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(Topic ID: 170675)

First NIB advice

By EvE

4 years ago

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“First NIB advice”

  • Star Trek Pro 10 votes
  • X-Men LE 3 votes
  • Ghostbusters Pro 15 votes
  • Spider Man VE 8 votes
  • Star Trek Premium 18 votes

(Multiple choice - 51 votes by 0 Pinsiders)

#1 4 years ago


iam going to buy my first NIB Pin. The problem is i cant really decide which one. So i thought why not getting some other thoughts i didnt think off

Ghostbusters Pro 5,8k
Star Trek Pro/Premium 6k/8,2k
Spiderman VE 8,2k
X-Men LE ~8,3k
(All Prices are in ÔéČuro)

Which one would you pick? And why? Beside the new Pin i own Revenge from Mars. So a really small collection at the moment. Im planning to get more soon though

Thx for help

#2 4 years ago

If you're looking at a X-Men LE for ~8,3k, then that is overpriced.

I would buy a GB premium as that is the one I played and liked over the rest.
You also need to play them all and decide what you like the most.

#3 4 years ago

Which theme speaks to you the most? Have you played them all?

#4 4 years ago

X-Men LE because price doesn't matter when I'm not paying for it.

#5 4 years ago

Game of thrones Pre. Is a good choice for a small collection. The rules have depth and also a great breadth. The game plays like a choose your own adventure, multiple starting houses effect rules and gameplay, but ultimately there's one goal; the throne. Mulitple multiball, colour changing led. Add a shaker motor and it's a great pinball experience that is approachable to novice players and satisfying for the pro.

#6 4 years ago

Yeah i did play all of them. And i really enjoyed all of them. Thats the problem my heart actually says Xmen LE and my brain is telling me go with GB Pro

#7 4 years ago

If possible, buy a pin you can inspect and play, a HUO would be a good way to go. You can save some $$$ and it may have some mods that you would put on anyway. I think the thrill of a NIB wears off quick and is best reserved for those that "really" want a game and order it prior to them popping up for sale. None of the titles you mentioned, except maybe Ghostbusters, are hard to find HUO. Just my opinion. Good luck with whatever you get.

#8 4 years ago

I say GB, but premium

#9 4 years ago

ST is a poor man's SM in my mind. I had both now getting a SMVE. GB premium or SMVE for first NIB. SMVE may be a better first. I do not like XM.

#10 4 years ago

I would go for the Star Trek Premium. It is coming to the end of its production run so now is the perfect time to get one NIB. The light show on that game is amazing! Every light on the playfield is a color changing led. Simply gorgeous. The flow and sounds are also terrific. Definitely one of Stern's and Steve Richie's best. There will be plenty of time to get a GB Premium down the line, which is also a terrific game.

#11 4 years ago

Met pro is a solid choice that isnt on your list and is still available NIB

My order of suggestion is
Met pro
Star Trek pro

#12 4 years ago

GB Premium

#13 4 years ago

Why not GB Premium over GB pro. Do you like the pro version better or is it price? I would pick GB either way though then Star Trek.

#14 4 years ago

I would also consider MET

#15 4 years ago
Quoted from Rickwh:

Met pro is a solid choice that isnt on your list and is still available NIB
My order of suggestion is
Met pro
Star Trek pro

I forgot about TWD...

Met Pro
TWD (never played prem but pro is solid)
Star trek pro

#16 4 years ago

ST pro is a great game. So is SM. MET is up there, too. Not sure you can still get MET or ST, though. Only played Xmen a few times and was not feeling it. Much prefer The GB pro but There are things I don't like about the gameplay. Big things are the right ramp, drains, and difficulty getting things going. I'm still waiting to see how a premium plays. Still a game I would like to own. A software update could really make a difference but that is such a big unknown.

#17 4 years ago

Ghostbusters premium, not on your list but definitely should be

#18 4 years ago

Star Trek Premium is the most beautiful
Spiderman is the most fun
Ghostbusters Premium is a pain in the arse for a first nib

#19 4 years ago

Which Pin has the best Ruleset and/or is the most challenging to play? including GoT Premium?

#20 4 years ago


#22 4 years ago

Dont do what..?

#23 4 years ago

GB Premium
GB Pro.

Or the walking dead, the other stern titles you list aren't that good.

#24 4 years ago

I'd just hang in there till after Expo reveal and decide then. You might see that game you have to have or maybe not and just be back where you are now. Good Luck eitherway

#25 4 years ago

All pins have a lifecycle, and eventually you will tire of them and want to sell it for another. May take a short time, may take years, but it will happen. Buy at a price you are comfortable with knowing the resale value.

#26 4 years ago

Out of your list, ST Pro would be my choice. It's a great game. For a long time I didn't give it any respect, but after the last updates it is finally good.

#27 4 years ago

First off, you cannot go wrong with any of these games. For your first game you should get a HUO pro if you can. Out of your choices, I recommend ST pro. I've owned the premium and grew to love it. After playing the pro, you realize there is almost no play difference between the two.

#28 4 years ago

I bought the ST Pro NIB about a year ago and still enjoy it after several hundred games. I've also enjoyed heavily modding mine. A great game. You can't go wrong with NIB.

#29 4 years ago

Wait for Alien. That looks like a VERY atmospheric and immersive game right now.

#30 4 years ago

If I couldn't get a MMr, and was limited to those choices, I would go with the Star Trek LE. The main reason for that is it's a great theme and since its on your list I assume you are a fan. I think the LE version of the Star Trek machine offers enough over the premium to justify the cost (this is debatable) for the following reasons.

1) Artwork, the cabinet artwork on the LE with the blue trim is beautifully done, couple this with the laser etched side armor and LED phaser lighting and you have a cabinet that was extremely well done.

2) Mirrored backglass; again, the artwork on the backglass is the best of the three choices for this title, of course this also depends on individual preference.

3) Features, this is where the main difference between the pro and LE come into play. The full LED playfield with RGB lighting really makes this title shine, Stern did a great job in this area. The LE comes with a shaker and a motorized laser that adds a big coolness factor to the game. Other nice playfield features like metal rails and a reactive Vengeance add to the appearance and enjoyment of the game.

Currently I am not purchasing anything newer than 2014 from Stern until they resolve their quality control issues, and I will never recommend any product that I'm now willing to purchase myself.

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