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Fifth Element Pinball Machine

By Nilroc

11 years ago

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    #1 11 years ago

    For sure a 5 ball Multiball!
    Post your Fifth Element Pinball Ideas
    I think it would be a great theme to build a machine to.
    What are your thoughts?


    #2 11 years ago

    Should've been done a looooong time ago IMHO. Anyway, a taxi chase hurry-up would be cool.

    #3 11 years ago

    With SkitB tackling older movies, I would love to see this one get done. Bruce Willis belongs on a pin.

    #4 11 years ago

    yes please. multi pass multi ball. floston paradise ship lock.
    win the gemini croquet jackpot. collect all 5 elements wizard mode. call outs, she knows its a multi pass. yeah, ive seen the movie a time or 3.

    #5 11 years ago

    Lock the ball in a plastic tube, it flips over to reveal Milla Jovich naked.

    #6 11 years ago

    Where's the Diva? Best part of the movie IMO, add that blue lady to the BG!

    #7 11 years ago

    I would want this in a heartbeat !
    Fire for fire
    Water for water

    #8 11 years ago

    Chris Tucker call out sayin "Corbin ma' man" in a whiny voice after every shot made.

    #9 11 years ago

    I love everything that is happening here. I am also relieved to know I am not the only person that loves this movie, still.

    #10 11 years ago

    I mentioned this in a other what title would you want thread. The title is not really well loved, but really is it any less known then Predator?

    Leeloo escapes the cool reconstruction scene and the tech just says "Perfect" as she shoots through tin foil thin wall like something out of the Matrix after you make a certain number of escape targets.

    The chase scene with the cops chasing corbin and leeloo could be completed by a certain amount of ramp shots.

    Doubt this would happen but please if you do it, bright orange armor with Leeloo on the translite in her skimpy orange suit and hair, thank you!

    I love that movie, in my top ten if not top five.

    #11 11 years ago

    Don't forget about the great soundtrack!

    #12 11 years ago

    this would be an awesome pin, but will have to watch again to come up with some pin ideas

    #14 11 years ago

    Chicken hurry-up!


    #15 11 years ago

    This would be a sick pin with so much potential. Now that you mention it I can't believe it hasn't been done before.

    #16 11 years ago

    Yea...this should have been right up Sega's alley. I'm surprised they didn't scoop up the license. Tons of potential.

    #17 11 years ago

    Man I thought I was excited to dream about The Big Lebowski! This movie is perfect for pinball! I guess I'll pre order this one as well!

    #19 11 years ago

    On multiball lock,,, use the Diva... "The stones,,, are in me,,,,"

    #20 11 years ago

    "Ba Da Boom. Biiiiiiiiiig ba da boom."
    "Gooood cheekin"

    When hitting start without credits,,, "Now a real warrior would have asked what that red button was for"

    On a drain,,, "Dis-a-pointed!!"

    On multi-ball,, turn of all GI then shout "Aziz LIGHT!!!" then turn on all flashers/GI to start..


    #21 11 years ago

    Hah, this does sound pretty cool.

    #22 11 years ago

    Ugh...Chris Tucker would ruin the pin also. His character drove me Maybe he could make only a minor appearance like Keanu Reeves does in BSD. I love everything else though. Many of the same creative people that worked on Heavy Metal (the Movie) worked on the Fifth Element. Lot's of similar visuals.


    #23 11 years ago

    With the visuals in this movie maybe a LCD instead of DMD.

    #24 11 years ago

    Come on people a little more input. If we want to get to preorder stage


    #25 11 years ago

    Put me down for #100 to match my imaginary #100 Big Lebowski.

    I like the diva scene the best, followed closely by "auto wash."

    #26 11 years ago

    Throw this in there too...


    #27 11 years ago

    Seems like a no-brainer. Too bad they didn't make this one.

    #28 11 years ago

    I am a meat popsicle.

    #29 11 years ago
    Quoted from Jediturtle:

    Chicken hurry-up!

    Read this post hoping to see this!!!

    #30 11 years ago

    Super Green!!

    #31 11 years ago

    I say forget the rest of the movie and focus on Mila Jovovich. I would love a Fifth Element / Resident Evil game.

    If Bruce Willis is ever going to make it onto a pin it needs to be Die Hard.

    #32 11 years ago

    Ooooo...I could stare at Milla Jovovich forever...

    5th.gif5th.gif 5th_2.gif5th_2.gif

    #33 11 years ago

    Doesn't get much better than Milla..... (Except for Kate Middleton)

    389-milla-jovovich-a-londres-le-7-aout.jpg389-milla-jovovich-a-londres-le-7-aout.jpg 936full-milla-jovovich.jpg936full-milla-jovovich.jpg

    #34 11 years ago


    I would definitely buy one of these.


    #35 11 years ago

    Custom trim the same colour as Milla's hair and black mirror blades and some cool space vehicle toys

    #36 11 years ago

    Ruby Rod fast scoring.... my favorite character in the movie teamed up with my favorite pinball mode

    #37 11 years ago

    the RULES from the visual table listed above (not me):
    1) spell STONE (left leaftargets near the diva).
    2) avtivate the stone in the kicker (kicker near the bumpers with the stone on top)
    3) repeat step 1 and 2 four times to get the multiballtrigger lit. But as soon as this trigger is lit the mangalores will block your way through. You will have to negociate with them first before you can reach the multiballtrigger.
    1) the extraball will be lit after shooting 5 times through the ZORK ORBIT (the outer orbit)
    2) The way to the extraballtrigger will be blocked again by the mangalores. Well, you know what to do...
    every time the ball rolls through the inner LEELOO ORBIT the in & outlanes will invrease their score.
    1) In order to destroy the police car on the right ramp, shoot the left taxi ramp first.
    2) If the taxi ramp has been shot, the police ramp is actif and you can shoot the police car.
    The police car score will increase with every destroyed car.
    In order tho destroy the next police car, you have to shoot the taxi ramp again first.
    So it is a left ramp - right ramp - left ramp - right ramp.....thing.

    #38 11 years ago

    Also we know that if the license can be gained and a good design developed that Spooky could probably make it

    #39 11 years ago

    One of my favorite films. Great original science fiction.

    Main objective:
    Collect the Four Elements (then wizard mode to collect the fifth, a la sea of simulation in TRON)


    Taxi Chase multiball

    I could see a Zuse-style (from TRON) fast scoring (I believe that Gary Oldman's character says "Let's change the tempo" during the film, or something similar).

    Flosten paradise hurry up

    Ruby Rod Interview Mode (not sure how this would work)

    Multi-pass Multi-ball (works too well not to have it!)

    #40 11 years ago

    The callouts from Dallas' mom could be hilarious if used correctly!

    #41 11 years ago

    How about a magnetic coffee pot mod!

    #43 11 years ago

    This came up a while back, I suggested using a Taxi as a base. Make the Taxi Korben's Taxi. Taxi has 5 passengers to pick up, there's your 5 elements.

    #44 11 years ago

    Nothing against the big Lebowski but this such a better license for pinball.

    #45 11 years ago

    I still would like to see a Diehard theme. Yippe ki yay

    #46 11 years ago

    Die Hard Zeus multiball would be epic.

    Are there any pins with Samuel L Jackson?

    #47 11 years ago

    Isnt Samuel L Jackson on Avengers? Technically he is on my JP too, but not his voice saying "hold your butts."

    #48 11 years ago

    The ball save would be - "Leeloo Dallas Multipass!" "Yeah, Hon, they know it's a Multipass."

    #49 11 years ago

    My favorite movie of all time.
    If a Fifth Element pin was well made, I would sell my MM to buy it.

    #50 11 years ago

    This would be in my Top 5 pinball themes, along with Roadhouse, Bible Adventures, Tesla VS Edison and Battlestar Galactica.

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