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#1 67 days ago

hi every one, is someone has a solution when you still have an error message on your dot matrix but in fact you already fixed the issues.
the game play perfectly but you can delete the error message any solution?

#3 67 days ago

there is a message concerning an opto
and others about switch.
but the game plays very well.

#4 67 days ago

If you're getting an error message the game isn't getting the right information from some switch or opto. The software could be compensating during gameplay.

#ripleys-believe-it-or-not has a post on the upper playfield that might give such an error if it were not popping up as expected.
This Pinwiki article says phantom hits are one way optos fail. It might not be obvious during play.

#5 67 days ago

It's best to fix it, but if you want the error gone for a few games, you can do a factory reset and it will go away for a few games. It'll erase the high scores, though. Is your playfield clean? If it's dirty, the opto for the tiki guy can't shine through the dirt. Make sure that's very clean. What switch does it say is bad?

#6 67 days ago

what game is it? and which optos and switches is it complaining about? you should go into the menus and see which specific switches/optos it's complaining about, and fix them. a game may play even with a switch or two not working, but that means it's doing something in the code to account for the broken switch -- usually by disabling a feature that depends on that switch or opto. If the game is reporting a problem with them, then it thinks they are not working.

#7 67 days ago

i will check tomorrow to see exactly the error messages.
thanks everyone!

#8 66 days ago

so it says vari target opto3
and idol eye opto3
it s contact 43 for the first one
and 24 for the second one.
and i repeat the game is working properly.

but we noticed that the magnet red led on the idol is not switched on every time during the game.
maybe it depends the sequence on the game.

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