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No one calls this topic a favorite.


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#1 3 years ago

Hello all

First time poster here in Los Angeles, CA. I have looked at the top 100 list here for a long time, but never looked at the forum until recently. For some reason I always thought Pinside was more based in Europe, so was suprised to see so many people from the US. I was steered here from an RGP thread a few weeks ago when Colorado Game Exchange had the TRON LE's for sale (one of which I got), and have been enjoying reading here since. I have been on RGP for years, and I see some familiar names here. Nice fresh group of pin entheusiasts, which is good to see the hobby still growing. I've been collecting for about 20 years, so hopefully I can start giving some input back to the community.

Thanks for reading!

#2 3 years ago

welcome to pinside

#3 3 years ago


#4 3 years ago

Amazing lineup you have there! Welcome!

#5 3 years ago

Only 46 pins? pfftt

haha crazy nice...welcome..

#6 3 years ago

welcome and WOW!! at that lineup of games!

#7 3 years ago

Nice collection James! Welcome to the site!

#8 3 years ago


Helluva collection! Welcome!

#9 3 years ago

Hello, James!

#10 3 years ago


#11 3 years ago

Welcome to Pinside, James! It's always nice to have someone like yourself with a lot of knowledge join our ranks. Man, I sure wish I started collecting 20 years ago. I imagine the games were a bit cheaper back then.

#12 3 years ago

Greetings James and welcome aboard. Sweet collection. I hope I still have my sanity after 20 years.

#13 3 years ago

you'll be a great addition with your experience. Wonderful collection.

#14 3 years ago

amazing collection. anyway we could see a pic of all those beauts?

#15 3 years ago

Hello, and awesome collection!

#16 3 years ago

I think we should start having a "pics or it didn't happen" for these crazy huge collections!

Where does one keep 46 machines? That's pure awesomesauce.

#17 3 years ago

Welcome to Pinside James!

#18 3 years ago

Yes Welcome to Pinside

#19 3 years ago

you have a nice collection, welcome to pinside.

#20 3 years ago


#21 3 years ago

That's pure awesomesauce.

Followed up with a...


Welcome to the Pinside!

#22 3 years ago

greetings, you will be assimilated.

#23 3 years ago

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and kind words about my collection, I just added some gameroom pics in my profile to share for anyone interested. All the games listed are set up for play, except for BoP which is currently undergoing restoration. Not pictured is the seperate shop area (or surgical suite as I call it) for service and teardown, which keeps the gameroom free of clutter (other than games everywhere). I'll post some pics of that later. Enjoy!

#24 3 years ago

Welcome to pinside

#25 3 years ago

holy moley, batman! that's one he'll of a collection and game room! nice.

#26 3 years ago

Welcome aboard and wow! What a collection!

#27 3 years ago

Must add more compliments on your tasteful collection. I love every single pin you have.

#28 3 years ago

Welcome to Pinside and very nice lineup!!

#29 3 years ago

Epic collection indeed!! Glad to have you on Pinside.

#30 3 years ago

Welcome aboard!

Amazing lineup indeed!

Curious, about you mega collection guys: are they all set up and playing?

If so, are they spread out in multiple rooms or all in a dedicated space?

#31 3 years ago
NM said:

Curious, about you mega collection guys: are they all set up and playing?

Check out the pictures of his game room.....Simply amazing!

#32 3 years ago

Wow,you are the pinball wizard!!!! Nice collection,welcome.

#33 3 years ago

James is the man! I had the fortune of picking up my TOTAN from him and it is a beautiful example. Thanks for letting me play in your arcade too, I needed oxygen once I made it back home...It was simply like a dream.


#34 3 years ago

welcome nice collection

#35 3 years ago
NimblePin said:

Followed up with a...


Welcome to the Pinside! [:wink:]

Nimblepin you crack my ass up man!

#36 3 years ago

Just seen the pictures...and you are now the greatest man of earth.

#37 3 years ago

Hi Kevin, good to see you here. How's that TOTAN treating you?

Wow, I'm humbled by all the kind words. Glad everyone likes the pics! The room was purpose built as a gameroom 2 years ago by tearing down my detatched 2 car garage and rebuilding an 800 sq ft stand alone structure. It is a little over capacity now, but that seems to happen no matter what size gameroom one has. There is a seperate electrical sub panel running the room, all the AC outlets are run from a bank of wall switches so no more turning on one game at a time, all the recessed lighting are on dimmers, there is a seperate restroom for guests, and it has it's own heating and cooling. Most of the pins are connected to external home theatre powered subwoofers placed underneath the games, the carpet is commercial grade that floureces when the blacklights are on to give that arcade feel, and there are regular speakers placed throughout the room for backround music.

#38 3 years ago

welcome! what a great collection you have there.

#39 3 years ago

BBB think I'm getting dizzy!!

walls.jpgwalls.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

#40 3 years ago

James, TOTAN is doing great and gets lots of play from both my wife and I. You have an open invitation to play my WOZ when it's released....unless you finally ordered one of those too:) You have one heck of a game room and I was so impressed with the conditions of all your titles.
Plus, how quickly you could move 6 pins to get that TOTAN out..LOL

#41 3 years ago

WOW!!! your collection is worth more than my house. Welcome to Pinside.

#42 3 years ago

Welcome, PNBLWZD... from a fellow DM, T2, and W?D owner. Now I just need to match the rest of your collection!

Loved the game room pics!

#43 3 years ago

Awesome collection, I love when people share pictures, it is inspirational, fun, and gives me wife hates when I get ideas

#44 3 years ago

Was there a picture posted?

#45 3 years ago
TheJesus said:

Was there a picture posted?

He posted gameroom pics in his profile. Great pics!

#46 3 years ago

Thanks again everyone for the kind words and welcomes

#47 3 years ago

I have never seen a collection like that. It's amazing something so beautiful is so close to where I live. Welcome to Pinside.

#48 3 years ago

PNBLWZD... What are the approx. dimensions of your game room? Just curious.

#49 3 years ago
BillinIndiana said:

PNBLWZD... What are the approx. dimensions of your game room? Just curious.

About 20x40

#50 3 years ago

Wow! That is like the collection I would have if I ever won the lottery! Unbelievable lineup you got there:)

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