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EM : Show us your EM Pinball Machines!

By Rat_Tomago

7 years ago

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#2041 6 years ago

Does anyone know of this machine/this seller pls?http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/271384380686?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649

7 months later
#3063 5 years ago

That game looks damn nice RobT-congrats.

#3069 5 years ago

Well finally moved my recently acquired Gottlieb Rocketship woodrail from the workshop to the games room today. I am just so happy with this machine. So thks to Kerry Imming for suggesting a wanted post and to Dirt Flipper for giving the machine his tick prior to purchase.
The machine is ultra original & in great condition for its 56 yrs. The game has special meaning for me as it is the first pin I ever played as a teenager.
Cabinet, outside & inside, is in great condition, playfield has limited wear & with a brand new Shay backglass all is there. I am amazed that all of the labels on the motor board & head remain in place.
I have resprayed the coin door front (from an awful blue) and the legs, rebuilt the flippers, made some contact adjustments and added a game over bulb mod. The machine plays just great. Here are some pics:


#3071 5 years ago

The higher crate also contains the new backglass and parts from PBR. The crates were shipped from the Port of Philadelphia through Panama, Auckland and finally Sydney. As this was a single machine shipment yes freight & port charges were considerable-basically the same cost as the machine.

2 months later
#3331 5 years ago

Completed the resto on my El Dorado which I purchased from hoov some months ago. Resto included:
-cab clean & minor touch up;
-replace cab bottom board;
-strip backbox & overhaul score reels, relays & ball count unit;
-strip playfield, wax using Minwax (thks for the earlier tip), replace rubbers & plastics, ultrasound plastic parts, tumble/ refinish metal parts, rebuild flippers & pop bumpers and new sleeves to all coils, replace kicker switches, touch up wear points;
-solder base to body of all bulb holders (good to see not a flickering light);
-remove rust & polish legs, replace x1 internal cab leg brace bracket;
-remove motor board and clean & adjust all contact points; diagnose malfunction of A interlock relay (incorrect spring on delatch relay);
-replace missing parts from tilt mechanism;
-replace coin & backbox locks
-clean, adjust & confirm operation of coin mechanisms;
-lube per parts catalogue;
-replace power cable & install earth to coin door.
Confirm gameplay operation-
-faulty lower right kicker connection;
-maladjusted upper rollover;
-loose terminal on right flipper switch;
-maladjusted 10 drop target reset switch preventing reset during gameplay.

The machine after resto plays really well & fast & has that new tone to the mechanics. Now need to relocate to gamesroom by removing a game??

Thks to all for your help during resto and particularly to hoov for coordinating parts from PBR.





#3336 5 years ago

Nice looking machines; nice games room.

#3370 5 years ago

Abra Ca Dabra is another machine I purchased from hoov some months ago and completed a restoration a little while back. I really enjoy playing this machine-a great player, good ruleset and it looks terrific. Those blinking eyes of the wiz... at games end are captivating.




#3380 5 years ago

I am finally putting my Pro Football EM through a resto to enable sale-yes to clear some space for new arrivals. I had not noticed before but on the right side of the cab one of the footballers' helmets had a splash of black paint.


Now I guess most have a story of graffiti & vandalism (and maybe character) but after a rub with some thinners this is my one:


#3387 5 years ago
Quoted from Chippewa-Pin:

Picked up a Gottlieb Spin out about a month ago. It was in pretty good shape. After fixing the roto until (thanks Boilerman!!) and making a few adjustments, she's all shined up and playing great!
(sorry for the glare in the pics...)

Wow that's a lovely machine congrats which is on my wish list. I envy your find.

Head.jpg 43 KB

Playfield - lower-322.jpg 49 KB

Playfield - middle.jpg 48 KB

Playfield - upper.jpg 44 KB

#3393 5 years ago
Quoted from Boise_D:

My wife surprised me with Spin Out for Christmas. My first EM. Very nice. Time to learn...

What a present (on my wishhhhlist) but what a wife!! A lovely post at this time of the year.

image.jpg 154 KB

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#3405 5 years ago

Great looking machine boilerman. I have a GA on the way but it is nowhere near the condition of your machine.

#3432 5 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

You mean this WAS his line up. Many of these are gone now, replaced by DMD games. He loves his "Golden Arrow" though. This is the one I restored, and sold at the last Allentown show. It has a very nice home, and I still get to play it now and then!

Following on an earlier post jr is that photo taken at a hotel or personal gameroom?

1 month later
#3569 5 years ago

Ah sometimes it is just nice after a hard day to settle into a game with no twists & turns, ups & downs. Rollercoaster is such a game. It has its place in EM history!

#3570 5 years ago

Just finished a resto on my Pro Football prior to advertising for sale to enable space for imminent new arrivals Golden Arrow, Atlantis and maybe Spin Out.
When I got this machine it was pretty sad - poor cabinet, operational issues; flaking backglass; poor flipper power and a really badly mylar applied playfield (common on a number of Australian games).
So after a cab touch up, operational issues resolved (thks Kerry Imming & Dirt Flipper) including motor board, playfield & backbox rebuild; a bgresto backglass; flipper coil upgrade re Clays guide for this game and replacing the playfield this is now a fast & enjoyable machine-as always it will be sad to see it go.










#3578 5 years ago

Thks for the really gracious comments. As a relative newby to this hobby those comments from each of you mean an awful lot to me.
This one DF I actually purchased within about 45 minutes from my place. It came from a solid state guy who had bought it and decided not to carry through with it. It came with a really nice 'spare' playfield and associated parts so this resto includes that playfield which I did not touch up at all including the dreaded ball kick out area so it would retain its originality.
This was also the first time I used automotive acrylics to touch up the cabinet which I am now very much wedded to. This includes the use of MDF board stencils which I mentioned in a separate post.


#3580 5 years ago

Well my Gottlieb Golden Arrow, which I purchased from Michigan Pinball last November finally arrived in Sydney late last week and I picked it up from Port Botany today.


Craters & Freighters Detroit coordinated the packing, crating & shipping and did a great job. I was stunned by how well in particular the light box was protected within the crate by strong but cushioned & indented foam and vapour barrier wrapped. As a consequence the machine arrived as it left.


The machine operated straight out of the crate so I am quite happy. It needs some work on the cabinet, the playfield and the motor board but overall not a bad unit.




#3585 5 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy1:

Finished restoring this rare (only 375 produced) and beautiful Gottlieb HIT THE DECK.

Very very nice Robert-congrats

#3621 5 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

If it was in Fishermans Bay it was probably his........

PM sent to greenechidna hoov-thks

#3635 5 years ago

Following a much appreciated reference by illawarra92 I picked up today a Gottlieb Spin Out (I am a revhead from wayback) from Michael Shalhoub who had purchased this machine from a dealer in Chicago about 10 years ago.
The machine is fully operational although I will probably return the transformer from high to normal connectivity. Interestingly two US 110V transformers are installed in series. Does this mean 2x110=220V?
The machine requires quite a deal of cosmetic attention cabinet touch-up; pedestal repaint; replace bottom board; clean & wax playfield; install playmeter, tilt, coin mechanisms & cash box; seal & touch-up backglass; refinish coin door & coin entry plate.

SOarr1.jpg SOarr2.jpg SOarr3.jpg
#3643 5 years ago
Quoted from AlexF:

Congrats on the new machine Wayner. Looks like fun.
It's funny I ran into Michael Shalhoub at the Chicagoland show quite a few years ago. Being a huge fan of his books I had to go up and say hi. He was very pleasant and it was fun to meet him. I wonder if he picked up your Spin Out during that trip.

Not sure precisely AlexF because he visited the US on so many occasions. It was quite fascinating and rewarding to speak to someone with such a wealth of knowledge & experience of the Industry and EM pins in particular. I was honoured to have the opportunity to return with Michael, along with illawarra92 & Rod (of Rods' pinball videos fame) to his Mums' place for a coffee & chat.

Quoted from Hyperball91:

Congrats on your pick up wayner. It should scrub up nicely. I'm an old revhead too, lol. Was even the computer guy on a nitro funny for a while

It is indeed a small world Hyperball91. I ran what was then called a gas dragster (slingshot) with a fuel injected small block chevy power plant.

Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Nice pick up!
So, how many games does Michael own now?!

He mentioned 500 Shapeshifter.

#3647 5 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Wow, these big collectors make me feel sane

Sorry I overlooked mentioning that Michael indicated he is in the throes of winding back his collection

#3656 5 years ago

When I had 2 machines an American neighbour accused me of hoarding. He has 3 dogs so I suggested he was the one hoarding under his own criteria!!

#3663 5 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

Geesh wayne,
If you ever get up to 10 what would he think?

10 machines are far more quiet than 3 dogs Dave so he has stayed quiet!!

Quoted from illawarra92:

Was great to meet you last Monday Wayne and glad you're happy with this game..also cool to see another Aussie in greenechidna on pinside

Thks Tony & the good news is greenedchidna is buying my Pro Football
& will be picking it up Sat.
I am really stoked this afternoon because the Spin Out backglass flaking issue has been resolved. Yesterday I applied the 'triple treat' using Clays method of gladwrap to flatted the flaking-that worked a treat! Today I did the touch ups and much to my amazement (I have had little success with backglass resto previously) it turned out terrific and I will not need to call Steve at bgresto. That makes me super happy.

#3686 5 years ago
Quoted from EM-PINMAN:

No Doubt!
No Fear through, It is not that hard to replace with a new and better bottom panel. Check out my 1973 Williams Gulfstream thread for some pointers:

On replacing the bottom board Ken I could not pick up from the pics how you handled installation of the bottom board in terms of the cab rebate without removing the cab backboard per Clays guide or did you add a new fixing timber around the cab perimeter. I would appreciate your clarification-thks Wayne.

#3714 5 years ago

I picked up my Gottlieb Atlantis from the Port today after its long journey from Boston MA. Actually the shipping on this one was slow taking four months because of very slow crating & a roundabout Journey from the US East Coast through Singapore to Australia.
Anyhow very happy with the machine (45712 plays) which played well straight out of the crate. It has a great playfield & backglass but I will need to do some work on the cabinet including the bottom board, fit a tilt mech, resurrect the coin mechs & service the motor board, head & playfield.
I extend my thanks to Dirt Flipper for his highly professional & informative pre purchase assessment.









#3716 5 years ago

Looks terrific Ken incl the pf! Sure you need a repro? I am also an orange dot disciple & will put them on mine when I go over it.

#3731 5 years ago
Quoted from DirtFlipper:

Wayner and Ken - both your games need double rings behind the drop targets (double stacked on top of the other). (In the Operator Manual, it's ring 'F' on the ring chart, part A-10226.)

Thks DF-extra rings included in my latest PBR order.

#3732 5 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

Congrats Wayne! I wish I had an original playfield like yours.
Your neighbors must think you're in the pinball business as of late bringing home all these crated wonders!

Thks Dave. My garage faces the street so when I am working on a machine it is obvious to anyone walking past. There is a lady who cannot comprehend that I have more than one machine. So she invariably calls out "You still working on that machine!"

#3738 5 years ago
Quoted from greenechidna:

Less chaotic today....still working out the order.

DSC_0306.JPG (Click image to enlarge)

Great line up you have there Andy-congrats.

#3746 5 years ago

A nice setup & line up there Ken! Looks like you have settled in to the new abode quickly.

#3757 5 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

Well this happened today. I sold my King of Diamonds and bought a Surf Side. I can always replace the KoD. Surf Side is just one of those titles you don't see pop up for sale. I also figured I needed to change it up.

_surfside.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

Looks nice Rat-these Surf titles have absolutely charming & attractive graphics.

#3791 5 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

I will just let you guys drool over these pictures. Pinball porn at it's best.

That is just a great looking machine with tremendous appeal. I reckon by posting these pics you have instantly doubled the value of this game.

#3797 5 years ago
Quoted from peclark:

Just added my first real woodrail last week. A 1952 Gottlieb Chinatown. I've been looking for one for about a year and finally found one of the titles I was looking for. IMG_7577.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

A nice looking machine peclark-congrats. The World Fair next door is a machine I would like to have in my collection.

#3807 5 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

I figured I would share a video of my newly acquired 1967 Gottlieb Surf Side and have Odin drool in the process. You can bump the quality all the way up to 2160p resolution. Enjoy!
» YouTube video

Plays as nice as it looks-a real keeper!!

#3810 5 years ago

That's a great lineup GizzArd-congrats.

#3865 5 years ago

Great purchase Ken-congrats. Sky Jump seems to have become a very sought after machine.

#3877 5 years ago
Quoted from kangourou:

8000 miles from Chile to France for my Charlie's Angels EM.

Congrats Andrew-a great find & I am so happy you found one!!
Wanted : Dead or Alive - In any condition
You find, you win : REWARD USD 500

#3893 5 years ago
Quoted from jjpm:

They are really well done!
The only thing holding me back from picking a couple more up for my machines is that no one seems to sell the hinge for the door anymore and a rusty hinge doesn't look right with a new door (silly, I know, but I really notice it on my Flying Carpet that has one of those new doors).

I also find a quick abrasive blast works well.

1 week later
#3958 5 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

My 1967 Gottlieb Surf Side won two runner up ribbons at the Texas Pinball Festival. It received Runner up for "Best 60's" game and runner up for "Best Original" game. I absolutely love this game and the artwork.

11080888_10200509190528764_6408810138472249235_o.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

With those ribbons it seems an excellent time to onsell Rat-how much??

1 week later
#3994 5 years ago

Very enjoyable to watch Rat thks for sharing. A lovely machine which plays fast and has great presence. It would in my view be a pity if you chose to redo the cabinet-it looks great in original trim. For a multiplayer I was surprised when you shared that the bonus is not reset after each player-that sounds a good feature.

1 week later
#4049 5 years ago

Nice one Mikala

2 weeks later
#4191 5 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

I'm on on Bank a Ball no. 2 myself.
I was lucky enough to stumble on a super nice one. Here's the base cabinet during clean-up showing the original paint:

bab from Michigan- cleaning cabinet 005.jpg (Click image to enlarge)
bab from Michigan- cleaning cabinet 001.jpg (Click image to enlarge)
bab from Michigan- cleaning cabinet 015.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

Looks a really nice one Dave

#4248 5 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

How about the mylar method? Mylar circles of different sizes, smallest first. Levels insert and no risk to game if worried about damage.
Used to be able to buy kits but can't find anymore.

Greg at oldpinballs stocks the kits.


#4277 5 years ago

A wonderful collection-congrats

#4304 5 years ago

Very nice row of machines

#4340 5 years ago

Always sad to see a former manufacturing beehive that is no longer. I wonder what that building (if it still stands) now houses?

2 weeks later
#4572 5 years ago

King Rock on zoom Gerry

#4606 5 years ago
Quoted from frg:

So here we go again with my first line of wedgeheads...

A lovely collection-congrats

1 month later
#4902 5 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

I am so excited about this game. Winning 26 replays in one go is an amazing buzz - hope I do it! Will be a while before I play it as so much to do and other games to work on. This could well be a true keeper. It wasn't cheap but compared to modern SS games it was way better value - for me anyway.
Sweet Add A Line - 1955.
P/f was better in real life than the photos - not often that happens Cabinet 100% original, no touch up's. Repro backglass. Looking for an original if anyone has - highly unlikely!
Absolutely beautiful game Shapeshifter-congrats

#4969 5 years ago

In amazing condition Vic-congrats.

#4976 5 years ago
Quoted from digit:

I just picked up this 1961 Lancers. I haven't had a chance to do anything with it yet ...

From all accounts a good player-congrats.

3 weeks later
#5039 4 years ago
Quoted from kangourou:

2 of my games rooms in 360° !
A wonderful collection Andrew. Your Charlies Angels looks great. Hey you have room for 6 more!!-Wayne

1 month later
#5132 4 years ago

Picked up a GTB 1966 Crosstown today & fired it up when I got home. Needs a thorough resto/service but almost perfect bg and pf with clean/minor touchup & wax/ along with correct bumper caps will be fine. Cab needs quite a bit of work to correct some plywood splits & maluse. But overall very happy with purchase.



#5138 4 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

Wayner, is that a repro backglass?

jrp I think it is too good to be an original & the seller did say 'it is a new bg' but it is certainly a good & faithful repro.

#5139 4 years ago

I note my Crosstown has what appears an additional larger font extended serial no as well as the normal stamped type. I have not seen this before. Machine was originally located in City of Philadelphia.



1 week later
#5164 4 years ago

I have wanted a GTB 1971 Rollercoaster for some time & finally snagged one for a good price but it required a trip to South Australia-1500kms each way. The machine was non working, had a poor non original cab repaint, requires bg & pf touchup and is missing an on/off switch & chime mechanism (I have those spares). But I am happy to finally have the machine.
Anyhow after a few hours got the machine 'mainly' working & tested paint removal to prepare stencils & that went ok. Now on to full resto queue.




2 weeks later
#5229 4 years ago

Very nice jr!

2 weeks later
#5266 4 years ago

Recently picked up two GTB multiplayers a New York & a Pyramid. Both have great backglasses & playfields but need some minor work on the cabs. Really impressed that the New York can be changed from AAB to Replay & vice versa via jones plug adjustment.







1 month later
#5401 4 years ago


Well my Midway Raceway finally arrived-'a long time comin'! From the US East Coast via Panama, Hong Kong & finally Sydney. But well worth the wait.
Just a fun machine & my grandsons will enjoy this one at Xmas.
Machine is in great operational condition with some fairly minor playfield wear and the Ferrari dinky toy has had the wheels & tyres changed to a ridiculous small diameter. A US collector has the correct wheels & tyres available.
I note on this machine, as with my United Tropics bowler that the motor & relay board labelling is comprehensive & very helpful.

3 months later
#5878 4 years ago

Picked up a Bally 1972 Fireball today from Michael Shalhoub, unloaded, did an initial setup & had a few games. Dan is right this is a great player! Its distinguishing features are great alongside a Gottlieb collection.

I am really happy with the purchase-great backglass & pf & fully operational. A few touch-ups needed on the cabinet but that will be little problem.






#5880 4 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

Congrats Wayner! Looks like a really nice game. I hope you have as much fun with your machine as I have with my Fireball.

Thks Rat much appreciated. I just noticed on ipbd that Fireball has black legs-is that original? Thks Wayne

#5971 4 years ago

Very interesting article. I was fascinated by the 'wood from Wisconsin' comment. Can someone fill me in pls?

2 months later
#6419 4 years ago

Finally completed a resto of my Super Spin which was my first machine purchase back in November 2013. Completed cab, bg & minor pf touch-ups incl arch trail; resto of motor board & head; rebuild of roto, bonus stepper & player unit along with full shop of pf. I was amazed at the number of very loose coil stops on roto & bonus stepper units & flipper assemblies.
This was a good example for me of the before & after impact of a full resto. The machine plays beautifully & the improvement is just so noticeable.











#6468 4 years ago

The end of an era and 215 production. A prized possession for you Andrew-congrats.

1 week later
#6537 4 years ago

Completed a repaint today of my GTB 1971 Roller Coaster. This was a poor condition non working machine I picked up late last year. It had just an awful paint job. I managed to remove sufficient paint using a paint remover (the key seemed to be to remove the wrinkled paint at just the right time so only the top layer was removed). This revealed the original graphics from which I prepared stencils on tracing paper. The base, yellow & magenta colours were matched from my C37. This machine had quite light webbing which I have re-created. Overall I am happy with result-thks to Ken (pinhead52) for his terrific advice. Now to the rest.






4 weeks later
#6763 4 years ago

My GTB 1956 Auto Race finally arrived today & picked it up from the Port of Sydney. Once again Craters & Freighters did a terrific job on packing & crating-never the likelihood of damage despite the distance involved (Rhode Island US to Australia).

Machine is in pretty good condition particularly for its age & fired up straight away. It does however need a good shop & various cosmetic issues addressed.

I will post further pics when the machine is set up properly.





#6768 4 years ago

Thks for the kind comments. Plays a bit sluggish/slow' Ken but a shop should resolve.

#6791 4 years ago

Just completed a resto of A GTB 1971 Roller Coaster. This is a machine I picked up last year from afar (1500kms each way). I played RC at the Sydney Pinball Expo in 2014 & decided it was a machine I liked.
This machine was cheap but non working & a host of issues not the least the cab repaint.




The machine had a score motor which regularly jammed; hacks which prevented a range of pf features; pf wear points; flaking bg; missing chime box & off/on switch & in a general neglected condition.
Machine has been restored to original condition & plays fast & powerful. I am waiting on a repro bg from bgresto.
I replaced the defective motor on the score motor from my parts bin. Interestingly I found it possible to remove and replace the score motor upper switch without the need to remove the switch stacks from their supporting frame-however this needed to be done carefully to avoid any unintended movement of switch settings.
Unfortunately the cab light webbing does not show up well in these pics.







Fully working coin mech have been included & a lid (missing) for the coin box fabricated.





#6802 4 years ago

Different people will see things in different ways but heck for me there all great! And if you have a particular title its likely to be even greater.

3 weeks later
#7019 3 years ago
Quoted from illawarra92:

agree, been doing a ground up restore of gottlieb fun fair which is the italian version of fun park..note the ball diverter below the flippers

That pf looks very nice Tony

3 months later
#7519 3 years ago

Completed a full resto on a GTB World Fair. On this occasion even touchup of bg went pretty well. Overall machine came up quite nice & plays beautifully. My thks to Dirt Flipper for assistance in resolving an issue with score motor not completing revolution to enable operation of replay button-turned out to be a mal adjusted 1C score motor run out switch.

canon231016 001 (resized).JPG

canon231016 005 (resized).JPG

canon231016 004 (resized).JPG

canon231016 003 (resized).JPG

canon231016 007 (resized).JPG

canon231016 008 (resized).JPG

canon231016 009 (resized).JPG

#7526 3 years ago

Thks for the kind comments re World Fair.

Quoted from bek1966:

Nice work on the World Fair! The playfield looks terrific, did it have much wear or require much touch-up work during the restoration?

The pf required minor touch up only. there was some blue 'overscreen' adjacent to the lower outlane which cleaned up ok; some touchup needed under the mylar protectors on the the top pops; & the inner timber shooter lane guide was split badly at the top but able to repair it ok.

canon18082016 025 (resized).JPG

canon231016 003 (resized).JPG

Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Beautiful restoration Wayne
Love the polished brass score motor!

Simon as a matter of course on restos now I disassemble the score motor principally to lubricate the 'hidden' upper lube point which under normal circumstances would never be serviced. Disassembly makes cleaning/polishing the cam pretty straight forward. Unless needed I do not remove all switches but working carefully I have found the cam & upper body can be removed from the motor.

Quoted from dasvis:

Hey, where is Dirtflipper anyway? Is he OK - I have not seen him on pinside in ages.

All ok I believe. From my perspective DF is certainly a giant of our hobby.

#7528 3 years ago

Picked up a non working GTB Volley last weekend- 11 hour round trip. Pf pretty good; bg some paint deadspots but should repair ok; cabinet 'heavily nicotined' (krud kutter to the rescue); and cab particularly light box will need quite a bit of repair. The neck is one of the worst repairs to the front plate I have seen & white legs!!

Managed to get the machine working after about 30 mins. Discovered the reset lever on the bcu was overtightened preventing the bcu progressing to ball 1 through the trough switch; a stuck lower outlane 5000 switch & a maladjusted 1000s 9 pos switch preventing increment of 10000 reel.

Now in the resto queue.

canon041216 004 (resized).JPG

canon041216 007 (resized).JPG

canon041216 009 (resized).JPG

canon041216 015 (resized).JPG

#7573 3 years ago

Just completed a resto on my GTB 2001 which I acquired about 12 mths ago. Machine although working was in quite poor cosmetic condition & operation was at best sluggish.
Resto included cab repaint; strip, clean & overhaul pf, head & motor board-drive shafts of all steppers in particular were particularly gunked with hesitant movement. As is now customary dismantled score motor & service included lubrication of that hard to get to upper lubrication point. Anyone spot the cab repaint problem in pic 3?
Machine now plays great & a pleasure to dedicate it to ' the Factory'-the name of my gameroom.

Factorylogo (resized).png

canon291016 005 (resized).JPG

canon311016 007 (resized).JPG

canon311016 013 (resized).JPG

canon121216 010 (resized).JPG

canon121216 015 (resized).JPG

canon121216 017 (resized).JPG

canon121216 016 (resized).JPG

canon121216 020 (resized).JPG

canon121216 021 (resized).JPG

canon121216 022 (resized).JPG

canon121216 001 (resized).JPG

canon121216 003 (resized).JPG

canon121216 004 (resized).JPG

canon121216 006 (resized).JPG

canon121216 018 (resized).JPG

..and finally got round to making up a t-bar tool (the T from a disused kitchen drainer & socket from our local recycling centre) for getting to those pesty pop ring & shaft nuts-works a treat!

canon121216 023 (resized).JPG

#7578 3 years ago
Quoted from Darcy:

Not very noticeable. Most people wouldn't see it.
The back box, left side stenciling was done reversed.

Spot on Darby. I thought I had rechecked the red orientation on the back box multiple times but when it came to orient the blue I was horrified but went ahead and applied the blue. However could not live with it & corrected-made easier because I had sufficient thinned acrylic to complete the task. But a QC lesson for me.

#7591 3 years ago
Quoted from embryonjohn:

Wayno! Great call on the red dot coils. If any table needs some more juice it's that.

Orange dot only which I use on selected machines.

#7596 3 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

Be careful what you wish for. You'd be vying for the same games for sale in the area!

No problem jr. Ken could buy 'em' & I would slip next door & play 'em'.

2 weeks later
#7637 3 years ago
Quoted from skywalker:

Picked up this Tiger a little while back, Freshen'd up the playfield & lower mechs, plays great, lov slamming the spinner
no vids on this tittle so i did a quick one,
» YouTube video

A very nice machine-congrats.

2 weeks later
#7742 3 years ago

Yes no doubt about it great artwork on Super Spin

canon1662016 003 (resized).JPG

canon40616 004 (resized).JPG

canon1662016 002 (resized).JPG

3 weeks later
#7841 3 years ago

Just completed a full resto on a GTB Volley which I picked up a couple of months back. It was in pretty sad overall condition (severe nicotine staining), flaking bg & non operational including some poorly executed hacks. Principal issues affecting gameplay were a ceased bcu lever, a stuck ball return switch, jammed centre pop mechanism & poor flipper performance.
Never encountered a machine where a previous owner had literally oiled everything I assume in an endeavour to resolve the operational issues. The clean up required some effort.
Anyhow machine now working 100% & plays really well.

canon020217 011 (resized).JPG

canon020217 010 (resized).JPG

canon030217 001 (resized).JPG

canon020217 001 (resized).JPG

canon020217 005 (resized).JPG

canon020217 006 (resized).JPG

canon020217 007 (resized).JPG

canon020217 002 (resized).JPG

canon020217 003 (resized).JPG

canon020217 004 (resized).JPG

canon020217 012 (resized).JPG

canon020217 013 (resized).JPG

1 week later
#7928 3 years ago
Quoted from kangourou:

Here is my gameroom in 360° (2 pics) :

Wonderful space & line up of machines Andrew. Good to see you have Charlie's Angels in the secure space!

#7974 3 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

Thanks to "cantbfrank", I nabbed this Gottlieb "Poker Face". I spent all day today cleaning it up and evaluating what it will need. Plastics and a backglass for sure. Has the wrong arch gate, and those are hard to come by. It's a worthy project, but it's going to be back in the queue a bit. Luckily, Shay is doing a repro backglass. Ron Webb did it several years ago, but they're long gone. Overall it's pretty sound considering it's age.

Very nice machine jr-a great pickup. You will have it looking pristine.

#7977 3 years ago

Picked up a GTB King Pin at an estate auction yesterday (10 hr drive each way). Machine has not been operated for a couple of decades & is in pretty dismal condition but I am optimistic that it will come up ok. What is under the tape below the arch on the upper pf is the million dollar question. I was told by an attendee at the auction that the machine had been housed upstairs in a café/arcade & was used to secret cannabis for sale??

canon19022017 003 (resized).JPG

canon19022017 010 (resized).JPG

canon19022017 007 (resized).JPG

canon19022017 008 (resized).JPG

canon19022017 009 (resized).JPG

Also picked up an antique National cash register (this model used extensively in Australia) which I want to restore locate in my diner & use for holding my machine coins.

canon19022017 012 (resized).JPG

#7988 3 years ago
Quoted from Electrocute:

I like the cash register. Looks like an NCR.

Yes NCR 1954 vintage model 126 (3). Need to get a key to unlock the mechanism. I really look forward to bringing this one back to life.

#7989 3 years ago

I wanted to pass on a couple of initial resto items on the GTB King Pin I picked up yesterday. Incidentally the machine had been located in outback Australia in an open shed for around 15-20 years. The accumulation of red dust was just incredible.

What had me really worried was the masked off upper ball trail section.

canon19022017 022 (resized).JPG

So it turns out the pf has a full cover very thin mylar cover which had not been visible due to the dust. It appears that on the apron ball trail area the ball had worn through the mylar; the same had occurred where the ball kicks to on the two upper kickers. In these areas the mylar had been pierced & become brittle & sticking up. The response appears to have been to cover the kickers & seal the mylar with masking tape-just extraordinary! Using a hair dryer on low heat I gently removed the offending mylar & masking tape sections.

canon19022017 037 (resized).JPG

I am quite relieved with the initial result & am confident of being able to do touchup to retrieve the pf. Where the (good) mylar intersects with the pf I will build up with wipe on clear. Actually despite an apparent 145k plays the mylar has generally maintained the pf pretty well.

When I lifted the pf I found that the whole area under the motor board & internal cab sides had been lined with tacked alfoil and a ground /earth connection ran from a transformer retaining screw to a further connection to the alfoil through the bottom of the cab.

canon19022017 025 (resized).JPG

canon19022017 040 (resized).JPG

canon19022017 039 (resized).JPG

In the absence of an electrical background I find this bizarre & quite dangerous. It has been removed.

Well in this Sub Forum it is normally about installing switches. Well on this machine (switch verified to be totally operable) the switching wires were joined so the switch was always on! For me another very odd one.

canon19022017 011 (resized).JPG

canon19022017 038 (resized).JPG

1 week later
#8076 3 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

Picked this up today. Seller told me he had a lot of calls today, but I was fortunate to have seen the ad shortly after it was posted yesterday afternoon (CL). He was very honorable letting me have first shot at it since I was the first caller. No brainer!

Wow jr you really need to be an eagle eye to establish why a pic earned an unsafe message!

#8092 3 years ago

A GTB King Pin I am restoring had quite a novel approach to freeplay-a string attached to the 2nd chute coin switch!

004 (resized).JPG

#8152 3 years ago
Quoted from ajfclark:

My first and only machine is Pioneer.

The outside of the cabinet is well worn, the red in the backglass is very faded from being left in full Australian sun every afternoon for years...

Given the machine was in the pm Australian sun for years the pf & bg have stood up pretty well.

2 weeks later
#8200 3 years ago

I have held flyers for most of my machines for some time but struggled as to how best to display them. Anyhow had a brainwave that display in the form of the backbox livery might be ok. These are the results of the first three:

canon18032017 001 (resized).JPG

canon18032017 003 (resized).JPG

canon18032017 002 (resized).JPG

canon18032017 004 (resized).JPG

#8207 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballFever:

How did you make them? Two of them look like they were cut out of wood and painted but Sea Raider looks like framing moulding was cut and joined together to make a frame? Did you have a frame shop do that one?

No outside help needed Bruce.
The face of the wedgeheads was made using 7mm mdf board cut with a circular saw and centre cut using a jigsaw. It is backed by a frame using 11mm square pine moulding.
The Sea Raider was made with 25mm quad (triangular) moulding mitre cut on a drop saw and glued together using an inexpensive ($4) picture frame tension strap obtainable from $ shops. Again it was backed by a frame using 11mm square moulding.
I purchased a couple of preowned picture frames from the local Recycling Centre to give me the glass & backing board needed. I made some clips from scrap sheetmetal to retain the glass, flyer & backing board in the frames. Finally sprayed & webbed the wedgeheads whilst repainting my GTB King Pin & sprayed the Sea Raider frame with matching colour which I used when replacing the back boards on my Sea Raider.

canon19032017 009 (resized).JPG

1 week later
#8348 3 years ago
Quoted from stashyboy:

A change of pace for me. Got this in a package deal. Couldn't resist the challenge of reconditioning a somewhat rough game (though the glass is pretty decent). Not as popular as his younger two-player sister Fire Queen, but same playfield layout/artwork. Classic Krynski/Morrison. BTW, I may want to pass it along possibly at or before Allentown. Enjoy

[Image/post mismatch]

What a great part of the deal-your machine looks in superb condition. I always think that the cab/lightbox corners/edges tell quite a story & on yours it is a great story.

3 weeks later
#8731 3 years ago
Quoted from oohlou:

I finally joined the EM club this week! Added my first 2 EMs: Solar City and Far Out.

Welcome to the Club-machines look very nice.

#8846 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballbrian:

Hey guys,got back safe,everything OK.here is pics of cab I couldn't take last night.wish playfield was a little better( don't we all). With a little cosmetics I think it will make great basement banger.

Pro Football is a great & very underestimated game-very sorry I sold mine. Congrats on your pickup.

1 week later
#8894 3 years ago

Picked up a couple of years back & very nice GTB Sure Shot (30k plays). I have only just got around to doing a partial service-strip & wax pf & service motor board. After rescuing a number of beaters it was great to work on a nice original machine. Only issue was a broken brake switch on the score motor but it had not previously effected gameplay & a few faulty lamp holders. Machine plays very nice.

canon07052017 005 (resized).JPG

canon07052017 016 (resized).JPG

canon07052017 007 (resized).JPG

canon07052017 008 (resized).JPG

canon07052017 009 (resized).JPG

canon07052017 010 (resized).JPG

canon07052017 012 (resized).JPG

canon07052017 013 (resized).JPG

canon07052017 001 (resized).JPG

canon07052017 014 (resized).JPG

#8952 3 years ago
Quoted from Otaku:

And your wife for the night (although that cost a lot less)

That is just a dreadful & unbecoming post Steven.

1 week later
#9114 3 years ago

Finally got around to shopping a lovely originalC37 which I purchased from hoov (terrific A1 seller) awhile back. The machine has the best playfield in my collection, 100% bg & was a pleasure 'to shop'.
As is always the case after a shop (clean & x5 wax of the pf) the machine plays fast & true.

canon24052017 021 (resized).JPG

canon24052017 023 (resized).JPG

canon24052017 022 (resized).JPG

canon24052017 005 (resized).JPG

canon24052017 027 (resized).JPG

canon24052017 030 (resized).JPG

canon24052017 029 (resized).JPG

canon24052017 028 (resized).JPG

canon24052017 015 (resized).JPG

canon24052017 016 (resized).JPG

canon24052017 018 (resized).JPG

canon24052017 019 (resized).JPG

canon24052017 024 (resized).JPG

canon24052017 017 (resized).JPG

1 week later
#9162 3 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Been looking quite a while for a really nice volley and today I found it. Beautiful condition, very happy about the find and goes great with my attlantis. Now I just need a grand prix!

That's a nice setup.

1 week later
#9203 3 years ago
Quoted from stashyboy:

I know this title had been getting a lot of press lately (hopefully not over-hyped), but I felt I had to share this one with the group. Not sure why, but seems like lots of nice examples around. Maybe the theme just didn't appeal to the mostly teenage boy audience? This one had just over 18k plays, perfect glass with just some very, very minor work done on the body and field. Before anyone asks, it's not my game, and not for sale. I just did the restoration.Enjoy!

Wow an absolutely pristine condition machine-beautiful!

3 weeks later
#9304 3 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Surf Side is a great game. The one I have was almost on it's way to Australia, but the guy put in a low offer so I just decided to keep it. It is a winter game around here and gets plenty of play.
One hour later ....

Now a story from Australia......

In Jan 2017 I received an unsolicited offer from a Ca seller for a GTB Surf Side-the price was quoted as $US1450. I sought further info about the machine & as part of my consideration contacted a Pinsider in Texas who coincidentally had previously posted a you tube vid of the very machine. To my surprise that Pinsider indicated to me that he had a prior agreement that the machine would not be sold unless offered to him in the first instance. He indicated that he had immediately made arrangements to buy back the machine. Subsequently, the seller indicated to me the machine had been withdrawn from sale.
I made no offer for the machine & am incensed by the inference suggested.

Finally I was disgusted by the whole episode & let the seller know accordingly.

1 week later
#9386 3 years ago

Just completed a full resto on a GTB 1976 New York which I acquired a couple of years ago. Machine generally was in reasonable condition but significant damage to underside of cab rear where it was apparently dragged along the ground. It has come up quite nice & plays well.

Limited production of 300 machines & is said to have been produced to celebrate the lifting of a pinball machine ban in New York. Although listed as an aab machine can by jones plug adjustment be converted to replay which I prefer.

Once again I am ecstatic with the performance of Evaporust-the legs on this machine had a degree of rust but an overnight soak & now like new. Along with using a parts washer (good quality water soluble concentrate) & limited use of a wire brush on a bench grinder I find I am using a tumbler less & less.

canon20072017 004 (resized).JPG

canon20072017 005 (resized).JPG

canon20072017 008 (resized).JPG

canon20072017 006 (resized).JPG

canon11072017 019 (resized).JPG

canon20072017 007 (resized).JPG

canon15072017 001 (resized).JPG

canon15072017 002 (resized).JPG

canon20072017 003 (resized).JPG

canon20072017 002 (resized).JPG

AAgr1 (resized).jpg

#9401 3 years ago
Quoted from EM-PINMAN:

Super job on the "New York" Wayne! Did not know there was a Jones Plug for a "Replay" setting which is very cool indeed as I would have changed the plug to that setting as well. Love your sink work station too, hope to get one installed in my shop down the road. Enjoy!

I am unsure Ken whether that feature is on other machines in the family.

#9408 3 years ago
Quoted from gdonovan:

Big Ben chimes once more...
The last of a trio of machines brought home last Saturday woke from its slumber this morning.. and in surprisingly good condition. Pulled the main board this morning, cleaned, lubed and adjusted everything and went through all the scoring reels. Shortly after the machine was up and running! From there did some meatball surgery to the ball count unit (which is a mess but at least working now) and cleaned all the stepper units. Popped out, cleaned and leveled a bunch of inserts. Changed out a bunch of bulbs. Pulled all the plastics and posts, compounded out the playfield (which had mold on it) and gave it a nice coat of wax and installed new elastics. Polished the plastics and posts. Found that the switches for slingshots were falling apart, repaired. Adjusted the drop targets. Scrubbed the "gear" domes for the poppers.
Not a bad game. With new elastics and waxed playfield far more entertaining then when I first started this morning. Give it a few weeks for a fair shake. Need to work on Star Action next.. once parts from PBR show up I'll be on Bus Stop, Dart and Orbit again.

I would call that a good mornings work Gary-nicely done.

#9410 3 years ago
Quoted from gdonovan:

Thank you! Still a little work to do. The scoring motor seem slow and makes a grinding noise which makes all the long chime sequences slow as well. I'm going to swap out a motor from one of my other machines to diag the problem. Lubricating the motor did not seem to make much difference and the cam set moves freely.

There is a 'hidden' lube point on those score motors Gary under the motor frame not normally accessed unless the motor is removed.

#9426 3 years ago
Quoted from OTTOgd:

Picked up an old Gottlieb that had been painted black with dazzling stickers attached!
But as exciting as that may sound, I appreciate the original art and scrubbed. And scrubbed. And scrubbed. And still have more scrubbing to do on the upper cabinet. But worth the effort!

Nice work Kev.

2 months later
#9817 2 years ago

Completed full resto of a GTB 1978 low production Pyramid. Machine had some damage to cab rear, pf wear alongside the lower slings (happy with touchup) & initial delamination & flaking of the bg (sealing & touchup completed). As with these later DC inspired EMs machine plays really fast & has a great ruleset IMO. Machine has tandem transformers installed for 240V local power supply.

canon15102017 003 (resized).JPG

canon15102017 005 (resized).JPG

canon15102017 004 (resized).JPG

canon15102017 011 (resized).JPG

canon13102017 001 (resized).JPG

canon14102017 003 (resized).JPG

canon14102017 002 (resized).JPG

canon14102017 001 (resized).JPG

canon15102017 001 (resized).JPG

#9850 2 years ago

That's a lovely machine jr-it would be a shame to be sent on its way!

4 weeks later
#9974 2 years ago
Quoted from trk12fire:

What do you guys use to clean up an old metal coin door? Maybe one with a little rust.

Evaporust-a great product. Soak door disassembled overnight.

1 week later
#10035 2 years ago

One off the wish list-a GTB Flying Carpet which arrived from the US last week & purchased in non operating condition.

canon17112017 010 (resized).JPG

canon17112017 013 (resized).JPG

canon17112017 014 (resized).JPG

Got it working pretty quickly with a polish of the jones plugs & reseating of the sequence bank.

Cab is in reasonable condition & with some repairs & touch up should come up ok although as is customary for this title the original cab primary colour has faded considerably. This is original colour:

canon21112017 004 (resized).JPG

I may yet do a repaint to get that original primary colour or not?

The last couple of machines I have had transported have arrived with the sequence banks 'swinging in the wind'-not good at all! On this occasion the wing nut threads were gunked not allowing sufficient tension to retain the bank in place. This was the result of the 6 switch hitting a stepper below:

canon21112017 002 (resized).JPG

Needless to say the switch was seized but now corrected.

Bg has some minor flaking, has now been sealed & am hopeful of being able to touch up ok.

There is a fair degree of pf wear in the upper ball trail & above the flippers. I intend to sand back these areas & for the first time to use a shellac mix to get a decent retouch & match in these complete areas.

I really enjoy the simple gameplay of Flying Carpet & look forward to a full resto in 2018.

#10045 2 years ago
Quoted from bek1966:

Nice games guys, thanks for sharing!

Wayne: If it's not too much trouble and if you can remember to take photos, would you mind showing how you do this process? I have tried, without great success, on my Fast Draw and would like to see how you approach doing a retouch on the finish.

Will do Brad but it will not be until 2018-Wayne

1 month later
#10133 2 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

I am bummed to inform everyone that I will be getting a divorce and I am forced to sell all of my pinball machines I have left (3 of them) You should easily be able to find my 3 games for sale in the for sale ads. 1948 Gottlieb Buccaneer, 1952 Gottlieb Queen of Hearts and a 1952 Gottlieb Coronation. If this posting is not allowed then please just kindly edit it. I would hope that this posting would be a catch all post to explain why I might not be seen on here anymore possibly for years to come. I enjoyed everyone's postings and help on here for the last 4 years. It has been a good time.
aka Rat Tomago

That is sad news Dan. I remember from our correspondence re your Surf Side how passionately you regarded your machines.

#10144 2 years ago

Nice rebuild Adrian-a big but worthwhile investment!

#10161 2 years ago

New Year family time is a time for my Grandsons to sharpen their EM skills!

gsons118 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#10187 2 years ago
Quoted from willbeEM:

I picked up this Marathon recently. The front has been painted black, the door ...original? Anybody have a picture of a original design? Also curious on the green legs. Did Gottlieb just randomly paint the legs different colours?

Original colours on IPBD:

#10220 2 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

Three latest restorals.....

Wonderful work Dave. The machines look fantastic. Good to see you 'well into it' post the 'tree season'!

2 months later
#10723 2 years ago
Quoted from bek1966:

Nice games guys, thanks for sharing!

Wayne: If it's not too much trouble and if you can remember to take photos, would you mind showing how you do this process? I have tried, without great success, on my Fast Draw and would like to see how you approach doing a retouch on the finish.

I have now completed the resto Brad-hence a couple of pics of the areas you requested between flippers & upper arch. After thorough clean of pf I gave each area a very light sand to try & smooth the surface then mixed shellac flakes with methylated spirits (more flakes darker finish). I applied the mixture with a cloth-a couple of coats to acquire close match. Then applied in those areas wipe on satin clear followed by waxing of pf. Not perfect but in my view much better than previous. Hope this helps.

canon21112017 001 (resized).JPG

canon13012018 009 (resized).JPG

canon13012018 006 (resized).JPG

2 weeks later
#10770 2 years ago

I believe not so much conflicts as variations on similar themes using different products & methods but principles generally pretty similar on EM threads. As suggested pinrepair is a great resource along with vids guides on this site. You have started with a great game.

#10780 2 years ago

Thats one beautiful machine-beautifully done!

#10787 2 years ago

I have found some parts are ok after a couple of hours but generally overnight is the go. I agree it is a miraculous product. On some products (eg lockdown receivers) I clearcoat after evaporust & have found that provides long term protection.

#10791 2 years ago
Quoted from Raff:

Hi wayner where can you buy it in aust

Supercheap Auto but wait until they have their 20% off sales.

#10811 2 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

Well, these were mine, but they sold at Pinfest. Love the cash, but it stung a little to part with them.

Nice machines jr-I would be thrilled to be able to get a Skyline one day.

#10820 2 years ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

A bit off topic but am doing a flipper rebuild on my El Dorado. How the heck do I get this thing by my thumb off LOL, I feel like a cavemen

I use a rivet punch (cheap on ebay)-only need to punch sufficiently to release or replace lever arm.

Rpunch (resized).jpg

Alternatively by using an enclosing socket at the back of the lever arm utilise a vice to take the roll pin to the bridge of the lever arm then punching remainder. This I have found to be a gentler, more controlled removal although you need to place a spacer between the lever arms to prevent 'squashing'.

#10840 2 years ago
Quoted from pinheadpierre:

Next time I might give it less time in the dye or mix the dye weaker for more color control, but I'm pleased with the result.

A very nice result.

1 week later
#10897 2 years ago
Quoted from locksmith:

Please anything but that. I'll change. Does it help that all the inserts are 44s and 455s lighting up the old Chicago on the back glass.

Only change if that is what you really want. You do not need to be mandated by the tastes of others.

3 weeks later
#10935 2 years ago

Very nice work there JethroP & great to see the machine brought back to original condition. World Fair IMO is a great machine from artwork & player perspectives.

4 weeks later
#11017 2 years ago

A grand gesture-well done.

#11036 2 years ago
Quoted from ZNET:

Here's me back in the late sixties, playing a 1965 Williams Big Chief. One of these days, I need to pose for a photo in the same manner, as an adult, with hands fused to flipper buttons, in front of a Big Chief. Perhaps someone will bring one to Pinfest next year and I will fulfill that objective.

What a great memory and memoir Bruce. Where was the pic taken?

5 months later
#11307 1 year ago
Quoted from stashyboy:

Here's another recent restoration. Still getting a few small bugs out of it but basically plays now. Sample game with 28000 plays on the meter and it looks like it. Did a few minor touch-ups but this game was pretty clean. Fun late 70s Gottlieb multiplayer. Great eye candy on that artwork too!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Very nice

2 weeks later
#11334 1 year ago
Quoted from kangourou:

WIP for my Space Walk !
[quoted image]

Just an incredible part of your great collection Andrew as the last of the GTB EMs. Great to see you have the cab back together.

3 weeks later
#11360 1 year ago