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F You Stern and your price increases

By WeirPinball

42 days ago

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    #131 41 days ago
    Quoted from NC_Pin:

    You need to show the entire graph… not just the snippet. Our inflation rate is just a little higher than normal. Economists generally like to keep it at 3-4% (not saying you are doing anything purposely deceiving- just that a longer window is more helpful)
    [quoted image]

    In 1980 you could get 11% T-Bills

    In 2021 you can get 1% T-Bills

    Call me when the real inflation hits. Although that's not to say the economy is in a perfectly great spot right now. Shit's hard for a lot of people.

    #243 41 days ago
    Quoted from NC_Pin:

    It seems like the business model needs to be tweaked..

    The model is to use pins as a loss leader the same way Costco uses chickens and hot dogs.

    You lose money on the pins, you make huge money on: beer, soda, collectibles, services

    #267 41 days ago
    Quoted from Kkoss24:

    On the operator side of things , for what it’s worth I’m a average Joe and I’ve wondered why it’s only $1 to play a $8k machine for 5-10 minutes .Worse yet $2 for 3 plays .I’d pay double without blinking an eye .

    Would you pay based on a timer?

    What if you walked up to a game, scanned your phone, and just played. When your last game ends and you don't start another it charges your credit card at a rate the operator can setup.

    So maybe it's just $5 for 10 minutes. And there's very little friction in the transaction cause you just swipe a phone and forget about the coins.

    This also might get ops more money since people tend to spend more when they don't realize they are spending more.

    #346 41 days ago
    Quoted from rai:

    Bet it’s not.

    Probably take him about 40 fortnights to come back around.

    #354 41 days ago
    Quoted from Vino:

    Shock denial anger acceptance

    You forgot the best stage of grief when it comes to buying stuff: BARGAINING!

    #476 40 days ago
    Quoted from DBLM:

    Got to love it when people make it about class warfare. Let's be real clear here: a person's bank account is not making the price of pinball go up; it is the mania of collectors that is driving prices. I see so many people bitching about the prices here and how they are not going to buy any more NIB. That rich guys are ruining the market. Then I see how many games they own. 8 machines. 20. More. So what this tells you is that all things being equal, they want the new games, but they don't want or can't afford to buy the new games. So as opposed to enjoying the games they have, buy used, go to league, whatever they crap on people that can afford to buy the games. I have seen on here people talking about raising the prices on LE's to subsidize the lower models. Absolutely ridiculous.
    As I said earlier, PINBALL OWES YOU NOTHING! People get way wrapped into this and feel that they have to have rows of games to participate. People with this thought process are only hurting themselves because they are setting themselves up for failure. "If I can't buy this game, I can't participate at the level I want, so that makes me feel bad. Let me direct this anger to rich people buying games as an outlet for my fury." It is bullshit. Enjoy what you have and how you participate in the hobby. As NPO would categorize and judge me, I can stroke a check. I have one, count them one, machine. A Hook that I bought in '99 for 700 bucks. Dont care where it is on the Pinside list. I love that machine. I play other games on location. I am sure I will buy another machine sometime but I dont put the value on machines that some of you do. Pinball does not define who I am. Sadly, for a lot of you, I get the feeling that pinball is your identity. This is toxic for you and your mental health. Get your priorities straight.
    Stern is raising pin pricing because they are a business. That is how businesses survive. Rich people can assuredly afford things, which factors into their pricing decisions. But the collector mentality (regardless of income) is the driving factor in pricing across the board going up.

    Entitlement is a hell of a drug.

    #705 39 days ago
    Quoted from Scandell:

    Meanwhile back at the batcave:
    Our community is so “colorful”. Be careful who you deal with out there. Everybody looks like a chill fun person…until… [quoted image]

    Scientists have had it all wrong! We don't nuclear power, just need HATRED!

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