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EM : Show us your EM Pinball Machines!

By Rat_Tomago

6 years ago

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#200 6 years ago

this is for all you C37 wanters


#207 6 years ago

what i really want is a nice el dorado if anyone is tempted

#220 6 years ago

el dorado is a great game but it is not my top 3 3"wedgeheads
2-jacks open
3 abra ca dabra
4-el dorado
I have wanted one for a long time but can not find one or I am to late or they want more than it is worth to me.
When you can not have something you tend to want it more
I just got a basket case el dorado but when i'm done it will be a very nice players machine
but really want a nice one to add to my 19 other wedgeheads

#237 6 years ago

Strange world is not the best player and far from the worst, BUT it has great art package I would love to have one for that alone.

#249 6 years ago

that paradise looks great, I played a mint one for hours in toulon france back in the navy days.
never saw one that nice again but yours looks pretty darn close

#282 6 years ago

that is one nice el dorado, looks great! I only WISH !

the em joker poker is nice but IMO the SS plays much better and I'm a EM guy

#288 6 years ago

3 million bc was way ahead of its time...

#290 6 years ago

bump...... a good thread keep it going


#292 6 years ago

a few more

2013-01-09_19-09-56_53.jpg DSC_0036.JPG

#313 6 years ago

fathers day bump...


1 month later
#506 6 years ago

I have both volley and sing along. they are some of my favorites.
your sing along looks to have very little wear around the kickout holes, very rare. your counter might be correct every one with 80k or more I have seen had some wear around the holes

#521 6 years ago

I think Gemini is in the top 10 art packages gottlieb did for the em era machines. the late 70's had some real nice machines but gotttlieb started to die a slow death just about the same time because they did not get into the SS machines fast enough.
Mike you have a real nice example, 10x better than the one just sold.

2 weeks later
#542 6 years ago

Picked 2 more fire/smoke damaged pins, same place i got the eldorado. the atlantis isn't as bad as the eldorado was but the backglass is toast. the king pin not to bad at all.
I'll post the before and after pictures when i'm done

#543 6 years ago


20130802_084019.jpg 20130802_084035.jpg

#544 6 years ago


20130802_084117.jpg 20130803_191843.jpg

#547 6 years ago

here is a list of cards games from 1960 -1980

it should be in this list


#551 6 years ago

I have restored a few bad pins over the years, but the el dorado was by far the worst I ever under took. After I finished it I was surprise it turned out so good considering what I started with. My major concern was the smoke smell when done. I sanded ever inch and used sanding sealer and you could not smell any smoke.
As far as the atlantis goes the head had the most damage and the poor BG shows that. the cabinet is not to bad but will need a repaint due to the head being repainted. Ron webb repro the glass so there is glass to be had.
the King pin really isn't to bad all around. good BG and PF cabinet and head will get a repaint.
So if you come across a popular title in poor shape this shows it is worth trying to save.
I would not even put the hours in a poor title, just isn't worth all the time it takes. I put 200 hrs in the el dorado and only 170 bucks total including the machine.

#552 6 years ago

I have restored a few bad pins over the years, but the el dorado was by far the worst I ever under took. After I finished it I was surprise it turned out so good considering what I started with. My major concern was the smoke smell when done. I sanded ever inch and used sanding sealer and you could not smell any smoke.
As far as the atlantis goes the head had the most damage and the poor BG shows that. the cabinet is not to bad but will need a repaint due to the head being repainted. Ron webb repro the glass so there is glass to be had.
the King pin really isn't to bad all around. good BG and PF cabinet and head will get a repaint.
So if you come across a popular title in poor shape this shows it is worth trying to save.
I would not even put the hours in a poor title, just isn't worth all the time it takes. I put 200 hrs in the el dorado and only 170 bucks total including the machine.

#553 6 years ago

sorry for the double post was trying to add pics of the king pin

20130802_085913.jpg 20130802_083657.jpg

#554 6 years ago


20130802_083452.jpg 20130802_083448.jpg

#555 6 years ago

1 more


#557 6 years ago

only a 30 min drive, most people would not even want a pin in that condition so there isn't a market for fire damaged pins.

#563 6 years ago

that topper fits like a glove, good job. Its hard to to top a em machine but that works very well.

#567 6 years ago

they were the last two as far as I know. But will double check.
the boilerman moniker comes from operating not installation.
I hold the NJ red seal the gold is a very tough exam.
if you have any before and after pictures of the space mission post them, i like seeing the transformation. I am sure other would also


#570 6 years ago

where did your dad work. i worked a quite a few power plants in nj and pa area

as long as you were happy with the out come of the restoration that is all that matters
snap a few shots of the em at the beach you do not see them in wild anymore

2 weeks later
#577 6 years ago

HUO king pin??? how about a picture of the kickout hole area. I have never seen a KP without wear in that area. being HUO there should be very little there.

#579 6 years ago

and the KP backglass is VERY hard to find without paint issues
i am surprised the backglass has not ben repro yet

#597 6 years ago

that just might be HUO there is almost no wear great score........

#711 6 years ago

Dave that flying carpet loks nice, very under rated wedge head IMO. I have been looking for one local with a nice PF for a while and haven't found one yet.

#715 6 years ago

flying carpet and 4 square look simple and yet they are very hard. the art on 4 square PF
is lacking but still a good player

I hope to add a Hit the Deck to my line up in a month or so. very good player IMO.. some people don't like all the rollovers but I like them just like in my north star

1 week later
#800 6 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I'm in the same boat. I'm looking at a Sunshine in Delaware right now.

I had them send me a few good pictures, it doesn't look to bad. only a few miles from me. I like looking at woodies but they are not a ton for fun. just picked up a kings and queens today
I sold 4 and now time to buy 4
3 more to go

#806 6 years ago

dave still looking for a slick chick? if let me know I know someone selling one
and I sold one c37 and the 2nd is still listed.
K&Q has been on my wish list for a while

#807 6 years ago

odin requested pics of the sunshine listed in de

photo_(7).JPG photo_(6).JPG

#808 6 years ago

2 more

photo_(5).JPG photo_(4).JPG

3 weeks later
#872 6 years ago

moved a few thing around today so I took a few pictures
the garage

20131004_181225.jpg 20131004_181236.jpg

#873 6 years ago

sing along second atlantis and volley folded up


#874 6 years ago


20131004_184903.jpg 20131004_184910.jpg

#875 6 years ago


20131004_184916.jpg 20131004_184944.jpg

#882 6 years ago

my top 3 3" flippers
1- el dorado
3 Jacks open
my top 3 2" flippers
1- slick chick
2-north star
3-kings & Queens
but every other one I have are very good also. IMO every wedgehead gottlieb made was a great player with the exception of a hand full ie. road race

#885 6 years ago

road race /stock car was the worst wedgehead IMO they must of let the janitor design that one because it has 0 fun factor.
North star is not luck just good shots. I get more good games on north star than I get slick chick! SC kicks my arse 8 out of 10 times but it lets you get so close that it pulls you back. you say just one more game. that to me a sign of a great game. not to easy but just hard enough.

#891 6 years ago

could spend a month easy playing all those! I see some great titles in there. every pin head I know wish they had more room, you can never have enough

#902 6 years ago
Quoted from Pin-it:

Curious why there are playfields on the wall. Future projects or .....?

they are just PF i had from parted out machines, and for me to part out a pin it had to to many part missing to make it worth bring back.

#907 6 years ago

what this old thing?

#917 6 years ago

"Nice playfield but your pop skirts are on wrong.."
I know, I put the skirts down because I was out of mylar rings. it was changed to points up when I got the mylar.
that way I know they needed protectors

#931 6 years ago
Quoted from John_in_NC:

You were anxious to put it together if you went through all that. Nice game!

it really isn't to much trouble. I pull the pf out and can all the pb in about 30min. hardest part is soldering the light sockets.
IMO home use pins really do not need the mylar skirts but I use them just because better safe than sorry.

#942 6 years ago

O-DIN does that KoD have a PF overlay? kinda looks like mine

#952 6 years ago

odin i do have the overlay, my pf was hand painted. i will post a before picture. you sure yours doesn't have an overlay? it looks to good to be orginial. pull one of the post on the lower sling area the bright salmon color should be under it, not the faded color around it. you will see a difference in color due to the post protecting the color from fade
i tried the double rings on the flippers but could not stand the look of it.i have seen people use the flat red rubber too and it does not look right either. but that is just me and i am no purest just did not like the look.

#954 6 years ago

i did not zoom in on the pf but just took another look and i can see some graining so it is a pretty nice oem pf. they were played to hell and most have wear.
here is the overlay
very nice quality reverse printed on mylar plays fast. i looked for a decent one for a long time and never did find one so i went with the overlay. worked out great.

#959 6 years ago

here are my two new additions

DSC_0382.JPG DSC_0384.JPG
#960 6 years ago

the other one

20131016_182841.jpg 20131016_182936.jpg
#1002 6 years ago

i thought space walk was the last em?

#1004 6 years ago

just checked TKO march 1979 space walk aug 1979

#1005 6 years ago

show us a side by side pic if you could

#1009 6 years ago

the colors look spot on. the atlantis i got from him was pretty good also. my only complaint is the opacity of the light mask. it is much better on the screened glass but was told if you use led on the bgrestore glass it is much improved
don't have any to try.
this option is great for glass that will never get screened

#1011 6 years ago
Quoted from Pafasa:

He made a custom mask for me. Notice the three bubbles closest to the edge of the glass? I will be able to light those too.

what are you going to use them for? .

#1013 6 years ago

sounds like a cool idea, should of had the 100k masked in it. all you would of had to do is add an extra relay with a few switches

#1025 6 years ago

not simple but very doable

and for some reason I did not see LAST WEDGEHEAD I read last em DOH!!

#1054 6 years ago

I would snag the moon flight in a second. very nice

#1056 6 years ago

if you want to move the moon flight out let me know

#1063 6 years ago

makes pin rescue look like a deal

1 week later
#1083 6 years ago

someone here will be getting a new pin in a few days

#1108 6 years ago

the spin out was not one of the better wedge heads but it was OK
the repaint looks good the only bad thing is the hammer tone door and other hardware.

#1109 6 years ago
Quoted from AlexF:

So, eleven hundred men went in the water, Three Hundred and sixteen men come out, the sharks took the rest, June the 29, 1945.

I am a navy vet and I can tell you that you do anything you can to stay out of the water.
warm water = sharks
cold water= hypothermia
there is no winning, keep the boat afloat!

#1144 5 years ago
Quoted from Rat_Tomago:

As I write this the pin that Boilerman sold me is 8 hours away on the truck in Memphis, TN. That means my new pin will be in the Dallas area at 8:30am CST. Man I hope they actually deliver the machine today instead of dropping it off at a warehouse and then delivering it the next day.

they will take it to the warehouse then call to set up a delivery date. you might have it by monday if you are lucky.
i hate knowing it is here but i don't have it yet.
enjoy it dan! i miss it already (seller's remorse)

#1178 5 years ago

Abra Ca Dabra IMO has the best pf art that matched the pf layout in the 3" flipper era.
it was a very under rated game until just this year.

#1192 5 years ago

nice grab dave. how is the playfields around the pops? that is the most worn spots on these.

#1198 5 years ago

now all you need is a north star and we will have a collection almost the same

#1202 5 years ago

check under the wood grain protectors . they might have been put on early before damage but more than likely after the damage. the post between the flippers is a common issue with these
from what I can see in the pictures you posted they both look good. the white powder cleans off easy. red rust is the problem that is a bitch.

and your crystal ball is a good sign but I will not hold my breath

#1203 5 years ago

my turn around is pretty good I did the slick chick start to finish 10 days

#1204 5 years ago


20131102_144924.jpg 20131102_135228.jpg
#1211 5 years ago

that jungle princess looks HUO. even the coin box shines
i hade the Jungle queen and it was one of my favorite multi players
Welcome to the EM world

#1213 5 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

That Jungle Princess does look nice. Reminds me of the Jungle Queen I sold a few years back. Those games from that era weren't beat up so bad their predecessors. If only I had more room to keep games like these..........

i think that with the SS pins coming out these late ems were not on location very long and made it into private collections.

#1215 5 years ago
Quoted from SPeD66:

The player two score reel sometimes turns along with player one. But when player two is up, everything works as it should & the player one reel doesn't turn. But I suppose I should start a tech thread for that.
Anyhoo, thanks for the nice comments & thumbs up! I'm loving this Jungle Princess.

common problem, check your player unit a switch is out of adjustment on player 1

#1219 5 years ago

what others did you get in the box
i have a complete nice one for sure shot if anyone is interested
i have others also but not complete
should start a em paper work thread

#1220 5 years ago
Quoted from Arcade:

I am sending our Gottlieb 2001 backglass out to the people at pinballglass today so they can do reproductions.
So if your glass is damaged on this game, new ones will be available soon.

you should wait ron webb is doing 2001 very soon
his glass is always GREAT

#1222 5 years ago

i thought ron had the art package done already?

#1224 5 years ago

i must of misunderstood him, either way i am looking forward to this glass.

#1226 5 years ago

it is always nice when the paper work is in the pin, but most of the time is is not.

#1229 5 years ago

that was my first thought also ODIN

#1246 5 years ago

I want the backglass on that one, I like all the hippie art like 4 square and a few others

#1269 5 years ago

I never stopped buying vinyl
vinyl collection

record collection.jpg
#1272 5 years ago

never did cd's
i have over 1.5 tb of (flac) music though

#1291 5 years ago

I just got a sweet hearts, it is in great shape. It has been on my list for quite a while
that one looks to have some wear in the pb area but other that that the pf should clean up nice, is the cabinet repaint like the head?

as far as music goes i always licked the vinyl pops and clicks, i have digital music but listen to vinyl when i really want to listen and enjoy the tunes. i still search garage sales and flea markets for good old vinyl
a good player is a must

#1294 5 years ago

I like ami machines even though they get little love with juke collectors

#1297 5 years ago

i would like get a model A, like the model f also
never liked the continenal
i don't have a jukebox a the moment, looking for a good project, but in the past few years they are almost all grabed up buy the flippers or dealers

#1301 5 years ago
Quoted from IntoPinball:

Not sure if that is a good way to clean your records...

today people expect the music to be crisp and clean ( digitized )
when you play a good LP if you listen real close
there is a sound that crackles and pops
but as someone has aready said, when older recordings are remastered it looses some of what made it great

#1303 5 years ago

DOH! did not notice

#1372 5 years ago

looks nice vic
but all of yours are nice.
it is one of my favorites maybe a little more than K&Q
the 3 of mine that are getting the most play lately are
sweet hearts
target pool
north star
all 2" ers

#1379 5 years ago

volley gets passed by due to the art package.
it is a great wedgehead. not a special fest. once you get a free game you have to complete the drops again to light it again. Unlike games 2001 once you get the special lit you can bang away free games
mine is orginial and nice but not that nice

#1408 5 years ago

very nice volley vic
mine is pretty nice original not quite as nice as yours but pretty close

voley in.JPG volley bg.jpg volley.JPG
#1409 5 years ago

it is a very under rated game IMO some people see tennis and don't even give it a chance

#1416 5 years ago

vic the one thing you have I wish I had is......Room
I have 19 wedgeheads and would have more if I had more room
thinking of building a 30'x40' out building with an upper level

I am a vinyl guy but no jukebox at the moment

#1425 5 years ago

had a few but sold them
last few years it has become hard as hell to get a visible mech machine at a fair price

#1435 5 years ago

it's new litter box?

#1438 5 years ago
Quoted from Darcy:

The Magnatron has very interesting art work. How well does it play?

good art but not much of a player IMO

#1481 5 years ago

I do not say this very often but the pin up is HUO... the coin mech area is like new and I have NEVER seen a king pin or pin up with out a little wear at the kick out hole area. this one shows no sign of even a dimple in the paint.

great game thanks for sharing

#1514 5 years ago

If anyone is interested I am picking up a gtb top score 2 player. it is from a family friend
from what i have seen it looks pretty nice. I can work out a good deal for anyone here.
I think top score / 300 is a pretty good multi player game
anyone in the SE Pa area interested let me know I will get some pictures this weekend.

#1516 5 years ago

I just got it for a good price, works needs a good shop job
i am not into multi players so i will pass it along to a pinsider for a good price or trade for a wedgehead/project

#1518 5 years ago

Not trying to make any money just did not want a flipper to get it.
if i don't get any intrerest, I will shop it out and play it for a while until can find it a new home.

#1544 5 years ago

Nice pin popeboy
that one is pretty nice looking
welcome to the em club

#1551 5 years ago
Quoted from popeboy:

Thanks guys... I'm checking all my CL and Ebay feeds daily, so you know it's all downhill from here

do not get the bug to where you make bad purchases.
reserch the title and make wise choices.
ask here and you should get some honest opinions
a lot of new guys to the em hobby will tell you that they made some bad purchases early on

#1554 5 years ago
Quoted from popeboy:

Absolutely, glad to have a group with a ton of experience to draw from! As I mentioned, I'm entering this obsession with a limited budget so I will definitely be weighing the pros and cons of available pins before I pull the trigger on the next one.

you can find quite a few great em machines on a budget, some work and repair is required but if they are complete they can be repaired with little or no cash
they may not be grade A titles but good players to start out with.

#1578 5 years ago

that ball arch wear is how you can tell how much it was played, if a game has little to no wear there than it was a low play game.

#1581 5 years ago

looks like a lightly played game, will clean up nice.

#1592 5 years ago
Quoted from Arcade:

Just picked up a Flip a Card this past week.
Backglass is 99% perfect.
The rest of the game is horrible. But we will get it in better shape soon.

one of my white whales.....
post some pics

#1596 5 years ago

that will clean up nice, i don't see anything broken or paint issues, just dirty
i bet once cleaned up it will be nice.

1 week later
#1671 5 years ago
Quoted from Ice9ers:

Slightly off topic but would appreciate some opinions - i can get 1 of these 2 - Big Brave or Sweet Hearts - similar conditions - and what are reasonable prices for each?

condition is everything... playfield, backglass and cabinet what do they look like?
big brave is not a bad player not great IMO
sweet heart is one of my favorites great game

if in good condition
big brave 400-600
sweethearts 600-800

that is my opinion

1 week later
#1745 5 years ago
Quoted from DirtFlipper:

One Atlantis down, one more to go. Last rebuild of the year.
(Gotta find my extra instruction card still.)

The inside:

2013Dec31 112.JPG 125 KB

2013Dec31 113.JPG 165 KB

2013Dec22 040.JPG 194 KB

i have a nos complete card set, let me dig them out and see if i can find an extra one for ya.

2 weeks later
#1837 5 years ago
Quoted from Tyamry:

Thanks for all of the kind words. Although I do have some of the rarer pins, I have a very nice collection of DMD's, SS's and few Gottlieb Wedgeheads. I am in the Seattle, WA., area and If anyone is ever up this way and has time to stop by and play a few games, you are more than welcome.
Yes, I have a Sinbad that I will be putting up for sale in the next week or so. I found a nicer Eye of the Tiger, so Sinbad is going to go. My Close Encounters EM is in storage right now while I round up a few parts for it.

now you need the em charlie's angles
from what i am told that is the hardest to find

#1841 5 years ago
Quoted from Tyamry:

I have been looking for a Charlie's Angels EM and a Space Walk for quite some time now, with no luck. Any leads on either, I would pay a nice finders fee!

i know two rare gottlieb collectors and they both have space walk and charlie's angles on there want list they have almost every other.

#1843 5 years ago

not that i know of, you have a want list?
pm it to me and i will ask them

#1845 5 years ago

sonic made some nice machines, the only thing i hated about them is they were made out of particle board.
boy that made the heavy

#1848 5 years ago

sonic and zac's playfields had a thick clear coat they never had wear. backglasses are always nice too

#1931 5 years ago

I don't see that new sing along

1 week later
#2055 5 years ago

spot bowler is a great game one of my favorite pre 55 gottliebs
you did a great job on that one

#2090 5 years ago

that is the nicest trade winds BG that i have seen, everyone i have seen was much worse than that.

#2101 5 years ago

my new 2001 glass should be here this week.... I have been looking for a new glass for my 2001 for years. I am glad there are people like ron that take the time and money to produce glass.

#2105 5 years ago

you might want to ask shay, he looks to be doing a few more 70's title

2 weeks later
#2162 5 years ago

ship ahoy looks great
one of the few AAB games I really liked.
red dot flipper coils really make this game even better

#2165 5 years ago

yes dave you are correct orange brain fart!

#2171 5 years ago

I put orange dot on some yellow dot on others and even reg flipper coils on a few
you have to be careful those orange dot coils can break plastics even yellow can.
it all depends on the playfield layout and how the plastics and drop targets are positioned
I put organge dots on a spirit of 76 and broke 3 plastics in a week, they were removed but the damage was done. live and learn!

#2191 5 years ago

took a team one in a trade today. it looks like it was not on route very long if ever. there is no ball arch wear and it is super clean.
It also had the ball lane metal guides

20140222_195033.jpg 20140222_195055.jpg 20140222_195045.jpg 20140222_195139.jpg 20140222_203349.jpg
#2202 5 years ago
Quoted from DirtFlipper:

Hard to pass them up when they're that clean - even when they're a Team One.
(But wow - super nice!)

It is a great player! the art is kinda lacking but the game play makes up for that 10 fold.
it is one of the cleanest games I have ever picked up.

#2211 5 years ago

any one here ever play Gtb Gemini ?
I got to play one today and WOW it was a great player.
my buddy just got one, he also has some other pretty rare games
em joker poker space walk and the other gtb cross over EM/SS
he is still looking for the em CHARLIES ANGLES if anyone Has a line on that title

#2213 5 years ago

I really liked the lay out and dc flippers and pops really makes it play really fast.

#2214 5 years ago

here is his new space walk backglass not yet installed

20140227_111715.jpg 20140227_111722.jpg
#2229 5 years ago
Quoted from MikeO:

I have owned and played the game. It is a decent player. Definitely better than some of the 70's multiplayer Gottlieb EM's.
I've actually owned two of them. I sold mine last year when I found out how much I could get for it.
Here are some pictures of it.
Mike O.

mike that was a really nice Gemini
I would lie to find one that nice, I am sure you got a good price for it.

1 week later
#2281 5 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

If anyone wants to buy a super nice Quick Draw in the New York area I just ran across stashyboy's Pinball Owners ad:
Click on the Quick Draw pics to see

that Is one of just a few multi players that I would like to have. that one is pretty nice. I wonder what he is looking to get for it.

#2304 5 years ago

got some time to work on the next project buckaroo
stripped and cleaned the pf, came out supper nice(glossy shine w/ no wax yet) much better than i thought. it was pretty dirty.
not much paint loss at all. one small spot at red PB, only a tiny bit of flipper drag, this was one of the machines that almost always has flipper drag not many without it , K&Q is another that is know for flipper drag.

20140316_080806.jpg 20140316_080758.jpg
#2307 5 years ago

that expressway pf looks great

2 weeks later
#2425 5 years ago

that pf looks like it has almost no kick out hole wear, bg has a few issues but good looking overall
great game one of my top 5 2"ers
what state did you find it? because they have been popping up in the last 6 months

#2435 5 years ago

nice score,
i take it you also have a heat wave? love the art package on it the orange just makes the whole thing pop!

#2465 5 years ago

I started out like pafasa all ss the slowly moved to em then even went futher to em wedgeheads
I like playing ss games but the sweet spot to me are the single player wedgies

3 weeks later
#2622 5 years ago

I have a credit assembly that should fit. let me dig it out and take a picture

#2626 5 years ago

you just need the wheel ( i have) and retainer? post a picture so i can locat that for you

#2628 5 years ago

don'y pbr yet let me see what i have first

#2635 5 years ago

I should get some time this weekend, i'll see if i can get you what you need.

2 weeks later
#2644 5 years ago

i went almost 3 years without seeing one for sale then this years BANG! MORE THAN 10
gives you hope for those titles that you want but never see

#2646 5 years ago

GIGI looks nice
I have been looing for that one for a while

#2656 5 years ago

cool layout on that one, never saw one like that
great score!

#2658 5 years ago
Quoted from PMcGee:

I have never played it. A few anemic lights come on and coils buzz when powered up so there is life. I just need to get in and start checking it out. It has one of the more interesting layouts on this series of machines, imho. When you look at all of the zipper flipper games, I see a progression of technology, and also what could be evidence of heavy hemp usage during the design phase.
I envision some day having a chronological row (or room) of the Bally EM zipper flipper and/or multiball games. Starting with Balls-A-Popping through Nip It. Did I mention I have OCD?

sounds like you have a vision, ocd maybe not i have adhd
oh look a monkey

#2659 5 years ago

i know , i know not an em but it has great art i could not pass it up

#2660 5 years ago

ok here is one for vic
yet another target pool, this is my forth one.

#2662 5 years ago

yes it is, chris pulled the trigger fast on this one
cabinet is really nice play ok needs to be shopped out

20140526_211412.jpg 20140526_211422.jpg 20140526_211523.jpg 20140526_211541.jpg 20140526_211543.jpg 20140526_211547.jpg
#2693 5 years ago
Quoted from Gerry:

And BTW a pin does NOT have to be beautiful to be awesome...
Gameplay matters pretty is a bonus..

a lot of good games are passed over due to the looks
but art is always a plus!

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#2732 5 years ago

4 square is with out a doubt in my top five 2" wedgeheads
i had one for 14 yrs the someone offered me a price that i just could not say no to. so off it went
the BG art is good but the PF art is so plain
I missed it so much i had to replace it so i just got this .............


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#2767 5 years ago

ok i finally got all but the sing along set up(PF swap on sing along)
11 in the garage 8 in the basement
once i give them a quick tune up i hope to have some the local pinsiders over
for drinks a some pinball

20140625_145946.jpg 20140625_150001.jpg 20140625_150021.jpg
#2769 5 years ago
Quoted from DirtFlipper:

Looks like fun!
(and an Abra playfield on the rotisserie to boot)

since i found the guts for the AcD head. i thought i would do all the work to the pf now and store the pf in the cabinet. it came out pretty good much better than i thought it would
and once i get time I will repair & repaint the cab and head.
i think once done it will be a pretty nice pin, so some local pinsider might be adding a abra to there line up soon!

#2771 5 years ago

i might have it done by the time i have the get together
you can test drive it......

#2774 5 years ago

1-check fuses
2-check xformer output
2-hold the hold coil in
you should have something going on if all the above are good

#2776 5 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

I would like to know how you rate Sweet Hearts and Target Pool in your line up as both intrigue me.

both are great players, sweethearts is one of my favorites, great art and great flow keeps you coming back for just one more game. target pool is a players game, lower balls can be had from flipper shots but the upper balls need to be had by nudging and using the upper slings. and yes chasing the lit arrows is a blast
if I had to put a number on them from 1-20 (all my pins 1=best) sweetheart would be 3 and target pool would be 8
I have sum good titles

#2791 5 years ago

I would keep all but 2
nice collection
I bet it gets hot in that garage in the Texas summer

#2820 5 years ago
Quoted from stashyboy:

I got them back from Mike today, not only do they look brand new, the packaging was excellent. Each is bagged then wrapped with foam in a mail tube. I will keep two that will go into future projects in the air tight bags for now.
A bit pricy for an average game restoration, but for something high end/a real keeper, there is no substitute!

I thought about doing this, how much for each?
or did you pay per lot

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#2854 5 years ago

anyone get the el dorado he was selling also

#2855 5 years ago

here is a great hard to find game

20140708_101710.jpg 20140708_101716.jpg 20140708_101723.jpg 20140708_101730.jpg
#2859 5 years ago

I keep my real want list on the down low
it never fails when I post I want something, everyone and their brother is now looking for it.
so I have a want list and then I have a want want list
astro play as well as 4 square but so much more pleasing to look at!

#2869 5 years ago

I agree 4 square is a great player BG art is good but the PF art is so plain. I can say that 4 square was the only machine I owned for over 10 yrs. so many others came and went but it managed to stay for a reason.
even though I have mostly replays I do like the AAB games that are not to easy.
the only exception are the flipper series, the were made only as AAB and all are good games top two IMO are flipper and flipper parade

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#2945 5 years ago
Quoted from atpcfiaim:

A few of my Gottlieb games.

P1010028.JPG 179 KB

P1010029.JPG 217 KB

nice line up!

#2973 5 years ago


pf cleaned and polished, the cab will get done after vacation
my first multiplayer in quite some time

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