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Elvira's House of Horrors - The Owner's Club

By RobertWinter

1 year ago

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Post #1848 info on different ball guides Posted by SKWilson (9 months ago)

Post #1849 info on different ball guides Posted by SKWilson (9 months ago)

Post #2292 game dates and guide rails. Posted by SKWilson (8 months ago)

Post #2375 Fix for balls coming out of the house during mode start Posted by Wildbill327 (8 months ago)

Post #2423 All premiums have skill shot update Posted by BillyPilgrim (8 months ago)

Post #2518 VUK fix Posted by Pozzest01 (8 months ago)

Post #3427 Dialing in Elvira problem areas video Posted by jandrea95 (5 months ago)

Post #4077 VUK Updated location with measurements. Posted by DeathHimself (4 months ago)

Post #4107 update VUK location Posted by HurryUpPinball (4 months ago)

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#22 1 year ago

It's interesting that one of the first LE's out is #79, funky how the numbering works. Is it even possible for someone to get LE #1, or is that usually reserved for a Stern employee? Anyway I've paid for my LE, should be getting it in a few days and I'll post here when I do. I mentioned that I planned on live streaming it on Twitch on the other thread but it got lost in all the fud there, so figured I'd mention it here as well.

1 week later
#177 1 year ago

Just picked up #133. Going to fire up a twitch stream and play my first games live, it'll be here for those curious to watch . It'll just be a quick stream, maybe 90 minutes or so.

IMG_20191015_135841 (resized).jpgIMG_20191015_141805 (resized).jpg
#185 1 year ago

Took lots of pics as the game was being setup including playfield pics for those curious:

#189 1 year ago

Got 110 million, getting better. Really fun game, and like others have said the art in person is far better than in pictures. I've left it at the default 0.80 rom for now since some have said that 0.83 sometimes resets.

IMG_20191015_205011 (resized).jpg
#239 1 year ago

Here's the Twitch live stream I did of the game on launch 0.80 code:

Literally went live right after Orange County Pinballs setup the machine and left, so I discovered the entire game live. Normally we stream old retro video games but I do a pinball stream when I get a new game. I'll live stream it again at some point. I do need to get a better camera for the video screen, had to use a webcam for that one and it kinda looks bad.

#273 1 year ago
Quoted from FtrMech:

Well, as stated to you in the other EHOH discussion, to each their own...I know that I am loving this game and can't get enough of son is home on leave and we played well past midnight. He loves it as well. This game has tons of potential, it is great as is but will certainly evolve into an absolute GEM!

Yeah I'm absolutely loving it, so much so that I think I may sell my Scared Stiff. I have to say the new games Stern is putting out are just plain awesome. The deadhead door doesn't totally close on mine as others have mentioned, but funny I didn't even notice it until it was brought up here. I'm just gonna leave it because in normal play I don't even notice.

I'm still trying to sort out the super skill shot, I swear sometimes I've timed it perfectly behind the house to where it takes seconds for it to complete the loop, but it still doesn't go in. I've hit it 3 times so far but kinda randomly, it rewards a bunch of points and advances the current haunt. Maybe I need to shoot it up there slow and nudge the machine a bunch when the ball is near the back of the house, maybe that would coax it into the skill shot.

#276 1 year ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

I'm looking for a Scared Stiff. If you decide to sell it and are willing to ship...

Well mine is immaculate, like new basically and fully modded so I can prolly get much more having a local distributor sell it rather than on Pinside where it's more hobby pricing, so I'll prolly bring him the machine at some point and let him sell it for me.

Quoted from SKWilson:

The Backdoor shot is tough. You have to plunge the ball hard enough to get it past the gate behind the house, but not so hard as it comes around the orbit.

Man I've tried! Thing is, I can get it fairly often from the left ramp during game play, where it then just spits it out the front door with no reward. It's weird that it's much easier from the left when I'm not even trying for it, makes me wonder if the door is sometimes closed for some reason? Or maybe you are supposed to hold a flipper down like with Black Knight to enable the super skill shot and then the back door remains open?

#390 1 year ago
Quoted from lasermel:

Cointaker has a nice card set.

You have a link? I searched their website and couldn't find them.

#426 1 year ago
Quoted from mattenno:

The Elvira we got has an issue where the ball goes directly to the sling when it comes down from the left orbit. Is this something we need to get repaired?

Mine does it as well, I assume this is as designed because it also did it on the Deadflip stream where the designers of the game played it live. I can't imagine Lyman would have let it ride like that live on Twitch if it wasn't intended behavior no?

#430 1 year ago
Quoted from Blackzarak:

Does anyone know the big difference between the limited edition and premium beside the cabinet art/cosmetics? Are all the mechanics/toys the same between both models suck as gargoyles jumping and house have RGB Top spinning ETC? I interested in purchasing a model but not sure if it worth the extra money for the cosmetic stuff only

From what I see the game and playfield are the same, main differences are:

- Different side art
- Better sound system
- Glare reducing glass
- Different side rails
- Side art in the playfield area
- Mirrored backglass
- Shaker motor

#468 1 year ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

#397. 297724[quoted image]

It does seem like they are in order. Mine is #133 with serial 297460. If you subtract your #397 from my #133, that's 264 difference. Add that to my 297460 serial number and it comes to 297724 serial number which is yours.

#492 1 year ago

Hey all so I have one issue where the center house ramp seems to have shifted slightly to the right, to where it can sometimes get stuck on the right gargoyle and not come down. Don't know if it's been mentioned here yet, but is this easy to adjust?

#548 1 year ago
Quoted from Reality_Studio:

Hey all so I have one issue where the center house ramp seems to have shifted slightly to the right, to where it can sometimes get stuck on the right gargoyle and not come down. Don't know if it's been mentioned here yet, but is this easy to adjust?

Sent a support email to Stern but in the meantime started to probe the issue myself. Pic one shows the issue, ramp goes up, gets caught up on the right gargoyle, ramp won't come down, glass must come off. The ramp looks to be too much to the right so I looked around but didn't see any obvious way to adjust it from under the table (pic 2). Maybe the house has to be taken apart but if that's the case I'll let me distributor dude handle it. One solution I'm trying is in pic 3. I lift the right gargoyle to access the screw. That screw seems to hold down the large metal bracket that the ball hits, and it seems like it slowly over time rotates left to where it eventually blocks the ramp. So what I've tried for now is rotating that metal bracket as far away from the ramp as possible, hold it there, then tighten the screw as much as I can. I'll have to play some games and see if that solution holds but I suspect over time the ball bashing it will just rotate it right back to where it blocks the ramp.

If anyone else has this issue and has a solution please let me know! If I hear back from Stern with a solution I'll let people here know.

1 (resized).jpg2 (resized).jpg3 (resized).jpg
#567 1 year ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

Your gargoyle looks slightly twisted. Can you losen and twist out of way of the ramp? The whole metal bracket the garg sits on......

Yeah I tried twisting it back and tightening the screw but it doesn't hold, ultimately the gargoyle will still move around just because the ball hits it with such direct force. I didn't see any obvious way of moving the entire gargoyle to the right either.

Quoted from arcademojo:

On all the posts with pictures of the ramp hitting the right gargoyle. It’s easy to see the ramp is off centered. It’s not the gargoyle it’s the ramp alignment. You can see the right side of the ramp almost touching the ramp wall. Left side is over an eighth of an inch away from the wall.[quoted image]

That's what I think the issue is, the ramp is misaligned but I took a look and don't see any easy way to realign it. I posted a pic from underneath in my earlier post and it's just a metal bar that moves up and down, with a little lock on it to hold it up in place. I fear the whole house my have to be taken apart to adjust the ramp, but I don't want to start tearing it apart without being sure.

Quoted from Sethman:

initially my center ramp was up against the left ball guide and never made contact with the right gargoyle. As the plays have been racking up its slowly moving more towards the right, and starting to just lift the right gargoyle now. There’s a little slop in the alignment I’m noticing develop. I can push it back against the left but it works it’s way right after a couple lifts.
Haven’t looked at the manual online yet, is there a bracket or mount point for the ramp that may be working loose over time?

I searched online and didn't see any info on how to adjust the ramp. Took a look myself as well under the playfield and didn't see any obvious visible way either. My ramp has clearly made it's way right as it even scrapes against the metal wall on the right side as the ramp goes up. I sent a support request to Stern about it, hopefully they reply back. My hope is that there is a small hole someplace that you put a long thin screwdriver into to make a ramp adjustment, or something like that.

#573 1 year ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

The house ramp problem hasn't happened to me yet but I think there is a simple solution. The ramp only seems to drift to the right. I think it is the nature of the mechanism. Adding a nylon washer on the pivot shaft on the right side between the ramp and the metal side wall should keep the ramp straight.
[quoted image]

I did see that but not sure that is the right solution, because rather than realign it it would just always be brute forcing the whole thing over. Would that be ok to do over time? Plus the gap on that mechanism is fairly large so it would need a stack of washers from the looks of it. If that is the only solution then I'll have my distributor dude do it since that would require removing a bunch of parts to get access to it.

#589 1 year ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

I'm not saying that is only solution but it should work. Nylon washers are available in all different thicknesses and sizes. You just need to find the correct size. You don't want it to be tight. You are just looking to take up the dead space between the ramp and the right metal wall. If done correctly it shouldn't ad any resistance to the mechanism (just help keep it true). To make it look uniform I would probably do the same thing to the other side (optional). The ramp pulls to the right because the linkage connects on that side. It looks very correctable from the few in the manual.

Gotcha, I think you may be right. I took another look, looks like there is already a white nylon spacer there on the mechanism to space the movement bar from the ramp, looks to be maybe 1/4 inch in width. Guess maybe I need a slightly larger one. Unfortunately I don't see any way to get at it without removing lots of stuff I'll sit tight for Sterns response, then have my distributor sort it.

#596 1 year ago
Quoted from PBMAN:

Guys. I have one I cannot figure out. Deadhead Crypt right Gargoyle. No matter how light/hard it is hit will not register. However with ball in hand I hit target and it works fine. Switch Test/Light Test shows it is fine. Also with game going I hit it with finger and it works. Looked under playfield and wires seem to be connected.
Only thing I can think is its some sort of grounding issue hence I am the ground that makes it work.
Any ideas. Thanks.
Side view pic showing circuit is not closed[quoted image]

I sorta have the same issue but with the gargoyle to the left of the house, it will register 100% of the time with fingers or if i hold the ball and hit it, but in game play it registers about 60% or so. I tried changing the leaf switch gap in various ways but can't seem to improve it and gave up. I added it to my support email to Stern, so I'll see what they suggest. They did reply to my web service request really quick, so far so good.

I did mention that my Crypt door stays slightly open and even linked them a video of it and this was their reply:

"CRYPT DOOR - Per Engineering, This is normal operation for the Crypt door to have a slight opening when it should be in the “CLOSE” position. "

So a slight opening is normal. I didn't really care about that but figured I'd ask them since it came up here.

#601 1 year ago
Quoted from PBMAN:


Thanks to Mad Dog. Problem solved. Switch gap needs to be 1 mm or less. Hitting 8 out of 10.
Reality_Studio I would ask Stern for a new switch. Once you start playing with those metal flaps they are never the same.

That's likely what I'll do, Stern has already offered to send me a new switch. Waiting to see what they suggest for the ramp first though before I have them send that out.

#607 1 year ago

Update for you guys on my ramp issue in case it affects anyone else. Stern support has been great, I never called them instead I did it all via their website, they have been very prompt in their replies and looks like they found the issue. It seems like my machine is missing a white spacer on the ramp side, see the two attached pics. One shows my table and the other shows how it should be with the white spacer. So they will send me the missing spacer.

2019-11-05 (resized).pngIMG_20191105_133057 (resized).jpg
#633 1 year ago
Quoted from moonduckie78:

I think EVERYONE has been experiencing this, tbh. Almost seems intentional.

I assume it is intentional because it did the same on the Deadflip reveal stream which had all the Stern folk playing it live.

#713 1 year ago
Quoted from DennisNordman:

Stern asked me to remove my topper idea. There were similarities to what they were planning.

So they are working on one, sweet! Didn't plan on getting any toppers but after seeing the Black Knight topper I'm kinda wanting that one and one for my Elvira.

2 weeks later
#1015 11 months ago
Quoted from whitey:

I’m a sucker for toppers, will definitely order one and a BK topper too

Same here especially since it seems like they have movement tied to the game, may end up getting both of Stern's BK and Elvira toppers.

#1027 11 months ago

Yeah you definitely must be into b movies to enjoy this game. Personally I would have loved it if it was 80's b movies like Chopping Mall, TerrorVision, etc but I still like it with these older movies.

#1055 11 months ago

Yeah mine was missing that nylon washer and Stern sent me one, it actually only needs to be on the right side of the ramp. My distributer dude came by and installed it, no ramp issues since. To install in he had to remove the roof of the house, then he used a long magnetic tool to remove four screws that hold the house to the playfield. After that the whole house can be shifted out of the way to get access to the screw and bar that controls the ramp. Unscrew that, install washer, put everything back.

#1155 11 months ago
Quoted from MRG:

Take your house off and look for the additional piece of metal seen in this picture, the black oval My game did not have this piece. Contact Chaz if you do not.[quoted image]

Aaahhhhh well that explains why I can never hit the skill shot from a plunge, mine is missing that piece. Thanks, gonna contact Stern support and get it sent out.

1 week later
#1287 11 months ago

I wonder if having Elvira in the topper would have required a separate licensing deal, hence why the topper doesn't include her.

1 month later
#1966 9 months ago
Quoted from Syco54645:

Who at stern are people contacting to get the missing ball guide, ramp spacer, and correctly cut house plastic? Thought a contact name was somewhere in this thread but hell if I can find it.

I just contacted Stern via their website, and Pablo was the one that emailed me back.

#1979 9 months ago

Btw for guys that are missing the instructions for the back door skill shot, I got my parts on Saturday and was only given one page as well so I emailed Stern support. This morning they sent me the full instructions so I'll post them here. Their support has always been very prompt for me so rather than ask here sometimes it's just quicker to ask Stern directly, they typically get back to me in a day.

1 (resized).png2 (resized).png3 (resized).png4 (resized).png5 (resized).png6 (resized).png7 (resized).png
#1982 9 months ago
Quoted from SmallyBells:

There should be support, and a warranty.

I buy locally from Orange County Pinballs, they deliver and setup the game, make any tweaks on site that are necessary and provide support in case issues arise. So for example they came by after the fact to install the missing washer on my ramp once I found that was a problem, and they will be coming back again to install the back door skill shot parts and replacement side house panel. That's one of the reasons I buy local is because you get full support, and also because I prefer to support local businesses any chance I can.

2 weeks later
#2213 9 months ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

I feel like a terrible player, I still haven't seen Gappa yet.

Same here, I've got to where the freak fryer is at max level but never made it to the actual mode

#2342 8 months ago
Quoted from zwartepanter:

How can you update without always losing your highscore? Quick update?

I always do a full update with verify, sometimes the scores are saved, sometimes they are not. My best guess is they purposely reset scores if game rules/scoring are changed a bunch with an update.

3 weeks later
#2609 7 months ago

Finally put down a semi descent score, but still didn't make it to gappa angry

IMG_20200330_202734 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#2683 7 months ago

When you guys say you are adjusting the left orbit, are you doing that so the ball hits the left flipper instead of the left slingshot? I ask because when I watched the reveal of the game with the designers playing it, the machine they played on had the ball hit the sling shot from the left orbit hence I assume that's how it was designed since the guys who made the game were playing it that way. Mine hits the left sling shot so I've left it that way since I thought that was the intent, but am I wrong on that?

#2690 7 months ago
Quoted from CyberNinja24:

For the best playing experience, in my opinion, you want the ball to travel from the left metal guide down to the the left flipper without hitting a sling or anything else for that matter.

See I'm curious about what the designers actually intended though, because if they wanted it to hit the sling then I'd like to leave it like that but if they intended it to hit the left flipper then I would adjust mine. I think I may email Pablo at Stern, maybe he would have some into on how it's supposed to be.

#2693 7 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

I can't, in a million years, imagine that hitting the sling so clunkily is what Dennis Nordman intended. EATPM, SS, Indy500, even Demo man - none of them have shots that come out like that on purpose

I mean maybe you guys are right, it's just bizarre to me that the guys that created the game would play it live on the reveal with the ball hitting the sling, when that was never their intent. You'd think they would have taken a few seconds to adjust the orbit ramp, go figure.

3 months later
#4136 4 months ago
Quoted from BillyPilgrim:

Yes, get a smaller usb stick, like 16gb. I tried using a larger one and it just seems to confuse the machine.

I've been using a 64gb usb 3.0 thumbdrive to update my pins for a few years, never once had any failure with Black Knight or Elvira LE. It is a fast thumbdrive though, around 200MB/sec read speed, I think maybe some people have issues when they use older or cheaper thumbdrives as some of those have incredibly low read speeds.

IMG_20200721_141421 (resized).jpg

IMG_20200721_141426 (resized).jpg
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