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EM Tech, Chime Unit firing all 3 coils

By 1974DeltaQueen

8 years ago

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#1 8 years ago

Appreciate any help in advance. I know what the problem is, not sure which switch blade is open or closing at the wrong time. The History: 1971 Astro complete rotisserie repaint, everything taken out and put back of the cabinet and head. Game is now working 99% except for one thing. All 3 chime coils are firing at the same time. Triggering a 500 pt rollover I see the 500 pt. relay fires and the J Series Relay also fires at the same time. The result is all 3 coils in the chime unit fire but weakly. Some other things are the 100 pt. pops score and pop but no chime. 1000 pt. pop when lit fires and there is a louder chime.

When you remove all the guts and put things back together, inevitably something is going to get out of alignment. The game play was perfect prior to the repaint. The game currently scores perfectly, including the WOW scoring, the knocker fires when it should and awards added balls when it should. Score reels are giving the correct score. It's just the chimes are not firing individually and loudly.

The schematic shows a common wire at 1A, any thouts on what is getting crossed up.

#2 8 years ago

I had a similar issue. In my case, the polarity was reversed to 1 coil, making them all try to fire when either of the other 2 attempted.

I verified the wire colors via the schematic, then noticed 2 wires on right lug, 1 (reversed) on left. I fixed polarity, and was chiming properly right away

#3 8 years ago

yes, I'd guess the spade lugs at the coils are mixed up perhaps. Black wire goes to the lug that has the blue (usually) bridge wire, as that's the common return signal for all the coils. Then the colored wires go to their respective value chime (1000,100,10, or whatever the scoring is).

#4 8 years ago

Bridge wire is yellow to every other lug one per coil on chime unit. Funny if you pop the bumper you get no chime for 100 point but the reel advances . But if you depress the relay on the 100 pt score reel you get a chime and a wheel advance . Something is crossed on the playfield perhaps?

#5 8 years ago

Each chime should be driven by only a contact on the respective points relay (so if you manually press a points relay, the corresponding chime should fire). So yeah, if a points relay energizes, but no chime, that is odd.

#6 8 years ago

like I said, the same EXACT thing happened to me. you have one of the wires for the chimes reversed

#7 8 years ago

Should I bring my $_=&*? $# tools?

#8 8 years ago

Hey Rizzo, I worked on Race Cars 17 years I got a F@&$load of wrenches I can wrap around the chime unit

#9 8 years ago

How much American experience you got working on starters and alternators? And, do you have an inspection license?

#10 8 years ago

I got all that sh-- tough guy and an Inspection license . I'll fire that chime unit silly.

#11 8 years ago

No, seriously though. The guy above is right. You have a couple of the chime unit wires crossed. Did you fix it?

#12 8 years ago

Not fixed yet I'll get back into it in the morning . I had the wires marked but the pre disassemble pics are dark and not low enough to help me . Lesson learned , hold the phone lower and use the flash

#13 8 years ago

I'm getting frustrated tried moving wires on lugs and got hundreds to work but thousands stopped working WTH

#14 8 years ago

Match the wire colors to the coils per the schematic...

#15 8 years ago

Dirt I tried that and didn't seem to help. To clarify the 10 pt chime is the longest bar as I see it. And then the shorter bar is the 1000 chime.

#16 8 years ago

No sizzlechest, the 10 point chime is the shortest one. It has the highest tone. The hundreds is the middle one, and the thousands is the longest one. C'mon, should I send Frank Rizzo over with his toolbox?

#17 8 years ago

Yeah Paul Rizzo with his f'n tool box and a ratchet . Let me recheck the schematic next time I'm coding wire with #'s not colors

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