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First State December Duel 12/16/17

By djreddog

3 years ago

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    86350E7D-C103-47BB-B9CB-6D2CA3C2AF35 (resized).jpeg
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    2CE81A13-1566-4407-B72D-7FA66DAE00B2 (resized).jpeg
    90453316-8267-4912-B112-E2098EEA5D7E (resized).jpeg
    B560F37B-EFF5-4F10-9546-898FAEA0E7A8 (resized).jpeg
    B827755D-D705-4108-BD6D-D92B38E6847A (resized).jpeg
    C9C0EAA8-126A-474E-9E60-6BA6D3095739 (resized).jpeg
    F92825F9-A7E2-4700-9349-A9C7B07D1A25 (resized).jpeg
    76864962-A415-4D0A-B0C0-C999F5C1443E (resized).jpeg
    83A879EA-8F59-4191-80FD-239678C77D02 (resized).jpeg
    DE57D79A-0609-43AA-9132-A6C50D29C2E3 (resized).jpeg

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    #51 2 years ago

    My drive to the Starboard for tonight’s performance entailed this.....

    1DA09BC2-79EF-4E09-822B-082FF0DB4E91 (resized).jpeg

    But I made it safely and this is my current situation...

    C6D25D9E-D771-462A-B79C-3AB4B81B884A (resized).jpeg

    I’m providing entertainment for a company Christmas party. They are currently doing a scavenger hunt, looking for 5 ornaments. Each one is worth a flat screen, iPad Pro, laptop, vacation, and a big wad of cash. Pretty cool idea.

    Anyways, tomorrow will be here before I know it. Safe travels everyone. Currently looking at 42 people as a few had to drop it. Let’s flip!!

    #52 2 years ago

    07B66F58-E398-4AAA-ADDE-31D63C066A3A (resized).jpeg

    DE57D79A-0609-43AA-9132-A6C50D29C2E3 (resized).jpeg

    #53 2 years ago

    That is the fanciest dressed crowd I've ever seen at the Starboard!

    #54 2 years ago
    Quoted from hipsmart:

    That is the fanciest dressed crowd I've ever seen at the Starboard!

    Private Christmas Party, they go all out.

    #55 2 years ago

    People are arriving. Practice is underway!

    83A879EA-8F59-4191-80FD-239678C77D02 (resized).jpeg

    76864962-A415-4D0A-B0C0-C999F5C1443E (resized).jpeg

    #56 2 years ago

    F92825F9-A7E2-4700-9349-A9C7B07D1A25 (resized).jpeg

    #57 2 years ago

    The First State December Duel is in the books! Another great event for the state of Delaware.

    Thanks again to all of the participants, without you the event is not a success!

    We had 38 people show up to play today. We lost several confirmed people due to the inclement weather that hit the region late Friday. Again, thank you to each and every one of you who made the trip down to southern Delaware to participate in our tournament. Congratulations to all the winners!

    A Division Winners:

    1st Place - Mike Veith. He took home $250 plus a nice solid gold flipper along with an awesome T-Shirt donated by one of the hottest new pinball companies in the region, Rage Tilt!!!

    2nd Place - Pete Tsipouras. He took home $140 plus a nice solid silver flipper!

    3rd Place - Chad Hastings. He took home $70 plus a nice solid bronze flipper!

    4th Place - Matt King. He took home $50

    B560F37B-EFF5-4F10-9546-898FAEA0E7A8 (resized).jpeg

    B Division Winners:

    1st Place - Rob Destasio. He took home $130 and a nice trophy.

    2nd Place - Brian LeBlanc. He took home $75 plus a nice medal.

    B827755D-D705-4108-BD6D-D92B38E6847A (resized).jpeg

    C Division Winners:

    1st Place - John Moran. He took home $50 plus a nice medal.

    2nd Place - Anthony Wojtkowiak. He took home $20 and a nice medal.

    C9C0EAA8-126A-474E-9E60-6BA6D3095739 (resized).jpeg

    #58 2 years ago

    We had 3 side pot tournaments. All $1 entries.

    High Score on Tales of the Arabian Nights

    Hidden Flipper high score on Taxi

    Token Multiball on Safecracker

    Mr Francesco LaRocca won ALL THREE side pots for a total of $30+ dollars. Congrats!

    90453316-8267-4912-B112-E2098EEA5D7E (resized).jpeg

    #59 2 years ago

    2CE81A13-1566-4407-B72D-7FA66DAE00B2 (resized).jpeg

    D65D9687-942F-4755-8423-C7E68C75D182 (resized).jpeg

    C9054620-5AFA-4E1A-85F5-60A07BC6EFA0 (resized).jpeg

    A26DC366-8DD6-45DB-8D7E-8F49398E9ECA (resized).jpeg

    86350E7D-C103-47BB-B9CB-6D2CA3C2AF35 (resized).jpeg

    35661DDD-CAB9-4987-ADD8-7D8464EDF2B6 (resized).jpeg

    #60 2 years ago

    Tournament results have been submitted to IFPA. Standings should be updated by the end of the week and once that happens I will start contacting everyone who qualified for the Delaware State Championship. In the meantime, I went ahead and guesstimated the points for this event and combined the 2 event totals to get a "preliminary" standings for the State Championship. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't read this and get your hopes up as this is just my guesstimation, although it should be fairly close unless I royally screwed up the points.

    Mike Veith 17.37
    Chad Hastings 17.05
    Steve Bowden 16.7
    Pete Tsipouras 11.56
    Matt Groh 7.07
    Rob DeStasio 6.64
    Matt King 5.56
    Tom DeStasio 4.5
    Greg Poverelli 3.82
    Rob Thomas 3.5
    Matt Gusler 3.25
    Joe Fox Jr 2.84
    Beck Gusler 2.56
    Charlie Bucks 2.36
    Corey Hulse 2.35
    Eric DeStasio 2.25
    Brian LeBlanc 2.18
    Howard Dobson 1.86
    Marianne Pangia 1.52
    Joe Fox Sr 1.51
    Ricky Hastings 1.50
    Chris Thomas 1.37
    Christina Queen 1.34
    Sean Nagowski 1.27
    Joe McGinnis 1.25
    Jeffrey Shropshire 1.13
    Becky Hastings 1.12

    #61 2 years ago

    Thanks again for everything yesterday. We had a ton of fun.
    I have a super important question. Can I get the recipe for that pepper onion relish dip? That stuff is incredible.

    #62 2 years ago
    Quoted from lemonhalf:

    Thanks again for everything yesterday. We had a ton of fun.
    I have a super important question. Can I get the recipe for that pepper onion relish dip? That stuff is incredible.

    Congrats to you and Matt on making the cut for the State Championships. Now you have to make decisions, do you play or do you stream, lol!

    Here is the recipe to that awesome dip. 1 jar of relish from Harry & David's plus 2 bars of Philly Cream Cheese. Generic cream cheese does not taste as good.

    image (resized).jpeg

    #63 2 years ago

    Also, with this being only the second tournament I have directed, I'm always looking for feedback, good or bad, that will help make future tournaments even better. I'm still very new to tournament pinball, and besides the 2 tournaments at York and Allentown I've only played in 2 other tournaments. One at Pinball Gallery and one at Crabtowne. So feel free to respond here with feedback about anything at all, or if you want to keep it private shoot me a PM, text, or email.

    Another thing that's worth mentioning numerous times is Corey Hulse. He has been a huge help in both of these tournaments. I can't thank him enough as he assists me in becoming a better tournament director. Thanks Corey!

    I do want to ask everyone what they thought of the bonus envelopes. We basically took $40 from the prize fund and spread that across 7 envelopes to give everyone a chance to win some money. Did the players like it? Or would you rather the $40 stay in the pool of money spread out for winning?

    Lastly, after reviewing everything today, I noticed that I miscalculated the money allocated to the prize fund. If everyone recalls during my initial announcements at 1pm, I started to read off the payouts and realized the numbers were wrong at that time. Well I went back and re-did the numbers, but when I sorted the money into the envelopes I grabbed the wrong damn sheet. So, the money everyone won last night was based off 36 entries, when in fact we had 38 entries. Some people should have received a little more money, and others actually should have received a little less money. This was my mistake, so I'm not going to penalize the players that received a little extra money (we are talking $10-15). However I will make things right and will be sending money via PayPal to the winners who should have received more money.

    1st Place "A" winner Mike Veith was paid $250, he should have taken home $275.
    2nd Place "A" winner Pete Tsipouras was paid $140, he should have taken home $150
    3rd Place "A" winner Chad Hastings was paid $70, he should have taken home $75

    1st Place "B" winner Rob DeStasio was paid $130, he should have taken home $150
    2nd Place "B" winner Brian LeBlanc was paid $75, he should have taken home $60

    2nd Place "C" winner Anthony Wojtkowiak was paid $20, he should have taken home $25

    Everyone has been contacted except Anthony. I don't have his contact info. If someone has it, please share with me or tell him to contact me so I can send him his money. (EDIT - Anthony has been contacted).

    #64 2 years ago
    Quoted from djreddog:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't read this and get your hopes up as this is just my guesstimation, although it should be fairly close unless I royally screwed up the points.

    LOL - I have 1.11 points so that 100% confirms the cutoff will be 1.12

    #65 2 years ago

    Thx all had a great time. Chad your doing a great job

    #66 2 years ago

    Thanks a ton! Yeah!
    We're definitely going to bring the rig and try and get a connection going and Chris will probably do some commentary.

    #67 2 years ago

    Hey Chad,

    Congrats on another successful event! I had a ton of fun on Saturday. Thanks to you and Mike for hosting.

    I've been thinking about the event and have some thoughts that I'll share publicly here with the goal of sharing what I felt were many successes of the event so it can be taken forward by other TDs.

    "Envelope Bounties" - I liked what was done with selecting specific games and making it about achieving a particular task. I think you could limit it to winning it once per player per game (i.e. if I got two hole-in-ones on Gofers, I would still only win once). Another option would be if you "do the thing", you get a raffle ticket and your name thrown in, and at the end of qualifying draw names before you start up finals.

    Tiebreakers - I've been thinking about how better to achieve tiebreakers in future iterations. In this event we used the "# of 1sts & 2nds" tiebreaker. I think that we should switch up to "Automatic Tiebreakers" which uses the Swiss Pairing Strength of schedule, which would award a tiebreaker to a player who played stronger opponents within the context of the tournament. I also think that anyone on a "bubble" between divisions (i.e. tied with the same number of points, disregarding tiebreaker) should play a single game to determine the seeding. I looked at the Pinburgh rules, and they use a tiebreaking algorithm for everyone except those tied at a significant position; I think it may be a good idea to do this for future events.

    Food, Games, etc. - Just like last time, everything was great. I like using a bit of the prize pool for pizza. The games played great like last time. I don't think we had any terribly long-playing games, with the exception of Circus Voltaire since it kept getting stuck.

    C-Division - I like the change to lock in C-Division positioning at the end of qualifying, and then play out C-Division for prizes. It lets people bow out who want to head out, but it still moved quickly.

    Thinking ahead to the DE State Championships, will there be a list of games that will shared ahead of the event? Maybe we start up a DE State Championships thread to direct conversation there. I'm also thinking that the machines will probably need to be "souped up" in prep for the event to ensure the event runs efficiently. We wouldn't want a slow playing machine taking 30 minutes because two good competitors are on it and the tilt is loose and extra balls are on, etc. Will we also have access to the machines in case of stuck balls, etc.? If you need help ahead of the event or at the event, please let me know.

    #68 2 years ago


    The results are in from IFPA for the December Duel. Below is the "OFFICIAL" standing for the Delaware State Championships. I have created a new thread for everyone to follow for the State Championship and it's located here --->

    coreyhulse - Thanks for all the feedback, it's greatly appreciated. Below are answers to your feedback.

    Bonus Envelopes - I like your idea of one winner per machine. We will be adding this moving forward.

    Tiebreakers - I would like to pick your brain further at Jay's Place tournament to make sure we are on the same page.

    C-Division - I liked the new format for C and so did some of the players. We will keep that format moving forward.

    State Championships - I don't know much. I don't know what games or if we will have access to tune them or not. My goal is to visit the place in the next couple of weeks to try and get answers. Once I get answers I will post in the official tournament thread for the state championships.

    And now for the standings....

    DE State Standings (resized).JPG

    #69 2 years ago

    One thing I forgot to mention. My efforts to bring pinball to Delaware seem to be paying off to some degree and I'm thankful for that. The first tournament we held in September had 7 new players that had never played in a tournament before. The December tournament had 6 new players, however it would have been 7 if we didn't have the snow storm.

    For the September tournament we had 17 year old Joe Fox Jr qualify for the "A" division in his first ever tournament. He went on to take 8th place. We also had Rich Moon advance to the "B" division in his first tournament and he went on to finish 14th overall. And for the "C" division, Ricky Hastings ended up in 2nd place. Great showing for their first tournament!

    As for the December tournament, we had Cindy Myers qualify for the "B" division in her first tournament and went on to finish in 15th place.

    Great job by all the new participants! I hope to see all of you coming back to the future tournaments.

    1 week later
    #70 2 years ago

    An email (transcript below) was just sent out to all 54 players who played in 1 of the 2 tournaments hosted in Delaware this year. If you did not receive an email, that is because you are not officially registered with IFPA. As mentioned in the previous post, you have to be registered with a valid email address in order to play in the State Championships. Additionally you cannot just show up on 1/20 and expect to play without registering your account. If you do just show up, and your account is NOT registered with IFPA, you will not be playing, instead your spot will be given to the next player in line that has a registered account. Please update your accounts ASAP and notify me once you have done so. This will be the last effort to contact people who are not registered. Below is the list of people who do not have registered IFPA accounts.

    #3 - Mike Veith
    #5 - Matt Groh
    #7 - Matt King
    #8 - Tom DeStasio
    #17 - Brian LeBlanc
    #21 - Christina Queen
    #24 - Sean Nagowski
    #26 - Joe McGinnis
    #28 - Rich Moon
    #31 - Cindy Myers
    #32 - Dennis Vallone
    #37 - Sam Cardona
    #40 - Jim Cardona
    #43 - Joe Czajkowski
    #44 - Anthony Wojtkowiak
    #45 - Jason Hansen
    #46 - J Phil Marozzi
    #47 - Shawna Fuss
    #48 - Issa Cardona
    #49 - Frank Lane
    #51 - Matt McMahon
    #52 - Todd Severn
    #53 - Mike Myers


    We are contacting you regarding the 2017-18 IFPA Delaware State Pinball Championship, to be held Saturday, January 20th at Wilmington Amusements in Wilmington, DE. The official process involves emailing the top 100 people qualified in the state, which is the purpose of this email.

    Tournament will start at 1pm.

    For more details on the tournament please read up here:

    Important information I need from you is whether you can or cannot attend. If you cannot attend or are not interested please respond immediately as the IFPA needs to move down the rankings list as quickly as possible to fill these 16 spots. If no response is received before the deadline you will automatically be skipped and the next available person who can attend will inherit your spot.

    Registration is open until January 7th, 8pm CST, at which time if a response has not been received by the IFPA, we will remove you from the eligible players list and fill the field with those players ranked below you that have accepted the invitation.

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    Chad Hastings
    IFPA Delaware State Representative

    #71 2 years ago

    So is this accomplished by filling out the profile page? The IFPA site isn't real clear...

    #72 2 years ago
    Quoted from emkay:

    So is this accomplished by filling out the profile page? The IFPA site isn't real clear...

    Correct. Go here and fill out the form and include your player #.

    #73 2 years ago

    Update for everyone regarding the State Championship. I went onsite today and met with Scott to get answers to all the lingering questions. I believe I covered everything, if not please let me know.

    1. Do they have WiFi? YES

    2. Can we use their WIFI to live stream the event? YES

    3. If some of the participants bring their significant others/children/friends, can they play games that are not in use? YES, accompanied with a $10 admission fee. Normal rates are $10 an hour for free play, however Scott is making an exception and will be charging anyone that is not in the tournament $10 for the entire day.

    4. Do we have the ability to setup the games for tournament play? YES. I will have access to the facility either the night before or early that morning to go through the games to make sure they are set to Tournament Mode, extra balls are turned off, and tilt levels are set.

    5. During the tournament we will have access to the games for stuck balls? YES

    6. Where to park? Wilmington Amusements has plenty of parking. Besides the street parking, there are about 6 spots in front of the store and then around the back of the building there is more than enough parking spots.

    7. Food and Beverage options? There are no options onsite for food or beverage. We are allowed to bring in food and beverage from the outside. We will be placing a pizza order if anyone is interested. He has a deal with a local pizza place for $6 pizzas.

    8. What machines will be in the tournament? **This list is subject to change**. Please keep in mind this is a retail establishment that sells to the public. Games on this list could sell tomorrow, next week, or even the night before. However he is what is currently on the showroom floor.

    Lethal Weapon 3
    Addams Family
    Johnny Mnemonic
    Road Show
    Star Wars Episode 1
    Terminator 2
    No Fear
    South Park
    Junk Yard
    NBA Fast Break

    Below is a list of games he is working on that may be included:

    Fish Tales
    Road Kings
    8 Ball Deluxe
    World Cup Soccer

    I think that covers everything!

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