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Prog Rock is awesome!! Fans of the 10 min. keyboard solo!

By Frippertron

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

I started a post yesterday before I was a verified member on this topic. It was turning into a great discussion until I was accused of being a certain persona non grata named after an 80'S Japanese cartoon character. Well I am not, my name is Jeff and I love beer, progressive rock, and pinball. I'm married with a five year old daughter. Intro made. So let's talk. I apologize to anyone I pissed off yesterday I was just taken aback by how quickly I was wrongfully attacked but I take full responsibility, my bad. That being said who thinks Claude Fernandez blatantly stole from Steve Ritchie?

#5 3 years ago

I think people do. It's quite fun discussing topics such as this, instead of led's. Just want to have a conversation

#7 3 years ago

Thanks fellas. Love you too

#8 3 years ago

Guys I'm new I get. Can you tell me what I'm doing to piss you off, that is not my intent. Instructive criticism would be appreciated

#9 3 years ago

Constructive criticism I meant

#13 3 years ago

I love big Belgian beers, King Crimson , and early solid states

#20 3 years ago

All is good . Thanks for the welcome guys.

#21 3 years ago

I liked opioid before rehab

#22 3 years ago

Claude. It's a pleasure my friend. Glad to know you

#23 3 years ago

Claude F. That's hysterical

#25 3 years ago

I fought TheLaw and TheLaw won

#27 3 years ago

That we did. I'm having a good laugh

#28 3 years ago

Odin. If you look at my avatar you'll see its a young Robert Fripp, sitting down as he always does. Is there another rock guitarist that sits down when he plays?

#31 3 years ago

No need because Robert Fripp wins every debate.

#32 3 years ago

Wasn't there a reason Jeff Healy played sitting down? Oh yeah that's right he's BLIND!!

#35 3 years ago

Throw there frequent collaborater David Byrne in the mix. Love the talking heads. I usually don't like concert films but stop making sense is a religious experience

#36 3 years ago

So thread topic is now 70'S and 80'S rock

#37 3 years ago

The best thing Brian Eno did was his early work with Roxy Music

#39 3 years ago

Roxy musics first couple albums were amazing with Eno. Once Brian Ferry wanted to be a crooner. They sucked

#41 3 years ago

David Byrne is a mad scientist. I love his creativity.

#44 3 years ago

Hey tp whenever you're game and my wife will let me outta the house, because I doubt you would like playing nothing but stern meteor all night.

#45 3 years ago

Do you actually live in Wilkes Barre or outside of it. I live in Clarks Summit just north of Scranton

#46 3 years ago

I will have to check out Act and CoE. Have you ever heard of Estratosphere? Real cool eastern European influenced prog band

#47 3 years ago

Jethro Tull passion play is another favorite, as well as Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells

#51 3 years ago

Methos I love all Peter Gabriel Genesis. Form their MOD stuff in the 60'S through Lamb lies down on Broadway. I like the first two Phil Collins records. Trick of the Tail and Wind and Wuthering in 76. I like Fish Era Marillion, particularly Clutching at Straws. I like Spock's Beard too, I think I only have a couple albums but what I have heard I like. I also have In Absentia by Porcupine Tree. You have good taste my friend

#58 3 years ago

I love that first U.K. album. Anybody like Moonmadness by Camel? One of the most ethereal prog masterpieces

#59 3 years ago

Calprog. For awhile I listened to Yes non stop. From the Yes album through Relayer are perfect albums. The next 2 had their moments and I like them including the much maligned Tormato. Once Jon Anderson left that marks my cut off. Although I liked The Ladder twenty years later.

#60 3 years ago

Quadrat, do you know the guys name. Off the top of my head King Crimson drummers were Michael Giles, Bill Bruford, Pat Mastelotto, Jamie Muir, Ian Wallace,Andy MacCulloch, Gavin Harrison and Jeremy Stacey. ( I cheated, I had to look up the last 2)

#63 3 years ago

I gotta give those newer bands a listen. That Caravan album is awesome. I myself have been on a Peter Hamill kick lately. Love the avatar thermionic, I was going to use that and saw that you had it. Great minds think alike.

#64 3 years ago

I just picked up a sealed pressing of Strawbs hero and heroine, love that LP

#67 3 years ago

I have Magnification. Got it when it came out. I don't think I gave it the time it needs to grow on me. I might pop that on tonight. Thanks for the suggestion

#68 3 years ago

I like a little krautrock myself from time to time. Neu! Is cool. I'm jealous of the concert man, have fun. Post about it if you can. Ever give Aphrodite's Child a listen?

#72 3 years ago

I missed the Mr. Mister part my bad. Stick men are real cool. I love watching Tony Levin play the Chapman Stick. Pat is a fantastic drummer, very cool, small world indeed. King Crimson has been doing the multiple percussionist thing for awhile, it works real well live.

#73 3 years ago

It's funny my daughter loves Vangelis. We do the slow mo run from Chariots of Fire all the time lol.

#78 3 years ago

Camel has done some great work. DanQ right on. In a Glass House is one of my favorite albums of all time not just of Gentle Giant. Anyone dig Strawbs like I do? Their later stuff was folky pop but their early stuff was great.

#79 3 years ago

Hey Jam. You're right down the road from me. Their aren't any places to play in Scranton. I know of a Funhouse at Buona pizza on N. Washington I think in Scranton. South Side Bowl had a Family Guy and idle hour lanes in Dickson City has a No Fear that's in decent shape. I play my one game Stern Meteor with my daughter, my wife hates anything with a passion that's remotely fun.

#80 3 years ago

Pappas pizza had a Spiderman a year ago. I don't know if they still do.

#81 3 years ago

I would be nice to start a barcade in Scranton. I think it could do well by the University

#83 3 years ago

A pipe dream. I don't have that kind of scratch.

#84 3 years ago

It's a shame when most people hear the name Peter Gabriel they think in your eyes, red rain, and sledgehammer. The dude helped create prog rock and I believe was one of the first guys to incorporate world music into rock as well as pioneering digital and electronic music. The dude is a creative powerhouse

#86 3 years ago

How about Foxtrot

bc31425e3b25913dcba88367dddec687 (resized).jpg

#88 3 years ago

The Musical Box was in Jim Thorpe PA a while ago , I was outta town. But a buddy of mine went and said they were incredible. I heard Peter Gabriel brought his own kids to see them so they could see what their old man used to do. That's some high praise. Do they play albums in their entirety?

#91 3 years ago

Tell us how you really feel quad. Gotta love family. Unfortunately I feel that way about ball busting wife

#94 3 years ago

I can't believe nobody said ELP yet. The question is , what's their best album. Debut, tarkus,trilogy,brain? What do you guys think

#95 3 years ago

Wow mbaumle that is proggy baby!. My question is where the hell did you discover that!

#100 3 years ago

Yes Mr. DanQ mentioned rush. Their prog peak was definitely 2112. They still are prog but not in the traditional sense. I will always love me some Rush!

#101 3 years ago

I've been getting into Opeth recently, really cool if you like some metal with your Prog.

#103 3 years ago

All their recent stuff has nothing to do with death metal. If I had to compare it to something I would say a heavier Jethro Tull

#104 3 years ago

Boiler, one of the best concerts I ever went to was Dream Theater Train of Thought tour. They played for four hours non stop it was incredible

#105 3 years ago

What does everyone think of Queensryche's Operation Mindcrime?

#113 3 years ago

Methos that's awesome. Any time you can introduce some prog to the younger generation is a win. My daughter really likes Songs from the Wood by Tull and she's not even 6 yet! Did you like that Buffalo Soldier album by Queensryche? I thought it was some of their best stuff in years.

#114 3 years ago

I'm listening to Grendel by Marillion right now. Probably their most epic composition!

#119 3 years ago

Rdoyle you are correct. I have the 12" Market Square Heroes single. That's some impressive knowledge my friend.

#120 3 years ago

Jr. I'm gonna check out that Starcastle album. Thanks for the suggestion

#124 3 years ago

Wow Supper's Ready is Genesis' magnum opus. That song is a religious experience. Fish always gets compared unfavorably to Gabriel but is see a lot of differences in their work. He was definitely influenced by him just like John Borg would have never designed a playfield if it wasn't for Pat Lawlor.

#125 3 years ago

Don't you love how Marillion is known for Kayleigh, Yes is known for Owner of a lonely heart, Gabriel for In Your Eyes. It goes to show, pop music pays the bills but real fans want deep tunes.

#127 3 years ago

Cynic. I will check them out.

#133 3 years ago

Wow beepnutz impressive list. Does anyone have any Roger Dean original artwork?

#135 3 years ago

beepnutz. Those are cool as hell! Love both those pieces. Pat Mastelotto's brother in law has been posting on this thread. If anyone has any original Roger Dean artwork or any prog or rock related artwork at all please post pictures! this is a cool direction to take the thread for awhile.

#137 3 years ago
Quoted from Methos:

I have really really really tried to get into his solo work. Hands Cannot Erase is probably my favorite but its just not the same as PT.

I agree. PT is where it's at.

#144 3 years ago
Quoted from Rivv:

Good call on Cynic. Atheist did some interesting jazz influenced death metal too. Also I like John Zorn/Naked City/Painkiller, their music is a mix of grindcore and avant-garde jazz.
Mastodon, Gojira, Devin Townsend, maudlin of the Well, Fates Warning, Meshuggah, Voivod, Arcturus, and Enslaved are some of my other favs that could be labelled progressive metal.

I love Voivod! Although I payed through the teeth for my copy of Nothingface.

#147 3 years ago

The Moody Blues have a ton of great LP's, I couldn't pick a favorite.

#148 3 years ago

Anyone have any artwork they could share?

#149 3 years ago

Or cool pictures.

#152 3 years ago

Yes or No to the cape?

images (1) (resized).jpg

#155 3 years ago
Quoted from fnosm:

Sometimes you feel like a cape, sometimes you don't.

Well said!

Quoted from fnosm:Love this thread and all the great bands mentioned here,
Adding the following bands to the mix:
Le Orme
Coheed & Cambria
Only downside for me is I don't play well when listening to most prog rock.
In my mind the best way to ruin a listening of the great bands listed in this topic is to fire up a game of pinball.
I have tried and tried but I just cant play as well as I can when listening to bands like Boston, Sammy Hagar, The Who, Meatloaf, Queen, Journey, Ted Nugent(the music), etc... Not trying to steer the topic to these types of bands just saying I play my best when this type of music is on.
I think it is because prog rock demands my attention which steals my focus from that shiny round thing which make me play bad which aggravates me.
Anyone else have this same experience or play better on prog rock?

It depends on the game for me more modern games I would probably have a hard time listening to prog, where I have to look at the dmd or listen for certain callouts. Luckily I prefer early SS machines and have no problem jammin to some prog while playing Meteor or Joker Poker.

#159 3 years ago

I have it on pretty good authority that Jimmy Buffet's music plays on loop in a circle of hell, I'm just not sure which one.

#163 3 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

Just today, my ex-brother-in-law in NJ gifted me with some vintage vinyl via his daughter (my niece) who came up to visit my ailing mom.
One of the LPs was the classic "In the Court of the Crimson King" album! I was thrilled to receive it. Now I just have to resurrect one of my long retired turntables, and hope my crackly old Sherwood receiver will fire up without frying up!

One of the greatest albums ever, period!

#165 3 years ago

Thanks ghostbc! I dig the name. How did I not think of Hackett? The man that Eddie Van Halen has to thank for his legend. Before Hackett, tapping didn't exist!

#167 3 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

This is a misnomer, but he is still awesome!!

You know how rock guys are with the ego. I mean Gene Simmons invented orange juice and shaving!

#169 3 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

AND the devil horns!

It's funny. My grandmother was 100% Italian and she would also do the Italian hex with her fingers and then I heard Dio having a similar story on how the famous devil horns came to be. I'm definitely on team Dio as the creator.

#172 3 years ago
Quoted from Methos:

I am going to meet him next week so I'll try and ask him.

Good luck with that. Gene's head can barely fit in Madison Square Garden.

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