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EM : Show us your EM Pinball Machines!

By Rat_Tomago

6 years ago

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#1681 5 years ago

I have 7 EMs. 4 Gottlieb, 2 Williams, 1 Bally.

Here's my Williams Triple Action. In excellent condition. Up for sale right now on eBay. I need to make room for another project.



#1692 5 years ago

Here's a few of my others.

Gottlieb Royal Guard. This was a complete restoration.


Here it is as it was when I bought it.

RG before overall.jpg

Williams Ding Dong. Cabinet repainted and repro backglass

Ding Dong left after.jpg
Ding Dong PF after.jpg

Gottlieb Top Card. Getting ready to do a playfield swap thanks to Adam Kovalsky

Top Card cabinet left.JPG
Top Card PF.JPG

Bally Surfers. First game I ever owned, got it in 1971. Cabinet has some paint starting to flake but other wise still good. Playfield looks like the day it was made.

Surfers and Odds and Evens 002.jpg
Surfers BG.jpg
Surfers right.JPG

I've also got a Big Indian and a Bank A Ball that I need to get some better pictures of.

#1693 5 years ago

Vic, do you still have that Hot Line? When I first got that Surfers in 1971, a buddy of mine got a Hot Line. We played the hell out of both games. It's on my "sentimental value" list if I can ever find one nearby.

I'd have thought I died and went to heaven if I ever just got to play that wedgehead collection. Just outstanding.

#1697 5 years ago
Quoted from MikeO:

Your handle could be interpreted that you are in the Kansas City area. Is this true?
If so, do you go to either of the monthly pinball leagues?
Mike O.

No, I never have.

I believe we talked back earlier this year when I put the Williams Triple Action up for sale.

2 months later
#2332 5 years ago
Quoted from DirtFlipper:

The late period Gottlieb EMs used bridge-rectified DC current to the flippers, slings and pops (usually). So those coils will have the N1004 diodes across the lugs. They seem to hold up OK, so if they're there, may be fine.

I think Gottlieb used those in these games because a lot of them were EM versions of SS games and the coils with the diodes were needed on the SS games and they had them around. Even with the bridge rectifiers, they're not needed on EM games. I have had Williams EM games with bridge rectified DC power and there were no diodes on the coils.

2 months later
#2670 5 years ago
Quoted from BigB:

just rescued this pin a couple of weeks ago. It had been sitting in a pole shed, in pieces, for the last 5+ years! It was dirty, in pieces, and didn't work or light up at all! Some friends wanted me to fix it so their grandkids have something to play when they visit.I replaced some parts, a new ring kit, new pinballs, and a new cord. Cleaned it up, and threw a few coats of wax at it. It shines like a new penny and plays nice. Here are some pics that I took tonight, enjoy. Later......BigB

IMG_20140528_175111.jpg 147 KB
IMG_20140528_174957.jpg 147 KB
IMG_20140528_174935.jpg 144 KB
IMG_20140528_175056.jpg 158 KB
IMG_20140528_174949.jpg 159 KB

I played Show Boat a lot back in the day. That flipper arrangement took some getting used to.

Here's a few of mine. A Williams River Boat that I just bought from a friend, a Bally Surfers that was the first game I got way back in 1971, and a Gottlieb Pinball Pool I'm in the middle of restoring. I know, not an EM, but those Sys 1 Gottliebs were almost a hybrid game. Plus, it's basically a remake of Hot Shot with some added features that make it a nice player.

In the corner, you can just see a couple of my others-Williams Ding Dong and Gottlieb Top Card. Surfers-RB1-801.jpgSurfers-RB2-581.jpgPP-366.jpg

#2678 5 years ago

I had a shot at a Skill Pool, would have needed some resto, but still a really cool game. Got away from me. I really like those reverse wedgeheads, and some really good players in there. Big Daddy is another. Williams games in general, and specifically from the 60s, are some very underrated games.

1 month later
#2844 5 years ago

I previously posted a picture of my extremely nice River Boat that I got from a friend. The only things that needed to be done were a repaint of the front panel, repainting the wooden rails on the playfield, and a general shining up of the front. Recently accomplished all those things. This is such a great game.

Also, my newest purchase, a Williams Triple Strike. bgresto to the rescue on the glass, and a cab repaint is in the future, it's fairly rough. But the playfield is in very nice shape and the game plays well.


#2845 5 years ago


4 months later
#3256 4 years ago

That Bank A Ball looks pretty good...

4 months later
#4037 4 years ago


A few of the Triple Strike I restored

#4039 4 years ago

It was my first try with using the film you clued me in on, boilerman. I could have picked an easier one for the first use of the film. Those constant curves of the pins are just a real dog to do. Impossible to free hand and make them look good.

Our friend Lee suggested that I use French curves and that worked a lot better, but you still have to move the curves around a lot to get the bends correct, or close to correct. I'm pretty happy with it, it's running, just one adjustment needed to get it 100 percent.

Now on to DAC. I'm sure the stencils will be better for that game, seeing as how they were made by an expert instead of by me...

#4040 4 years ago

That's a bgresto glass, btw. I'm pretty happy with it. The score reels bulbs show through a bit but other than that, it's pretty darned good. Much better than the trashed glass that was in the game, and that glass will never be screened, I'm sure.

#4042 4 years ago
Quoted from ReallifePin:

Looks very nice. It is such a cool looking BG that I'll bet it is nice to have such a nice one to look at.

Steve Azzam did a nice job with it. The game is just different from a lot of EM games with the blue base instead of the off white. Pretty nice artwork on it. Fun game to play, there is good strategy to it.

I don't know that it's a forever keeper, but I'll keep it around quite awhile I think.

1 week later
#4068 4 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

a little pop bumper action! x2

20150423_100502.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

Nice to live in the Land 'O' Plenty. Nice games.

#4070 4 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

that was my 4th slick in 18 months. some titles are easy to find other not so easy.
but pa is a good place to be for EM's

If one shows up around here, someone will want two grand for it, and it's probably trashed.

2 weeks later
#4257 4 years ago

HL playfield.jpgHL overall.jpg

Here's a couple of shots of the Hot Line I got this weekend. It's the third and final game of the games I played most as a kid. Playfield is very good, glass has some minor flaking but has been sealed. I'll try and touch it up, will eventually get a bgresto. Cab will be repainted.

2 weeks later
#4436 4 years ago
Quoted from MikeO:

Here is the start of the finish. My Ken Head repainted North Star cabinet came home today.
Thanks, Ken!!
image.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

What about originality?

#4440 4 years ago
Quoted from dasvis:

Love the cabinet color scheme on bank a ball.

You do wonder why they just used a white base over and over and over again. The games that don't have it stand out.

#4457 4 years ago
Quoted from pinwiztom:

I was only going to count
Hit the Deck,
as I consider Joker Poker and Sindbad as being in the Solid State Era
Once Solid State hit
more GTB's CAB base coats changed to more colorful stencils

I've owned a Williams Triple Action and a Bally Odds and Evens that had non white base coats on them. I currently own a Williams Triple Strike that I've done a complete cab repaint on.

We can argue the merits of game play all day long, but those games just stood out due to the different color scheme. I'm not sure TA's artwork was all that great, but the artwork on Odds and Evens was beautiful, both the playfield and the cab, and the colors were great. It wasn't a great player but man, it was a great game to just stand and look at. And it had a backglass on it that was just perfect.

Like all of them, there's always a small twinge of regret at selling it, but you can't keep them all...

#4485 4 years ago

It should be a pinball rule that you're not allowed to own multiples of the same game. You should be forced to sell to those who are less fortunate...

#4496 4 years ago
Quoted from snyper2099:

I got a third. Probably my last.


That game is now at the top of my want list. The only issue is, I'm out of room and have to move something, and I don't know what I'd move. I have an idea, but going to be a tough decision.

I'm not big on multi players but that is one great game.

#4520 4 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

It's more fun to compete! (seriously) I am tired of beating the snot out of 1 player wedgeheads. I then turn to my left (hey how's your game going?) and then turn to my right (are you having a fun time?) I would rather be playing a 3 player game. I invite you to have at least one multiplayer in your collection. Top Card and Triple Strike could be folded up or traded off. The rest of your games are keepers IMHO. I am jealous of your Bally games like "Surfer"

I've owned them in the past. I had Surf Champ, and I had Big Indian, and I sold them both. I liked them both, but I just decided to concentrate more on single players. I'm usually the only one playing my games, so the allure of multiplayers isn't that great for me. I will say, for multiplayers, I thought both of them were very good games, especially Surf Champ. That one I regret a bit. Big Indian, to me, wasn't as good a player-it wasn't bad, but not great. It was kind of beaten up, backglass was not good, I bought it totally non working and got it going in short order and then got my money out of it, so it was good for that if nothing else.

I do own a multiplayer-Pinball Pool. I know it's SS, but System 1 Gottlieb games are about as close to EM play in an SS that you can find. Outside of the score displays and the beep/boop electronic score sounds, the play is basically EM with DC power. Hell, the early System 1 games even still had the EM chimes.

Top Card could be in the conversation, but there's a major hitch-I just sprung for a playfield restoration for it. I like the game that much. After I do the swap, it's going to be a keeper, for me, for a long time. I'll never get out of it what I've got in it, but that's ok, I rarely get games with the idea of what I can get out of them down the line. It's a hobby, hobbies cost money, it's not a business. If I sell a game and make money, great. If I lose some, that's ok too. It's about the game and the hobby to me.

Triple Strike isn't necessarily the best player of the group, but it's a pretty darned good game, and the features are pretty cool with the extra ball capability and the bonus holdover feature. I need to up the high score levels on mine, it's a bit too easy right now. I put a lot of time and effort into the total restoration of it and that makes it hard, at least for me, to let go real easily.

Thanks for the comments on the games. Surfers is a really fun player, it's fairly rare given that they made less than 1000 of them. The artwork is great, it plays superbly. Someday I might restore the cab on it but for now it's good enough that I'm just leaving it alone. When I finish one of my restores I might store it away for awhile, but it will never leave.

#4526 4 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:


*snaps fingers* I will find a Surfers for sale at some point.
If you were to go out and purchase another multiplayer EM...what would it be?

Good luck finding a Surfers. With the low production number they're pretty rare.

The answer to your question is easy. Grand Prix. After that, it's a tossup between Jet Spin and Surf Champ (which as noted I already owned and somewhat regret selling) and after that, maybe a 60s Gottlieb multiplayer.

#4528 4 years ago
Quoted from pinwiztom:

that probably is it on fabfan site

Question. It doesn't look like it from the picture on Herb's site, but does the game have black spatter on it?

Mine, with the original paint, does. Spatter, and here and there a web or two.

Whoever owned mine prior to me buying it painted a lot of the white on the front of the cab black. The rest is as it came from the factory, minus a touchup or two that I have done. I'm not sure how that happened because I got the game from an operator in 1971. I never met the actual operator, just the guy selling the game.

I used to think I liked all the chrome that Herb does. Then I worked on a game for a guy that had a Herb restored game and I kind of changed my mind. It's just a bit much for me. Too bright. Bright nickel is much better, much warmer. If I replate anything, that's what it gets from me.

#4543 4 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

So you really never plan to part with that one...

Never. If I was ever in dire straits financially is about the only way it would ever happen.

God forbid it ever does, but if it ever happened, I'll let you know you can buy it.

#4547 4 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

Too bad Slick Chick is not in your want list. I am hoping to trade my cherry Slick Chick for some Bally(s) zipper flipper games.

I can't think of a game I want bad enough to let it go. Not for a Grand Prix, Jacks Open or even any of the Williams reverse wedgeheads.

Not because it's such a great player, although I think it's very good. It just has tons of sentimental value to me, along with the fact that I like the play.

#4550 4 years ago

Since you're in a Bally mood, here's a few of an Odds and Evens I restored. It was almost a complete playfield repaint, and it was so extensive and taxed my meager skills so much I've sworn off ever doing another playfield repaint. I'm fine with cab repaints and extensive mechanical work, and I'll touch them up, but this one just wore me out. It was cleared with polycrylic. I sold it a couple of years ago. One shot has bit of the Surfers in it. restored apron.jpgOE roulette damage before.jpgOE diamonds after clear.jpgOE roulette full after.jpgOE playfield after.jpgOE left sling before.jpgcenter pf after.jpgcompleted in place.jpgOE odds kickout before 2.jpg

#4551 4 years ago

And a plug for Evaporust. This is the upper glass frame piece before it took a bath in Evaporust. I don't have an after, but it came out about like the lockdown bar receiver in the pictures. And the lockdown bar receiver was about as rusty as this was.

This game looked like it had been in a flood. Every single stepper unit in the backbox has extensive rust all over the frames of each. But they still worked. Perfectly. So much for Bally is crap. This game was abused but it still played when I got it. It had straw and weeds and all kinds of crap inside it, the playfield was a disaster, but still it played. I eventually took them all apart and they got the bath too.

In the Evaporust thread guys claimed that if you didn't treat them after the bath, the rust would return quickly. It never did. Not on this one, on the Royal Guard I finished a couple of years ago, the Pinball Pool I finished last year, none of them.

It's not at all a great player, but I put so much time and effort into doing it (the first restore I did) that it was hard for me to sell it. It's a great looker, not a great player. The glass was almost mint. But I wanted something else and it was time to move it on. I learned a ton doing that game, thoughOE glass frame rust before.jpg

#4553 4 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

Very Sharp! Looks like the wood garin wear would be the toughest to emulate and match. Speaking of Bally...Do you have any original 2 plays for 25 cent cards. I don't want to repro it. I have every other card for my Fireball but this card. I am also on the look out for nickel 1 play , dime 2 plays and 5 plays for a quarter coin chute plastics. Right now I upgraded it from 2 quarters for one play (unrealistic for 1972) to 2 plays for one quarter with middle chute still untouched and plugged. I feel like doing a full 3 chute coin mech on this and be forced to put coins in it. It would look cool and it might be fun. If it is not fun to drop coins after awhile then it would still be cool. I would also have to locate the right coin mechs. It currently has two quarter mechs.

I don't, I'm sorry. I just checked all my cards for Surfer. I didn't think there would be one, that game was before they started stealing games for each quarter, that happened in the 70s. Any card I had for Odds and Evens went with the game.

You might not believe this, but check with PBR. Steve had a complete card set for Surfers. It wasn't cheap but I bought it. It has cards even for games that had the extra ball feature that had to be added on-you had to install an extra relay to have that feature and I don't have it on mine, just straight replay. He might have a card set for Fireball. It was popular enough.

#4573 4 years ago
Quoted from MikeO:

When you metioned this game and it being in a flood and you being in the KC area I wonder if it might be the game that I had and traded about 15 years ago. It was an Odds & Evens that I traded from a neighbor at that time. Story goes it had been totally submerged in two separate floods. The back glass was basically perfect which amazed the heck out of me where the playfield and cabinet showed the exposure it had received. I traded it off to a friend who, if I recall correctly, got it running and sold it. Did you get the game in Stanley? If so, it is the same game.
I have no idea how far gone it was or how far he went with it after he got it running. But the comment of straw and weeds doesn't make sense unless it is a different game and coincidence that two Odds & Evens were totally submerged in this area.
Let me know when and where you got it.

I got it in St. Joe. The cab wasn't that bad, really, but the internals in the head especially were extremely rusty. The stuff in the cab wasn't as bad. I got it around 5 years ago.

I'm just exaggerating, I'm sure it's not the same game, but it was definitely kept somewhere extremely damp. My guess is it sat somewhere in a barn or something, with the back door off, maybe the front door open, who knows. If these games could talk.

The glass was mint though. It had one tiny little scratch on it. The glass is basically why I bought it. I only gave a couple hundred for it and I figured if nothing else, I could get some money out of the glass. Then I dove into that playfield and there was no turning back.

I sold it a couple years ago to a guy up in Nebraska, and I used the money from that to buy a Big Indian.

#4574 4 years ago
Quoted from bicyclenut:

My 3 favorite. I have one more but couldn't fit into the picture. I've restored all 4 of themimage.jpg

Where did you get that JO glass?

#4578 4 years ago
Quoted from bicyclenut:

It's the original. I have one coming from Mayfair that's in better shape.

That's my mistake, it's kind of dim and it didn't look at first like the original glass to me. Sorry about that.

#4630 4 years ago

I took a few of the current lineup.

DD and RB.jpg

Ding Dong is totally restored. River Boat is all original except for a repainted front panel.

PP and Surfers.jpg

Pinball Pool and Surfers have new glasses, and PP's playfield has been touched up and cleared. Cabs are original.

RG and TS.jpg

Royal Guard and Triple Strike are complete restorations, including new backglasses.


I wish I had more room. Top Card and Hot Line are stored and Drop A Card is undergoing restoration. Here's the score motor before and after cleanup. DAC motor before.jpg

DAC motor after.jpgDAC motor after 2.jpg

And a couple for Rat...

Surfers head.jpgSurfers pf.jpg

#4642 4 years ago
Quoted from stashyboy:

or at Captain Hook's Fish and Chips!


Aye aye, sir...

#4643 4 years ago
Quoted from greenechidna:

Bally Surfer b/g made my heart skip a beat.....what a gem!
First Ive heard of Jerry Kelly the artist. He did Capersville and Beat Time as well which I thought were Christian Marche pieces.
e: Looks like Kelly did artwork for Ballys German export market
e3: and now I want a Wiggler......


I've always thought it was a cool glass, and I like that a large portion of it is illuminated. Some backglasses have very limited illuminated parts. Most of this one is.

I had a repro made and I sold the original glass, which had some flaking here and there, to a dude in Norway. He wanted that glass bad. I made a crate to ship it in. Cost about $350 to FedEx it to Norway.

#4646 4 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

You sent a Wiggler glass into BGResto? If so, awesome. I want one for wall art until I get my own machine.

No, I had Surfers reproduced, not the Wiggler. Wasn't by bgresto, they didn't exist at the time.

#4662 4 years ago

Hard to believe that game is original. Looks like it just came out of the box.

Here's my Top Card playfield that HSA is doing for me. I'll do the playfield swap when I get it back.


#4665 4 years ago
Quoted from Vic_Camp:

Is the Top Card playfield an NOS or ?

It's a used playfield that I bought from Adam Kovalski and HSA restored it.

I replaced all the inserts prior to sending it to them. Fun job.

#4668 4 years ago

Since I got ridiculous with the score motor I continued on to the ball count unit. I'm working on the trip bank now but not going quite this far.

DAC ball count unit 1.jpg

DAC ball count unit 2.jpg

#4674 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballFever:

I'm reading these posts with great interest because I'd like to know the best ways to clean these score motors, trip banks etc.

Take 'em apart. Only way. On the trip bank I'm only taking off the activator plate that is pulled in by the coil, and the arm that comes down to move the switches. I took the reset arm off, and also removed the coil. You can unscrew the switch stacks but I'm leaving those on, just cleaning those in place with a Dremel tool and wire brush.

The only issue with the score motors is the switch stacks sometimes have those connecting wires between stacks. On the last one I did I broke one, just soldered it back together. I'm pretty sure it's good, I'll know for sure when the game is finished.

#4678 4 years ago

To keep this going, here's my finished Drop A Card motor board. Removed all components, sanded the board, disassembled, cleaned and polished the motor, ball count unit, trip bank (partially) and all relays. New labels made. I ever removed and polished up the brackets for the transformer.

And just to prove I'm not totally obsessed, no, I did not put the harness in the washing machine.


#4680 4 years ago

Thanks! I'm getting closer to pulling out your stencils and giving them a go. Need to finish the cab base painting and get the webbing on, and then I'm off to the races.

#4683 4 years ago
Quoted from Vic_Camp:

How many total hours do you have into the motor board?

Way more than I should. Maybe 10 or so total, possibly more.

#4685 4 years ago
Quoted from JoeNewberry:

I'm blind! That score motor glows with the light of a thousand suns!

Pretty amazing what a flash will do, huh? It's not really that shiny, but it sure looks it in that picture.

It cleaned up pretty nicely, though.

#4694 4 years ago
Quoted from TopMoose:

Thanks! Those are orange silicone rings from Titanpinball.com and I love them! They're just as bouncy as white rubber and more durable. The only challenge is that silicone flipper rings don't grip as well as superbands.

Certainly not original...

#4702 4 years ago

Here's the head and cab of the Drop A Card I'm doing. Base coat and webbing done. Graphics will be done hopefully soon.



#4707 4 years ago
Quoted from SteveFury:

I am SO jealous of your webbing. How'd you do it???

Clay's Weiler brush method. I don't have an air gun so that's what I use.

I don't use the full brush. I bend about 4 of the bristles away from the rest. I then put the paint on those, not too heavy, hold the brush very close to the cab, bend those four bristles back, and let it fly. You'll get a touch of spattering here and there, but for the most part, you get the webs. The places where the webbing is a bit darker than other places is where I got a bit too much paint on the bristles. Turning the brush to different angles puts the webbing on at the corresponding angle.

It took me about half an hour or so to do the entire cab.

Just takes some practice.

The paint is plain old Americana black. Nothing fancy.

#4709 4 years ago

It took a bit of practice to find the right technique. To be honest, I just lucked onto it. I was standing too far away and it would just blob onto the surface. I just move up close to this piece of cardboard I was practicing with and bingo, I found it.

There are some games though that I'll be working on that are spattered, not webbed, so I've got that technique down too

#4710 4 years ago

Double post

#4717 4 years ago

I assume these two are for sale?

#4719 4 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I would assume they are already sold.

Probably so. I was just wondering about the propriety of a business using this place as an advertising vehicle, since we aren't allowed to try and sell our own games in regular threads on this board.

#4721 4 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Actually you can if you post what you are selling in one of those regional threads or any other for that matter. You just can't start a new for sale thread strictly for your own items without linking it to the market place.

You mean like the above

I found out about the sale rule. The problem with the rule is, the marketplace is overfull and games get lost, and the thread linking it to the market can't be replied to and eventually falls off the page.

#4727 4 years ago
Quoted from Craig:

Does anyone know how I can get a replacement metal "backdoor" for the head of a Gottleib Vulcan (a four-player)? I've seen others available, but none in this size. Thanks.

Opps, misread PBR's website. As Emily Litella would say, "Never mind..."

#4728 4 years ago
Quoted from DirtFlipper:

I just did, so your ad got a little bump.

Bless you, my child...

#4761 4 years ago
Quoted from phillyfan64:

What technique would you use for old Gottlieb aprons? I need to redo my rusted World Fair apron. I have a new decal from Pinball Rescue but I'm afraid it won't look right if I just paint it white.

I never web them at all, and they look fine.

#4783 4 years ago

Here's a couple of shots of my Grand Prix I got last weekend. I've cleaned the playfield and did some touchups-Man, this game has a ton of inserts. Need to do some spot clearing and wax it. Will get a new backglass from bgresto. Cab is in pretty decent shape, backbox not quite as good but still not bad. Plays really, really fast.



4 weeks later
#4950 4 years ago
Quoted from Xerico:

A Heat Wave is hitting Texas.
I'll never understand why people felt the need to paint a pinball machine a solid color.
Overall in nice shape. Looking forward to getting it cleaned up and running.
Finally, a Williams EM joins the collection.

HeatWave-001.jpg HeatWave-002.jpg HeatWave-003.jpg HeatWave-004.jpg HeatWave-005.jpg HeatWave-006.jpg

What happened to the lockdown bar? Looks like a semi ran over it.

#4953 4 years ago
Quoted from poppapin:

Looks like duct tape to me. No lockdown bar.

You're right. I blew the picture up and it is duct tape.

2 weeks later
#5031 4 years ago
Quoted from Toyguy:

Picked up my third EM on a run to NH yesterday, snagging a Williams Grand Prix. It's definitely in need of a shop job, if not a restoration, but it plays correctly as far as I can tell right now and that's half the battle. Once I get her cleaned up and re-rubbered, I'll see where its at and the playfield may just go out for a restoration. Cabinet art is simple, so I think I can do that myself and mechanically it's solid and in nice shape, just a few small scrapes and dents to fix up.
Arrival Pics:

DSCN1267.jpg DSCN1271.jpg DSCN1266.jpg DSCN1272.jpg DSCN1273.jpg DSCN1274.jpg DSCN1275.jpg DSCN1278.jpg

It's not that simple. Someone did a really lousy job there of trying to repaint that game. Hopefully you can get it straightened out.

1 month later
#5094 4 years ago

Here's a few shots of my Drop A Card. Complete restoration, someone had sanded off all the paint and stained the cab, I guess to make it look like furniture. Looked like crap instead.

This was a full restoration, including taking it completely apart (including the score motor) and cleaning and polishing the whole thing. Thanks to Boilerman who had already made the stencils, since I had nothing to go on to make my own, and also Ron Webb for an absolutely stunning backglass. And also to PBR for liberating me of way more money than I should have spent on this.


#5096 4 years ago

Here's where it was when I started (had to replace the bottom, it was trashed).


#5118 4 years ago
Quoted from MikeO:

Well done, Ken. And on a great game to boot. I was lucky enough for DAC to be the game that got me hooked on EM pinball back in the day.

Ken? Me no Ken.

But thanks anyway!

2 weeks later
#5181 4 years ago
Quoted from pinwiztom:

Old school tutorial on 4 Roses can be found on Youtube conducted by
the old pro Sam Harvey.
» YouTube video

I've seen that video several times, and I've still yet to figure out what in the world he thinks he's accomplishing with that bizarre plunge shot. Just weird.

For all the cussing and "Thank you very much" bombs that get dropped, the only thing of note in the entire video was that he managed to shake the ball out of the outlane one time.

It takes all kinds to make the world go around and that video is certainly proof of it.

#5193 4 years ago
Quoted from pinwiztom:

If you want to see the legend in person, he is on his way to pinball expo in Chicago
for the 31st year in a row


Uhh, ok.

2 weeks later
#5214 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballFever:

I actually stopped playing them for many years for this reason when the SS machines arrived.

I kept playing a few years after, but once the video games came out that was pretty much it for me. I liked the early SS ok, despite the lack of reels and all the other sounds of an EM you grow up on, but I never really got used to them. When they started with all the ramps and the different level playfields and all the other stuff, that was it for me.

I've played a few DMDs, some I like ok, some I don't, but the problem to me is you just can't play one of them for the first time and be able to figure what you need to do. EMs were easy to figure out, but far from easy to conquer.

I thought when the Retro King of Diamonds came out that would be something cool, but then I played it. It was a great idea and they executed it as well as they could, but even though it might look like one, it's not an EM. It doesn't play like one. It doesn't feel like one. It doesn't sound like one.

#5225 3 years ago
Quoted from fireball2:

This! If it takes serious computer code to make a pinball machine fun or even playable, this tells me the design of the machine is flawed from the gitgo. Can you say fan layout?
Space Mission/Odyssey was probably the last machine I compulsively fed quarters to as a youth. Now I own it.

I agree. It just doesn't feel right. Have you tried the new Whoa Nellie? It plays pretty EM-y, but with callouts. It's a blast. But 6 grand? Really?
Yo-Din, my recent World Fair pickup is really growing on me. Might even be up there with Teacher's Pet. The WF did require a hitap to really kick it up a notch, but man it's pretty fun. Just the right combo of skill and luck that sets EMs apart from the rest.

I haven't played a Whoa Nellie, and unfortunately I'm not sure that even if I had the money/space for it, it would be allowed in the house. I mean, she's far from a prude, but that game is just really in your face with it. I'd love it, she probably would not.

1 month later
#5333 3 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Along with Steeple-Chase I got me a Dodge City last night.
I'm outa control...

Someone stuck Williams flippers on it.

#5335 3 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

And that's the nicest pair of metal bats I've seen in a while. I'll find a place for them.

I'll admit I bought a pair of them off eBay awhile back and put them in a game where they weren't original, but at least it was a Williams 60s pin I did it to.

#5375 3 years ago
Quoted from DirtFlipper:

Yes (late 40's games).
You can even see the double rings used on some Gottlieb flyers (when the image is clear enough).
Not a hack, just the correct way to ring that style of flippers.

I once asked Steve Young this very question.

He was emphatic, even for Steve, that double ringing this style of flipper was not correct.

#5379 3 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Interesting debate.
I looked at various flyers I have - they seem to have just the 1 rubber.
Whether that means anything not sure.


That's been my experience with the flyers also. Between that and Steve, I'm staying with one. Plus, the flipper has one groove.

But it's your game, your choice.

#5392 3 years ago

I really doubt you'll see any differences, but it is not going to hurt anything.

#5395 3 years ago
Quoted from AlexF:

I like it. Aside from the added protection, it gives you a tiny bit of extra flipper reach. A lot of these 2" games are pretty brutal so anything helps.

Two inch flipper games are a true measuring stick.

2 weeks later
#5435 3 years ago

I finally got my Atlantis on Wednesday thanks to fellow Pinsider jdoz2. It's in pretty good shape. Backglass is excellent, just one small flake on the fish above the score reels. Playfield has a bit of speckling and just a touch of graining but I think I can clean it up nicely. Needs new plastics and a front door for sure. I'll probably just clean it up and play it awhile, then maybe next summer it will get a restoration. Cab isn't bad but I'd like to really make this one perfect. Due to that, Wade Krause's playfield probably will be going in when it become available.

I'll get some pictures up when I can.

#5445 3 years ago

Here's my Atlantis after some playfield cleaning, shop out and touch ups. I'm not quite done with the touchups. I'm going to try and touch up the drops, if it doesn't work, I'll replace those too.

I'll move on now to cleaning up the rest of the game. For now I'm just going to clean it up and play it. A full restoration of the cab might come later this year.

Still have to rebuild the flippers and bumpers and touch up under the mylar platters. Typical wear under there and as you can see the mylar is toast.


#5447 3 years ago
Quoted from DirtFlipper:

But why? Looks like a very nice original. They're only original once...

Well, I did say "might."

It's not quite as nice when you see it up close. It's not horrible, and I might be able to get by with some touchups to the cab.

I'm definitely going to do something with the coin door though. It's a wreck. Been kicked and bent or something, but I don't want to put one of Steve's repros on it, because I think it will look out of place. It wouldn't on a full restore, but if I leave the cab alone, well, it would really stand out. I have an older door shell I'm going to try and shine up, but it's the version with the start button in the wrong place.

Anyone have a door shell they want to sell me?

#5459 3 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

Wow. that is 150% more then what my house would sell for and only half the square footage. 87 year old house. Good lord!

That's LA. You could sell a tent there for $200k. The prices are completely and utterly ridiculous. I love LA, but I'll never live there due to the crazy real estate prices. They're worse than the traffic.

#5462 3 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

A few years back and you could get these old Crafstman houses for a song because most people wanted something newer. But now they are a hot item.They were very well built and people are renovating them instead of tearing them down. That and most real estate has gone up crazy lately.

Lately? Lately?

My brother in law moved to LA in 1989. We went out to visit him in 1990. He showed us a house that he looked at. It was literally a concrete block house that probably was 1000 sq ft. They wanted $300k for it. In 1989.

He came home to KC while we were building our house and brought a friend with him. This was again in 1989. They came and looked at our house. It's about 3000 sq ft with the finished basement. His friend thought it was a mansion.

I truly don't know how people can live in LA proper. My bro in law has a great job but not everyone out there does. It's just nuts.

2 weeks later
#5512 3 years ago

Here's my recently purchased Abra Ca Dabra with my Top Card that I just finished a playfield swap on. I'll get more pictures of both later. The ACD is original, I have to fix the missing chunk of veneer but other than that it's really, really nice. Even the original drop targets are still in fine shape with just a touch of wear.

The TC playfield is an HSA restoration that really came out nice. Game plays fast and smooth with that playfield in it. acd_and_tc_(resized).jpg

#5513 3 years ago

Here's a few more. I've removed the incorrect post below the flippers that someone installed. Have to fix that also. I don't know what that white blob is on the playfield picture, it's not on the playfield. I must have put something on the glass when I took that picture.

There were flashers behind the eyes. I thought it might make for a cool effect to have red bulbs there. I've got red 44s that I used and it looks really great. acdplayfield_(resized).jpgacdoverall_(resized).jpgacdhead_(resized).jpg

#5515 3 years ago
Quoted from DirtFlipper:

Flashers are correct. They only come on after game over though. Red 44s are neat too.

Yeah, I knew the flashers were correct, but I just thought I'd try it and see how it looks. Easy enough to change back. But I really liked them. I could put flashing red LEDs in there but I really don't want to do that.

#5517 3 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

I see someone added a post between the flippers. it can be removed and repaired so you can hardly notice were the hole was.

I've already removed it, but haven't done the repair yet.

1 week later
#5543 3 years ago
Quoted from Vic_Camp:

This early Williams reverse wedgehead is another top of the line single player for playability. Tough game to beat but very rewarding when you reset the racks more then 4 times in a game.


I had a shot at one of these a year or two ago. Would have been a total restoration, but it would have been a nice game. By the time I finally made up my mind I'd missed it.

I've got a River Boat. Great original condition. Those reverse wedgeheads were some great players, and tough to beat. I've got three 60s Williams games and I think they're all really good players.

#5572 3 years ago
Quoted from Vic_Camp:

Very nice 4 player...
More Atlantis


Vic, how in the world do you ever work on those games if one of them has an issue? Just removing the glass looks like it would be an adventure

#5593 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinballprowess:

Good get, boilerman!
What I consider the best asymmetrical two inch flipper game.
Sky Jump being the best asymmetrical three inch flipper game.

Agree on the two inch flipper game.

I'll go with Atlantis on the three inch games.

2 weeks later
#5702 3 years ago
Quoted from EM-PINMAN:

This is what can cause planking of the wood!
Use 91% Rubbing alcohol or higher with a magic eraser. I also use rubbing alcohol with a paper tower to get up the left over film from the Magic Eraser. You can finish up with Novus 2 and wax with a soft cloth and preferably use Johnson's Paste or Carnuba Wax which is 100% wax with no cleaners.

No such thing as 100 percent wax. Pure carnauba is as hard as a brick. May not have cleaners, but it's not all wax.

1 week later
#5758 3 years ago

Here's my current lineup. The ACD and Atlantis are original but touched up. The Top Card and Royal Guard are restored.

My Williams St games are restored (Ding Dong) and original (River Boat)

The rest are currently stored or undergoing restoration. 20160227_155704_(resized).jpg20160227_155656_(resized).jpg

#5761 3 years ago
Quoted from Mikala:

Hey EMsinKC, can you please post more pic's of that Riverboat? How would you rate Riverboat's gameplay?

I'll take a few more of it.

I think it's a great player. Many of the reverse wedgeheads were. Lots of ways to light up a special, not an easy game by any means.

If you want a fast game like the later DC Williams games, or SS/DMD games, you'll be disappointed. If you want a game that shows what pinball was, you won't.

#5770 3 years ago
Quoted from Darcy:

Here is a beautiful Gottlieb for sale, locally.
That cabinet has a fantastic shine to it, and the decals on the coin door are a new must have, for the EM Modder.

1 month later
#5951 3 years ago

Well, I guess this is as good a place as any to show these. This is the start of my restoration of my 1966 Williams Hot Line. I'm about half way through sanding down the cab and head for repaint, but waiting for the weather to get better so I can get back outside. So I did work on the bottom board instead. Stripped all the components, board sanded down, motor disassembled, cleaned up, and reassembled, all relays disassembled and cleaned and reassembled, and the wiring harness scrubbed down to remove all the grime. Looks much better now. 20160314_193210_(2)_(resized).jpg20160319_163133_(resized).jpg20160327_173851_(resized).jpg20160327_224622_(resized).jpg20160408_201210_(resized).jpg

#5953 3 years ago

A mix of Simple Green and water and a toothbrush. Works really well. I've used this before on other games and it gets the harness pretty clean. Doesn't seem to harm anything and it doesn't remove the color from the cloth insulation. Really cleans up the high voltage plastic insulated wires well.

#5956 3 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

looks great.... But I hate the white cord!
needs to be black and relaced into the wire harness.

The white cord was all I had that was grounded when I was having a grounding issue with this game. It will be replaced before the restoration is finished.

It won't be relaced, though. I don't do lacing. The cord that was in place when I got the game was not laced in, either.

#5958 3 years ago

There's no evidence on this one there ever was any cord under the lacing. The lacing is tight and there's no remnant cord there.

I do zip tie them in when I replace them. This was just a temp fix until I found my grounding issue.

#5975 3 years ago

LOL at them calling OXO "Triple X"

A way worse story for pinball would be Steve Young retiring without a successor.

Interesting about the SS issues. SS will be lying around dead somewhere while EMs will play on and on...

#5982 3 years ago

I'd venture to say he has way more than 1000 games, if the video of his warehouse means anything.

The problem is, how many of them are really in any shape to be played? We all know that EMs that are left to sit around for a long time develop a lot of problems, and even if you're the best tech in the world, which he just might be, you simply don't have the time to do anything close to fixing all of them as they should be fixed.

It's extremely doubtful that someone is going to step up to run the place, so he's going to be left with a crap ton of games and nowhere to go with them.

I guess it's cool to have every Gottlieb ever produced, but when you can't even come close to getting them in condition to be played, what's the point?

#6004 3 years ago
Quoted from DaveBuckholts:

It is one of his kits. Really nice and complete with the decal. I'm uncertain of using the cleaner/wax and then being able to apply a carnuba wax afterwards because the cleaner/wax contains petroleum distillates..??

The carnauba is going to have distillates in it too. Pure carnauba is hard as a brick and they're used to soften it.

#6077 3 years ago

Clowns are kinda creepy...

#6087 3 years ago

No bad experiences. They're just creepy.

1 month later
#6323 3 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Nice! Don't listen to those that say El Toro is not a good game. I don't think they they are talking about this one anyway. The day I got mine it became an instant keeper with no doubt it would be staying for the long haul. It's another top Williams two player from the 60s.

Usually the Bally El Toro that gets trashed.

#6325 3 years ago

Here's a few of my Jacks Open that I got last weekend. I've chased this game for several years, finally got this really nice example. Little to no wear on the playfield, just needs a cleanup and shop job. Needs new plastics which I've already made arrangements for. The backglass is one of the nicest original ones I've ever gotten, no flaking and little to no fading. Cab just has a few nicks, other than that it's in excellent condition. The drop targets have the usual lines from the ball hitting them but again, an easy fix. Just needs the steppers cleaned up and a few things fixed up and it will be ready for the lineup.

JO_backglass_(resized).jpgJO_cab_(resized).jpgJO_detail_(resized).jpg JO_playfield_(resized).jpg

#6327 3 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

Congrats on the nice example - these are tough to find in the condition you have because they got played a lot on location.

Thanks, Dave. I got lucky on this one. The game was released in early 1977, and the prior owner bought the game from an operator in December, 1979. They had it from that point on. It had 43k on the meter when they got it, has 69k on there now. Short time on location and only one owner since makes for a nice game. It has the usual ball swirls in the yellow but it's going to clean up really, really nicely. It's been sitting around for quite awhile, but it was always kept in a controlled environment, not in a barn or a garage or somewhere else, and obviously from the colors it was in the dark a lot. The previous owner did a nice job of protecting the game.

It had all the original documentation, both schematics, the supplemental coin chute schematic, the manual, and even the tube of white lube Gottlieb supplied with the game. I've never even seen that before. There's not a ton of it left, but it's still pliable. Obviously I'm not using it, just stored it away. Also had two coin roll pieces of paper I would assume that were left over from the operator, and all the instruction and replay cards were also there.

It will need the normal rebuilds but it's going to be a really, really nice one when it's done. Won't need a repaint or a new glass or anything like that.

#6352 3 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

i bet you could get it for 250..
i have a spare set of plastics for it if anyone is in need

The Land O' Plenty is alive and well.

#6429 3 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

If you must know, KOD was a good player but was way too easy to beat even on three ball play. So it left after a few weeks.
River Boat, I am still yet to lite all the cards on five ball play. I don't think it will leave any time soon.
But they both "play" good.
They are complete opposites IMO. One very easy, and the other very hard to complete.

River Boat, and it's not particularly close.

You won't light all the cards on it very often o-din. There's a reason it gives you a replay when you lose the ball at the end of the game if you do it. I've owned the game for several years and I'd bet I haven't done it more than 15-20 times.

RB requires a precise plunge shot and precise shooting to light up those cards. It's a tough game, and like most Williams games it is not a special fest, even though there are several ways to light one.

#6441 3 years ago
Quoted from NicoVolta:

For beginners/casual players it's gotta be KOD. They are drawn to the backbox animation and the vertical roto-target... obvious and fun explanation of what to do. Agreed it is a bit simplistic for experienced players.
I haven't played River Boat. I see the long-term challenge represented here, but the geometry looks a little bleh. Doesn't look like the game gets interesting until the lower half which presents you with a lone swinging target and four side drains. Aside from the difficulty factor, it doesn't look like there is much to aim for? Jury is out for me until I can play it...

And there's a lot to aim for on KoD? You've got a moving target on RB to shoot at, plus the two side targets to try and light the jokers for special. The upper playfield has five pop bumpers to three for KoD, with a rollunder that can award big points, and two dead bumpers to advance the cards and a rollover that is a skill shot off the plunge.

KoD is a good game, but fun factor wise, it doesn't compare to RB.

#6452 3 years ago

My River Boat cab is very nice, but the front was kind of similar to o-din's when I got it. I eventually sanded and filled it and repainted it. The color came out really close to the rest of the cab, and it looks really great.

Both it and Heat Wave are great games. I had a chance at a Heat Wave, but I just didn't have room for it. I'd have loved to have had it. I just think RB is the better game, more to do, but Heat Wave is still a great game.

#6497 3 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

the grand prix that was posted was pretty nice, like it was noted the reds and hard to find bright on that title.
here is on near mint grand prix i had years ago
it has to be one of my favorites multi player games

No matter how nice the rest of the game, Williams games from that era seemingly always have the horrifically faded dummy reel.

That was one of the first things I fixed, thanks to Inkochnito.

#6531 3 years ago


Here's a couple of shots of the progress I'm making on my Williams Hot Line restoration. Obviously the one picture is of the cab before I stripped it down, but the head condition was similar. I did go a bit darker with the blue on the repaint, I think it's a much richer color and makes the backglass really pop. That's a bgresto glass repro.

#6535 3 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

excellent work!
the blue only looks a tad darker. blue tends to get a little lighter with fade so i think you were pretty close

Thanks, Dave. My memory of it as a kid was that the blue was a touch lighter, and I could have probably matched it, but I thought the just a shade darker blue just is more rich and vibrant. The head was fairly rough, had the usual separation at the corners that Williams games seem to get, needed a lot of gluing and filling to get it looking better. The game has a silver spatter instead of a webbing, so I had to add that in too, taking care not to make it too heavy. On to the cab now, getting ready to do the necessary filling and sanding.

#6551 3 years ago


Playfield restoration coming along. New bumper bodies, rod and ring, skirts, flipper and bumper rebuild, all rollover buttons replaced. New target faces, and re-rubbered.

The side rails and stained inner rail are just sitting in place, the rails need another coat of paint. Just need to do a bit of under playfield soldering and it's about done.

#6556 3 years ago
Quoted from DaveBuckholts:

Pretty!! Man, I hope my playfield cleans up as well. Where did the rollover replacements come from?

Pinball Resource. They are not cheap and there are a lot of them, but to me they were worth it. They come with a small plastic screw to attach them to the switch.

The old ones are usually yellowed or discolored in some fashion. The buttons are a prominent part of the playfield, they're right there in front of you, they need to look good.

#6574 3 years ago

There was an Aquarius for sale out here awhile back on CL, I think the guy wanted $400. I can't remember the condition but I let it pass. Cool game, but at the time I just couldn't swing it due to space limitations. If I was going to go over the limit it had to be one I really, really wanted.

#6594 3 years ago
Quoted from pinwiztom:

I think it has more to do with the lack of need to get water pipes below the freeze line,
California does not get cold enough to worry about freezing,
so no real need for basements and the added expense of digging one.
I love my basement though, now that I moved to Oregon,
where they are more common than California,
that plus my house is >90 yrs old, when it was just a common default
to have homes built with them back then.
Last time I lived in a house with a basement was over 50 yrs ago
when my parents lived in a basement apt, while going to school
getting their masters in teaching back in Aberdeen South Dakota
during the hot and humid summers.
The basement apt was relatively cool but humidity could be a problem,
so to combat that my parents would stuff old nylons with calcium chloride
and hang them in the corners of the basement with a collection bucket underneath
as they acted as a de-condensate.

The basement does stay cool but humidity is a real issue, especially when you have a finished basement. I run a big dehumidifier in the finished area and a small one in my shop all summer long. It removed the dank smell you can get from the high level of humidity. Also, I have a wood stove in the basement, and getting the flue swept before the summer heat and humidity helps a ton-when it rains you get the nice creosote smell if you don't.

#6640 3 years ago


Started working this weekend on my Jacks Open. This is an extremely nice original game with only 69k on the play meter. Minimal touchups on the cab needed, and just a good cleaning on the playfield. Virtually perfect backglass. I was lucky to find this one, courtesy of my friend Lee.

This is the playfield stripped, but before cleaning. It's going to be really nice when done.

#6643 3 years ago

I can't believe that the state of California lets anyone shoot off fireworks. You'd think anyone who has been the victim of a wild fire in that state (my family included in that) would scream at the very thought of it.

#6648 3 years ago
Quoted from EM-PINMAN:

I love Unsafe and Insane Fireworks.

Not when a cap gun is likely to set off a fire.

#6671 3 years ago


Update on the JO cleanup, here's after the ME, alcohol and Novus 2, touchups just about done. Cleaned up nicely, but it was really good to start with. The touchups are minimal, just under the left hand bumper where for some reason someone ran a Phillips screw into the playfield. I still need to get that a bit better.

When I started the cleanup I was really happy to find the game has no ball groove in the upper arch at all. Just a small dimple where the rebound rubber sits. There was a trace there, but when I hit it with the ME, boom, gone.

2 weeks later
#6743 3 years ago

Update on the Jacks Open I'm working on. Got the playfield partially back together. Still working on fixing up the wood rails, they and the upper arch will be back on soon. This game is so clean, not even a ball track in the upper arch. Just had to ME and alcohol, do some touching up, and then the rebuild. New bumper bodies and rods and rings, new plastics, NOS posts. It's going to be a nice one when done.


3 weeks later
#6900 3 years ago
Quoted from bicyclenut:

I really love this game. I put orange dot flipper coils in and it made this game play so much better. I also moved the flipper stop to its max position so there is a little more throw on the flipper. Great game.

I haven't considered that yet. Mine are pretty strong, but the flipper angle makes hitting that center target a challenge at times.

I found on mine it was too easy on three balls. Moving it to five balls made it a much tougher player.

#6901 3 years ago
Quoted from Chippewa-Pin:

Sure! Here's a few. One scratch on the left cab by his crown, about 6" long. Otherwise, just needs cleaned. Some fading in the backglass letters (red). I haven't seen a 'Shipment' block of wood before. Found an NOS glass that's really nice...

That's a great looking game. I almost have mine completed. Just doing rust removal on the lockdown bar receiver (they're always rusty, it seems) and I've got the side rails off to polish them up. Other than that, it's all done.

My backglass has a big gray blotch on it right under the queen. I couldn't figure it because the glass looks pristine on the back side. It was those damned anti rattle pads. The blotch corresponds with the remains of one of those on the glass. And it's the only one on there that did that.

I'm trying to decide if I can live with it or call Steve Azzam. I'm picky about backglasses, unfortunately, so Steve and Ron Webb have gotten a lot of my money...

1 week later
#6995 3 years ago

Just beautiful, Dave. Absolutely gorgeous.

#6996 3 years ago

20160819_170552 (resized).jpg20160822_210905 (resized).jpg20160822_210914 (resized).jpg20160822_210936 (resized).jpg

Here's a few of my Jacks Open that I recently finished. I was able to touch up the drop targets instead of having to replace them, they take a beating on this game.

Game was in very good shape, just needed a good cleanup and the usual mechanical work (steppers, bumpers, flippers, etc)

#7032 3 years ago
Quoted from Vic_Camp:

Top Card is up there in the best 10 wedgeheads ever produced for playability. What a great player it is!
Nice find and addition to your collection.

After I got my playfield restored, I put every post on conservative. It's now a very difficult game, because hitting those standup targets with the posts that far out is tough. I thought about moving the posts back but after you put them on conservative, there's enough of a mark from the post that it shows, and I don't want that, so it stays on conservative and stays difficult.

It's a bit easier on three ball. On five ball with those posts on conservative, it was about impossible. Still not easy, but a bit better.

1 month later
#7340 2 years ago

Just a couple of shots of the Williams Hot Line I'm restoring. I'm waiting on some new side rails and legs for it. It had some major issues after I got it back together but I'm pretty close now to having it all sorted out. Great player with that rollover button matrix on the playfield. I replaced all those rollover buttons and it's really nice and clean now. I'll have to get a picture of the playfield as it is now.

That's a bgresto reproduction backglass on there. Thanks again to Steve Azzam for doing glasses for games like this so they are not forgotten.

20160319_163826 (resized).jpg20161021_164510 (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#7402 2 years ago

Here's a few of the Hot Line I just restored. I'm waiting on new siderails for it. Other than that, she's done.

20161110_171640 (resized).jpg20161110_171640 (resized).jpg20161110_172342 (resized).jpg20161110_172411 (resized).jpg20161110_172423 (resized).jpg20161110_172444 (resized).jpg 20160911_154714 (resized).jpg20161110_171940 (resized).jpg

1 month later
#7656 2 years ago
Quoted from heatwave:

Super excited to have finally found a good condition Flip A Card. Back glass is very nice, play field is in fair condition (but frankly better than most of the ones I have ever run into which are often VERY worn).

It needs a thorough shop out, but the previous owner had already replaced all 7 of the bulls-eye targets!

I recognize that one, it's from the KCMO area. I looked at it, not bad for the price. Did you notice that the card spin unit has been hacked up and doesn't work hardly at all?

#7710 2 years ago

Here's a couple of quick shots of the Bally Time Zone I picked up this weekend. Fun game with that tunnel that always drove me crazy trying to get the thing stopped at 5000.

The playfield is pretty dirty but will clean up nicely. I took the tunnel cover off and did a quick shot of ME and Novus on the area between the tunnel and the flippers and it came out great. Doesn't show really well here because the glass is on and per normal, it's scratched.

Game has 64k on the meter, inside is surprisingly clean given the condition of the playfield. Cabinet is average, it will clean up pretty nicely too. 20170101_133123 (resized).jpg20170101_133033 (resized).jpg20170101_131334 (resized).jpg

#7712 2 years ago
Quoted from TopMoose:

What's the opposite of a "skill" shot? I've plunged on my Flying carpet and watched it breeze over the top lanes, bounce once off a post, fly past the pops and land straight between the flippers. Zero points and on to the next ball.

That takes some skill. Own it and be proud.

All you can do when that happens is laugh. The alternative is to smash the game against the wall and as tempting as that has been at times, not a smart move.

#7724 2 years ago
Quoted from Amesra:

I have one of those hallways that lead to nowhere when you go upstairs. But I think I have it figured out...

Do you also have a wife?

#7728 2 years ago

Uhh, my wife would have said the empty space looks better than a pinball machine in there.

I've contemplated asking if the third bedroom upstairs that is used for basically storage could be used to house my overflow pins. Haven't worked up the courage for that one yet.

#7743 2 years ago

Overspray, not underspray...

2 months later
#8402 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

In the spirit of the new tobacco tax that went into effect today that now raises the price of a pack of cigarettes to over $8 in the fair state of California, I started a thread to post picks of all pinball art related to smoking and the use of tobacco.
Feel free to join in!

People still smoke in California?

1 month later
#9082 2 years ago

I've rebuilt multiple Williams chime units using PBR parts. They still are clanky. The only fix is installing a Gottlieb unit in them. I did that with my Grand Prix.

The problems are the box itself, which is an open design where Gottlieb's is closed, and the attachment design for the bars. On this one, Williams did a bad job. Bally chimes are even better. You basically can't make a Williams sound good, and you can't make it sound anything like a Gottlieb.

#9083 2 years ago

Rat, be careful with those mini rollover buttons. They have a a tendency to stick, and they are easy to break. They are NLA from PBR. I'm sure you can get them from someone on here but they are problematical. I had them on Odds and Evens and they were not a lot of fun to deal with.

1 year later
#11581 5 months ago

A few of my recent Flip a Card restoration and the beginning of my Big Indian restore

20190404_202727 (resized).jpg20190404_202758 (resized).jpg20190404_174441 (resized).jpg20190506_142103 (resized).jpg

#11589 5 months ago
Quoted from heatwave:

Great looking game. I really like the dark legs - are those 'hammer-tone' painted? / powder coat?
FAC is one of my favorite games. I like the variety of shots and ball movement.

Powder coated. I used to paint them, now I powder coat them all unless I spring for new legs. Even if you Evaporust old legs, they just never get back to as good as the original. I rarely get a game with legs that look worth a damn. Generally rusty as hell.

It's a mod some don't like, but one that's easily fixed.

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