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EM : Show us your EM Pinball Machines!

By Rat_Tomago

6 years ago

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#259 6 years ago

Is that a Wade Krause play field? (I did a restore last year like that, looks familiar)

#280 6 years ago

Selling games to overseas buyers is a double edged sword. You always make good coin, but you realize all the work that went in to them and know it will be very unlikely you'll see one so nice ever again. At least you know it will have a good home, since the buyer is willing to shell out the cash. WE are really lucky to have this many nice games here in the states. I feel sorry for pinheads in other countries, well just a little anyway!

1 week later
#417 6 years ago

Odyssey is the two player version. Yours is 'Space Mission'.

#445 6 years ago

FrankG, I'm guessing you were trying to upload some pics. Pinside likes it when you put some text in your post as well. (which I have now done, so might as well throw a few pics into the mix) I'm not quite finished, need a few more parts, but 90% there, I can see the finish line!

P3220632.JPG P6280653.JPG P6280652.JPG

#449 6 years ago

I like the way they put that service plug way up front away from the incoming power, but where it's more useful! Nice looking game!

1 month later
#548 6 years ago

I'm sure I speak for many here when I say how great it is to see someone take on a project(s) like that Boilerman! There are only so many classic EMs out there, keeping a few from the dumpster is such a great feeling! Not sure if any one has ever reproduced the Atlantis glass, but knowing how nice your Eldo turned out, it will undoubtedly be worth finding. Pics of the King Pin? (assume Gottlieb version?) Very inspiring!

#556 6 years ago

so you're getting them for a song huh? More for gas to pick them up?

3 weeks later
#585 6 years ago

Can you describe where the tilt and game over lights are on that Strange World glass? Can see near the top in the tan areas would be the match numbers.... Love the Artwork!

#589 6 years ago

Awesome, those were my guesses on location! (knowing what they needed for open space)

#653 6 years ago
Quoted from JohnC78:

this is my 1973 Gottlieb Hot Shot pretty fun

imaginary pinball?

#694 6 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Here is the Magic Clock that I picked up from a nice gentleman in Oceanside today. He said he bought it in 1975, and kept it stored in a closet most of the time, but would role it out on occasion. It works almost 100% except I have to push the reset underneath before it will start a new game. That and theres nowhere to hang a pingulp.

Has that been restored?! I looks almost too perfect? Would expect to see some slight scratches/fading/yellowing since it's over 50 years old! (I know I have some! ) Either way, great score!

#728 6 years ago

Must not be 1970 Baseball. (not a turret shooter, as well as only having 2" flippers) See the IPDb listing for that game. Could be another later baseball themed game like Extra Inning, Playball, etc. which came out a few years later with the set up we see in your pic. Just ask for a pic of the BG.

#730 6 years ago

Not big Hit, DF, look at the apron. Has the inset score/ball in play cards that were only used for a few years in the late 60's/early 70's. Big Hit had a 'normal' apron and was also after the cabinet changes that came when Columbia bought them out in 76'.

#787 6 years ago

Wow! Now that's some real eye candy!

2 weeks later
#865 6 years ago

Interesting that TA is not as high. I knew they made the four player back box larger, but didn't know there were some that were different..... Nice line up! Gottlieb were such quality games, still going strong decades later.

#869 6 years ago

Super/Jet Spin is a great game. I'd dare to say the best late EM, non-drop target, multi-player Gottlieb pins! The alley shot up the left side, sometimes lit for special, the extra ball targets, it's got everything, except drop targets!

#880 6 years ago


#883 6 years ago

Nice Boilerman,
You mean you wouldn't pay this for the rare AAB version?!
ebay.com link » Gottlieb Stock Car Vintage Classic Arcade Pinball Machine

#894 6 years ago

Love the reverse line up!

#900 6 years ago

I watched your video of Lawman, looks to be in good original condition. I wish one of those was around here! I want a Lawman!!

2 weeks later
#987 6 years ago

Another way to even everything out is to add a clear coat. (I use semi-gloss varathane) over everything. Will add a bit of protection to your paint as well. Of course I clean the entire thing first.

#1028 6 years ago

What do you think of the game play on TKO? (having never seen one, never mind played... )
I am thinking there is one at The Silverball Museum?

#1033 6 years ago

I agree, with practice, I could get over 100k on my ABCD on a regular basis. I had the thing tuned up to play well. One thing I see on the BGresto glass is the light blue is less vibrant than the original, with side by side comparison. I would also want to see in person what it looks like when back lit. That was lacking with the Inkjet process.

1 month later
#1476 6 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

I also like doing this. I also like taking all the metal bits under the apron and the metal piece that holds the glass, and having them re-chromed. Just like the way the light hits and reflects. Not really bling just makes them pop. Only worth doing if keeping for a while, as most people wouldn't notice really.
This is the CC metal piece at the back - re- chromed.

IMG_7251.JPG 166 KB

Yea, SS, what do you pay to have that part rechromed? I have looked into it locally, and it seems really expensive around here.......

#1477 6 years ago

Here's a few pics of my latest-Pin-Up. Really, really nice game, perhaps the best original condition I have restored!PB190768.JPGPC040807.JPGPC020792.JPGPC020788.JPG

#1480 6 years ago

Yea, I don't really want to part with it, but have other projects that are waiting and need the room. (game is already spoken for ) Considering *all* the original paperwork was with the game in pristine condition as well....
Here's a few more to enjoy!


#1486 6 years ago
Quoted from Vic_Camp:

That Pin UP looks like factory new.
Is a schematic taped to the backdoor?
Thanks for letting us see a true mint condition Gottlieb EM.

wasn't taped to the door, but that copy is there if you look closely!
Thanks for the props guys, now I wish I had put it up for auction!? dooh!
(was just looking at what the 'clinic' was selling for $3495-with an extra box of bulbs!)

#1490 6 years ago

No arch wear on that CC either! (or nice job cleaning up) Paint looks pretty minty as well.

#1491 6 years ago

I think Pin-Up must have been out on the street for a little while. There were a few minor beverage spill stains in the usual places (coin box area/under lock bar). Perhaps it didn't earn well and was pulled soon after. Since this was 1975, solid state games would have been out within a couple years. Either way, the new owner will have a really nice example.

1 month later
#1828 5 years ago
Quoted from kovalski3:

Working on a Capt Card. This machine is sold already. The Playfields on theae are usually rough. This one is in amazing condition.

image-959.jpg 193 KB

Nice Adam, a really good example, is the cab just as nice? Head looks good.

#1829 5 years ago
Quoted from Tyamry:

Here are a few of my EM's. My Evel Knievel EM will go next to the Mata Hari EM when the playfield swap is done. Mata Hari just had a CPR playfield installed in it.

photo-7.JPG 144 KB

Awesome collection of rare games! How is the game play of TKO?

#1866 5 years ago

My Solar City had a traditional shooter lane, without the metal lane guides. The Jacks Open I am working on next, has the metal guides-which are unobtanium I think! (mine are a bit crusty)

#1880 5 years ago

I'm guessing those inserts are rather sunken heh?! I played a Rock Star locally, and those 'do-re-me's were like that in your pic. DC pops really pop that's for sure!

1 week later
#2017 5 years ago

A lazy saturday afternoon with light snow falling gives me time to upload a few pics of my latest project. Quick Draw I picked up in Maryland (yes, that's 6 hours from me! ) Price was right and aside from the usual flaking in the BG, and a full restoration on the playfield.......standard 100+ hours on the whole thing. Enjoy!

P1220874.JPG P1240876.JPG P1240879.JPG P1240888.JPG P1240889.JPG
#2045 5 years ago

Nice Adam! I have always avoided this game series. The theme never did a thing for me. (I am old enough to remember the bicentennial!) This example does look like it's in great shape. The reds in the glass are not really faded as many are. Most Gottliebs with banks of targets on both sides like this, are lots of fun!

#2085 5 years ago

Hows the back glass on that Trade Winds? Playfield looks pretty good!

1 month later
#2282 5 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

If anyone wants to buy a super nice Quick Draw in the New York area I just ran across stashyboy's Pinball Owners ad:
Click on the Quick Draw pics to see

May already be spoken for.........
(thanks for the props Hoov!)

#2288 5 years ago

Wow! you really got that coin door to shine! You could shave with that thing!

#2323 5 years ago

Can you guess the game just from the front of the wedgehead? (not sure if this pattern was used more than once)

#2325 5 years ago
Quoted from DirtFlipper:

Ah, so that's where it went! Congrats.

I take it you know the answer Dirt. It's not mine, just doing the restoration. Obvious clue behind the cat.......

#2328 5 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

I wouldn't have known what it was without the "clue" - I'm guessing we're all talking about this one from our Craigslist thread:
5 days, 16 hours ago
# quote Edit
boilerman said:
I went to look at a blue note that was on DE CL after work today it was 2 blocks away, it was sold when I got there.
I asked if I could take a look since I was there
it was totally mint. even had the purchase papers when it was bought new by the owner. I know it is a crappy player but the guys that collect the rare ones don't care. the seller told me he got much more than what he was asking.
I just hope it was not a flipper that got it. we'll see in a week or two

No, not that one. I think this one has been in the owner's hands longer and will be a keeper. The schematic from Steve Young has hand written lettering! (he da man!) Will be interesting as there are many diodes, a few capacitors and even a bridge rectifier! (will need to make sure those are all within specs, anyone?.....)

#2335 5 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

Don't you find more Blue Note(s)/Rock Star(s)out in the Northeast?

Maybe so....anyone else have knowledge of other games? (I know of a local collector 20 minutes from me who has a Rock Star)

#2337 5 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

That particular one has a sloppy stencil job on the lower left "wing". Goes to show you that even the factory isn't perfect when painting cabinets.

Yes, the stencil is off about 3/8ths of an inch! (it's also a sample game, if you can use that as an excuse!).

#2340 5 years ago
Quoted from Polonius:

Nope, just a cheap Best Buy brand. The Paradigm is in the TV room.
It's neat to see variation on the cabinet for that Blue Note. Gives the era a hand-done feel. You can tell I wasn't alive back then.

I totally agree! It's like finding a double struck coin! There are lots of marks on EMs that show the original makers (under the paint) and other slight flaws that make it 'original'. Too many restorations try for perfection and don't show any of these unique signs of hand craftsmanship.

#2342 5 years ago

Geez, that playfield on the BQ is mint!

#2362 5 years ago

Lookin' great Ken! (does the Sure Shot glass have some lifting?)

#2407 5 years ago

Finished my latest project- Williams 1967 Blast Off
Here's a few eye candy shots. Pretty sweet machine picked up locally and swapped the cabinet with my Apollo for a collector quality game all around. Ron Webb repro glass. Did my usual stuff including re-graining the door skin (Chris, same year as your Magic City), a few new coils, everything torn down, cleaned/serviced, etc. Love this theme/artwork and for the year, quite a bit going on with the orbit shots and values advance each time you 'launch' the rocket! (Bagatelle was also completely torn down and restored) Labor of love for sure! Edit to add-still looking for score cards. Have a few feelers out for other owners, but haven't gotten any bites yet.


#2409 5 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

That is one schweeet "Blast Off" ! I like your keyless front door lock. Where's the coin return flap though?
Are the red metal flippers correct for that game? I recall others I have played had regular white plastic ones. Nice touch though even so.

Ha-ha, I knew someone would catch me on the return flap! I looked at the one on my Apollo door (this game didn't have one) and it was kind of rusted so didn't switch it out. Now that Chris has set the bar so high, I may have to go retrieve it and polish it up!
As for the flippers, yes, they came from PBR (Steve's got a small stash of used ones) They weren't cheap either! The game came with aftermarket reds plastic ones that weren't as nice IMO. I like the classic metal ones, and they might even have a bit more momentum with the added weight. I got a few of those keyless catches a couple years ago for answering a quiz on Pinball Podcast! When I keep a game, I sometimes use them if I know I'll be inside the game (early on for ironing out the bugs) Thanks for the props JR.

#2413 5 years ago
Quoted from EM-PINMAN:

Great looking game stashyboy!
Enjoy playing it now!

Oh I have been!
Lots of testing to make sure everything is working properly!
High score to date: 17,348 (though sometimes can't even earn one extra ball!)
I have the score tiers set at 3,4, and 5 thousand, which I have seen on at least one other game with factory card.

#2415 5 years ago
Quoted from JKnPA:

******* Very Nice *********
Great photo shots ! What camera did you use ?

Just a cheap Olympus point and shoot, John. I take some with flash, then without and steady the camera on the something. The later seems to work well as the colors seem more natural to me. The flash always burns out some areas with too much light as well. I wish I could take better video with this camera. It needs lots of light (works well outside).

2 weeks later
#2549 5 years ago

Love that 'old school' light box animation of him jumping the busses!

#2576 5 years ago
Quoted from DirtFlipper:

There's a Big Hit listed for sale here on Pinside in the Market section right now.

Picking it up at Pinfest!

#2610 5 years ago

Perhaps the definition of 'version' needs to be defined.......
I agree with JR, Lawman (and Sheriff) was the original version of the playfield layout, reused for Atlantis. If you read the info for Atlantis here:
Atlantis was redesigned by Jeff Brenner, so would qualify as a different game IMO. Different ruleset, no ball return gate, no bonus scoring, etc. Lots of folks would casually call Lawman the two player version, simply due to the same layout.

#2611 5 years ago

That Lawman looks Great Adam! I would love to find one 'in the wild', yet to be restored(are they out there?). Seems like owners are not as excited about the gameplay as Atlantis. Opinions?

1 month later
#2661 5 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

yet another target pool, this is my forth one

Is that the one we discussed? (you sold it to Chris right?) Looks like a pretty nice cabinet....other pics?

3 weeks later
#2749 5 years ago

My Big Hit restore is done. Pretty happy with it. Still waiting for the nickel-plated metal channel just below the neck. I'm trying out Mike Chestnut's plating service to see how they look. Not cheap, but reasonable considering the amount of work involved. I hope you'all appreciate a mostly original game. A few touch ups, and some extra lites behind the flipper buttons and under the center shooter label.


#2755 5 years ago

Yes, I specified nickel-plating (original) not chrome. It is cleared with Varathane and inserts filled. I'm not a big fan of double rings behind drops. As a concession to that, I added clear spacers under the plastic to raise it up a bit. (also helps with the chrome ball guide rubbing the underside of the plastic) Thanks for the kind words guys, and yes it is very loud! esp. when I was play testing with the back door and glass off!!
Agree it's more fun than I thought it would be.

1 week later
#2819 5 years ago
Quoted from MikeO:

Also, I had Mike replate a half dozen of the playfield glass receiver channels a couple years ago. I had him chrome plate them thinking that is what original was. Got them home and found they were originally nickel plated. The chrome plating stands out compared to an original. You mention nickel plating above. Is he going to nickel plate it for you?

I got them back from Mike today, not only do they look brand new, the packaging was excellent. Each is bagged then wrapped with foam in a mail tube. I will keep two that will go into future projects in the air tight bags for now.
A bit pricy for an average game restoration, but for something high end/a real keeper, there is no substitute!

#2821 5 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

I thought about doing this, how much for each?
or did you pay per lot

$35 each for 3, plus $26 shipping, so that's $131 plus your time.....
The weight adds up pretty quick and you are paying both ways. He does business like PBR-old school. Send him a check after you receive the parts!

1 week later
#2888 5 years ago

Glad you are still enjoying it O-Din. I esp like the 'for service call' tag on the apron. (and the drink holder!)

#2891 5 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Oh yeah. We are enjoying it. One point at a time.

One point at a time? or one drink at a time?!

1 month later
#3044 5 years ago

GiGi looks nice too!

1 week later
#3053 5 years ago

Check this thread out. As a former owner, (who miss' his!) I can vouch for it's staying power. The progressive bonus ladder jacks up the lit target value that cycles thru on the drops. Back hand shots to the upper rollovers are very tricky, but rewarding, and there's more........

2 weeks later
#3080 5 years ago

Here's a few shots of my latest restoration. I think this was one of the last 2" flipper games with no inlanes. Pretty tough to score high on this one. I currently have it set to its maximum of 8 balls to start play and it still kicks my butt!
No cradling the ball here, you must be quick, have a good sense of when to use a 'lazy' flip, and lots of nudging. The outlanes are brutal! Totally an 'old school' kind of game. I can see why many love this game as it's certainly not too easy!
Two things I wanted to comment on for the last pic. Yes, those are LEDs under the inserts, warm white non-ghosting type. They seem to look good as they bring out the reds well on the wows, and also are not too white with the aged/yellowed off white inserts. Also the aluminum angle piece shown, is to correct playfield bow that can seriously affect the ball travel, causing it to go towards outlanes even more than it does now! By adding spacers under the outside edges, it counteracts the convex shape. I have done this to several games with excellent results. You just need to be creative with where you can get it to fit and often need to move a few things, like bulb sockets in this case.

#3083 5 years ago

It is original paint guys......I did do a few very minor touch ups, but bought the game because the cabinet and playfield were already 9 and the glass just had a few minor issues. The worst part of the restoration was hours of cleaning the paint to remove yellow staining.
I agree with Mike as to the slingshots being a key element. They seem to send the ball into the outlanes all too often. If you nudge at just the right time, sometimes you can change the trajectory enough to save it. Even more evil, is the lower wow targets are right next to the outlanes and are the ones that light most of the time. It is possible to hit them with a good nudge off the slings, but can end in a drain as well. The upper drop targets are much harder to clear to energize the four other wows. I have found the upper side roll-overs to be very hard to hit as well, so collecting those wows is pretty much a pipe dream.......

#3087 5 years ago
Quoted from DirtFlipper:

The inside front of the cab is painted white?

I did enhance the overspray inside the coin box area with ivory krylon, due to ground in dirt and a missing block (keeps the coin box in place) that was replaced. Otherwise original paint that was very well preserved. Here's a few more pics-
only game with gold lettered pop caps according to Steve Young.

#3091 5 years ago
Quoted from DirtFlipper:

Gottlieb Central tonight...
DirtFlipper's Hangout

2014Oct03 023.JPG 224 KB

wow! just wow!

1 week later
#3110 5 years ago
Quoted from kovalski3:

My Machines have been in storage for several months. I am finally starting to set up my Gameroom again.

image.jpg 142 KB

Nice Adam, but you need to get a bulb in that coin entrance plate on Lucky Hand!

#3145 5 years ago
Quoted from manitouguy:

here are a few of mine ... err ... shall i call this my 'game room'!!
space is very limited in my apt so i 'rotate' through the games, changing them up every couple of months
not sure if setting the heads on top (pushes down the coin return buttons - but i don't use those anyhow) is hard on the buttons or not .. but i need the room and it looks cool as 'wall art'

i see my hallway is a mess ... trying to make room for the soon arrival of jack n jill too .. yikes!
cheers, Ron

Get rid of the couch, you can set up a few more! (that's what I did!)

oh dear.JPG 173 KB

1 month later
#3252 5 years ago

Shouldn't that marquee say 'Tuna's Delight Bar and Grill'?
Cool games, never played Bowl-a-Strike, without looking it up, I'm assuming it's a Kordek design with the kick backs by the flippers! 8)Thanks for sharing.

1 week later
#3280 5 years ago

Nice, if I were ever to own a 'Pointy People' game, that would be it!

#3282 5 years ago

Way to support PBR Dan! I use them all the time, and they are such an asset to us EM guys, esp. for Gottlieb stuff. Don't know what we'd do without them. I probably spend that much with them for the whole year!

#3300 5 years ago

I wanted to share a very challenging and rewarding project with you guys (with the owner's permission)
It seems like there are two camps here in the EM forum. Those that prefer older 50's/60's games with 2" flippers, and those that prefer later 70's games with 3" flippers. I like to think I can appreciate both for their unique gameplay, artwork and the evolution of EM technology. This one obviously falls into the later category with classic late 70's artwork and fast gameplay.
Here's the link for the full photo set-


#3307 5 years ago

Here's the original color under the edge of the coin door with the newly painted neck for comparison. It really is more of a raspberry color, not a deep purple. I matched as closely as possible from three shades. It was never pink to begin with, all the current examples have some degree of fade. Look under the legs/coin door for comparison. This flyer is obviously not true to the color, but is certainly not pink like C-37.

20141130_131901.jpeg s.w.flyer.jpg
#3310 5 years ago
Quoted from Darcy:

The photo of the Strange World posted on the previous page, has been taken in a darker room, possibly with no flash.

I was gonna say that too, but didn't bother......
It does look quite a bit darker in that shot posted here.

#3351 4 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

one factor over looked on these late 70's em's is the fact that a lot of them got shipped over seas
so how many still here? guess we will never really know

so true boilerman,
We were discussing that in regards to Strange World yesterday. Given there were 675 produced, they don't seem to come on the market very often. Some in collections, but seems like the majority went overseas. Perhaps Gottlieb was on to something......that the european market would still play EMs even though solid state games were coming on the market here in the US? (the SW I just finished was factory equipped with 115/230 volt transformer)

2 months later
#3586 4 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy1:

Finished restoring this rare (only 375 produced) and beautiful Gottlieb HIT THE DECK.

Does look great. Can you elaborate on the work you did?

4 weeks later
#3884 4 years ago

Here's the latest tenants in the Pinball cabin- Side by side. :applause:Just finished the Lucky Hand and have to say I may prefer it to it's replay counterpart next to it. I've included a close up of the back glass where you can see a bit of light leaking thru the opaque areas. (not dissing Ron's work, really, really nice, just was talked about recently on another thread). Also for bonus points: Can you spot at least 12 differences between the two back glass?

20150324_190818.jpg 20150324_190835.jpg 20150324_190743.jpg
#3889 4 years ago
Quoted from EM-PINMAN:

Very Nice indeed Stashyboy!
Oh and if you ever get tired of that Jacks Open let me know, I happen to have it on my Wishlist.

Thanks Ken,
JO is already spoken for 'as soon as I tire of it' to quote the local collector!
The JO has no mercy, the open elbows eat your ball (no wise cracks on that one), where as the Lucky hand is a bit more forgiving. Not sure why, exact same layout......

#3891 4 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

1. Lucky Hand/Jacks Open
2. Balls to Play/Ball in Play
3. Tilt Light in different location
4. Previous Score to Beat/ Replay Window
5. 100,000 light in different spots
6. Girl on right has white pants in Lucky Hand - red in Jacks Open
7. Queen not holding cards in right hand
8. Spades have holes
9. Looks to be rolls of poker chips or cylinders/barrels
10. Coat pointed on JO
11. Coat has different pattern
12. Lucky Hand has wider neck - wider pattern on band at top of her shirt
13. Lucky Hand letters come all the way down to guy holding card below A
14. Score is different
15. Her head is straighter on Lucky Hand
16. Has a vertical band w/playing cards coming down below her neck band
17. No Game Over light on Lucky Hand
18. Guy in back left has yellow pants/guy in Jacks Open has blue pants

Nice Hoov! Glad you took the bait. They basically had to do a bunch of mods for the LH glass to make room for all those novelty play numbers (hence the Queen is more upright/towards the right, no cards/hand), and also the "bullets" coming thru the card suits light up the 'Wows'. I take exception to your number 17 though, there is a 'Game Over' light on LH, just blinking when pic taken. I came up with about 14 when I looked at them, so you did well!

#3896 4 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

Royal Guard gave up smoking tonight. I changed all the nicotine laden playfield posts (don't give a flying truck about the PBR repro debate...I like 'em). The game also got new fan target decals and roll over lane guides. The playfield now has a nice pop to it.
What about the pop bumper bodies? It's like the metal thing, once you start, it's hard to stop with the upgrades!

#3913 4 years ago
Quoted from jjpm:

I hit it with some sand paper and a wire brush already. The hinge still looked really dull.

I did this step next. The hinge didn't shine up as well as I'd hoped, so I threw it into my tumbler which got it smooth, but didn't shine it up.

Never heard of this stuff. I have a lot of old rusty parts I'll try to clean up with this. Thanks!

Are you talking about sand blasting, or something else here?

The hinge is not going to shine like a plated part. It's just steel.

#3939 4 years ago
Quoted from DennisDodel:

exact formula that was used on these games.

No lead in that right?

1 month later
#4203 4 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

I put about 25 games on it and it really isn't a bad game. not sure but I think it is the only em I played that had a plunger skill shot?

Nice score Boilerman. Glad you were able to find d a Strange World, even if it was 3000 miles away! The Blue Note pics don't quite show the notes collected inserts. Any wear in that area? Usually does, also the kick out hole right on the "5000" I would assume.

#4217 4 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

I wonder if rock star has the same thing as blue note?

Yes it does.

1 week later
#4302 4 years ago
Quoted from dave58:

Some recent EM additions. All are in great cosmetic condition and are great playing games!

PICT0142.JPG (Click image to enlarge)
PICT0143.JPG (Click image to enlarge)
PICT0144.JPG (Click image to enlarge)
PICT0145.JPG (Click image to enlarge)

Hmm, I know at least two of those machines! Nice line up!

#4343 4 years ago
Quoted from wayner:

Always sad to see a former manufacturing beehive that is no longer. I wonder what that building (if it still stands) now houses?

Sadly, I believe that building is long gone.......

1 week later
#4469 4 years ago

Nice, I saw that one was posted. I bit of a drive for me and the broken glass was the straw....suppose to be a real fun game.

Quoted from Toyguy:

Picked this one up yesterday off the NH Craigslist. Several known issues, not the least of which is the fractured back glass. Original intent was to gut it as the donor for my custom P-ROC Pinky and the Brain machine, but as I am cleaning it up, the design is growing on me
Why does that always seem to happen? LOL!
PF is just filthy with dirt and nicotine but looks like it would clean up nicely.

#4471 4 years ago

Multiple Atlanti (plural of Atlantis?)

#4488 4 years ago

Nice group of games there Pinaholic-sell me your unrestored 'Astro' it's just taking up space there on the shelf!

#4489 4 years ago
Quoted from EMsInKC:

It should be a pinball rule that you're not allowed to own multiples of the same game. You should be forced to sell to those who are less fortunate...

Agreed spread the wealth around. The second Atlantis is not mine, just finished the restoration on it for a client.

1 week later
#4580 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

How much does an EM from the 60's-70's weigh? Ballpark. Are they around the 250 lbs of a modern Stern?

yes, some with more stuff weigh 275.

#4589 4 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

mamas got a squeezbox

Daddy never sleeps at night....someone had to say it!

#4641 4 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

In the meantime you can probably still afford to eat at All American Burger.

or at Captain Hook's Fish and Chips!

1 month later
#4874 4 years ago

Latest effort in my pinball cabin. Client game, was previously repainted. LEDS in backbox per his addition. I removed them from the play field (blindness causing!) Plays 100% except for one small lane guide on order. The 60s games are a ton of work compared to 70s games IMO.


1 week later
#4936 4 years ago

Usual wear spots look pretty good (lower center inserts, kick out hole drop spot) Since it's from Canada, I would tend to believe the play meter. Good score!

#4956 4 years ago
Quoted from Dono:

Wow, a repaint where the webbing actually looks great! I hate webbing in a can, or splatter where there should be webbing; nice job.

Funny you should say that Don. In fact, the 'webbing' is drawn on with a pencil! It looks ok, from a distance, but if you know what it should look like, far from original........ As I mentioned, this was done previously through a well know restoration company.

#4991 4 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

I use a touchup spray gun.. takes longer to set, then clean up then it does to do the webbing.
the results are well worth the effort.
my 65.00 roller coaster is almost done


Which gun do you own Dave? I see several cheap ones on Ebay, or name brand ones for 3-4 times the price of cheap ones......

1 month later
#5068 4 years ago
Quoted from Vic_Camp:

Just picked up this 1953 United EM bingo pinball machine. Thanks Adam.
Tropics 9-12-15 054.JPG Tropics 9-12-15 062.JPG Tropics 9-12-15 139.JPG Tropics 9-12-15 140.JPG Tropics 9-12-15 141.JPG Tropics 9-12-15 147.JPG Tropics 9-12-15 148.JPG Tropics 9-12-15 149.JPG

I bet there's a few switches and relays in that one huh?

2 months later
#5279 4 years ago

Change of pace from the classic wood rails, to the last of the EMs. I have been lucky to be working on not one, but two Joker Poker EM version of late (though all those score reels get a bit tedious!) Here's the first one, the cabinet was a mess and needed some extensive patching to bring it back to decent shape. Original paint with some touch ups. Plays great now, new drops, plastics, usual mechanicals all cleaned/rebuilt with new parts where needed. Most complicated game I have worked on to date. Every square inch of space was packed with something! Happy to see it go to a new home for someone else to enjoy for many years!






1 week later
#5292 4 years ago

Wade does make a very nice play field!

1 week later
#5389 3 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Just looked at my 1958 Sunshine flyer - double rubbers.
Now I know why a fair few rubber kits I always end up with 2 spare 1 inch rubbers.
Seems like they put 1 inch in instead of 1 inch 1/4.

Steve told me Gottlieb did not use or produce 1 1/4" rubber for their games, therefore, he doesn't include it inhis Gottlieb rubber sets (though I do believe he stocks it for other manufacturers)

1 month later
#5544 3 years ago
Quoted from Vic_Camp:

This early Williams reverse wedgehead is another top of the line single player for playability. Tough game to beat but very rewarding when you reset the racks more then 4 times in a game.


Almost the same layout as the Lucky Strike (or other way around!) Both are fun, would love to own them. There was a Skill Pool locally for reasonable money for sale last summer, but I had to pass as the back glass nor cab was in collector condition.

1 week later
#5602 3 years ago

Dimension eye candy!







#5609 3 years ago

Thanks for the compliments guys-
That's the NOS field that came from Italy. Lots of TLC and help with parts from PBR, and some re-plated stuff from Mike Chestnut. This is someone else's game, but I have a lesser copy for myself. Thing is fun to play. Feast or famine. When the Wow targets do get lit, they can really be generous Pop! Pop! Pop!

#5612 3 years ago
Quoted from Vic_Camp:

Is it a cabinet repaint? Game condition looks sensational!

No Vic,
Carefully touched up as part of the restoration. Here's a couple before pics


1 month later
#5846 3 years ago

Not sure if I shared this one yet. Saved this one from an uncertain future. Picked up from Dr. Dave. Right side of cabinet was quite trashed from deeply carved graffiti. Just a player, but pretty fun with the Atlantis layout/geometry. Ball return gate is a bit of a gimmick, but am enjoying it a lot.







1 week later
#5893 3 years ago

I understand that Skil Pool is similar to King Pin, so if you do make good on sending that to Hoov, etc. you still have that type of RWH game.

#5900 3 years ago

That explains why it's in such great shape. Agree with JR, every one I've seen have major issues.

#5972 3 years ago
Quoted from wayner:

Very interesting article. I was fascinated by the 'wood from Wisconsin' comment. Can someone fill me in pls?

trees.....and steel from Michigan, lots of iron deposits http://www.miningartifacts.org/Michigan-Iron-Mines.html

1 month later
#6225 3 years ago
Quoted from Budman:

Hey O din
There is an Eager Beaver for sale on Mr Pinball this morning.

Yea, Astro and 4 Roses too! Good day for EMs.

#6238 3 years ago

Metal flippers and great art package, not sure about the game play though. (haven't played it, just going on reviews) Great pick up, on my wish list. Am nearly finished with my first reverse wedge head (Palooka) I consider this an honorary member as a single player from the same era. Congrats.

1 month later
#6470 3 years ago
Quoted from wayner:

The end of an era and 215 production. A prized possession for you Andrew-congrats.

And 1 of 300 Gemini hiding behind it! Congrats, played one at PHoF a few years ago.

#6517 3 years ago

I like your line up Elvis, and I think a lot of us would like to play with Annie (did at the PHoF). For now, I'll have to settle for that Pin-Up, just restored one myself.






#6524 3 years ago

original glass, actually touched up a bit next to the ten thousands window, also minor touch ups on the cabinet, but thanks for the compliments!

#6543 3 years ago

Not just export AABs from Gottlieb, but domestic games too. I like to keep them mostly stock, but occasionally play with colored bulbs/LEDS such as the stock cabaret lights on my other latest restoration Palooka. I also have red LEDS under the already orange rollover button inserts.







#6546 3 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Wow Stashy, your Palooka turned out nice. Not many left in that shape I'm sure. Fun game eh?

Yes, and yes! You can be about to drain on the last ball and hit the center target for 1000 pts (perhaps earning an extra ball) and the lit extra ball.....bam!-bam! The cabinet needed some love (they all seem to flake/plank due to the solid wood), but was in pretty decent shape to begin with. The coin door had a tattered sticker indicating it served our military on an Air Force or Reserve base back in the day. That might explain a bit why it was in such nice condition-respect and discipline from the troops? I am very happy with it and will reside between two wedge heads in my future game room some day.

2 months later
#7118 3 years ago

Not to quibble, but Skill Pool came out in 1963. Reverse wedgeheads ended production in 1964. Suppose to be a fun game. Would own if I could find one with a decent glass....right O-din?
Also, if you don't need 2 of those AA&the Aliens Dave (not on your top system 1games after all! )I'd be glad to take one off your hands!

2 months later
#7474 3 years ago
Quoted from ejacques:

Just picked up this Gottlieb Grand Slam. Should clean up nice. Too bad I can't get it to turn on at all.
Anyone have any thoughts?

Main fuse, cord for starters. Credits, or set to free play. Had the AAB version World Series and loved it. Added two lights behind the upper roto plastic in the alternating circuit to light the ball players too.

1 week later
#7557 3 years ago
Quoted from Mopar:

Thanks o-din. That gun game is doubled mirrored. While playing, the targets look
to be 8 ft. away. Here's another pin not seen often. Notice the Gottlieb emblem on
the playfield being orange and white like the woodrails prior. The metal rail Flippers
emblem are white. Still need to be gone through, and will eventually get to.

Is that Hollywood Driving Range on the far right? Have one in the queue. Will keep you in mind should I get stuck.

1 week later
#7619 2 years ago
Quoted from John_I:

QB is restored and playing AWESOME. Such a fun game.

QB looks fun, never seen that game before. What I really envy is that blacklight DD print next to it! I just put down some outer space themed glow carpet and it would have been a slam dunk. Sadly, they are all gone according to his website. Here's a shot of my new humble game room so far. (Admittedly, my Blackout inspired the choice, even has the same planets!)

20161210_154642 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#7631 2 years ago
Quoted from stashyboy:

QB looks fun, never seen that game before. What I really envy is that blacklight DD print next to it! I just put down some outer space themed glow carpet and it would have been a slam dunk. Sadly, they are all gone according to his website. Here's a shot of my new humble game room so far. (Admittedly, my Blackout inspired the choice, even has the same planets!)

Good guys, keep it coming! I spent the last 2 weeks finishing the restoration I started last winter of my game room center piece that inspired the carpet. Same planets, etc. Yes, solid state, but still a single level game from my youth. Also set up my soon to be restored Fire Queen. The blacklight effect is pretty fun, well worth tracking down and installing the carpet myself. I want to add an em gun game and another pin to complete the for now, current line up.

20161225_174357 (resized).jpg

#7636 2 years ago
Quoted from Otaku:

Snapped some pics a few days ago - a bit messy, with the holidays hustle and bustle and all!

I might have already asked you...how you like Vagabond? Game play? Great line up!

#7657 2 years ago
Quoted from BlackCatBone:

Absolutely knocked out by your carpet and blacklight. Is it a true carpet (as opposed to a painted hard floor surface) and would you mind saying where you purchased the carpet? It looks like the blacklight is coming from beneath one or more of your games. Would that be right? Awesome room.

Thanks BlackCat,
Most people who have seen it in person get it too. Going for the retro arcade look. I did some research and after a couple promising leads didn't pan out, I tried my local carpet place. Turns out they could get this pattern and for slightly less thanother sources. It's made by Joy Carpets in Georgia (Joycarpet.com) this pattern is called 'space explorer'. Had it shipped to my local store, and I installed it myself. The blacklight is from Amazon. 18" 9 LEDs. Secured to the bottom of one game with brackets that came with it. I am pretty happy with the combination overall, now just want to add a couple more games, and some finishing touches.

20161208_153227 (resized).jpg

1 month later
#7950 2 years ago
Quoted from AlexF:

There was one in similar condition on Chicago Craigslist that lingered forever about a year or so ago. It got down to around $400 and still didn't sell. Like you I was thinking it would make one heck of a parts game. I think the reason it took so long to sell is it get's no love as a player but it's still a nice looking game. I'm sure like me, most were struggling with the idea of parting a complete and attractive game. Eventually someone must have bought it. Now it's probably set aside in some other guys collection why he mulls over it's fate.

Probably has a lot to do with lack of real flippers. Those pointy things (do they have an official name?) are hard to use, certainty no ball control. I looked at the same game JR bought, so did a couple other local guys. We all passed on it. Assume the seller lowered the price a bit for JR. He did have another trashed (but complete) game I bought and is now in my parts bins. Will help restore other games to playing condition.

#7957 2 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

Oh, you got the "Lucky Hand"? Or was it the "Stock Car"? I almost passed on the "Guys Dolls" after seeing that both ends of the lockdown bar were chipped out, but I just love the cabinet on that game. It actually has the later wooden lockdown bar which is incorrect for this game, but I can use it. I was a bit surprised that it sparked right up after freeing just one rollover switch. I'm open to possible trades if someone wants it.

Yes, both. Lucky Hand will need the full treatment (set up, but not playing through a game yet), but it's in nice cosmetic condition. Stock Car....well .....

#7959 2 years ago
Quoted from Mopar:

I'm sure Stock Car's glass isn't in the best of condition, right? (T)

Probably about a '5'. I kept it along with the front of the head. Now nailed up in my garage. Appropriately?

1487300888038184080702 (resized).jpg

#7993 2 years ago
Quoted from Mopar:

Quite a while ago I picked up a nice Stock Car with a nice glass and had it stored since. Never
checking the back of the glass, it was perfect but yet someone had sealed it and after years
stored, spots lifted. It's not a very collectible game, but the rest is nice and had an eye out for
a glass. That glass does look decent except for the whiting around the score windows.
Might you like to trade the Stock Car glass. I have to look, but I think I have a pretty decent
Lucky Hand glass..

Yes, the worst is the crackling around the score windows, but the lit red/orange art is pretty flaked as well. A good wall hanging, definitely has that vintage 'sweaty' look that Mike from American Pickers always talks about. I recently traded for a nicer Lucky Hand glass, so am good there. Thanks anyway.

1 week later
#8072 2 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

Picked this up today. Seller told me he had a lot of calls today, but I was fortunate to have seen the ad shortly after it was posted yesterday afternoon (CL). He was very honorable letting me have first shot at it since I was the first caller. No brainer!

Yea, totally envious. Looks like a keeper for sure. Just very minor flaking on that glass. Playfield looks mint. How's the cabinet paint? They are often flaky .

#8139 2 years ago

Boy, that kick out hole wear/scratch on the right side is in a strategic location. Had to look at that up close, thinking there's no way the original artwork included an areola!

3 weeks later
#8262 2 years ago

Wow is right! The game room isn't too shabby either! Must really like that layout on Pin Up to have a King Pin too. ( I like like both myself) Great taste in that row for sure.

#8300 2 years ago
Quoted from leckmeck:

Good eye, Hoov. I have Neptune instead of Hit the Deck, but the rest of your guesses are spot on.
I found another pic of Gold Strike that shows the other side of the game room. To the right of Spin-a-Card, which DirtFlipper restored, is Blast Off, which stashyboy restored.

Nice....and where has DF gone these days....we miss him. Does that make Blast Off the oldest game in your collection?

#8335 2 years ago

A change of pace for me. Got this in a package deal. Couldn't resist the challenge of reconditioning a somewhat rough game (though the glass is pretty decent). Not as popular as his younger two-player sister Fire Queen, but same playfield layout/artwork. Classic Krynski/Morrison. BTW, I may want to pass it along possibly at or before Allentown. Enjoy

20170331_134630 (resized).jpg

20170331_134323 (resized).jpg
20170331_134802 (resized).jpg
20170331_134655 (resized).jpg
20170331_134439 (resized).jpg
20170331_134342 (resized).jpg
20170331_134251 (resized).jpg

20170331_134958 (resized).jpg

#8338 2 years ago

Says almost 67k which seems right to me. The cabinet and playfield both have touch ups, but look reasonable imo.

#8341 2 years ago
Quoted from EM-PINMAN:

Too bad you're not in Texas as I would trade you my Williams King Pin for it.

If you are serious, would consider a trade, of course shipping makes it more costly.....

I said it "was" in rough shape. I did put quite a bit of time into it.

1 week later
#8476 2 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

it will be a hard choice, i like both but one has to go.

Was there kick out hole wear on the Dimension? Looks great.

#8552 2 years ago

Agreed, I just did a Surfer and painted that whole triangular section where the ball lands from the kick out hole. Almost impossible to just do the worn spot with all the color shifts of yellowing laquer from sun, dirt, smoke, etc. Mixed green with the blue, also black and white until a good match is achieved.

#8628 2 years ago

Make sure that ball in play and wow stepper units don't have frozen grease. Pretty common on that era.

#8659 2 years ago
Quoted from bek1966:

Nice Volley! Not too much to do cosmetically beyond replacing the white rubber post caps and polishing the dull acorn post caps.
I'm lucky, my 16yr old daughter loves the EM games we have. By far her favorites are Beat the Clock and Fast Draw. Her daily routine is come home from school get a snack and decompress with 30 minutes of pinball. Then it's hit the books! She's already decided that she'd like her first house warming gift to be a pinball machine - she's my favorite!

Did you just pick that up from Adam?

#8788 2 years ago
Quoted from Mopar:

Yeah, that is Hollywood Driving Range. I also have Mini Golf which is a 2 player, so probably
like that one better, but HDR I'm thinking you don't see as often. On mine, inside the coin door,
there's a factory sticker (or looks very much to be) that reads the strength of the golfer (as
pitch & bat machines), but no reostat or any wires for it. The golfer does seem to swing too heavy.
The balls travels to fast up the red ramps, thus not hitting its mark squarely. I even took time and
made shorter ramps, but made it just a little better. I plan on splicing in a reostat..
I'd say good move picking one up if reasonable. They're out there, but I don't think I've seen another in person..
If your glass happens to have issues, I had that one made. Came out nice..
High Falls. Must be NYC way. I'm in Newark between Syracuse and Rochester.. (T)

Yes, Adam got the same glass from Shay. Nicely done decal. You can see the artwork is a bit simplified, but none the less vast improvement over the flaked original. I am troubleshooting now and have a couple issues I am stumped on. The motor that raises the ball over runs the limit switch. I have tried to elongate the notch in the cam, but it's very hard steel. Switch adjusting doesn't seem to solve it either. Schematic for the game is for replay version and wire colors are sometimes different. Start up sequence is not obvious. Lastly, thoughts on easy way to set up free play? No start button on this novelty version. Thanks

20170422_220043 (resized).jpg

1 month later
#9197 2 years ago

I know this title had been getting a lot of press lately (hopefully not over-hyped), but I felt I had to share this one with the group. Not sure why, but seems like lots of nice examples around. Maybe the theme just didn't appeal to the mostly teenage boy audience? This one had just over 18k plays, perfect glass with just some very, very minor work done on the body and field. Before anyone asks, it's not my game, and not for sale. I just did the restoration.Enjoy!

20170616_124248 (resized).jpg
20170616_124528 (resized).jpg
20170616_124517 (resized).jpg
20170616_124350 (resized).jpg
20170616_124235 (resized).jpg
20170616_124200 (resized).jpg
20170616_124117 (resized).jpg
20170616_124057 (resized).jpg
20170616_124301 (resized).jpg