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Fire and Blood...Game of Thrones Premium/LE club

By Trekkie1978

4 years ago

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#164 3 years ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

I installed v1.26 on my GoT LE on Friday, now the kickback in Castle Black keeps firing randomly and often. Anyone else experiencing this? I suspect software since it started after the update and never did that before.

Is there an opto sensor in that kickback? If so, reseat the connectors to the opto board. Probably located under the pf just below that shot.

1 week later
#176 3 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

. Will sound stupid but this game reminds me of Tron and Portal MB. Every game I start it feels like it's within reach and yet it still alludes me.

That's a very fair assessment and exactly how I feel. Everytime I press start I know I have a chance at HOTK, WHC, and/or IT

1 week later
#213 3 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

In the making of video, Dwight had said that in the upper playfield, we will have the ability to kill white walkers. I have yet to come across that, is it already in the game or does it need to be programmed?

Is the upper pf used in winter has come? Perhaps that is what he meant?

4 weeks later
#349 3 years ago

I've noticed a somewhat sort of bug during multiball, the left orbit switch will cause right orbit switches to sometimes not register. Not sure what the fix is as I think this code is to prevent right orbits registering from a full left loop shot. Dwight will have to get creative.

1 week later
#440 3 years ago

Who's this SKB guy!

2 weeks later
#535 3 years ago
Quoted from Goalie:

Officially joined the club today!

Grats! That LE sure looks bitchin. Definitely the best looking of the 3 models, IMO.

#552 3 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Great game. Anyone give me couple quick strategies to start learning gsme. Thx

cant speak for the premium/LE, but on the pro - here are a few basic strategies i tell others:

First, get your LOL (Lord of Light) activated right away on ball 1 while ball saver is lit - you only get one LOL from the drops per game so i go for it early so i have more control of what i do next rather than have a random LOL from multiball (which seems to be bugged). With LOL lit, you can take chances at lighting the riskier houses (tyrell, baratheon, targaryan).

Secondly, dont start any house modes until you start a multiball - then stack 2 together. After multiball, clean up the house modes that you didnt finish. By this time you should have 2 houses completed and hopefully 2 or ready to go at which point you have to decide whether to play 1 house or 2 houses on single ball.

Always try to start 2 houses before you start battle for wall mb.

Lastly, learn to roll your pf multipliers. I usually use multiballs to get it going but from there i'll risk a battering ram shot to keep the multiplier rolling even if the multiball is over.

#592 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Correct. However, if you change the WHC settings harder, you can change it from 4 to 5,6, or even all 7 hurry ups I think. While that makes it harder to reach WHC, it could make the mode way more lucrative since the jackpots are based off the values of your WIC hurry ups collected to that point.

Nah, no need to make points more lucrative, just play as house stark! in fact, Stark is becoming my favorite house to play cause of the super stack and scoring bonuses. I got this super stack going after completing just one mode! (earned an extra sword from mystery too). This was done on my pro - yes, I know this is an LE/PREM club, forgive me


#595 3 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

This is the land where Game of Thrones takes place...didn't the ranger in Season 1, Episode 1, ask Ned Stark for forgiveness....
You have the sticker mod too...so you know what comes next...

Crap, I knew I shouldn't have posted in the LE club thread

#599 3 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Wow, do tell more on how you managed to get 2 billion off WHC. I'm happy to get a couple hundred million out of that mode.

Just a crazy ass good super stack multiball. I think i defeated the WHC boss 2 or 3 times with 4x and 5x pf multipliers going. It was chaotic and amazing!

On a side note, i just played a game and accidentally started the WHC + BFW super stack. I had 3 WIC's and BFW multiball ready (Which is the dragon shot on the pro). I did left loop combo right into the dragon shot and was pissed cause i didnt want to start BFW - but low and behold, the loop shot progressed WIC down to 1 shot and the shot to the dragon started both BFW multiball AND the WIC hurry up. I was ecstatic. Only pulled out 1 bil on that WHC multiball though.

Defeating the boss in WHC is where all the points are in the multiball as defeating him gives you the total of all 4 of your WIC values. Add in combos and pf multipliers and you can get a serious jackpot value if your WIC hurryups were big.

The secret if you pull off the super stack is getting that right loop shot scored quickly cause it becomes a 6 ball multiball and is tough to get the right loop with balls in the shooter lane all the time.

Another side note: you can do the WHC super stack with blackwater multiball too! But, ive found stacking it with BFW is better.

#612 3 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

The last five minutes of tonight's episode is one very large reason I'm glad I got the LE.
Just sayin'.

Drogon is huge!

1 week later
#642 3 years ago
Quoted from toro1966:

Well I just took the plunge on a GOT LE! Should be here in about a week. Can't wait! I have read this thread as well as the GOT Kicks Ass thread. Are there any MUST HAVE mods or additions that I need to get right away? Already ordered the topper and shaker. Does this game need Cliffy Protectors in any locations? Thanks!

Shaker + external sub = must haves.

2 months later
#780 3 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Just joined the club yesterday. The game is playing great for the most part. The former owner tweaked the orbit diverter by moving it slightly, and solid left orbit shots consistently sail all the way around and come out the right orbit. Occasionally, a right orbit shot that is supposed to go into the scoop dribbles out the left orbit. Fortunately, this doesn't happen often. The other issue is that the ball will sometimes fall off the throne. I'd say this happens about 25% of the time. I also noticed that there doesn't seem to be much pop bumper action on this game. Is this the case with everyone's game, or do I need to take a closer look at that area? Other than that, the game appears to be functioning perfectly. I now need to familiarize myself with the Premium/LE specific rules.
I have to say, the game is absolutely stunning to look at, especially with mirror blades! I'm generally not a big fan of toppers, but this is one of the nicest and best integrated ones I can think of ...

Is the topper integrated to the current code? I remember reading that it had issues. Are those all ironed out?

#782 3 years ago

Does the dragon topper animate when the playfield dragon is active during gameplay?

#788 3 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

What do you guys think about the shaker in this game? Does it add a lot to the overall experience? Also, any word on ColorDMD support?

Color dmd would be awesome! Shaker is great! When you hit the kickback and the shaker and kickback go off, awesome. Plus the dragon flapping is synced with the shaker. Overall, I love the shaker integration in it.

4 months later
#959 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballOsp:

I have logged hours of play on both the Pro and LE and they are very different games.
The Pro is definitely faster but the LE has way more going on that is the one I own: it's much more interesting.
I am not sure I consider GOT a flow game in either version unlike (say) Demo-man: unless you're just looping a ramp you're asking for trouble taking shots on the fly.

Playing on the fly and keeping combo multipliers is the only way to play this pin. Love the flow and rules!

3 weeks later
#987 2 years ago

So I was playing an LE a couple weeks ago and have a couple questions:

1. I was able to start WIC with stark even though it was not qualified yet. Threw me off on my shot patterns - This is not possible on pro. What gives? Bug?

2. Does the dragon kickback ever hold the ball like the pro, or is it a kick back only?

#997 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

What specifically is happening to you? That's what I'm confused about. Sorry.

To clarify; I was playing as Tyrell. I think I had 2 or 3 houses qualified. I wanted to qualify stark as well so went for right ramp and it started WIC. When I completed the WIC, the right ramp went to white, not ice, and not green (for tyrell) and stark was not a selectable mode still.

To simplify more: playing as house tyrell. Right ramp shield is white, shoot right ramp - WIC started - completed WIC - right ramp went back to white - then I was able to shoot right ramp to qualify Stark.

I'm thinking it's a bug but not sure what triggered it and it happened twice in the handful of games I played on location. Perhaps this location game was running older code? And another pinsider had PM'd me recently asking how WIC rules worked on the pro as he had this same thing happen on an LE.

As for pro, I've had WIC start right away only with targaryan when I have one Shot left to start WIC and one shot left to qualify targaryan.

3 months later
#1063 2 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Haha! I hear ya!
Having Castle Multiball be stackable or have jackpots of some type of reasonable value isn't that much to ask though. Minor code tweak.
I wonder how GoT is selling these days? I bet it picks up after the new season starts, the game is phenominal.

Just like TWD, code can sell hundreds of games. Rules and scoring are phenomenal in GOT; but yea, that little extra effort of code genius hiding in dwights brain would definitely pump GOT sales again. Rules, flow, speed, theme...this pin is one of my favorites ever.

#1086 2 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

It's interesting reading the feedback on modes sometimes and to see peoples preferences. It seems as thought Iron Throne is well received of which I actually far prefer HOTK over IT when playing GOT. Me personally I would actually say that IT is one of my least fav end of the game wizard modes from all the ones I've been to. Just feels a bit to repetitive for me but it's good to see that I'm in the minority there. Still a great game for sure!

I agree in that I like HOTK more. But I really like IT. Reason Being is it's just a different change of pace. The music, animations, scoring, rules are all great and it's nothing like anything else in the game. Dwight did an amazing job on the rules from diversifying all the main modes on such a simple layout. WIC, WHC, BWMB, BFWMB, HOTK, IT...all different styles and different paced modes. IT, while repetitive, still has a challenge factor to it and still pumps your (my) energy and i like that the rules are easier than all the other modes; it's like...you did it, the throne is yours, now go enjoy ruling the seven kingdoms.

#1088 2 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

Is there any strategy to hand of the king? Meaning, are there certain houses I want to complete first?
The other day I scored 700 million on HOTK...not sure how I did that.

Tons of strategies to HOTK. I'll try to explain rules best i can:

Set 1: Hit all the white arrow shots.
white arrow shots are determined by which 4 houses you bring into HOTK. i.e. if you bring tyrell, one of the 4 shots will be the Tyrell targets - if you bring in Stark, then the stark ramp will be one of the 4 shots.
Note: Bringing in house Martell means you have to hit all 4 white shots twice before advancing to the next stage. And Baratheon makes it so it lights all 7 house shots instead of 4.

Still following...?

Complete Set: Ram will light, hit it to complete the first set.

<Bonus Round> If you bring house stark you get to play a scoring frenzy bonus round where all shots stay lit for 20 seconds. Best strat here is to cradle balls on left flipper and shoot center ramp over and over with right. after bonus round, you move onto the next set. And If you dont bring house stark, you immediately move on to the next set.

2nd set is exactly the same as the first. hit all white shots then ram to complete the set.

<play bonus round again if applicable>

3rd Set is exactly same.

<bonus round if applicable>

After completing the 3rd set, the ram lights for the super hurryup hotk jackpot which is worth a ton! i believe its the total of all the shots you made during the first 3 sets + bonus rounds.

BIG TIP: Bringing in house greyjoy reduces the # of sets needed to light the super hurryup jackpot. So instead of doing 3 complete sets, you now only have to do 2. Greyjoy is probably the best house to bring into HOTK as getting that super hurryup jackpot can equate to billions of points depending on multipliers.

Still following....?

It sounds complicated, but it becomes easier and easier to follow once you do it a few times. Keep in mind, multipliers play a huge factor in HOTK, especially if you get to the super hurryup jackpot.

Hope this helps. here's some examples, lets say you bring in:

Greyjoy, Lannister, Targaryan, Tyrell
Your 4 white arrow shots will be left loop (GJ), center ramp (lannister), Kickback shot (Targaryan), Tyrell (green targets). Hit those 4 shots and it will light the ram for the hurryup to complete the set. You only need to do that twice to light the super hurryup jackpot. Keep in mind, after hitting all 4 shots and you hit the ram to complete the set, the ram will light again for the super hurryup jackpot.

Greyjoy, Lannister, Baratheon, Tyrell:
All 7 shots will be lit white. Make all 7, then hit ram to complete the set. You only need to do that twice with these 4 houses to light the super hurryup jackpot.

Greyjoy, Lannister, Stark, Tyrell:
Your 4 white arrow shots will be left loop (GJ), Center ramp (lannister), right ramp (stark), green targets (Tyrell). Hit those 4 shots then ram to complete the set. Begin stark bonus round - shoot any white arrows for 20 seconds - each shot progressively increases scoring for the next + factor in multipliers. Note: Tyrell inlane stays lit during HOTK so repetitive center shot ramps continues to bump and maximize the combos multiplier. After bonus round do the set again + another bonus round to light the super hurryup jackpot.

Greyjoy, Lannister, Martel, Tyrell:
Your 4 white arrow shots will be Left loop, center ramp, right loop, green targets; but now, you'll have to shoot each of those twice to light the ram and complete the set. Do that twice to light super hurryup jackpot.

#1090 2 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

Wow. Great post! Thank you.
People cry for rules...not sure why more pinheads don't love this game.

Totally agree! A lot of competitive players do like the game.

I think the rules in GOT are better than any other pin out there, even TWD. So many groundbreaking rules in GOT; from the multiplier system to the wizard modes to the scoring strategies to having the biggest jackpots and hurryups in any pin ever. And not just one special jackpot or hurry up, but multiple! Giving players variety and choices on how to progress. It's one of the main reasons my GOT has stuck around for 1 1/2 years+. AC/DC and TWD (2 of my other favorite pins) haven't lasted that long. And the other big factor, is I have FUN trying to achieve these jackpots and progression in GOT. On TWD and AC/DC, even though the adrenaline was high progressing through those pins, it wasn't always fun.

#1092 2 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

I wouldn't necessarily say the GoT code is "better" than TWD, but it certainly offers more ways to approach the game strategy wise. There is no other game that even comes close.

Yea, I should have clarified. Rules are better in GOT, but overall code is better in TWD.

1 week later
#1104 2 years ago

Drogon is the biggest, baddest dragon ever! He looks like a little tiny Smaug in that pic. No offense, just my 2 cents

If you want drogon on the translite, Maybe grab him from one of the later season episodes where Danaerys mounts him in front of all the dothraki. Or wait til the upcoming season when we see him even bigger!

2 months later
#1119 2 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Good luck with that.

I've heard it's done. He still has GB to update, SW to finish, and has probably already moved onto whatever the next game is. GOT isn't even in the rear view mirror anymore.

Quoted from beelzeboob:

Agreed. But remember, this is Pinside, the Home of Rumor and Conjecture...
...that's usually wrong. So take it with a grain of salt.

Since we're in rumorville, I heard both GOT and GB are 'done'. I did give Dwight a list of a bunch of bugs including a request for balancing a few houses and programming the upper pf better. Will it get done? Who knows.

#1121 2 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Perhaps Dwight will see the years and years of monster respect Lyman has received for finishing and polishing SM and he will want GoT to be his SM.
One can dream.

GOT is by far his best of the 4 pins he's done since his return. It would be nice if he wanted, or even had the time to, revisit , polish it all up and make it his most epic of all time.

#1126 2 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Just out of curiosity, what were your recommendations?

Nothing specific on the upper pf as I don't have enough insight on it. But Dwight has plenty of feedback on bugs and polish on the game. Whether he finds time to polish it and give it the update it deserves is unbenknowst to me. Honestly, he did such a kick ass job with this game that he deserves a round of applause. But it would be epic if he revisits it.

#1132 2 years ago
Quoted from capguntrooper:

Again, Neither Stern nor HBO will authorize that no matter how much money is offered to Dwight as they own all the rights, licensing and so forth. Nice to dream though and count me in for a Benji

As much as I'd partake, I don't see it happening. It wouldn't take long for stern or Disney to find out and I don't think Dwight would risk his job for a couple grand.

10 months later
#1202 1 year ago
Quoted from sdevildog515:

Just ordered a GOT LE NIB any must have mods besides topper?

Color dmd more important than topper. Must have mod. Best color dmd game to date IMO.

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