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EM : Show us your EM Pinball Machines!

By Rat_Tomago

6 years ago

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#1051 6 years ago

Latest games 001.jpg
Moon Flight 0044 006.jpg
Moon Flight 0044 008.jpg
Sun Valley Restoration 013.jpg
Hurdy Gurdy working again 005.jpg
Hurdy Gurdy 019.jpg
My pinballs 1 (1).jpg
My pinballs 1.jpg

#1052 6 years ago
Quoted from Sarge:

One day $oon
Ill have a machine nice enough for this thread...

This is a post for EM pins, regardless of condition. We want to see all of them. Unrestored, restored, HUO, new in create, survivors, what have you. These pins are cool and need to be showed off. ------ Thanks.

#1053 6 years ago

By the look of it Nick, it should be time to update your info on pin ownership. Looks Great.

#1054 6 years ago

I would snag the moon flight in a second. very nice

#1055 6 years ago
Quoted from Darcy:

By the look of it Nick, it should be time to update your info on pin ownership. Looks Great.

I've done it. Trouble is, I buy 'em, I do 'em up, I play 'em and then another shows up so I sell one. I wish I'd got room for more but three is really my limit. They're in different bits of the house, wherever the missus will tolerate them, at least temporarily..

#1056 6 years ago

if you want to move the moon flight out let me know

#1057 6 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

if you want to move the moon flight out let me know

Be a big move mate, I'm in the UK. It is currently on Ebay over here but It will make more over here than you're used to, I think.
I sold one a couple of months ago with a crazed back glass and that made £750-00. This one has a lovely glass.

#1058 6 years ago

Very nice machines Nick! Thank you for sharing.

#1059 6 years ago

Thanks mate.
It's so hard to find nice games here in the UK. Nobody seems to restore them, just tart 'em up a bit and sell them or don't touch them and sell them not working. I end up doing them myself, which I really have fun doing.
The County Fair was ground up restored by two guys from Holland - here:
The Sun Valley I bought hardly working and in poor cosmetic condition. A couple of months of work, a new playfield glass, reproduction back glass and a full repaint and it's now a great game to play.
My real passion is the Bally bingos.
The Zaccarias have been in really nice condition when I bought them. I've only had to go through the electro mechanical side to make them good players. Zacc' playfields are always excellent or better. I think they used good quality clear at the factory.
The Cross Town was pretty good when I bought it. I just went through it and did some touch ins. Also fitted a new playfield glass.
I've not long finished Hurdy Gurdy. Another poor condition game with a totally incorrect and very poor stars and stripes paint job. When I stripped that off, there was a Melody paint scheme and under that the original Hurdy Gurdy job. I used that to make the templates. The filthy playfield was hiding the best 60s Gottlieb field I've ever seen, No damage, ball swirls or planking and it shines like brand new. The back glass is Perspex and they don't seem to deteriorate like glass. It's near perfect as I could hope to find.
Even buying them as tired, poorly maintained games, over here in the UK, they still cost as much as I see shopped games on ebay.com. A friend, who bought the Ice Revue from me, has started importing them to get nice ones at a better price. Even with five or six hundred UK pounds shipping and a couple more in import duty, he still does OK.
You might be interested to see what is asked for really nice games over here, it might surprise you.

#1060 6 years ago

Nick, The prices quoted on that sight are just beyond stupid. I can see why you guys import machines. 3500 quid for a Gottlieb Atlantis??!! WTF moment. That is 7k American! I could get 3 Atlantis's in better condition for that price.

#1061 6 years ago

6000 quid for a Kings and Queens? What planet is this guy on???

#1062 6 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

3500 quid for a Gottlieb Atlantis

Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

6000 quid for a Kings and Queens?

At these prices these pins will not be returning to America any time soon.

#1063 6 years ago

makes pin rescue look like a deal

#1064 6 years ago
Quoted from nick-the-greek:

Latest games 001.jpg 2 MB

Moon Flight 0044 006.jpg 497 KB

Moon Flight 0044 008.jpg 546 KB

Sun Valley Restoration 013.jpg 142 KB

Hurdy Gurdy working again 005.jp... 1 MB

Hurdy Gurdy 019.jpg 270 KB

My pinballs 1 (1).jpg 276 KB

My pinballs 1.jpg 282 KB

Thanks for sharing pics of your collection Nick - very nice

#1065 6 years ago

That Key West looks awesome!


#1066 6 years ago

You might think those prices are astronomical but he has sold some of those pins. I know the Gigi sold for 3500.
There was a recent auction at Christies in London, in early September. There were three games in a sale of unusual items. All were mint or better. The first, Captain Fantastic, sold for £10,000. Next was A Wizard which ended at £7,000 ish and an Olympics made over £5,000.
I guess that there are people wiling to pay for a mint game.
Most of the games that came here got played to death in cafes and arcades and were then either sent to landfill or unsuitable storage.
I've always reckoned that whatever something sells for in $ over there commands the equivalent in £s over here.
Pinrescue has games $2 to $5000 on his site so I guess £2 to £5000 here for the same sort of thing is not so far out.

#1067 6 years ago

Beautifull Collection !

#1068 6 years ago

Here's mine:image-122.jpgimage-255.jpgimage-547.jpg

#1069 6 years ago

And the non-pins, but EMs none the less


#1070 6 years ago
Quoted from sysprog:

Here's mine:

image-255.jpg 758 KB

image-122.jpg 624 KB

image-547.jpg 815 KB

Another nice collection - ahhhhh Atlantis & 4 Square - a couple of my favorites - Gottlieb of course......... Also like your other em games. I'm getting real close to getting my '66 Williams Pitch and Bat working.

#1071 6 years ago

To quote the movie "Oliver"....

"Please sir may I have some more" (pinball pictures)

#1072 6 years ago
Quoted from sysprog:

And the non-pins, but EMs none the less

image-82.jpg 922 KB

image-737.jpg 739 KB

image-746.jpg 720 KB

I have played that crane game a lot at PHOF. Great game for its time and even today!

#1073 6 years ago

I think I played this exact game back in the 60's when I was young. We came to Riverview amusement park in Des Moines one year for vacation. I bought it a couple of years ago from someone that bought out a bunch of stuff that came from Riverview.

#1074 6 years ago

My latest project, a rare bird. Mata Hari EM. (not mine and not for sale)

If you believe the counter, it has 999,969 games on it. The drops are wore out, won't reset, probably have not reset properly for 50,000 games based on the wear. I'm putting in a new playfield with new plastics, rebuilt the pops, flippers, drop target assy, & slingshots. Should be good to go for another million games.


#1075 6 years ago
Quoted from John_in_NC:

My latest project, a rare bird. Mata Hari EM.

Great Job John! One of those is on my Wishlist for down the road.


#1076 6 years ago

Only 170 EM Mata Hari's made. Nice CPR playfield.

#1077 6 years ago

My World Fair machine. I just bought it last week. I need to move it. It's blocking my Phillies pictures! Still trying to solve an issue with one of the rollovers.IMG_0313.JPGIMG_0306.JPGIMG_0309.JPGIMG_0312.JPG

#1078 6 years ago

I will help you move it.....to my house in Texas.

Very nice machine!

#1079 6 years ago

Haha. Thanks. I got a very good deal on it.

#1080 6 years ago
Quoted from John_in_NC:

My latest project, a rare bird. Mata Hari EM.

I met a guy at the auction that had just picked up a nice one at a yard sale for $100. He didn't know what he had. Nice guy that I am, I clued him in.

#1081 6 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

I will help you move it.....to my house in Texas.
Very nice machine!

Rat, I see you have Atlantis now. DETAILS!

#1082 6 years ago

Man you guys don't miss a thing. I have an Atlantis being stored at my house where it has been since April (almost 7 months now) We have beat each other up over the price. It may end up with me or it may not end up with me. He is in no hurry to get it back right now and I am in no hurry to pay him for it right now. The inserts are cupped badly where it traps the ball.
My pecking order for money is the following...
1.) When two pins (EMs) I purchased show up I will see if there is anything I need to fix or restore. I will reveal the two pins I got in a week and a half when they arrive. (There shouldn't be anything. Both are collector quality)
2.) New backglass for Abra-Ca-Dabra...trading the old one in + cash to a friend for the repro (150 dollars)(it's a maybe deal)
3.) Repaint on Abra-Ca-Dabra (500 dollars approx)
4.) Abra-Ca-Dabra, New coin door, legs,shooter assembly, and anything else metal. (300-400 dollars)
5.) New plastics for Abra-Ca-Dabra from Australia. (150 dollars)
6.) Debating if I want to touch up, level inserts and have a light clear coat done to Abra-Ca-Dabra (500+200 for shipping back and forth)
7.) Then I buy Atlantis....LOL (price undisclosed)

Atlantis needs the following...repaint (500+100 for stencil) touchups and clearcoat 500+

#1083 6 years ago

someone here will be getting a new pin in a few days

#1084 6 years ago
Quoted from boilerman:

someone here will be getting a new pin in a few days

#1085 6 years ago

I'm guessing the shippers just picked up Rat's Slick Chick? Lucky dude.

#1086 6 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I clued him in.

On a crushed Narragansett Beer.

#1087 6 years ago

Farewell and adieu to you, fair Spanish ladies...

#1088 6 years ago

Here's to swimmin' with bow legged women.

#1089 6 years ago

Thank you Easter Bunny...I mean Dave....Bawk Bawk!!

#1090 6 years ago
Quoted from AlexF:

I'm guessing the shippers just picked up Rat's Slick Chick? Lucky dude.

I would have never found that perfect Gottlieb Jungle without Dave's Help.

#1091 6 years ago

Jungle eh? Umm, congratulations.

#1092 6 years ago

You're gonna need a bigger boat...

#1093 6 years ago
Quoted from IntoPinball:

You're gonna need a bigger boat...


#1094 6 years ago

So, eleven hundred men went in the water, three hundred and sixteen men come out, the sharks took the rest, June the 29, 1945.

#1095 6 years ago

True story^^^
USA Indianapolis. http://www.ussindianapolis.org/story.htm

#1096 6 years ago

Well, anyway, we delivered the bum.

#1097 6 years ago

Show me the way to go home... I'm tired and I wanna go to bed...

#1098 6 years ago

Here's a couple of photos of a gottlieb "Spin Out" , that i restored for a client, Hope you like the work on this .Playfield and Backglass were really nice to start with. I just polished the metal work and playfield, all sleeves replaced stepper units cleaned up and rebuits flippers etc. Came up nice,P5180001.JPG owner was very happy

P7100044.JPG P5180004.JPG P7110059.jpg
#1099 6 years ago

And a couple more of "Spin Out" And yes it is the same machine! A good player as well ,P7110047.JPG and pays multiple credits when you complete the right number sequence. I did splatter effect on cabinet but does not show up on the photos.


#1100 6 years ago

Here's the pin I am getting in a few days. I can't wait!

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