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EM : Show us your EM Pinball Machines!

By Rat_Tomago

6 years ago

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#73 6 years ago

FWIW, I've got pics of the EMs tucked away here:

I'm a slave to originality, so no repaints or clear coats here I'm afraid.

#110 6 years ago
Quoted from Stevens:

Nice fireball,Here's one I recently did that's a lot of fun to play.

OK, I just have to ask - what all is being done on the playfields you do? (cosmetically, that is). And cleared?

Looks really interesting.

#186 6 years ago

Ok, so you three who wish you had a C37....I would like your opinion. My playfield is near perfect as far as paint goes, but the inserts are faded and cupped. Faded is not such a big deal to me because colored led's can handle that. Cupped however drives me crazy. I can't stand seeing the ball change direction on its way around. So here's the question. Would you like it more or less as a potential buyer if I had the pf surface leveled and cleared? And possible new inserts too.

C37 benefits from having mostly plain inserts (no text on them). New ones can be obtained in the correct size and color (from PBR and Marco), so replacing them isn't so bad to do. The old ones can also be popped out and sanded back down level, then re-installed (the ones without printing on them). Unless they're so bad that they're able to trap and hold the ball though (which the larger size ones can do), it's OK to leave them alone.

If the playfield is a nice original, cleaning it and waxing it will preserve the value in the long run more than clear coating it (IMHO). They're only original once, and nearly every other antique/collectible field values originality vs. restored/over-restored. But, it's a matter of personal taste. Some folks really go for the clear coat, others don't. Leaving it alone keeps all the options open for later.

[Just curious - was yours the C37 that popped up on craigslist in NE a few months back? (it was a great deal, and was gone in an instant, IIRC).]

And, since we're on the subject, here's my C37.

2013May22_013.JPG 2013Feb17_013.JPG

1 week later
#376 6 years ago

A fine pair.

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#377 6 years ago

The waiting is the hardest part...

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1 week later
#446 6 years ago

OK, here's one you don't see too often. Short ball times, but keeps you wanting to play more. Woodrails were well before my time, but I really like them. Each one is an adventure, since I've usually never played the title before.

2013Jun28_001.JPG 2013Jun28_005.JPG

#448 6 years ago


2013Apr25_011.JPG 2013Apr25_013.JPG 2013Apr25_024.JPG

#467 6 years ago
Quoted from Vyzer2:

I have read through the 10 pages in this thread and the passion you em owners have is pretty special.
I wish I had room to add some of these beauties.
I have wanted to ask this but thought I would get pounded on because I don’t have much to go on.
The machine I put more quarters in than any other was a machine from around 1966 to 69. It had a spinner in the middle (like totan and one that Odin posted w/ a billiard theme).
I’m hoping that one of you may have some knowledge of this machine. Sorry, cant remember the theme, only the spinner in the middle and time frame. I looked at all the em’s pictured…but it isn’t here. Don know how many machines had spinners, so just trying to give this a try.

A spinning disc like Fireball has, or a 'spinner' (like a game board spinner)? 'Road Race' has a spinner in the playfield, for example. There weren't that many games with either type of spinner, so knowing which type will help narrow it down.

#474 6 years ago
Quoted from Vyzer2:

DF..I know, not much to go on..but are there that many with a spinner during those years (it was a new game they put up for us locals).
Grey scale...thks ..nope
AlexF..no not star pool..think that was the one Odin pictured.
I will know it when I'll see it..but I cant picture it..make sense?

But what "type" of spinner? Was it:

a) spinning disc
b) spinning arm (like a little flipper that rotates around)
c) a spinning flag target (shoot the ball under it, and it spins)

Still not clear what you mean by 'spinner'?

#475 6 years ago

Or do you mean those 'spinning posts' thing on a disc?

If it's that style of feature, then there are 18 games with it listed in IPDB:


(including TOTAN)

One of those perhaps?

1 month later
#582 6 years ago

Just finished this one today. First impressions playing it are very favorable!

2013Aug25_015.JPG 2013Aug25_018.JPG 2013Aug25_019.JPG

1 week later
#712 6 years ago

An uncommon pair.


#724 6 years ago
Quoted from alb0711:

I'm looking to buy one of these, and it has 3" flippers. Anybody know if 2" or 3" is OEM? Looks like a fun game!

The 1970 Gottlieb Baseball should have 2" flippers.

A quick way to confirm stuff like this is to visit ipdb.org and look at the game flyer (can be a bit hard to see without zooming in sometimes, but if there's any lettering on the top of the flippers, it's a 2" flipper).

#729 6 years ago
Quoted from alb0711:

Check out these photos of the one for sale - has the word "bat" on the flippers, seller says 3 inch and from the looks of it they are. Haven't seen the machine in person yet.

I should have specified if they have the letters 'Flipper' on them, they're 2". Forgot about the 'Bat' ones.

Would need to see a bit more of the game to be sure, but there aren't many turret shooter style ones. That apron is older than '77's Big Hit, so could be a couple others.

#732 6 years ago
Quoted from stashyboy:

Not big Hit, DF, look at the apron. Has the inset score/ball in play cards that were only used for a few years in the late 60's/early 70's. Big Hit had a 'normal' apron and was also after the cabinet changes that came when Columbia bought them out in 76'.

Bah, I hit enter before re-editing my post! Ya peeked too soon.

Yes, can only be one of Extra Inning, Play Ball, or Home Run, all of which are 3" flipper I believe. I don't think there are any 2" flippers with the 'Bat' stickers on them.

So I'd say has to be 3" flippers only.

#741 6 years ago
Quoted from bintzknocker:

I give up. Picture #4 is Aztec. $%#^*&^

I see the Aztec pic. And that Skill Roll is sweet.

(And Hi, John!)

#794 6 years ago

That Sunshine looked very tempting this morning at $200. Thanks for posting the pictures. Looks very restorable (the various missing pieces can be found). I bet the seller had a lot of calls on that one. It was very hard to resist!

#796 6 years ago

Looked like it was going to also need a new lockdown bar to replace the damaged one. Since the key was lost, maybe they pried off the siderail/lockdown to get into it? (And broke the glass in the process.) Still very restorable, assuming the insides are relatively complete (and they usually are). Nothing horrible to deal with.

1 month later
#916 6 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

I think in 1976 Gottleib went from 31 to 28.5 inch legs? Sure Shot/Bank Shot may have been first to change.

Gottlieb used 31" from woodrails up through mid-70's wedgeheads, and then switched to 27" legs for the later 70's 'deeper' cabinet games (the ones that have the integrated door and frame, like Sure Shot, Buccaneer forward).

Williams and Bally used the 28.5" though, but not Gottlieb. The Gottlieb legs also have 'round' bolt holes, whereas the 28.5" have a bit more oval shape to them.

#938 6 years ago

Another woodrail. This is a fun one.

2013Oct12 003.JPG
2013Oct12 009.JPG

1 week later
#962 6 years ago

Wow, the colors on that Abra look sweet. Backglass looks to be top notch too. Awesome.

#1008 5 years ago
Quoted from Pafasa:

I added pics to my post above. What are your opinions?

Light 'em up (i.e. backlit).

But looks promising. Thanks for sharing!

#1015 5 years ago

I think you'll find that you'll rarely reach 100K on an Abra. The scoring's not really set up for that.

#1026 5 years ago
Quoted from Pafasa:

Any other ideas?
Thanks for not calling me crazy, by the way.

That is correct. Last one with backbox mechanical animation (although that was really mostly gone after the 60's games anyway, '300' and 'Top Score' notwithstanding).

#1027 5 years ago
Quoted from Darcy:

On my Abra Ca Dabra, I will reach a score over 100,000 approximately every 10 games or so.

yeah, I didn't mean you.

#1035 5 years ago
Quoted from Pafasa:

So, I read the description on pinrepair.com of C37 and Clay talks about the thermometer as a bonus unit that counts the bonus down at the end of the game. This doesn't seem accurate to me. I see it as more of a progress indicator showing how close you are to lighting the special. Have I been missing some bonus function on my game? Is there a repair I need to make? My thermometer does not reset until I start a new game. In addition, it does not have a step down coil, just a reset coil.

No, that's not correct at all. The thermometer advances (steps up) to the top to light the kickout hole for special, and only resets at the start of a game (which is a bugger to get to work reliably when fully advanced or close to it; it only gets one switch close pulse to accomplish it).

1 month later
#1286 5 years ago

Ron Webb has a nice Sweet Hearts repro backglass available (good price, shipping included too).

#1289 5 years ago

Ron's glasses are $265, unless they're on sale or seconds.


#1400 5 years ago

Double vision...

(One to keep, and one to toss back into the pond.)

2013Nov26 003.JPG
2013Nov26 004.JPG

Just more projects though.

#1410 5 years ago
Quoted from Pafasa:

You know Dirt, we don't really live that far apart. What happens to the unwanted Atlantis?

It gets a full rebuild and sold or traded (assuming I can actually figure out which one's the keeper). These are #s 3 and 4 I've had, trying to get that elusive 'upgrade'.

#1411 5 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

it is a very under rated game IMO some people see tennis and don't even give it a chance

Very much agree. I had one for awhile and thought the gameplay was great. Getting the blue/yellow/green rollovers *before* going after the drop targets, and the resetting special (which then has to be re-earned) make it an interesting departure from just wailing away on the drop targets. But when it came time to sell it (due to the ever crushing space limitations), it was a tough, tough sell. If I had the room, I'd get one again though.

#1457 5 years ago
Quoted from way2wyrd:

Thats my opinion yes


#1478 5 years ago

A Pin-Up (or King-Pin, for that matter) with no wear below the kickout hole? Outstanding (and rare).

#1530 5 years ago

Fresh off a rebuild before sliding into the lineup. This is a production version; I have a sample game to do later.

2013Dec10 019.JPG
2013Dec10 020.JPG
2013Dec10 021.JPG
2013Dec10 027.JPG
2013Dec10 028.JPG

1 week later
#1677 5 years ago

Forget Big Brother - Big Boy is watching!

1 week later
#1737 5 years ago

One Atlantis down, one more to go. Last rebuild of the year.

(Gotta find my extra instruction card still.)

2013Dec31 112.JPG
2013Dec31 113.JPG

The inside:
2013Dec22 040.JPG

#1744 5 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

Nice restore Dirt. Someone is going to get a nice Atlantis for their game room. You said you're keeping one and selling one right? Is this the one you're going to put up for sale?

One will be a keeper, one will find a new home. I think the other one will be the keeper, but I'll wait until it's done so I can do a better comparison. It will be a close call.

I'm in no hurry.

#1769 5 years ago
Quoted from AlexF:

I'd love a Beat The Clock….

I know where one is. Not too far from you either.

#1771 5 years ago

It's there (two of them, IIRC). Just ask about it. Heat Wave sold.

#1787 5 years ago

I always figure it must be a good game if most examples you find have beat playfields. I progressed through four different KoD games before finally getting a nice playfield. [Of course, this theory doesn't quite explain High Hand... ]

#1803 5 years ago

Wow, fantastic looking example of a Pin Up. I don't see any wear in the usual spots. Very, very nice.

#1805 5 years ago
Quoted from EM-PINMAN:

Now if I could only find a Gottlieb King Pin in that condition, local and cheap.

I've yet to see a King Pin come anywhere near that condition. I've seen at least one other, and maybe two other Pin Ups in that shape though, which seems odd.

1 week later
#1825 5 years ago
Quoted from kovalski3:

Working on a Capt Card. This machine is sold already. The Playfields on theae are usually rough. This one is in amazing condition.

Definitely a low play example there! Probably doesn't have a play meter in it, does it?

#1865 5 years ago

The white-painted ones may have been associated with the wood experiments, but I thought that the cleats were just an option operators could order (i.e. get the older style grooved shooter lane, or get the cleats). The cleats come on games with regular playfields too (there seems to be a mixture within production run games, without the white painted wood).

But the white-painted ones do look cool.

#1870 5 years ago
Quoted from Tyamry:

Here are some pictures of my Jacks Open with the white crest, shooter lane and flipper area. Not sure if its a "Sample pin" but it plays awesome!

The serial number of 1081 would put it in the sample game range (as seen on the manufacturer's certificate sticker on the upper ball arch).

#1881 5 years ago
Quoted from Pafasa:

I haven't seen the shooter lane guides until this thread. Would it make sense to scan one in and get some cut? Does anyone here have one off a playfield? Seems like it would be pretty easy to do. Would be neat to hear your opinions. Would you add this to your games with flat shooter lanes?

They only appeared on '77-ish period Gottliebs (that I've seen so far, anyway). And not consistently. They trap and center the ball to the plunger tip, instead of the groove in the wood. So if the playfield has the groove in it, you wouldn't use the cleats. But if there's no groove, then the cleats are needed.

#1886 5 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I climbed up there yesterday and didn't see one, and it hasn't been repainted. I really don't mind though as I like the machine, it plays well, and I plan on keeping it. Kind of curious why the one on the cab got scratched off, but that we will never know.

On this era of Gottlieb, there are four places to try and snag the serial number:

a) front of cab, upper left corner (stamped into wood)

b) top of head (ink-stamped on paint)

c) manufacturer's certificate on ball arch

d) underneath the 'operator tag' that's stapled to the wood brace behind where the cash box goes (inside the bottom cab). This is near the chime unit, and is usually the one they miss when ops 'erased' the serial number. It's ink-stamped on the wood, and the paper tag is stapled over it.

#1888 5 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

There is no ball arch and the only thing in the cab is under the coin box and it says Cabinet D-15117

Doh! El D/Solar/TA don't have the arch.

Can you post a picture of the inside?

#1890 5 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

It will have to be later- I gotta go to work!

Here's a picture of where I mean.


#1892 5 years ago
Quoted from Pafasa:

Curious.....why would ops 'erase' serial numbers?

Suspect they were used to tie to city amusement device taxes/licenses, so maybe as to not let them get used by competition, or at least not track against their previous licenses. But that's just my speculation.

#1911 5 years ago

Slow news day, so I'll post a picture...

2014Jan01 001.JPG

2014Jan01 002.JPG

2014Jan01 006.JPG

#1916 5 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

You have two "HTD"s? Cool!

One is a sample game, one is a production game. Interestingly, between the score motor switch info in the operator manual, the schematic, and the two games, none of them match each other. The production game has been completely rebuilt and is in the main lineup, while the sample game waits its turn.

#1918 5 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

Does the sample game have red inserts where the production game has yellow?

Nope, no cosmetic differences that I've found. I think the red inserts were used on Neptune maybe?

#1941 5 years ago
Quoted from Ice9ers:

WoW! To have the EM's that some of you guys have and all looking so awesome - I'm extremely envious and thrilled that these machines have found such wonderful homes. As some of you may know, I just bought my 1st EM 2 days ago, a KOD with a pretty rough cabinet but a beautiful playfield. I'm lovin' it. Would be thrilled to have a second one - one of these days.

Your KoD cabinet is plenty fine. Lots more life left in it, and they come a lot worse.

#1942 5 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

Didn't like the game play (cross between my Kings and Queens and Crosstown which I sold) on Sing Along as much as Kings and Queens. Although I'm kind of biased on Kings and Queens since it was one of the first games I scored a replay on as a kid.
Sold it to Dirt!

Thanks, Hoov!

2014Jan19 005.jpg

#1963 5 years ago
Quoted from velcroman:

I am sort of new to this forum. I really enjoy reading it. I have been collecting and dealing in coin op for 25 or so years. I started out with what I remembered playing as a kid, wedgheads (even a few woodrails)and 20s thru 60s arcade. From there I got into golden age jukes,vending and slots and trade stimulators from the 1890s - 1950s. You can see the type of stuff I have and deal in at my website: http://www.SlotsEtc.com
In the middle of a snowstorm today here in New Jersey, a Diamond Jack I recently bought was delivered to my warehouse. Here are a few pictures. Fantastic restored condition, looks great and plays fast. It's the nicest EM I have by far.
I'm really happy there's a forum for EMs and guys who still appreciate them. So many of you know so much more than I do and the details some of you go into on the machines amazes me.
Rich Wolfin

Who did the restore? What all was done? Very nice.

#1969 5 years ago
Quoted from velcroman:

I bought it from a guy who bought it from a guy, you get the picture. My understanding is Nick Raschilla did the restoration. I dont know every detail or exactly what he did, but everything I see was done really well. High end work with great attention to detail.

Say no more. That explains why it looks so good.

#2011 5 years ago
Quoted from velcroman:

The Diamond Jack has found it's new home. Great addition.

And an extra playfield to boot!

#2012 5 years ago

That is some serious coin-op mojo! Nice.

1 week later
#2083 5 years ago

Production KoD games have the extra playfield posts there. (And yeah, they're not shown on the flyer.)

1 week later
#2134 5 years ago
Quoted from Whozac:

Here are mine. Just got the Playball unit in my office. Just got Mystic Marvel working and its now waiting on new rubber and cleaning.

Pinball Resource has replacement wood side rails available for your Mystic Marvel (if they're gone, and not just temporarily removed).


1 week later
#2197 5 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

took a team one in a trade today. it looks like it was not on route very long if ever. there is no ball arch wear and it is super clean.
It also had the ball lane metal guides

Hard to pass them up when they're that clean - even when they're a Team One.

(But wow - super nice!)

#2215 5 years ago

Is that a NOS Space Walk glass, or did those get repro'd?

Those are some definite heavy hitter titles!

#2226 5 years ago
Quoted from MikeO:

I have owned and played the game. It is a decent player. Definitely better than some of the 70's multiplayer Gottlieb EM's.
I've actually owned two of them. I sold mine last year when I found out how much I could get for it.
Here are some pictures of it.
Mike O.

What's the story on finding all the NOS stuff for it? That's gotta be unique.

#2239 5 years ago
Quoted from Gerry:

I looked up on IPDB, and it shows 400 IT versions as far as production but no # on the US version of the add-a-ball..
anyone have any idea how many US ones were produced ?

Hmm, that's interesting. Larry Bieza's old pinball price guides show Ice Review production as 2,050 and Ice Show as 2,000.

#2256 5 years ago
Quoted from MikeO:

Thanks, Ken. It wasn't so much fun as frustrating. Getting the plastics into Black Knight was uneventful. But he had just finished shopping his Buckaroo which turned out great so I was playing a bunch of games on it. Looks great and plays even better - except I'm finding it hard to like Buckaroo. His game plays like a dream but it is hard as hell to hit the roto targets and win getting four in a row.
Mike O.

Sometimes on Buckaroo ya gotta let the ball drain between the flippers and sacrifice it to get the key '4' roto value, rather than trying to hit it. Really keeps you on your toes.

#2265 5 years ago
Quoted from MikeO:

Getting the 4 was not that much of a challenge. On one game I got it on the drain. On others I was able to hit it. But being able to consistently hit other numbers was a real challenge. The openings at the roto numbers are too small and at the outlines are too big. I had a better chance of getting an A-B-C-D special than getting a four in a row replay.
I've owned a couple of decent Spin Outs, AKA the poor man's Buckaroo. From a play standpoint I like it better. The openings are fair. The shots through the upper side lanes flow better making the roto spins safer and easier. No way is it as pleasing to the eyes. Just seems more balanced.
Mike O.

Those dang Gottlieb Rotos! The playfield is dimpled for two post positions, and the openings can be made a bit wider. It's not much, but helps some.

But it's not an easy game by any means.

#2280 5 years ago

Believe he's driving back to NE today still....

1 week later
#2324 5 years ago
Quoted from stashyboy:

Can you guess the game just from the front of the wedgehead? (not sure if this pattern was used more than once)

Ah, so that's where it went! Congrats.

#2326 5 years ago

Sure, Atlantis is always a dead giveaway.

I'm assuming this is the one that just came out of DE? Looking forward to seeing the rest of it. (But yeah, I recognized it from the backbox anyway.)

#2329 5 years ago

The late period Gottlieb EMs used bridge-rectified DC current to the flippers, slings and pops (usually). So those coils will have the N1004 diodes across the lugs. They seem to hold up OK, so if they're there, may be fine.

#2330 5 years ago
Quoted from stashyboy:

No, not that one. I think this one has been in the owner's hands longer and will be a keeper.

Funny coincidence!

#2344 5 years ago

Just a few more days to go I think...

2014Mar20 013.JPG

#2347 5 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

Lookin' good. If you're showing your shiny parts again I better get my sunglasses ready ) Does that mean HTD S is next?

There's a good chance it will be. It's in the way.

1 week later
#2427 5 years ago

That looks like the one out of NE perhaps?

#2448 5 years ago

Love the Derby Day!

Does the Olympics have Caracas or does it have Buenos Aires on the backglass and on the playfield?

Um, how many EMs did you have at the beginning of the year?

#2450 5 years ago
Quoted from btw75:

Caracas on the Playfield and Buenos Aires on the Backglass. I guess there is a story there? I knew little about the pin, just had it on my wish list due to the theme.

Read the notes on Olympics here:

(found this out while looking at a schematic, while helping someone debug an issue on here.)

#2463 5 years ago

Now if we could only get the EM Tech sub-forum moved under here too, life would be grand.

Could just have an EM Arcade Game sub-forum. Lots of neat vintage EM games out there.

#2466 5 years ago
Quoted from Pafasa:

Id want to be careful not to segregate too much. I think it is nice when someone not necessarily into EM comes across our musings and slowly wanders over here. I used to think EM pins were boring and all I wanted was SS or newer in my collection. Now I am leaning more toward the EM side and probably would be happy with nothin but EM pins if it came down to it. The community of EM guys here is a big part of that attitude. I surely would not have made the change if not for my experience here on pinside. Nothing against SS and newer games. But now I feel I have "seen the light" as another pinsider recently said.

I only meant as underneath "Electro-Mechanical". Not sure why there's only "EM Hangout" underneath "Electro-Mechanical", with no other peer sub-forum to it. Several ways the topics can be organized though.

#2504 5 years ago
Quoted from dphelps:

So I got my first EM a couple of weeks ago at the Texas Pinball Festival. (Thanks Bob!)
A Gottlieb Gypsy Queen. Decided my collection needed an EM, and I couldn't be happier with it. What a classic machine. I'm afraid I may be hooked on EMs now.

What a great game.

#2522 5 years ago
Quoted from btw75:

Well - I just bought my second one this morning - but honestly that's just because I have a friend who wanted one and this one fell into my lap, so I'll fix it up and pass it along. Its a fun game, and getting all the targets is somewhat challenging, but I got a little tired of it and find the 1 player 60's games more fun to play right now - and a ton more pleasant to work on given the fewer components.

Slippery slope indeed.

#2528 5 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

My main special in the center when all roll overs are lit lights up nice and red with just a #47. I will hand light it again today and let it sit on for several hours and see what happens.

This thread might be helpful:

(it does need a #44 if there's a 75 Ohm sand resistor wired with the socket.)

#2530 5 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

Oh yeah I saw that resister. I will have to put a 44 bulb back in it. No wonder the red was really nice and well...RED
Coin Taker has 44/47 Red Retros that I will give a try in there anyways.

Unless they are 6.3 volt at 0.25 amp, they may not work well with the resistor that's wired in series with the socket.

#2567 5 years ago
Quoted from CactusJack:

If that is the case, you should just set your sights on finding a Big Hit. For a long time, I was looking for a nice Play Ball as it was one of the games I played as a kid (never saw a Big Hit on location back then). I got lucky enough to find a Big Hit long before I finally found a Play Ball. I was truely disappointed with the Play Ball after having played BH. And I would put the 1970 Baseball at even worse.
I would probably place '72 Grand Slam a close second to BH. All of these games, including Pro Football are great to play with the 5" Gong and both normal scoring and "Point" scoring too.

There's a Big Hit listed for sale here on Pinside in the Market section right now.

2 weeks later
#2627 5 years ago
Quoted from heatwave:

Thanks. I compared my Sing Along to my KOD and I think I am just missing the credit wheel (plus retainer). Below is my SIng Along.

You'll need the part that slips over the shaft and is held with two set screws, the credit wheel itself (numbered 0-15), the triangular plate that holds it in, and the three screws for that.

I'd guess PBR has all those.

1 month later
#2744 5 years ago

Seems unlikely the play meter rolled - very nice! The plastics probably went to wherever the original spinner ended up...

#2750 5 years ago
Quoted from stashyboy:

My Big Hit restore is done. Pretty happy with it. Still waiting for the nickel-plated metal channel just below the neck. I'm trying out Mike Chestnut's plating service to see how they look. Not cheap, but reasonable considering the amount of work involved. I hope you'all appreciate a mostly original game. A few touch ups, and some extra lites behind the flipper buttons and under the center shooter label.

Looks nice. Playfield cleared?

Upper plastic not broken either - lucky you!

#2754 5 years ago
Quoted from MikeO:

I noticed Dirt commented how lucky you are to have the top drop target playfield plastic in one piece. If you want to keep it that way I recommend you double ring behind the drop targets. You will thank me later.
Mike O.

The ones I've seen are all broken in the upper right corner, right by the mini ball arch (away from the drops, but the same plastic). I always figured that was due to how the plastic overhangs the metal arch there, and the ball popping it. Double rings may not help that, but certainly can't hurt.

#2768 5 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

ok i finally got all but the sing along set up(PF swap on sing along)
11 in the garage 8 in the basement
once i give them a quick tune up i hope to have some the local pinsiders over
for drinks a some pinball

Looks like fun!

(and an Abra playfield on the rotisserie to boot)

#2777 5 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

both are great players, sweethearts is one of my favorites, great art and great flow keeps you coming back for just one more game. target pool is a players game, lower balls can be had from flipper shots but the upper balls need to be had by nudging and using the upper slings. and yes chasing the lit arrows is a blast
if I had to put a number on them from 1-20 (all my pins 1=best) sweetheart would be 3 and target pool would be 8
I have sum good titles

Let's see the whole ranking!

#2785 5 years ago

I like to think of it more as a concierge service...

I just connect the dots; it takes a lot of help from the pinball underground railroad to bring things together. All good for pinball karma, and several of you have contributed! Makes the hobby fun.

And every now and then I keep one...

1 week later
#2884 5 years ago

My JP woodrail.

SS woodrail EM

1 week later
#2963 5 years ago
Quoted from Xerico:

We need more pictures of 1950s machines. Let's see those great woodrails!

Well, OK!

Criss Cross
Happy Days
Hi Diver
Roto Pool
Roto Pool
Sittin' Pretty
Spot a Card and Wagon Train

#2969 5 years ago
Quoted from Pin-it:

Nice lineup DirtFlipper,my brother and i played many a games on Happy Days and Sittin Pretty back in the 70`s.

Woodrails on location in the 70's? Wow!

2 weeks later
#2980 5 years ago

Found my old photo album from my early collecting days. I've scanned in the pictures recently, and ran across this one. I think this might have been the only time I had at least one game from each of Bally, Williams, and Gottlieb in the lineup at the same time.

Three of a perfect pair

1 month later
#3055 5 years ago

I can't think of folks who've gotten rid of Abra because they didn't like how it played (although there's probably one out there somewhere). I can't say the same about C37 (or El Dorado, or Atlantis, or several others).

There's a fair amount going on with Abra:
- top and bottom 1-4 rollover lanes to complete;
- drop target banks to complete, and then reset with a skill shot to the center bullseye;
- progressive bonus values for completing the 1-4 or the drops;
- roving lit drop target to award bonus value.

Having two ways to complete the 1-4 is nice, since there's not a stranded value that can only be achieved by losing a ball or a plunger skill shot (like the #1 on Buccaneer, or the two 4's on a Sing Along, for example); everything can be achieved via flipper shots, even getting the ball back up through the top rollovers.

It will remain a fixture in my collection (I've gone through four examples to get a nice enough one - could still be upgraded some day!).

2 weeks later
#3086 5 years ago
Quoted from stashyboy:

It is original paint guys......I did do a few very minor touch ups, but bought the game because the cabinet and playfield were already 9 and the glass just had a few minor issues. The worst part of the restoration was hours of cleaning the paint to remove yellow staining.
I agree with Mike as to the slingshots being a key element. They seem to send the ball into the outlanes all too often. If you nudge at just the right time, sometimes you can change the trajectory enough to save it. Even more evil, is the lower wow targets are right next to the outlanes and are the ones that light most of the time. It is possible to hit them with a good nudge off the slings, but can end in a drain as well. The upper drop targets are much harder to clear to energize the four other wows. I have found the upper side roll-overs to be very hard to hit as well, so collecting those wows is pretty much a pipe dream.......

The inside front of the cab is painted white? (I had a Drop A Card many, many years ago, but don't recall it being white inside.)

Sharp looking game.

#3090 5 years ago

Gottlieb Central tonight...

DirtFlipper's Hangout

3 weeks later
#3168 4 years ago

Nice touch on the score.

4 weeks later
#3237 4 years ago

Just finished this one.

2014Nov26 108.JPG 2014Nov26 109.JPG 2014Nov26 110.JPG 2014Nov26 111.JPG 2014Nov26 112.JPG
3 weeks later
#3346 4 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

You Minnesota guys sure have nice game rooms.

We need something to do during the long, dark, cold winters...

#3349 4 years ago
Quoted from vwallat99:

Hit the deck , 1 out of 325 made... wonder how many of these are still surviving?

I know of two others here in MN, so that's 3 at least.

#3364 4 years ago

Finished another one today.

2014Dec20 010.JPG 2014Dec20 012.JPG 2014Dec20 013.JPG 2014Dec20 014.JPG 2014Dec20 015.JPG
1 week later
#3406 4 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

added another one to the already over crowded garage
very nice machine near mint backglass great cab and flawless pf it is just dirty and needs a good cleaning
I never really played this one but a few times but was told by many that the one at Allentown this year was a great player so I thought I would give try

Now that's how we like to find them. Looks very nice!

#3416 4 years ago

Last acquisition of 2014 (squeaked in by a few hours). It's a project, needs some work.

(and a huge thanks to Hoov for helping fire up the underground pinball railroad on this one; MO to IL to IA to MN!)

2014Dec31 001.JPG
2014Dec31 002.JPG

#3434 4 years ago

Got my Dancing Dolls up and running finally. It presented a few interesting challenges, undoing 50 years of inventive fixes and worn out parts. It's happy now though.

2015Jan04 049.JPG
2015Jan04 050.JPG
2015Jan04 052.JPG
Dancers lit
Dancers in action!

And this is about as diverse as the lineup gets here. Woodrail, 60's wedge, multi-player, 70's wedge, early SS.

Part of the lineup

1 week later
#3456 4 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

putting these two back together, they came out pretty nice. both played with very little tweaking.
just have to fine tune them.

Any 'before' pics?

1 week later
#3463 4 years ago
Quoted from Collin:

Any of you fine gents know where a guy could find a good 70s wedgehead within a few hours of Columbus, OH?
A local guy wants my Flying Carpet, and I'm thinking I want to fill that hole with a better player - Abra Ca Dabra, Atlantis, El Dorado, and Centigrade 37 are at the top of my list, but I'm open to most anything.

Michigan Pinball has an El Dorado near Detroit:

#3468 4 years ago
Quoted from Collin:

I am mulling it over, though. Would appreciate any input.

From the pics, the El D. looked pretty nice. Given your short list of games of interest, it may be challenging to find one that's closer/cheaper/nicer (choose any two). Healthy demand for those titles still. It just depends on how patient you want to be.

This one is priced reasonably for the condition/title, if one is looking for a game that's "done". Whether it's truly "done" is hard to tell from the pics. Seems like it's very difficult to find even a project El Dorado for much less than $800-$1000 these days, so there's not a huge relative difference.

1 week later
#3519 4 years ago

I always enjoy seeing how you opt to preserve the games. Very nice.

#3527 4 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I'm still trying to figure out what board game is that you are playing.

The Addams Family (1964).

2 weeks later
#3595 4 years ago

Robert - what's the ser# and play meter count on that HtD? (just curious, I know of 4 in the area here.)

#3599 4 years ago

Got it - thanks!

1 week later
#3669 4 years ago

Nice CP! You might consider doubling the rings on the flippers.

#3671 4 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

Brand new flipper rebuild, low 30k plays. 3 coats of fresh wax, new rubbers, everything rebuilt. I don't need double rings on my flipper bats. Everyone seems to like it that way but I don't. I can slap the ball very hard up the side past the first pop bumper and high into the bullseye targets with ease.

I get that, but it's more about protecting the nice flippers from cracking.

(you'll see double rings on the flyer for CP, FWIW.)

#3694 4 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

Look what "Way2wyrd" aka Jeff is bringing my way.

_RG3.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

'Guard' that well.

#3720 4 years ago

Wayner and Ken - both your games need double rings behind the drop targets (double stacked on top of the other). (In the Operator Manual, it's ring 'F' on the ring chart, part A-10226.)

#3724 4 years ago
Quoted from ccotenj:

this brings up a question i've wondered about... should drop target banks be double ringed as general rule of thumb? or just specific games?

No, not all banks are double-ringed (at least not per the factory ring charts). Ones with a longer span seem to be though.

#3727 4 years ago
Quoted from ccotenj:

gotcha... i have my jacks open single ringed, that seemed to be what the chart implied...
think i should double it?

No, Jacks Open is single rings. They added those wire forms behind the drop targets, so no need (i.e., the ball can't get behind the rings).

1 week later
#3823 4 years ago
Quoted from oldcarz:

the seller of this Nags, the Knock Out and the Flying Turns

Hmm, what else do they have?

Nice Nags. Very motivating to see!

#3836 4 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

is there anything better to use?

Dip in Zep citrus degreaser first (available at Home Depot), then follow up with a polish using Mother's Mag&Alum (as above).

#3898 4 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

Royal Guard gave up smoking tonight. I changed all the nicotine laden playfield posts (don't give a flying truck about the PBR repro debate...I like 'em). The game also got new fan target decals and roll over lane guides. The playfield now has a nice pop to it.

Please save the old parts for someone else to re-use (even those old coin doors!).

#3935 4 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

just need a new bg glass if I could ever bgrestro to respond to my emails.

If he does, a pair of them with shipping is a pretty good deal (at least it was when I bought a pair of those glasses from Steve).

But what the heck is that doing out East?

What did you settle on for the cab repaint paint? Seems like Bally may have used an interesting two-part style paint (that had the gray and white in it). I know I saw a reference to that paint last year, but the name escapes me now. I think it was Z-something (for the modern equivalent)?

#3937 4 years ago
Quoted from DennisDodel:

Zolatone. The coin-op industry started using it in the mid 1950's.

yeah, that's it. I thought it was a good candidate for matching that funky Bally finish.

Thanks, Dennis.

#3967 4 years ago

2015Apr02 013.JPG
2015Apr02 011.JPG
2015Mar31 031.JPG

#3973 4 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

Nice Cowpoke. When did you get that?

Thanks, Hoov. Tuesday.

#3975 4 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

I think I told you I got one myself about a month ago?

Yep. I'm just keeping up.

#3988 4 years ago
Quoted from MikeO:

The third will be my keeper with only 29k plays on the meter.

Quoted from MikeO:

And I still paid a premium for the ACD

Totally worth it though - congrats!

2 weeks later
#4073 4 years ago
Quoted from Elvisinmypants:

I picked this up this week and I am pretty sure, it is home to stay. It is so fast, it must me on high tap. I've only has the glass off enough to put the balls in. I will open it up soon I promise, damn that is a fun game.20150423_065326.jpg (Click image to enlarge) 20150422_215519.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

Cool - glad that one found a good home!

1 week later
#4161 4 years ago
Quoted from VGC1612:

Did someone know the price for Double Shuffle and Spot Bowler?


#4172 4 years ago

Sample game 01005 S, so the 5th or 6th off the line. Dual play meters for collecting the early sample feedback metrics too. Nice.

Good story with this one?

#4173 4 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

not sure but I think it is the only em I played that had a plunger skill shot?

Nearly all Gottliebs do. What do you mean?

#4232 4 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

another coming soon

And one that Elvis played in Detroit, 1956.
Elvis plays Diamond Lil

#4234 4 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Maybe Stage Coach 1954?


#4243 4 years ago
Quoted from NicoVolta:

One option is to have the playfield professionally touched-up and auto cleared. Looks dazzling and will restore the surface to flat again.

Usually overkill for an EM though. And looks too plastic/artificial to boot. (Not to mention ruining the value and originality.)

Not that I'm biased, of course.

But knocking the inserts out and sanding flat, especially ones with no graphics, is fairly straightforward. Or, can also just buy new ones. They still need some sanding, but at least aren't cupped.

#4244 4 years ago
Quoted from jathomp22:

I picked up my first EM last month.

Ah, this is the one that was up here in the cities and sold on eBay. Good to know it found a local home still. Nice pick up.

#4255 4 years ago
Quoted from NicoVolta:

but the next generation will get a lot of enjoyment out of it

Unless they're looking for the elusive preserved nice originals - the true survivors. Then they'll just be cringing. But heck, they're only disposable toys, so no real loss, right?

(I know, I know - I'm a broken record on this topic. I'll just slink back into my cave now. I need a nap anyway.)

2 weeks later
#4447 4 years ago
Quoted from pinwiztom:

King Kool and
Flying Carpet
and one more

Hit the Deck/Neptune
EM Joker Poker (although I guess that's truly a white base coat with very large red stencil sections)
EM Sinbad/Eye of the Tiger

#4462 4 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

em solar ride looks nice! but I think we were not including the crossovers

I count them.

Sing Along/Melody

and the woodrail era was all different basecoats colors of course.

#4482 4 years ago
Quoted from stashyboy:

Multiple Atlanti (plural of Atlantis?)

I think it's "Atlantii"

2014May18 019.JPG
#4511 4 years ago

The last couple of weeks have been pin-crazy. I had cleared out a lot of the project backlog, only to refill most of it quickly. But the best thing is, not one CL deal in the bunch. All due to great folks in the hobby instead, with lots of help getting games picked up and transported (you know who you are - thanks!).

2015May2115 003.JPG 2015May2115 019.JPG 2015May25 002.JPG 2015May31 004.JPG 2015May31 007.JPG
1 week later
#4615 4 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

From Utah to Odin to Rat_Tomago to NicoVolta to frg....I should say so.

Is it cursed?

2 weeks later
#4723 4 years ago
Quoted from EMsInKC:

and the thread linking it to the market can't be replied to

I just did, so your ad got a little bump.

#4733 4 years ago
Quoted from Craig:

Does anyone know how I can get a replacement metal "backdoor" for the head of a Gottleib Vulcan (a four-player)? I've seen others available, but none in this size. Thanks.

There's a guy here in MN who makes nice ones. I'll send you his contact info in a PM. They're about $40 shipped.

#4735 4 years ago
Quoted from NicoVolta:

Does he also create doors for mid-60's Bally single players? I assume he has his own sheet metal brake and cutting blade so he could probably make them in any size.

He's been able to make them to any size/form as long as he has the right dimensions (including lock placement). I don't know if he's done an early Bally though. Sheet metal fab is part of his day job I believe, so has all the right equipment available. The Gottlieb doors he makes are terrific.

1 week later
#4803 4 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I will add that I am taking quite a liking to Frontiersman too. Pop..pop..pop.......

Maybe you'll tire of it soon...

#4812 4 years ago

Hey, how'd this Bally get in here?




#4815 4 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

A Bally? And I supposed someone dropped it off at your doorstep right?

Why yes - yes they did!

#4823 4 years ago
Quoted from bcrage88:

would be nice to restore the cabinet to collectors shape...

Looks like that might already be in collector's shape. Collectors like nice original.

2 weeks later
#4903 4 years ago
Quoted from gottem:

New (to me) Neptune!nep1.jpg nep2.jpg

ah, so this is the one that was available with the Wms Rocket. Nice.

#4921 4 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

the ball picks up quite a bit of speed coming off the ramp, so I guess they curved the guide to give the ball some lift instead of going right past the flipper.

Are you sure those ball return lane guides aren't reversed side to side? (the ones above/next to the flippers.) I think they need to swap places. (At least judging from the flyer, they should be just like any other ball return guides on a Gottlieb.)

#4939 4 years ago
Quoted from ZNET:

It sounds very low to me

That would be a low meter count, yes. So I'd expect the internals, metal, and other wear indicators to be very nice. Meter count isn't infallible of course, but is a clue as to what to expect in the rest of the game.

1 month later
#5043 4 years ago

It's amazing what pops up around here sometimes...

(Some day I might even get around to rebuilding this one.)





#5045 4 years ago