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EM : Show us your EM Pinball Machines!

By Rat_Tomago

6 years ago

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#1116 5 years ago

Where do you guys get the stencils to do those awesome EM cabinet repaints?
Or do you trace what is left and make your own somehow?

#1218 5 years ago

I am sending our Gottlieb 2001 backglass out to the people at pinballglass today so they can do reproductions.
So if your glass is damaged on this game, new ones will be available soon.

#1221 5 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

you should wait ron webb is doing 2001 very soon
his glass is always GREAT

This is going to Ron Webb
Pinballglass is just his web page.

#1223 5 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

i thought ron had the art package done already?

I called him to see when they would be ready. He told me he was still looking for a glass to get to his screen printer.
He asked if I would mind helping by sending mine off directly to the screen printer.
It is all packed up and leaving today.

2 weeks later
#1448 5 years ago
Quoted from Darcy:

I have an EM gripe. I am not happy with the EM 100 list. The Number 1 listed, currently, is a rating of a computer game. Not the actual pin. Is this petty? How ever I will not mark it as misleading. The guy did a decent rating, by his standards. It is just not a pinball machine. I might as well put in a rating of Ultimate Pro Pinballs' Timeshock.
That feels better. Thanks for reading this.

Hopefully that will get cleared up.

#1496 5 years ago

Steve at Pinball Resource has those caps. Just bought some.
The way you order them is by the center color and the outer color.
So your bottom photo cap would be a Yellow Sun 100 Blue squiggle.

#1542 5 years ago

Nice pin Popeboy.
My brother and I have been on an EM Bonanza lately. We picked up a Lucky Ace in a garage sale for $25
It cleaned up perfectly and plays like a champ. Very fast paced game and we love it. However it did not have a backglass at all. Mike Pacack had this very worn High Ace backglass laying around, so we put it in as it is better than no backglass at all.
High Ace was never actually produced by Williams at all, so it is kind of a rarity to have it at all.
Anyway, here is a quick photo of it.
I will post our other finds soon. We picked up an awesome Gottlieb 2001 for $50. A fantastic Hot Tip for $220 and a Flip a Card for $150

#1561 5 years ago
Quoted from popeboy:

Holy deal! Who sells a pinball in any shape for $25?? (unless it is one collector hooking up another)
That's fantastic, playfield looks really nice!

Here is the story on the great deal.
I went to a garage sale in a bad part of town that had three pins in the back of the garage. Strikes and Spares, 2001, and Lucky Ace. These things were covered in all manner of junk and dust. It would have taken an hour just to dig them out and I only had my Ford Escape at the time. We went back later with a pickup truck and they were still covered with crap. We dug them out and plugged in the 2001 and Lucky Ace. They both lit up and tried to start. Crazy.
The poor Strikes and spares had mold growing on the playfield from an obvious leak and the backglass was completely falling apart. We passed on it.
We offered the guy who was selling his deceased fathers stuff $50 for the 2001. He said he had to have it all out by the end of the day and it was getting late. We said OK, we will give you $25 for the Lucky Ace with no backglass and he again said sure why not.
They both cleaned up very nice and play great.
We probably should have gone back for the free Strikes and Spares, but is was truly trashed out.
Then to top it all off he had a backglass for a Woodrail, can't remember the name at the moment, that we got for $10 and a Breakout game marquee for $5.

#1569 5 years ago

I would never have left it but it literally had black mold growing up off the playfield. Kind of looked like grass.
My health concerns out weighed the free pinball machine.

#1591 5 years ago

Just picked up a Flip a Card this past week.
Backglass is 99% perfect.
The rest of the game is horrible. But we will get it in better shape soon.

#1595 5 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

one of my white whales.....
post some pics

OK. But don't say I didn't warn you.
First I will post the nice backglass and then onto the carnage.
I have not taken any after photos yet, but these before shots show what a real challenge this bad boy has been.

IMG_0543.JPG IMG_0536.JPG IMG_0537.JPG IMG_0558.JPG
#1597 5 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

that will clean up nice, i don't see anything broken or paint issues, just dirty
i bet once cleaned up it will be nice.

It did clean up fairly well.
The playfield is now cleaned up and buffed to a high gloss.
The inserts are still horrible and of course have graphics on them. I did not have any new white playfiled post and these refused to clean up at all, and the plastics have lost most of their color. It will still take quite a bit of work to get this thing anywhere near where we want it to be.
Now that we have stripped and cleaned everything we are working on getting it running.
Currently the start button on the door does nothing. If we manually hold in the Start relay the game will reset the score reels to zero but just keeps counting off credits till it gets to zero. Can't find any stuck on tilt switches either.

#1604 5 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

Tonight is a wonderful night to play Card Whiz! Wish you guys were here.

IMG_0266.JPG 158 KB

Nice. I could be there in 4 and 1/2 hours.

#1608 5 years ago
Quoted from Munster:

Just made it through this thread, so much awesomeness!

Great. Now start posting photos.

#1610 5 years ago

Got home from work to find a Pinball Resource box at my door.
Got a couple of pop bumper rings, springs, and light sockets.
New coil for my Hot Tip pop bumper.
Shiny new red start buttons for my Gottlieb 2001 and Flip a Card.
Some new coin stickers and plastics for my Gottliebs as well as a new ball in play card.
And of course some shiny new caster feet.

#1627 5 years ago
Quoted from yfz450:

Backglass has some touch up. Looks ok, definitely not perfect. Playfield is nice. Cabinet shows its age, but is structurely sound.

Nice. And your slingshot plastics still show some blue color in them. Mine are practically black. lol.
Have not had much time to work on our Flip a Card recently. Perhaps this weekend.

#1642 5 years ago

Just got our Flip a Card polished up and finally got the playfield lit up.
The inserts are still horrible, but the rest has cleaned up very nice.


#1646 5 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

Are the inserts sunken down? That is common with this game. I have an otherwise nice PF, but the inserts are really sunk down. So many to fix too! That's keeping me from doing the game.

Yes the inserts have very heavy cupping. Would be awesome if they did not have graphics on them.
We tried the UV car scratch hardener on one of them but it did not flow out of the pen very easily and took forever to harden, even under the UV light. It would cost a fortune in batteries and UV pens to do this entire machine anyway.
Surely there is a good way to pop these things out and put in new ones with graphics that will stay in place.
Does not sound like fun though.

Any ideas are welcome in out Flip a Card post over in the Tech EM section.

#1657 5 years ago

Awesome. Thanks for the photos.
Your plastics started off better then ours for sure.
However our playfield wins out as it buffed up very nice with no cracks or repainting.
We almost have it completely playable, just a scoring issue to work out.
When your spinner went off on the cards in the center, How far did it spin?
Currently ours is moving just 3 to 5 cards, so I'm sure we will need to get it moving better at some point.
The only other difference I see is that our door has the nickle slot as well as the dime and quarter.
Also our flipper bats are missing the blue on top of the FLIPPER letters as well.
Can't wait to get it going perfectly.
Also did you repaint the white on the cabinet? and if so what do you normally use for that?
Here is ours so far.


#1661 5 years ago

Vic, I see you went with the nice creamy white inserts on the Flip-a-Card instead of the ugly redish brown. lol
Nice machine.

#1663 5 years ago

Thanks for all the awesome info on the spinner unit.
The black and red on our cabinet are very nice. The white however sucks.
I think we could get away with taping off the red and black and just repainting the white.

#1664 5 years ago

My brother picked up this cool topper for our Lucky Ace/High Ace at Hobby Lobby last week.
They had them on for half price and make a cool topper for most any card themed game.

#1682 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing. Very nice looking Triple Action by the way.

#1685 5 years ago

Love a good pool theme.
Although that man in the lower corner of the backglass looks kinda creepy.

2 weeks later
#1869 5 years ago

Jacks Open is one of my favorite EM's ever. I would love to have one someday and yours is awesome.

#1971 5 years ago

That Diamond Jack looks fantastic. Nice pick up.

#1984 5 years ago
Quoted from Prmailers:

I have played that pin at the SBM, and the spinner spins like crazy! Well done.

We are still working on our Flip a Card. Currently leveling out the inserts and making an entire new plastic set for it.
Very excited about the plastics. Laseriffic cut the entire set for us from our scans and they just came in yesterday.
My brother is doing a complete redraw and coloring of all of our ugly brown plastics. They are almost finished and ready to print on the decal paper we purchased from robinseggcetera.com
We got one set of clear paper and one set of white paper.
We will post photos of the process. Fingers crossed.

#2005 5 years ago

These new plastics for the Flip a Card came out better than I could have imagined.
We have really brought this poor machine back from the dead. Feels good.

#2021 5 years ago
Quoted from KingNine:

Plus we need to leave room to come home with one right?

I was thinking the same thing. lol
Gotta leave room for the Star Trek we are going to win.

1 week later
#2092 5 years ago

Finally got our newly made playfield plastics installed.
What a massive improvement they made.

#2097 5 years ago

Here is the only problem we have with Flip a Card.
It is not Add a Ball. So Card Trix would fix that in a jiff.
But at our house we like to play for high scores. We have a large dry erase board on the wall to keep track of everyones personal best, and the games high scores as well.

With Flip a Card, to get a high score, you really need to try to not complete all the cards, which is the games main objective. Once all the cards are complete it turns off the 500 point scoring on the right rollover and just starts awarding free games. These are useless in a home setting and very frustrating when trying to reach a high score.
It is a fun game and is laid out very nicely. We enjoy it a lot, but I'm sure we would be happier with a Card Trix.

#2099 5 years ago

Just got our Gottlieb 2001 reproduction backglass in the mail today.
Mr. Webb has done it to perfection.
Took a shot of it in a window and newly placed in our Gottlieb wedgehead section.

IMG_0730.JPG IMG_0739.JPG
1 week later
#2125 5 years ago

Never played Whirly Bird arcade game.
But I certainly went through a ton of Verti Birds at my house.

#2168 5 years ago

We use the yellow dot coils on both of our Gottlieb games.
Love games with a zing.

#2180 5 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

Orange Dot = 10% more power
Yellow Dot = 20% more power

That is correct.
I edited my post above for the correct yellow dot coils.
Hard to keep them straight until you get to his web page to order. lol

1 month later
#2457 5 years ago

Just picked up a Gottlieb Pro Football to go with our other two wedge heads today.
Here are some of our pinball playing talent enjoying the entire row.

#2459 5 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

Congrats on your Pro Football. I played that game in a tournament put on by Bally back in 1972 in my hometown bowling alley so it has fond memories.
Tell your girls to bring as many friends over as possible so we can show this generation how great em's are!

The Pro Football is a super fun game trying to score touchdowns as well as score regular points. It is also our first game with the vari-targets which are a blast. The only problem with this game it that I keep reaching for the damn plunger.
May have to install a fake one just to make me feel better.
Kids and pinball are a regular occurrence at our house.

2 months later
#2740 5 years ago

We are almost finished with this great garage salvage.
Just finished taking apart the player stepper and the credit stepper. Both work like new now.
I still have some new flipper bats on the way as these are pretty chewed up on the bottom.
Just cabinet work left to do.

IMG_1233.JPG IMG_1259.JPG
#2742 5 years ago

Yes. It has the stars.
That was the very first thing I looked at when we were taking it out of the garage.
Even though it has stars it is in perfect condition.

#2745 5 years ago

Wow. Two buccaneer's in two weeks. A guy here in Beaumont just got one last week. He has already stripped it down and the tumbler running.
Congrats on yours, it looks awesome.

3 months later
#3093 5 years ago

Our latest lineup of EM's
I think this group will stick around for a bit.

#3097 5 years ago
Quoted from MikeO:

That looks kind of familiar.

parents bsmt.JPG 226 KB

Yes it does.
And I would love to own a Jacks Open.
It is currently my desktop wallpaper.

#3103 5 years ago
Quoted from Bostonbuzz:

Here's my Gottlieb VOLLEY

IMG_0347.JPG 48 KB

Looks minty fresh.

6 months later
#4159 4 years ago

Just picked up a Twin Win and Grand Prix to add to the EM lineup.

image.jpg image-832.jpg image-799.jpg
1 year later
#8052 2 years ago

We have been working on our Jacks Open we got a couple of months ago.
It is now playing 100%. What a great, fun game.
We are in the process of changing out all the cupped inserts. So far we have done them all except the ones in the center that say "Shoot For". We even made new ones for the top rollovers that have the card suit artwork on them. They came out really nice.
I do have a question about the pop bumper light behavior. On a 5 ball game like we have it set for the two 100 when lit pops stay lit the entire game. They never go off except when they blink when we score a few thousand points from the drops. But they always default to on. This does not seem correct to me, but maybe it is.
Anyway here are the photos.

IMG_3475 (resized).JPG

IMG_3476 (resized).JPG

IMG_3477 (resized).JPG

IMG_3478 (resized).JPG

IMG_3479 (resized).JPG

IMG_3480 (resized).JPG

#8057 2 years ago
Quoted from pinwiztom:

my JO is same way

Awesome. Thanks.
Makes you wonder why the caps say "When lit" on them though. lol

#8064 2 years ago
Quoted from Otaku:

So if you (under decently rare circumstances) trigger them while the motor is running you don't complain that you were "cheated" out of points, hence why they shut off while the motor is running, it's pretty standard on all Gottlieb games that have always-lit pop bumpers. Many games do actually do as assumed though and only activate the lit point score sometimes through various methods/challenges.
It's funny though because if it's a single (10, 100, 1000, etc.) point score it usually doesn't run through the motor anyways, but like if you strike it while you're being awarded several points of the same denomination you may not correctly get your point score meant to be given from hitting it. Insanely rare but still. Matters more on multi-point scores (50, 500, 5000, etc.) because the motor needs to run for that - and if you need that while the motor is already running, it obviously creates an issue. So while it didn't matter much for the single-point scores, it probably became standard and also convieniently covered the extreme rarity of the single-point issues as well.

Awesome explanation. Thanks.

#8082 2 years ago
Quoted from luch:

Here's a nice matching set .

Which one gets played more?

3 months later
#9205 2 years ago

We just picked up two EM's last week.
Turns out one of them is an A-Go-Go like Odin just aquired.
It was such a cool EM we decided to live stream it last Sunday on our twitch channel.
You can check it out if you like at www.twitch.tv/thepinballmafia
Here are a couple of photos of the games as we got them.

IMG_3882 (resized).JPG

IMG_3884 (resized).JPG

#9226 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I watched your A Go Go video and what is interesting is from the factory the flippers are wired to flip three at a time. The three right ones with the right button, and the three left ones with the left button. Looks as if yours has been re-wired to only flip two at a time. Something I had originally considered doing, but now I think I find it unnecessary.
Either way, congrats on picking up a real fun game. Kind of underated, but numbers don't lie. It was one of the highest produced games of the 60s.

Interesting info on the flippers.
I can't imagine why you would need three flipping at one time on a single ball game.
Strange they would have wired it that way.
We just got all the rust off the coin door and have it looking super nice now.
Also printed up some new instruction and info cards. Looks great with white cards again.
Next will be the legs and then the cabinet.
That should finish it up.
We really love this game.

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