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EM : Show us your EM Pinball Machines!

By Rat_Tomago

8 years ago

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#302 8 years ago

Here is the last one I brought home back in Dec. I don't really restore them, just clean them up and play them. It had a custom battleship gray paint job and no coin door when I brought it home. I stripped the latex gray paint off, refinished the wood, made a coin door out of an old bowler door and shopped it out. Pretty fun game.


#309 8 years ago

Looks good. Grand Prix is the first machine I actually remember playing. My Dad had one in his motorcycle dealership when I was a kid.

#383 8 years ago

I don't think your in the minority. There are a lot of guys that favor replay games. I consider myself an AAB guy but I'm from Wisconsin. There are also exceptions as some AAB games are better implemented than others. I've had a couple that could drag on a bit long. The good ones make you really earn that extended play. Like you say barely getting there.

I also still enjoy hearing the knocker on a replay game. It's still satisfying knowing you achieved a goal and were rewarded for it.

1 week later
#435 8 years ago

Beat the Clock is cool. Early multi-ball.

#479 8 years ago

Star Pool is the only billiard theme that has the Totan type spinner that I'm aware of. There are other games with that type of spinner.
Aces & Kings
4 Aces
Star Action
Triple Action

2 weeks later
#516 8 years ago
Quoted from balbers:

Anyone here have a Four Million B.C.? I read this entire thread, but didn't see one. If I missed it, please repost!

Page 6, DeaconBlooze. Nice game.

#529 8 years ago

D.B. Cooper?


1 week later
#546 8 years ago

King of Diamonds is pictured.

Lucky Hand is also a great card theme from the 70s.

3 weeks later
#696 8 years ago

Hoov I'm an AAB guy and my Gold Strike experience was exactly as yours. I bought it thinking it was going to be the grail of all games and found myself "disenchanted" as you say. The game could drag on and started to feel monotonous. I'd start to zone out and lose interest. A couple times I actually shut it off. It was always fun for a game but not one that made me yearn to press start again and again. I have to think El Dorado in this case would be about perfect.

With that said a lot of AAB games are great fun. Getting to that next ball can be more exciting than popping a replay in the right game. It's like having an exciting game go into overtime. As shapshifter said though, the thresholds have to be right. No one respects a game that gives it away too easily. They have to feel earned. I have replay games and I still enjoy the thrill of beating the game and hearing that knocker. That's the goal and it feels great. With a good AAB machine you may get that thrill multiple times in one game. Your progress is saved and with each pop and the excitement builds. You may have a personal goal (high score or roll the machine) and each earned AAB gets you that much closer.

#699 8 years ago

O-din you've compiled one hell of a nice Em collection in a short time. Some great games with a nice variety.

#702 8 years ago

A woodrail would be nice to round it out. Is the Seven Seas still available?

#727 8 years ago

There are a lot of European buyers that love our american jukeboxes. I rarely go to the Chicagoland show on the first day but apparently they come in droves on Friday and buy truckloads of classics to ship back. Woodrail pinballs used to be really hot overseas as well. Fortunately I think that has slowed a bit.

I also have a 1947 Seeburg Trashcan. I would normally be completely opposed to the iPod conversion but considering the circumstances it's the perfect option. I have also been holding off on purchasing the side plastics. I did get a nice dome plastic and my daughter bought me the top 3-piece set for Christmas one year. You are absolutely right. It is hard to spend $300 on a set of plastics when project pinballs are generally cheaper. I hope to be able to justify the side plastics now that I have no room for any more games. Jukes are really cool, just not as fun as pinball.

1 month later
#886 8 years ago

I'd love a North Star for the art alone.

1 week later
#912 8 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I now realize my Buckaroo came with short-legs.

Buckaroo should have 31" legs. Probably has a Williams set of 28.5" on it. Nice if your short or want to squeeze it under some duct work. My Sinbad had 31" legs on it when I had it. It was supposed to have 27". I'm fairly short and felt like the flipper buttons were at my armpits.

#918 8 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I am going to purchase 31s.

Just keep buying Williams, Bally and late Gottlieb games until you get one with 31s on it and swap 'em.

The machines look great by the way.

#948 8 years ago

I like the flipper rubbers doubled up on these 2" flipper games. They give a little bit of an extra advantage by narrowing the gap a little.

There is also another reason people do this. Modern replacement flipper bushings sit a bit taller making the flipper higher off the playfield. Because of this the contact point changed and the ball can break the lower edge of your flipper plastic. The second rubber compensates for this by making a lower rubber to ball contact point.

1 week later
#995 8 years ago

Appears to be the "starred" version.


#997 8 years ago

Hey did you find a lockdown bar yet for that Royal Guard?

#1000 8 years ago

I have Dave's autograph and business card at home somewhere. Met him at Expo in 2004. Nice guy.

#1019 8 years ago

Last wedge head with back glass animation?

#1022 8 years ago

We're all a little crazy aren't we?

#1043 8 years ago

I used to have that Patsy Cline 45 but one of my jukeboxes ate it.

Quoted from GreyScale:

Yup, TKO was the last wedgehead EM, only 125 made. Space Walk was the last EM overall, 215 made. Space Walk though does have a SS version (Count-Down), which makes TKO even more of a rare find.

It's funny how rare TKO is but I've seen a few of them in person. I've never seen a Space Walk other than ipdb I think.

2 weeks later
#1085 7 years ago

I'm guessing the shippers just picked up Rat's Slick Chick? Lucky dude.

#1087 7 years ago

Farewell and adieu to you, fair Spanish ladies...

#1091 7 years ago

Jungle eh? Umm, congratulations.

#1094 7 years ago

So, eleven hundred men went in the water, three hundred and sixteen men come out, the sharks took the rest, June the 29, 1945.

#1118 7 years ago

Wish I could watch YouTube at work.

#1122 7 years ago
Quoted from Pafasa:

I wish I could have some success on the mask I'm working on for you!

Don't sweat it. I know you like the challenge of figuring it out but won't be disappointed if you can't make the mask work. That was just sort of an added bonus. The art part you did so far looked awesome and I appreciate all your effort. Anyway, we'll start a new thread on that one when I get the machine all put together.

#1132 7 years ago

I love the jigsaw effect of alternating wedge heads and reverse wedge heads. Beautiful games! Congrats.

#1151 7 years ago

Hey Ken, I see Klondike plastics are coming soon at Pinball Rescue. Even the impossible to find slot cover plastic. I don't know if you were keeping that one but thought it was cool to see as I believe you initiated them.

#1157 7 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

My tongue is still stuck to the pole.

If I didn't know the reference I'd be worried.

#1158 7 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

My woman would be the typical wife that would knock over the leg lamp.

It's a major award!

#1193 7 years ago

Awesome to finally find that Slick Chick Dave. And having an extra playfield is extra nice. Congrats!

Thanks to DirtFlipper and LeckMeck. They were on a 3 state tour yesterday. I now have a Drop-A-Card and Royal Guard projects to play around with. Dirt helped coordinate the sale and delivery from Mn.

#1292 7 years ago

I just put one of my "vinyl players" up for sale if anyone is interested?

janesville.craigslist.org link

#1295 7 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

Did you rebuild the amp yourself Alex?

No, I have a buddy that is my jukebox guy. There is a much larger learning curve with these machines.

Quoted from boilerman:

I like ami machines even though they get little love with juke collectors

Yeah, that may be true in general but they have a lot of neat models. My friend has an AMI I that is amazing. He also has a Continental that is a pretty popular machine but a little too Jestons for me.

My wife bought a really nice 1954 Rock-ola Comet Fireball to replace our D-80. Both are a nice compact size for smaller spaces.

#1299 7 years ago

We missed out on a really nice Wurlitzer 2104 on our local Craigslist a couple weeks back. It was $1200, needed to be gone through but looked to have nice cosmetics and working. It was gone in a day and I saw it again on Craigslist a couple days later. That sort of inspired my wife's other purchase.

#1300 7 years ago
Quoted from IntoPinball:

Pretty sure that is NOT a good way to clean your records...

Sure why not?

#1302 7 years ago

We agree. I like that too. It give the music a little soul. He's just pointing out you had a typo and spelled liked as licked. Paints an interesting image.

#1339 7 years ago

Shhh, you have to keep the 60s Williams secret.

#1387 7 years ago
Quoted from OTTOgd:

Rocket Ship plays great but backglass is a mess and cabinet has been re-painted, darnit. K.C. Jones plays great. What a fun woodrail.

Diggin' the woodrails. Rocket Ship is a diamond in the rough. Shay has the backglass in stock.

#1396 7 years ago

That's Raphael Lankar's collection in Paris. The Paris Pinball Museum. It is insanely cool. He has a team on site including professional artists that do his restoration work.

I used to produce a calendar and had a few of his games featured.

#1464 7 years ago

Lookin' good. You need to add it into your Pinside collection.

#1467 7 years ago

I thought that one was looking extra shiny. I like it!

#1470 7 years ago

Good question. I'm curious as well. It certainly is a nice mod to a game one would consider a long term keeper. Most of us Em guys are pretty frugal though and I always assumed sending stuff out to chrome was pretty expensive.

#1472 7 years ago

Not so bad really. Do you have a preferred chromer you use?

2 weeks later
#1631 7 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

Nice game, but not really diggin' that funky cabinet style. If I ever get to mine, I think I'm going to convert it.

Not feeling the mid-century modern styling? I thought it was sort of odd too at first. It really grew on me though. I have two 1960s Williams next to each other. One's a wood rail and one is the mod cabinet. It's such an interesting contrast for two machines from the same year. The mod cab is just such a bold design. It looks antiquated now but at the time it was space age. I think it would be a shame to convert. The shelf is a nice place to set your drink or a place for little kids to stand and play.

Too bad Spaceship from 1961 didn't have this cabinet. It would have tied in so perfectly.

2 weeks later
#1768 7 years ago

I'd love a Beat The Clock….

#1770 7 years ago

I got the latest list about a week or two back and that one wasn't on there. Heat Wave is gone also.
Some other stuff worth considering though.

1 week later
#1893 7 years ago

From what I understand, you would do this if you were an op and you bought a game from a distributor other than the one in your region. You don't want your local distributor picking up on the fact that you were buying games elsewhere. Scratch out the serials and nobody can track where they were originally sold.

#1899 7 years ago

I was thinking that too. What a nice variety of games in a small collection. Looks fun with different gameplay styles and features to keep it interesting. Plus 3 with animation which to me is always cool.

1 week later
#2032 7 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

Fantastic collection velcroman!
Thanks for the pics. AlexF will enjoy these.

Just finally checked out those pics. Drool! This is the kind of stuff I dream about.

3 weeks later
#2184 7 years ago

The website lists GTB-A5141B (orange dot) as medium powered and GTB-A5141A (yellow dot) as high powered.


#2186 7 years ago

Well, sometimes Steve doesn't want to sell you what you want to order.

2 weeks later
#2263 7 years ago

I think Cowpoke is a little more forgiving than Buckaroo. There is only one 4 on the Buckaroo roto, 2 on Cowpoke.

2 weeks later
#2359 7 years ago

No, it's all the steppers and mechanicals that add the weight. Woodrails are generally lighter than a wedge head.

#2410 7 years ago

Love it. I had a Blast Off for a short time. Not nearly as nice as yours. I miss it.

1 month later
#2621 7 years ago

Here's one. A little expensive with shipping but it's an option.

ebay.com link: Vintage 1960s Gottlieb Pinball Machine Game Replay Unit Parts

1 month later
#2723 7 years ago
Quoted from Fulltilt:

Yes, that was down in Myrtle Beach a year or 2 ago. What's left of the Pavilion games. LOTS of ticket redemption games all around.
My ugly mug playing....

Ugly Mug? Ah heck you should feel pretty darn good, some poor guy looks like your avatar pic.

2 weeks later
#2780 7 years ago

Nice! Congrats. It seems like all the great Gottliebs pass through Dirt's garage at some point.

#2805 7 years ago
Quoted from GizzArd:

. Wedgeheads wedged! Gotta get another gottlieb to keep it going.

That is cool. And the nice thing is if you tighten 'em up you've got room for one more...probably.

1 week later
#2860 7 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

I keep my real want list on the down low it never fails when I post I want something, everyone and their brother is now looking for it.

That makes sense. Once you announce you are looking for a specific title, it raises interest in that title.

Throw them all off and say you're desperately searching for a 1973 Bally Circus.

#2862 7 years ago

There was a nice looking Astro forever on Milwaukee Craigslist at $600. It must have been listed for 6 months or more. It would get reposted over and over. Eventually I decided I should probably pursue it and of course then it disappeared.

#2867 7 years ago
Quoted from ccotenj:

if he did decals, i might be able to overcome my aversion to aab's and swap out my 4 square for one...

Try it, you might like it. Nobody says you have to be all one or the other. Boilerman, O-din and Hoov have given them a chance…

Of course I say that and currently have none.

2 months later
#3049 7 years ago
Quoted from CactusJack:

Or be very, very patient! It seems that just when you finally get a title, others seem to pop right up locally.

That's true. I have been surprised at how many games on my want list have turned up locally. Sometimes it's taken years but I have had good luck with patience. Even then, it's not a guarantee...

3 weeks later
#3116 7 years ago

I'd like a Trade Winds too. Can we keep the good Williams games secret though.

#3118 7 years ago

Awesome collection with a really nice mix.

1 month later
#3189 6 years ago

I like how you think Ken.

#3191 6 years ago

Interesting. Square head in the flyer. I wonder if there are any square head versions floating around.

#3194 6 years ago

Nice! Both variations together.

#3196 6 years ago

I am not picky, I'd take either given the opportunity.

2 weeks later
#3258 6 years ago

I like the whole room! Looks like a fun place to be.

#3269 6 years ago

I always thought Central Park had one of the coolest backglass animations. Congrats.

1 week later
#3286 6 years ago


1 month later
#3542 6 years ago
Quoted from peclark:

How do you get yourself to be able to sell? I need help, perhaps an intervention.

It's pretty hard at first. I remember a time when I thought every game I bought would be with me into retirement. Then you realize there is always another one available that you like as much or more. After selling the first couple it's actually quite liberating. Often times, ones I feared I'd miss, I don't at all. Unless you have unlimited space and money eventually you have to cut something loose to make room. Turning a few over now and then is also a good way to learn what type of games you really favor.

3 weeks later
#3636 6 years ago

Congrats on the new machine Wayner. Looks like fun.

It's funny I ran into Michael Shalhoub at the Chicagoland show quite a few years ago. Being a huge fan of his books I had to go up and say hi. He was very pleasant and it was fun to meet him. I wonder if he picked up your Spin Out during that trip.

#3672 6 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

Ken what are you doing this weekend? Would you like to come over? Just text or call me. You are always welcome to come over and play the game before TPF.

Ha, Ken talks about touching your monkey and you ask what he's doing this weekend. I couldn't help but chuckle reading that.

#3696 6 years ago

I have some bad news. The kickers put the ball in the outlanes on low tap too.

#3700 6 years ago
Quoted from poppapin:

That's where our nudging skills come into play!!

I still haven't mastered that after so many years. I have great admiration for those who have good nudging instincts.

3 weeks later
#3942 6 years ago

Yeah, but how many guys can stockpile Skill Rolls like Dirt?

2 weeks later
#4051 6 years ago
Quoted from pinaholic:

My third Dimension, plus a CPR backglass. 20150409_132721.jpg (Click image to enlarge)20150409_132633.jpg (Click image to enlarge)20150409_132651.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

Nice! My Fifth Dimension came with an Aquarius.


1 week later
#4087 6 years ago

I just played mine. The gameplay isn't bad but it's the combination of art, animation, mod cabinet and politically incorrect theme that make it really interesting.

#4091 6 years ago

Mine came with plastic. I don't think they started using the metal bats until 1962. I'm with you though I like the metal better too.

I agree those side roll-overs are nearly impossible. I think I get one about every 10 games.

#4093 6 years ago

I really like how it retains the woodrail ball arch but has the mod cab. Like you say it's just really uniquely cool with so much going on. I have had mine for sale recently but I was looking at all the Jungle goodies on Pinball Rescue and I found myself getting excited. Then a guy came over yesterday and told me he may have the proper lock down bar. Mine's missing the aluminum cover. I get excited again... Then you post your pictures....

#4114 6 years ago

That's alright you'll find another one. They seem to come to you.

2 weeks later
#4280 6 years ago
Quoted from taimaster2005:

In case you were wondering, yes I did earn a special that game (all 10 numbers spotted)! Has NOS PF installed in Corral.

Nice!, That's no easy feat on Corral.

1 week later
#4358 6 years ago
Quoted from Gerry:

Watched the satin doll PAPA video and it looks like it could be some fun...

Never played one, but the layout looks interesting.

#4404 6 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

You gotta tell Bob to score better than 693 on Surf Side.

Maybe he rolled it?

1 week later
#4517 6 years ago

Levi often mentions Argosy is one of his favorite EMs. Interesting layout. Looks like fun.

#4523 6 years ago

Dixieland surprised me. There isn't really that much to shoot for but the unique features make it a lot of fun.

1 month later
#4789 6 years ago
Quoted from SteveFury:

Love to see all that "stuff" in there!

There is a ton of stuff on the mech panel of Grand Prix.

1 month later
#5008 6 years ago

Sometimes those turn out to be a lot of fun. It's nice to play one without any expectations. I had a Kickoff that was my favorite for a long time that was one of those type of deals. Congrats, the Hokus Pokus looks exceptionally nice. And always fun to see the equalizer in the background.

#5018 6 years ago

Another collector I know said he just picked up a 57 Royal Flush too. Nice looking game.

1 month later
#5142 6 years ago
Quoted from wayner:

I note my Crosstown has what appears an additional larger font extended serial no as well as the normal stamped type. I have not seen this before. Machine was originally located in City of Philadelphia.

Hi Wayne,
I had a Texan that had a different serial number on the side like that. I thought someone mentioned what it was for but the reason escapes me now? Cabinet style maybe?



#5144 6 years ago

Yes, this one had the S but the puzzler is the serial on the side of the cabinet that is different. This machine also had a S on the upper arch but one number different on the serial. it had a bunch of other odd things going on but hard to determine if they were original or not. Jay from IPDB wasn't convinced this Texan was a complete sample game.

1 week later
#5169 6 years ago
Quoted from PinballFever:

I wonder how a lineup of Gottlieb wedgeheads and Williams reverse wedgeheads would look if you alternated them?

It's a neat effect.

1 month later
#5337 5 years ago

They look cool with the metal posts on Dodge City.

#5393 5 years ago

I like it. Aside from the added protection, it gives you a tiny bit of extra flipper reach. A lot of these 2" games are pretty brutal so anything helps.

2 weeks later
#5452 5 years ago

It's neat to see the Gottlieb and Williams Alternating like that. You just need a Balls-a-Poppin and a StarJet for book ends.

#5454 5 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

And the rain came. In buckets!

How's that phone line holding up? Maybe the avocados will make a come back?

Quoted from o-din:

I'll probably never find either of those. I think in a hobby like this it's good to be realistic and just go with whatever surprises turn up available and scratch whatever you can off a short want list.

Sometimes the ones you weren't looking for turn out to be your favorites.

#5460 5 years ago

Yeah, but this one says it has an unfinished basement. How often do you see that in Ca?

#5464 5 years ago

My little house is pretty similar to O-din's listing. The taxman says it's worth $130k.

If I had $600k I'd make an offer on this 6500q foot historic mansion. I always wanted a bathroom with a urinal in it.

#5466 5 years ago

Aww man, if you roll with the Em guys you have to learn that we often get sidetracked. A sign of old age maybe?

#5469 5 years ago

Nah, that's the retirement plan for suckers. You're better off throwing a dollar in a jar every week.

1 month later
#5718 5 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

I would give one of my arms to own that Star Jet.

It is very nice but that seems counterintuitive.

1 week later
#5772 5 years ago

A friend from Ca just acquired a couple beauties. Wagon Train and King Pin.




#5776 5 years ago

I'm with you. It will probably be a few weeks.

2 weeks later
#5835 5 years ago

It looks beautiful Ken. Nice work.

3 weeks later
#6019 5 years ago


1 week later
#6109 5 years ago

Yeah, there wasn't a set of keys stuck in that stack was there?

#6135 5 years ago

Ooh ooh, raises hand. I know, I know.

1 month later
#6300 5 years ago

I'm back in the game. The Wedge Head game that is. It's been awhile. Just bought this at an Estate sale locally this morning. I'm giddy. It should be fun.


#6302 5 years ago

Thanks! It's never really been on my radar but I'm pretty excited. Nice art and a tough AAB from what I understand. I love a local find and I'm anticipating this to be a fun one.

This one was poorly repainted. At least in the right design (mostly). One chipped bumper cap. A little upper kickout wear. I pray the other piece is floating around in the lower cab as I don't think PBR carries these. Backglass is a little flaky. I will probably order a Webb glass at some point. It plays with no lower GI and very sluggish.

#6313 5 years ago
Quoted from pinwiztom:

lot better than mine, which somebody paint all black

I started cleaning it up yesterday. Definitely not perfect, but she's a real creampuff compared to my Hot Line. And I love that game.


1 week later
#6392 5 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

If you put the wedgeheads and Williams together you can fit a whole other game!

That is a cool effect.

2 weeks later
#6554 5 years ago

Just brought this project home this week.


#6558 5 years ago
Quoted from aahgo:

Nice! Did you pay the full five cents for it or did you negotiate a better price?

Ha, it was very reasonable...but more than 5 cents. What's interesting is it has bunch of the original instruction cards.

#6560 5 years ago

Yes, the animation unit is all there. The cabinet is not too bad. Some nicks and scuff but very presentable. It's a pretty game, I think it will clean up nicely. Shay lists the backglass as being available but I haven't followed up on that yet. Fingers crossed.

I will try to post some pics as I get it cleaned up and playing.

#6607 5 years ago
Quoted from presqueisle:

Snow Derby
What a fun game! It's getting the most play right now I have to admit. Dual spinners which aren't easy to hit, plus the progressive scoring..makes this one a real great game. You race around the track accumulating laps. The pop bumpers and kick outs light up and advance as you go, for ball 1, ball 2 etc. Ball 4 and 5 have lap bonuses that will decide the game. I'm a snowmobiler..what more could you want? An early version of Grand Prix?
DirtFlipper found this for me, and I'm very thankful for his efforts, and for Pinside!

Very fun game! With a little more practice I think I could be a contender on it.

#6678 5 years ago
Quoted from RyanClaytor:

A selfless offer.

Free climate controlled storage isn't that bad of a deal for some guys. Probably better than paying for a storage unit.

4 weeks later
#6855 5 years ago

I had a couple Ems come my way with LEDs installed. I was so excited...to take them out.

1 week later
#6969 5 years ago

I always thought the art was great on Hi Dolly. It's pretty cool how they referenced characters from previous games.

3 weeks later
#7112 5 years ago

I don't know about favorite System 1 game but Sinbad definitely rates as my favorite Gottlieb drop target game.

#7137 5 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Looks like BGresto was able to work with a very familar looking backglass photo..

Is that your old glass?

#7142 5 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Yep. But I never sent it. Unless somebody else had one with a taped on 2 ball too.

They should have used your export glass image. That thing is awesome.

#7144 5 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I always kind of liked that taped on 2 ball. American inginuity at it's finest.

Well it works and does make you smile.

#7169 5 years ago

Nice, congrats. You keep checking them off of your list.

#7180 5 years ago


3 weeks later
#7284 5 years ago

Nice! Love my Majorettes, and now you can join the center pop club with Fantastic.

#7289 5 years ago

What you got a center pop game on the way Hoov?

#7291 5 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

What you got a center pop game on the way Hoov?
Just like Facebook groups classified ads, I'm next on your Majorettes if you ever decide to sell. You never know, that one 60's Williams title you've been wanting might pop up some day and you just "have to have it"

Yeah, you never know. Although I never thought I could have so much love for a Gottlieb until this one came along. I'm well past the honeymoon stage and still look forward to playing it whenever I can. My beloved Williams games have been neglected for months. I'd like to say I can't say enough about it but I think I have over and over already.

#7293 5 years ago

Nope, they are not kickers. But you can nudge like a m'fer off of them to get the ball up into the kickout. It's interesting how you'll learn when you need a flipper in the upright position so that it can bounce back up through the flippers or into the kickout. Sometimes you can backhand it back down into the kickout. It's very satisfying when you can work it correctly and very frustrating when you don't.

1 month later
#7438 4 years ago

Would it have had something like this on it originally?


#7480 4 years ago

i wondered where that went. Super cool game. Congrats.

1 week later
#7504 4 years ago

Looks great. Sniff, I'm going to miss mine. It's headed to Ca.

2 months later
#7887 4 years ago

Dang Shoot the Moon at the curb?! What a great piece of artwork. Sad to hear someone tossed it but that had to be the best curbside pickup ever!

Years ago when I was making calendars a California gentlemen wrote to me. He wanted one as one month in the calendar featured Nags. A true classic. Anyway, he had just found a nice example of Nags at the curb on trash day. Why doesn't that ever happen to me? I found a rough coin-op foosball table once. That was as close as I'll get I suppose?

#7909 4 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

i have never owned one but always wanted one. not very common

Coolest cab art ever.

#7912 4 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

it does have a great cabinet art package but i never understood the connection between "21" cards and a rocket ship?

Nope, it's weird but sort of charming in it's mismatched style.

1 week later
#7949 4 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

The worst thing is the backglass. Repros are available, but I just don't want to invest in this title. I bought it as a parts game to help restore some other woodrails I have here.
After getting it home, it did occur to me that it could be kept intact, as it did clean up well and actually worked after freeing one stuck rollover switch.
It's damn near complete; just missing a few small items. I really love the cabinet, and was thinking about maybe doing something with it.
I'll set it aside for now and will consider what you guys have suggested before tearing into it.

There was one in similar condition on Chicago Craigslist that lingered forever about a year or so ago. It got down to around $400 and still didn't sell. Like you I was thinking it would make one heck of a parts game. I think the reason it took so long to sell is it get's no love as a player but it's still a nice looking game. I'm sure like me, most were struggling with the idea of parting a complete and attractive game. Eventually someone must have bought it. Now it's probably set aside in some other guys collection why he mulls over it's fate.

#7975 4 years ago

I used to have about 10 of those arch gates but I sold them all. Commonly missing. I think PBR sells a repro cover though.

2 weeks later
#8162 4 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

Jr got lucky on finding a Wms King Pin a week ago and I got lucky this past weekend.
1st Williams

Sweet, you never forget your first Williams. Seriously though, congratulations. That was actually one on your want list wasn't it?

#8164 4 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Uh oh... let's hope it's not like some kind of illness and starts to spread. Just kidding.

That's what happened to me. I got sick real bad for awhile. I think it's virus as it still flares up now and then.

3 weeks later
#8282 4 years ago

The Wiggler...

1 week later
#8483 4 years ago
Quoted from aahgo:

Then picked up this on Thursday from a CL ad.

I was hemming and hawing on that El Toro. It looked like a nice machine for the money. If I hadn't bought that ball bowler...

#8501 4 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Since Rat's keeping us all in suspense, perhaps you guys might like to guess what machine I'm looking to get next.

4 Square? Seems unlikely, but maybe...

#8583 4 years ago
Quoted from Mopar:

When I saw Ct., I was thinking Kick Off which is one
(actually I have 2) that I have. To me, it's a pretty
underrated machine.. Nice player.. (T)

Of all that I have owned Kick Off was one of my favorites. A challenging game that kept my attention for quite a few years.

#8677 4 years ago
Quoted from presqueisle:

I agree, this one is made to take all your money. The art (bg) is so good, and it's so challenging, that you forget you're losing! A drop target hit puts your ball straight back at you down the drain, the out lanes are huge, you have 2" flippers...I love it!

How did you tilt it with the tissue mod?

#8680 4 years ago
Quoted from presqueisle:

Hasn't been added to my last couple games. The training wheels are slowing being taken away

Leave it on Sittin' Pretty, that game is brutal.

#8685 4 years ago


#8687 4 years ago

Eye of the Tiger then?

#8693 4 years ago

Oh very nice! I have always been intrigued by that one. Sinbad is probably my favorite drop target game but being an EM guy I'd prefer EOT of the 3 variations.

#8695 4 years ago

Tell me this one didn't come from St. Louis? That's where a bunch of them seemed to end up.

1 week later
#8872 4 years ago

My buddy presqueisle gave me a sweet deal on this Dancing Lady project. I'm looking forward to putting some time on it. Love those jeweled posts.

DancingLady (resized).jpg

#8873 4 years ago

Oh and I took the Big Daddy challenge when I was there to pick up. Light the one? Yeah right, I didn't crack 500. I'm optimistic though I think with 50 more tries I could pull it off. Very cool game.

1 week later