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Five Things You Need to Know About RZSSI Gameplay

By jeffspinballpalace

4 years ago

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#1 4 years ago

Offering my RZSSI experience since there aren’t many first hand reports and where else you going to find this stuff? You will likely find the initial setup to be long winded and boring. Conversely, gameplay portion is probably too generic and short on details or strategy. But this is my adventure and I will break into a couple of posts.


Wire gate was bent and restricted from opening by the plastic surrounding its top edge. This is kind of a big deal if you can't plunge the ball. I removed the bolts that secured the impacted plastic and lifted it out of the way. Straightened the wire gate wire and it works for now. This was compounded by a mangled wire actuator on the shooter lane switch/ When a ball was plunged, it would bounce off the back side of wire gate and roll back slowly down the shooter lane, before coming to rest. Often the ball wedged between wire actuator and auto launch stop. When this happened, on your very next plunge the ball would bounce backwards over the auto lunch stop and land on top the shooter rod. I later learned the ball could even end up inside the cabinet ... scary stuff. Spooky is sending a replacement wire gate and shooter lane switch that should fix these items for good. I wish they would add a horizontal piece to the shooter lane gauge to prevent a ball from leaving the game.

Day 1 - Fired up the game and was immediately struck by the great looking color dmd. It’s so pretty I am lulled into playing some games. Noticing erratic behavior and modes aren’t behaving as expected. Plunger is trying repeatedly to launch balls into shooter lane unsuccessfully. Balls are getting stuck and resting against switches. Sling shots are firing at will. Emails to Spooky Charlie are answered and some things are explained. I request a phone number because using emails to describe stuff is not very effective and often leads to miscommunication. Looks like emails will have to suffice. Adjusted rollover switches so a ball could pass in both directions as sometimes they were getting jammed in one direction due to how they were set. I used a leaf adjustment tool I already had and sometimes found myself adjusting the same switch 2 or 3 times to get it right. Game is working better but is still experiencing problems. Wanted to apply mylar protectors to the virgin playfield, but the sheet was not stamped through and after removing protective layer, I could not remove individual decals. Lot’s more stuff happened but these were the big items. Emotions - frustrated and feeling kind of stupid. Total investment - 4 hours.

Day 2 - Back to game in afternoon. Decided stuck switches are causing many of my problems so my goal is to use the switch test to chase down and fix problems. Couple of switches are closed and I can’t locate them. Emails to Charlie gets a switch matrix sent. I know what a rollover switch is and had adjusted those topside. I know what a slingshot switch blade is and had adjusted those topside too. Now I learned that a pop bumper has a leaf switch that must be adjusted from the bottom side of pf. With those done, I decided at that moment - any time the game acted erratically, I would stop playing and immediately go into switch test to resolve. This proved to be a good idea and I felt stupid for not thinking of it yesterday. After a few more switch adjustments, I think they are all fixed for good. Changed menu settings to enable infection on all modes. Was able to start one round of infection and it is a blast. Then I blew a 3A fuse and had to hunt a replacement. Installed one and promptly turned infection modes off. Guess this didn’t get fixed with v10 code yet. Emotions - fingers crossed all switches have been fixed and that cause of blown fuse was from running infection modes. Went to bed tired. Total investment - 6 hours.

Day 3 - Got up and ready for work. Prepared freshfruit parfait and put it in a glass and take it with me. As I head out the door, my wife asks what I am doing. So I answer that I am planning to eat this on the way to work, what do you think I am doing? She said,” It’s Sunday today, you don’t work. Maybe you’ve been focusing on one thing too much and need a break”. She was right. It was Sunday, but I didn’t need a break, what I needed was some RZ. Today, all day the game switches worked fine and the fuse held - so I was able to finally enjoy playing the game. Emotions - feeling pretty smart and feel a heightened sense of attractiveness to the opposite sex. Total investment - 6 hours of bliss.

This is when I decided to chronicle my experience so others might avoid the same pitfalls. I don’t know why my game had so many switch alignment problems, but it did. My advice to saving yourself hours of unnecessary effort and frustration is to suggest you have a leaf switch tool and printed switch matrix handy and that you remove the playfield glass before even powering the game on. Find the test switch menu and test each switch. Watch switches open and close on the matrix. Hunt down and squash any unexpected switches that are closed. Then start playing the and check the switch matrix often until errors are adjusted and stabilized.

#2 4 years ago


More than anything I really like the structure of the rules. These were superbly storyboarded by Fawma in Dec and I recommend you read the overview of rules prior to playing at Rules can be boiled down to “Five Things You Need to Know About RZSSI Gameplay”.

1) Six main modes start with a shot to left orbit. Once you select a mode, a ball drops onto the upper playfield and if you collect 2 chicken switches you’ll increase your mode multiplier to 2x. Chicken can be hit twice more for up to 4x mode scoring. Play the mode and if you win, a ball is added. Playing with a 2 balls you collect jackpots and supers.

2) Three mini modes can be started anytime that you are not in a main mode and they are all multiballs. If you begin a mode and win or if you start a mini mode and advance it, you will get a multiball. One strategy might be to start a multiball and try keeping at least one going. If you stack mini modes of 1000 corpses and LDG, with already generous ball save time, and you’ll be swimming in balls for a long awhile.

3) Infection mode opens another dimension. The intent is to limit a player from continuing to playing a single main mode that they excel in, rather than starting other modes. This functionality is currently disabled because it is causing a fuse to burnout. I did play some with this turned on and it is fun. How infection works - it can be toggled on for any/all main modes. Once you complete a main mode it gets a virus symbol beside it in the menu. If you select to play that mode again, you need to beat it or lose your ball. To win you must hit three selected targets within 70 seconds while the FLIPPERS ARE REVERSED. Accomplish this and you are inoculated for that mode. This is a fun way to practice a mode. Reward for completing all modes is starting wizard mode - hellbound. I don’t think this is even programmed yet.

4) Multipliers effect scoring and there are three ways to access higher scores. I enjoy games where you can earn a good score in one turn (usually stated as in one ball, but since there are so many multiballs …). You can a) collect chickens at the start of main modes for mode multipliers b) pound away on the #1 target to increase playfield multiplier up to 10x and c) in 1000 corpses you can hit multiplier targets near right orbit to multiply the number of corpses collected. Doing any of these will help your scores and this might be a good time to mention corpse stealing. With stealing turned on, when you beat 1000 corpses, you steal corpses collected by other players and you cast a curse on the other players. To remove the curse they must clear the multiplier targets near the right orbit and then beat mode. Having another player’s action change of your game environment is dynamic and adds some strategy.

5) Ball saves are a fun aspect of this game too. Spell chop by rolling over inlanes and start a ball save (amount of time diminishes with each start). If you drain a ball during ball save, another is launched into play. During the first ball save, timer is active for 7 seconds, while subsequent times are less. This is still being adjusted, but the video of the ball save is memorable.

Gameplay also involves ball hangups of which there are five places on my RZ that balls are getting stuck so I emailed Spooky for help. These are a) behind 1000 Corpses drop target b) inside 1000 Corpses loop c) getting two balls stacked over top the left wire drop d) pinched inside shooter lane against auto plunger stop or e) on top shooter rod / inside cabinet. The last two should clear up after the wire gate and shooter lane switch are replaced.

Overall I am very satisfied with RZSSI and don’t mind being an early adapter. Understandably there are some things to be adjusted and that has not proven problematic either. I know this game can play without ball hangs because I watched the one at SFGE for two days. As for potential strategies, there are endless ways to combine and sequence moves. Maybe I’ll try setting up a mini mode but start a main mode. On final ball of main mode mb, start the mini mode.

That’s all for now but ask away if you have questions. I'll post some pics to show some of the places my balls got stuck.





#3 4 years ago

Thank you for this report. Helpful it is indeed. I really want to get to play this machine somewhere soon.

#4 4 years ago

Good write up sucks you had issues but it happens.

#5 4 years ago

Hey man I think you have some of the rules confused. There is no mode stacking. The #1 target is not a Playfield multiplier but a bonus multiplier. LDG is an add a ball multiball. Must add 5 balls to beat. 1000 corpses is main multiball. Beating other modes leads to a multiball or an option of one. Murder ride is now competed by collecting all three murder cards at anytime. What and red hot are linked together. The rest I believe are independent at this point.

Glad another person is enjoying it as well though.

#6 4 years ago

Great write-up! Not a question about gameplay but about your personal machine... what kind of mods -- if any -- do you have on the game?

#7 4 years ago
Quoted from multibrawlr:

Great write-up! Not a question about gameplay but about your personal machine... what kind of mods -- if any -- do you have on the game?

Game began with etched side rails and hinges and a lighted lockdown bar. Added at factory were upgraded leds, lit robot, jumping chicken bucket and plastic protectors.

So far game has two external mods - pdi glass and a glare guard (bent plastic). Shaker motor and cup holder are on order from PBL. These RZ figures are from ebay and could be used to develop a bigger topper. But will likely deconstruct this into parts and add them to the game. Will be getting mirror blades soon, but expecting those to be replaced with side decals - once someone designs them. I gotta believe someone will make other stuff for the game and will be looking out for it.


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