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Fire! Refreshteration: PF swap and a general spruce up

By dmacy

44 days ago

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#101 27 days ago

Few odds and ends while wrapping up the weekend.

Went with orange Titans for the lower slings and red for upper.

I used up the last of my switches so need to order some more. But did get the shooter lane switch replaced along with new clear tubing.

Have a sunlight apron light ready to go....

221366EB-2C65-4D2D-85AC-88F281A2A8AD (resized).jpeg08D3B724-19EB-4CE3-8B1D-6B959276D431 (resized).jpegF4E12B21-23CA-4410-B8F4-C2FD6EF682C8 (resized).jpegD790EF2C-8AB7-4D0D-B92E-1C3EBE4FDC17 (resized).jpeg5D32629A-7CA3-4C7A-B543-AD4E7E89FE5D (resized).jpeg
#102 26 days ago

Looking good.
That blends nicely with the sling plastics, and then creates good contrast with the middle blue art.

#103 25 days ago

Been slow working on it, but managed to get the new lower sling switches installed along with tying in the led star post wiring to GI. There’s still the microswitches needed but found a few to finish up the skill shot ones. I used some sling plastic protectors from Pinball Life.

The rigged up 89 flasher housing was replaced today as well. It’s a little different from original but I don’t think it’s that important. This won’t be hitting the Pebble Beach Concours D'elegance anytime.
9C6D1507-B3B4-49B1-B307-E2AE87F2FE52 (resized).jpeg564F0540-4696-4857-BD19-575EC13D6025 (resized).jpeg36F941C2-AC41-47A3-A80B-0E9473978ABA (resized).jpegA7E1A380-1C39-4BF1-A7C3-626BFC50708D (resized).jpeg46C4AFCA-77ED-40AE-BD9C-D28C239F7263 (resized).jpeg

#104 25 days ago

The wiring isn’t completely tidied up yet but have been working on it. For not a lot going on up top there’s a crap load of wiring below.

It was a grind soldering in all 12 targets! There’s a 13th but didn’t replace it for obvious reasons. Anyone know where that one is?

223C1B67-523F-47A2-92A7-1E72D05568B3 (resized).jpegC23C2FCC-4387-4CC9-A651-DAA9CA166C08 (resized).jpegDA9BA473-C850-4962-8F94-B5F48D68EBF9 (resized).jpegDEB8CD67-729E-42A5-98FE-24A658F67207 (resized).jpeg

#105 25 days ago

Some GI testing. Have to go through it more as some areas aren’t lit.

3186D0D0-149C-4089-B01D-707E150FBF61 (resized).jpeg64AB1B92-602B-4B6A-B27C-AA8283F4E2EE (resized).jpeg9CF8B39E-AAE9-44B0-A3E3-51C460A5B9E7 (resized).jpegB89F6DE9-D470-4B71-BC0F-DDFA813D85CE (resized).jpegCDE59104-E63E-4A30-943D-68E3598C4E99 (resized).jpeg
#106 25 days ago


Were there any dark areas of plastics that needed extra bulbs/sockets installed? (I don't think that has been as much of a sys11 thing for me, but I tend to add bulbs/sockets on all my sys 6,7,9s...)

#107 25 days ago

Nothing yet but good question. I plan to add extra lighting if needed. It’s a dark game likely by design. But it can use some extra lighting. Will finish up the the switches/rails and confirm when I can put the buildings on.

#108 24 days ago

If this movie is indicative of the lighting on Fire! (I do not own one) then it seems to me that there are buildings in most areas, so it's just a matter of having a well-lit building... Not about adding sockets where factory forgot them.

What about the center top building? In this video it looks like a dark hole up there. Could it get a light color inside, that changes when the ramp is up/down?

(again -- I don't own one, and also haven't checked into the owner's thread for ideas there.)


#109 24 days ago

Funny you mention! I want to see what the current LED’s do and will go from there. It’s a dark game. Again likely from design but the flashers (incandescent) really brighten it up.

I promise I’m gonna make it nice before moving it on.

#110 24 days ago

GI was straightened out. Flakey holders. I replaced all but the slings which was silly. So replaced them and were back in business.

Few pics and comparing the new and old style.

Also installed an apron light in sunlight.

F6045E8B-517D-4948-9CA8-9AE8246ACA8A (resized).jpeg1FC2C83A-C79B-4B1B-9CF7-65554FB7F575 (resized).jpegAE269063-A54E-4C11-86D9-4BC4C1E40CC4 (resized).jpeg2062D836-D6D0-47DA-83DC-01A2FA71492B (resized).jpeg22FFE0F3-C200-4682-8A01-F09A45C3F390 (resized).jpeg6C1C4F7B-5857-47D7-93FC-4CA350880ED4 (resized).jpeg7FFEAAED-14FD-4A45-864C-5ECC001B5219 (resized).jpeg8E2B5883-0C1D-4F54-9400-297E63730C96 (resized).jpegD3E1DE9D-4B52-477B-9551-3DFCAAA49EA8 (resized).jpeg
#111 24 days ago

Installed the new back panel plastics and adjust switches. They were both stuck closed. Polished up the screw heads.

48527F11-D4A5-42DF-BF8F-ECCA3F8FCD20 (resized).jpeg7901C7E4-F8CC-44D4-9F4B-7B36D04AC368 (resized).jpeg717AAFC3-6ED0-4D44-98CB-E7308BFE2533 (resized).jpeg
#112 24 days ago

Here’s the bad insert lamp. Wasn’t noticeable until cleaned and installed.

Upper slings were in good shape but needed cleaned. Installed so all but 7 microswitches left to finish up the underside.

ACF0703E-A5A0-4639-8833-AF9F4CFD9C2A (resized).jpeg1251E6F0-5459-4B18-9875-AC104E87F6F9 (resized).jpeg5095094D-2972-4D13-88F7-28CD24FA740B (resized).jpeg27865085-60AA-4E2A-BE83-9F69EE892ECC (resized).jpegA6794FE5-DD6B-4474-98C3-43F2F4EA6BC2 (resized).jpeg090B915B-FB16-4087-9D28-7C570EB88E22 (resized).jpeg
#113 19 days ago

Thanks to taylorva we have new rails! As always they look great and fit perfect every set I get from him. So yes, he now has templates for Fire!

F7BFB400-95C2-4825-B7C3-26B3636AE17F (resized).jpeg1BB0A0D8-705C-4047-940F-C573573F2B1F (resized).jpeg833C87DB-91E1-4B47-9818-88E0DE01882F (resized).jpeg4339661A-E887-4AB3-9577-07D3A569A287 (resized).jpegD678E068-0203-4CBE-A7E9-614496D29ED3 (resized).jpeg
#114 16 days ago

Started on the buildings. Drilling the rivets out of the gates where they attach to the buildings is tricky. A lot to be careful of to not crack or break these. If anyone notices the hardware isn’t correct, please let me know. Not a ton of good pics out there.

Attached some pics of the hardware and the gates riveted to the new plastics. They’ll need heat and bending to finish up but having my buddy try making me some 3D printed protectors/supports for these so holding off installing for now.

I also installed the gates (or are they supposed to be fences?!) opposite with the “pretty” side inside. Reason being is these new plastics have a decal-like backing and wanted where the ball hits to have the smooth side to prevent peeling, etc.

60C89ABA-5DB1-4C2E-B647-B41779E0CC8E (resized).jpeg169C26E3-FDD7-4916-A2D5-BECC8EC4F7BA (resized).jpeg1BD01D62-FDBF-49ED-A326-FAF5A925D863 (resized).jpeg41A9C50E-359C-4F76-AB9A-B0A5883A3B8A (resized).jpeg74E649BA-D2FB-4979-8D42-C8488EF0D5F1 (resized).jpeg9CBEE1E9-D93B-4CAA-A2AA-A39179073379 (resized).jpegA14FF2DE-F99E-481C-9A58-0D5B6AE330E2 (resized).jpegA808FC1D-2214-4CAE-8C57-CBEC435DC9D3 (resized).jpegEA0CAF14-D9B2-4F57-9D48-1ACCD35B17EA (resized).jpeg3561BEEE-E181-4EA8-9900-B2B9A9A2E46D (resized).jpeg

#115 16 days ago

Template on larger left outer. Adding some extra material around the targets.

5C059670-A139-4147-8819-B9D74C26A4F1 (resized).jpeg89BF3C3A-2A76-4268-A302-1408E5629DF6 (resized).jpegE6D35F46-E03C-4DA9-B18D-2216D807E33B (resized).jpeg5D5218FD-6E2B-4A06-8EA0-43F7C3ACB790 (resized).jpeg99034726-1B6B-465F-AC1D-5F6998183F90 (resized).jpeg

#116 15 days ago

Really enjoying the thread!

#117 15 days ago

I needed 2 new lift ramp plastics made and this very helpful company ran by Jason made them.
They are now available here if needed:

#118 12 days ago

Finished up the templates so will work with my buddy Jeff for a protector/support for them.

I installed the back panel and apron to get this nearly ready for install. Also installed the wireform ramps since the back panel is installed. It’s starting to take shape.

514B6FDB-03BF-43E6-899D-C0E9E5F99AAA (resized).jpegB2C3B3F2-AA8B-4413-8314-82B7313F2A44 (resized).jpeg0960C33B-CB82-45F3-9760-CDC7954849FA (resized).jpeg3249A752-F9FD-4CD7-AE58-70190EC72397 (resized).jpegFEBBAFA3-DC0C-4376-B345-3A7D1213B3A3 (resized).jpegBDCBCE37-FFC4-426D-9B90-82A94923A344 (resized).jpeg408D7A74-A7C3-4D1D-A3C5-69433B34484A (resized).jpeg6A80940F-D309-4F84-B59E-24938D2DC983 (resized).jpeg11E1DE85-43D9-49E6-BD4D-DD13D3AD3E21 (resized).jpeg
#119 11 days ago

Looking great! I love threads like this. Makes me want to be better at restorations, and not just cleaning machines.


#120 11 days ago

Thanks Chris! As someone on FB said to me, you’re just slapping on stickers and wiping it down; parts swapper. But really that is mostly all I’m doing so it’s just a more involved cleaning.

#121 11 days ago

I love watching games like this getting their due respect. Not many out there will be in this pristine condition, and that’s what really makes it special. Everyone has seen a fully restored Addams Family or AFM, but how many fully restored Fires are out there? Not many. Too cool. Can’t wait to see this finished up!

#122 9 days ago

Playfield is reunited with the cabinet while I figure out the supports for the buildings.

I took a quick start up of the machine with nothing obvious. I need to cut the resistors for the flash lamp LED’s before I go any further. M
Few pics of it and some with attract mode and inserts...

F4617127-BB8C-4A0C-AA38-B51A617DEDDC (resized).jpeg1E436219-2149-47B5-85A4-FB04E2C7D320 (resized).jpeg9727D4AF-B0AB-4EF6-9FEA-009A1469F3B2 (resized).jpegE8B869D9-DE9B-40EF-AF8B-E665848F0D31 (resized).jpegE38B2147-2048-4119-A3F2-04B40F789F61 (resized).jpegCD89134A-E406-447A-A457-47C57236BC00 (resized).jpeg65313FF9-E325-4706-AEF4-F5624C6A1D2E (resized).jpeg
#123 6 days ago

Have the machine up and running. Looks like most everything is working except the flame tube motor and flasher. I need to dig in some other thugs like tweaking some switches but it’s playing with no issues. I did cut the 330 ohm resistors for all the flash lamp boards (back box too as I installed all new LED’s here too) and that keeps them from staying on.

Lock down bar receiver will get refreshed...

My buddy took my templates for the buildings so will be waiting for those. New plastics for buildings are ready to go when the protectors are done.

3DE0A5D3-7BBF-4AF3-B84C-AE757D0119CA (resized).jpeg53060991-5690-4957-AE9D-4A1921F85F0B (resized).jpeg

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