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F14 Flasher Help


57 days ago

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#1 57 days ago

Hello all
Have two flasher lamps (3&4) out on the back vertical area of the play field. The other four work just fine. Thinking there is either a driver transistor or similar that is out. Can anyone lend some guidance here please? As always. Thank you


#2 57 days ago

Bad bulb ? Bad socket ? No continuity of wires from socket to board ?

I would think a bad transistor would lock the light on.

LTG : )

#3 57 days ago

It’s been a while since I looked at this problem. It is minor and so I let it go a while back but now would like to have the game right. I’ll look at your suggestions. Thank you Lloyd

#4 57 days ago

I removed my lamp pcb thats held on by two wing nuts behind the back panel. Had to reflow the header pins and fix a bad trace that someone had hacked. Could be a bad connection at the board too, or just burnt out lamps. accessing them isnt too bad.

#5 57 days ago
Quoted from GPS:

Have two flasher lamps (3&4) out on the back

Do they work on the play field?

#6 56 days ago

as to grumpy question, yes all on the play field is OK

#7 56 days ago
Quoted from GPS:

all on the play field is OK

So I would concentrate on the bulb sockets and wiring as completist has suggested.

#8 56 days ago

I was looking at the game this eve and was trying to recall how to access those lights. I think it is by laying the head down and going in through the hole for the wiring to the head. Sound about right? If this is indeed right I will proceed with what completist said to try.

#9 56 days ago

I just lift the P/F @ 12 inches with one hand and reach around the back board with my other hand to loosen the wingnuts.

#10 55 days ago

Grumpy you’re good!!! Don’t know if I’ll be able to succeed at the same feat but I’ll try.

#11 55 days ago

I'm left handed.

#12 54 days ago

Ok. Got the board out. At beat I think it is flaky. All the flasher bulbs are ok but the board is indeed flaky. Previous repairs have been made. Anyone know if this board can be purchased new? I know, how silly to ask. I can rebuild it but if there was a new one avail I would just buy that.

Second question. I seem to recall that one can not replace the existing incandescent flashers with less as there is an issue with that unless something else is done. If so fine I’ll leave it be. Just figured since I have it out

Thanks guys

#13 54 days ago
Quoted from GPS:

Anyone know if this board can be purchased new?

Got a part number ?

Google - pinball - part number - hit search.

LTG : )

#14 54 days ago
Quoted from GPS:

Anyone know if this board can be purchased new?

Apparently not. This guy made one :


LTG : )

#15 54 days ago

Well it seems like these boards see a lot of damage for whatever reason. The part number for the board is 5768-12151-00 but the point is mute as they are not made any longer. Kind of thought that might be the case. Wish that guy would make a few more boards since most f-14’s according to him have issues with this light board. Oh well. I’ll reconstruct this one

#16 54 days ago

Been looking and cannot find a source for the flasher sockets. Any suggestions. I looked through the manual for the game and I don’t see the board even mentioned? Probably overlooked it

#17 54 days ago

You can't even find the bulb sockets. You have to use a socket with a bracket mount. Then either epoxy or drill a hole In the board for mounting. Then connect short wires from the board to the tabs of the socket.

#18 54 days ago

Ok. So I have not fallen off my rocker. Thank you for the guidance grumpy. I think that I have a socket that is incorrectly installed. The socket farthest from the connector appears to have the ground and center reversed. Appears to be a common ground on the board for which all bulbs connect to. Makes sense. Not on mine. Think someone may have replaced the socket and instered it 180 degrees off. Unless this is suppose to be this way???

#19 54 days ago

I don't have an F-14 and therefore have no experience with it. However, I know at least three people with this machine (two of them are actually very big projects) so it wouldn't be a stretch to ask one of them to borrow this board and reproduce it. It will not be high on my list but I could toss it in the queue and try to spend some time understanding what the board is for and what parts can be used to reproduce the board.

#20 54 days ago

Issue resolved. Took out the socket farthest from the connector and turned it around 180. Also re flowed the soldier on all the sockets and bingo, back in action. Thank you all.

#21 54 days ago

Hey da

I think that would be a great idea as the board seems to fail rather often. I still would have fixed mine as I do enjoy having the games correct even though they do not get played a lot. But I would have probably also bought a new board as well. Again, given that these appear to have issues and no one is reproducing they, it would seem to make sense. I’m sure the big guys would be interested in buying a few!

#22 54 days ago

I had some issues with that board as well. I think part of the problem is every time you raise and lower the playfield wires can brush up against the back of the board. It is also not that hard to run jumper wires from the sockets that are not working to the connector. On a side note after I did repairs on mine I 3d printed a cover for the board to protect my repairs.

#23 53 days ago

I think I’m addition to having some poor solder joints I had a socket that was in backwards. Who knows what kind of issues that could have injected. A cover though sounds like a great idea. Now on to replacing all the capacitors on the power supply board. Hell if I’m not going to play them I might as well work on them. Gives me the same amount if not more satisfaction!

#24 53 days ago
Quoted from GPS:

I had a socket that was in backwards. Who knows what kind of issues that could have injected.

Two wires and no diode. Backwards or forwards shouldn't matter.

LTG : )

#25 53 days ago

I think it did Lloyd

#26 53 days ago
Quoted from GPS:

I think it did Lloyd

I'd be curious how it might have. Unless facing a different direction shorted to something else.

Otherwise you have DC light bulbs. In a socket. Power goes through one wire - through the bulb in a socket - and out the other wire and the bulb lights. Swap the wire or socket around, and you didn't change anything. Power goes through the wire - through the bulb in the socket - and out the other wire and the bulb lights. Since this is DC and no polarity involved. Electricity doesn't know which way the socket faces.

LTG : )

#27 53 days ago

It only matters when using leds flash bulbs.

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