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EM : Show us your EM Pinball Machines!

By Rat_Tomago

8 years ago

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#5290 5 years ago

Sing Along








#5340 5 years ago

Dodge City. Picked that one up 5 years ago. Played it as a kid at a coin laundry. Very hard to find in decent shape. Don't intend to sell mine anytime soon.

#5347 5 years ago

Surfer. I remember that game. Looks really nice!

#5398 5 years ago

Growing up, I hated 2" flipper games because they were, often, old machines Now, I love them. I only have 2 machines with 3" flippers. Wizard! and Top Card. I also own a Crosstown (Which I feel the flippers are too far apart) and have often wondered how installing 3" flippers would improve the play.

1 week later
#5408 5 years ago

Picked up Spin Out yesterday in Sarasota. Never played this machine until today. I like it! Has some strategy and I love the backglass.



2 weeks later
#5504 5 years ago

Project in the works, better pictures coming!


2 weeks later
#5558 5 years ago

Dodge City





#5574 5 years ago


Go Bucs!
Hey hey Tampa Bay.........................................

#5585 5 years ago

Sell Dodge City? That's on my keeper list. Played it as a kid before it was destroyed one evening at a laundry mat. I now have another and it's safe!

#5588 5 years ago

Spin Out looks like it's being tortured. Hope it made it without any scratches.

1 week later
#5653 5 years ago

Nice choice, still looking for El Dorado which is very similar.

#5674 5 years ago

Many of the machines I purchase are from the north east and are shipped down here. My theory why so many machines are located up there, basements!

#5676 5 years ago

That's a good argument. But still, it's hard to argue that the north east is a great place to find machines. Most were born in Chicago(not sure if that's considered north east) and there's Allentown. A great area to live if you like pinball machines.

#5699 5 years ago

Is this it?


#5733 5 years ago

Bally Wizard!








#5734 5 years ago



#5740 5 years ago

It's a board I was able to get from Wade Krause about 2 years ago. Kind of of favor if you ask me, had to go back and cut the board for me. Took me years to finally find the board and another 2 years to find someone to do the clearcoat and swap. Got it back yesterday.



#5756 5 years ago

Really nice, hope my Atlantis will look just as nice one day.

8 months later
#7364 4 years ago

If Free Fall plays anything like Sky Jump, you're gonna love it!
It seems Volley and El Dorado always show up when I'm not in a buying mood.

#7374 4 years ago

What's going on with that King Pin in the background? Is it next?

#7376 4 years ago

My misteak, Pin Up

#7381 4 years ago

Where is that elusive Hi Lo Ace? Been looking for a decent one for years.

#7383 4 years ago

That'll work, how much?

#7393 4 years ago

Is the Abra Ca Dabra cabinet a repaint?

#7431 4 years ago

I know I've shown this machine before but I got it rocking now. Wade Krause playfield. Re-installed the Gottlieb 5141 coil on the right flipper and took more time adjusting it. It's tricky. Rolled machine 3 times on my last game!

image (resized).jpg

image (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#7570 4 years ago

That would look nice hung next to my Sing Along!

1 month later
#7791 4 years ago

It's been a great weekend so far! SkyRocket arrived yesterday and is much, much better than expected. Drove down to Tampa and picked up my Atlantis playfield swap. Brady at pinballshark does great work. Also purchased another Wizard! playfield. Original or repro, I'll find out soon.
My New Years resolution was to slow down.

image (resized).jpg
image (resized).jpg
image (resized).jpg
image (resized).jpg
image (resized).jpg
image (resized).jpg

#7793 4 years ago

Yes, the wild card. Big gamble, was on the third floor. Couldn't be happier. Thanks for the heads up.

#7798 4 years ago

Gotta love the Wedgheads.

#7812 4 years ago

Think outside the box. Wedgheads are a no brainer but you got to add some diversity to your collection.

image (resized).jpg

#7820 4 years ago

Enjoying the light show, found the short causing playfield fuse to blow. It was in the coin door.

image (resized).jpg

#7846 4 years ago

Volley will probably be my next wedgehead.

#7854 4 years ago

possible road trip

image (resized).jpg

#7858 4 years ago

I might do that. It's for two machines in the basement. Just learned basement is at ground level so that's not an issue. Figure NAVL charge to be around $750. I made almost the exact same trip years ago and hated it. Orlando to Norfolk in 1 day is a long one. I'll get my quote tommorow and go from there. I'm getting that Volley I've been wanting for awhile plus Ding Dong which I'll probably sell.
In the South it's slim pickings, all the EM machines seem to be in the northeast for some reason

#7864 4 years ago

Gotta keep moving. Scheduled a minivan and will be leaving Friday around 4am and I'll pick up the machines Saturday morning with a casual drive back ending Sunday afternoon. 2 nights in hotel rooms.

#7878 4 years ago

I played the SS version of Joker Poker a little over a year ago and loved it. Was outbid on Ebay for the EM version about 8 months ago. My bid was around $3000. Kinda glad I missed it. SS version is probably much better.

#7881 4 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

in the 70s is I could play all afternoon on one quarter.

Wizard! was the game I could play all day long off one quarter. Very simple game. Right flipper, aim for the spinner. Left flipper, aim for the 5000 special when lit target.

#7925 4 years ago
Quoted from kangourou:

Here is my gameroom in 360° (2 pics) :

Envy all the space you got. lucky you!

#7935 4 years ago

It would be cool to customize that backglass so the guy is holding a bass guitar.

#7978 4 years ago

I like the cash register. Looks like an NCR.

#7997 4 years ago

Really doubt I'll ever find this machine but I do have the backglass. Will probably hang it on the wall.

image (resized).jpg

#8011 4 years ago

I just look at the number of ratings a pinball machine gets. All of the machines that get many ratings seem good. Fireball gets the most.

#8013 4 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I'm glad my collection looks nothing like the pinside EM top 50. I have only two of them.
I guess I'd rather be a player than a rater.

Is "The Wiggler" one of them? I think you also mentioned at one time that you had a "Dodge City".

#8015 4 years ago

I thought you loved Dodge City, I'll never sell mine!

#8017 4 years ago

Can't sell the game I remember playing as a kid and seeing it destroyed by vandals.

#8032 4 years ago

I didn't make that 24 hour round trip to Virginia, instead had STI deliver it. Worked on this "project" Volley for about 3 hours and got it fully functioning. It's gonna be a nice machine! I'll start working on Ding Dong tomorrow, the playfield looks awesome.

image (resized).jpg

image (resized).jpg

image (resized).jpg

#8053 4 years ago

Fashion show looks to have a nice playfield. Must of cost a lot to have it shipped.

#8062 4 years ago

Looks great! Stopped myself from saying anything about your collection.

1 week later
#8180 4 years ago

Finally got Ding Dong shopped out. This one took awhile. Lots of contact cleaning, adjustments and a shorted coil. Would never of considered this game but it was a package deal that was in my Volley purchase. After getting it running, it's a very fun game. Might Bgresto the backglass and make it a keeper. Score reels are still dirty, haven't gotten to that part.

image (resized).jpg
image (resized).jpg

#8184 4 years ago

That was funny.

#8187 4 years ago

What's that. Bowling queen?

#8192 4 years ago

Score reel inflation on that Grand Prix. Looks fun though.

#8196 4 years ago

I don't think that Sky Jump needs a new playfield.

1 week later
#8208 4 years ago

Nice and clean. I like the your idea. Great way to display the brochures.

[att=3660094w,915756 caption="image (resized).jpg"]

#8214 4 years ago

The jokes on me but why not? Finally got my Sing Along running 100% and my iPad takes shitty photos in the dark. Thanks Otaku for edit info.

image (resized).jpg

1 week later
#8256 4 years ago

Nice job.

#8360 4 years ago

Why did they switch to green? The blue looks much better.

#8372 4 years ago

i bit but it does look better in blue.

#8385 4 years ago

I didn't buy any lottery tickets, never do. My guess is SlapStick.

#8427 4 years ago

Gosh, how much help do you need? You've started a thread dedicated to your tragedy and seem to want lots of attention. Sorry for your loss.

#8437 4 years ago

Picking up something really nice tommorow. It's a little redundant to my collection but nice. I'll post pics tommorow.

#8440 4 years ago

Cool, STI certainly extends your range. Never have had a problem using their service.

#8442 4 years ago
#8450 4 years ago

Playfield was available and I also owned the machine, so why not? The swap was completed by Brady at pinballshark. He's done my Sing Along, Wizard!, Atlantis and now another Wizard!

image (resized).jpg
image (resized).jpg
image (resized).jpg
image (resized).jpg
image (resized).jpg
image (resized).jpg

#8452 4 years ago

in rank in play
1 Old Chicago
2 Captain Fsntastic
3 Wizard!
But you can't compare the play of a Wizard! with a new clearcoated playfield. It makes a huge difference.

#8454 4 years ago

Yes, 50 made and 15 went to one buyer. Somewhere, there's a guy who owns 15 Wizards with Wade Krause playfields installed.

#8459 4 years ago

It's what I strive for.

#8519 4 years ago

Wrong thread Otaku!

#8521 4 years ago

Isn't there a thread that's basically all about you and a flood? Your post would of fit in nicely there.

#8528 4 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

Update on my reveal. The machine is paid for and wrapped up for STI. I will reveal what I am getting the minute it is loaded up on an STI truck. My guess is mid next week it will be on a truck.

It's mid next week, time to reveal!

#8559 4 years ago

Got to give each a chance. Vulcan looks to be the better of the two.

#8571 4 years ago

It'll be nice again.

#8576 4 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

Yeah, all those great old games brought back by us old guys. All those games left for Otaku, et al. My, my my!

Nieces and nephews will get mine. Got 15

#8580 4 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

Yeah, but will they want them?

Yeah, especially the Wade Krause's

#8590 4 years ago

Sample game?

#8640 4 years ago

I'm kinda losing interest in C37. Love the art but have heard many times that it's too easy to beat.

#8718 4 years ago
Quoted from presqueisle:

The Wiggler is back on top of the EM 100!
Also, Bally Skill Roll and Whoa Nellie made the list too.

Isn't Whoa Nellie more of a hybrid?

#8837 4 years ago

Like the blue backglass and the theme. Beautiful game!

1 week later
#8896 4 years ago
Quoted from wayner:

Picked up a couple of years back & very nice GTB Sure Shot (30k plays). I have only just got around to doing a partial service-strip & wax pf & service motor board. After rescuing a number of beaters it was great to work on a nice original machine. Only issue was a broken brake switch on the score motor but it had not previously effected gameplay & a few faulty lamp holders. Machine plays very nice.

Very nice!

#8905 4 years ago

I might send SkyRocket to Bgresto. Can you do it and also get your original back or do they print over it?

#8954 4 years ago

Show us your sump pump, Otaku!

#8956 4 years ago

Actually, I'm the dumbass. Sent him $40 and didn't even get a thank you!

#8961 4 years ago

Very nice Phillips88. Can't wait for tomorrow afternoon, SkyJump arrives! Have thought about having cabinets restored and Boilerman is a thought.

#8995 4 years ago

The backglass on that Dodge City looks really nice. Usually the animated cowboy cuts into the blonde girl's hair. Very good pickup. Took me awhile to find a decent example.

#9000 4 years ago

Luther's vendetta. A custom pinball machine made from a Dodge City. Pretty cool!

image (resized).jpg

#9023 4 years ago

That looks really nice. Why are all the EM's in Pennsylvania?

#9027 4 years ago
1 month later
#9299 4 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

Domino always had Dimes on the glass and a line, when it was released!
I remember those summer days at Atlantic Beach, NY so well......
Heres a young Jersey Jack in the 60s, hitting on my Aunt and her daughter!
(Thats actually Silverpoint, one year we had the end Cabana..but JK on Jack

Wished I had pics of the arcade that is now an Ace Hardware next to the Maitland overpass. It was called "Sunshine Playland" and was open for only one year, 1975. Arcade took up the north side, Lee & Rick's oyster bar on the south. There was also a miniature golf course, "Goony Golf" which closed in 1983.

#9313 4 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

I lived at Goony Golf, and of course enjoyed the Oysters at Lee and Ricks....But I never knew the arcade.
We played at the Maitland Billiard Center.....Sky Kings, Dynomite, and Flicker.
The Altamonte Mall and Fun Machines...
But also at Butler Plaza, there was a Pizza shop, with at different times from 3-12 pins...Ever hit that one...?
And the bowling alleys and inconvenience stores.....shoot there was a ton of pinball in the small town
back then!
Im officially a senior citizen cause I can now say, "Ah....the Good old days! Nickel Pinball !!"

Corner of Fairbanks and Park Ave, there was Tom's pizza, Beefy King and the Back Door. The machine we played there was Hi-Lo Ace. Right across the street from Miiler's hardware, there was coin laundry mat that had a "Dodge City" (game was destroyed by vandals)
"Tilt" was located in the Winter Park mall and can remember "Atlantis" and "Sky Jump".
Wish I could remember all the machines I played back then.

#9316 4 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

Tilt in the WP Mall.....Forgot about that. I can now recall the whole gameroom!
Took dates there in 74!
Shoot, now the memories flood back.
We owned the building next to Millers, now Fannie Hillman, and played the games across the street on
a daily basis...Im 57.
2 old timers with EM Memories.....

Goony Golf in Maitland
Hole 1: Humpty Dumpty
Hole 2: King Tut's hut
Hole 3: The Snail
Hole 4: Mad Hatter
Hole 5: Moon Rocket
Hole 6: Leapin Lena
Hole 7: Harry Horror
Hole 8: Munchin Martian
Hole 9: Tentacle Timmy
Hole 10: The Monster
Hole 11: Big Mouth
Hole 12: Sir Goony's Castle
Hole 13: The Waterfall
Hole 14: Crazy Bear
Hole 15: Ant Hill
Hole 16: Big Bird
Hole 17: Goonysaures
Hole 18: Snake Pit

For what it's worth.

#9323 4 years ago
Quoted from monsonb:

My apologies, but that sounds like an adult film...

It was the late 60's' early 70's. Beefy King served up some awesome roast beef sandwiches and "The Back Door" was a bar located at the back of the building where local bands would play.
There is still a Beefy King open and it's on Bumby Ave. Go there every time I'm in the area.

#9328 4 years ago

Wow, memorabilia I thought I'd never see again!

3 months later
#9858 3 years ago
Quoted from Phillips88:

A little Buckaroo love

You only need 9 more to make it an even dozen.

2 months later
#10121 3 years ago

Got this in this evening. Solid cabinet and surprised about the condition of the backglass, it won't need to be replaced. Should have this machine looking great later this year. Wade Krause playfield to start. Machine actually plays well and keeps correct score.

image (resized).jpeg

image (resized).jpeg

image (resized).jpeg

image (resized).jpeg

#10147 3 years ago

Great job on the El Dorado. A game I haven't found yet. Picked up my SkyJump today and 2001 playfield is on it's way.

image (resized).jpeg

image (resized).jpeg

image (resized).jpeg

#10164 3 years ago

Looks nice

#10175 3 years ago
Quoted from ryan1234:

Found this all jammed in one coin slot of a Gottlieb Pro Football. 1977 was the latest year in the bunch.

Ok, so that's where I left it. Could you kindly return it?

2 months later
#10501 3 years ago

Spot A Card?

#10509 3 years ago

Enjoy your road trip!

#10580 3 years ago

Cupped inserts suck. Hope you figure out a way to fix it.

#10596 3 years ago

Just choose door #3. A Wade Krause playfield. That's if you really intend on keeping the machine in your collection.

1 month later
#10828 3 years ago
Quoted from goldenboy232:

Thank you very much!

Kinda want it. Playfield seems too nice for a repro.

1 week later
#10881 3 years ago

I'd love to play an Old Chicago as well as Jumping Jack and Abra Ca Dabra. Love the lower two pops.

1 month later
#10989 3 years ago
Quoted from mbaumle:

It always surprised me how bland (by comparison) the artwork on 2001 was compared to Dimension. I’d be curious to know the story behind that.
You’d think they would have used the better art on the machine they knew would sell the most units, or at least keep artwork mostly congruent throughout the different models of the same game to save money on screening/artist labor, etc.

I like 2001 artwork.

#10991 3 years ago

I'm not gonna do it. Right on Jr!

#10994 3 years ago

2001 is a great machine. I wouldn't put it down.

7 months later
#11406 2 years ago

Going down south to pick up an EM tomorrow. It has the “extended play” feature. Should be easy to figure out which title it is.

#11431 2 years ago

Loving it already! Previous owner had it since 1971. Playfield filthy, can’t wait to start.

2E8E4E9A-C143-4796-B29B-DBAFFE83C3A4 (resized).jpeg
#11451 2 years ago

Single player, love it!

8 months later
#12086 1 year ago
Quoted from bob_e:

Looking for a Lockdown bar 1975 Gottlieb Atlantis button style.
PM if you have one to sell.

The closest thing I have is from an earlier Gottlieb. Modified, repaired? Don’t know. It was from a Sing Along. Found a replacement. It’s free, just pay for the shipping which I figure to be about $20.

31762911-E7F3-4632-99E5-9968D7473A96 (resized).jpeg53F8B4F3-B717-4FE3-9C83-D9FB98A174ED (resized).jpeg8E56E6E0-3BC9-411A-B84A-69EF93920D78 (resized).jpeg
1 month later
#12147 1 year ago
Quoted from Mikala:

I have not posted in quite awhile. Thought I would show how you squeeze 8 games in a 12x15’ room. I actually have room for a 9th. Knocked outed the wall behind the row of machines, will be expanding to 16 eventually.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Yours looks great. Think I need a bigger room.

73EE5064-79EA-4EE9-A685-051AD7F98D5F (resized).jpeg
5 months later
#12456 1 year ago

One of the earliest games I can remember playing. It was at a coin laundry mat. Saw it one day after it was heavily vandalized. Put it on my wishlist list and now own it. Hard game to find.

3 months later
#12652 1 year ago
Quoted from gdonovan:

Yes, and CPR playfield.[quoted image]

Nice but they aren’t EMs.

3 months later
#12756 9 months ago
Quoted from DodgersFan32:

I hope i find one i have an centigrade 37, atlantis & cash for trade for one.

Welcome back!

2 months later
#12801 7 months ago


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