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Escalara- Pros & Cons

By poppapin

2 years ago

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    #119 2 years ago
    Quoted from bzbatl:

    I’ve read all the posts, listened to friends who praise 8 lbs 4 oz baby Jesus about this thing, and have watched dozens of videos on how simple people make it seem to move a pin with Escalera. They’re either full of crap, or I’m doing something severely wrong. My forearms are destroyed and my knees hurt from stabilizing and rebalancing the pin from every single step. There is simply no way an old man can supposedly move this with such ease.
    Coming back down on hardwood steps, it slips every step. I had to just lay the entire thing down on cardboard and slide it down the steps.
    Will someone please explain this to me before I take a sledgehammer to it?

    Larry from Flip N Out Pinball is no spring chicken...sorry Larry. Hopefully some guys can chime in on tips on using yours. If you go to a show that Flip N Out is at, I’m sure Larry will be happy to give you a crash course.

    3 months later
    #157 1 year ago

    Glad to hear all of the stories everyone. As a reminder, Flip N Out Pinball is a proud authorized dealer of Escalera products.

    Believe me guys, if I can use one, anyone can haha. Now that I have one for the business I honestly cannot imagine maneuvering heavy pins without it, especially thinking of manually dollying one up or down a staircase ugh. Plus, with the rise of pin prices, these are the perfect accessory for a fraction of the cost of a new pin, let alone the price of your collection.

    Also, I just put in an order for in-stock inventory, so if you are interested in buying one we can have it delivered right to ya or can bring it to an upcoming show!

    Any questions, call or message me. I’m happy to help.

    Zach Meny
    Flip N Out Pinball, LLC

    E42FA766-5415-442D-B816-F310F58FE78D (resized).png
    #161 1 year ago
    Quoted from Crile1:

    I have now moved 3 games with mine. It does take practice. You have to let the machine do the work, which is scary at first. But once you figure it out, boy, what a back saver! Moved JJPOTC by myself down to the basement.

    A POTC going down stairs make every nervous haha regardless of method. Nicely done!

    #163 1 year ago
    Quoted from Mogg:

    Anyone happen to know if the forklift attachment can be added to a existing 1200 unit? Or is it a different unit entirely?
    I really like mine but forks would complete the job

    I can double check for you but I think the forklift model is a model all it’s own due to fabrication of the frame.

    3 months later
    #206 1 year ago
    Quoted from PiNDoCToR:

    I've been using a Wesco Stairking for about 15 years and it's used a LOT. I feel it's built much better than the Escaleras as it has a welded magnesium frame, not a bolted together aluminum frame which feels like it racks when twisted. The Wesco is much more solid and rigid. Also has a nice ratchet strap as opposed to a makeshift car seatbelt that I have seen on the Escaleras. The few Escaleras I've seen in action, the motor is extremely loud and sounds odd to me. The only repair I've made on my Wesco unit is replacing a master link on one of the chains, which was a simple bicycle part. I've had the same battery for the whole time and it's kept plugged in 24x7. I once moved 25 pins upstairs with a single charge.
    Overall, it's been a great investment. It took a few tries to get the balance right as when you first use any of these stair-climbers regardless of the brand, you will feel like you are going to get pulled down the stairs with it, especially if you are a light-weight person. I use mine completely unassisted and I feel it's easier to use if you actually sit on the steps while using it and scoot your butt up or down one step at a time. It feels better balanced to me that way. My unit is just the base 66" unit with no forklifts, big wheels, extended toe plates, etc. I've been very happy with it overall.

    Ive never used a wesco, but I will say the Escalera is built well. The retractable strap is standard and works great. I can assure everyone that these are manageable and a HUGE help. People love them for a reason. As Larry was saying above, like any heavy duty tool they require initial practice.

    We would like to think that Escalera has more support in the pinball industry than any other dolly or lifting system. That’s because the company is easy to work with, are great people, and we at Flip N Out Pinball will always be available with purchasing questions, repair assistance, and after-purchase support. Try one for yourself at the next show and we will offer a quick training session.

    There’s an easier way.

    Zach Meny
    Flip N Out Pinball

    #212 1 year ago
    Quoted from 27dnast:

    Agreed... I’ve moved some super heavy pins... two refrigerators... heavy furniture... thing is solid as a rock

    The newer ones being sold are rated for 1200lb capacity

    #215 1 year ago
    Quoted from cjmjmm2006:

    Awesome job!!
    I may have already posted this but we take them up and down steps set up. I can't do that with my escalera.

    Damn that made me nervous haha. There’s nothing to prevent it from sliding down, nail biter. Technically, you could do the same with the Escalera but WE DO NOT RECOMMEND IT. Just take off the legs using the Escalera forklift, no sweat

    I didn’t realize you had to do so much back-and-forth lifting on each step with the Powermate.

    #220 1 year ago
    Quoted from cjmjmm2006:

    So in 5+ years of moving games with these units I've never had any issue. I also have escalera and I love it for light loads. I can counter balance over 800 pounds with this unit so there is a huge advantage for my vending route overall. I attempted to move a pole position sit-down with the escalera, no bueno. Easily with this unit. Nice to save time and get back home to the family. Either way there is a place for both units in my route however the power mate can just do bigger items.</

    I would love to test drive a powermate. They look interesting.

    #223 1 year ago
    Quoted from rrosenhouse:

    Can this be added easily to an existing Escalera, or does it need to be installed at the time of the order?

    They are installed at factory typically, but I think it can be added as well if you are willing to do a little install.

    #225 1 year ago
    Quoted from 27dnast:

    How much do they cost? I might add this to my staircat


    #229 1 year ago
    Quoted from mbaumle:

    It almost seems worth it to me to get the step edge detector. I bought my escalera second hand from a guy who bought it new in 2002. He was a jukebox salesperson, so it has seen a LOT of use. I've used it 4 or 5 times already, and going DOWN the stairs has actually become more difficult for me than going up, since it's nearly impossible to see the edge without a spotter. Going up is easy, except on carpeted surfaces. The little nubs on my unit are ancient, and the rubber is getting hard and is losing grip. What I would like to add is the big wheel attachment. I ALWAYS seem to scrape the metal chain belts on the alsphalt or concrete ground when rolling over even the slightest irregularity.
    I was thinking of rebuilding the motor unit since it has seen a ton of use, but it seems to work well for me regardless, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    Send us a message and we can get you an Escalera Big Wheel Attachment sent out.

    2 months later
    #234 1 year ago
    Quoted from OilGuy:

    I just moved three pins from the upstairs of one house to the basement of another by myself. No way I could have done that without an Escalera. Best purchase ever and much cheaper than marriage counseling.

    Quoted from hoby1:

    Just moved a 650lb soda machine with my 700lb max escalera. Did the job flawlessly but man did it tax it.
    Could not do without it at my age,

    Love hearing these stories. Keep em coming! The new standard Escaleras are rated for 1200lbs which is even better to help with the large jobs. As always, they take a bit of getting used to, but once learned it’s a game changer in many ways.

    #244 1 year ago
    Quoted from MT45:

    I literally JUST finished moving 40 machines up 19 total steps using my brand new Escalera - bought it with a spare battery so one battery could charge overnight
    Took 2 full weekends and 4 weeknights to get them all up there but I did it on 3 full batteries!
    Big thanks and shout out to Zach who took time with me on the phone as I asked about the 66" vs the 60" model - I bought the 60" and it works really well for me
    Happy to answer any questions you all might have as I've now got some experience under my belt!
    See the last few posts of my thread in the link below. Page #4 and #5 will give you the cliff notes version
    Also built this one man lift so that once I got the game up in the room, I could quickly (and painlessly!) set it up - again, an invaluable tool!

    Pretty epic! Big thanks buddy and I’m glad you are enjoying it.

    2 weeks later
    #251 1 year ago
    Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

    Just read the whole thread!
    Although briefly touched on it...few questions.
    Carpet, thick carpet and one 90 deg landing. Will it stay balanced and how is it on thick carpet? Uneven stone stairs into house.
    Sadly basement to first floor stairs from garage are 2 inches to narrow for pinball heads.
    What's the opinion here please.
    Thanks in advance.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

    Although not ideal, the Escalera can certainly work. I often tell people that 90 degree landings suck for pinball machines regardless of Escalera or typical handtruck. Carpet is usually not an issue unless it’s saggy over the step. The stone stairs are doable too but that one step looks like it’s lacking a lip so be careful there.

    As people use any method for transporting pinball machines, every different setup will require its own tips and techniques, as well as practice and support initially until you get a system that works for you. I’ll be happy to help in the process, give me a call or shoot me an email and we can figure out what will work best for you and your unique setup.

    #252 1 year ago
    Quoted from grantopia:

    Maybe I will call escalara. I did email zach but didn't get anything back. Maybe I'll try a pm.

    Sorry my friend I didn’t see your message! Shoot me another and we will get you taken care of. My apologies if I missed it.

    1 week later
    #254 1 year ago

    Yet another reason why YOU need an Escalera Stair-Climbing Handtruck. This Hitch Accessory makes travel with the Escalera Forklift Model easy and doesn’t take up any space in your vehicle. Attaches to the hitch and you’re ready to go! So freaking cool!

    Order yours now at
    Flip N Out Pinball

    8DE5F279-B3B7-458F-9365-08F60AF9B938 (resized).jpeg
    #255 1 year ago
    E64E501C-14B9-466E-8844-F83A72FB8394 (resized).jpeg
    1 month later
    #258 1 year ago
    Quoted from Crile1:

    Well, the curse of owning an Escalara finally struck me this morning as my brother called to help him move a 500+ pound fireproof filing cabinet from an estate sale. Involved going up stairs, down stairs and up a ramp. Worked like a charm. Boy those things are heavy!

    Hahaha The Escalera Curse! Buddies paying you back for helping lug previous pinball machines. I love it. Glad it took care of the beast of a safe

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