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(Topic ID: 97317)

first time buyer, might have jumped the gun

By capital

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

1900 for lethal weapon 3
after doing my research i found lots of lower prices but of course those machines had issues of one variety or another. so my question is: is this a reasonable price for this machine? considering it will have a 90 day warranty from a reputable salesperson? even if the machine is flawless, am i getting ripped off? so far ive paid 1200. should i keep going for the lw3 or another machine? any advice is greatly appreciated.

#2 6 years ago

Too much, IMO. LW3 is super common, collectors don't want's usually a $1000-1200 type of game. Unless yours is super mint, plays perfectly, and LW3 is your holy's overpriced. However, if you're buying "retail" - every other game on the planet's gonna be even more I guess by retail standards, it's not bad.

#3 6 years ago

It's all perspective, my brother. At 1900, you are in the neighborhood depending on your locale. And if immaculate it's a great deal- you have seen it yes? Unless completely trashed, and that would be rare for retail, if you did "make a boo boo", it was a small enough one. I personally think that's fine if you wanted the machine and it's in good shape- you have seen it right? I bought my first pin retail- a Pinbot I overpaid for by "market standards", but I had wonderful luck with it- felt a little jaded when others told me I overpaid somewhat. But looking back on it I am glad it happened- it was gone through by a pro, and it has never once broke down- kinda speaks for itself. Not recommending this for everyone, just saying it isn't always a shaft because someone says so. Other poster is correct with his 1200ish as well, but there are variables, and again, if ya effed up, it was not a horrible one.

#5 6 years ago

I paid "above perceived market value" for my first pin Maverick. I have no regrets. I have a beautifully refurbished/shopped out game being delivered to me tomorrow and it comes with a 90 day warranty. I have almost zero pinball knowledge so I felt it was worth the extra cash to get a fully working warrantied game. They even installed a brand new DMD!

If your Lethal Weapon 3 is getting similar treatment and you enjoy the theme I say go for it. People who tell you you paid too much either have learned to repair these games themselves so they can buy machines for less that need some work or they have a bunch of broken machines laying around that they got a "better deal on." Someone actually told me "if it ain't broke it ain't pinball". Wth?

#6 6 years ago

I'm learning that last phrase....always something....fix one thing ....up pops another...but as they say....that's half the fun.....the 90 day warranty is worth the extra to the feck out if it for the next 3 months is what I say....few buddy's have LW3.....very good play IMO......hope it works out for you.......Joey

#7 6 years ago

You know alot of people will say you overpaid but whatever if your happy and like it and its in great condition who cares .ive overpaid for most my games but I wanted them and love them and thats what really matters. In this hobby you win some and lose some thats what makes it such a great hobby .enjoy your machine and welcome to the addiction. By the way lw3 is a good game and usually sell for 1300 to 1750 depending on condition so your not to far off

#8 6 years ago

sure lots of people have over paid for there first pin unless a friend sold it to them, if you did over pay or not I don't think its a big deal, just be stoked you got your first pin, congrats. just think about it you got a pinball machine in your house, you can play when ever you want, HOW COOL IS THAT !!!!!

#9 6 years ago

If its worth it to you go for it.

#10 6 years ago

I see nice ones quite a bit for $1400 or less. I've made worse deals though.

#11 6 years ago

Go for it. 90 day warranty and something you would enjoy. Jump on it. My first a year ago was Firepower in what I would say good condition only. paid 1200.00. Way over paid now that I know more about the hobby. Played for 3 days and started having weird issues, Learned to repair faster than I wanted to, Lots of connector problems that I finally cured by reflowing solder on the boards. Something I never would have done but for the fact I had some experience working on satellite dish boards in my past. Now it is a great running game. I won't make the mistake of over paying again, but I'm not sorry that I had. I love my Firepower and has been a great learning experience. Right now in my area I can get another for 700.00 that is in better shape than the one I bought. I don't care that I probably paid 500.00 more than I should have. Like Whisper said, I have a pinball machine in my house that I can play anytime I want! Now to find me game number two! lol


#12 6 years ago

You bought from a dealer with a warranty..... Do you think his services come free?

Yes you did pay more than street value but really its not that far off.

As I tell any newbies, come to my house and play one game or a hundred......When it walks out the door, if burns up the second you plug it in at home its your problem.

I never had an issue as I know what my games are and point out any problems up front.

Do I loose a few potential buyers .....YES but it saves me the headache.

#13 6 years ago

A warranty is kind of a big deal. Even just 90 days. Several times when we've bought games they've been fine when we playtested them on location and then when we take them home the vibration from the travel causes some sort of malfunction. If delivery is included that's also a plus not having to deal with it. You paid a retail price for the game, I wouldn't worry about it, sure you wont get the same when you sell it but take care of it and play the crap out of it and you'll find it was well worth the money.

#14 6 years ago

Anytime you buy from a dealer your going to pay more, if its in nice shape, works 100%, and has a warranty, the price isnt really that far out of line, theres a place by my house that would sell Lw3 for over 3 grand. You should have done your research before making a deal.

#15 6 years ago

If you buy your first game cheap, good luck getting help from the seller when something goes wrong . No one gets a good deal on their first game. The guy that sold me my first game didnt tll me about (no pinside yet) or where to research game prices. Pay up, and make room for the next, and next and next..... You just stepped into the most addictive hobby out there my brother.

#16 6 years ago

I'll take a less gentle approach: this is a bad price. You can get a much better game for the same money. If you find out that pin ownership isn't for you, you are guaranteed to be losing quite a bit of money.

I think spending $1900 on a first pin is a nice idea but spend it on a better machine.

On and if you buy your first game a bit cheaper you can spend the difference on service from your local pin repair tech (assuming you have one)

#17 6 years ago

Just use the warranty to its max. Learn how to use the menu on the Dot Matrix Display to tell you if something is wrong. Learn how to run the tests. If a switch isn't working, get them to fix it. It all adds up. Play the game, a lot!

#18 6 years ago

If you ask if you overpaid, you're going to get a ton of "Yes" responses and a handful of "No".

In my experience, You're always going to find someone that says a pin is easily found for 6-800 less than you paid...but, in reality it's all based on where you live. Sometimes you'll get lucky and find an amazing deal, other times you have to pay a little more.

Biggest question is: are you happy? If yes, then you're doing all right. $1900 isn't too far off the mark. No sweat. Go play the game!

#19 6 years ago

Too pricey for me. I'd take the money and get a better game, such as Demolition Man, in the $2000 range. I agree there's some value in the warranty, but remember that's only temporary. One day the machine will break and you'll need to learn to fix it. That might be on Day 7 or it might be 6 months in. Regardless, while the warranty might offer some relief at the onset, it's not worth the additional cost because you'll eventually have to learn (or pay big dollars for repair service) It's not like the game is non-operational and you've got to start from scratch and get it to run.

While I'm no repair expert, I've learned an incredible amount in just the 18 months I've been in the hobby. You will, too, if you suck up the knowledge available here and throughout the net.

What's important is not the cash money so much as the ability to either liquidate or trade the machine and get a decent value out of it (so you can get another machine!)

#20 6 years ago

Overpaying seems to be the rite of passage into the pinball world. I can't tell you how many people overpay at the beginning, before you know how to wait patiently for the right deal. $1900 is too much for LW3, even from a "reputable" seller. Often, these places that advertise a warranty on used equipment don't exactly make sure that the games are pristine before shipping them out.

If you really like LW3, then you're not overpaying at any price, but if you can wait, it's always better to go from collector to collector, IMHO.

#21 6 years ago

I always tell people for their first game buy from a local collector who took care of his or her games. Also, buy a pin that is well regarded because you will tire of it someday in a small collection and want to sell or trade. When you try to move your game will anyone want it? So for $1900 buy a T2, DM, ES, BK2000, HS2, WCS, FT etc and when you go to trade it you are more likely to get interest.

I was so sick of my First pin, Stargate, after a year. Not that it is bad, but because I played it A LOT. I bought it from a local collector with a good rep and it never broke down and made a trade for T2 with a local collector who took good care of his pins. See the cycle? Try it, it is a blast.

#22 6 years ago

thanks abunch for the input yall! most of what im hearing here is just reaffirming what i had already thought. which to me is a good thing. a few more details:

the machine is being restored at the shop i work at. therefore ill know that the thing plays great before it comes to my house and starts its warranty.

i could have paid 1600 for the machine if i made one cash payment. however that wasnt quite in the books, and i am paying for this machine over the course of three months.

i am also getting a lw3 playfield, translite, and driver board with the deal. so there is at least some potential to save money down the line when needing to repair the machine.

and in case anyone is wondering why lw3 as a first pin? i live about a four second bike ride from an arcade with 100+pinball tables. every machine that has come through that arcade, i have played into the ground. for whatever reason, this arcade has not had a lw3. in addition to that, i have never seen any of the movies. ive even avoided looking at the game online just so i can have that feeling of fresh subject matter the first time i stand in front of it. and i know this is the exact opposite of the usual story: "played this game a million times at some point in my life and knew i had to have one" but whatever, all things considered it seems like a good place to start!!

#23 6 years ago

This is information that should not have been left out initially. You didn't over pay after taking all of this into consideration...okay okay okay...

#24 6 years ago

It's to late so don't stress and just enjoy owning a pinball machine

#25 6 years ago

Listen it sounds to me that your happy with your purchase and considering the extras I think you did just fine . Everybody pays what they pay for what they want . If you are happy then who really cares . Like it was said in a previous post ,you will always have somebody tell you that you overpaid but I think you did ok with your first pin . Have fun with it and enjoy your new addiction

#26 6 years ago

I agree. In light of new info you haven't really over paid.

I think you have really overpaid for the financing though. You paid 18.75% for a three month layaway. That's just insane.

#27 6 years ago

It's your first pin. Yes, $1900 is a bit high unless super nice, but again, it's your first. Who cares if you spent a few hundred more. The excitement and fun has just begun.

Just enjoy the pin and the hobby. Oh, and start saving. #2 will be along before you know it. Just look into pricing a bit more

#28 6 years ago

Yeah, don't go to a blog for affirmation from strangers. Doing this will only get you second guessing yourself. Get it and play the crap out of it! Enjoy!

#29 6 years ago
Quoted from capital:

i could have paid 1600 for the machine if i made one cash payment. however that wasnt quite in the books, and i am paying for this machine over the course of three months.

So this was more like a $1600 for LW3 with extras, and a warranty that you couldn't wait to get your hands on.

Sounding like a better deal now, and since you didn't have the cash - you weren't going to be able to buy any of the other games those people mentioned. You would have been pinless for several more months.

Now that you've got a pin, start saving immediately for your next one so you can: a) have the patience to wait for a better deal and b) have the cash on hand when that deal comes up.

#30 6 years ago

I just read a thread saying a Funhouse with playfield stripped to wood is a 2500-3000 game, now I'm reading that LW3 is a 1000 dollar game in good shape with a warranty and an extra playfield. I give up.

#31 6 years ago

You aren't overpaying nearly as much as I did for my first pin, which I bought under much the same conditions. I had never met anyone else who owned pinball machines, had never heard of Pinside, and purchased from a dealer who offered a short-term warranty. I came to regret it, but, again, the deal I got was far worse than yours. I really took a beating when I later sold that pin. Of course, at the time I couldn't imagine that I'd ever want to sell it.

Most people who stick with a hobby go through a process of refinement, buying almost anything they can get their hands on at first and slowly learning what they do and don't want to keep. Unfortunately for me, the pins I like most are also liked by a lot of other people, which means I have regrettably expensive taste! The luckiest people in this hobby are those who love the machines that other people dismiss.

#32 6 years ago

If you lived in Alberta that'd be a great price

#33 6 years ago

I have LW3 I wouldn't sell mine for $1400 I see them come up but most of those machines have been routed so condition is everything. Nice condition you did ok. Fun machine if the machine is beat up then you may have overpaid but hey now you have found pinside and all is good.

#34 6 years ago

For retail I don't think you did that bad. I live in an area that doesn't have many pins available, even from a private seller they would probably be asking 2000 plus. If you did over pay you didn't get royally ripped off or anything. I see a lot of posts where prices are discussed and wonder where in the world you can find this or that game at the prices mentioned...

In the end the deal is done, just enjoy your game and have fun!

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