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F You Stern and your price increases

By WeirPinball

81 days ago

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    #133 81 days ago
    Quoted from chickenscratch:

    But… my fear is for the operators. The price hikes are terrible for them. Not sure the specifics of how it should work, but feel like they need special discounted pricing versus us HUO buyers.


    #137 81 days ago
    Quoted from mikeflan:

    Yep. My Simpsons was a NIB fourth run in 2005 for $3795 delivered. Wonder what a pro with six flippers, an expensive license, finished code and and an upper playfield would cost these days?

    The same as Godzilla. I bought a Congo in 2010 for $1800 now cause of demand? well u know. A stern at that time was 4 to 5K but there's inflation and that was 10 years ago let along 17 years ago. Its 2 high I agree but that's life.

    Quoted from chickenscratch:

    Don’t make me type it in all caps

    That's good.
    Oh and fuck the operators. Let em eat cake. If anything the home owners should get the break, we gross exactly zero from our purchase and will almost certainly take a loss when its time to sell.

    651690c8-47c0-4ffa-b131-5adac17dd532_screenshot (resized).jpg
    #168 81 days ago
    Quoted from Viggin900:

    Not saying they are awful but would never be worth it .

    To you maybe. To a die hard Munsters fan or a TMNT geek and lets just call it a black Knight enthusiast it might be totally worth it. I'm gonna get a Godzilla pro which will be probably 9500 up here, but only cause its Godzilla. None of the games u mentioned or anything really in the last 3 years, actually make that 20 are worth that price to me. Maiden, JP maybe.

    #210 80 days ago
    Quoted from PanzerFreak:

    Customers are going to become more selective due to the price increases.

    Yep. I'm not gonna buy a pin now unless it has a theme I love, not like or maybe can grow to appreciate but know I must have it, with gameplay to match of course.

    #214 80 days ago
    Quoted from Pin_Fandango:

    please, illuminate us with your mathematical skills from your mom's basement.

    There's a grammar mathematics war happening, might be the first.

    Quoted from PanzerFreak:

    Some Pinsiders don't want to make that comparison as it's clear which game has more in it in regards to features, hardware, code, etc.

    Sure they do, but they would include the most important feature, fun and that's where all the extras in a JJP can't save it from taking second place. Comparing pins based on BOM doesn't matter at all. I'll take the more open concept pin that's fun and fast over a pretentious over loaded borefest anyday. Man it took way too long to bring the Stern vs JJP aspect into this thread but Panzer never fails to deliver. Kudos to u sir and Kudos again. Now wheres Romulick other men's balls. Shouldn't be long before he chimes in. JJP fanboys, God Love Em.

    #224 80 days ago
    Quoted from Pin_Fandango:

    The comparison is still valid, the 3 tier pricing structure is meant to drive buyers towards the option in the middle. It has worked for Apple for more than 12 years now. Nobody wants the base car, they want the next thing but typically can't afford the fully loaded sort of mentality. One for every budget but with the intention of selling the middle 80% of the time.
    The difference being, Stern machines are built like crap and offer 0 value. Trick is, unfortunately, residual value is still too high even after the machine has been abused for a couple years.
    The hobby is doomed but business are booming.

    No idea what to make of this. In fact its a little disturbing. I was just commenting on the math/grammer debate. Not sure where the Stern machines are built like crap came from in regard to my post and really unaware of the "abused" pins after a couple years. My games look pretty much brand new cause there, u know in my home and maybe get played 500 to a thousand times before resale. In fact due to upgrades and bullet proofing in many ways they are in better shape than when I bought them NIB. Owned many many NIB Sterns with next to no issues. Anyway.

    #261 80 days ago
    Quoted from swampfire:

    So much hate for LZ in this thread. I just got my Premium and it kicks ass!

    Not so much just ur regular douchebags. They tend to be JJP/BW fanboys who needed a fancy light show and sculpted toys otherwise the game sucks.

    #362 80 days ago
    Quoted from PanzerFreak:Godzilla LE and GNR LE are now about the same price. I would say Stern with Godzilla LE has matched GNR LE in terms of features on the playfield. However, will Godzilla have the same animation, lighting, more choreography, and sound quality as JJP games? No, not in my opinion.

    Jesus r u ever hung up on BOM and everything else besides the most important thing. How it plays and its fun factor. I think some pinball collectors, perhaps the ones who aren't very good players need the flash otherwise there's nothing else to justify the price, maybe? I haven't played Godzilla yet and already know it will be a better shooter than GnR, who gives a fuck about "choreography"

    #387 80 days ago
    Quoted from PanzerFreak:

    Also, if you don't care about more choreography then damn are your expectations low for code, animation, and sound all being put together to create unique layered modes.

    I don't feel Stern is lacking in code, animation , sound, u know the "Choreography" department. I know when I'm looking at new or older pins to buy what I always ask myself "What about the choreography"

    Quoted from PanzerFreak:

    Fun factor isn't what people are complaining about here, it's the insane prices and I'm sorry but a lot of us here care about value for our hard earned money.

    Yeah but ur the one who will always bring up its too expensive because of "Value" the material aspect of it. The fun is my first way of gauging value when it comes to a game.

    Quoted from PanzerFreak:

    Why don't you go pay $100 for a pizza just because it tastes good or $100k for a Mustang GT just because it's fun to drive?

    If that pizza tastes good enough to me to spend $100 on then I will but u would need it to see that it has $100 worth of toppings where I don't give shit how they got it to taste that good, I just enjoy it. If a Mustang GT cost that much and I wanted one then fine. I mean it doesn't cost that much so its really a foolish argument like I would go into a Ford dealership and insist that I want to pay double. How is it that ur so aware of what it costs to manufacturer these games, make as much profit as is possible and continue to grow as a company. Just admit that u can't stand that Stern dominates this hobby while ur precious JJP with all its flash and over done crap sits at a very distant second. Oh yeah.

    #433 80 days ago
    Quoted from Krupps4:

    For me, I don’t think my level of enjoyment of a Stern Pro is worth $7000. I’d rather get a top of the line electric guitar for $5000, but I play guitar everyday.

    Thats always been a problem for me. I like Rickenbacker basses and SG's starting collecting Synths recently and every time I buy a pin I have a moment where I think well there's a classic Moog or a custom 3 pick up SG or a new bass or recording equipment, basically the best problems u can have.

    Quoted from PanzerFreak:

    lah blah blah. I just bought a NIB TMNT literally 3 months ago so stop with your crap that I can't stand Stern.

    Never said u can't stand Stern. I said u can't stand that they dominate the industry. Its crystal clear from reading ur posts but nice try. I don't hate JJP, I do think their theme choices suck and so far I haven't been impressed with the gameplay, with the exception of DI which I would have bought if it didn't look like they made it for pre teen girls.

    347905-20 (resized).jpg

    #489 79 days ago
    Quoted from PanzerFreak:

    I've noticed you making jabs at certain collectors (one being me) saying that they are not good at pinball and only care about flash. That couldn't be further from the truth. There are a lot of collectors out there that don't care about tournaments, they don't care that you scored 10 billion points on a game and yet at the same time they are good players. These collectors buy games for their home because they have fun with them.

    Yeah I'm one of them.

    Quoted from PanzerFreak:

    There's no reason to insult people for wanting that in a game. Really what you are doing is are unfairly singling out people who own and enjoy JJP pins.

    Only when warranted.

    Quoted from PanzerFreak:

    I could care less about Stern dominating the industry and if by that you mean selling the most games. Selling the most pinball machines doesn't automatically mean Stern is the best. I suppose Little Cesar's and Dominoes make the best pizzas as they sell the most right? It doesn't work that way.

    Thanks. U just proved my point and yet at that same didn't understand at all what I was saying but that's the usual approach when someone has no real comeback. Just nonsense. Nonsense about pizza and Choreography.

    #556 79 days ago
    Quoted from PanzerFreak:

    Yeah, pinball machines don't cost $250k - $500k+...but maybe soon at this rate!

    Right but ur Pizza comparison made sense?

    #624 78 days ago
    Quoted from PanzerFreak:Regardless of whether or not people think Stern is better then JJP or vice versa it's clear which company has the greater cost per game and it's JJP. A Stern LE and JJP LE are now basically the same price. The JJP LE comes with significantly more hardware in it from the old Bally / Williams style lock down bar mech, the traditional head lock, and especially far more hardware in the head of the cabinet compared to a Stern.

    U just can't stop proving my point and reciting the same drivel. Thanks for that. I hope u now know why its easy to single u out and destroy ur ridiculous comments. I also hope u don't stop making them cause I love it. JJP fanboys complete me. U can't stand it can ya. With all of JJP pretentious pinball crap they keep for the most part missing out on the most important factor.

    #699 78 days ago
    Quoted from PanzerFreak:

    Keep being angry and only favoring one pinball company, I'll be enjoying my Stern and JJP pins in the meantime

    No anger. No favoring. Just calling u out on ur bullshit.

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