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(Topic ID: 55367)

Firepower vs Black Knight

By Jimmyd044

7 years ago

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“Firepower vs Black Knight”

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#1 7 years ago

Thinking about adding one of these classics to my collection but only have room for one.

#2 7 years ago

Both are classics. If i had to choose it would be black knight. Black knight has more staying power given its extra features - ramps, second level, 3rd flipper, magna save etc.

#3 7 years ago

firepower can be had fairly cheap ($500-$800). BK is anywhere from $800-$1500 (i've seen them trying to sell higher, but never seen one sell higher).

Gamewise, BK is far better.

#4 7 years ago

Both are excellent! (I own both)
But if I HAD to choose, I agree with the others, and would go with Black Knight.

#5 7 years ago

Black Knight: Better speech, more shots, scores doubled/tripled during multi-ball, 7 digit displays, magna-saves.
Firepower: Better sound, more challenging to achieve multi-ball.
The winner: Black Knight
With that being said, I've owned both twice, currently own Firepower, just got Black Knight 2000, and want Black Knight again.

#6 7 years ago

Like both but BK by a mile

#7 7 years ago

To me, multiball is way too easy to start on Black Knight. Plunge, hold up upper right flipper, let ball go to upper left flipper, shoot into the lock. Repeat twice more, start multiball, play until multiball ends, get ball back into upper playfield, shoot into lock, repeat until bored.

At least Firepower makes you work to light locks and start multiball.

#8 7 years ago

Have both, love both, Black Knight is definitely the better of the two.

#9 7 years ago

Sounds like I am the minority but I prefer Firepower hands down.

#12 7 years ago

I've owned both, BK by a small margin. Both have greatness but magna save and upper playfield put Black Knight ahead of FP." One enemy cannot fight the Black Knight again".

#13 7 years ago

BK by a foot.

#14 7 years ago

I play them on the pinball arcade, I much prefer firepower. To me it's way more challenging, I'd love to own one.

#15 7 years ago
Quoted from Matt_Rasmussen:

I play them on the pinball arcade, I much prefer firepower. To me it's way more challenging, I'd love to own one.

Not sure if you can go by that in real life because the Pinball Arcade version of Black Knight has been jacked up for a while, plus the magnasaves are more fun in real life with where the buttons sit on a real cabinet. But they did a better job with Firepower.

IRL, Firepower is good & lots of bang for your buck. Black Knight is the better game to have though in the home, especially in a smaller collection I think.

#16 7 years ago

Firepower. Not a big Black Knight fan here.

#17 7 years ago

Was a huge Firepower and Black Knight fan back when they were new. Bought an FP a couple months ago, in the middle of restoration and can't wait to play it. Checked out a BK for sale a couple weeks ago, played one game to try it out and got several multiballs, a shoot again and a 4.1 mil score without even trying.

#18 7 years ago


#19 7 years ago

I think this one will end up pretty close actually.

2 Steve Ritchie classics there!!

While Firepower gets overshadowed by Black Knight, I actually think it is the more challenging machine. Great sounds, challenging multiball, and fast, fast, FAST game play if it is set up correctly.

While I own a Black Knight (and have owned 4 others) I honestly would have to go with Firepower here. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Black Knight, but the challenge of the multi-ball on Firepower gives it the edge. That and the background music does not annoy me as much on Firepower.

I really don't think you would go wrong with either choice honestly.


#20 7 years ago

The question you may want to ask yourself is... "What kind of game do I want to play?"

Both games are fast and deadly when set up properly. Both games have that Steve Ritchie flow and feel. Both games are some of Constantino Mitchell's best work. Both games are classic early SS tables.

The difference is in the ruleset and gameplay.

Most people would say Firepower is about multiball. It's not. Firepower has no reason to start multiball other than it's a great gimmick. No PF multiplier, not jackpot to score... just great pin-theater and three balls whizzing around the PF. Firepower is about lighting the spinner and ripping it as hard as you can, as many times as you can. That's where your biggest scoring opportunity is. Simple and awesome!

Black Knight:
This game really is about multiball. 2x and 3x multipliers during multiball on 2 levels of pin-playfields will keep you entertained, focused and distracted at the same time. Drop targets and a lower bonus X loop will have you on your toes at all times.The left ramp to the upper left flipper to the ball lock is a double leveled full playfield figure 8 shot that is most righteous when sunk. Do you like your game more in depth? BK is definitely next level as far as rule complexity and layout is concerned.

The bottom line is... This is your game. To best find out which one "speaks" to you the loudest, I'd recommend that you play them both. Go with your gut feeling and get the one pinball table that you want to play over and over and over and over and over...

#21 7 years ago

One more thing... there is a multiball difficulty setting that makes the lock on BK light AFTER you loop the bonus x loop on the lower PF. This does a number of things.

1) You can't be lazy and just keep the balls on the upper PF to start multiball. You now have to let the ball get to the lower PF safely... make a very dangerous shot to the bonus x loop and then get the ball back to the upper PF to get the ball locked.

2) Bonus x has to come more easily because the shot has to be hit for the ball lock to light up.

3) Your priority to hit the drop targets becomes higher when the ball is on the upper PF so your magnasaves are ready by the time your ball gets to the lower PF.

People who say BK is too easy to get into multiball really need to adjust dipswitch #37 and THEN tell us how easy it is to start multiball on this deck. If you're feeling really itchy for a challenging game, set dip#38 to off to turn off the lock memory between balls.

Feel the pin-pain!

#22 7 years ago

Firepower all the way.

Phenomenal sounds, super satisfying long shots, great insert lighting.

BK has fewer long ball shots, is a slight bit gimmicky with the raised pf and Magna Save, and I would tire of the sounds much quicker than on FP.

Both FP and BK are classics and must haves for a Steve Ritchie fan. However, I could easily fit Firepower in a 3-pin collection, while I would have a hard time justifying BK in any collection smaller than 10.

#23 7 years ago

Love both - had FP and sold it. Yes you have to work for multiball but then once you get it the balls drain because of the brutal outlanes. It's more about working towards multiball rather than the actual multiball mode itself. It might have been better with Oliver's mission-based ruleset.

Many more interesting things to do on BK (magnasave, ramps, third flipper) and better artwork IMHO. If I can find one in good shape at the right price I'll buy it.


#24 7 years ago
Quoted from Caucasian2Step:

Most people would say Firepower is about multiball. It's not. Firepower has no reason to start multiball other than it's a great gimmick. No PF multiplier, not jackpot to score... just great pin-theater and three balls whizzing around the PF. Firepower is about lighting the spinner and ripping it as hard as you can, as many times as you can. That's where your biggest scoring opportunity is. Simple and awesome!

While this is true, there is a key MB feature you are missing. Once you lock a ball, another pops into the shooter (provided you didn't save all three - when the lock is ready, I'll drain one if I have all three still going before locking).

This essentially gives you an extra ball. Continue with the MB, and once they both drain, plunge the new one for a freebie.

Since the extra ball in this game is one of the hardest in SS pinball to get, this allows for virtual extra balls.

As for the difference, I have never been a fan of BK, I'm not sure why. Classic game for sure, and FP doesn't seem like it has a lot, but has always felt like the base staple design of play for all future machines. I really believe without FP, big great DMD area machines would look much different.

I keep thinking that one day FP will be the next one on the list to go if I had to make a decision, but as my third purchase in the beginning , 25 machines later, while going through another 50 or so, with so many A listers, I still love coming around to it, and have no thoughts of selling.

#25 7 years ago

I'm sure I'm in the minority, but I prefer Firepower. Either way, you can't go wrong.

#26 7 years ago

Tastes great!

#27 7 years ago

Less filling!

#28 7 years ago

I own both and love them both. Firepower wins for me though. Of the two, BK would be the first to go. However, my opinion was based on the challenge of starting multiball. Firepower is harder and thus, more fun. After reading Caucasian2Step's bit about the difficulty setting, I may have to revisit my thoughts on this.

I have seen two references in this thread to the 3rd flipper? There are 4! Am I missing (or adding) something here?

I am in the minority in my house by choosing FP over BK. The kids scowl at me whenever I suggest selling BK. Now I just tell them that I will get a nicer one someday.

You can't go wrong either way. Or you could make room and get both!

#29 7 years ago

I'd also add that the simple act of getting to the multiball on FP is worth 60k points (10k per lock, plus 30k to start) which is not exactly chump change on that game. I think some people get annoyed there isn't a jackpot or PF multiplier (there are even the home ROMs Oliver made that add multiball jackpots, amongst other things), but for me Firepower's rules are just great the way they are.

I'd love to own a BK for a little while, but I don't see it sticking around in my lineup like FP will.

#30 7 years ago

I have both...firepower is much tougher to earn multi-ball so it seems like more of an accomplishment but I enjoy bk more

#31 7 years ago

Less filling!

jibmums: That is exactly what I was hoping for, you sir have made my day.

#32 7 years ago

I've never been a fan of Black Knight, but I always attributed that more to the annoying sounds than anything. One of the above posters pointed out that Firepower has more long ball play, and that made me realize that is another reason I'm not down with BK.

Now to be fair, I recently stumbled into owning Firepower, and it's the first pin I've ever had. My time with BK has mostly been in the virtual world. So my opinion is pretty shaky!

#33 7 years ago

Is it just me, or is the poll disabled?

#34 7 years ago

I voted and then it told me to choose one. I yelled at my screen....THERE'S NOTHING TO CHOOSE!!!!....but nothing happened.

#35 7 years ago

I have never played Firepower, but here are 2 great things I love about BK.
1,It is a great multi-player game, whoever wins gets a additional 30 seconds of nonstop multiball play and BK announces the winner with bell rings.
2, When you drain after missing the magnasave, "The Black Knight" laughs at you. (awesome when it happens to your buddy, sucks when it happens to you.

#36 7 years ago

BK BK BK. sorry, just recently picked one up so Im biased. Love FP as well. They are both outstanding pins for their time. I guess its a secret poll.

#37 7 years ago

"Ha..ha..ha..ha" Never gets old.

#38 7 years ago

Hmm I wonder which one a guy named Firepower will pick? Honestly both are great as others have said and you cannot go wrong for gameplay or eventual resale, but I would go with Firepower any day.

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