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Fire and Blood...Game of Thrones Premium/LE club

By Trekkie1978

3 years ago

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#198 3 years ago
Quoted from markp99:

Simple, 5 minute job.
1. I used a hard-card "slash folder" I had lying around (would have preferred a dark color, but red is fine).
2. Cut to 16" to provide a little mask overhang on the edges, 1.5" wide, folded in half.
3. Cut 3/8" deep slots to match the DMD board protector slots.
4. Punched 3 holes in the ~correct location
5. Fitted under the DMD board protector.
6. No more LED light bleeding onto the DMD

Thanks. I just noticed this on mine last night. Funny how I never saw it before. It doesn't really bother me but I might try a similar light blocking mod. Thanks for the idea!

#199 3 years ago

And somehow I missed this thread and I've been posting in another GOT thread. Proud GOT Premium owner here. So many players say the pro is better. I do not agree. Here is a pic of mine after adding the blue inlane guides and blue Perfect Play silicones. Also put in some custom cards from pinballboy, mylar in the shooter lane, and a new set of shiney's from PBL.



#200 3 years ago

Does this wire/leaf spring that is part of the dragon mech bother anybody else? I've been thinking about painting mine black. It's such a strange thing, someone else with an LE asked me if it was normal. I said yes, but it sure looks lame....


#211 3 years ago

Here's another thing that the pre/le has over the pro. The ability to trap a ball or two on the upper playfield while playing the 3rd down below. OR, trapping a couple downstairs, and using staged flips to pick off jackpots on the upper playfield. This is such a good game and it's only going to get better!

1 week later
#269 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Haha. I'm down. Good thing about this one is there is all kinds of cool little tasks that you can go for. Hell I just got done playing a game where I just hit the spinner for days to see how high I could get the value up. Haha

You are right. I tried last night to start as Greyjoy and finish the Baratheon House and Tyrell House first. So damn hard! I did however in the process get my best Baratheon mode score of over 250M!

#271 3 years ago

There are dozens of things you can use on spinners. This works great for me! The tiny straw lets you use amounts smaller than a drop on each axis, then I blot away any excess with a dry rag. The teflon in the oil makes it spin like a mo-fo! Plus, it doesn't hurt that I get it free from work.


#272 3 years ago

oops, wrong GOT thread!

#280 3 years ago

Finally made it to Iron Throne! Playing as Baratheon no less. So freakin' hard to get there. I only earned 934m from Iron Throne but it was still just barely enough to get a new GC score. Damn that 3rd level of Targaryen is hard to complete!



#332 3 years ago

720k = 1st 10 seconds of 1st ball. I think you meant 750M.

2 weeks later
#345 3 years ago
Quoted from markp99:

I've mentioned this issue before. I am failing to register nice clean right orbit shots, like Extra Ball and Mystery. It's driving me crazy.
Just now I had a very nice ball 3 going, reached HOTK, then Winter Has Come. Extra Ball and Mystery were lit and I actually hit the right orbit from the right flipper for the ~first time. The ball rolled right thru, but only triggered Winter is Coming, not Extra Ball or Mystery. I did not manage to hit the right ramp again before draining ball 3. Scored 1.7B - not bad for me
I've adjusted the rollover switch in the right orbit to be very sensitive. In Switch Test mode, this switch never misses. Still, I miss a ton of Mystery shots - not 100%, but way too many.
Do you think there is some other switch in combination acting here I am just not hitting? Maybe a timing issue? How about the right orbit gate above the in-lane bumpers...anything up there?
I wish I could get to the bottom of this. Makes me CRAZY!

If I understand what you are asking, you will not collect the EB or Mystery unless the ball actually goes into the scoop up top and is ejected into the throne. I sometimes have soft shots to the right orbit that don't go into the scoop and dribble back out the left orbit. But on mine any strong shot to the right orbit when mystery, EB, or WMB is lit usually makes it where it's supposed to go.

#347 3 years ago

I guess it's not really a scoop, but where the ball goes when the diverter actuates.

1 week later
#436 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Try ERW.

I'll have to try those! I have tried all these with no luck: stark,snow,sno,jon,kme,doho,ssr,jd,df.

#457 3 years ago
Quoted from kermit24:

It's a bug. It should award the held bonus twice, not three times. I also sent it to Stern and Dwight already responded. So they are working on it.

I can confirm that GB also has the exact same bug!

#459 3 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

That's because they just took the GOT code and changed stuff to GB. You can tell when you play, from the pop bumper slot machine thing to the end of ball sounds. That's how Dwight was able to do the two games so well and so quickly, I think...lots of copy and paste.

I know. Makes you wonder if the next eight Spike platform games will all have the pop slots feature?

#472 3 years ago

OK, when I get tongue tied I put on my right THOK and my left THOK. When I play Game of Thrones, I'm trying to get to HOTK.

#492 3 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

Has anyone had trouble with the VUK taking 2 tries to get the ball up to the upper playfield? Mine gets it up with 1 try half of the time, but takes 2 tries the other half of the time. I'm guessing this is an alignment issue with the diverter inside the VUK. I'll shoot a slo-motion video tonight to see what's happening.

All the damn time. Pretty annoying. I tried the removing washers trick. No help, may have gotten worse. I tried bending the diverter mech as someone else suggested. Had to tweak it a few times but it did get much better. Now mine kicks to the throne almost 100% of the time. Usually takes 2 kicks to get to the mini playfield. After dicking with it so many times, I can live with that.


#495 3 years ago

Yessir! There is a lot of slop in the diverter mech. There is no adjustment on the solenoid. With the solenoid fully engaged, the diverter is not quite fully up. So bending these arms was a way to get the diverter up a little higher. A better fix would probably be to use a dremmel and elongate the holes on the solenoid bracket, in order to get a little adjustment range on the solenoid.

#506 3 years ago
Quoted from raisindot:

I guess I've been pretty lucky with my (week old) NIB Premium so far.
Just about all left orbit shots go all the way around. Haven't hit enough right orbits to see if this is an issue.
Throne works perfectly so far. VUK seems to get the ball up to the UPF fine.
The only little nitpicks I've uncovered are:
1. "Lock is lit" ramp tunnel--ball sometimes bounces back--doesn't back it to the ramp.
2. Sometimes on a Blackwater lock / pre battle start right ramp lock once the ball is locked and the battle selected it takes a while for the next ball to launch from the shooter. Might take 20 second or more--just hangs. I usually have to jiggle the machine and then it will kick in again, after making a sound like a "locating a ball" clunk.

Ck your shooter lane switch in switch test mode.

#528 3 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

YOU GUYS. How crazy is this. I watched tonight's episode, and then played my GOTLE. Got Midnight Madness for the first time:
Hodor, Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor
Hodor, Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor
Hodor, Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor
Hodor, Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor
Hodor, Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor,Hodor
I loved that guy so much.

Hold the door, hold the door.........

#533 3 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

What does it mean when the arrow just in front of the ram turns blue? Does that give me credit toward qualifying Targaryen if I hit it?

It's really kinda lame. Blue means next hit lights the playfield multiplier insert in front of the ram, then next hit actually lights playfield multiplier.

#547 3 years ago

I'm a freak. I really like the backglass on the premium and it's one of the reasons I went with that version.

#549 3 years ago

Tormund gonna git some....

#557 3 years ago

I like to start as Martell but deliberately not play the Martell mode. I go for Greyjoy, Stark, Lannister, and Tyrell. That gives the perfect set up for going into Hand of the King. For BWMB, I spam the battering ram until the ball save runs out. Then make some shots while continuing to hit the ram whenever playfield multipliers are running out. When I drain down to one ball, use the add-a-ball then its time to cradle up and make the remaining green shots. My goal is to get to super jackpots with at least 3, 4, or 5x playfield. Then the REAL goal is to try to get to the second round of supers. I think my best BWMB is around 990M.

I like going for Winter Has Come, but it is rarely worth much, typically 20-50M. My best WHC is around 250M.

#579 3 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Here is a tip that is probably obvious now to those that have the rules down but I didn't learn until I screwed myself once. Don't start Tyrel until you are ready to start a MB. 3 of the shots are lock target shots so you can't avoid lighting a lock while in that mode like you can other modes.

True, but.... If you've already played your first BWMB you can easily play and complete Tyrell without lighting locks if you don't want to. Second BWMB requires both of the green stand-ups to be hit for each lock. So you can just avoid hitting the lower one which is doable because that is a damn hard target to hit!

#608 3 years ago

Finals of German Pinball Open on GOTLE. Enjoy!

#634 3 years ago

True, Castle MB doesn't seem to be stackable with anything else. You do have to be in a mode to collect a castle. I wonder if there is anything coded for some wizard(KME) if they collected all the castles?

I did collect a multiplied castle one time for a large number of points, like 80-90M. I also once collected a multiplied sword for something crazy, like 72M points. Another time I defeated the guy in the video mode for 60M!

#636 3 years ago

Not sure about the multipliers, but the mode timers definitely do not. But that's where the 5 extra seconds for each of the first three targets comes into play!

Now that I think about it, the multipliers do not pause either. I've definitely seen them run out while playing on the upper playfield.

4 weeks later
#681 3 years ago
Quoted from Dewey68:

My VUK now won't shoot the ball to the habitrail for the iron throne now. It fires repeatedly and will finally make it after the 10th try or so but the mystery is timed out by then. Looks like I'll be doing some tweaking Monday. Guess I'll be tweaking the diverter gate then.

I don't think the diverter will affect the kick to the Throne. It is not engaged at that time. Unless it is not being held out of the way properly by the springs, I would think you have some other issue. Mr. Schlarb have any suggestions?

#693 3 years ago
Quoted from gridspace:

Hello everyone
Since last friday I'm a proud new GoT-Premium owner.
This is also my first real pinball machine and as you might imagine I'm mostly just struggling to keep the ball in play without much strategy but I am having a blast so far I guess in a couple of years I might be able to compete with some of your scores...
I did read through this and the GotKicksAss-Thread already and got a lot of great information.
I still have 2 questions you might be able to help me with:
What does the "Coil Pulse Power"-Setting affect?
I feel it's a bit quieter on weak but I might be imagining this.
Would you recommend leaving this on normal or is it just personal preference?
(I'm playing in an apartment so I guess the quieter the better)
Also I realized that half-pressing the flipper-buttons will only flip the lower 2 flippers while pressing the buttons fully will flip all 4 together. Is this normal?

Half pressing action is not only normal, it is a skill you can develop. During MB it can be used to flip the top while leaving a ball trapped at the bottom. It is referred to as "Stage Flipping"

I recommend leaving coil power at normal. It's use is primarily there for a low line voltage situation where setting it to high power might be needed to overcome low line conditions. I can see where setting it to weak might make the game quieter, but your flippers may not be strong enough to fully enjoy the game.

I have some friends who have pins in their apartment and they can't even play at all if their neighbors are home. Bummer.

#706 3 years ago

Yes, I would agree that if your not using the plunger to short plunge on the premium/LE you are leaving points on the table. For the reasons that Chuck stated and free shots to the Dragon shot, PLUS: The first auto plunge will go directly to the upper playfield. You don't want to be batting the ball around the upper playfield while your ball saver is running out. The next time you lock a ball, the next ball is plunged directly to the upper, where you can work on completing it.

1 month later
#773 3 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Hey guys! I'm strongly considering joining the club with a low play LE. Before I commit to the game, however, I wanted to check to see if all of the problems that people were having with their games have been resolved. I know there were issues with the orbit divertor, VUK, throne, etc .... Can all of these things be tweaked so that the game functions like it is supposed to? I love the game, but I'd hate to pay so much money for a machine that will be frustrating to maintain. Is there anything else I should be aware of before taking the plunge?

All problems are tweakable. There is nothing on GOT premium/LE that can't be ironed out. My premium has close to 1000 games and I play it everyday. I've never had a node board fail. My elevator issues are 90% solved. It ALWAYS kicks to the throne on the first try and very rarely falls out of the throne.It ALWAYS kicks to the upper playfield on the second or third try(rarely on the first). All of the shots work fine and rarely have I even had to adjust a switch. Never had even a single lamp or flasher fail. As for your last question, yes. You need to be aware that all your other games will take a back burner to GOT for a long time!

#799 3 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Now I'm more confused than ever. Are you supposed to be able to backhand it or not?

Every game is different. On my premium I can backhand the right ramp. But it gets harder and harder as the game gets dirty. After cleaning and waxing the shot always becomes much easier.

3 months later
#912 2 years ago

Don't know guys. For me that is like such an easy fix. Flat blade screwdriver inserted between the post and guide. Gently flex the guide outward. Done.

1 month later
#946 2 years ago

I hear so many people say about GOT rules, "I just don't understand that game", or "I just don't know what to shoot for". It's really not that complicated on the surface. It's only when you dig deep that it gets a little difficult to understand. I mean, it's definitely not as deep as ACDC or LOTR. I guess it just seems second nature to me since I have played both GOT pro and GOT premium so much.

1 month later
#1012 2 years ago

What about the bug where you don't get awarded LOL if you get a danger on the way out a lit outlane? Could be intentional, could be a bug.

2 months later
#1080 2 years ago
Quoted from mannymasy:

Every day I like this game more, I have a lot to learn about it, I only played 12 games

Wait until you've played 1200. You'll still be loving it!

5 months later
#1157 2 years ago

I've played over 1000 games on my GOT prem and I've never seen a special. Is there even an insert for special?

1 month later
#1181 1 year ago

I installed the LCD version and I am blown away by it. Even better than Met, Tron, AFM, etc.

#1184 1 year ago

You need to buy the stand-off kit and the clear window. $439.38 is what the LCD ran me including shipping.

8 months later
#1219 1 year ago
Quoted from pin2d:

Ran into a problem tonight. My GOT is randomly adding 30 points and making a ca-chink (gold?) sound, it mainly happens when I fire a flipper or coil. Like a switch is too tight or something. Anyone know what the ca-chink sound and 30 points are triggered by? Thought I'd check here before diving in.

If it's a premium/LE it's most likely one of the two "Slings" on the upper playfield. Just pull the rubber towards the front to loose it up.

1 month later
#1272 1 year ago

You can get the threaded part from pinballlife or a Stern distributor. Dremell the old rivet off and rivet the new one on.

1 week later
#1312 12 months ago

Expanding on another post. During BWMB, have the progression be: All green shots, SJP round, then all green shots twice, THEN upper playfield to hit all three stand-ups for double JPots, then hit u-turn loop for a SJP that is = all the SJP you collected at the Battering ram.

During HOTK, the first collect at the Battering Ram seems way undervalued, and the 2nd one seems way overvalued.

The video mode seems like a rigged game. Not enough skill and too much luck. Or maybe I just suck at it!

Agree that Castle MB should be worth about double what it is now. It's a lot of work to get that MB and the most I've ever gotten from it was 150M. Usually it's more like 20-40M.

Yes to balancing the Houses. In comp I see about 90% players taking Martell and maybe 10% taking Tyrell. Except for Trent who usually takes Baratheon!

Yes to balancing the modes. Please make me want to take anything else into HOTK other than Lannister, Greyjoy, Stark, Tyrell.

2 months later
#1342 9 months ago

Tormund will take the one on the right!

2 months later
#1381 6 months ago

Yeah, I would suggest a Factory Reset. If that doesn't do it, try reloading the code.

2 months later
#1421 4 months ago

I just put new balls in my premium. They were pretty ding'd up, but hey, 2600 plays will do that.

#1437 4 months ago

Erik, I'm guessing this had something to do with you trading from Pro to Premium?

#1484 3 months ago

Good Lord! I just spent about 2 hours playing the new code! Holy Crap! The light shows are incredible! There are TONS more call outs, not just 2 or 3. The new rules are sweet and I have a long way to go to experience all of them. A few things I noticed:

1.Playing as Stark, I finished the first two levels of Targaryen, then while playing the 3rd I used the Stark button. It finished Targaryen and Dire Wolf awarded 20M, not just 5m.

2.While playing as Baratheon, I was getting multiple Lord of Lights without using the button. And the settings are set on "Once per game". It could have been a bunch of pop awards but I've never seen that many LOL's in a single game.

3. I'm not a fan of the backbox lighting effect cutting in and out. At first I thought something was wrong with my game, but then I realized it always did it at certain times. It will take some getting used to.

4. I noticed with Baratheon the spinner builds the value MUCH faster, but it caps at 275M. Also, the timer is shorter. But I literally had it maxed at 275M with about 3 or 4 spinner shots.

5. Don't worry about Stark making it too easy to get to Iron Throne. It does make it easier to get to HOTK, but at a sacrifice of some major points. I Starked my way to HOTK and choked by getting only 105M from HOTK.

6. Castle MB and the effects and call outs getting there are incredible!

7. Dwight, YOU ARE THE MAN!

#1489 3 months ago

Can anyone hear the entire quote that says"....... piss myself....."? It sounds like Robert Baratheon. Was it from the boar hunt, maybe? Lots of great new quotes. My favorite so far, coming out of HOTK and Tyrion says " I was very happy as Hand of the King".

#1497 3 months ago
Quoted from kidchrisso:

Has anyone had issues on their Prem/LE of your ball getting stuck under the Castle? Without taking the castle out, I cant tell of there is some diverter confusion during game play. It happens when the ball goes down the right diverter for the arrows. 4 times so far on mine. All coils are firing during test.

No problems here.

#1498 3 months ago

This code is incredible. I know there has been a lot of grumbling about Lannister being too strong now. So far for me, it hasn't been. Playing as Greyjoy now is quite the thinking man's game. It's hard enough right now to remember all the new button abilities, but when they're changing throughout the game it becomes very strategic as to when you take which house, etc. And then you think you've got this awesome thing lined up and you hit the button expecting one thing and you get another, because you forgot that you defeated another house!

Side benefit to Targaryen is being able to take the perfect storm into HOTK. Targ, Greyjoy, Tyrell, Lannister. I'd only been able to pull this off a few times on the old code. Tonight I did it two games in a row. HOTK scores were 3.4 billion and 7.099 Billion!

20190719_224354 (resized).jpg
3 weeks later
#1534 3 months ago

Here's a fun strategy. Not really one for competition but fun at home or on location. Pick Greyjoy. Play Tyrell next. Now play BWMB and when you come out of it, use your Iron Bank button to cash in 100-200M. Now play Stark, cash it in quick and easy, don't worry about maxing it out. Now play Lannister. Use your Stark button to finish Lannister. Now HOTK will be ready. Go into HOTK with the Lannister button ability and profit! This is pretty hard to pull off but lots of fun when you can do it.

#1536 3 months ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

Here's a fun strategy. Not really one for competition but fun at home or on location. Pick Greyjoy. Play Tyrell next. Now play BWMB and when you come out of it, use your Iron Bank button to cash in 100-200M. Now play Stark, cash it in quick and easy, don't worry about maxing it out. Now play Lannister. Use your Stark button to finish Lannister. Now HOTK will be ready. Go into HOTK with the Lannister button ability and profit! This is pretty hard to pull off but lots of fun when you can do it.

I tried this today about 5 or 6 times before I pulled it off. More info.... Once you've done all this snag Martell. Now you've got the add-a-ball for your 2nd BWMB or Wall MB or even Winter Has Come. Then do Baratheon for the Lord of Light and carry that into Targaryen to hopefully use the LOL to help you finish Targ with all it's dangerous shots. Today I only made it to stage 2 of Targ so no Iron Throne for me. Still a bit over 5 billion.

Actually, the hardest part of this strategy is on ball one just surviving all the shots to the Tyrell targets to get that lit!

1 week later
#1548 81 days ago

I had a crazy awesome combo today, even if it wasn't fully intentional. Started Stark Mode. Hit the center ramp 11 times in a row, then the left orbit to complete the mode. When the ball came around the right orbit I slapped it into the Dragon shot(which just happened to be the last one needed to qualify Wall MB). When it rocketed out of the Dragon shot I flailed and backhanded it up the right orbit to start Wall MB! It was crazy and 14 shots total over about 15 seconds.

#1557 75 days ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

What's the best fix for when the ball falls out of the throne? Sometimes i get a clean landing, sometimes not.

For me it was just looking straight down through the wireform at the chair and just adjusting the wireform so it is exactly in line with the chair.

1 month later
#1579 30 days ago
Quoted from VolunteerPin:

I have a nice Pro but played a Premium recently for a few games and really liked it.
any thought if upgrading is worth it? I know some like the pro better but especially with new codes wonder if that really tips scales for the Prem/LE

I play the premium at home and the pro in league. The pro is great but when you're used to the premium it always feels like it's missing something! Also, the new code really lends itself to the premium/LE. BUT, similar to Ghostbusters, this is probably a bad time to be looking to buy a GOT. With the massive code update, machines are gonna be harder to find and prices will certainly be on the upper end if you do find one.

1 week later
#1583 22 days ago
Quoted from VolunteerPin:

Done. Just picked up an LE today. Still in my Yukon so no photos but looks great. Very stoked.
Also today just sold my pro to a Pinsider who from up from Birmingham. One day for the complete change out. Not bad. Lol, I left my house at 5:15 am to go get my LE in order to be home from Nashville in time for my buyer.

Ha ha, I know the guy who bought your game. We play in the same league. Small world...

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