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Favorite pinball sounds

By Pinbot02

3 months ago

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#1 3 months ago

Share some of your favorite pinball sounds...

For me, it's almost everything in Xenon and Black Knight, Pinbot's music and voice, Bride of Pinbot's voice, "MOVE YOUR CAR!" from Creature from the Black Lagoon, and the Russian pilot taunting you in F-14 Tomcat.

#2 3 months ago

The free credit sound.

#3 3 months ago

Some angry player banging on the glass.

#4 3 months ago

"Feel the power of the Wind!"

#5 3 months ago

I like in Bride of Pinbot when you shoot the first ball in her mouth and bride says "I can speak" and you can hear Pinbot in the background say "Oh No".

#6 3 months ago

Starwarp in Time Machine and it starts playing the twilight zone music.

#7 3 months ago

Good old fashioned knocker sound!

#8 3 months ago

The sound for the counting up of the bonus on Laser War.

#9 3 months ago

For some reason, totan ... MULTIBALLLL!

#10 3 months ago

someone just draining last ball almost at my highscore and cursing at it

#11 3 months ago

I recently picked up a Grand Lizard and the menacing drumbeat and chanting when you activate multiball is wonderfully evil sounding.

#12 3 months ago

Three way combo in Whirlwind.

#13 3 months ago

Tilt warning on TWD

#14 3 months ago

The sound the score reels make on an EM when you rip the spinner with a ball.

#15 3 months ago

The dolphin in Baywatch obviously.

#16 3 months ago

Super Jackpot on LOTR is awesome.

#17 3 months ago


Or when you push the credit button and there are no credits to play....
"Aren't you forgetting something?"

#18 3 months ago

James Hetfield saying "super fu#%@ing jackpot" as always makes me laugh

#19 3 months ago

On White Water a when you bank it off a green target and into No Way Out, a very quick metallic clunk will sometimes play.

It must be the very first part of the target sound clip because it happens only when a No Way Out clip overrides the target sound — like Wet Willie talking or the ball lock laugh.

Something about that metallic clunk is very satisfying and interesting.

#20 3 months ago

Addams multi ball sound.

#21 3 months ago

the sounds in black hole in general , pretty cool 40 years later

#23 3 months ago


#24 3 months ago

Death dive, hahahahaa! & Ahh, yessss...

#25 3 months ago

Spinner on Aztek
Crickets on Frontier
Jackpot sound form TZ
endless bonus cycle bug on Meteor

#26 3 months ago

Super Spinner on TNA

#27 3 months ago

The entire BK2K soundtrack. But if you want to isolate it, the BK2K bonus multiplier.

#28 3 months ago

Dino burp on Jurassic after eating ball - sometimes.

#29 3 months ago

Gottlieb 4 player EM resetting after a 4 player game and all those score reels clacking / chunking away! That and a good solid Knock from the knocker is a close second.

#30 3 months ago
Quoted from Seamlesswall:

Dino burp on Jurassic after eating ball - sometimes.

I love that burp and the fact it only does is occasionally makes it even better / funnier! Good Call!

#31 3 months ago

TSPP professor Frink saying "Hoooiiee....watch the machine there!" as a tilt warning

#32 3 months ago

The sound of the supercharger in HS2

#33 3 months ago

The lit spinner sound in Star Gazer.

#34 3 months ago

I put that in several other of my Stern games, just because it is so cool.

However, Gimli shouting "Super Jackpot Ohahahahaha" upon completing Two Towers in LOTR. Still brings a smile to my face.

#35 3 months ago

Several of Elvira's callouts for Scared Stiff (like "ooh, do it again!" and "that's a huge bon-us").

Or maybe Pinsiders whining about the new Star Wars home edition announcement?

#36 3 months ago
Quoted from littlecammi:

Or maybe Pinsiders whining about the new Star Wars home edition announcement?

More repetitive than R&B or The Simspons!

#37 3 months ago

Extra ball on Captain Hook.

#38 3 months ago

Any System11 or EM

#39 3 months ago

I really like the devil's triangle sound jjpotc.

#40 3 months ago

Eight ball deluxe's "quit talkin' and start chalkin'" is one that never gets old.

#41 3 months ago

BSD sounds great. +1 for Thirty million.....
Dirty Harry the simple 'oh oh' when the ball is going up the ramp, not making it, and going back down the ramp.
LOTR has good callouts imo.
That's just the first 3 I thought of. I'm sure there're better ones.

#42 3 months ago

In Cactus Canyon Continued if you fail to hit the MM Trolls when they pop up and they get away one of the trolls says
“ It’s Official You Suck” It is the guy that did the real troll voices. Very Cool

#43 3 months ago

TZ - The power “Ha-ha” also when it yells ”Nooooo” during powerball mania after making the right ramp..

#44 3 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

Eight ball deluxe's "quit talkin' and start chalkin'" is one that never gets old.

Even better in Eight Ball Champ or Spectrum when you don’t shoot the ball right away, the snarky way he says “You are taking too long.”

#45 3 months ago

Rudy screaming, still one of the best jackpot sounds.

#46 3 months ago


#47 3 months ago

The gopher laughing in NGG

#48 3 months ago

Knockers, who doesn't like knockers? It let's everyone know in a mile radius that hey, I'm having a pretty good game.

#49 3 months ago

Dialed in has some of my favorite sounds.

#50 3 months ago

Spinner Rip on a Classic Stern Cheetah -- the one with the bass tone.

Also the sound of memory drop targets as they click back down after resetting.

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