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F14 multiball function

By Lark

1 year ago

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#1 1 year ago

My F14 will sometimes only lock 2 bslls, and not the 3rd, even though the 3rd red light is flashing. This only happens when the 3rd ball goes into the lower left wireform, not the 2 that are beside each other. When the 3rd ball goes into either of the 2 that are beside each other, it locks just fine, and the beacons will start for the multiball-ready lock, for the 4th ball. I know it has to be a switch or something on that lower left lock, right? I'm not getting any errors, and all the fuses are good. I don't see any loose or unconnected wires, when troubleshooting under that area. Anyone ever have this problem, or know of something I'm overlooking? Or am not familiar/educated with yet? Thanks in advance for any and all help/advice!

#2 1 year ago

My bad, lower RIGHT lock....

#3 1 year ago

Silly question, but is the game level, so that it is actually being detected? If you shake the machine a little, will it register?

Try taking the glass off and physically move the ball maybe?

#4 1 year ago

When the ball goes into the wireform, it kicks out everytime like it should. However, when it goes into this particular wireform, (the lower RIGHT one), as the 3rd ball for lock on multiball, it just kicks back out. Instead of staying locked, like it should. The wireforms always rotate, my guess is so they get equal wear/use. When the 3rd ball for multiball is locked in either of the 2 upper wireforms, it works like it should, it stays locked, and the 4th ball kicks out to the plunger. Not on the lower right one. The red light will be flashing, which means it should stay locked, but it just kicks back out. This is VERY frustrating, as you have to then start a whole new game. By either plunging and letting the remaining balls drain, or turning the machine off, and then back on. When the 3rd ball for multiball goes into either of the upper 2 wireforms, it stays locked like it should, and the 4th ball kicks out ready to be plunged. The beacon may or may not come on, depending on how many times you have spelled "Tomcat" on the prior ball in play.

#5 1 year ago

I'll try and make this a little easier to understand. If all 3 red lights are flashing for multiball lock, and the 3rd ball lands in the lower right witeform, it works fine. However, if only 2 red lights are flashing, and both balls lock in the upper 2 wireforms, then you have to spell "Tomcat" one more time to lock the 3rd. (You have to do this anyways, no matter where the other 2 lock). If the 3rd ball for lock happens to be in rotation to lock in the lower right wireform, it WILL NOT lock. If you lose the ball, and you're on say ball 2, (I've got iT set up for 5 balls per game), all of the remaining balls will never lock in this wireform, and you'll never reach multiball. If the 3rd ball for lock is set to go into either of the upper 2 wireforms, you're good to go. It's only the 3rd ball for multiball lock, in THIS wireform, (lower right), that I have an issue. And it's driving me f!#*%$g crazy!!!

#6 1 year ago

I don't think I've ever had lock ball #1 be either of the top forms (single player game). I'll have to play a few games today and take note.

Do you have the game set to any special difficulty level or have you altered any settings? Maybe reset the program and see?

Does the diverter wor normally otherwise?

Grumpy is the man for F14, I'd try to get his attention

#7 1 year ago

Yep, on my F14, the first ball ALWAYS locks into that lower right spot under the launch ramp. Maybe you've got a diverter problem, not a lock problem?

#8 1 year ago

When the 1st locked ball goes into one of the top two locks are you sure the diverter is firing to put it in there or maybe it just ends up in there from a bounce off the ramp side?? Is the game level, is it too flat, does the VUK fire with enough force to really send the ball down the ramp and are all the diverter switches registering when then should and only when they should?

#9 1 year ago

It only does it sometimes. I must have an issue with the diverter, or with something on that upper right side, where the lock/landing lights are. I've also noticed that only the 1st two blue landing lights will stay lit solidly, when putting the ball in the landing diverter during multiball. The 1st 2 landing lights will stop blinking (blue) and stay solidly lit, but the 3rd just keeps blinking. The score will register correctly, but the light doesn't correspond like it should. I think the same thing must be causing the problem with multiball function, I just gotta figure out what the hell is going on.

#10 1 year ago

Have you removed any plastic? Maybe you have some kind of obstruction. Screws, nuts and washers have a habit of finding obscure places to bury into.

#11 1 year ago

if you haven't already, check out IPDB. They have a copy there of a service bulletin that Williams issued for a change to be made to the diverter assembly. You may want to check if yours has been updated. Link: https://www.ipdb.org/files/804/Williams_1987_F_14_Tomcat_Service_Bulletin_no_number_undated_to_resolve_binding_diverter_gate_assembly.pdf

#12 1 year ago

Any progress?

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