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Everyone selling MB - 12 for sale - best way to buy?

By spinal

2 years ago

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Topic poll

“Best way to add MB to your collection?”

  • Buy original now at heavily discounted price 57 votes
  • Buy original after MBr is released at about same price as MBr (assume HUO) 16 votes
  • Buy MBr mint and new with upgrades like what AFMr had 147 votes
  • Don't like MB so not buying either way 41 votes

(261 votes)

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#12 2 years ago
Quoted from sulli10:

Agree totally here. I had a beautiful example that I got so bored with I could not even finish a 3 ball game. Would play one ball and just turn the game off. I cannot believe how hi this one is rated. But I like games no one else does so to each there own. I would wait to the new games come out and see if a deal could be found on an original.

It’s great as a “pick up and play” type game, that goes well with another longer title like TZ, IJ, LOTR, TH. The theme pulled me in but the game is just fun! That said, you need diversity - totally understand those that get bored if they’re on it a lot. You have to let it breathe. It is the #1 game novice players go to in my house

#36 2 years ago

ToM is an awesome game but I can’t help but think that Houdini is scratching that same itch for the same price - new mech designs, lcd screen.. but then again ToM is legendary...

#50 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Why the F would anybody EVER buy an original MB when you know the remake, for less $$$ in most cases, is going to BLOW IT OUT OF THE WATER.
Light show, sound, color dmd, unreal topper, etc. GAME OVER
Nobody can restore it to what they are about to do to a MB.

What light show? You mean if they redo something in the code? Highly unlikely - isn’t it?

Good condition games will probably go still in the 7s - but man what a difference in price! Glad I spent my $$ on a kruzman playfield..

#100 2 years ago

I’ve noticed a LOT more hate on ToM Over the past year or so. I don’t know if it’s the JPop story coming out, or a smaller group of vocal pinsiders who just don’t like it or similar games (like MB) or what, but it’s in the top 10 for a reason. Still fun as hell!

#137 2 years ago
Quoted from gliebig:

People complain about boards in the new remakes but good luck when your wpc95 av board goes out and isn't repairable

That’s been addresssed with the PinSound boards. Buy one of those and a DMD board and you are back in business.

#141 2 years ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

So your saying it's ok to buy not one but two new replacement boards for your original but condemning the new cpu board on the remake because ....................................................................... You have to buy a new CPU board if it goes bad?

Yes I’m saying it’s “OK” to buy two replacement boards, one of which dramatically improves on the sound of the game AND which provides you an alternative when previously you were just SOL on the game when the A/V board goes. How terrible of me.

I said nothing about the remakes... at all... as far as i can see.

2 weeks later
#180 2 years ago
Quoted from One_Quarter:

To answer the original question, I took this opportunity to buy pinlawyer's MB two weeks ago. If remakes draw the prices down on beautiful original playfield, modded to the max machines like that I'm all in.
MB was a grail title for me.
IMO the remakes are good for the hobby in that those who like them get brand spankin new games and those who don't can get their hands on nice originals at a more reasonable price. Win win.
As to which is better, this thread shows how far apart we all are on that. My experience with them is that though they may be beautiful with the great lighting and large color displays, the build quality just isn't there.

I'm in the same boat. The remakes are phenomenal, and I love the new features that they add in, but give me an original every time. The game may or may not be pristine, but those remakes are going to get dinged around just like the originals eventually. The remakes are not the same hardware and configuration. The feel and flipper capabilities seem to be pretty subjective; I like the original game feel too, but I think that's just confirmation bias. Plus the B/W games have been time tested and there is a fix for every issue imaginable - parts are still available in mass quantities, and there are no surprises. Mods are still coming out all the time, if that's your thing. All of that is worth it to me to stick with the originals

#186 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

They were until their flippers started blowing driver boards. And no working new toy for the holidays.

That definitely was bad timing - it seems more like they rushed some software through before testing sufficiently. Not as major a problem as an engineering flaw but still pretty bad since the end result is (for now) the same. They do seem to just jump right on things, and they know how important these first couple releases Are for the long-term value of the company

#188 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

But, but, but, these were supposed to have the exact same flippers as the originals!

I don’t know - they probably are the same mechs but the CpU controls so much via software now that there’s bound to be differences

#197 2 years ago
Quoted from mechslave:

Yes, a lot of us in this category. I'm not opposed to remakes, if people like them. But they aren't for me. For instance, I want to get an MM again, but I don't want an MMr. Not being a repro/original snob, I just prefer originals. I have extra WPC-95 cpus, and drivers. I know the system backwards and forwards. I know exactly what's wrong when something breaks, and probably have the parts/know-how on hand to fix it immediately. If I want to change some lighting, I swap in different LEDs. Sometimes, I swap it back and change it again, until I get the lighting exactly like I want it. I like the fact that my machines were put together at the old Wms factory, with the original designers walking the line, overseeing production, tweaking the line, etc. I know, a little corny and nostalgic. But that's me.
To many, none of this matters, or saving $1000-2500 matters more. Which is understandable. Some people just like "new" things. I get that too. Unboxing a new MBr? That's going to be a sweet moment for anyone, even the most hardcore originality fanatics have to admit. But if you gave me $8k and asked, original or remake, I'm going to grab an original all day, every day. Wide display or no, a couple enhancements or what not, it won't matter, that would just be my preference.

MB is an absolutely wonderful game. It's become common among modern collectors to dismiss a game once it's been 'beaten.' To me, this is silly. MB never gets old. The sounds, characters, toys, visuals make it a joy to play. MoR is not all that easy, either. But yes, as far as wizard modes go, it's very attainable.
But have you seen any flying 6's lately? Doubt it. The Big-6 stack is probably the most difficult stack in 90's pinball. Unbelievably difficult because of the precise order you need to complete your shots, so you don't complete one monster before starting another. If you need more challenge, there you go. Most who say MB is "boring" and "too easy" also give you a blank stare when you ask if they've seen Flying 6's. But difficulty aside, when Frank comes alive, it's one of the most magical moments in pinball. The flow of the game is great. The bash toys are satisfying. It's a joy to play, and has been for me since it was released.

What’s Flying 6?

#202 2 years ago
Quoted from mechslave:

Some call it the Big-6 stack. Some call it Flying 6's. When you get all Six monsters active at the same time, and the number 6's fly out of the display. I think Lyman referred to it as the "666666 Stack."
As with RBB, the player is not properly rewarded for the Big-6 stack. They are both just feathers in your cap. I forget the Big-6 bonus amount but I remember it being dismally low. I've mentioned this to Lyman, and he's not opposed to updating the scoring, and agreed the Big-6 bonus should be higher. Iirc, he said the average Bash score during testing was 25M, so he doubled it for RBB. So at least for RBB, we have the early Wms testers to blame for their weak Bash scores. As for the Big-6, I doubt any players saw it during test except Lyman.

What. I did not know about this!!

#204 2 years ago
Quoted from whthrs166:

They are not the same. I bought one for my WCS. The intro jingle turned me off right away. (that's an opinion) The volume would vary constantly when the game was played. It varied on which particular sound was called up. Now these issues may have been addressed by now (been a couple of years). I truly worry about the fate of my original W/B games because of this issue. Don't get me wrong I applaud Pinsound and what they have accomplished. I just would like to see a plug and play replacement that works like the original.

Well, in their defence WCS is not really a great game to test on - it doesn’t have as large a following as say, IJ, LOTR, etc. And a couple of years must have made a world of difference. But no, PinSound is not and probably never will be a fully plug-and-play replacement. It’s more like a tool you have to learn to use, and to get it really sounding cracking you have to also re-wire the speakers, and a basic understanding of the physics of sound doesn’t hurt. That said, it still improves any game’s audio just from being able to dial in the bass and treble. That’s only 1/10th of what its full capabilities are though

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