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Family guy versus Simpsons pinball party

By sulli10

9 years ago

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#1 9 years ago

I am looking thru the list for possible next purchase ( dreaming is cheap). I have not played either of these pins and have not seen much written in the forums on them. If you had a pick which would it be? thanks

#2 9 years ago

I have both simpsons is deep. Fyg is alot funnier. If I had to get rid of one it would be simpsons. Fyg has more flow.

#3 9 years ago

I have a Family Guy its a great game, it wont be leaving my collection anytime soon. I have played the Simpsons a few times at the Pinball Hall of Fame, I personally found it to be a little slow... Good luck with your decision.

#4 9 years ago

I also own both games. Family Guy was a huge surprise for me - I didn't know the show at all but the pin is a lot of fun! I have now been watching season 1 and appreciate the game even more! Anyways, the game is deep enough to be challenging but easy enough to be plain fun for the family (though maybe too adult for the young ones). The theme really makes the game and I wish that Stern would make more games with this amount of comedy.

Simpsons is one of my favorite TV shows so I just had to own the pinball. The game is extremely deep but the problem is that there is only this depth. I don't really think there is a 'shallow end' in this game. It's not so enjoyable for the novice, I often hear my friends say "what the hell should I aim for"? There are so many rules that the game is probably deeper than Lord of the Rings but there is no real good indication (lamps or dmd messages) of where you are in the game. Only the pro player with knowledge of the rulesheet will really appreciate this game. Another huge downside is that there is no sound of Marge or Lisa. I don't understand how they could make this game without including them. It must have been a limitation of the license that Stern got.

I have a weakness for The Simpsons and the artwork and cabinet and translite are way better than Family Guy! But if I could keep only one, it would be Family Guy. It is just more fun, not to mention the much better sound quality of the SAM system.

#5 9 years ago

I also prefer FG. It has ...not sure what left ramp is called , but It is perfect IMO. The middle area around that milk bottle....I think milk bottle, is a weak spot. The little stewie pin is kinda fun. I have not played either of them a great deal.

#6 9 years ago

Its a beer can. Pawtucket Patriot Ale. Milk. On Family guy. LOL I doubt Stewie even drinks milk.

#7 9 years ago

Simpsons is a MUCH better game. Family guy is funny but the playfield stinks. One ramp, hidden pop bumpers. A mini playfield that gets boring after 3 plays (physics are nothing like a real table. More like a cheap childrens pinball you get at radio shack). Probably Lawlor's worst design.

Simpsons is DEEP, tons of shots. Upper playfield is small but actually challenging. Stackable multiballs and modes, bunch of wizard modes. Springfield mystery spot. It's really no contest IMO.

I don't think it's even fair to compare the 2. TSPP vs LOTR would be a closer debate. FGY is closer to games like BBH.

#8 9 years ago

I like them both with slight edge to family guy.They are both in the same arcade fairly close to me as I have dropped a few quarters in them.

#9 9 years ago

And that goes to show that you really should play both before making a buying decision. Our opinions and notes are good to keep in mind but in the end it's your buying decision. I think Novarcade is kinda harsh on Family Guy. Calling it Pat Lawlors worst design is a bit.. Uhm.. Well... I just disagree. Hidden popbumpers are cool. The mini playfield rocks because it stays challenging and everyone in my gameroom loves it. The layout is pretty intelligent, with lots of decision making (like flip the ball or let it roll on the upper flipper) So really, listen to all our opinions because they're all true (for ourselves) and with that knowledge form your own opinon. My bottom line: They're both great games - different but great.

#10 9 years ago

Robin, I agree. I need to play both. I am going to Vegas this weekend for the super bowl. All day Saturday will be at the pinball hall of fame. Both will get some of my money. I am trying to find quality pins and stay away from 4K plus price tags. I am surprised tho, the survey so far favors FG. I would have thought Simpsons.

#11 9 years ago

Well SC....now I know what it is. I wouldn't even know the Stewie if I didn't see it there. I never even saw one episode.

#12 9 years ago

This all come's down to which t.v show you like more. For me it's FG it has 3 differnt settings family, moderate & adult game play. And yes I own a F.G & previlosy owned S.P.B.P

#13 9 years ago

I personally own a Family Guy and LOVE it. I prefer the Simpsons as a show but I found myself enjoying the FG much more than TSPP. We looked at both, wanting to add a stern to the collection and the more we play FG, the more we like it. While TSPP is really fun, I find myself laughing more and having a better time in general with FG.

#14 9 years ago

TSPP all the way! Much better playfield design, deeper rules, better artwork, etc. FGY has better sound and humor, but the playfield design is very limited. Only one ramp, repetitive mini-playfield, and an upper left flipper that you are better off to avoid using. FGY is more accessible to casual and non pinball players because TSPP is tough to figure out and accomplish anything! TSPP has the best rule-set in pinball and the most unique wizard modes out there. Alien Invasion and Springfield Mystery Spot are way cool!!! The game really has a lot to offer in terms of playfield layout as well. 4 ramps, 5 flippers, drop targets, captive ball, etc. the game really uses every bit of the playfield with good balance. There really aren't any shots that you can ignore or try to avoid hitting. Even shots like "Otto" are highly important if you want to have a good game.

#15 9 years ago

TSPP, without question! It's the mini-playfield that ruins FGY for me. I just don't like it at all. My kids really wanted me to buy a Shrek. I seriously considered it, but I just couldn't get past the mini-playfield. TSPP, on the other hand, is one of the best games out there. It's got humor, a super creative playfield, awesome rules, and some challenging shots. Plus, the mini-playfield on TSPP is awesome. What more can you ask for?

#16 9 years ago

Played both this week about 5 times each at Pinball hall of fame. over that limited period , I liked FG but the simpsons had flipper problems. Both were pretty funny. I can go with either now just need to find a price I like.

#17 9 years ago

family guy didn't have a high production run and has stayed pretty consistant at around 3500 or so. i've seen a few simpsons for 3 grand even. i had a hard time finding a family guy when i got mine. not too many fg's around but wish you the best of luck finding either one.

#18 9 years ago

TSPP hands down, no contest IMO. I do love the humor in family guy though..

#19 9 years ago

TSPP all the way it is just so deep never gets old for me -

#20 9 years ago

Owned both, still have Family Guy. TSPP is great, it's a better game than FGY, however I think Family Guy is hilarious. Also, they are never going to make any more FGYs and I have a mint example. It was easy to sell TSPP, I know they are easy to find.

If you are unsure, and you happen to find a very nice FGY I would grab that. Play that for a while, then sell it when you are done. Then go ahead and buy the TSPP, that is probably going to be your keeper.

However, trying to find a really nice FGY for a decent price is near impossible. I seen routed out pieces of crap go for $3k+.

#21 9 years ago

It's really no contest IMO. It's like comparing a thoroughbred to a donkey. Sure, the donkey looks hilarious and makes funny noises.. but at the end of the day the race horse is tops.

#22 9 years ago

One thing is certain: both games have a fanatic following of supporters!
I think you will just have to safe up, skip this years summer holiday and buy them both. That's what I did (well minus the holiday skipping).

#23 9 years ago

Good strategy robin. Why bother trying to choose one over the other? Get both (TSPP & FG), because both of them rock.

2 years later
#24 7 years ago

I played a Family Guy last week and have to agree that TSPP is a better pinball. Family Guy is a great pinball to enjoy too.

#25 7 years ago

Wow this thread s 2 years old? Anyway, TFG is funnier, love the call outs and currently running 200-300 higher. TSPP is alot deeper and more challenging.

#26 7 years ago
Quoted from ChadNC:

Wow this thread s 2 years old?

And still has value...

#27 7 years ago

cool topic...

#28 7 years ago

I had both chose to keep FG- just to funny with the call outs- adult mode. Plus has better flow and plays faster than TSPP. Both great games though wish I could have kept both.

#29 7 years ago

I've owned both and sold the FGY(twice actually). I'm a huge fan of the FGY theme. But I found it got boring after some time. TSPP is so incredibly deep that it just doesn't get old. Not sure that TSPP will ever leave the collection.

#30 7 years ago

I'm in the minority but I prefer Family Guy. I love Stewie mini pinball. That is such a unique and cool feature. There is also more humor in FG. I like TSPP, but the repetetive theme music gets annoying after awhile.

#31 7 years ago

I own Family Guy, and I've owned TSPP. I actually had them side by side at one point. I love TSPP quite a bit, and it got sold for all the wrong reasons (I got a very good price for it). However, I don't think I'd ever sell the Family Guy. They made a lot more TSPPs. If you come accross a decent Family Guy at a good price and you're on the fence, I'd grab it.

Family Guy is a good game, not great. Take the theme away, I wouldn't own it. However, TONS of voice clips, excellent theme integration, mini wizard modes, fun modes, good flow, excellent toy, it has a lot going for it.

TSPP, excellent rule set, good theme integration (but not as good as family guy). Zero, absolutely the worst flow game I've ever played. If they could have done just one thing, not hold the ball up at the Springfield Elementary shot, I think it would have done wonders for the flow.

Both great games for different reasons, I'd like to own TSPP again some day, and I think I will, but Family Guy overall for me is the better package. Personally, I bought LOTR. I hate the theme, but it has a great rule set with damn good flow. I wish the LOTR game was the Simpsons theme, I think I'd have my ideal pinball.

#32 7 years ago
Quoted from Pinballmike217:

I'm in the minority but I prefer Family Guy.

I dunno dude, it seems like the consensus in this thread is that FGY is the winner.

I'll put my vote in for TSPP though. Amazing depth and tons of things to shoot for. It is VERY stop and go, but, I have plenty of other high flow games to go to when I want that.

I do like FGY/Shrek, I just think the stewie pinball gets a little old and the upper left flipper is impossibru to time consistently...


#33 7 years ago

I own both games and prefer TSPP. However, most guests don't really understand it.

#34 7 years ago
Quoted from Pinmeister:

I own both games and prefer TSPP. However, most guests don't really understand it.

I own both LOTR and TSPP. And I made the decision to focus on LOTR since they are such deep games. I somewhat understand and like TSPP, but don't really have the time or patience to put in on both games at the same time. I expect that to change now that I've gotten pretty far in LOTR.

#35 7 years ago
Quoted from jalpert:

TSPP, excellent rule set, good theme integration (but not as good as Family Guy). Zero, absolutely the worst flow game I've ever played.

Then you've never played POTC

TSPP has plenty of flow, even with the stops. The "Moe's" Ramp & Left Orbit are pure flow. However, even the shots that stop the ball set you up for a combo or necessary/satisfying shot. It's "logic flow" ...which can be just as fun as "speed flow". There's just SOOO much good stuff in the game that just judging it by "flow" and not the overall context of the entire experience is just a disservice to the game.

#36 7 years ago

Family Guy wins, I have sold both FGY and TSPP ultimately, neither had staying power for me. But both pretty good pinballs for their own reasons as everyone elaborated on above.

#37 7 years ago

TSPP was cool , I Owned a 08 Single Owner then sold it to Robertmee , the Pin has some good modes , 1 mode when the flipper button's switch sides was Crazzy .. I sold it 2-day's later ..

FGY has good flow, I like the mini p/f and Especially when you beat it ,then you get Stewie Multi-ball
I like the call out's , RedNeck's , Puking , Cursing etc......... FGY gets my Vote ..

The_Simpsons_012.JPG The_Simpsons_018.JPG The_Simpsons_030.JPG Addams_Family_&_Black_Rose_033.JPG

#38 7 years ago

Seeing these side by side makes me smile everytime I enter the room.


#39 7 years ago

TSPP was the first pin I sold - ultimately it was too deep for 99% of people. Friends would come over, have one game, and never play it again. Meanwhile MM sitting across from it would cop a hammering.

I've never managed to buy a Family Guy, there simply weren't that many delivered to Australia and the ones I know of are tightly held. I'm still kicking myself that I didn't buy it NIB when I had the chance.

#40 7 years ago

both great looking games both look so good with Mods and I have to give edge to Simpsons....Cause I have one for sale....

#41 7 years ago

Stern need to re-run Family Guy! As Sleazius said, hard to get hold of them in Australia as only a small number were brought in. It's on my future list.


#42 7 years ago

Family Guy all day. TSPP is way too deep and clunky for me. Just my opinion.

#43 7 years ago

I like TSPP better. I love completing modes and the deeper the game the better for my liking.
Arguments could be made for either.

#44 7 years ago
Quoted from Shoot_Again:

I like TSPP better. I love completing modes and the deeper the game the better for my liking.
Arguments could be made for either.

Both games are deep. At what point is deep "TOO DEEP"? I mean - has ANYONE been to the Super Duper Whatever Wizard Mode on TSPP? I sure haven't. At the same time - I've never been to Sperm Attack Multiball (final wizard mode) on FGY. Geeze, these days I can barely get to TV Wizard Mode...lol. For some reason I've progressively gotten worse at FGY over the years...

In any case - it's not really a Vs. thing for me. Both games coexist peacefully...Captain Picard is in the middle to bust up any fights!

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