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EM : Show us your EM Pinball Machines!

By Rat_Tomago

5 years ago

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#1307 5 years ago

You north Jersey guys sure have nice basement gamerooms.Great set up!

Here are a few pictures i took today of my basement gameroom.
GR11-24-13 003.jpg
GR11-24-13 002.jpgGR11-24-13 001.jpg
GR11-24-13 005.jpgGR11-24-13 008.jpg

GR11-24-13 004.jpg
#1317 5 years ago

Here are some more pictures of my basement collection,but this time i included my garage gameroom where i have my Bally Bingos and Williams pins. I have a 3rd gameroom on the 5th levelof my house and there i have a Brunswick 4 1/2 x 9 ft pool table and 7000 45rpm records and 1500 33rpm albums.

GR11-24-136pm 001.jpg GR11-24-136pm 002.jpg GR11-24-136pm 003.jpg GR11-24-136pm 004.jpg GR11-24-136pm 044.jpg GR11-24-136pm 016.jpg GR11-24-136pm 013.jpg GR11-24-136pm 029.jpg GR11-24-136pm 031.jpg GR11-24-136pm 033.jpg GR11-24-136pm 035.jpg GR11-24-136pm 036.jpg GR11-24-136pm 037.jpg GR11-24-136pm 042.jpg GR11-24-136pm 040.jpg
#1323 5 years ago

Dan...thanks for the compliment. I am still upgrading my collection and only have two games left with painted cabinets but the rest of them are all original condition and very low plays.
Good luck on your growing collection.
GR11-24-136pm 009.jpg

#1326 5 years ago

Just picked up this TOP CARD but have no place to put it.This wedgehead has only 23,000 plays.Check out how little wear the top arch on the playfield has. It can't stay in the middle of the family room.Might have to move my 1951 Bally Coney Island bingo up to the pool room.I have been out of space for the last 10 years and it killing me.
TopCard11-10-13 086.jpgTopCard11-10-13 029-810.jpg

#1328 5 years ago

I have an ATLANTIS....no desire for Slick Chick and haven't played Abra Ca Dabra yet. Like i said.... been out of room for 10 years and have been really haven't been buying anything,actually Sing a Along,North Star,Silver Sails and Top Card bought in the last 5 years or so. I never store any games and always have all my games playing like factory new.
TopCard11-10-13 078.jpgTopCard11-10-13 077.jpg

#1342 5 years ago

Vic, Abra-Ca-Dabra is very addictive and goes well with Atlantis and El Dorado for a '75 wedgehead trifecta. Abra-Ca-Dabra can be had for about 700-1000 dollars in unmolested condition. (I don't mention Spin Out because I feel it is meh) You make the first person I have encountered that didn't care for Slick Chick. I also wish you had more room because your amazing collection would then get bigger.

Does Abra Ca Dabra and Team One have the same playfield?
TopCard11-10-13 074.jpg

#1347 5 years ago

Yeah...It's all coming to me now. I played Team One at my Buddy Dave's house in NY many times at his yearly Add a Ball partys and remember liking it a lot. I sold all my add a balls from my collection because i just wanted the games i played growing up back in the 1960's and 70's....so i never thought to think there was a replay game. Anyways i plan to keep a close eye out for any coming up for sale.
GR11-24-136pm 006.jpg

#1364 5 years ago

That Sure Shot looks real nice.How many plays on the game meter?Can you post some more close up detailed pictures of the SS?

#1366 5 years ago

Check out my youtube videos of my EM collection.

#1370 5 years ago

So hard to pick 3 favorites......this month it's North Star,Sing Along and Top Card.Last month it was King of Diamonds,Flip a Card and Big Hit.

#1371 5 years ago

Here's a pic of my Sing Along rear end.She's a beauty.
mikepics 032.jpg

#1377 5 years ago

1976 Gottlieb Volley gets it yearly PM.....
3-2013wedgeheads 015.jpg3-2013wedgeheads 013.jpg3-2013wedgeheads 012.jpg3-2013wedgeheads 011.jpg3-2013wedgeheads 004.jpg3-2013wedgeheads 002.jpg3-2013wedgeheads 001.jpg

#1385 5 years ago

Yeah..Rocket Ship is one of the better playing woodrials.

Here below is an older slide show of my collection i made a while back.

#1386 5 years ago

That's weird i just played and view the slideshow link a minute ago.

#1393 5 years ago

That's a nice Big Daddy standing so proud and in a perfect spot for the serious EM player to perform the skills needed to beat the machine. Looks like a player can rest their favorite drink on the ledge of the short wall which is rare and there's plenty of space left and right of the game for people to view the silverball at play.

Williams made some reverse wedgeheads that can compete against some of Gottlieb Wedgeheads for sure. I am glad i have a Williams Skill Pool. Can you post any more pic's of the Big Daddy?

#1401 5 years ago

The Big Daddy is such a good looking pin....

Both Atlantis look in really nice condition. You are going to have one real nice for sure.
3-2013wedgeheads 019.jpg

#1407 5 years ago

Inside my Volley 3-2013wedgeheads 437.jpg3-2013wedgeheads 464.jpg3-2013wedgeheads 455.jpg3-2013wedgeheads 458.jpg3-2013wedgeheads 462.jpg3-2013wedgeheads 444.jpgcabinet pic's.......This low played like new original has 14,383 plays and has not been clean internally yet. Maybe someday i'll get to polishing it up. Playfield and cabinet were cleaned.
3-2013wedgeheads 431.jpg3-2013wedgeheads 434.jpg3-2013wedgeheads 429.jpg

#1415 5 years ago

Boilerman that's a nice original Volley and so clean inside.

Here is a pic of my third gameroom on the 5th level of the house. The room is 20 x 20 and has a bathroom and small refrigerator. There are 7000 45 records and 1500 albums in my collection.
pool table.jpg

#1419 5 years ago

I have been out of room for over 10 years now. I stopped selling games from my collection so i could bring a new one in about 5 years ago or more.If you view my past games owned or history list you will find i let go some great pins.

Every once in a while i fall of the wagon and buy a new game, but of course i have to let one go in the line up which is getting harder to do these days and loaded with regrets.

Actually i recently picked up this nice Top Card and it's standing proud in our family room on the 2nd level of the house which had been claimed by my wife when we first moved in the house 20 years ago.

I do not have a slot available for the Top Card as it remains in the family room until i either sell a game from collection or bring my Bally Coney Island bingo up to the pool table room on the 5th level. If i stick the Coney Island in the pool room it might be in the way a little when a pool player shots from the corner left side head string.

The best thing to do is see if i can talk my wife into giving up the family room and turning it into the 4th game room in the house. I already have a Seeburg R in the family room for about 4 years now and this Top Card is sitting right in the middle of the room. Check out the pic...
TopCard11-10-13 150.jpg

#1423 5 years ago

Haven't seen many game rooms from Australia but yours is top of the line with some of the best titles.
Great room! Thanks for the viewing.

#1449 5 years ago

Have a seat and get a drink...this photostream is a bit long.

#1479 5 years ago

That's so niceeeee!
I'd bet HUO for sure.
Please if you can post some more pic's of that gem Pin Up.
Too bad the wedgehead Add a Balls don't have a total game meter like the replay games do so you could document & view the actual total plays.

#1482 5 years ago

That Pin UP looks like factory new.
Is a schematic taped to the backdoor?

Thanks for letting us see a true mint condition Gottlieb EM.

1 week later
#1562 5 years ago

Good story and 2001 is a great player and first drop target game by Gottlieb.

You got to go back with your Ford Escape and save the Strikes and Spares...someone could use a cheap project or parts game.

#1564 5 years ago

That Dealers Choice playfield and cabinet are in real nice condition. Can you post a close up and clear detailed picture of the top arch?

It's not easy to find a low played game like that. Looks like it was in a home for most of its life.Good find!

#1568 5 years ago

They saved the whales...now its pinballs turn.

#1583 5 years ago

Yeah...that game for sure has low plays. Does the game meter operate correctly at the present time?Thanks so much for taking time out to post picture.

#1586 5 years ago

I always inquire and ask questions about the machine when i purchase them from their owner,especially a low played beauty like your DC. The story and history behind the machine is interesting to know and for future reference. I document as much information about my machines as possible and store it inside the coin box compartment of each game.

#1588 5 years ago

Here are some more pictures of my basement gameroom in 2005, but without the new carpet and when the bingo's were downstairs with my Williams pins. Today the basement houses just wedgeheads. Before 2005 i had a bowler,coke machine,electric 6ft tall dartboard,3 jukes,skeeball machine,Line Drive pitch and bat and more.

It was a ton of work when you do almost it by yourself to install the new carpet and move all the bingo's and Williams games up to the attached garage gameroom that was being constructed and move out everything from the garage into the new 8 x 16 shed outside in the backyard....I got pictures of that transformation and other transformations if anyone wants to view.

The old checkered floor looked cool, but pins always slid all over the place,especially after party's.I think i should put the beer trays back up where they show more,instead of being in the bar area on the ceiling. Check it out.

aug29th2005gr 045.jpgaug29th2005gr 044.jpgaug29th2005gr 043.jpgaug29th2005gr 042.jpgaug29th2005gr 041.jpgaug29th2005gr 032.jpgaug29th2005gr 027.jpgaug29th2005gr 008.jpgaug29th2005gr 006.jpgaug29th2005gr 005.jpgaug29th2005gr 004.jpgaug29th2005gr 003-106.jpgaug29th2005gr 002.jpgaug29th2005gr 001.jpg

#1600 5 years ago

I had the chronological order perfect at one time, but now that i fell of the wagon and bought some new games recently a few wedgie have fallen out of order . I gave up playing pool once a week on Tuesday's after playing for almost 35 years straight a month agao because i just wanted to come home and do nothing after working at my real job all day.

I am secretly working on a completed plan that should get me the second level family room location making it the 4th gameroom i'll have in the house.

This new addition gameroom will be between my garage gameroom and basement gameroom where my Top Card stands proudly at the present time. If i get this space i think i can squeeze another 5 wedgeheads or ?

Then and only then will i consider a large shuffle of pins to get things back in order chronological again if i end up with the new space.

#1602 5 years ago

Yeah ...you know make the wife an offer she can't refuse. It may cost me $$$$ !

#1620 5 years ago

That 's a nice game J.R.

Asburysilverball 025-427.jpg

#1623 5 years ago

That Jungle looks nice...

#1636 5 years ago

Here's a excellent condition 1955 Bally woodrail Bingo i have in my collection about 7 years.
Last pic is my garage gameroom in 2007.
Gaytime9-23-07 044.jpgGaytime9-23-07 043.jpgGaytime9-23-07 041.jpgGaytime9-23-07 037.jpgGaytime9-23-07 059.jpg

#1637 5 years ago

Here's one you don't see much..This picture is from my garage in 2004.
Sold this game to a guy in Naples, Florida .He had to have it.


#1639 5 years ago

Garage gameroom...Here's another i sold. Picture over 10 years old. Cleaned up real nice, fixed all repairs played 100%. I have lots of restoration pictures from start to finish. I think it had a wind up bell.

June 23rd 057.jpgJune 23rd 066.jpgJune 23rd 052.jpg

#1648 5 years ago

CHRISTMAS 2006....basement gameroom.
Xmas06 113.jpg

Xmas06 109.jpg

Xmas06 119.jpg

#1649 5 years ago

Garage gameroom Christmas 2006..Got all three of these Williams games in a package deal. The games were in a home from 1979 When i found them in 2006. All cleaned up real nice and had low plays on them.

UDGPSMoct15th 001.jpgUDGPSMoct15th 052.jpgUDGPSMoct15th 044.jpgUDGPSMoct15th 102.jpgUDGPSMoct15th 098.jpgUDGPSMoct15th 095.jpg// Error: Image 168052 not found //UDGPSMoct15th 088.jpgUDGPSMoct15th 074.jpgUDGPSMoct15th 064.jpgUDGPSMoct15th 006.jpgUDGPSMoct15th 003.jpg

#1651 5 years ago

Sounds like you want to see more...here some pic's from 2006. I can't believe 2014 is in less than two weeks.
gameroom 6-26-06 116.jpggameroom 6-26-06 115.jpggameroom 6-26-06 111.jpggameroom 6-26-06 103.jpggameroom 6-26-06 100.jpggameroom 6-26-06 098.jpggameroom 6-26-06 096.jpggameroom 6-26-06 072.jpggameroom 6-26-06 060.jpggameroom 6-26-06 059.jpggameroom 6-26-06 038.jpggameroom 6-26-06 030.jpggameroom 6-26-06 029.jpggameroom 6-26-06 028.jpggameroom 6-26-06 027.jpggameroom 6-26-06 021.jpggameroom 6-26-06 020.jpggameroom 6-26-06 018.jpggameroom 6-26-06 017.jpggameroom 6-26-06 016.jpggameroom 6-26-06 008.jpg

#1653 5 years ago

Funny you should say that...I remember buying myself a pin for a Christmas more than i few years. Actually the one that stands out in my mind the most is my Buckaroo christmas present i got myself. Still have it too.Thanks for the nice comment.

#1655 5 years ago

That's a good player that there Flip a Card....

#1658 5 years ago

When you mix talent and passion together JR's Flip a Card is the end result. Great work Joe! Another wedgehead that will be around hopefully for a long time.

When we were at the Silverball the last time Joe checked the game meter plays and i think it had 15,000 plays put on it since its been at the Silverball and still plays great too.

Flip A Card is at the top of the early 1970's list of great playing Gottlieb Wedgeheads.

The jukes in the pic are a Rock ola #1448 with rotating title drum and a AMI 200.
My garage was more a workshop then a gameroom back then.

Here's some pic's of my Flip a Card restorations that i did in 2003.

July 2003 126.jpgJuly 2003 121.jpgJuly 2003 022.jpgJuly 2003 021.jpgJuly 2003 019.jpgJuly 2003 016.jpgJuly 2003 015.jpgJuly 2003 004.jpg

#1665 5 years ago

That Lucky Ace looks like a fun player especially with the four flipper arrangement.

Here is my garage gameroom in its early stages in 2005.

carpetOct27th2005 149.jpgcarpetOct27th2005 148.jpgcarpetOct27th2005 147.jpgcarpetOct27th2005 145.jpgcarpetOct27th2005 144.jpg

#1666 5 years ago

Garage gameroom so packed with games that i couldn't use the side door to get in and out of the garage because this woodrail blocked the way.

I just listed this game with other pictures on IPDB and PinballOwners website since it was one i forget i hunted down and had in my collection. I found the JC in a NJ basement but sold only after having it a few weeks. Went to a good home for sure in South Jersey.

JocClubJ1-20-06 049.jpgJocClubJ1-20-06 052.jpgJocClubJ1-20-06 045.jpgJocClubJ1-20-06 031.jpgJocClubJ1-20-06 002.jpg

#1667 5 years ago

Far Out playfield...Wish i held on to that game a little longer.
FarOutPFclean 007.jpg

#1669 5 years ago

oh yeah...
FarOutSept06 018.jpg
FarOutPFclean 013.jpg

#1673 5 years ago

Sweet Hearts is great early Gottlieb wedgehead!

#1676 5 years ago

Yeah....great line up low production wedgeheads.That Abra Ca Dabra looks nice too!
Way to go Adam!

#1687 5 years ago

You love them AAB's don't you.
Please take some clear close up detailed pictures of that beauty.
Nice game!

#1689 5 years ago

Those pop bumpers caps with rack of pool balls..are they factory original?
Nice looking pin.

#1691 5 years ago

What's the point value on the pop bumpers? When do they light up?

#1695 5 years ago
Quoted from EMsInKC:

Vic, do you still have that Hot Line? When I first got that Surfers in 1971, a buddy of mine got a Hot Line. We played the hell out of both games. It's on my "sentimental value" list if I can ever find one nearby.
I'd have thought I died and went to heaven if I ever just got to play that wedgehead collection. Just outstanding.

The Hot Line i remember i got down in the Jersey shore in a small house near the beach. I brought it home and shopped it out with JR. I didn't have it that long but enjoyed the game for a while. I forget how ,but JR ended up with the HL and he did some wood work repairs on the head and maybe more before he sold the HL to Randy in Wildwood.

#1717 5 years ago
Quoted from Darcy:

Time to add some more photos. This should bump this post! Here is my Strange World, it is suppose to be HUO.
Note the plunger cover is not on straight.

DSCN0002.JPG 243 KB

DSCN0384.JPG 150 KB

Amazing original condition. How many plays is on the game meter?

#1722 5 years ago
Quoted from Darcy:

Here is the money shot.
On the board, there is a "Canada" stamp. The shipping block is still inside the back box too.

DSCN0393.JPG 258 KB

Yeah... that's lowed played. Might have been on route a very short time.It's going to be hard to ever find a nicer one than that one.

#1733 5 years ago

That's a sweet looking EM and fits in nicely next to the IJ.
Thanks for the view.

#1741 5 years ago
Quoted from DirtFlipper:

One Atlantis down, one more to go. Last rebuild of the year.
(Gotta find my extra instruction card still.)

The inside:

2013Dec31 112.JPG 125 KB
Both games very nice!

2013Dec31 113.JPG 165 KB

2013Dec22 040.JPG 194 KB

#1766 5 years ago

That Klondike looks so inviting.....What a great player too!
Nice collection.

#1788 5 years ago

The King of all wedgeheads....Looks so nice!
Great find.

#1795 5 years ago

Joe, how "peachy" was the KOD you sold to? I can't remember his name.Here are some pictures of your KOD you sold. You seem to have a little buyers remorse look on your face in the last pic.

Wayne has a "peachy" playfield in his game too.

may 26th 033.jpgmay 26th 034.jpgmay 26th 039.jpgmay 26th 040.jpgmay 26th 041.jpg

2 weeks later
#1988 5 years ago

Looks like another 'high end' masterpiece of a restoration from Nick Rash.
Enjoy the Diamond Jack!

1 week later
#2073 5 years ago

Here are Rich Huths games which are located 2 miles from my house in Clifton NJ.
Rich is in the process of shopping out many games in storage and adding them to his collection starting this year.
121005 002.jpg121005 003.jpg121005 004.jpg121005 005.jpg
121005 008.jpg121005 009.jpg121005 010.jpg121005 011.jpg

#2080 5 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

Rich just acquired a Gottlieb "Show Boat". Why is this significant? I don't think he did so intentionally, but with the addition of "Show Boat", he now has all three Gottlieb pins that have six live pop bumpers. The other two are "Corral", and "Thorobred", both of which can be seen in the photos that Vic posted. I can't think of any others that have six. In fact, the only other pin I can think of that has six live bumpers is not an EM. It's a game I once owned but have since sold; Williams "Whirlwind".

What about Ice Show?

#2086 5 years ago

Tough game to come by and even a tougher game to beat as a player.Nice find.

1 month later
#2247 5 years ago

Thought I'd join the group and share pics of my 1959 HUO Universe. Besides being HUO, what's great to me is the machine and I are the exact (within two weeks) same age

Man that game is truly sensational!
Where did Jeff get it?
Thanks for sharing pictures.

1 week later
#2313 5 years ago

Someone liked 20 hole Bally bingos...nice looking herd.

2 months later
#2647 4 years ago

Them some nice EM's...The led's must look wicked in the dark.
Nice collection.

2 weeks later
#2699 4 years ago

Still working on my Blue Chip

#2706 4 years ago

BlueChip6-7-14 059.jpgBlueChip6-7-14 052.jpgBlueChip6-7-14 051.jpgBlueChip6-7-14 034.jpgBlueChip6-7-14 030.jpgBlueChip6-7-14 025.jpgBlueChip6-7-14 024.jpgBlueChip6-7-14 045.jpgBlueChip6-7-14 041.jpgBlueChip6-7-14 035.jpgBlueChip6-7-14 011.jpgBlueChip6-7-14 006.jpgBlueChip6-7-14 004.jpgClosing in on the final stages of this restoration. This 1977 Williams Blue Chip has only 18,000. I have about 40 hours of work into this game. It's starting to look and play the way i thought it would when i first laid eyes on it.
BlueChip6-7-14 001.jpg

BlueChip6-7-14 003.jpg

#2709 4 years ago

I just played 10 games after taking it off the skates i was using while working on it. It's finally level with nice high pitch and found a spot for it in the new gameroom between the basement and garage gamerooms.(see pic's)

It very fast and powerful with the DC voltage. I had it set on Replay but changed it to Add a Ball to see how i would like it. I will leave it on Add a Ball for a while too.

I need about 50 more plays on it before i can determine how the game play is and some adde fine tuning i expect to finish off tomorrow.

I am use to playing Gottlieb wedgeheads and 1960's Williams pins..so this game is a little different. I've owned a real nice Space Mission and Grand Prix. They both stayed in my collection for a while before getting sold. I enjoyed game play on both of them.
BlueChipinFamRm 003.jpgBlueChipinFamRm 004.jpgBlueChipinFamRm 001.jpg

#2716 4 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

This is how I set mine up. I also switched it over to three ball play. It just seemed like the right thing to do on this particular machine. Mine looks very well preserved, but yours looks brand new! Congrats on a job well done.

Is it set for replay or add a ball on 3 ball play?

4 weeks later
#2870 4 years ago

4 Square is a game i regret selling from my collection because of playability first and sentimental reasons too. Man i miss the sounds of the bells/gongs on that game. Great find on the Astro...doesn't look like it has many plays on it from the pic's.

#2875 4 years ago
Quoted from ccotenj:

yea... actually, i wouldn't mind an aab at all...

yea, i still like mine too... it's a good fun pinball machine... it's my best friend's favorite, and swmbo actually likes the art (go figure)... it isn't going anywhere...


it is in a good home... you have visitation rights if you are ever in the area...

Thanks...is my scheduled PM index card still inside the game?

5 months later
#3290 4 years ago

Here's a game i looked at sometime ago.The game played through without any problems and needed 50 +hours of work.I passed on it and regret not grabbing it at the time.Priced on the low end too.What was i thinking that day.
FlipperFair4-12 009-68.jpgFlipperFair4-12 001.jpgFlipperFair4-12 010.jpgFlipperFair4-12 006.jpgFlipperFair4-12 004.jpg

1 week later
#3398 4 years ago

Them Spin Out 's look so nice!

1 week later
#3427 4 years ago

Another North Jersey pinball collector has join our circle.Check out his line up.
Pictures2014 180.jpgPictures2014 181.jpgPictures2014 182.jpgPictures2014 474.jpgPictures2014 475.jpgPictures2014 457.jpgPictures2014 460.jpgPictures2014 499.jpg

#3433 4 years ago

Personal Home basement game room.
Pictures2014 476.jpg

#3449 4 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

just finished these two
20150106_203736.jpg 194 KB

Your not wasting anytime restoring games these days. I like your style and want to say thanks for making them so nice too. It seems like the ones you don't keep go to good homes that will cherish and enjoy them for many years.Keep up the great work!

3 months later
#4028 4 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

Vic worked his magic on the "no longer somewhat ragged Cross Town", he schlepped home in his Caddy a little over a week ago. Behold!852.jpeg (Click image to enlarge)
It's going to need a little more of his special touch, but it's playing through a game now, and looks (and smells!) worlds better than it did nine days ago.

Joe here are a few more pic's as the restoration is moving along better than expected.I installed the striker or clapper for the 0-9 unit one point bell tonight along with cleaning and adjusting the alternating relay which was causing a problem.Also i clipped a few turns off the spring on the the subway doors to get a good snap to open and close them. Cleaned and gapped the pops and flipper switches and cleaned the center target two stepping units. Played a few games to check my work and to hear all the three bells ringing together for the first time in about 30 years.


#4044 4 years ago

Super Cleaned the cabinet before and after.
DSC04950.JPG[attachment=2389513,391436 caption="DSC0


#4061 4 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

Jr. Vic doesn't have a lot of elbow room in his shop! looks like he is getting tight on space.

Yeah....with 40 games and 4 games rooms in the house now, it might be time to evaluate my space condition. I did find a home for the Cross Town for the time being though since finishing up the restoration.

If i move the metal shelves and push the games in the garage back against the wall...i might gain some valuable space.


1 month later
#4391 3 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

Vic worked his magic on the "no longer somewhat ragged Cross Town", he schlepped home in his Caddy a little over a week ago. Behold!852.jpeg (Click image to enlarge)
It's going to need a little more of his special touch, but it's playing through a game now, and looks (and smells!) worlds better than it did nine days ago.

Got over 60 hours into the Cross Town and need another 10 hours of extra fine tuning before it makes down into the the basement gameroom with the other wedgeheads.
cross town 144.JPGcross town 145.JPGcross town 146.JPGcross town 147.JPGcross town 148.JPGcross town 154.JPGcross town 155.JPG

#4420 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballFever:

No wonder I couldn't "tell the difference".

The back glass has been upgraded to a better condition one too. I will post some before pictures when I get a chance of the Cross Town.

3 weeks later
#4658 3 years ago

Picked up this beauty on Tuesday night. Only 17,000 plays. This is the same game that JR sold at the Allentown in May 2015.GA 6-17-15 078.JPG

#4659 3 years ago

GA 6-17-15 079.JPGGA 6-17-15 077.JPG

Quoted from Vic_Camp:

Picked up this Golden Arrow beauty on Tuesday night. Only 17,000 plays. This is the same game that JR sold at the Allentown in May 2015.GA 6-17-15 078.JPG

#4661 3 years ago
Quoted from EM-PINMAN:

Great looking Golden Arrow Vic! Looks like you got to one before I did, Congrats!

Thanks Ken...I am enjoying the game play and been looking for one for awhile. Chasing yellow arrows for 5k,green bulls eye targets for 10k and special on moving numbers 1 thru 10 keeps a player on their toes. GA 6-17-15 081.JPG

#4663 3 years ago
Quoted from EMsInKC:

Hard to believe that game is original. Looks like it just came out of the box.
Here's my Top Card playfield that HSA is doing for me. I'll do the playfield swap when I get it back.

Is the Top Card playfield an NOS or ?

#4667 3 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

Vic, you're my hero for grabbing that game. You paid up for it, but I think it's well worth it. Now it has a perfect NOS glass in it too. Can't wait to see that gem in your collection! It's gotta go downstairs ASAP! That game, "Cross Town" and "Top Card". I'll help you move them when I get a chance.
BTW- time flies. That was May 2014; last year's Allentown show.

Joe your right it was May 2014......I can't believe how fast time is moving these days. I better get going ASAP on the work ahead of me before the clock runs out....ha ha

This Saturday I plan on moving out the GA and CT into the driveway or somehow fit them inside the front of the garage near the work bench (if the day calls for rain) to pull out my Bally 1951 three card Coney Island bingo which is going to the 5th floor gameroom to be set up for play there.

Next I need to break down the 1954 Gay Time bingo (magic line and magic pockets game) and put that game from my collection into the outside wooded shed for pick up when Nick B. gets here. This stored Gay Time taking from my collection in the garage gameroom is going to Nick B's collection along with the free 1955 Bally Night Club bingo(turning corners game) I have had for near 15 years. Nick B. is planning on driving to my place to pick up these two Bally Bingo's and spend the day.

The 1973 Bally Blue Chip and the 1954 Bally Gay Time I bought with the Golden Arrow as a package deal last Saturday are going into my collection in the garage gameroom in place of the GT and CI.

I don't know if I will have enough time or strength to remove the shelving on the wall to make room to put back two wedgeheads.

I still need to push all the bingos against the wall for more space in the garage gameroom...might have to work all day Sunday on that portion of the job or schedule at another time.

#4681 3 years ago

How many total hours do you have into the motor board?

1 week later
#4748 3 years ago

Working on my garage gameroom retrofit the last two weeks....needed every inch of space i can salvage.

manorgarpins 021.JPGmanorgarpins 022.JPGmanorgarpins 023.JPGmanorgarpins 025.JPG
manorgarpins 027.JPG004.JPG 004.JPG017.JPG


#4749 3 years ago

Still have more work ahead...but looks and feels good.

#4751 3 years ago
Quoted from Ring-Them-Bells:

That back-to-back was a good idea. Is that a Lady Luck I see??

That is Lady Luck. Check it out.

#4757 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballFever:

Looks good. I see you have bingo games. Are they fun to play?

Flipper pinball is like playing checkers...fun

Bingo pinball machines are like playing chess...thinking and skill
fun too(when you win)

My Gay Time bingo ....has numbered lines that move and the balls can hop from one hole to another. Look it up on bingo.cdyn

#4759 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballFever:

Nice. I used to think they looked "boring" without flippers but lately I've been thinking it might be fun to have a working one.

Have you listened to the podcast FOR AMUSEMENT ONLY.....?(em & bingo pinball machine podcast)

1 week later
#4809 3 years ago

Before and after...garage gameroom retrofit update.It's not 100% complete and the line up might change in the future,but i don't feel cramped in anymore and i did get to add to more pins to my collection.

cross town 027.JPGcross town 043.JPGgaragepins 004.JPGgaragepins 025.JPGgaragepins 044.JPGmoregaragepins 013.JPG

#4816 3 years ago

Beautiful looking game...How is it as a player?

#4830 3 years ago

That game got a lot going on feature wise.Nice find. Love to see more pictures before and after.


#4840 3 years ago

I remember playing this game back in the late 1960's on the boardwalk down the Jersey shore. The zipper flippers featured attracted me to drop some coin into the slot and try a game. The ball didn't didn't stay in play much and was not easy to make the shots you needed to win some replays either or win a game by score. Hard to compete against the machine when it isn't player friendly.Maybe leveling the game to the players advantage might help with keeping the ball in play more and therefore getting to make some of the extra features this game has to offer.

How many bells are in this game?
Thanks for the pic's.

2 weeks later
#4942 3 years ago

Very happy with my new 1961 Bally Bikini Bingo which arrived yesterday. Original glass, original paint. Many thanks to Coos and Frans for doing a amazing job and bringing this baby back to life.

Nice looking Bally Bikini Bingo. I use to have a Bikini in my collection and thought it to be one of the top of the list bingos of all time up there next to Golden Gate and Silver Sails.

Is the playfield factory original?

The futurity feature is great for home use. It does take a lot of playing time to build up the futurity feature to the top level.

Enjoy the game play!

#4966 3 years ago

Here are some pictures of my newly acquired 1955 EM Bally Bingo Pinball called Gay Time. I picked up this low played beauty in a package deal from a top of the line collector from Sparta NJ in July. This game came from Ohio recently and the owner was an older man in his late 80's that had the game for over 50 years. He was a customer of Jeffrey Lawton who serviced the game throughout the years he owned it.

It is in remarkable original condition and the best condition original 1950's woodrail bingo i have ever laid eyes on. Just the other day i sold the Gay Time from my collection that i thought was extra clean and low played, but after cleaning up this one i noticed it was in better condition. Check it out....
GayTime-8-7-15 068.JPGGayTime-8-7-15 049.JPGGayTime-8-7-15 050.JPGGayTime-8-7-15 057.JPGGayTime-8-7-15 059.JPGGayTime-8-7-15 062.JPGGayTime-8-7-15 065.JPGGayTime-8-7-15 101.JPG

#4967 3 years ago

More Gay Time bingo pictures...
GayTime-8-7-15 075.JPGGayTime-8-7-15 077.JPGGayTime-8-7-15 078.JPGGayTime-8-7-15 079.JPGGayTime-8-7-15 086.JPGGayTime-8-7-15 092.JPGGayTime-8-7-15 097.JPGGayTime-8-7-15 107.JPG

#4968 3 years ago

Gay Time in the line up..
GayTime-8-7-15 116.JPG
GayTime-8-7-15 117.JPGGayTime-8-7-15 120.JPGGayTime-8-7-15 122.JPG

#4995 3 years ago

Thanks for the nice comment on my Golden Arrow. It doesn't surprise me that your GA is getting a played a lot. I'm really enjoying the game play. Here are couple more pic's.
043.JPGgaragepins 054.JPG

1 week later
#5028 3 years ago

Welcome to the world of EM's.

I had a Super Soccer in my collection 15 years ago and had chance to buy it back last month. If I had the space it would be back in my collection. Good player and nice looker for sure. The animation is icing on the cake too. Enjoy your 1st EM...and it might not be your last EM. Nice Find!

2 weeks later
#5067 3 years ago

Just picked up this 1953 United EM bingo pinball machine. Thanks Adam.
Tropics 9-12-15 054.JPGTropics 9-12-15 062.JPGTropics 9-12-15 139.JPGTropics 9-12-15 140.JPGTropics 9-12-15 141.JPGTropics 9-12-15 147.JPGTropics 9-12-15 148.JPGTropics 9-12-15 149.JPG

#5070 3 years ago
Quoted from kovalski3:

If I knew it was that nice , I would have bought it. Lol

I got 5 hours into just cleaning it up....the mechanics is going to cost me many endless hours.

#5071 3 years ago
Quoted from stashyboy:

I bet there's a few switches and relays in that one huh?

Tropics 9-12-15 092.JPGTropics 9-12-15 093.JPG
Tropics 9-12-15 094.JPGTropics 9-12-15 095.JPGTropics 9-12-15 096.JPGTropics 9-12-15 097.JPGTropics 9-12-15 098.JPGTropics 9-12-15 099.JPG

#5072 3 years ago

Here's some pic's of the lower cabinet internals..

Tropics 9-12-15 078.JPG
Tropics 9-12-15 079.JPGTropics 9-12-15 083.JPGTropics 9-12-15 085.JPGTropics 9-12-15 131.JPGTropics 9-12-15 135.JPGTropics 9-12-15 135.JPGTropics 9-12-15 136.JPGTropics 9-12-15 130.JPG

#5074 3 years ago
Quoted from Craig:

Looks better than I do, and I'm four years younger.

Laid dormant in a home here in NJ since 1961..check out the years of dirt just dripping off...
Tropics 9-12-15 011.JPG

Tropics 9-12-15 012.JPGTropics 9-12-15 013.JPGTropics 9-12-15 040.JPGTropics 9-12-15 041.JPG

#5077 3 years ago

United internal mechanical parts are different than Bally bingos. The playfield design is a tiny bit different with no plastic pillar tower lights and less springs and more. If you look at the pictures carefully of a Bally Gay Time and the United Tropics you will find out just how different they are.

GayTime-8-7-15 057.JPGTropics_9-13-15_004.jpg

#5082 3 years ago

I had a couple of Olympics but their condition wasn't great. Yours looks pretty nice. Tough player to beat,but when you get a sensational game it really feels good.

4 months later
#5530 3 years ago

Here is the Jet Spin I had in my collection but sold 10 years ago to a friend 2 miles from my house. I might have a chance to buy it back. The condition is off the charts. It might be time to sell my pool table to make some space.







#5533 3 years ago

Lady Luck isn't going anywhere. It's to good a player.


#5535 3 years ago

Williams Lady Luck pinball machine plays just like the card game Black Jack is played remember this. The double digit score reels are the players Black Jack points in his hand just like if he was playing a Black Jack card game in a casino. The dealers hand card points comes up on backglass after each ball is played in the lower right corner,usally the dealer has 17,18 19 20,or the dealer can "bust" giving the player a free ball even if the player has also busted beyond the 21 point limit. If a player goes above 21 points in his double digit score reels during the ball being played the right side lane gate opens.

If the ball goes through the right side open gate during that time it allows the player to shoot the ball over again. When the player does shoot the ball back up into the top arch there is a switch that resets the the double digit score reels back to zero giving a player a chance once again to get 21 or beat the dealers hand at the end of the ball played. If the player makes 21 on his double score reels during any of his 5 balls he must at that present time let the ball drain down without hitting or letting the 21 card value change. Once this is done the player is awarded a free game, plus a extra ball to be played over for letting the ball drain.

If the player has a better Black Jack hand at the end of each ball the player is awarded a extra ball. Lets say the 1st player double digit score reel card points are 20 when the ball drains, at that moment the dealers card point value will appear in the lower right section of the backglass, if the dealers card points are 19 the player wins the hand with 20 and is awarded a extra ball.If you want to beat this game by high score which isn't easy to do,you must get the ball in both side kick out holes which in turn will light the center 100 point pop bumper. The 100 point pop bumper resets after every ball,so you must continously hit the 100 point pop bumper to increase your score value when you have the 100 point pop bumper lit. Again the game plays just like the card game....Black Jack does.

#5537 3 years ago

Here's another great Williams single player 1960's game that's another great player. A close friend in NJ and I picked this Lucky Strike up a few months and he already restored the game with over a 100 hours of labor. He had a party to weekends ago and i couldn't stop playing it. It has low plays and has been in a home here in NJ since early 1970's.


#5539 3 years ago

Check out the LL playfield and backglass.






#5541 3 years ago

This early Williams reverse wedgehead is another top of the line single player for playability. Tough game to beat but very rewarding when you reset the racks more then 4 times in a game.


#5542 3 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Not many left in that condition I'm sure. Another Norm Clark that is a great multiplayer is Jolly Roger. Mine is player condition at best, but does it play! The left shot back to the top is one of the hardest I've got. Some games it doesn't happen, but when it does you get rewarded.

The game looks like another great player from Williams in this era. Loved to play it someday.

#5546 3 years ago

Yeah...River Boat!

I know a collector here in NJ that found a River Boat in a dumpster that was in real nice condition. How lucky was that.

#5550 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinballprowess:

If that collector's name was Al... than that is the same River Boat I have in my collection.
Seems likely, as I can't imagine this happens too often.
At least not the same title anyway.

Yes...Al Perez
I used to work with him at ADP in Roseland NJ 20+ years ago. I got him started collecting pins back then. He has a nice Pit Stop too.
The pinball world is small.

#5555 3 years ago
Quoted from pinwiztom:

That BG looks pretty good, as most WMS Lady Lucks that i have seen always seems to have flaking near the bottom.

The game was in a home "family room" for a long time before I bought it and I was lucky the backglass was nice.

#5557 3 years ago