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Finally picked up my first pin! Black Rose!

By njgsx96

5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

I know after reading this forum and many others, Black Rose is a mixed bag as far as opinions, but I really enjoyed this game the few times I played it in person and the many times I played it in various PC forms. Just a good fun pinball. And maybe I am easy to please, I am horrible at pinball, but I do enjoy it. All of my true favorites are way, WAY out of my price range - TOM, TOTAN, MM... to name a few - but I started seeing some fair priced Black Rose machines, one in particular, which I ended up getting for what I hope was a fair price. The cabinet is in decent shape, graphics faded (red in particular), and there is wear in front of the cannon, but the machine is sound and everything was in good working order. Got her home, which was fun. It is amazing how heavy these guys are and how unwieldy they can be getting down Bilco door stairs, but with some help from my friends and my wife, we did it without anybody getting hurt. Got her all set up and plugged in and boy it has done nothing but put a smile on my face. I have a lot of work to do in getting better at playing, but that is the fun part!

Next is to experiment with some LEDs. A kit would be easy, but I cannot justify spending that much money to maybe not be happy, from what I have been reading. If there are any BR owners who went the LED route and care to share your opinion of what you put and where as far as LEDs go, I am all ears! Other than that, I would like to clean up the cabinet some and then just play this guy as much as possible.

Just wanted to introduce myself and share my first pinball purchase.

Thanks, Rich

#2 5 years ago

Congratulations! You never forget your first... Enjoy the ride and don't be a stranger.

#3 5 years ago

Great first pin, i wouldnt mind a BR myself! Congrats!

#4 5 years ago

CONGRATS! Remember to level the game. Enjoy, great game. hard to go wrong Cointaker's LED KITs by the way.

#5 5 years ago

Sweet game, congrats on the pin. I wouldn't get an LED kit anyway. All of my games that had kits when I bought them I've redone at least partially. Getting a few bulk packs of colors/types of bulbs you'd like to use and experimenting is the way to go, cheaper too.

#6 5 years ago

Congrats! I've been digging playing Black Rose on The Pinball Arcade on my Samsung Galaxy phone. I think it's pretty cool. 3 flippers, an unusual layout, lift ramp, cannon toy, cool pirate theme, 3 video modes (I like video modes), and a pirate ship backboard that fires the ball back at you. That's pretty cool in my book. I'd like to get one some day.

#7 5 years ago

Congratulations on the game! Enjoy the heck out of it.

#8 5 years ago

Nice! So how many days til number 3 shows up?

#9 5 years ago

Thanks everyone! I still can't believe I am a pinball owner! I remember hanging at my uncle's place and playing Solar City for hours as a child, thinking it was the greatest game ever. Now, I have my very own, albeit newer and cooler... because it's mine! I can see how it is an addictive hobby and while I would love to grow the collection, this one should keep me busy for a while. The wife thinks we have no more room but I can always throw stuff out! Besides, enjoying this one will allow me the time necessary to grow the "2nd pin fund". Disposable income has gone out the window with this purchase and my virtual pinball build, which I can thank for me wanting the real deal, and BR specifically since I play it a lot!

Game is leveled.. I think. There is some good info on the internets that I followed. It seems to play straight for me, so I think I did a good job.

I love the idea of an LED kit but I am reading a lot of unhappy postings. Plus, they seem pricey and I love to tinker so I will probably just end up grabbing a few like mentioned by you guys and trying out what I like. it seems to be a lot of personal opinion. It is just that the information I am finding is very general as far as what to get and use, but if some BR owners could step forward and share with me what they chose and why, that would be amazing!

Anyway, good to be here and thanks for the congrats! I will post up some pictures in a bit.

Thanks, Rich

#10 5 years ago

EXCELLENT, enjoy it to the max!! So much better than my first pin, but it really doesn't matter. That first pin will always have special memories.

#11 5 years ago

Great game for the money. Enjoy matey!

#12 5 years ago

Here are 2 pictures from the day it arrived. The first one is of it in the back of my make-shift Santa's sleigh when it got home (who said Santa drives a Mercedes or Lexus anyway! LOL) and the other with it enjoying time next to my virtual cab, with BR playing on it as well!

Don't mind the mess around it, my basement needs some cleaning!

IMAG0525.jpg IMAG0529.jpg
#13 5 years ago

They both look great! I'm amazed at the virtual pinball - that looks fantastic. Did you repurpose a pinball cabinet or construct one yourself? One thing to check with a new pin is the batteries. If they are old or leaking they can damage the motherboard (unless someone has already relocated the battery holder off the main board). I try to replace mine once a year just to make sure I don't forget. As I have time I try to relocate the battery holder.

#14 5 years ago

Thanks! No, I built that cabinet, based off of measurements of a Lucky Fruit. It is done pretty well, as good as my work working skills allow. I was able to repurpose a lot of stuff I already had (PC, backglass screen, LCD for DMD, power, speakers, subwoofer, keyboard encoder, some buttons...) I really only had to purchase a playfield TV and then all of the pinball trim from Came together real nice and it is a blast to play.

This BR is pretty clean. All boards looked great, fresh batteries when I got it but I put in new ones anyway. Wires and connectors are in good shape too. I just hope it stays this way! I ordered some cleaning supplies last night as well as a cliffy protector for in front of the cannon, which is pretty worn.

I ended up playing a good amount of games last night (late for work now) and love and hate this table! I can do so well one game and completely tank the next! That is mostly on me though. Towards the end of my playing time I was getting a little more consistent. Can't wait to play some more! I will say the ball does gravitate to the left and right drain more so than not, but nothing a little nudge can't fix most of the time!

Thanks again everyone!

#15 5 years ago

Black Rose is a great pin , very underrated IMO Congrats! on the acqusition

#16 5 years ago

I know you say it's working, but since it is a used pin it's a good idea to go through some of the electronics to save yourself the possibility of some unwanted headaches. For example, all the fuses should be checked to make sure they are the proper value, checking GI connectors, etc...

See section 2. Before Turning the Game On:

#17 5 years ago

You can adjust the outlane posts to be more forgiving (if not already done). I agree though, sometimes it seems to suck your ball down the outlane and there is nothing you can do, other games you get on a roll...

Nothing better than sinking a ship!!

#18 5 years ago

First pins are amazing. They are like a first kiss, unforgettable. Like what you said in your opening,
"it has done nothing but put a smile on my face". Now that's what it's all about right there. Welcome to Pinside and many happy high scores!

Post edited by rollitover: pics did not belong

#19 5 years ago

Congrats! Don't worry about being terrible. I was completely terrible playing my pin at first but gotten a lot better after many, many games. I still suck at times and get frustrated. When I do get a good game and start hitting critical shots, it's a rush. There are probably settings in the menu to help make the game a little easier. I set all my specials to free balls and set a few other things to light the kickback more often.

Not everyone likes the look of leds in older games. I think they look amazing and when done right, can really transform a game. I also like the idea of reducing heat and power demands which reduces stress on the machine. It doesn't cost much to buy a few samples and try them out.

#20 5 years ago

LED's are great! They save energy and really brighten up a pinball machine. I personally never bought any kits and just bought loose and bulk bags of led bulbs from I was able to led out 3 of my machines for the cost of 1 kit from another site.

Black Rose was on my short list for potential machines I was thinking of getting next. Great choice.

#21 5 years ago

Thanks for that link. I Will check it out when I get home. I did notice some darker bulbs but all of the fuses I did go through and they are good. I will step though what that page says as well.

I have yet to sink a ship but have gotten close! So far I am getting thrills from hitting some combos. I might give those adjustments a try on the outside. I have problem working on the skills... It means I get to play lots of pinball!

It is funny. I did play a good amount of games but I also took some time to clean and check things. It is similar to the virtual in that way. Great to play but just as much fun to tinker! Good thing too, found out I need the bubble level... Mine is missing it! Blinded by the bliby of my first pin. Mental notes being taken!

Definitely going to get some leds to see what I like and don't like. I can say I love the look on some of the YouTube videos I am seeing. Can't wait!

Btw.... I see that arm on the right side to prop the playfield up. Where does it go? Just doesn't seem stromg enough to hold it though. What do you do to keep the playfield up?

#22 5 years ago

Congrats on your first game I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with it!

Why so quick to LED though? Enjoy your BR as it was designed at least for a little while. I don't see why people think every game they get immediately needs LEDs. One day it's going to be the cool hip thing to run incandescents in your classic games ya know

#23 5 years ago

Congrats Rich!

BR is an awesome and completely underrated game. The sinking ship is cool. The voices are great. The video modes are fun. The layout is fantastic. The theme is top notch. I could go on, but I'm sure you're finding all this out already.

#24 5 years ago

it is amazing how nervous I get when my next shot can sink the ship. of course, I never can do it... Yet! Got home early today and got a few games in before logging back into work to finish my day and got up to the final shot to sink a ship and folded each time. Soon though... real soon!

About the LEDs... I do enjoy the game exactly as it is and I will for awhile. It will not get the LED conversion until after the New Year. I do like the look though and it is something I look forward too doing.

#25 5 years ago

I changed all the red gi (condom bulbs)to frosted red led, cannon at top of Plainfield changed to red also.

#26 5 years ago

BR is a great title. See if you can find the topless translite.

#27 5 years ago
Quoted from underlord:

BR is a great title. See if you can find the topless translite.

I heard they were going to make it, read on IPDB... did they actually make it? I did some searching (not a lot) but came up empty. Might be cool to have though!

#28 5 years ago

Great first pin and it's a great game.
Don't worry bout led's, just play it and have fun... also start looking were to put the next one.

#29 5 years ago

The out lanes on mine kill me. I had to set my out lane posts to the "easy" position. I had one morning before work where I sank a ship 4 games in a row, and now I've only did it one time since then.

#30 5 years ago

By "easy" position you mean adjusted closest to the front, right? Yeah, did that. It still drains. I swear it sometimes goes straight down the drain, no bumping or anything, like it has a channel groove to make it easier to drain. I checked just in case, it does not, but it still does it! HAHAH Otherwise, I love the damn game, so much fun.

Timtim, the next one is going on the other side of the virtual. I just need to throw some stuff int he attic and clean up... and oh yeah, same some money for it!

#31 5 years ago

Congrats on the first pin, love the look of it but never played. You never stop at 1!

#32 5 years ago
Quoted from njgsx96:

Btw.... I see that arm on the right side to prop the playfield up. Where does it go? Just doesn't seem stromg enough to hold it though. What do you do to keep the playfield up?

It's funny, some pinball machines seem to have very robust arms to hold up the playfield, and some you question whether it really could hold the playfield at all! Generally there are a couple of recessed circles in the bottom side of the playfield that are meant for that arm to catch in (at least in older machines, I'm not sure about the newer ones), but you are right - that arm is meant to hold the playfield in an upright position, kinda like the rod that holds up your hood on your car when you are working on the engine. Just be real careful, make sure it is seated really well before you stick your head in there. It hurts REAL bad when the playfield drops on your head - I'm speaking from experience...

#33 5 years ago
Quoted from njgsx96:

I heard they were going to make it, read on IPDB... did they actually make it? I did some searching (not a lot) but came up empty. Might be cool to have though!

No, it was a custom job. Talk to Bryan Kelly here, he may know who did it.

#34 5 years ago

Keep that one. It is one of the better games ever made, and highly under-rated.

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