and I'd probably have to remove the head to do it with the legs upside down, but it might just do the trick. Could ruin the legs, but they're not in the best shape anyway.

Either way, I've got wood glue and 8 corner brackets to install inside once I get it square enough to pull up the playfield. So I'm not too worried about long term stability. And worst case, I swap cabinets, but I'd really like to get her playing first to make sure it's worth that big expense.

#5 7 years ago

Turns out it's not just out of square, but twisted as well. Still have an idea or two, but I'm close to the "find a new cabinet stage".

#6 7 years ago

The twist or cabinet warp is common because of poor leveler adjustment or storage. You want to
remove the playfield but because of the warp it will not lift. If you have a flat floor and your working in a place such as basement you can temporarily remove the warp by setting the game on the floor parallel to an overhead beam. Put a 2X4 across the lockbar end and brace it downward with another 2X4 using the overhead beam.

Put another 2X4 across the the top where the head would mount. Then use a jack combined with a 2X4 to the overhead beam to remove the warp. Using shims under the bottom ends you can over compensate the warp if needed.

Be careful not to lift the beam!

1 week later
#7 7 years ago

Found a local guy to help. So far he's gotten the playfield up and moving smoothly, which is a huge step. The cabinet is largely square now, but not real sturdy yet. Next step is to spend some time reinforcing it to make certain it stay square as I move it around and nudge during play.

#8 7 years ago

probably not relevant .. but i had a hurricane that the playfield didnt sit square - it turned out the holes/bolts in the sides for the play field mounts were not quite in the same place on both sides

#9 7 years ago

Everything seems pretty square and stable now. Starting the disassembly tonight to clean and identify parts that need replacing.

7 years later
#10 46 days ago

Know this is an extremely old forum post, but thank you for making this! Currently having the same issue with a Road Show: this helps out in my quest to get it in full working order.

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