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EM : Show us your EM Pinball Machines!

By Rat_Tomago

6 years ago

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#3129 4 years ago

Williams Liberty BellLiberty Bell.jpgPop Bumbers.jpgSpinner.jpg

#3137 4 years ago
Quoted from btw75:

dtown - I am on a mission take some awesome pictures like that to put on our game room wall. Any suggestions? I have an old basic DSLR (D40) but I do have a 50 mm fixed manual focus lens.

Absolutely. Believe it or not I'm still rocking a Canon 30D. Which by the way, your camera is a 40D not a D40. Nikon does the letter before the number designations. Every game I finish a game I do a wide angle with a Sigma 10-20. All photos are done in a dark room. Photoshop is used to black out any background that may be seen like, say...my camera. I used a wired remote so I can get out of the photo as well.

If you want ball close ups, a macro lens is the way to go. I have a 60mm macro but would recommend the 100mm so you can get the camera farther away. Nonetheless, it's obvious from some of my pics that I had to sit the camera on the top of the playfield plastics to get the images I did. Then I cloned it out in photoshop. In those cases the 60mm is better suited.

Tripod is also a necessity. We're talking about low light photography so forget about handholding the camera.

Your fixed 50 (I'm assuming the F1.4 one) is a great lens but you need the close focusing distance of a macro lens for ball closeups. I think there is an older 50mm macro though. Maybe get yourself the 60mm like I have. Unfortunately, it has gone up significantly in price. When I bought the 60mm it was around $360.00. Now it's over $400.00.

I have a nice Panny advanced point and shoot that has a macro setting which I've thought about using. Be interesting to see how it works.

If you're gonna stick with your 50mm (assuming it's not the macro variant) maybe just focus on some of the playfield art of your subject. Just remember the rule of thirds. The eye should be drawn to somewhere in the thirds area of you photos. Don't be afraid to turn the camera sideways too.

Oh and one final thing. Many ask me how I keep the ball still on the playfield. Simple. Just pull your playfield up and a little forward. Stuff some magazines in the area between the lockdown bar receiver and the bottom of the playfield till that ball stays still. Hope this helps some.

2 months later
#3284 4 years ago

Better get that invoice in the mail. Steve wants his cash!

#3287 4 years ago

Nah. Jimmy can't be part time. He's responded to ALL of my orders...unless he's been working every time I've placed an order.

#3289 4 years ago

1951 Genco Hits and Runs

Whole Machine - small.jpg

Extra Special 1 cropped - small.jpg

Shooter Gauge - small.jpg

#3303 4 years ago
Quoted from stashyboy:

I wanted to share a very challenging and rewarding project with you guys (with the owner's permission)
It seems like there are two camps here in the EM forum. Those that prefer older 50's/60's games with 2" flippers, and those that prefer later 70's games with 3" flippers. I like to think I can appreciate both for their unique gameplay, artwork and the evolution of EM technology. This one obviously falls into the later category with classic late 70's artwork and fast gameplay.
Here's the link for the full photo set-

That's a sweet looking Strange World!

20141214_084955.jpg 210 KB

#3316 4 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

I recently picked up a working GTB Universe from a local that was moving. The Universe is mostly original (including bg) with the exception of a couple of bells that were missing, and a GTB 70's style on/off switch with new power cord. Someone painted the legs too. Fun to play.
Also, I included a pic of my Pop-a-Card which is next to my Dimension. I picked up the Pop-a-Card along with a Captain Card (in storage) awhile back from deep in the woods of northern Wisconsin (cheese head territory). Those 2 have been getting a lot of play as of late. Around the corner from these is Abra, El Dorado, and Jacks Open.

Universe - col 005.JPG 287 KB

Universe - col 004.JPG 259 KB

Universe - col 011.JPG 253 KB

Universe - col 019.JPG 247 KB

Universe - col 020.JPG 266 KB

Universe - col 021.JPG 243 KB

Universe - col 009.JPG 223 KB

Universe - col 010.JPG 217 KB

Universe - col 014.JPG 272 KB

Universe - col 016.JPG 295 KB

Very nice! I want a Gottlieb Universe. Love the layout and the retro "space race/sci-fi" theme.

#3345 4 years ago
Quoted from leckmeck:

This is a tad belated, but I finished restoring my keeper Lucky Hand last month. The score motor board was a terrible mess when I got it. Somebody had removed all the lacing around the harnesses, so wires were hanging loose all over the place. I would have liked to properly redo the wax lacing, but learning the right technique was a headache I didn't want, so I used zip ties instead. In the unbundled mess of wires were also non-factory modifications that needed correcting. Fortunately I had another Lucky Hand to use as a reference in undoing these hacks. Once the wiring was fixed, I went about rebuilding everything else. A decagon unit in the 10k score reel was badly pitted, necessitating replacement from a parts machine. Everything else was a straightforward disassemble/clean/rebuild. Besides the mechanical rehabilitation, I also made some judicious touch-ups to the cabinet and used waterslide decals to make the keylines around the inserts nice and black again. I also used decals to restore the letters/numbers on the drop targets. Miscellaneous: new sticker for the coin door, new pop bumper caps from PBR, side rails regrained, and total play meter (for tracking post-restore games) installed. Lastly, I lucked out and scored a Ron Webb reproduction backglass long after he sold out.
Pre-restoration: wiring mess on the left, reference on the right
Restored score motor board mechanics
Restored playfield mechanics
Restored playfield, high view
Restored playfield, low view
Restored cabinet, right view
Restored cabinet, front view
Restored cabinet, left view

Lucky Double Boards-56.JPG 356 KB

Lucky Restored Front-342.JPG 190 KB

Lucky Restored Left-671.JPG 239 KB

Lucky Restored Playfield High-48... 264 KB

Lucky Restored Playfield Low-832... 187 KB

Lucky Restored Internals High-81... 263 KB

Lucky Restored Right-253.JPG 223 KB

Lucky Restored Internals Low-529... 297 KB


#3386 4 years ago
Quoted from Robo1:

Here is my Gusher nightmare restoration from 2010. I had wanted one but obviously was too impatient to wait.... So i guess the 120 hours of restoration made sense, I wont be doing that again. Here is a before and after shot.

IMG_3415.jpg 292 KB

IMG_3420.jpg 302 KB

Gusher_PF.jpg 31 KB

I gotta ask. New playfield? Retouched professionally? If so, did you do it yourself? To go from before to after...wow!

1 week later
#3417 4 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

Universe comes out and North Star goes in! Thanks to dirtflipper ("The Broker") for the lead on this one. The cabinet needed touched up or re-painted so I went the touch-up route for now and it looks ok. I only did the front - may go back and do the sides and back later when I have more time. The playfield has your normal 60's flipper drag which is common but I can live with it.

NS in line-up 002.JPG 281 KB

NS in line-up 001.JPG 271 KB

NS in line-up 004.JPG 240 KB

North Star 002.JPG 258 KB

North Star 003.JPG 290 KB

North Star 004.JPG 278 KB

What happened to the Universe? Oh, wait. Was yours the one that just sold on ebay? I'm in PA so way too far but I was watching. I've never played the game but can usually tell if I like something by its layout and an understanding of the rules. Also, I really like that 50's space race theme and art.

I gotta ask, what didn't make it a keeper? PM me if you don't want to post.

North Star looks nice. It's got the all rollover special that's on just a few Gottlieb's. I would imagine if you can get there, the constant knocker sound must be captivating.

#3420 4 years ago
Quoted from beadwindow:

A Universe was one of my first pins. I also loved the theme and artwork as I'm a big fan of vintage sci fi art. I bought new plastics and a new backglass for it but in the end it was a below average player. If I had all the room I needed I woulda kept it just for the art and it being a woodrail alone but I had to make room for a Kings and Queens at the time.

Thanks for giving your opinion on it. I see you owned a Queen of Diamonds once. What did you think of that one? Both these games share that fan type layout of the lighted lane guides which I like the look of too.

#3422 4 years ago
Quoted from beadwindow:

i really enjoyed queen of diamonds and if another comes up, i'd buy it. i also bought new plastics and a backglass for it-it's a beautiful machine and i regret selling it. there's also gottlieb's "world beauties" which is the same game but different art.

Yes, I noticed that as well, but I like QoD better because of its artwork. The use of purples and reds is so eye catching. I also like the symmetry of using the fan type curve for the title lettering and cards in the backglass which isn't as pronounced on WB. I know, sounds nitpicky, but, when you can only have a small collection, you must be so.

#3428 4 years ago

^^^^^^^is that somebody's house, or a restaurant?^^^^^^^^^

Freaken' rich people.

#3438 4 years ago

Though these aren't games, I did get a couple EM related novelties from arcadenovelties.com over the holidays. They have the rights to reproduce Gottlieb logos and backglass images on shirts, mugs, keychains, etc.

They were offering free shipping over $65, IIRC. I had been looking at getting a custom t-shirt with the D. Gottlieb banner logo on the top left front and the Flipper Skill Games image on the back. Since this didn't reach the amount for the free shipping I picked a couple other things and thought I'd comment on their quality if anyone here had been thinking about ordering from them.

First, the shirt is really nice. As you can tell the ink seems like its part of the shirt and not some shiny decal that will crack after a couple washes. Size was accurate as well.

The clock was, well, $15. It's plastic with basically a cardboard insert with the image on it. Runs on a single AA which is included. I hung it above the doorway in my home theater/family room. Looks good. Those pop bumper style clocks are probably a lot nicer but, they're more than fifteen bucks too.

I bought two keychains. I think they'd look pretty cool on a pin's key ring. One for my Top Card and a Flipper Skill Game one for my Sunshine since they didn't have one specifically for that game. They're metal and have printing on both sides. The Flipper Skill Game one is nice but the print on the Top Card is a little soft. Price? Ten bucks a piece. A little expensive.

Final thoughts. I know paying for the license and for Cafe Press to make these items costs money so, no regrets in my purchase at all. My opinion. If it wasn't for trying to meet the free shipping, I would have dropped the clock. The keychains are cool. Just wish the printing was sharper. The shirt, which is what I really wanted anyway, is excellent. Top notch quality, at least out of the box. But, I would highly recommend their shirts if you were thinking about one.


#3442 4 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

BTW, I like that t-shirt. May get one next order as I now have a $5 coupon.

If you do, it's an Ash Gray color. I really don't like white shirts as I hate doing my wash separately. Yes. Even though I'm married, I do my clothes and my wife does hers. That's what 10+ years of living alone does to a guy. They get...independent.

Anyway, the guy at arcade novelties seemed to forget that he offered that color with that print. Just point him this way if he does.

#3453 4 years ago

Good Lord Boilerman! You must be getting the big bucks for this kind of work.

Sooo clean!

1 week later
#3477 4 years ago
Quoted from GizzArd:

Finally received my gottlieb universe. It really cleaned up nice. I still have things to do on ot but it plays like a champ

image.jpg 69 KB

image-963.jpg 102 KB

image-290.jpg 88 KB

image-315.jpg 85 KB

image-719.jpg 102 KB

Please give me some info about how Universe plays. I love the look of her. Just like to know how she handles.

Also, I see you have a Sunshine. I got one in the garage waiting to be fixed. What do you think of that game as well?

#3489 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinballprowess:

My Holy Grail at long last! (with a little help from my friends)

Spot Bowler-695.jpg 197 KB

That's a really neat looking game. Do the bowling pins light up?

1 week later
#3498 4 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Amusement Pinballs
as American as Baseball and Hot Dogs

DSCN3379.JPG 193 KB

DSCN3374.JPG 202 KB

Man, that's a good lookin' game!

#3531 4 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Love this game. So many ways to win, I always feel close and yet .......I hardly ever win
Mystic Marvel 1954.

IMG_8433.JPG 214 KB

IMG_8435.JPG 175 KB

IMG_8434.JPG 155 KB

How do you like your Sunshine?

#3534 4 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Really like Sunshine actually.
Tough game but very different.
Spot all red numbers equals special.
Spot all white number equals special.
Spot all white and red and either all red rollovers or all white rollovers light for special. Alternates between red and white by hitting pop bumper. So, 7 rollovers lit for special at all times. So should be specials galore but haven't done it yet....
And I love the rating system. I am pleased to get FAIR. If I ever get GENIUS I will be jumping up and down
A real nudgers game and think one of the ways to score heavily is to light pop bumpers as they score 100000. Usually when I light them I accidentally unlight them.
Nice p/f artwork.

MVC-006S.JPG 42 KB

Thanks. Looking forward to getting mine going in the spring.

#3550 4 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

It takes courage.

th-810.jpeg 25 KB

I REALLY like drinking. Except when working on a pin. Then I end up with a solder burn on my person. Yes, it has happened.

7 months later
#5047 3 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

Out of curiosity what all externally does it need besides what I stated?

I see Dirt as a guy who wants to know his game intimately. Every switch examined, cleaned and adjusted as necessary. I love Fireball too. Really annoyed a guy at the last Allentown show because I was doing the double flip with the zippers closed which would pass down the right side back to the closed flippers. Took a little while till I drained all three balls.

#5051 3 years ago

Yes, agreed. The left orbit shot looks very satisfying. And sci-fi themes always win with me.

2 weeks later
#5101 3 years ago
Quoted from illawarra92:

just arrived, a gottlieb oklahoma..first saw this game for sale around 17 years ago and fell in love with the backglass..had to wait 17 years for the same game to become available again.
the backglass is shot but will order a replacement from backglass resto..plan a ground up restoration and have already pulled down the game and will start on stripping the paint off the cab today.
playfield is very nice and will only need a small amount of touchup..
there is something about those gottlieb 4 players from the early 1960's that gets me everytime.20150922_172514.jpg

Oooooo! I like that sign on your Close Encounters....and I like that Close Encounters EM as well!

#5108 3 years ago
Quoted from blue95:

My 2 EM's are a bit customised. First up is a Jacks Open that had a termite eaten cabinet, but a nice playfield and backglass. Replaced the cab with one from a friends used up Minibike and head from one of Illawarra Steelers restorations. Then finished it off with some period looking vinyl decals of my own design.
Second one was a pretty used up Gottlieb Play Ball. Someone had re-handpainted the artwork rather badly. So we got the local signwriter to do a wrap for the sides in the colours of my baseball team, the Maitland Mavericks. I still need to finish the playfield touch-ups

I dig the Jacks Open art....the Play Ball...not so much. But, it's your game. And this is better than another pin going into a landfill..or being gutted if it doesn't need to be.

#5116 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinplayer1967:

Those wire lane guides pop out in less than a second, then you can polish them as well, good lord

I know Clay would strip the entire playfield and leave disposable bulbs in the sockets to protect them but, that's just not everybody. I've never cleared a playfield but Clay's method is how I'd do it if I was ever inclined to take on the task.

4 weeks later
#5208 3 years ago
#5217 3 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I didn't like the early solid states when they came out but played some Black Knight in the local arcade after the EMs went away. It seemed like the best of the bunch at the time. Still like that one. Nowadays I will try them all but some of those sound effects they used are still pretty annoying.

I use "bad move, human" from Centaur as my text tone. Never get tired of it.

#5221 3 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

If I had a cell phone I would probably have the opening riff from Smoke on the Water as my ringtone.

I use the opening from Pink Floyd's "Sorrow"

1 week later
#5254 3 years ago

Just about finished with my Gottlieb Top Card. I'm gonna install new flipper plungers and links along with coil stops (I ran out). I'll post a video soon.

Top Card.jpg


#5256 3 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Nice pics! Are you a pro?

No. I've done it for a long time but it's just a hobby.

#5258 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballFever:

What did you use to take the picture of the ball on PF?

Canon EOS 30d Digital SLR with a Canon 60mm Macro Lens sitting on the plastic at the top of the playfield and using a remote release for the shutter. Trust me. This took several tries to get something I liked.

#5260 3 years ago

Thanks guys! I was working on the a video tonight but I had a pop light that didn't want to stay on and a left flipper that wasn't tight (would droop a little and I didn't notice it till I was re-watching the video) enough so I wasn't happy. I'll try again, maybe, tomorrow.

#5265 3 years ago

Some gameplay of my Top Card. I need to replace the flipper plungers and links along with the coil stops which should reduce the buzzing considerably. Also, I'll replace the mushroomed ball return assembly at some point because, as you can see, it doesn't always get the ball over the hump. Otherwise, she's not too bad. I did light special on my second game but didn't collect any before losing my fifth ball. And, yes, the game is COMPLETELY LED'd including light box blinkers.

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