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Post #2375 Fix for balls coming out of the house during mode start Posted by Wildbill327 (1 year ago)

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#48 1 year ago

Just got "the call!" Delivery tomorrow! Yea!

Thursday, October 10, 10:40am CT: Machine is here and in the game room ready to be un-boxed. Video to follow (hopefully).

#56 1 year ago

She's here and set up. Here are pics. I'll post videos when they're available.
20191010_104737 (resized).jpg20191010_112055 (resized).jpg20191010_114128 (resized).jpg20191010_115127 (resized).jpg20191010_115135 (resized).jpg For those concerned about pooling around the posts: 20191010_114152_001 (resized).jpg20191010_114141 (resized).jpg

#57 1 year ago

By the way, I couldn't really discern any detail in the laser-cut side rails from previous pictures. Pretty frickin' sweet!

#59 1 year ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Yes it doesnt react in the code

I had some shaker action when completing haunts.

Oh, and they removed the pool floats from the display.

#63 1 year ago

So, this isn't great, but here's a video of game play anyway. LOL

#71 1 year ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Are your guys shaker working?

Yes. Not a lot, but it does shake when finishing haunts and when scoring super jackpots during multiball.

On another note, so happy to hear, "Ooo, nice organ!"

#72 1 year ago

No bid deal, but found a grammar mistake on the instruction card.

It's under House Party. See if you spot it.

20191011_135032 (resized).jpg
#76 1 year ago

If anyone wants to see, I took the glass off and played through the game.

*Spoiler Alert*

#87 1 year ago
Quoted from CVeRiTy:

Anyone else update to 0.83 and now have odd playfield lighting behavior while flipping? Each flip of the left flipper toggles the GI or flashers, and each flip of the right flipper toggles all the RGB lights from R to G to B. Making it rather difficult to know which shots are still needed to finish a mode.

Have you tried re-installing the code?

#92 1 year ago
Quoted from CVeRiTy:

I figured it out. It was because I turned Feature Adjustment #92, "PHOTO SHOOT", on. I now believe that this is a debugging mode they forgot to remove that allows them to configure the lighting of the PF for taking photos.

LOL When I saw that in the adjustments, my first thought was, "There's not a camera in this game" and left it alone. Your definition makes more sense. Good job figuring it out!

#95 1 year ago

Here are the haunts and their related windows:

Left of front door:
Top window: "Teenagers from Outer Space"
Left window: "The Brain that Wouldn't Die"
Right window: "The Manster"

Center of house:
Window over front door: House Party - after playing three haunts

Right of front door:
Top window: "Werewolf of Washington"
Middle window: "Manos: The Hands of Fate"
Bottom window: "Night of the Living Dead"

Once a haunt is ready (skull pulsing on steps), a window will start flashing. Use the flippers to move the flashing window: Right flipper moves clockwise; left flipper moves counter-clockwise. When making the shot to start the haunt, remember the flip will change the selected window (a la Dialed In).

I tried collecting a skeleton key to unlock the windows on the far right, but they didn't light up.

#99 1 year ago
Quoted from Sebastian88:

Well, is it awesome to play? Do you find yourself wanting to play more???

I love it and, yes, I want to play more. Unfortunately, the code needs more development. Of course, I think most of us knew that it wouldn't be complete upon shipping. It's fun and fast. Side-to-side action is brutal. The shots are smooth. The game is beautiful. The existing call outs, video, animations, Elvira herself are all awesome.

This theme is one I love. I love the campy-ness and double-entendre. My first memory of pinball is EATPM. That's why it was my first purchase. I want a Scared Stiff. It carried on the tradition. EHOH is the pinnacle of evolution for this theme. I am amazed at the evolution of pinball and this is the perfect example, in my opinion. EATPM: System 11, simple game play, great speech and music, alpha-numeric display. SS: WPC, advanced game play, great speech and music, DMD with animations. EHOH: Spike 2, even deeper game play, great speech (music to follow), LCD with great visuals and animation.

Can you tell I am totally invested in this game and theme? If you haven't already, check out my YT videos on the game in my other posts.

I think I'll go play a game right now.

Happy ballin'!

#100 1 year ago
Quoted from lodgingdolphin:

I started a new game and hit the backdoor skill shot on the first plunge of the game. It started the haunted house party mode instantly. Has anyone else had that happen yet?

I will have to explore this because I haven't had it happen, but I've only been able to plunge the back door a couple times.

(That made me giggle.)

#102 1 year ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Anyone got a custom rule card? Love to get it signed and replace the yellow junk

I asked Coindropper to make some.


#110 1 year ago
Quoted from BigT:

This is what I managed to accomplish today! A couple of quick notes.
Do not turn on the photo shoot option...that is what made all of my inserts either on or off.
I got the “Double Bone Us” . No idea how. How do i get it again?
Also this is an amazing pin, somehow managed to get all 6 balls in play...what a rush.
[quoted image]

Great! That's better than I've managed so far.

I got the the Double Bone Us from the Hand of Fate. Don't know if it's anywhere else in the game.

So good to see so many references from EATPM and SS!

#124 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinballer31520:

When is the too of the mansion supposed to spin !? Mine spins in test mode but I dont think it has turned once while playing the game

I think we've come to the consensus that the turret currently does not spin (future code). It did light up once for me during Attic Party(?).

#132 1 year ago

Has anybody had their game reset on them? It's happened three times so far, always during Werewolf of Washington. I think it's when I have a multiball running also. Just now I started WoW, then started AAZ multiball. Right in the middle of it, the game reset. I'm curious as to if anyone else has experienced something similar or could try to recreate it before I send it to bug report.


#134 1 year ago
Quoted from Indypin:

First of all, before I forget, did anyone else notice the NIB stern box Image sitting in the background of the first ball lock screen? Cool little Easter egg.

Since you mentioned it, I started looking for it. Pretty cool and funny.

#142 1 year ago
Quoted from BigT:

Has anybody updated the code from .82 to .83? I can't seem to find out any details. Is there much difference between them?

.83 is shown as initial code release in the notes, so I do not know what is different. It doesn't hurt to update.

#145 1 year ago
Quoted from Cruster:

EV premiums going to be on the line soon? anyone know?

Premiums are supposed to ship in November, however, there are supposed to be six premiums at Expo this weekend.

#151 1 year ago

I happened to catch a reset while I was recording today. Sent Stern the video link so they could look into it.

#162 1 year ago
Quoted from Sebastian88:

I’m considering getting a different game. I’m waiting on a premium. Looks really cool but I really don’t want to buy a headache. When I got Munsters LE I had no issues. This sounds like a massive Pain in the a**. Not sure what I should do

Keep in mind the troubles you're reading about are most likely only happening to a handful of people: those who are posting about it. It's not uncommon to need to tweak a few things when buying a new, or even used, machine. They surely get jostled around in the shipping process after they leave the factory. Parts can be loosened, broken, connectors unplugged, etc. And, yes, sometimes someone on the line could misalign a part. These things are being assembled by humans, not machines. No one should expect a pinball machine (once again, new or used) to be 100% once received. We can hope they are, and, if so, it's a bonus (like your The Munsters). If it's something severe, the dealer and Stern should be able to handle it.

Bugs, such as resets, can be fixed with code updates, which is why it is important to report them to Stern. Fortunately, I caught a reset on video and was able to send it to them so they could try to recreate the circumstances that led to the issue. The more detail you can provide, the better it will be to fix.

We should not look at any issues as a pain in the ass, but as an opportunity to learn more about the machines we love to own and play. And, how to fix the small things when they crop up. And, they will.

I know my opinion doesn't mean jack to anyone else, but I whole-heartedly love this game. (And I'm picky about the themes/games I will purchase.) It's fun to play. It's campy. It's got great artwork. The assets in the code are great and will be even better through updates. We already know the work Lyman and team have put into his past games. The bones are there. We just need to be patient for the flesh. And, in the meantime, enjoy playing the game. Installing new code will just turn it a new, even better game.

I hope everyone who get this game, or any other for that matter, enjoys it. I know I do.

Paaaaaaaaaaaaarty! Ah-ooooooooooooooooooo!

#227 1 year ago

Okay. Updated game. Recorded playing. Had my best game to date! Video is uploading to YouTube now.

Love the new stuff I saw/heard. I, too, did not see any Elvira pop-ups. Unfortunately, the game over music doesn't seem to be stopping. LOL

#237 1 year ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

And lastly. Nope Haven't gotten the skill shot yet... But, I think the skill shot might be a short plunge to the flipper and then hit the left orbit.
I haven't tried that. As I short plunge to the flipper and go for the house. If you miss and don't hit a switch its a free shot attempt.

I had not thought of that. Gonna have to try it! I noticed it seems like the skill shot stays active longer. ???

#241 1 year ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

I've been thinking a lot about the skill shot as I said. I could be wrong. Because, at first I thought it might be like a Rudy from Fun House skill shot where you hit it just right, not too hard, not too soft. But, nope. I've tried that so many, many, many times. Or maybe even a bit like the skill shot from scared stiff. Where you really need to be precise in your plunge... Sadly the skill shot in scared stiff I feel is not worth going for. Its way too hard to be consistent on it. And you know what. Get a free hit on the crate. Having Crate MB is way more important than any skill shot... Just my thoughts.
Also if you notice the sign is on the left pointing to the house on the right. Which means that the orbit should be the path to take you to the secret entrance. So I think that is another clue that its on the left side and not on the side of the plunge.
Just my thoughts. I could very well be wrong. But, I'd love someone to test my theory... I'm done playing for today. But, next time I play this game I'll try it out. But, as I said. The center house ramp is just too tempting. Nice to get a free hit on it. Also, The drop target lock I like to hit too. Just in case the ball drains from bouncing back insanely fast...
But, if the super secret skill shot is worth a lot of points. Then I might have to alter my strat.

I tried short-plunging to get the back door unskilled shot, but it doesn't work. You described it best when you compared it to Rudy's Hideout. I have hit it twice today, but still not sure what the magic combination was. Once was recorded and is in today's YT video.

#243 1 year ago
Quoted from rvdv:

New code loaded and few games into it
- grandma keeps floating all over the screen and does not stop ??
- attic attack multiball no speech on Elvira
- skill shot , ball keeps getting stuck under diverted flap
- my ball got stuck after the drop target and ball search doesn’t clear it, only way to free it is to take glass of , ggrrr
Overall good improved but still lots missing
When does the ???? Target get activated ( incl light) ??
Crypt still acting weird , how is it supposed to act ?

Attic Attack Multiball has not had speech and was not part of the update.

What is the ???? target? I don't see it. Are you referring to the Wild Market Value target with the $$$$? It appears to not have a function yet.

Crypt cycle is this: 1) Hit gate to open crypt - gate opens; 2) Shoot ball into crypt to awaken a deadhead - skull appears in crypt and deadhead floats on screen and taunts you; 3) Hit skull until crypt opens; 4) Shoot into crypt to vanish the deadhead. Repeat process for each deadhead.

As far as the ball getting stuck, I'm curious as to what pitch your game is at.

#245 1 year ago
Quoted from rvdv:

It’s indeed dollar signs
My crypt has the door to bash then goes to skull , never opens to opening or sometimes half way open
Is there a way to adjust this thing ?
Something is off somewhere

Unfortunately, I don't know what to adjust on it. I would, however, start by going into game diagnostics and testing it to see if it goes to all three positions.

#275 1 year ago
Quoted from Reality_Studio:

Yeah I'm absolutely loving it, so much so that I think I may sell my Scared Stiff. I have to say the new games Stern is putting out are just plain awesome. The deadhead door doesn't totally close on mine as others have mentioned, but funny I didn't even notice it until it was brought up here. I'm just gonna leave it because in normal play I don't even notice.
I'm still trying to sort out the super skill shot, I swear sometimes I've timed it perfectly behind the house to where it takes seconds for it to complete the loop, but it still doesn't go in. I've hit it 3 times so far but kinda randomly, it rewards a bunch of points and advances the current haunt. Maybe I need to shoot it up there slow and nudge the machine a bunch when the ball is near the back of the house, maybe that would coax it into the skill shot.

I'm looking for a Scared Stiff. If you decide to sell it and are willing to ship...

Stern is putting out games that are just plain fun.

My crypt gate doesn't close all the way, either, but I'm not worried about it.

The Backdoor shot is tough. You have to plunge the ball hard enough to get it past the gate behind the house, but not so hard as it comes around the orbit.

#278 1 year ago
Quoted from Reality_Studio:

Well mine is immaculate, like new basically and fully modded so I can prolly get much more having a local distributor sell it rather than on Pinside where it's more hobby pricing, so I'll prolly bring him the machine at some point and let him sell it for me.

Man I've tried! Thing is, I can get it fairly often from the left ramp during game play, where it then just spits it out the front door with no reward. It's weird that it's much easier from the left when I'm not even trying for it, makes me wonder if the door is sometimes closed for some reason? Or maybe you are supposed to hold a flipper down like with Black Knight to enable the super skill shot and then the back door remains open?

It's enabled at the start of each ball (or after a locked ball). I still have to look at my diverter, so next time I have the glass off, I will look and see what's really going on back there.

If you have a price in mind for your SS, shoot me a pm and some pics.

#288 1 year ago
Quoted from DJNOEL30:

Yeah, I’m an idiot I found that and cut them off now it’s working. Still don’t know what I have to do to get the shaker moving. It went off once and only during a gar goil mode other than that nothing so far.

The shaker doesn't have a lot of code, however mine fires when completing haunts and usually during super jackpots in multiball.

#303 1 year ago
Quoted from Tweety:

I didn't like the "Fan" layout, and there was just too much waiting for the ball while watching a video clip.

Can't do anything about the fan layout, but you CAN blow off the videos with a double flip if you don't want to wait.

#381 1 year ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

I have found 9 more deadheads than the 4 known ones. Perhaps one of them as been cancelled from the game or is a mini-wirard...

Well, according to the playfield there is a super deadhead shot. May be related.

#382 1 year ago

It appears completing Gappa Angy in single-ball mode starts a six-ball multiball which currently has nothing to shoot at.

Also just had a 22x Double Bone Us totaling over 55m. That was a really good ball. LOL

#386 1 year ago
Quoted from mattenno:

The Elvira we got has an issue where the ball goes directly to the sling when it comes down from the left orbit. Is this something we need to get repaired?

I think this is pretty common, though mine seems to not be hitting it as much lately.

#415 1 year ago
Quoted from MountZion:

Hi there,
sorry to be a nuisance but I was wondering if somebody could help me. I seem to have won the poop jackpot with this machine (LE #294)- Besides all the minor issues with it needing adjustments in places - like a lot of people seemingly are having to do - I am also having several other major issues. My crypt was not working properly - no adjustment by my pinball tech was able to fix it. After reviewing a video I sent them, Stern is now sending me a whole new crypt assembly.
But what I was wondering is: how is the trunk supposed to act?
I am on code 0.85 if that matters. If I hit the trunk targets, the trunk opens up, then upon shooting the left lane, the ball gets trapped in the trunk and stays there. Then I get so launch a new ball from the shooter lane. Same if I hit the side entrance. It counts the lock and then the ball stays in there. Launch new one from shooter lane.
I was watching PAPA TV live and they were on the latest code as well and their trunk was acting completely different than mine. Upon locking a ball in the trunk their game would count the lock and then eject it right away from the trunk and put it back into play.
That's not even the only issue with my trunk but for now I was wondering HOW is the trunk supposed to act? Does yours keep the ball(s) trapped in it until multiball OR does it count the lock and eject it right away, thus never keeping a ball in the trunk?
Sorry for the wall of text. I want to like this game so badly but I have sooooo many issues

The trunk will hold the ball until you get the second lock, then eject the balls. I didn't watch the whole PAPA stream, but I would think they'd have turned on virtual locks. Therefore, the trunk would not hold the ball.

#417 1 year ago
Quoted from DerezzedKnight:

I’ve been having problems with the ball not holding in the back of the house during a haunt video. Everything on the house is working, but I noticed there is poll motor on the back of the game that holds the ball in place inside the tunnel that releases to the pop bumpers. After it’s gone up, it never resets back down. Does anyone know what I can do to fix it?[quoted image]

I'm just spit balling here... In your picture, the white sleeve that is over the plunger looks to be extended all the way. Has it slipped down off the plunger and is being held by the bracket? It's difficult for me to see how it is supposed to be assembled from the diagram (Up/Down Post Assembly in the manual). I would start there.

#418 1 year ago
Quoted from MountZion:

Oh ok! I did not know that that was a feature you could turn on! That makes perfect sense! thank you so much for your reply!

Virtual locks were added in the latest update.

#420 1 year ago
Quoted from DerezzedKnight:

I double checked and I believe it's assembled correctly. In the photo the plunger is all the way to the top. I can extend it into the tunnel, which then stops the ball, and after the first haunt video it goes back up like it should in the photo, but from then on it never goes back down. I'm stumped on how to fix it. I checked the power cables to that device and everything looks fine.

Just took a pic of mine. You're missing the return spring. The plunger should be down all the time. The coil fires to lift the plunger to let the ball pass. The spring then pushes the the plunger back down. Much like a flipper return spring.
20191026_184333 (resized).jpg

#424 1 year ago
Quoted from DerezzedKnight:

skwilson I figured it out! So after starting to take it apart, I realized it was a pressure situation. The plunger was push against the metal behind it. I was able to loosen the whole thing, release the pressure, and keep the plunger away from metal so it clears. All is good. Thanks again!

Good work!

#461 1 year ago
Quoted from RobertWinter:

If people want to start submitting their serial numbers and date of manufacture, I'll add them to the first post with their game numbers. That would prove/disprove any correlation.

I would be interested in knowing...
#229 10/07/19 297556

#481 1 year ago

There's a change not listed in the release notes: The shots for "Manos: The Hand of Fate" are different. Nice change!
Like the additions. The new speech and sound effects are really starting to show how this will end up.

Some of the haunts don't seem to complete. Anyone else notice this? It's nothing new, but it's annoying when you think you complete a haunt and it doesn't.

Quoted from Mogg:

Since we know you might read this, Thank you Lyman, i really like the game so far.
have you made the skill shot yet? theres a big sign pointing to it, but it can't be made.

I can make the Back Door skill shot. Not with any regularity, but I've made it a number of times. Nothing like the Bros did last Saturday, though. Wow!

#526 1 year ago
Quoted from PBMAN:

Why no score when I put it in Elvira's Back Door.
Seriously anyone having this issue. Giving award about 1 out of 5 times.

You're saying it's not scoring on the skill shot which is the only time you will be awarded a score?

#535 1 year ago
Quoted from DJNOEL30:

Oh man, I hope I’m not going to be part of the “Where is the Elvira Code” thread a year from now... Anyone have word on the code for the shaker motor??

Are you not getting any shaker action at all?

Here are the points where the shaker should fire:

TFOS - Last shot to house
TBTWD - Final 3 shots (each ramp + shot to house)
TM - This haunt doesn't seem to finish
MTHOF - Third stage of haunt + final shot
NOTLD - Final cellar shot + final shot
TWOW - None

House Party Multiball - Super Jackpot Shots to the house
House Attic Party - None
WWMB - Last jackpot (completion) before only the orbits are lit for SJPs
JITT - None
AAZM - None

Gar-Goils Gone Wild - Collect jackpot
Drive Me Crazy - None
Gappa Angry - Starting shot to the house

#538 1 year ago

Has anyone else noticed that the yellow insert on the left loop says "Drive Me Crazy" while the yellow insert on the right loop says "Drive Me Car-zy"?

That's actually kinda buggin' me now. LOL

#540 1 year ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

Yeah now that you mentioned it it’s bothering me too. What is going on at Stern? It looks like that new QC guy isn’t living up to the ideal yet. Can’t see how that was intentional. All the other inserts match. Thanks for bringing it to my attention lol now I have something new to be bugged about.

At least nothing is misspelled. I guess they either changed their minds about what it should say or couldn't decide what it should say and it went to print without being corrected. Maybe someone needs some NEGATIVE REINFORCMENT.

#541 1 year ago


#625 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

hbagz - I see Gary didn’t sign the COA. How do you know it’s actually an authentic Signature Edition?

I would take hers over his any day.

#638 1 year ago

So, a couple things I just need to rant about...

Hit 419m today. Could've been higher, but had some short multiballs.

I know the code will come. I'm not worried about that, but the antici-

pation is killing me.
1. Reaching Director's Cut and getting stuck with nothing to do really sucks. I started trying to figure out a way to shoot the left outlane on purpose.
2. Trailer Trash can be worth a ton of points. Wow.
3. On another game, I had 44m in bonus. If only I had selected Double Bone Us from the Hand of Fate!
4. Is it going to be possible to get all six awards from the HoF?
5. I turned on my GOTG Pre for the first time since getting EHOH and ST. Made me wish EHOH had RGB lighting.

Okay. End of rant.
Go play some pinball!

#684 1 year ago

Hey, guys! There're only a few days left to sign up for the Pinside Secret Santa program. If you haven't participated before, it's a lot of fun!


#702 1 year ago
Quoted from lockie:

Does anyone else get random scoring before a game starts. Somethings when I wait a bit to start play the game will randomly start scoring tonight it was acting like happy hour. So I scored 20million before the ball left the shooter trough.

Probably need to check the optos on the ramps.

#740 1 year ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

I’m having an issue, each time the skull on the ramp is lit to start the haunt, I shoot up the ramp. Instead of holding the ball while it plays the animation the ball dribbles out into the pop lanes On the right. Thoughts? It’s doing it 100% of the time.

Check to make sure the up/down post in the subway behind the back board is functioning properly.

#861 1 year ago

Video with new code coming later, but for now...

1. I was iffy about not being able to stack the multiballs, but thinking about it now, I like it. With the new JitT rules, it will be easier to follow which jackpot(s) you're shooting at. It just makes more sense to me now.
2. The new call-outs for the Back Door are f!@#ing awesome!
3. The music and lighting for Santa Claus Conquers the Martians are brilliant. (Started this haunt twice in the same game, but failed to progress.) There are at least two intros for this haunt.
4. Adding player sounds/call-outs/speech: great!
5. High score sounds added: great!
6. Glad to see extra balls fixed.
7. Did I mention how awesome the call-outs for the Back Door are?

The code is progressing nicely.
Happy Thanksgiving!

#866 1 year ago

New game play video is up.

#872 1 year ago
Quoted from hank527:

I'm having issues installing. Says insert USB. The files extract weird to the usb. Anyone else having issues?

Quoted from Sethman:

have you tried extracting to your PC 1st, then copy them onto the stick?


Here's what I do and I've had no trouble. *fingers crossed*
1. Download file to PC.
2. Extract ZIP file to a folder (named Pinball Code)
3. Delete old files from USB stick.
4. Copy new unzipped code files to USB stick.
5. Insert in to machine and turn on.

#876 1 year ago
Quoted from hank527:

Yep and not working. I'm curious if you have an LE, SE or premium. I'm thinking o trying the SE code on my LE.

I have an LE, but the code is the same.

1. Have you tried both USB ports?
2. Have you tried reformatting the flash drive (FAT32)?
3. Have you tried a different flash drive?
4. Also what Mad_Dog_Coin_Op said above?

I'm thinking there is something wrong with your flash drive since the game is recognizing it's there, but is not seeing the code since it is telling you to insert the drive.

I know others were having problems updating with the last Ghostbusters update. I think some tried several flash drives before it worked.

If all else fails, give Stern a call and see what they say. Just try everything you can first.

#877 1 year ago
Quoted from PersonX99:

These update videos are great! Thanks for posting them.

Thank you so much for saying that! It means a lot!

#878 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

Going back to a previous topic ... how the f!@# do you make the Back Door shot to hear the f!@#ing awesome call-outs?

It's not easy by any means. I only make it about 1 in every 10 plunges. (Just an estimate. ) It has to be hard enough to get past the gate on the back right of the house, but slow enough that it doesn't go all the way around. Just got to find that happy medium.

#880 1 year ago
Quoted from hank527:

Done. I downloaded another version which was the same filename and it worked. I guess something was corrupt.

Good! Glad you got it worked out!

#882 1 year ago

OMG! Every time I play, I feel like I hear a call-out I haven't heard before. (Could just be because I'm not listening.)

My new favorite from Sgt. Jar Head is "Knock it off, puss nuts!"

Of course (spoiler alert) I love "Not everyone likes it in the back door, but you do!"

#941 1 year ago

Well. Looks like this trunk issue is becoming common. It's happening to me as well. What I think I've noticed is the trunk opens when it shouldn't. (ie. lock is not lit) The game does eventually eject the balls on the 4th? ball search. I've also opened the coin door and manually ejected them through test. I'm definitely thinking it's the code. Has anyone sent it to bug.report?

#951 1 year ago
Quoted from NoQuarters:

I have not had a ball lock in the trunk yet. When lid opens and ball goes in trunk the ball fires out immediately each time I have gotten a ball in. ??
I have not really paid attention as to the lid opening or not when it is supposed to with a lock. I would guess the lock is lit because I have heard Elvira say shoot for the ramp or something to that effect when I have seen the lid pop open.
So what is the proper shot sequence and operation of the trunk and trunk multiball ? Have not gotten real familiar with the game yet... Explanation of how the trunk is supposed to work would be helpful. Thanks.

JitT multiball:
Hit one of the three combination lock targets to lock in one of the pieces of junk.
Complete trunk combination lock targets: trunk opens and white 'Junk in the Trunk' insert lights at left ramp.
Shoot left ramp to lock first ball and collect piece of junk.
Repeat process to lock second ball and start JitT multiball.
You can also sneak a lock if the ball bounces into the trunk eject.

#986 1 year ago
Quoted from gawcol:

I saw the control gate in the right loop never goes up with software 0,87.
It works in test, but I never see it go up in in the game.
Is that normal with software 0,87? At what times in game should it go up?
Also, I can not make the super secret skill shot if that control gate doesn't go up.

I have no issues with a full plunge on the current code. The gate is open. I believe it is only open for the Back Door Unskilled Shot.

#991 1 year ago
Quoted from bigehrl:

is the shaker motor not yet programmed into the code? i see the setting option for it, and have it installed, but it never activates.

See my post #535 in this thread for my account of when the shaker fires.

#1012 1 year ago
Quoted from whitey:

Hope the topper has LEDs in the eyes
Maybe some flashers or this opens the door for aftermarket for sure

Zooming in on the pic, it doesn't look like the eyes light up.
These are my guesses:
1. There are lights (hopefully interactive RGB that coordinates with the haunts) in the base that shine up on on the gargoyles and crypt sign.
2. The middle section appears to be separate and padded at the bottom and might indicate movement. Like someone is trying to escape from the crypt.
3. I would like to think the gargoyles might bounce a little, but I'm not seeing anything to indicate this. They are separate from the base, but that could just be the way it's assembled.

I think it will be pretty cool and I'll definitely get one.

#1030 1 year ago
Quoted from Bearcat:

Well, more to my point. If you’re going to show clips from Werewolf of Washington, why not show the Fing werewolf? Instead, we get a generic shot of the mall and a watergate sign?

I take it you haven't killed the werewolf.

#1031 1 year ago
Quoted from Aniraf:

I apologize if this has been discussed before…Are we to expect future code having the film reel at the bottom of a house mode and filling in as shots are made (like in teenagers from outer space) or is that going away (like every other movie).

I would expect it to be added to all haunts.

#1043 1 year ago
Quoted from J85M:

Lyman did the same process with BM66, a lot of placeholder stills used while he was fleshing out the code and building the structure of the game, once that was done the video and audio assets where all added and polished.
I wouldn’t worry about what’s on the lcd at the minute based on BM66 Lyman gets all the rules and modes in place before finalising the video and audio and lastly the audio and lighting.

On the Flip-n-Out stream last night, Chuck Ernst mentioned that Lyman had pulled something like 3700 clips from the movies. For reference, BM66 only has around 800. I'm sure not all will make it into the game, but after all that work, I'm sure a lot of them will get used.

*Edit: I think a portion of those may be Elvira's clips (around 100). I was working on buying a pin while I was watching the stream, so it's a little foggy.

#1080 1 year ago
Quoted from Wakky:

Anyone having issues where the 2 gargoyles in front of the dead head hit the playfield glass really hard ?

All four of the gargoyles are supposed to hit the glass.

#1101 1 year ago
Quoted from Wakky:

Incorrect . They are not suppose to hit the glass that hard causing damage . Where is it noted they are supposed to hit the glass ?

As Robertstone0407 stated. They are supposed to hit the glass and they do not cause damage. The concept is the same as the leapers in Scared Stiff. It is noted in the Dead Flip reveal stream.

#1103 1 year ago

Wow! Two code updates in one day! (JP)

So glad to see the Deadheads fixed. I got Aunt Surly back to back the other day and was thinking that needed to be fixed.
Also glad to see the timer restart on SCCTM. I think I've only completed that haunt once due to the timer running out.
Trunk issue fixed. Yea!
There's your headphone support!

Good update.

Quoted from jfh:

New code:
V0.88.0 - Dec. 3, 2019
- Fixed issues with the house ramp and diverter motors, esp. when the
interlock switch disables the power to the node boards, which results
in a loss of communication to the boards.
- Fixed the "UNSELECTED" icon for trunk test; it was the same as the
"SELECTED" icon.
- Support for the headphone kit was missing. This has been corrected.
- Removed unused adjustment and messages.
- Added switch compensation for disabled house ramp diverter; if
disabled, awards for the HOUSE LOCK will be given out on the RAMP OPTO
(due to inaccessibility).
- Added new lamp effects for starting a haunt.
- Added sounds for santa jackpots.
- Added new "hurray for santa claus" music.
- Updated rules.
- Added timer restart for shots made.
- Fixed an issue where the trunk lid would stay open when it should not;
i.e. after a player played trunk multiball and left the multiball with
the trunk lid open, the lid would stay open.
- Improved abruptly changing player score font sizes during BONUS.
- Kept track of previously played deadheads so they will not be repeated
for the same player in a game.
- The background lamp effect for TRUNK MULTIBALL was not displaying the
trunk item lamps that applied to the second multiball properly. This
has been corrected.

#1142 1 year ago
Quoted from calprog:

Quick question: the skill shot on my game does not work. I cannot get the ball to go in the hole behind the house. Any ideas? I am at 7.5 degrees angle. Could this be the problem? Weird. I have .880 code.

It takes a lot of finesse to hit the shot.

#1143 1 year ago
Quoted from dgilmore80:

It seems as though the graphics for "Half way through" multiball have gone away with .88 code. I still get the 5(?) ball multiball, but Elvira's congratulatory speech isn't there anymore. Same with everyone? Pity, I really liked that clip.

I'm fairly certain it's still there.

#1156 1 year ago

Well. I've had my first part break. The left flipper coil stop broke. No huge deal. Parts ordered. Of course, I just got all my black Friday orders in.

I'm curious as to who y'all recommend for replacements.

#1165 1 year ago

Doug at SpeakerLightKits.com has the newer Type 13 for LE versions which only lights the speakers. I wanted my speaker lights to match, so I went with the Type 12 Deluxe like my GotG. I was worried I might not like the effect. Here's a video showing both.

#1212 1 year ago
Quoted from marspinball:

Quoted from MRG:
Take your house off and look for the additional piece of metal seen in this picture, the black oval My game did not have this piece. Contact Chaz if you do not.[quoted image]

Did you get this piece installed? Can you now make the skill shot. Was Chaz aware of this issue?

Apparently they are. I e-mailed Parts with my game info through the website about that part and got a response. They are sending it to me.

#1213 1 year ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

Quoted from splitcms:
Anyone having an issue with their shaker motor on the game? Ran coil test 7 and the shaker shakes but in game I never feel it go off. I apologize if this is already addressed

There is almost no shaker code programmed yet.

Surely I am not the only one that gets responses from the shaker during the game.

#1216 1 year ago
Quoted from Wakky:

Shaker motors works during Gargoyles gone crazy mode....

That's not the only time. There are a lot of people saying there isn't much shaker code, or they get nothing from the shaker, but mine fires for all mode completions (plus shots leading up to) and super jackpots. I've even posted all of the occurrences of when the shaker fires. I just don't get it. Oh well.

1 week later
#1267 1 year ago

^^^^^ Well said.^^^^^

#1272 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

It’s not that it doesn’t gel, and I actually find it very fun to shoot and think stern did a nice job, it just needs more to make it come alive. It will get there, I just hope it’s sooner rather than later. I’ve been through a lot of code waiting (avengers, xmen) so I’m no stranger to it, just thought progress would be quicker.

We've already had four updates since launch. They've been minor, but it's like unwrapping a Christmas present every time. Each new update adds more fun and excitement to the game. I like seeing it progress. It's been almost three weeks since the last update. Maybe Lyman will surprise us with a Christmas gi.ft of .90. (fingers crossed)

#1285 1 year ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

Is there a good image of the topper posted yet? And if not... Is Elvira on the topper or is it just the Gargoyles and just crypt... If that's their topper I'll be looking elsewhere for mine. I might buy a Party Monsters topper and use that in the short term. And in the long term just make my own topper then. I want a nice pinup type image of elvira. Something a bit cheesecakey, but also campy and fun.

This is the only image of the topper Stern has shared. Here's some cheesecake for ya.

E.Topper (resized).jpg20191218_060600 (resized).jpg
#1296 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

I’ve asked before never got an answer so asking again, when is the house turret supposed to spin? It spins when the game boots up, but I don’t recall ever seeing it spin in game mode.

It is currently not in the code.

#1382 1 year ago
Quoted from Bearcat:

Possible dumb question, does switching which window is lit prior to ball plunge effect the game at this point?

You can choose which haunt you start by using the flipper buttons to select the flashing window.
1. If haunt is lit at plunge, the Back Door Unskilled shot will start the haunt.
2. When a haunt is lit, trap the ball. Use the other flipper to move the flashing light one past the window/haunt you want to start. Shoot the house to start the haunt.
3. "Santa Conquers the Martians" requires the skeleton key to unlock the window. To collect a key, wait until the key insert is blinking in front of the trunk targets. Hitting a target while the key is lit will lock in the key. Complete the targets to light the trunk lock. Locking a ball in the trunk will collect a key which will then unlock other rooms in the house.

To answer your question, switching the lit window prior to plunge will only affect the game if you hit the Back Door.

#1388 1 year ago

For anyone who is new to the game, I made a new tutorial video. I might even do a little dance for ya!

#1389 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

What pitch/level are you guys setting your games at?
Are you able to make the back door skill shot where its set?

When I rearranged my games last week, I checked the pitch on all my Sterns (since they're on the same wall and my foundation is far from level). Turns out I had EHoH somewhere between 6 and 6.5 degrees. I was able to hit the Back Door maybe 1 in 10 or 1 in 5 plunges. I now have it around 6.9 degrees and have made it once in about 50 plunges. LOL

#1415 1 year ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

Not a big fan of Denis Leary Dead Head though. But, some of his callouts are funny.
I think my favorite is Uncle Bonehead and Mummy Dearest(callouts of the mummy are the best!).

Thank you! I couldn't figure out who Sonny reminded me of!

Do you mean Grampa Bonehead? His call outs are good.

Did I hear Mummy Dearest call me an asshole? I couldn't really understand her. That wrap kinda muffles her voice. ;-D

My favorite is still Sergeant Jar Head's "I love pain" quote.

I just wish the DeadHeads were more animated when you vanquish them instead of just disappearing in a puff of smoke. An "oh, shit!" or surprised look on their faces would be awesome!

Quoted from Diospinball:

Also, I like santa confusing Nixon with a reindeer.

Santa confuses all the reindeer names! It's hilarious!

Quoted from Diospinball:

Rather I was just thinking about how we're still a good ways away from 1.0 and what do you guys think we might be seeing in the coming updates?

I dread the day the code gets to 1.0 as I love getting updates!

#1418 1 year ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

Will it be feature complete at 1.0? I doubt about it,
unless we have less frequent updates, so more consistent ones in the future.

If 1.0 is considered complete code... Code revision numbers really don't mean that much anymore. But, at the rate it's going, there should be 11 more updates before we reach 1.0. We'll see.

#1419 1 year ago

So. This just happened.

Finally learned what happens when you complete the Hand of Fate wheel: Nothing (yet)
Looks like mode points are increased the second time through the house.

20191228_160531 (resized).jpg
#1457 1 year ago
Quoted from Aniraf:

Has anyone had an issue where there are two balls in the trunk and a third ball flies in from the side and impacts the two balls which causes one or both of the locked balls to pop out? I've seen this happen 2-3 times now. The code handles it, and doesn't end the ball, but it is certainly a bit unfair in a tournament scenario.

There shouldn't be two balls in the trunk. First ball in the trunk is a lock. Second ball in the trunk starts multiball. What's going on that you have two balls in the trunk?

#1462 1 year ago
Quoted from Aniraf:

Multiple players.

Unless anyone else has an answer...

For tournaments, I would probably disable the trunk. (Is there a virtual lock setting? I haven't looked for it.)

There may be a code bug in this situation. ???

I'll do some research tomorrow as my trunk has developed an issue I need to look into and try to fix.

#1472 1 year ago
Quoted from Aniraf:

Has anyone had an issue where there are two balls in the trunk and a third ball flies in from the side and impacts the two balls which causes one or both of the locked balls to pop out? I've seen this happen 2-3 times now. The code handles it, and doesn't end the ball, but it is certainly a bit unfair in a tournament scenario.

I've thought more about this and I think I understand it more. When the balls pop out, does it not start Trunk multiball? If that's the case, it is an unfortunate circumstance. I would think it would be best to disable the trunk for tournament play. I'm surprised it's not starting multiball, though.

I was able to recreate a scenario where a player could get a three-ball trunk multiball. Player one locks ball in trunk normally. Drains. Player two gets a lock from the side. The next ball in through the side will start a three-ball multiball. The ability of the ball to enter through the kickout creates some interesting scenarios.

Check your trunk lids, everyone. There are two screws that hold it on: one in the pivot point and one that attaches the lid to the arm that raises it. Both of mine had come loose causing the lid to not close completely. It caught my attention when the lid caused a weird air ball. Would be a good idea to check it from time to time.

#1488 1 year ago

Well. Crap.
20200102_143801 (resized).jpg

#1492 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Wow! How did you manage that?

I have no idea. Made a shot to the house. Ball never came out. Ball search didn't find it. Walked to the side of the machine, and there it was. Thankfully, it was easy to remove with a magnetic telescoping wand. (Everyone should have one.)

#1501 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Lucky you found the ball easily. We have not had ome stuck ball yet. Great game and we are looking forward to more code updates.

That, so far, is my only stuck ball. I've had a couple stalled balls, but nothing that required removing the glass until today. It's a great game.

#1502 1 year ago
Quoted from SuperPinball:

I think the 0.89 code messed up the unhappy hour. The pop bumpers are now scoring really big points meant for the ramps. I got 19 billion on my first ball.

Are you sure there isn't a ramp opto misbehaving?

#1503 1 year ago

I just noticed something. Is anyone else not able to complete Manos: THOF? I just noticed that the completion shot never lit. It's like "The Manster" was in earlier code. Just checking to see if anyone else has noticed the same thing before I send it in. Thanks!

2 weeks later
#1606 1 year ago
Quoted from rockrand:

Mirror blades or art work?
I see all art work anybody see one with mirror blades

After putting mirror blades on my GotG and ST, I will put them on everything. Had the LE not come with art blades, I would've put in mirrors.

#1614 1 year ago
Quoted from benjoewoo:

New owner, happy.
Does anyone know if it's possible to have the roof of the mansion start with the Elvira face facing forward? Getting tired of the eyeball.
Also does the audio for the bat attic multi ball not play for anyone? The audio for Elvira--got it and she is very clearly going through a monologue but no audio.

No. With future code, the turret will rotate according to mode. The eyeball will light when Attic Party Multiball is ready.
No. There is not sound for either Attic Attack Multiball or Attic Party Multiball.

#1617 1 year ago
Quoted from Wakky:

Stay tuned ! New code will rectify the above mentioned issues plus add in many new features .

Quoted from Peanuts:

Inside infos?

Yeah. You have inside info on the next release?

It's been one month since the last update which, I think, is the longest we've gone between updates since launch. I'm hoping the next update is amazing! I love it!

#1624 1 year ago
Quoted from benjoewoo:

Also asking for basic troubleshooting. Have a buzzing noise coming from what I believe is the motherboard area behind the back glass.
After searching for some help, I found a thread on pinside for older stern machines saying it could be the sound board/connections to the speakers.
I'm not sure that's the case for me. I opened the back glass and checked cables were plugged in correctly and found that my untrained trouble shooting "workaround" is currently open and close the coin door. Doesn't always work but doing it multiple times will do the trick. The sound also generally goes away within a few minutes, whether I'm playing or not.
Any and all help appreciated.

Out of curiosity could it be the fan on the power supply you're hearing?

#1635 1 year ago
Quoted from rockrand:

Can the crypt be adjusted so it closes more ,I know there are optos in there and I have had no luck[quoted image]

I think mine is a little tighter than yours, but I believe someone (posted way earlier in the thread) contacted Stern and was told that's pretty much just the way it is. Honestly, although I thought it odd at first, it doesn't really bother me. The thing works.

#1644 1 year ago
Quoted from benjoewoo:

How do you activate the dead hand ball save? The video is a zombie arm coming up from a grave in front of a tombstone to catch a ball.

I thought I had "The Dead Return" figured out, but it's lighting at times I don't expect. I still think it has something to do with one of the three-banks, but am not sure. Has anyone come up with a definitive answer?

#1646 1 year ago
Quoted from Sethman:

Think it activates after banishing a Dead head.

That is a distinct possibility. I know I've had it light without completing the three-banks. Ever since the extra ball for vanquishing two Dead Heads got added, I have been going for the first right away. I bet you're right!

#1649 1 year ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

I don't think they're close to done coding that yet.
It goes dead after the ball ends even if its not used. During the mb ball save it gets used up. And I would think or hope that the reward for a vanquish will eventually carry over after the ball ends.
No reason for it to disappear, you worked hard for it, should be punished by a SDTM. Also the same thing is true for hand of fate. I don't think a ball end should wipe these rewards out. Keep them lit until claimed. It makes hand of fate a bit harder to claim.
At least that's how I would prefer it. Or maybe for tournament players or directors put it in the settings for them to change or alter if a ball drain kills them.
That would be fair.

You can change the settings to allow The Hand of Fate, The Dead Return and Double Trouble to carry over from ball to ball. I believe it was in the last update.

Quoted from Lermods:

maybe found a small bug. I had the return insert lit on the right outlane, went into junk in the trunk mb with the ball save between the flippers flashing, ball goes into the right outlane and the ball return insert light in the right outlane goes out so I basically lost that ball return. I would think you should keep that ball return when the ball save light between the flippers is flashing.

I submitted that as a bug prior to the last release. Hopefully it will make it into the next release. The Dead Return should not be used when the ball save is active.

#1651 1 year ago

Here are the Game adjustments... (Oops. The adjustment titles must have been flashing and I caught them off. LOL)
#14 is Hand of Fate Carry Ball/Ball
20200124_165644 (resized).jpg

#17 is Double Trouble Carry Ball/Ball
20200124_165703 (resized).jpg

#18 is The Dead Return Carry Ball/Ball
20200124_165710 (resized).jpg

#1654 1 year ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

Well... Learn something new every day. Thanks for the info...
Now, my question is as follows: If I do change the settings for them to carry over, does that make me a crappy player, or a horrible person, or both? I can live with being a horrible person, but I am trying to become a good pinball player.
Side note, trying to be a good person has been abandoned long, long time ago.

As you pointed out earlier, those settings are needed (especially The Hand of Fate carry over).
In a home environment, where we (?) play for fun, why not make it a little bit easier so we can accomplish more? If I were practicing for a tournament, I would make it harder. As it is, I'm always practicing flipper skills. It was this game that I was finally able to learn how to drop catch successfully. (Oh, that's awesome!) All five of my playable games have the following: 1. Extra balls on; 2. One or two replay levels set to award extra balls; 3. Match turned off (don't need a free game when it's on free play); 4. Posts left at factory position. My nudging has improved. I don't consider myself to be a crappy player, but I'm also no Keith Elwin or Bowen Kerins. What's the harm in taking advantage of the software options to make the game more fun for me? None. And I consider myself neither a horrible or good person. I just like playing the game. You do what you want to do to make the game more enjoyable or accomplish your goals.

#1738 1 year ago
Quoted from Macca101010:

Is there any differences between the Premium and LE playfield i.e. plastics etc, other than the apron?

There shouldn't be.

#1747 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

The manual has the premium, LE and SLE listed as different part numbers for the playfield plastics and playfield decals.
Can anyone help out with what the differences are?

That is interesting, however all three playfields are identical. Therefore, the plastics and decals are identical, too. Why they list them as separate part numbers, I have no idea.

Edit: I just had a thought. Are the apron inserts plastic? Could this be the reason for the different part numbers? Those are the only pieces I can think of that would be different.

#1749 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Yep. It’s already great.
Lyman has a long ways to go!

Quoted from Midway-Man:

I wonder if we get some new code this week, has been five weeks since last update.

I am now hoping for an update soon. I don't get to Director's Cut often, but it's frustrating when you get locked out of everything and have no choice but to end the ball when it happens. Even if it's just a few shots and a completion shot as a placeholder. I can live with the missing audio.

Of course, any update is a good update, so...

#1751 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

I know there are differences in the plastics and decals for most other premium to LE models on Stern games. I did not believe it either until one of my friends showed me some photos of SWLE to premium.

That is usually because there are playfield differences that require the plastics to be different. I just edited my previous post. There may be a reason for them to be different.

#1761 1 year ago

Back on December 10, I had E-mailed Stern about the metal guide that goes under the house to assist with the BDUS to which Pablo responded. I got a notification from UPS today that I was receiving a package from Stern. Hopefully that is it. Unless they're sending me something else out of the blue for no money.

#1773 1 year ago
Quoted from Wildbill327:

When I was setting up Elvira I couldn’t find a flipper power adjustment in the settings..is it coded in yet? I’m also trying to find the kick out adjustment for the garage lock...any help would be much appreciated...and the premium looks way better in person compared to the pictures IMHO.

There is no flipper power adjustment.

The garage lock is an up/down post. It's either up or down. Nothing to adjust.

#1784 1 year ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

I've been thinking about the VUK kickout.
And I have numerous times requested a small ball save timer be added to it.
I still believe there should be one. However, I think if there was one it would make the game a little too easy.
Now, I'm not saying lets not add a ball save timer. What I am saying is perhaps a ball save timer that only will save your ball if it drains out via the left outlane.
Down the middle you should be able to nudge it in a way to get control, and if it does bounce off the rubber and then down the right outlane, which happened to me quite a few times, I think that should be the risk of taking the shot. Because, I do think those drains are avoidable for the most part with anticipation and skill.
But, the left outlane drain, no amount of skill can save that if it plunges it directly to it. I think with that little bit of insurance it would make it just the right balance of difficulty.
Just my thoughts.

Now, that I agree with. Should be a simple piece of code that says if the left outlane switch is hit immediately after the VUK kickout, the ball gets saved.

However, I set my VUK kickout strength to 185 and the ball rarely goes to the outlane anymore. If it heads that way, a quick nudge will usually catch the ball.

I'm curious as to what others have their set at.

#1803 1 year ago
Quoted from Wildbill327:

I want to get my Elvira set up properly so I have a few questions....When wild woman multiball starts should all the balls roll out of the garage lock together or one by one? What pitch is best for this table? Thanks and I appreciate any help.

I have mine around 6.8-6.9 degrees. Plays well for me.

#1811 1 year ago
Quoted from nexfx:

Does anyone know how long till Stern releases the other Elvira accessories? I am dying for the topper!!![quoted image]

My guess is it will be a while yet. The Black Knight topper still has to come out. It was supposed to go into production after the Star Wars topper.

I really want one, too, but I'll take a code update to tide me over.

#1813 1 year ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

Thats weird. I didn't think anyone wanted the star wars topper. I personally thought it looked cool, but the price is a bit scary, and I know people didn't like it.

I was monitoring the Star Wars topper thread and, even though it carries a hefty price tag and has had some minor issues, it would seem everyone is pretty happy with it once they get it.

Quoted from Diospinball:

I won't have Elvira winking in the topper illustration that I will be using.

Ha ha

Quoted from Diospinball:

But, I know none of my toppers will have light effects.

Interactive, no, but why not?

#1816 1 year ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

Status of Code:
Elvira – For all Elvira owners, please make sure you have updated your game to the most current code version (v0.89.0). Be on the lookout for a new code update this month.

Yeah. Isn't that exactly what it said in January's?

#1818 1 year ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

Nearly. In january they wrote "Be on the lookout for a new code update soon."

Oops. You're right. At least they changed some of the wording.

#1824 1 year ago
Quoted from Syco54645:

except i have had the kicker throw it sdtm as well. no amount of nudging will save that short of a slide... there should always be a save on that kickout.

Adjust the strength of the kickout.

#1831 1 year ago
Quoted from Vino:

Haven’t seen the retro refurb ones vs stern. Any chance someone can post both or direct me?
How is the shaker in this one guys?
- I have a lowly premium .. I’ll survive.. I guess.


#1834 1 year ago
Quoted from Syco54645:

Well sometimes the game will hit the number targets. Other times it will head to the outline, inlane, or sdtm. Will power adjust help? Not my game but my friends.

Yes. Adjusting the kickout strength helps a lot! Try setting at 185. The kickout is not consistent by any means, but very rarely does it hit the left outlane.

#1843 1 year ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

Dear SKWilson, have you received your kit?

Yes. I just got it about 20 minutes ago. I think I'm going to do a live install on YouTube here in a little bit. They included some pretty vague instructions.

#1845 1 year ago

Going live on installing the new bracket. Pride Pinball on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClx3AxNdn30iP7yey0rOafA
Help me figure this thing out. LOL
Video will remain on YouTube.

#1848 1 year ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

I probably will watch this once I get the kit myself. I gotta check and then contact stern, as I'm sure my machine doesn't have that metal post or bracket. As I got my LE pretty early on in the process...
I just wish they'd get the bugs sorted before manfacturing. This is the skill shot we are talking about... An important shot for the game.

What's funny is I didn't think I had a problem. After I initially set up my game, I was able to make the skill shot pretty regularly. Then, when I moved all my games and re-leveled them, I realized my playfield was under 6.5 degrees (can't trust that darn bubble!). Once I had it at roughly 6.9 degrees, I started having problems making the shot.

Here's the link to the video:

Unfortunately, my kit was missing a page of instructions (Steps 1 and 2), so I wasn't sure about the second guide. (We figured it out in the video.)

Here is the new guide that goes to the right of the house by the pop bumpers. The new guide (on the left) has a slight bend in the part that is behind the house.

20200205_164050[1] (resized).jpg

Here is the new guide that goes to the left of the house behind the garage ball lock. The new guide (on the left) is longer and straightens out the curve of the lock ball guide.

20200205_165826[1] (resized).jpg

If your machine doesn't have these guides, contact the parts department through the website. Be sure to include your serial number and address.

Thanks for watching!

#1849 1 year ago
Quoted from MountZion:

So I had a lot of issues with my machine out of the box, but after dialing it in and replacing the crypt assembly and motor it's all coming together very nicely Great machine!
I was wondering though if somebody could help me. My machine was missing the extra metal piece in the back needed for the skillshot, so I got in touch with stern and ordered one.
Well, today I received my "Elvira Repair Kit" ,as they called it, and it came with 2 pieces of metal. One being the one needed to make the skillshot..... the one one I have no clue what it's for ?
Any ideas?[quoted image][quoted image]

^^^^^^^^^^ See my posts above! ^^^^^^^^^

#1852 1 year ago
Quoted from MountZion:

Thank you for this. That's funny though that you were missing pages 1 and 2, because they only send me page 8 of the instructions and nothing else.

PAGE 8?!?!? I only have pages 3 and 4. What's on page 8? For that matter, what the heck is on pages 5-7!?!? What are we missing? I think Imma start drinking again.

#1863 1 year ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

The turret on my house is slightly crooked. How do I adjust it?

Yeah. I gave up on trying to get it aligned. It just resets itself.

#1864 1 year ago

There ya go, guys! More shaker and Crypt ball save!

#1884 1 year ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

Holy mother of... just installed and got to Gappa for the first time. The mode itself is a blast, so much fun going through all the levels... better than most wizard modes I’ve ever made it to and it’s not even the wizard mode!
It’s totally brilliant that you play through until you drain and then one of several completely different OTHER modes starts depending on how far you progress. Made it to stage 4 I think?
Everything feels way more polished... lights, choreography... felt great to go for deadheads knowing the ball would be saved if it shot into the left outlane.
Can somebody with a shaker chime in and let us know if it’s worth having now?
Great job Lyman, this is an absolutely wonderful update with some killer unexpected content!

I'm glad you made it to Gappa Angry. I just live streamed for an hour and couldn't do shit. Performance anxiety, I guess. LOL

The new ball lock choreography is excellent.
The new intros to the Garage multiballs is excellent.
THERE IS A WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN' GOIN' ON! Holy crap! Did they add some shaker code, or what!?!?! On one shot it rattled my backglass. (I changed the setting back to maximal.)

Did have to go back and re-do adjustments: Free play, ball-to-ball carry overs, etc...

Excellent update.

#1885 1 year ago
Quoted from Wildbill327:

I haven’t noticed action from the turret so far. Another thing I noticed is I’ve hit the skill shot a few times and haven’t herd the call outs from previous code...actually I haven’t herd any??

I noticed this, too. I don't think I heard one call out upon hitting the back door. I did notice it seems the Back Door is worth a lot more. First shot was worth 1.5M; next shot(?) was worth 2.25M.

#1893 1 year ago

You know how practically every time Stern announces a game, there a number of people who poo-poo all over it? "The playfield is bare." "The artwork sucks." "Where are the mechs?" "There are no toys." Well. This game, and the way the code is progressing, is sheer brilliance. The playfield may be open, but it is not bare. The artwork is beautiful; including the little touches that you don't see from the player's perspective. (Have you looked at the back of the house?) There are two very awesome toys: the house and the crypt. And! Not only does this game have two physical ball locks (How many recent games even have physical ball locks?), but it has FIVE PLACES IT CAN LOCK A BALL! This new code highlights this awesome feature. During Gappa Angry!, at the end of each level, you lock a ball in a different spot: house, garage, crypt, trunk, cellar. And all the lighting effects! The new lock lighting! The lighting during Gappa Angry! The speech! The video on the UI! The new text colors on the UI! I even like the alligator! Every time we get a code update, I fall even more in love with this machine! This new code is brilliant! This game is brilliant! I feel sorry for the naysayers who turned their collective noses up at this game in the beginning. They will never know the joy! I, for one, am so glad I made the decision to buy this game three years ago when I first heard about it. Please pardon my language, but THIS GAME IS FUCKING AWESOME!

Just wanted to share my 2 cents.

#1902 1 year ago
Quoted from Wheel_Jack:

Cool thanks. Who was the streamer that talked about it.

That was probably me.

Post 1848: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/elvira-s-house-of-horrors-the-owner-s-club/page/37#post-5454514

#1903 1 year ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

I feel dumb but I still don’t understand what actually gets you to gappa angry. How do you start it

Switch hits. The Freak Fryer on the playfield shows what level you're on. The Freak Fryer on the UI shows you how far away from the next level you are. Once you fill up the Freak Fryer, you will know how to start Gappa Angry. Believe me, you won't miss it!

Tip: Whenever you start a multiball, let balls drain during the ball save period. This way balls will be launched into the pops for switch hits. This update lowered the number of hits required which is adjustable in the game settings.

#1904 1 year ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

The kit contains these two guides (picture courtesy SKWilson) replacing the two existing ones.
[quoted image]

That particular picture was from MountZion. (Just want to give credit where credit is due.)

Quoted from Wheel_Jack:

Is this more than the one piece that was missing?

Nothing is missing. The two guides are altered from the original parts. One has a slight bend, the other is longer.

#1922 1 year ago

The call outs will return. (^^^^It's being addressed in the next update.) The turret will be coded. The attract mode will be added. Phone-a-Fiend mini wizard will get added. I'm sure Lyman has a master plan on how the code is to progress. It'll be great.

#1931 1 year ago

I'm gonna go live here in a few minutes. Come join me in chat!


#1935 1 year ago

Okay. So the release notes say points are awarded for Director's Cut. We know this is a place holder until the actual wizard mode is coded. Right now it is awarding the points for the four haunts you completed again! I just hit 49M for one shot to the house. I had Double Trouble lit. Had I known... LOL

Thanks to everyone who came to hang out!

#1940 1 year ago
Quoted from marspinball:

I got my replacement ball guides but only pages 5-6 of the I instructions. Can someone post the complete set?

It seems like no one got a complete set. LOL
Watch my video.

#1943 1 year ago
Quoted from lowryparcade:

Skill Shot Ball Stuck Issue - Pretty frequently when going for a skill shot, the ball will get stuck between the Back Door and the roll over in-lane target behind the house. The ball just rests in a very small spot between those two, and it takes some serious shaking to get it loose. I have not done anything about this yet, and if anyone can provide a fix I am interested in hearing it. We've had to figure out a way to shake the machine without causing a Tilt (not easy, the ball gets pretty good and stuck back there).
Overall, I really want to love this game. It's gorgeous, and as the code develops (with 0.90 release for example), we all see how fun it can be. However, the issues I've dealt with from an out-of-box machine that costs what HOH costs has caused me a great deal of frustration and a small amount of lost revenue (for free credits due to customers experiencing the issue, some down time when the ball would get stuck and wouldn't release).
Please let me know if you have a solid fix for the Skill Shot issue mentioned above.

The first thing that came to mind when you described this is: "At what degree of pitch is your playfield?" See if increasing the pitch helps.

#1967 1 year ago
Quoted from Wildbill327:

I just had a good game going when the game rebooted itself . I believe I just made it to gappa angry while I was playing the 7th haunt(Santa Clause) and the flippers went dead and the screen was frozen for a second or so and then it just rebooted itself...might be a bug from new code.

I just had it reboot on me. I was starting my second tour of the house and was in SCCTM when it happened. I didn't play SCCTM the first time through. Did you submit a bug report? I think it has something to do with the Haunt-O-Meter: they did something with it in this update. I was having a good game, too. Close to beating my previous high.

I was able to complete the Hand of Fate wheel during this game, however, you have to collect the jackpot on the left outlane. Naturally, I drained down the middle.

Quoted from Mar:

Another thing I've noticed is that some of the modes have priority shots now. So while you might have 4 lit shots, one of them is coloured slightly different. I'm not sure what that does (more points?), but it's a cool addition.

I know this is mentioned in the release notes, but I don't wanna look right now.
There are two things I've noticed about this:
During TBTWD, the new first stage, Find a Body, there are three (two?) pink/white shots lit and one white shot lit. The white shot is the body you're looking for. Hitting it will advance to the next stage.

During TWoW, two shots are dark blue/white and three shots are light blue/white (after hitting the orbit to transform). The light blue shots are the combo shots that will keep those shots alive (both ramps and the house). The dark blue shots (crypt and garage) are the shots that will end the combos and relight the orbits. (Checked: in the notes)

During MTHoF, the dark red shot is the Debbie shot per the notes. I guess when they're looking for Debbie, that's the shot you need. ????

Quoted from Syco54645:

Who at stern are people contacting to get the missing ball guide, ramp spacer, and correctly cut house plastic? Thought a contact name was somewhere in this thread but hell if I can find it.

Stern website > Support > Contact Us > Subject = PARTS Include your name, address, serial number and your request for the Elvira repair kit.

This is too long. I'm starting another post.

#1968 1 year ago

So, someone posted on FB a 7+BILLION score.

Before my game crashed tonight, I was close to 600mil. How the heck do you get to the billions? Anyone have an idea? Anyone done it?

#1972 1 year ago
Quoted from Aniraf:

The only thing I have seen close to this is when a local bar had an issue with a ramp opto and it kept racking up huge points in unhappy hour. Otherwise I am with you, it seems impossible or you would be playing for 2-3 hours.

I had totally forgotten about the ramp opto thing! I bet this guy is being funny! LOL

#1977 1 year ago
Quoted from grabul:

does anyody has an issue with the ball saver after launching a ball?
Sometimes after I have launched a new ball the ball saver triggers an auto launch of a second ball.
Animation shows 'Ball Saved'. The first ball is still in play and has not drained during the ball saver time.
Just want to know if that is a problem of software or a problem of the ball trough?

Sounds like a trough issue. The game is thinking the ball drained. I would start by checking the optos in diagnostics.

#1986 1 year ago
Quoted from hocuslocus:

did I miss a service bulletin?

There was no service bulletin. Just word of mouth in this thread.

#1987 1 year ago
Quoted from Mar:

I finished Gappa Angry mode today. I won't spoil it for anyone, but let's just say there's a really awesome throwback to Scared Stiff when you do it. Really awesome!

Just did it!

HOLY F!@#ING CRAP! IS THAT AWESOME, OR WHAT!?!?! (I hope they'll add something more exciting to the graphics, though.)

#1989 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

Stern hasn’t done service bulletins in a very long time.
You would think they could send out an email blast to known owners when there are known issues, but they don’t.

They're rare, but they put out a service bulletin on 01/03/20: Guided Setup Mode. The last one before that was 05/01/18.

#1993 1 year ago
Quoted from nexfx:

So I am loving all the new updates with the new code...But I am a little sad that some of the more adult comments where removed. Is there a way to enable a Adult mode? I looked around in the game adjustment menu and cant seam to find one.

The only thing that we've noticed is the back door call outs missing, which will be added back with the next update.

#2001 1 year ago

Well, chit.

#2008 1 year ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

Really nice hotfix for the previous version.
I like the alligator animation a lot, I have to test this refined version. It's a great idea to include and animate Greg's artworks from the playfield on the LCD. Moreover it's not too intrusive with the others contents. I think that a little alligator cry sound could be a fun touch for this animation. Some other characters/parts could have the same transposition on screen, I would be happy.

What? Like colorful, splashing inner tubes that represent pop bumper hits?

#2021 1 year ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

The next bummer is for me to take it all apart, and put it in... Be a fun learning experience... But, I just hope I don't break anything.

It's actually pretty easy.

#2023 1 year ago
Quoted from fattrain:

Agreed. As long as you have a decently long magnetic nut driver you should have no problems.

YES! I had to go buy a long magnetic screwdriver to attach the house to the playfield.

A little shameless self-promotion here. My video might help.

#2026 1 year ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

Only a 1 hour video... Really easy to me...
And no I don't have any mag nut drivers... But, I do have a magnetizer at my work... Well, my co-worker has one... Which I can borrow. Been meaning too... As I wanted my screwdrivers to be magnetized. And it takes 5 seconds to do so.

You have to remember I did this live with practically no instructions as all I received were steps 3 and 4. I had some in chat to help me out. Had I had instructions, it would've taken me 20 minutes tops.

#2038 1 year ago
Quoted from marioparty34:

Has anyone figured out what month Stern started putting the backdoor kit in?

Quoted from Vino:

I would like to know this info as well.
Haven’t had any issues on premium yet.

I'm pretty sure we've determined it is limited to the earlier LEs. SEs and Premiums, and even some late LEs, should have had the updated guides installed at the factory.

#2071 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I know what the problem is now. House Diverter motor is working but diverter is stuck in position. Won’t correct itself in test mode
Will figure it out, should be something simple

Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Screws may have fallen out. There are two screws that hold that diverter plate to the mech.[quoted image]

I had an issue (my one and only; knock wood) when I first got my machine with the house diverter. It wasn't moving all the way up. It seemed to be catching on something. I took that damn thing apart, learned how it worked, and still couldn't figure out where it was binding. (For a while I thought it was hanging up on the plastic on the back panel.) Put the thing back together and it's worked fine ever since.

#2077 1 year ago

Holy crap! I'm pretty sure this game lasted over an hour.

Two tours of the house.
Two Director's Cuts.
Gappa Angry twice: Multiball once, whatever the second one is once.
Completed Hand of Fate wheel twice.

Spoilers below:

The second HoF wheel has three different wedges: special, extra ball and ? The third HoF wheel has only three awards: 2M and 5M alternating and one ?. I couldn't tell what the ? did.

In case anyone wasn't aware:

20200216_221610 (resized).jpg
#2078 1 year ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

Anyone seeing any issues with this on their game yet?

If you're talking about dimples, heck yeah!

#2085 1 year ago

If your machine does not have the new ball guides, at least get the kit. Even if you don't install them, you can keep them with the game if you ever decide to sell it. It may not be easy for a secondary owner to get the kit. If I were looking to buy an LE on the secondary market, I would want to know the new rails were, at the least, with the machine.

Quoted from Indypin:

Yes, I did send a text to my distributor asking about the replacement part and no response whatsoever. Plus, I hate the thought of taking almost the whole upper part of the playfield off just to fix a problem I didn't have before.

You'd probably get a better response from Pablo at Stern. When I first set up mine, I was able to hit the skill shot 1 out of 10(?) times. Once I raised the pitch, I couldn't hit it at all. With the guides I am able to hit it somewhat regularly. The guides make the shot easier, but not so easy that it's a gimme.

#2098 1 year ago
Quoted from FYMF:

Went to update my Elvira today and downloaded the zip file from Stern.
When I extracted the files I ended up with three .spk files:
Which of these file(s) am I too upload for Elvira premium?

Transfer all three to the USB stick.

#2138 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Put a little strip felt adhesive on end of left orbit ball lane guide so ball returns to flipper consistently.
Got tired of not being able to control the ball off that left sling on the return!
Is the only extra ball opportunity on the Deadhead Crypt? I can't recall if lighting all of the left target bank gets you and EB too?

Extra balls:
1. Vanquish two dead heads to light
2. Complete two haunts to light
3. Second Wheel of Fate

(User adjustable, of course.)

#2165 1 year ago
Quoted from Wildbill327:

Just joined the billionaire club. Had a good game last night man this game is just plain fun.[quoted image]

Welcome to the club! It is, isn't it?!?!

#2194 1 year ago
Quoted from sir_tankalot:

Greg Freres (sp?) worked super hard on this game.
Maybe more so than Dennis?
I don't know, I'm just a programmer...
I'm glad you got to meet Dennis. In the limited interaction I've had with him, I think he's a good guy. At this point I'm pretty sure he's a good guy and I hope he is doing well.
- Lyman

Dude, you're rocking this code!

Love the new lighting during the organ. And the add-a-ball during House Party: clever! I couldn't see the boogie men, but I did see the gargoyles. It just keeps getting better!

Can I make a request for you to ignore? I love the throwbacks to the previous games. Maybe you could add the sweeping lighting effect in the attract mode like EATPM. ???

Thanks for all you're doing!
Keep up the awesome work!

#2207 1 year ago
Quoted from KLR2014:

Is the new code using the turning roof top ? I only see it moving in attrack mode... or I'm so bad that I didn't see it yet

Yes. The turret turns during House Party. Shoot the house when the eyeball is facing you to add-a-ball.

#2261 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

So I’m all set up now.. I’m getting this annoying sticking with the flipper buttons - I know I’ve seen comments about this. What’s the fix?

I don't recall seeing anything about this. Could you be more specific?

Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

And how do I know if I need the skill shot fix? I’m not sure if I’m just not plunging right or if I need the fix, but I’ve made it only once

Which version of the machine do you have and what is the manufacture date?

#2268 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Manufacture date November

Your game should have the proper guides.

#2269 1 year ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

My right button had a minor stick to it sometimes. I did pop it off and back on.. That didn't help.
But, after many, many, many hours of use. It no longer sticks anymore. And works great...
Hey guys. Don't know if this is an issue with the code or my game.
But, when I got the house lit and shot the house. The diverter is not in the right spot. And it goes to the orbit. It also won't start the house mode.
Sometimes it happens on the first ball. So if I do something like start a mb or even drain the ball and start the next ball. Then the next time I shoot the house it works and starts the mode.
This is beyond frustrating. And I had my brother over for 2 player play, and it was happening all the time between us quite frequently.
Never had this issue until I updated to .90... I was hoping this was resolved in .91 and definitely .92... As stated I am updated to .92
Just curious if you think its a physical issue or an issue with the code.

When the skull is flashing on the steps, the diverter should be all the way in the up position to start a haunt. When I first got mine, the diverter seemed like it was binding. I could hear the motor running, but the diverter seemed to be stuck and not moving. I ended up taking it apart, but couldn't find anything wrong with it. When I put it back together, it worked, however. I unknowingly did something to make it work.

Is your diverter functioning properly in test?

#2270 1 year ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

I totally know what you're talking about. The buttons Stern uses are cheap. Just buy another set from Marco or anybody else realIy. I bought the clear light up buttons from Comet. Problem fixed.

While I love Comet's products, I am not a fan of their lighted button kit. I did put it on my EATPM, however you need to drill into the cabinet to install the lamp holders.

I bought Cointaker's RGB LED button kit for my GotG and love it. I'm going to pick up a couple more at TPF and put one on my EHoH.

#2273 1 year ago
Quoted from gipinball:

Advice needed; during game scored a couple dead heads but then the crypt doors remained open. Shot into would eject ok but doors remained open. Game ended, started a new game, crypt doors closed , hit, opened, but skull kept rotating?
Problem seems sporadic. Any advice appreciated before I start taking it apart and probably mess something up.

How does it function in test? It kinda sounds like a switch issue. (Remember, after vanquishing three dead heads, the crypt will remain open in the current code.)

#2277 1 year ago
Quoted from gipinball:

Remains open in the new code after 3 dead heads? I didn’t know that. I wonder what the point of that is?
I think it’s fun to see the different dead heads? Maybe in a future update they’ll add a dead head MB, which starts after 4 or 5 are collected. Have them all floating around at the same time.

After vanishing three dead heads, there is a "Dead Head Shot" (I think that's what it's called...look at the playfield.) that is not in the code yet. I'm sure after that we will be able to continue reviving the Dead Heads. After all, there are supposed to be 15 Dead Heads in the game.

#2279 1 year ago
Quoted from Midway-Man:

I had a huge score on location yesterday. I don’t know what exactly happened. It was basically just a regular game without anything special happening. Game took about 10 minutes. At the end there was this score which I don’t know where it came from. The operator was nearby and told me he updated to code to 0.92 on Friday. I think there might be a major bug somewhere in the code. Anyone else experienced something similar?[quoted image]

With a score like that, I would say one of the ramp optos was acting up. That has been documented in this thread before.

#2280 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Thanks for the confirmation! I waxed this morning and tried to confirm but it looks like you have to remove the house

Unfortunately, you really can't see them without removing the house.

If you can see this piece of metal between the house and the ramp, you should be okay.

20200301_133641 (resized).jpg