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EM : Show us your EM Pinball Machines!

By Rat_Tomago

6 years ago

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#182 6 years ago

EMs Down Under!

Here is a recent walkaround of my collection.

3 months later
#804 6 years ago

am sure i have some nos score and instruction cards for sunshine..send me a pm if you are interested

3 weeks later
#870 6 years ago

^^^ cool..i'm picking up a real nice, non running one this saturday!

2 months later
#1420 6 years ago

EM pins alive and well South of Sydney, Australia..this was taken in my gamesroom last Saturday night:


4 months later
#2543 5 years ago

Capersville is an awesome game..I rank it higher and tougher than Fireball..here is mine in action which is a German import that was reimported back into Australia a few years ago..

#2546 5 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

Where are the bloody chimes?

it doesn't have them..that along with some other early 70s gottlieb from the same stash had no chimes..they had never been installed..i can tell the chimes were never installed..my hot shot doesn't even have the wiring for the chimes.

#2582 5 years ago

i have a few of mine set on 3 ball play just to mix things up..

also changes the scoring on them..

2 months later
#2766 5 years ago

here is a game i just finished..a bally skyrocket..


8 months later
#3662 4 years ago
Quoted from wayner:

Following a much appreciated reference by illawarra92 I picked up today a Gottlieb Spin Out (I am a revhead from wayback) from Michael Shalhoub who had purchased this machine from a dealer in Chicago about 10 years ago.
The machine is fully operational although I will probably return the transformer from high to normal connectivity. Interestingly two US 110V Transformers are installed in series. Does this mean 2x110=220V?
The machine requires quite a deal of cosmetic attention cabinet touch-up; pedestal repaint; replace bottom board; clean & wax playfield; install playmeter, tilt, coin mechanisms & cash box; seal & touch-up backglass; refinish coin door & coin entry plate.

Was great to meet you last Monday Wayne and glad you're happy with this game..also cool to see another Aussie in greenechidna on pinside

1 week later
#3737 4 years ago

Looks like EM pinball is alive and well in Australia with Wayner and greenechidna posting frequently. I'm South from these guys and love the 'out there' titles such as Bally Capersville from 1966. This game doesn't look like much to play but she is a blast and gets a heap of use. The game was imported into Australia 3 years ago. The pop bumper caps, or the #455s in the bumper aren't original but the rest was restored to factory. The video is the game in action.


#3741 4 years ago
Quoted from greenechidna:

Is that the Capersville that was at Pinfest 2012? Great player with zipper flipers and multiball. Really good art too

no that was marco's..this is another one

#3743 4 years ago
Quoted from beadwindow:

damn, that's the best looking C-ville I've seen-the rest have been pretty well worn.
this pin was ahead of it's time and has one of the deepest rule sets of any EM.

yes, the game looks like there is nothing going on..there was a container of em's that got imported from europe into australia about 3 years ago..got to see the list of what was coming in an made capersville my number 1 to buy..this version is the one made for germany, so it made it a bit tricky when going over the game as all the labels etc are also in german.

1 month later
#4156 4 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

Hey look whats on its way to Colorado and California.

oh man, i was hoping they were coming to australia

2 months later
#4839 4 years ago

capersville it's an awesome game..i bought one that arrived in a container from germany (back to australia) a few years ago..doesn't look much but will never leave my collection..oh and my friend and i doing the video we had a fair few beers while shooting the vid.

1 week later
#4877 4 years ago

just arrived via italy to melbourne, australia then home just south of sydney..

gottlieb tiger from 1975 which was made just for italy..note on score card tray no use of the word flipper and the game doesn't award credits but extra balls which light up in the backglass..

not a bad game to play, will restore once a few other games are finished.





1 month later
#5099 4 years ago

just arrived, a gottlieb oklahoma..first saw this game for sale around 17 years ago and fell in love with the backglass..had to wait 17 years for the same game to become available again.

the backglass is shot but will order a replacement from backglass resto..plan a ground up restoration and have already pulled down the game and will start on stripping the paint off the cab today.

playfield is very nice and will only need a small amount of touchup..

there is something about those gottlieb 4 players from the early 1960's that gets me everytime.20150922_172514.jpg

#5125 4 years ago

nice sky jump, out of interest what was the dates on your coins? always a pretty good gauge on the last time the game was on location.

3 months later
#5500 3 years ago
Quoted from mswhat:

My first EM. I love the sound of the score reels and motor. Nothing like it!


..an australian themed pinball..and one that never, ever turns up for sale down here

3 weeks later
#5591 3 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

looks like i can finally remove this one from my want list!


totally agree..i love mine so much had her imported from the states to australia.

1 month later
#5869 3 years ago

gottlieb mini pool..love those aab gottlieb pins


1 week later
#5949 3 years ago

gottlieb aab part 2..been unloading most of my 4 player gottlieb's and replacing with wedgeheads (can never have enough wedgeheads).


1 month later
#6289 3 years ago
Quoted from Doggy:

Here's a few before's

she is so beautiful.

do you mind if i asked about how you did the cab? are there stencils available for lawman/sheriff? the reason for asking is i just bought a major project which has an awesome playfield but painted cab (and hammered backglass but will buy backglass repro)


1 week later
#6345 3 years ago

gottlieb sheriff..bought to put in the queue for a ground up restore next spring..

great playfield, mechanically complete (less chimes)..

will buy backglass repro glass and pinball rescue are working on the art for the plastics.

will need a heap of work and a heap of coin but will make her shine again.

so wont be able to start for about 6 months as there are still other games to finish but will start to gather what is needed.


#6402 3 years ago

another one in the queue for restore and rebuild..a container landed with about 70 ems from germany into australia a week ago..have always wanted a gottlieb swing along and will look great next to happy clown and oklahoma

just wish somebody would make repro decals for the spinning targets.



#6405 3 years ago
Quoted from manitouguy:

I'm finally completing a number of my decal projects - let's see a close up or two of the targets




2 months later
#7016 3 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

"Fun Park/"Fun Land" are two of the most under-the-radar games out there. Fantastic players! Lots of fun!

agree, been doing a ground up restore of gottlieb fun fair which is the italian version of fun park..note the ball diverter below the flippers

13781693_1379874135372721_7506545344261341532_n_zpst9e7704t (resized).jpg

#7026 3 years ago

you guys in america are spoiled for choice.. it took nearly 25 years to track one of these down to add to the collection..needs a rebuild but just happy to have finally found this title

20160827_181330 (resized).jpg

#7043 3 years ago
Quoted from Darcy:

Tidied up the play field on Hi Dolly. Buff and wax the play areas. Will do a more thorough cleaning when the parts arrive. Just posting 2 pictures for now. The Roto Target spins every time, but needs to be serviced.

There are a lot of posts to shine up.

looks awesome, have never seen one for sale in australia..pretty sure pinball rescue make the decals for the stationary targets either side of the rotos.

1 week later
#7127 3 years ago

such a great game and can't think of a tougher 70s em.

what a rush to get the doodle bug lit for 10,000 and trying to keep it going.

love the art, love the memories, love the colours and the way it plays.

when we were kids playing it growing up all you would hear is 'get the f*cking doodle bug' and then watch the eyes flash while trying to keep the ball in play.

20160912_185957 (resized).jpg

#7133 3 years ago
Quoted from NoQuarters:

Interesting High Scores sticker on the lock down bar. Was it on there when you got it or did you make it or find it on line somewhere ?

lee and gordon at pinball rescue


1 week later
#7174 3 years ago

perfect timing as pinball rescue have just finished the plastics.

1 week later
#7242 3 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

Your original duck spinners are really nice too!

has anybdoy got repro labels for this title they could please supply? restoring a gottlieb fun park (the italian aab).

#7245 3 years ago
Quoted from Otaku:

Tivoli or Fun Fair? They made those two for Italy. Fun Park is the American AAB.
Tivoli looks like a cool alternate version too, that one is quite different. Funny how they made four versions of this game!

sorry fun fair (which has the ball diverter below the flippers)

#7249 3 years ago

being doing a ground up restro on this off and on for the past 3 years..at a stage where the backglass came out of storage tonight which inspired me further.

take note of the italian text in the 2nd photo and the extra score reel window which was a common thing to add by italian ops back in the day.

working on some other games at the moment so this game is next to have the cab repainted (all ready to go).

20161009_203136 (resized).jpg

20161009_203246 (resized).jpg

3 months later
#7774 2 years ago

been chasing a spin out for a few years and it's a tough title to find down here in australia..strange that all the playfield plastics (except one around roto) have been modified from a set off a bally hokus pokus. even over the top metal arch..pretty strange.

game is a bit rough but happy with the purchase.

goes without saying looking for a set of plastics for this game.

20170124_164532 (resized).jpg

20170124_164540 (resized).jpg

#7776 2 years ago

well 16 months later she is finished, all that is needed now is to print out some repro score and instruction cards..down the track may send out for some small parts to be rechromed..all up, very happy.

while lifting the head into position i slipped and a section of the lower right of the head clipped the steel rail and took a piece out

there is just something about this vintage game, my personal art gallery

16177697_1581471171879682_8646569012033310762_o (resized).jpg

16177646_1581471165213016_8185419137529409548_o (resized).jpg

16195370_1581471168546349_409210172655555491_n (resized).jpg

#7788 2 years ago

just finished setting up a new pin in the shed. just shows there are still outstanding examples out there to be discovered..here is a gottlieb target alpha from 1976

when i saw some photos of it thought 'have to get this'. the buyer said it wasn't working and had been sitting in his garage for about 10 years not being used and 'just wanted it gone' - well those last 4 words are music to my ears as i knew if i played the game right i'd get it for a great price.

the guy was asking aus$2,000 (us$1,450) - remember this is australia, where the prices are insane as it was, so we went back and forth until i threw the dice and offered him aus$500 (us$360) and i'd be there saturday. he should never had said that he just wanted it gone to somebody that has been collecting these for 40 years.

so off i went today and when i got there my jaw hit the ground in the condition of this game. so loaded her up, got her home, set up and popped the hood.

looked down at the fuses and they were all loose, so adjusted the holders, installed new fuses..and bam she comes to life..not only that the game now works 100%.

still it's the condition that has floored me. there are a few broken plastics but repros are available from pinball rescue. will start on putting together an order that will go out at the end of the coming week to pbr..backglass has a bit of flaking but remember this is 41 years old..she also only has 83,000 plays on the clock..also playfield has mylar since new.

still in 2 minds if i'll keep it..a few close friends knew she was coming back to the shed and have had some nice offers for trades..

16143290_1583831214977011_1821783613627567115_n (resized).jpg

16403277_1583831041643695_8563322536693786531_o (resized).jpg

16265573_1583830501643749_8901317797471638489_n (1) (resized).jpg

16251776_1583830594977073_4063677725501806698_o (resized).jpg

16179188_1583830691643730_6508914092082643195_o (1) (resized).jpg

16252017_1583830811643718_6059545975958686327_o (1) (resized).jpg

16403261_1583830941643705_883999673710716220_o (resized).jpg

16388440_1583831108310355_1384692081644199489_n (resized).jpg

16403151_1583831174977015_6869312899544992788_o (resized).jpg

16251879_1583831238310342_5795951490391625091_o (resized).jpg

#7789 2 years ago
Quoted from DennisDodel:

One of you Oklahoma guys has the rubber wrong next to the flippers.

yep, that would be me..thanks for pointing that out, now fixed

#7807 2 years ago
Quoted from Mopar:

Very nice. I like these kind of pics.
I don't have many Replay machines, but what's the 3rd machine down in
the last pic next to Buckaroo, Slick Chick? I know I have that game.. (T)

Corral from 1961


#7813 2 years ago
Quoted from Mopar:

I haven't owned or played a Corral. It's Replay and wondering what the backglass's
bottom row of numbers 1-10 represent..

the 1 to 10 are the rollover numbers on the playfield. so as you rollover the numbers they light on the lower backglass. once you get all 10 the special lights on the playfield.

2 weeks later
#7927 2 years ago

newest in the lineup..great playing game..really love the multi players from the 1960's

20170212_190707 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#8025 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Fashion Show turned out to be more popular with the players that come here.

good to know, have one arriving this coming saturday

#8047 2 years ago

arrived today via a container imported from germany back into australia.

game works but has a damaged perspex backglass around the credit wheel..have ordered and payed for a repro from backglass resto..

going through a phase of multi player 1960s gottlieb pins.

20170225_182514 (resized).jpg
20170225_182526 (resized).jpg

#8054 2 years ago
Quoted from Electrocute:

Fashion show looks to have a nice playfield. Must of cost a lot to have it shipped.

was part of 60 em pinballs in a container that a friend imported..all multi players from 1962 to 1976.

2 weeks later
#8188 2 years ago
Quoted from Electrocute:

What's that. Bowling queen?

gottlieb used the same design on 3 games, rack a ball 1962, bowling queen 1964 and mibs 1969

1 week later
#8201 2 years ago

Gottlieb Fun Fair, the Italian AAB of Fun Park 1968..have almost finished this game after working on and off for the last 4 years. Still need to make a pedestal for the head and find some metal locking channels for the top of the playfield glass.

When this game arrived into Australia it was hammered and missing many parts.. the playfield was missing so much paint, especially around the lower third around the ducks.

Some of the differences for this game are the very cool AAB feature, which actually fires the ball back up the playfield to the right through the spinner..there were only a handful of Gottlieb games made with this feature..have shown photos of above and below the playfield.

When the game arrived here it was missing all of these parts, so it was a challenge to find the parts/fabricate the parts/get it working as it should.

Note on the lower apron there is no use of the word 'flipper' on the apron and also on the actual flippers.

Have kept the original coin entrance plates and the playfield glass had the awesome original Italian operators sticker, which I have on the top of the playfield so it doesn't interfere with the instruction card.

Note there was an extra dummy reel added to the right of the score.

17352243_1641871322506333_8425388487490937888_n (resized).jpg
17342918_1641870512506414_6288586324373608038_n (resized).jpg
17389194_1641871289173003_694555914757981045_o (resized).jpg
17239672_1641871089173023_6660165086356922271_o (resized).jpg
17359131_1641869442506521_4458004500494485914_o (resized).jpg
17388867_1641871235839675_4707120992718997525_o (resized).jpg
17389006_1641870619173070_2842739530674886513_o (resized).jpg

#8216 2 years ago

this is a hot title down here in australia and on many peoples want list but rarely surfaces.

fun game, this took the place of a gottlieb hot shot and waiting on lee and gordon to release playfield plastics for it.

20170320_184547 (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#8537 2 years ago

interesting the astro vs 4 square - i had owned a few 4 squares over the years and they didn't last long in the collection.

had an astro imported (i'm in australia) and did it basically for the art, would be up there with my all time fave backglass.

as a player it's okay but have probably spent more time with a beer in my hand just admiring that amazing gordon morison art.

#8560 2 years ago

fire queen/vulcan all the way. it's an awesome game.

2 months later
#9247 2 years ago

almost finished gottlieb fashion show, just a few adjustments, few globe holders to sort..game has a backglass resto glass. this game had recently been imported into australia from germany..there had been a post installed between the flippers that will stay..gone nuts on gottlieb multi players from the 1960's

the 2nd photo is a hand painted pinball arcade sign that is 12' long. thinking circa 1970, will display on the wall later today.

20170623_175801 (resized).jpg

20170623_190735 (resized).jpg

#9250 2 years ago
Quoted from Mopar:

I do have a Fashion Show
that still needs to be gone through and have wondered about its game
play. And Swing Along which I also have wondered on it's playability..
Flying Circus is another 60s 2 Player Gottlieb that I have but never

have fashion show and swing along side by side, they are okay games but they are in the collection more for their art..just love bringing back these old games to life and wish they could talk to tell the stories they have seen..both of these games came out of the same container..would love a flying circus but none here in australia (except for alan tate's massive collection).

where in america are you as if you're thinking of selling the flying circus i have a shipper on the west coast that can get the game here.

1 week later
#9275 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I just got mine finished up and now it is back in the corner where it belongs. Honestly I haven't found many 60s Gottlieb multiplayers that turn out to be keepers, let alone fun to play repeatedly, but this one is especially when two players are involved. It's in top tune now and taken off high tap and plays quite snappy.

interested to note yours has had a centre post added between the flippers also.

#9294 2 years ago

after chasing this title for about 30 years FINALLY bought not 1 but 2 of them yesterday that have been in storage for 30+ years.

this is the better of the 2 and will get a ground up restore come late spring this year (i'm in australia) just have to finish some other games first.

cab is half painted black and missing a few playfield parts - looking to buy a complete set of plastics for this title

20170707_140531 (resized).jpg

20170706_170451 (resized).jpg

20170706_170531 (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#9399 2 years ago

edit: answered above

#9428 2 years ago
Quoted from OTTOgd:

Picked up an old Gottlieb that had been painted black with dazzling stickers attached!
But as exciting as that may sound, I appreciate the original art and scrubbed. And scrubbed. And scrubbed. And still have more scrubbing to do on the upper cabinet. But worth the effort!

can you elaborate a bit more please (awesome results by the way)..did you use any product and what did you scrub with? have a surf side with a half black house pain cab with the original art underneath and hoping to do what you did above.

1 month later
#9604 2 years ago
Quoted from Jozepp:

For a 58 year old game it's in good shape , except for the kicker plastics which are crazy warped. It was missing the 10,100 unit bell and most the steppers were frozen with all old grease.


the bell is available from pinball resource

4 weeks later
#9770 2 years ago

not the most desirable of 1950's gottlieb pins by any means..but woodrails very rarely surface down here in australia.

gottlieb just 21 from 1950

been collecting since 1977, lost count of the amount of games that have come and gone but this would be only the 4th or 5th woodrail found 'in the wild'

still in 2 minds about what to do: restore (which would need a repro backglass), sell or trade.

20171008_140118 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#9846 2 years ago

think twice before letting that pleasure isle go. firstly it has the most amazing story behind it. i am very fortunate to own one and it would be the last game i would let go.

#9860 2 years ago

Only 2 weeks ago I was fortune enough to pick up a Gottlieb Just 21.

Headed off to Sydney this morning and was actually in 2 minds as the shed is full and didn't really need another game.

Went off to look at a Gottlieb Mibs from 1969 and walked in to view the machine and there were 2 other games that caught my eye - a Williams Turf Champ and a Gottlieb Cross Town.

As woodrails very rarely surface in Australia the Mibs was forgotten and the other 2 purchased.

Actually in 2 minds about keeping the Turf Champ and picking up the Cross Town on Saturday.

The game is almost working, the playfield and backglass are original and has a repro set of plastics and caps. The cab has been painted sometime through her life.

I can see the game being traded off and have had offers already.

Also note that the game was actually a gambling game and one of the horses has been replaced with a zebra

22552660_1895544403805689_4890976294439696804_n (resized).jpg

22688324_1895544567139006_1659249248147551560_n (resized).jpg

22555293_1895544653805664_6969585686721122611_n (resized).jpg

22687537_1895544780472318_737326723258947700_n (resized).jpg

22552771_1895544873805642_4537099748105051772_n (resized).jpg

22687723_1895544907138972_6677853007439455163_n (resized).jpg

#9864 2 years ago

went off today to pick up another game i have no room for.

gottlieb's cross town from 1966 - saw it last week when picking up the williams turf champ and for the price just couldn't pass it up, though i literally have no room for it.

game is complete and came with the bonus of a brand new set of 27" legs, have spare 31" so all good.

playfield and backglass are excellent. actually backglass is factory perspex so these always hold up well.

somebody has painted her through her life so into the restoration queue she goes.

also have a gottlieb sweethearts from 1963 to join her in the next few week, into the resto queue with her also.

22852891_1900776679949128_8947475348362055636_n (resized).jpg

4 weeks later
#10024 2 years ago

living in australia aab pins are rare, this hearts and spades arrived this morning.

works very well just needs a shop out on the playfield

20171125_150857 (resized).jpg

4 months later
#10692 1 year ago

picked this up last weekend. i originally owned it then sold it around 8 years ago. the game went through 2 sets of hands and then became available again. not the greatest woody around but balances out my collection nicely.

will redo the rails and lockdown bar down the track

20180406_192315 (resized).jpg

1 month later
#10833 1 year ago

wont be the best playing pin but will be up there in the best looking department.

gottlieb sea shore from 64 now at the front of the queue for a full restore and rebuild.

game originally sent to france and was imported into australia about 25 years ago and has sat in dry storage since.

20180511_201547 (resized).jpg

3 months later
#11181 1 year ago

picked these old girls up at last night.

williams golden gloves from 1960

second game is the jewel. gottlieb cinderella from 1948. is in amazing original condition for being 70 years old. backglass and playfield are 9.8 condition.

plans for cindy will just to install a stepdown transformer, clean the playfield, install new rubbers and refinish all the timber.

golden gloves works well, that will be a full restore in the spring.

20180826_182747 (resized).jpg20180826_182812 (resized).jpg20180826_182839 (resized).jpg
6 months later
#11444 9 months ago

after chasing this title for 30 years, finally finished a ground up resto over the past 18 months ago.

still need one plastic (middle right) and need to redo the roto target decals (from pinball rescue) as i damaged a few on the rebuild).

fun, lot going on for a '68 game. hoping backglass resto do the backglass.

20190303_170053 (resized).jpg
3 months later
#11693 5 months ago

arrived today, aussie delivered golden arrow.

works and very original condition.

just ordered a set of repro plastics from pinball rescue

20190628_184833 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#11730 5 months ago

even after collecting and restoring em's since 1977 I still get a rush with a pbr order

20190711_193957 (resized).jpg
4 months later
#12100 33 days ago

the things you do.

gottlieb play pool, the italian aab version of pro pool.

major project. mechanically complete, missing most of the playfield. came with a 2nd, better condition playfield.
20191110_181312 (resized).jpg20191110_181329 (resized).jpg

#12101 33 days ago

duplicate post

#12103 33 days ago
Quoted from Murphdom:

That’s quite the paint job. It looks like the previous owner was showing off their Italian heritage. I kind of like the circles. Is the cab the same way?

yes it is. at first though it was some type of adhesive paper but the entire cab has been painted like that.

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