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Fish Tales - What are They Selling For?

By scampcamp

4 years ago

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#1 4 years ago

I'm in the market for a nice Fish Tales... What's the price of one on average?

#3 4 years ago


#4 4 years ago

Sold one for 1100 in july, one side decal gone. 2k to 2500 wishful thinking.
or fishing for a noobie. Let the thumbs down begin.

#5 4 years ago
Quoted from UFO:

Sold one for 1100 in july, one side decal gone. 2k to 2500 wishful thinking.
or fishing for a noobie. Let the thumbs down begin.

No, that's what they go for in decent shape. The last three I'm aware of went for that.

#6 4 years ago

I'm on the cheap side when buying and I'd have no problem paying 1800-2000 for a decent one, I'd probably pay 2300 for a nice one

#7 4 years ago

I will take one for 1800 all day

#8 4 years ago
Quoted from forensicd:

I will take one for 1800 all day

Hey barry, minnesota 13, sell your fishtales to this guy you can make 700 bucks.

#9 4 years ago

So... It sounds like I should be able to find a nice one for around 2,000 or less if I'm patient.

#10 4 years ago

Well here is my .02 worth. Make sure that you are first and foremost really familiar with the game play and really thoroughly check out what you may potentially buy. The one that I got recently I paid 2k for and it was supposedly in good condition. Again my fault for not checking it out and making sure it was in good shape. Ok. I paid $2k for mine, then spent about $150 for LEDs, another $100 for a new plastic ramp as the one that was in there was cracked, usable but not that pretty. (I did know about this prior to buying). Then spent a few more bucks fixing switches and a drop target that was gone and then added a new Rottendog driver board as the original had a while slew of issues. So if you. An get a nice one for $2k that would be great but I would be very suspect of the price for a good condition machine. I think the $2500 number is a lot more accurate personally. Again, whatever machine you decide on make sure you give a thorough going over like I did not as make sure you playbit to verify any issues that may be lurking that the current owner either is not disclosing or honestly does not realize

Just don't want another to go through what I did. Not the end if the world but if I conducted myself a bit differently I maybe could have saved a few bucks on the deal that would have gone towards needed repairs. Just my .02

Thanks guys

#11 4 years ago

Sold mine for $3,700 7-8 months ago. It was a beauty...great game.

#12 4 years ago

I bought UF0's Fish Tales for $1,100, delivered. The playfield was great, but the left side cabinet graphics were gone. The game also had a reel problem. The GI was also not working. The backglass lift channel was mostly broken. The coin door shows wear but is straight.

The reel problem was resolved by reseating the big square chip on the CPU. I don't recall how I fixed the GI -- I think it was a burned connector on the power supply.

This was a routed machine just off route for repair.

The big deal is I was able to beat UFO's high score - he couldn't get multi-ball because the reel didn't work.

Patience pays when looking for a machine.

#13 4 years ago

I have a really nice FT and have been on the fence as to trade/sell/keep. Mine has a cabinet that I put new decals on...CORRECTLY.... and looks great. Playfield is in WAY above average condition. Overall, a 9.5 out of 10. I currently have it in the "keep" catagory...but if I do decide to sell, I will set the price at 2800. Absolutely no fudge room, 2800 or I keep it. It is a great game and out of all the machines in my collection, it is the one I have had the longest. Mark Ritchie, Python, and the rest of the design crew knocked it out of the park on this title. IMHO, a top 5 value in pinball...

#14 4 years ago

$2000 - $2500. Even more for an exceptional example.

Chances of finding a good one at $2K are very slim, but not impossible. I'm of the belief that posting an ad for a FT in any metro area, for $2K, will result in no less than 100 calls/emails.

AS the price goes up, the reality of actually finding one increases. Your results may vary.

#15 4 years ago

I would say 2K to sub 2K. We had a beautiful one out here, no fade, working topper and reel, LED's (I know-I know) super, super clean. The guy could not sell it to save his life. It's still FS for $2100. Edit he is/was asking $2350

#16 4 years ago

I haven't been so lucky as to see any for sale in the past year for under 2k. Most are in the 2500-3000 range! I don't think they should be that high unless very nice condition. The high price has kept me from buying one. The high price point can be said for most games though nowdays

#17 4 years ago

The last 2 in the marketplace were $2800 & $3500 (don't know if sold). Searching threads there were a few in the $2300 range with a $1750 players condition one. I personally sold one for $1500 w/$250 shipping (buyer paid). It needed a lot of cosmetic work (fish wear & faded cabinet w/scratches) and the topper wasn't working. I'll take $1100 F/T all day long.

#18 4 years ago

I bought one for a bit over 2 , if i remember correctly. but the game was in worse shape than i thought. from a pinsider so i didn't do my due diligence. Sold that after fixing most of the problems and bought another from guidotorpedo in much better shape. not too much fade and no issues on play field . paid $2,400 for that one. As I am tempted to sell a couple of pins , because my new home isn't as big, I find i can't pull the trigger on letting it go. a very fun game. If the fade isn't too bad and the reel works with no problems, I think 2,300 to 2,800 is a good range.

#19 4 years ago

Hi Guys

I am seeing a familiar thread here with the reel. Seems like that is a weak point in this particular game as some have noted reel issues with their games. I guess I shouldn't feel so bad now. I was not aware that the reel was a soft spot in the game. Oh well learned a lot and now I can pass on what I was aided in figuring out


#20 4 years ago

GPS, yeah the reel is the Achilles heel on FT a lot like the Mist Motor is on Drac. You have multiple fail points all along the route (motor, optos, onto boards, etc). The FT I am picking up has a non working reel. Sadly I didn't realize Chris's (the one I mentioned above) was still FS when I paced my deposit.

#21 4 years ago
Quoted from nerdygrrl:

GPS, yeah the reel is the Achilles heel on FT a lot like the Mist Motor is on Drac. You have multiple fail points all along the route (motor, optos, onto boards, etc). The FT I am picking up has a non working reel. Sadly I didn't realize Chris's (the one I mentioned above) was still FS when I paced my deposit.

Hey Nerdy,

Yeppir, it can be a reel drag (lol). My issue which I had another help find was with the power going to the opto board. It was way low at 8 volts which was also causing the slingshots to errantly fire. When she initially checked it using her probe, she did what anyone would do and slightly pushed down on the wire going into the connector and then it read properly at 12 or so volts but as soon as the probe was removed and the pressure taken away, it went back down to 8 +-. A real bugger to find. When the game works though it is a bunch of fun. I also replaced my driver board as the original needs to be re-built which I have already shipped it to Pin Crazy to do. Thought it would be nice to have a backup driver board for the future when I need to troubleshoot again.

#22 4 years ago

I knowingly restored mine with no objection taking the loss if I ever sellimage.jpgimage.jpg, which I am not. Fishtales is a great family game and a very nice set of rules. The color DMD is such a compliment with LEDs...I made mine the same way as my WH2O and that is a beautiful game.

#23 4 years ago

That is a beauty

I have been passively on the hunt for a FT after stupidly selling my non faded one years ago. Seems to be 2-2.5k although I have seen some for more and some beat to hell for around 2.3 that make no sense to me. I'm actually fine with beater pins, and actually prefer one right now. The issue I find with all games is, no one wants to admit that their game is a beater. Its all "recently shopped" and "restored" bring out those beaters!

#24 4 years ago

op: There was a $1,200 FT on Craigslist....did you see it?

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