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F14 Tomcat Owners Club Fans Also Welcome.

By Hellfire

6 years ago

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#164 5 years ago

I just noticed that there are 4 black knobs on the back of the speaker panel that screw off the score display board that have wedge bulbs in them . They are obviously there to illuminate the Williams Pinball #1 in the World but they dont work even after changing the bulbs. Again, i didnt even know they were there. Any ideas ?

#166 5 years ago

Thanks hellfire. My my F14 is an early model. Why would they put them in there with the bulbs if they didnt use them ? Was that panel produced for other games that did ?
Any ideas on how they could be hooked up ?
Might look cool !

#168 5 years ago

Someone is selling most of what your looking for on ebay . They are used and going fairly cheap.

#169 5 years ago

I'm replacing the spinner on my F14 with a new one(old one broke). Got new spinner decals and after looking at many photos I noticed that some people have the jet fighter pointing upwards and some have it pointing downwards. Anyone know what position it was in when new ? Not a big deal but just curious.

#170 5 years ago

Also, the new spinner is unpainted metal. Before i paint it does anyone know what the original spinner color was around the decal ? Online photos show some black, some white and some blue.

#172 5 years ago

Thanks Charleston,
Its always nice to be able to keep little things like this as original looking as possible .

#174 5 years ago

Wondering if anyone would have an extra one of these plastics i could buy? My plastics are in pretty good shape except for this one which was broken in half and glued . Aurora-20140227-00327.jpg

#175 5 years ago

another question for all you Tomcat owners. Has anyone replaced any of the playfield plastics with the rivets ?
Some of the domes are riveted onto the clear plastics that i want to change and i know a regular rivet and rivet gun wont work .

#185 5 years ago

ok, question for all you Tomcat players out there? Im very good at this game but my brother is even better . wanna know why ? No matter how much i tell myself not too i keep going for the center kill after lighting the side light kills to advance the alpha /bravo etc kills to light extra ball and ultimately center drain and he resists the urge !!! Why cant i stop doing this ??????? lol

#187 5 years ago

Ok, im thinking of getting a couple of diecast planes to mod my F14. Im going to use one F14 Tomcat (obviously) and i want to use one russian MIG fighter jet. Does anyone know what MIG would have been used around the same time the F14 was the big boy for the USA ?

#189 5 years ago

Thank you sir !!

#191 5 years ago

What do you mean by a clear bumper topper ?

#195 5 years ago

Thats the problem wayout, I know how to play it and what i should do but i just cant seem to stop going for that easy but deadly center kill ! lol

#198 5 years ago
Quoted from SPeD66:

I almost always shoot it & seldom drain. You just need to glance the outside edge of either target. Takes a little practice, but you'll get there.

Yeah, i always try to glance . The point im trying to make is that my brother just refuses to ever shoot for it ...period, and he gets great scores. I just cant seem to resist that easy kill and it always kills me ! lol

#200 5 years ago
Quoted from Industen:

Is the only difference the multiball "spot" in the code? Also I notice newer speech/sound updated ROMS. Did this add anything to the game?

I have a L1 chips in. Im also interested if there are any real differences in the newer roms ?

2 weeks later
#207 5 years ago

Looks great !! Im going to be doing a Mig and F14 model mod to mine shortly. Just need to find the time to build the models !!

1 week later
#211 5 years ago

looks awesome, Ill have to post photos of mine soon once i get the new pop bumper cap on

#219 5 years ago

i agree , want some love on this !

#221 5 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Great game. I don't have the game but would enjoy it in the collection one day.

I have F14 and Space Shuttle in my collection at the moment and hope to have more but now that i have my F14 working top notch it would never leave my collection !

#234 5 years ago
Quoted from burningman:

hey guys...anyone have mirror blades on their F-14? I wanted to get some but really don't know who has them...

That would be cool but after looking at my machine i honestly dont think there is enough room between the playfield and sides.

#236 5 years ago
Quoted from burningman:

on my Creature it was tight..but once they are in and have a little felt on the sides of the PF it fits fine. I have an e-mail into pinballmirrors.com to see if they have something for the sys 11 games....I will post back after I hear from them...

cool !

#241 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinball_Nate:

Heck, somebody has to have one of those LED'd bumper caps - seems the absolutely simplest way to light that dark upper pf area?......

Ordered and on its way

1 week later
#249 5 years ago

I just bought the red jewelled cap and i love it. I think blue would actually look pretty cool also !

#252 5 years ago

1/144 scale is just about perfect for this.

2 weeks later
#281 5 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

One last question for everyone in this thread; Are the PF plastics supposed to move? For example, the plastics covering my slingshots move. Not a lot, but I didn't expect them to move at all. What is the norm?

They should be snug but shouldnt move. You dont want them overly tight though as you want a little give in case of ball contact.

1 month later
#437 5 years ago

yeah, thats odd. I have an older machine and it never had anything like that on it. I have since done a complete flipper rebuild on my mine and works great without any of that stuff.

4 weeks later
#491 5 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

F-14 is like a drug. Well, pinball is the drug, but F-14 is like your re-up.

I agree. I love my F14 !!

1 week later
#526 5 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

but is now considering it. However, he is currently working on similar decals for the clear plastics on the right (over the plunger lane.)

This might be cool !

#531 5 years ago
Quoted from NightTrain:

Anyone have any NOS, repro, or nice used F14 slingshot plastics they'd be willing to part with? I suppose I only really need the left, but would prefer a pair. Maybe they're still for sale somewhere but I couldn't find them.


Im pretty sure CPR is planning on re-releasing the plastics set once the new playfields are released.

#532 5 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

Woot! Finally put up a decent high score! 4,099,650!!! I knocked out 3,000,000 points on Ball 1 alone! Me and the pin were in complete sync. What an awesome feeling! Added my score to the leaderboard,

Way to go FiftyQuid ! nothing beats being able to put your tag up on a machines high scores. I just finally hit the 7 million mark after many many long nights honing my F14 skills lol

#534 5 years ago

I could have sworn you mentioned this on an earlier thread Stu. Forgive me if im wrong. Maybe it was someone else who mentioned it.

#535 5 years ago

Pinball master
1,818,500 2
4 months, 1 week ago
Post #4 ¶ quote Report ignore

I'm sure we can re-run the Plastics once PPS releases the PF.....

Sorry, this is from an old thread. You didnt say that you were re-running them you just implied that it was a possibility. My bad .

1 week later
#556 5 years ago

Does anyone else think it would be cool if someone came out with a replacement backglass for the F14 ? Not a transite but actual recreated painted glass. I love my F14 but have always found the transite to be the weakest part of the machine artistically. What do all you F14 fans think ?

1 month later
#625 5 years ago

im totally in for one !!

#627 5 years ago

I bought the original decal almost a year ago. Just want to make sure the colors on the new decal will match ??

#634 5 years ago

bump for my bro

#641 5 years ago

Sounds cool !!

#644 5 years ago
Quoted from Freeplay40:

I'll post photos as soon as I've formed one.

Cant wait to see this !!

#647 5 years ago

The only problem i see is that anyone with the ramp mod decal wont really be able to see much of it.

1 week later
#660 5 years ago
Quoted from Dreg604:

I guess I'm cursed at copy pasting ebay link. Here's a link that should work now

ebay.com link » F 14 Tomcat Williams Pinball Machine Lift Off Stickers

Just purchased !! Already have the left side decal. Looking forward to putting this one on.

#685 5 years ago

Ok, Im excited ! cant wait to get mine!!

#704 5 years ago

Just put the new decals on the right side plastics. I really like the look.



1 week later
#724 5 years ago
Quoted from Elliott99:

I need to make a new plastic to go above the diverters, please could someone measure the length of the "L" in the across the playfield direction?



I traced the top sction of mine out for you . The top part of the page is the top of the plastic and so is the left side. Let me know if you need anything else.


2 weeks later
#788 5 years ago
Quoted from jeffpm:

So what's the deal with LEDs in the flashers? I read that you either have to remove warming resistors or leave the 6 flashers in the backbox with incandescents.


#798 5 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

Price up here in the Great White North is closer to $1500.

Pretty cheap. Good luck finding one in the locally in the Toronto area for that price unless its a little beat up.

#799 5 years ago

Im wondering if anyone else has had this happen. When i first turn on my F14 and plunge the first ball , all the sound effects are there but no music. Once i lose that ball and start my second ball , music is there and all is good for the rest of the game and all other games . Doesnt happen every time but quite often and only when i first turn the machine on. Not a big deal but curious if anyone has experienced this or knows what would be causing this ?

2 weeks later
#814 5 years ago
Quoted from jeffpm:

That seems like a lot. What are the coils on the upper flippers? They should be FL11722 (green label).

Yep, the coils are probably too strong. Too many have the wrong upper coils in them, a lot were wrong right from the factory.

#815 5 years ago

I had way too many air balls from the upper flippers on mine so i checked and yep, wrong coils. Put the proper ones in and bingo!! Played a hundred times better.

1 week later
#831 5 years ago
Quoted from agodfrey:

Isn't that one of the features of this game? You have to be super careful with the center targets (hit the sides and not straight) or you drain?


#832 5 years ago
Quoted from Gorno:

Deal in the works for a F-14. Can't wait to officially join the club!

Welcome! We are such a friendly bunch here !

#835 5 years ago

That just a generic label. No lane change on F14.

1 week later
#880 5 years ago

Wondering if someone could do me a favor and take a look under their F14 playfield and tell me where this wire goes. I suddenly started having a ball trough issue and upon inspection realized the green wire in the photo was broken off. I think it came off the swirch just above where my fingers are where the other green wire is attached but want to make 100 percent sure. Dont want to damage the switch matrix .


#882 5 years ago
Quoted from Snux:

Yup, it should join the other green/red wire

Yup, that was it.

Thank you sir!

#884 5 years ago

Wholly crap !!! Now thats cool !!! lol (sorry about your flipper, but it is !!)

#888 5 years ago
Quoted from wayout440:

I'd be afraid of the results...like the broken flipper

I always keep mine on the hard setting. No flipper damage yet. That flipper most likely had a hairline crack in it to begin with.

#904 5 years ago
Quoted from LongJohns:

Also just ordered a new plastic set (even though I only have 1 broken piece as well) - never hurts to have a spare fresh set.

My plastics are pretty good also but a little scratched. Went back and forth in my mind trying to justify the purchase. Really couldnt , but then .....hit the paypal button. Whats wrong with me ???? lol

#905 5 years ago
Quoted from boris_37:

does anyone have sling plastics for sale?

With all the new sets coming out I figured someone might swap them and have a few pieces from their old set kicking around.

I am missing mine completely from my project machine.

Also much lower priority, the right inlane plastic is broken at the end. Wouldn't mind a new one if i can get the other 2.


Hey Boris, pm me with your info. Once i get my new set ill send you what you need .

#912 4 years ago

Did you try reseating the connectors ? Sometimes they look ok upon visual inspection but might not be. I had that exact problem with the some of the backbox lights in my space Shuttle. Turned out to be a bad molec connector. Do you have any new fuses you could use to test for blown fuse since your MM is dead ?

1 week later
#924 4 years ago
Quoted from Lame33:

Four of the plastic white feet/sliders that you nail into the back so that when the cabinet is on it's back it does not rest on the floor.

You can buy these at most hardware stores

#925 4 years ago
Quoted from Lame33:

I also need the entire support arm mechanism to prop the playfield up.

This ?

BTW...Cabinet looks great !!

#927 4 years ago
Quoted from Lame33:

I don't know how many times I looked at Marco's F14 page and missed the latch. It just looks very different than the broken parts on my F14.

I purchased these exact ones for mt F14 . They work great.

3 weeks later
#952 4 years ago
Quoted from GixerEd1:

New to pinballing, about a month or so, but it's been a crazy few weeks.

I tried pinballing, found it intriguing (contrasted to arcade games), and here I am now - a proud owner of an F-14 Tomcat (cool theme and "lightshow" on this pin!!).

Welcome to the obsession !! Ive had my F14 almost two years and still love it.!!

#954 4 years ago
Quoted from wayout440:

Glad you've been able to hold on to your love affair. I might be thinking about trading mine.

Yeah, its the one i will never sell. I notcie you have a Pinbot, im looking for one. How long have you had it and is it still fun to play after a longer period of time ?

#967 4 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

For the GI, I've been hesitant to switch to LEDs. I'm worried about ghosting or flicker. For those of you that have switched the GI to LED have you had any issues?

Used cointakers in all the GI sockets. Looks great with no obvious ghosting or flickering issues that i can see.

#968 4 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

Oh, and sort of on topic off topic, has anyone found a decent orange? I ended up trying orange, amber, yellow and white LEDs under my orange inserts but I didn't like the colour and switched back to incandescent.

Im pretty sure i used cointaker orange superbrites for therse on mine and they look good. Have to double check that when i get home though.

#970 4 years ago
Quoted from wayout440:

Cointaker premiums. They're awesome! No ghosting or flicker

I stand corrected. I meant the premiums as Wayout says. Not the superbrites.

#972 4 years ago
Quoted from jeffpm:

I still have a couple of GI bulbs I need to swap out because I am too scared/lazy to take off the launch ramp mechanism

Dont be scared to do it. (its a pretty simple part to re and re ). Just be lazy ...

#974 4 years ago

just realized that i just popped my million karma point cherry !! Yeah me !!!

#976 4 years ago

Contact cointaker. Mellissa will probably give you a better deal on a bulk order. Can't hurt to ask and she always responds very quickly.

#991 4 years ago
Quoted from sethbenjamin:

BTW, wired up my upper TOM CAT lamp sockets, they work,

Did you just tie directly into the GI sockets nearby ? Im thinking of doing the same on mt F14.

Quoted from sethbenjamin:

Have any of you tweaked your F-14 lighting?

Also interested in what others have done.

1 week later
#1016 4 years ago
Quoted from Hess:

- Is there a full replacement all inclusive prebuilt upgrade option for F-14 flipper mechanisms? I know I can get the simple rebuild kit but I need to flip my diodes which are on the wrong side and all and if I'm doing it all anyway I'm thinking it might just be easier to replace all in one assembly.

Go with this. No more crappy conical springs.


#1019 4 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

I'm going to look at one tomorrow, its looks nice but I have to try it first. If it looks good then I'm finally in two clubs, this one and the System 11 club. Long time coming.

if your going to look at that F14 in Oshawa , let me know how the Gorgar he is selling looks

#1023 4 years ago

I replaced my space shuttle with these and huge difference. Planning on also doing my F24 soon. If i recall, the only thing you need to use from your old flippers are the large yellow caps.

#1027 4 years ago
Quoted from wayout440:


Planning on also doing my F24 soon.

ooops. meant F14 lol

#1029 4 years ago

Its a capacitor. It helps keep the switch from getting pitted prematurely. You should replace it.

#1045 4 years ago

Looking good!. Yeah, they are nice decals. I did the left side about a year ago and the right side about 4 mnths ago. I think it really improves the look of the game.

#1076 4 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

I'm loving this game but really want to improve the sound, looked on FF but no speaker upgrades. Does anyone have any suggestions? I think even just replacing the factory speakers will help but man with this great soundtrack and FX I would love something more. Thanks


#1081 4 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

I too do not have that adj option, what's the latest and greatest roms for F14?

Get new Roms from here. They are good to deal with and local for us.

ebay.com link » Williams F14 Tomcat Cpu Pinball Chip Set L 1

#1085 4 years ago
Quoted from wayout440:

Why?...kind of the point of the kicker isn't it?

I totally agree! I think getting my ass kicked by the Yagof kicker and yelling back at him in the precess is one of the more fun elements of this pin .

#1086 4 years ago
Quoted from SUPERBEE:

precess is one of the more fun elements of this pin .


#1089 4 years ago
Quoted from kilmarnock1350:

There is an off setting if you don't like the kicker.

God no !!!!!!

#1113 4 years ago
Quoted from pinballholder:

Not derail the current discussion, but just wanted to say I am two hours into the club. Cant wait to get it setup tonight!

Congrats!! Welcome to the F14 madness. Come on in , relax with a beer and enjoy the Yagof madness !!

#1131 4 years ago

Planetary pinball is supposed to be doing this playfield but we've been waiting well over a year for it. I think it took the backburner to other playfields.

CPR has already stated multiple times that it will not be them doing this playfield.

#1140 4 years ago
Quoted from hawkeye11:

Planetary Pinball has the Williams rights.

Stu or Kevin from CPR could probably better chime in on the exact reasons. I kind of know but dont want to misquote anyone.

#1146 4 years ago
Quoted from Averell:

First I have to clean the Apron and then it'll be powder-coated RAL9005.
Then it'll be pasted with the decals.
I bet, it'll look better as new!

Very nice! How much does the powder coating cost ?

1 month later
#1325 4 years ago
Quoted from kilmarnock1350:

Every once in a while, say 1 in 10 games, the first ball will have NO background music. Only the voice and special sounds, but not the background music.

Once the second ball starts it comes back.

Its normal. Just wait a sec or two longer before you hit the credit button after turning the pin on.

1 week later
#1349 4 years ago
Quoted from mbott1701:

I think pinballfan meant what the lights you used for the "Lock On" (Red) and "Landing" (Blue) on the diverter housing, upper left of the playfield.

I have full leds in every socket in the machine. No issues.

1 week later
#1368 4 years ago

We're you recently doing any work on the playfield or underneath? Might have a contact touching somewhere. Might be not quite touching but so close that it might be randomly touching from the movement of playing.

2 weeks later
#1396 4 years ago
Quoted from graystarsfan1:

Thinking, and let me emphasize that word. Thinking about getting my F14 all cleaned up. The left side of my cabinet has some chips in the paint on the cabinet and backbox. But only the left side. The right side looks great. Also, my legs have some rust that needs to be cleaned up. I'm a newbie and also have some switch issues I've never been able to figure out. The best way to fix the left side of the cabinet? I'm almost wanting to leave it like that for the feeling that its supposed to look like that after being played so much. Anyone have any suggestions about the best way to fix paint chips on the pin? Like I said, I'm a newbie so I don't wanna do anything stupid. Any suggestions or tips on all of that is much appreciated. Thanks.

Show us some photos if you can. Might be a lot easier to evaluate what can be done.

#1399 4 years ago

There is a fair bit of damage going on there. Touchups will be pretty tough and it looks like some areas need to be filled and sanded first. Might be easier to just go with new stencils or graphics.

1 week later
#1422 4 years ago

looking good ! nice job! Have you considered the custom decals for the left and now also the right side clear plastics ? I have them on mine and i think they really brighten things up.

1 month later
#1456 4 years ago
Quoted from wayout440:

With all that said: I'd estimate a base price range on this game in fair to good condition and fully working is probably something around $700-$900.

No way your getting any kind of decent F14 for this. I know things are cheaper down in the States but still.

1 week later
#1469 4 years ago

Congrats Nerdygrrl ! Welcome to the club!

1 month later
#1647 4 years ago
Quoted from lhammer610:

The next time someone has their backglass off, please let me know what level of software you are running. Should be marked on the chip. I do not know if sys 11 shows it on the display.

Mine is Rev 1

4 weeks later
#1722 4 years ago

Just curious if anyone has heard anything about the new playfield that were talked about like a year ago?? The chatter about it just seemed to have died. I thought PPS was going to be distributing them.

#1724 4 years ago

I guess all good things take time right?

#1732 4 years ago

I heard the big problem was in producing the chevron inserts. Could be wrong though. Wouldn't be the first time. Lol.

3 months later
#1824 3 years ago

Can you even put the volume on the service buttons on an F14 ? Would be a lot handier for sure.

#1826 3 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

I'm sure it could be done. I'm just not the one to try to figure it out.

My two questions were not related, I was just curious about the volume control and then remembered I was missing the caps for the service buttons.

Sorry, misinterpreted the post. Would be cool if you could hook the volume up to the service buttons like the newer willams pins. Anyone ever attempted this ?

#1830 3 years ago
Quoted from bronco-jon:

Yeah, but anything over 10 kicks the afterburners in..

1 month later
#1852 3 years ago

welcome to the club! Its a great game.

2 weeks later
#1859 3 years ago

Anyone know where I can get this Rom?

#1861 3 years ago

Got it. Thanks.

3 months later
#1929 3 years ago

Thanks for the tip. Good to know!

#1934 3 years ago
Quoted from bronco-jon:

Someone might just get them a hell of a good deal right here....Starting bid: $100.00 especially if you live in or around Elk Grove Village, Illinois!
They will even throw in a dart board game

Holy crap ! I wish i lived closer !!

2 weeks later
#1948 3 years ago

Maybe check the legs on the rom you changed. Sometimes you can bend a leg and not seat it correctly. It happens. I would start from there.

#1949 3 years ago
Quoted from JOESCHALL:

I actually have two sound boards, both with these chips: U-19 1-1 and U-4 1-1. In one of those boards I put in new chips, and in the other board I left the chips alone. I've swapped both sound boards in, but with no change in sound behavior. Therefore, I think I can eliminate the sound board as the culprit. Yes?

Sorry, sounds like my last post is not the culprit. Should have read closer.

#1950 3 years ago

Sounds like it could be a connection somewhere. Let us know what exactly you did with everything. Might shed some light.

#1964 3 years ago
Quoted from Riptor:

I plan on pulling the mylar so the inserts can be removed and reinstalled level.

I wouldnt pull the inserts. Your running a big risk of them breaking. I would just heat the underside of the insert, level, then put some glue underneath to help prevent them from lifting again.

1 month later
#1990 3 years ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

The bottom two displays on my F14 have stopped working (player 3 and player 4). Any ideas of what to check

I would start with checking and reseating all cables and connections and see if that works. Report back.

#1995 3 years ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

Thank you for your willingness to help. I reset all of the cables and also switched out the ribbon cable with a known good cable to eliminate that as a possibility. No change. The back of the board show black magic marker circles around the pins to the displays for player 1, player 3, and player 4. Possible issue in the past? I do know the ribbon cable is not attached in the picture of the back of the board.

Photos are kind of blurry. Were they working and then just went out ? Is anything else affected ? A little history might help someone here help you figure it out.

#1998 3 years ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

Added a few toys to my F-14.

Very nice !!!

1 week later
#2013 3 years ago

Possibly a socket issue on the two light board flashers Try cleaning them with a socket cleaner if you have one or just replace them and see. I would check for power on the two sockets first though. If no power then check the connections and wiring.
As far as changing over to Leds ....

2 weeks later
#2037 3 years ago

Ive said this before.. (check out my pinside angels thread)GRUMPY is the man !!

#2043 3 years ago
Quoted from Lemank:

Just joined today. Cl score for me. She needs love but that's alright

Welcome to the club !!

1 week later
#2053 3 years ago

Im a professional vinyl installer and decided to try wrapping my F14 in yellow to see what it looks like. The Getaway beside it is powdercoated but i wanted to try vinyl on the F14 first before deciding if i liked it in yellow. What do you think ? IMG_20161122_225321 (resized).jpg

#2056 3 years ago
Quoted from shirkle:

I think red would look better than yellow. I probably prefer the original look though.

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, not sure what i want to go with. My daughter says blue but i dont think so. Thats why i went with vinyl for now. Easy to change. It actually looks kinda cool in person but i dont know ??? lol Any other opinions on this or other colors based on F14 color scheme ?

#2058 3 years ago
Quoted from Jumping-Box:

I dig that yellow.. Gives it a nice color pop. How does that vinyl feel to the touch?

Thanks. Its funny, i was wondering about the feel also. The vinyl actually feels really cool. Gives you this slight feel of grip if that makes sense.

#2060 3 years ago
Quoted from GRUMPY:

I'm with her.

Traitor !! lol ill maybe give blue a shot and see how it looks .

#2064 3 years ago
Quoted from Shiny_balls:

I made a picture for you....

That's awesome. Thank you. Not sure I like it blue. Can you do red for me?

#2067 3 years ago

Now I'm really not sure what I like lol. Would you do me one more solid Shiny_balls and do one in black for me when ytou have a min? . Thinking that might be the trick.

#2071 3 years ago

Wow, that pink is awesome!! Hahaha. I'm really digging the black now that I see it. What do you guys all think?

#2075 3 years ago
Quoted from GRUMPY:

Dark blue with black legs?

Hmmm.. shiny_balls?

#2099 3 years ago
Quoted from damageinc55:

. Tough to say what someone might pay for a really nice one

They will never command big money. Just too many of them made.

3 weeks later
#2115 3 years ago
Quoted from Milltown:

Funny mine has no lights or holes.. just the dones.

Really ? No holes in the playfield ????

2 weeks later
#2129 3 years ago
Quoted from BrewNinja:

Cliffy sells enhanced lane guides that are really nice.

What is "enhanced" about them ? Im curious .

#2153 3 years ago
Quoted from Milltown:

Messing around with some different led lights and pop bumper lights...

Looking good good bud !!!

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#2169 2 years ago
Quoted from sethbenjamin:

In the adjustments there is actually a setting for the kicker. In theory, it can be dialed back a bit so that it doesn't fire the ball back with as much force.

Sorry, but although true... this is pure blasphemy i must say !!! Thats why tempered glass was invented...

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#2188 2 years ago
Quoted from hassanchop:

Does anyone has a LED list of all the lamps needed for a f14?
I want to put my f14 100% LED and can't find a list of what needed. Yes I am too lazy to go to the machine and make my own

You need to tell us what boards you have underneath and which bulbs. Williams changed the way they lit up the inserts from early production to mid production. There is not a set kit for F14.

#2190 2 years ago
Quoted from jdzwir123:

Such an underrated system 11.

I don't think that it is under rated. It's rated in the high 7's on Ipdb and I don't think anyone who has played one has if not loved it for what it is, then at least liked it. I think the only reason you can still get them for a decent system 11 price is the fact that they are fairly easy to find as Williams made about a bazzilion of them!

#2201 2 years ago
Quoted from TomDK:

Question in the club:
Anybody ever heard from a proto or earlie F-14 with the additionel 4 bulbs on the display pcb CONNECTED ?!
Many machines have this display like in Millionaire ... but so far no one ever had it connected to the PDB ..
Thanks for looking

As far as I know, they never utilized these lights on f14. I was just the other day thinking about how to hook them up somehow.

#2205 2 years ago

I don't see why you can't just alligator clip or solder directly to one of the gi sockets no? Why resistors?

#2212 2 years ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

I would suggest Blue LEDs for the right column of bonus inserts, mine were completely faded like yours and some blue LEDs really brought them back. Just a suggestion.

Yup, makes a huge difference.

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#2239 2 years ago

Congrats ! Looks nice. Hopefully the batteries didnt leak onto the boards.

#2241 2 years ago
Quoted from SunMonkeyAZ:

No leakage at all. Once I saw the key was there I showed the owner how to get into the back box and checked the boards and they are clean. Put some new batts in this morning and the adjust failure is cleared now. Novus'd it clean and did a waxing on the main areas to at least mentally feel like there's some extra protection until I tear it down and do a real cleaning once I get some new rubbers, flippers and leds. Payed a few games with no issues.

Good news ! If i were you i would now remove the battery holder off the board and put in a remote holder. And also fuse the bridge rectifier.

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#2248 2 years ago
Quoted from raplaka75:

Hello everyone! I am in the process of shopping my F-14 tomcat pinball and I noticed that the slingshots no longer working,

What exactly have you done so far with the shopping out? Maybe it will shed some light. Did you test the fuse that you put in ? Possibly a bad fuse ?

#2256 2 years ago

Non laminated ink up insert decals will not survive with just waxing. They have to be cleared or mylared.

#2259 2 years ago
Quoted from Samuelson3:

Picking up a fully refurbished F-14 tomcat on Saturday and I want to do a full LED swap. Anyone have an entire parts list and where to order them? This is my first pinball machine. The more help the better, thanks!

There are two different light socket configurations with F14. They changed it up at some point during production. Some have mostly 44s but some have boards that have a lot of wedge 555s . You need to take a look underneath the playfield and find out. The green pcbs with the black twist in sockets are 555s. You can call or email Mellissa at Cointaker once you know which one you have and she can walk you through it . They have kits for both. Kits are good if you are not comfortable figuring it out yourself but if you do want to buy the bulbs on your on and not in a kit, generally, match the inserts by color, use white in orange though as orange leds dont generally look all that great under orange inserts. And cool or warm white for the GI. Then experiment from there.

#2261 2 years ago
Quoted from Samuelson3:

What site do your reccomend of getting an LED kit from?

Cointaker . Call Mellissa. she will help you figure it out. Love cointakers customer service. A lot of people recommend Comet led also. I have purchased from them and also agree they a great but my first choice is Cointaker led.

#2264 2 years ago
Quoted from Samuelson3:

Thank you I am pretty excited and so is the girlfriend

One of the first things you should do is check and see if the bridge rectifier has been fused. If not, you should do it. Just Google it if you don't know what I'm talking about. Easy mod and will make your pin much safer.

#2271 2 years ago
Quoted from Lemank:

I have a pop number that isn't working. Should this piece be soldered together? Can someone explain this board?

|Did you check the fuse ?

#2298 2 years ago
Quoted from Samuelson3:

I have a picture and it saved my high scores that I set it at. The second picture is what the home screen displays when playing.

1 million as a high score to beat ? Come on ! You need to challenge yourself more than that !!

#2330 2 years ago
Quoted from Inkochnito:

Those boards are great!
They solve 5 problems in one go.
Replaces both rectifiers, adds both fuses and replaces the BIG cap.
More info is on my website http://www.inkochnito.nl
Just click on the Bridge Boared image.
Here is an image from my proto type board in F14...

Yeah, but your biased ! Im thinking of ordering one even though i fused the rectifier many moons ago .

#2332 2 years ago
Quoted from Samuelson3:

Anyone know what are the replacement bulbs for the little red domes in the back?

just get 3 blue and 3 red frosted leds. They are 44s .

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#2362 2 years ago

I must give gredit to GRUMPY !!! He is so patient and has taught us all so many things !! Just want to say thanks again GRUMP !! You are such an asset to the pinball community !!

#2379 2 years ago
Quoted from GRUMPY:

Band on diode faces toward the power wire.

Banded side of diode always faces the power wire.. one of the first things GRUMPY drilled into my lack of knowledge head !

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#2390 2 years ago

Nice work !!

#2396 2 years ago
Quoted from PanaPinResto:

Are there any legal problems with scanning playfield artwork and sharing it with friends for personal use?

I doubt it but if at all possible, im sure Rick will find a way !

#2399 2 years ago
Quoted from sethbenjamin:

There is no legal reason for anybody ever to object to sharing scans for the purpose of restoration. A legal case could be made if you were creating *for the purpose of resale* a reproduction playfield or playfield overlay decal or some such thing. But if your intention is to recreate an image in order to restore an existing game, a cease and desist letter would be
entirely out of line. The Williams intellectual property owners apparently want everybody to be afraid to do damn near anything, but in a case like this I'm firmly in the realm of "it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission". We are hobbyists, for god's sake. Let's enjoy our hobby.

I completely agree !! But like i said, If Rick can find a way to kill it legally ... he will !!

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#2449 2 years ago

Any photos of someone with freeplays ramps installed ? I would love to see.

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#2509 2 years ago

Looks like its in prety nice shape overall Arcade. Welcome to the club !

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#2529 2 years ago

I'm also thinking about adding a spotlight or two. I agree that it's a bit dark up top. You must have the super bright LE edition wayout.

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#2593 2 years ago

Looks great!!

#2595 2 years ago

Ive been recently thinking about offering up my F14 on a trade as i dont play it as much as i used to but the more i think about it, the more i think i will regret it . Its just such a damn cool game ! lol

#2597 2 years ago
Quoted from volkdrive:

You'll regret that as it goes out the door for sure. I'm in same situation. Need to make room, but that one has to stay.

Yeah, there is just something about it that says "KEEP ME " !!

#2599 2 years ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

One of my cheapest yet favorite in the collection

Yep, one of the best bang for your buck pins out there !

#2605 2 years ago

Pretty sure L5 is the latest Rom and yes, getting to the back flashers is a bitch but totally doable!

#2612 2 years ago
Quoted from doodlesdaddy:

Just figured out my Tomcat is a really early one. #54 or so out of 14500

Can you show some photos of the cab and back flashers ?

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#2653 2 years ago
Quoted from Buzz:

I was wondering about the flashers and using led's. I read about taking the warmer off the boards, but I was curious if I only did the playfield ones and not the back box or the row on the backboard if that is necessary. I saw a post that someone had stated this but didn't see an answer. I don't want to do any harm to it and not sure if I tried that the bulbs possible staying on a little would be the only thing that would happen. I just don't want to mess up an amazing 30yr old pin because I wanted to be blinded more. Any input is greatly appreciated

Its fine to leave the first flasher in the circuit incandescent as it will absorb the warming current and prevent the led flashers from staying on but removing the warming resistors is very easy . Up to you.

#2658 2 years ago
Quoted from StylesBitchly:

But I also don't see any downside to eliminating all the warming resistors.

You dont need to remove any resistors. Just remove the ground wires off the boards and heat shrink . Thats it. Takes 15 mins and your done. Also super easy to restore back to original if you ever wanted to.

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