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F14 tomcat TILT.....no love!

By Pinballerchef

11 years ago

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#1 11 years ago

Before buying my BSD I bought a f14 tomcat is nice shape....B+ I would rate it at. There is some bubbling near the right hand side of the upper flyby lane and some Mylar ( I guess that's the material?) has peeled away slightly at the top corners of the front rebounds....but none of this effects gameplay as the speed of the ball REALLY moves!

My Main issue is the every 5-8 games it automatically TILTS on its own....no nudging required. I have checked the plumb bob and lowered (I barely nudge when I play pinball...for now) it to even make it harder for it to touch the sides and I am still getting this TILT issue....it sucks! It always comes at a bad time like during a great game or during multiball. I could sure use some help on this one....it seems like it might be a technical issue since it doesn't happen every time...might be the hardest thing to pinpoint because of that. I only lose that ball during the game after it TILTS....the game doesn't end unless it's the last ball.


#2 11 years ago

Check Q45, or Q49 on the CPU, it may be shorted. I had a phantom problem like that on a Tommy & it turned out to be a shorted matrix drive transistor.

#3 11 years ago

Ok sparkypm...how do I check those? I'm a noob to the pinball scene and still learning the ins and outs.

#4 11 years ago
Quoted from Pinballerchef:

Ok sparkypm...how do I check those? I'm a noob to the pinball scene and still learning the ins and outs.

In the backbox there will be a board with batteries on it. Make sure the connectors are connected and did not bend a pin over when installed.

If you have not done it, you will want to make sure the batteries are fresh and good quality.

#5 11 years ago

You are talking about the battery box for the double A's right...that keeps high scores and such?! I added brand new batteries to this when I first got it. And that battery compartment is clean, nothing bent, and in great shape.

I don't see any foul play in that area at all my friend.


#6 11 years ago

Ok so I looked into the back box and seen all those Q# pins back there.....q45,49 looked fine....some were bent other ways but still attached strongly. I bent them back to straight a little but I didn't want to mess with them too much as they look like they could easily snap off. I did notice that pin Q79 was a bit burned and black at the CPU board.....not horrible but not clean like the 2 pins to the left of it. Could this have anything to do with this TILT issue I am having?


#7 11 years ago

Before you mess around too much in the backbox, Just remove the tilt pengulum completely. Also check the tilt switch under the playfield in the extreme lower left. It is attached to the playfield underside. It just sounds like the tilt is being inadvertenly triggered. It might be almost touching already and is just super sensetive.

Is it giving you tilt warnings? Or re setting the game? If it is resetting, Then you may have undervolt issues on the power supply. Since you say it happens in multi ball, this is a possibility, since the beacons are running.

#8 11 years ago

Sorry, i saw that its an actual tilt with a ball loss.

In the interim, go into your menu settings and increase the tilt warnings to ten, i think thats the maximum, That should keep you from losing games until we figure out the root issue.

#9 11 years ago

One more thing. Checking transistors visually only occasionally shows you whats wrong. If they are shorted or have failed, thats usually internal. Youll need to get a digital multimeter and check for electrical flow through the transistor. I still suspect a rougue tilt switch. Chack that under playfield one.

#10 11 years ago

Ok Anim8....I removed the plumb bob attached to the hanging tilt totally off. I found the tilt switch...clearly labeled with a tag to my surprise....and the the metal tab parts are spaced apart fairly well....i even watched it as I played a little and even though that very thin tab bounces around during gameplay it's not even close enough to touch it.

I am confused why there is a plumb for the tilt and a tilt switch? This plus the device with the small silver ball in it to keep it from being lifted seems like overkill to keep people from cheating!

Anyway thanks for the info...see if this works after some play throughs. It doesn't give me warnings or reset the game...it just tilts for that particular ball and let's me continue on with the next ball..unless it was ball 3 than game over.


#11 11 years ago

It's not just cheating. It's a little bit of self defense for the machine. the plumb bob prevents long ball times due to nudging. The tilt under the playfield prevents drop tilting (lifting the machine and dropping it again) which can easily damage the machine if done too much. and the rolling ball prevents one from holding the machine up to keep you from reversing the travel of the ball if it goes into an outlane or something.
All may seem like overkill, but it would let the machine punish abusers a bit by taking away credits or balls.

Try adjusting the tilt count in the adjustments menu too. Sounds like it is set on one. I set all mine to three.

(my taxi has the plumb bob removed and I have found i like it better that way. somehow it makes the games more spirited!)

#12 11 years ago

So my machine is still "ghost" TILTING. I removed the plumb bob and made sure the under cabinet TILT extensions are not touching at all or even close....but today I had 3 TILTS....and 2 of them were in back to back games....first time it's ever down that one. I may have to bite the bullet and pay someone to look at it...it's frustratingly annoying.

#13 11 years ago


I had the same problem try this

find switch #57..... brown and white wires left sling shot , suck the solder off the switch pull them off the swich remove the diode too .... all ghosting should be cured ...

mine is and I was having the same problem


#14 11 years ago

There is some mod that needs to be done on some sys11s that deals with the random tilting. I remember reading about it somewhere, but have never ran into this issue, and this haven't had to research it as such.

Try searching "tilts on system 11" on rgp. I'm too lazy right now, sorry =P

#15 11 years ago


Suck the solder off?? I am a NOOB with all this stuff and not handy with a solder....nor any kind of electrician. I don't think I should be pulling wires/diodes off of anything!

I did a search as atomic boy suggested and it seems to be some kind of resistor issue.....not my area of expertise! I need to bring in a big gun....aka call a pin technician.

Thanks guys!

3 months later
#16 11 years ago

so what happened ? did you fix your tilting problem??

inquiring minds want to know


10 months later
#17 10 years ago

Hey Chef. Did this ever get fixed? I am having the same issue. It seemed to always happen when I was in the upper playing field. Played it for about a week then the tilt issue started. It did start after I worked on the switch for the spinner. I wonder if I hit anything?

#18 10 years ago

I had the same problem it ended up being SRC6 (resistor/capacitor network). I hope that helps...

#19 10 years ago

Thanks wbar. I noticed that it is consistently in the upper play field that it happens. Seems like when the ball hits one of the TOMCAT targets it tilts. Looks like it's on the TOM side. When I take the glass off I can't recreate it though. Also, I noticed immediately after the Tilt the "T"s #33 & #49 go out until the next ball is played. All the others are lite or flashing. It's like that every time.

2 months later
#20 10 years ago

BOK013 - I have the same issue with the targets causing the tilt. I wanted to replace SRC6 which everybody says will solve the problem, but I have a System 11b board in my F-14 - so there is no SRC6 on that board.

Did you figure it out?


#21 10 years ago
Quoted from mdclips:

I wanted to replace SRC6 which everybody says will solve the problem, but I have a System 11b board in my F-14 - so there is no SRC6 on that board.

unfortunately when the tilt is associated with targets I don't think replacing the SRC6 will help. When I had my tilt problem on F-14 it was completely random, and would happen when it did not hit anything. I wish I could be more help. There are other threads with similar problem, do a search for "F-14 tilt" and hopefully you can get some answers.

2 months later
#22 10 years ago

Hey mclips. So sorry to take so long on this. Unfortunately, I haven't figured it out yet. I had a few other issues come up that were more of an issue and then I decided to buy a couple of more pins that always seem to need some attention. I am going to start hunting it down soon. I will post when I figure it out.

7 years later
#23 2 years ago

I'm working through the same issues with my F14, was their any resolution to this issue?

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