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#883 7 months ago
Quoted from T7:

FYI - it's the same code. If you look at the download links, you are downloading the same exact file. Stern lists the game versions individually, so you know you are getting the correct version for your game. But usually the only different version is Pro versus Premium/LE.
To verify what I'm saying, just download the file from both the LE and the SE links, and you will see they are the same file - both name and size.

Just be careful with this - in this particular case the files are the same, but not all games share the same code, and if you try to install LE code on an SE (or vice versa), it will throw an error.

1 week later
#982 7 months ago

SO has there been a Pro vs. Premium consensus as yet? I'm really interested in this game down the road

#985 7 months ago
Quoted from RobertWinter:

There is no Pro.
Premium, LE and SE all have the same playfield and game play.

Sorry - I guess I meant Premium vs LE, but you answered my question; thanks!

#998 7 months ago
Quoted from Bearcat:

I am really trying to enjoy this game, but.... the old movie clips are more dreary than fun. The animations are great, but rare compared to shitty 50 year old black and white movie clips and stills. I feel like there is a fun game hidden in there, but right now I don’t get it. I think I have heard, “they’re coming for you Barbara” about 300 times (day 4 of ownership). Am I missing something?

Nope. Looks like you need to sell your game. I’ll meet you halfway. I’m off work all of December, let’s schedule a date for pickup.

1 month later
#1686 5 months ago
Quoted from Pinstein:

Oh please she's made a career of exploiting her cleavage and body. Its dishonest to suggest otherwise. Shes been in playboy and Im sure doesnt have some taboo on sex. Its clear she enjoys being a sex symbol and the object of sexual fantasies to men. I'd bet that if Gary had deep enough pockets there could have been a topless wizard mode and we would all still respect her in the morning.

FWIW she has not actually been in playboy. You're absolutely missing the point of the character, which is that she never actually shows anything other than what the dress allows

4 weeks later
#2142 4 months ago
Quoted from Pinstein:

I love B Horror and sci fi movies and have a huge collection of them. That's the only reason I could get an elvira in my home. However some how this movie managed to elude me so I picked up a copy so I can have the context of its clips and elviras comments. It cant be that bad right? Anyone ever see Ed Woods "Orgy of the Dead?"[quoted image]

Absolutely one of the worst can’t-believe-it-was-released movies of all time! Fascinating story behind how it was made. The camera could only hold something like 25 seconds of footage, and no sound was recorded on set, so they had to overdub every single line of dialogue. A lot of the actors weren’t available or willing, so almost all of the roles were done by one or two people!

#2146 4 months ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

Well I think the camera was probably a winding 16mm camera. So it could only run for 25 seconds. It probably held a full roll. A lot of these also had motor attachments that you could rent or purchase to add on. But, that would have cost the person more money. But, yeah... And also back in those days you had to record sound separately. And that is why you might have seen the clappers in movies where they say the scene and take number(and its written down on it as well) and then they clap it.
They clap it down so that you have a physical(visible editing point) and also a sound editing point. That is how you merge them later in the editing booth.
But, to do that. IT would require a lot more work and setup as you'd need to have a boom operator(sound recorder) and also preferable a sound engineer to monitor the sound recording as the boom is too engaged. And then you'd have to stage and setup your shots to make sure they wouldn't get in the way or fall into the shots.
And even then with all that work. You're still going to want to ADR a lot of the stuff, as it just will actually sound better.
Anyway... Even making a crappy film is an achievement. So hats off. I tried to make a film in my youth. It wound up being great test footage. And a great learning experience... But, a very, very costly one.
Lastly. Bruce Campbell once said something along the lines of, the easiest films to make, are the hardest ones to watch. And he's right about that.

Totally agree- even making a bad movie is an achievement!

But I disagree about the technical stuff. Sound could have been done on location - double system recording was definitely being used back then (it was the 1960s, not 1925 . And don’t forget even Super 8 could record sound -on- the film stock.

the director just didn’t feel like springing for a Nagra - much like they didn’t go for a motor driven magazine loading camera, which would have let them use expanded lengths of film, AND not have to hand crank! They were just cheap bastards in over their heads

And now immortalised forever... again!

#2152 4 months ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

I had a super 8 that could record sound... But, by the time I owned it, not sure if a they still sold that film stock and b if a processing company would know how to process it.
I have shot on both 8mm and 16mm. Long time ago in film school. 8mm is fun. But, you want to make sure you have a decent camera, as it does even matter for that. I had a lens issue with one of my films and it just didn't come out at all. Waste of an entire 2 days of filming, and a couple hundred bucks.
16mm was cool. But, by the time I got around digital was really starting to take over, and I saw the writing on the wall. Anyway... Lot of fun stuff. Had a lot of good times making silly short student films. I think I might only have shot 3 times on 16mm... So I won't pretend I'm the end all know all expert.
I will just say if it was me. And if I didn't want to hassle with the sound. I would have bought some crappy sound recording device. And just recorded a base sound. So that I could get a feel for how the ADR would need to go later. But, they only had I believe 3 guys and 1 woman record all the parts in that movie. So... That was another issue.
Just reminds me of a story about Phantasm. Where the woman in lavender actress refused to do the nude scene. So they hired a body double. The mother of the actress was at a screening and she shouted out during the scene, you should have done the nude scene, your breasts are so much nicer than the ones they got... And then later the actress agreed and told Don Consgerilli the same thing. The joys of low budget film making.
4 times... I forgot about one of my films.

LOL I love that sorry! Haha .. heard Don tell it on Mick Garris’ old show (that is now a podcast) “PostMortem”

How about filming Evil Dead on 16mm and having to take out a loan to blow it up to 35mm and do their first official screening! Bruce’s book on that is a joy to read. Possibly better than Gottlieb’s (see what I did there) Jaws Log

#2153 4 months ago
Quoted from zwartepanter:

I was thinking the same. I think it would be too much.

Agreed - I’m looking to join the club, and Looking at a game which has the beast. besides the fact that Scared Stiff is already around these parts, it just looks like too much clutter.

Edit: clarifying that I think the Medisinyl mods are spectacular!! Just the extra bony beast seems a bit much

#2158 4 months ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

Okay. So I just watched the Riff Trax Manos Hands of Fate on Amazon Prime.
Wow... That is one really bad movie. Thank goodness I watched the Riff Trax version of it. And really the game makes the clips so much better than what they actually are.
Just a bad, bad, bad film... But, again. Hats off to the people who made it. They made a film and that's the only positive thing you can say about that production. I do think some of the ideas aren't too bad. But, its just bad.
Glad I watched the film and while yes, its the Riff Trax version. I still think it counts.

Legit laughed out loud at this . The RiffTrax version is indeed superior to the MST3K version.

#2159 4 months ago

Hoping somebody can talk me out of why I shouldn’t make this my next game! How’s it compare to JP ?

#2161 4 months ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

I've only played JP one time during last years Chicago Pinball Convention in Wheeling.
I love JP. Love the toys, love the animations. Love the rules. The art package is good.
But, I think Elvira wins on that one.
And for me Elvira wins on the theme as well.
The rules right now JP wins, but Elvira is getting better. So it might be a wash on rules. One thing I do like. The newest change in unhappy hour, can really make that mode lucrative all by itself. So if you're really an amazing accurate shooter, and you don't mind chopping a lot of wood. Then hit ramp to ramp to ramp to ramp, over and over again and you'll eventually get big points.
To me. Elvira 3 is more about just having fun while playing pinball. JP I think there are probably many more strats that you could employ and alt strats for when thing go off the rails. And the layout of JP is more unique than the Elvira layout.
So... I think overall I might say JP is the better pinball machine.
But, for me and my money Elvira House of Horrors wins every time hands down. I like sex appeal, I love campy horror, and I love cheesy jokes. And I do like the silly deadheads. So agian. Elvira is just pure fun. And the machine is a better looker than the JP machine.

Well that’s about the most honest answer somebody could ask for! I don’t really have any interest in JP, but I’d be an idiot not to recognize how unique and interesting it is. The Trex is definitely amazing too. But I keep seeing more and more things in Elvira3 that pique my interest. I liked SS for quite a while,But eventually Someone With limited space like me has to move a game on. the code has taken leaps and bounds since release; and I keep thinking about Batman and its disastrous first version... and the great game that exists now.

I’m not quite cash heavy enough to buy both Elvira and CFTBL (both of which I'll eventually get again!) but man .. you said it, there is a lot to like here. It’s worlds away from Munsters

I do feel like I’m missing out on the layout.. it seems to be the same damn fan layout as every other Stern game of late - so there’s that.

I’m not getting a JP, most likely ever. Nor am I getting a JJP GNR, so...

So.. in a nutshell, I think you failed

#2175 4 months ago

Finally got to play yesterday on location. Pretty sure the game code was on something prior to .90 (maybe initial release ?). The game seemed somewhat .. slow. Lots of stop-and-go, and I’m curious if anything changed in subsequent releases. The ramps are super fun!

#2177 4 months ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

Well, the game is a bit of stop and go. The newer code made it even more stop and go. As the final shot on the mode if its to the house, it will hold it until the mode finish video is done playing.
So... Personally you want the stop and go in this game, as thats the elvira clips. You can skip them if you wish. Sometimes I skip them. Sometimes I watch the first few seconds of it, and then skip. Just so I can get a look at the hostest with mostests best assets and then back to pinball!

Right, I wasn’t complaining about the stop and go, it was just a different experience than I expected after having watched the streams. Still played about 10 games, lots of fun shots and even though most of the shots felt familiar, there are a bunch of tricky ones (right ramp was tough to get)

#2180 4 months ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

Thank you Sir Sheats:
V0.92.0 - Feb. 27, 2020
- Added a high score for TRAILER TRASH.
- Added team member initials/names for default initials for high score
to date.
- Added a lamp effect for a loop shot during GARGOYLES GONE WILD.
- Added a lamp effect for completing the gargoyles during GARGOYLES GONE
- Added a lamp effect for the start of GARGOYLES GONE WILD.
- Added a lamp effect for the HAND OF FATE wheel award.
- Dimmed the G.I. lights during HAND OF FATE wheel select.
- Reorganized the priorities of the background display and music for the
following modes:
The most recent mode started will be the one with its display/music
- Improved the lamp effects for HOUSE PARTY start, jackpot, and super
- HOUSE PARTY is now started with the GARAGE shot lit instead of the HOUSE
RAMP. When shots are re-lit after collecting a super jackpot, the GARAGE
shot is also re-lit (if necessary).
- Added instructions/text to the background for HOUSE PARTY.
- Reworked HOUSE PARTY start video to transition more smoothly to the
- Marked up the "SHOUT" song during HOUSE PARTY so the video and lights
can be synced with the music. Lights on the house will flash bright and
house dancing left/right videos will be played in sync with "SHOUT" in
the music.
- Added character animations for a jackpot during HOUSE PARTY (gargoyles,
boogie men).
- Added TURRET light and spinning TURRET to HOUSE PARTY. The TURRET will
spin when the super jackpot is lit.
- Implemented ADD-A-BALL during HOUSE PARTY for the TURRET when the EYEBALL
WINDOW is facing the player (adjustable, current MAX = 1 add-a-ball).
- Added sounds for switch transitions for the TURRET opto switches during
TURRET test.
- Added speech and a new video clip for tilting during GAPPA ANGRY.
- Added an award for sneaking into the TRUNK LOCK during GAPPA ANGRY when
there is already a ball locked there. All jackpots are collected and
the lock for the current level is awarded.
- Added an award for the BACK DOOR SKILL SHOT during GAPPA ANGRY. One
jackpot is awarded.
- Improved the ball serve sequencing during GAPPA ANGRY. The ball is now
served after the BALL LOCKED text has finished and immediately before the
video plays.
- The Haunt-O-Meter has been re-enabled for SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE
- Fixed an issue with SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS where the image
chosen for the Haunt-O-Meter was incorrect.
- Fixed an issue with SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS where occasionally
the second stage background videos wouldn't play when they should.
- SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS now shows the final jackpot value
during the second stage.
- Added a lamp effect for EXTRA BALL.
- Moved the EXTRA BALL text down in the display effect so more of the
animation can be seen.
- Added a lamp effect for EXTRA BALL LIT.
- Added a lamp effect for MATCH.
- Added additional award sounds for POOL PARTY, DANCE FEVER, MAKE-OUT
- Added additional video clips to DANCE FEVER (these are mostly from THE
- Added bats to the beginning and end of the videos for the start of ATTIC
- Fixed an issue with the speech at the start of ATTIC ATTACK (did not
line up correctly).

Holy crap. But when will the turret turn!

#2192 4 months ago
Quoted from moonduckie78:

- Added TURRET light and spinning TURRET to HOUSE PARTY. The TURRET will
spin when the super jackpot is lit.

What! Zing. Damn it is getting hard not to order this game. I reached out to GAP but no response really; I may try their website directly

#2193 4 months ago
Quoted from sir_tankalot:

Greg Freres (sp?) worked super hard on this game.
Maybe more so than Dennis?
I don't know, I'm just a programmer...
I'm glad you got to meet Dennis. In the limited interaction I've had with him, I think he's a good guy. At this point I'm pretty sure he's a good guy and I hope he is doing well.
- Lyman

Thanks for working so hard on this yourself!

#2199 4 months ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

Wow. Thanks for the response.
I know I'm not in person to tell you this or give you my thanks.
But, I'm really enjoying this game and the code. And I really think this game is something special. You really made it feel like we're watching a late night horror show. And you've improved on some of the HORRIBLE movies.
Thank you for your hard work, and thank you for the many, many hours of enjoyment I've had on this pin, and the many, many more that are sure to come.
Thank you.

100% agree! This Game absolutely nailed the Movie Macabre show feel, and it is FUN to boot!

#2219 4 months ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

Well, it’s official. Just mailed the check for Elvira. This is far and away the most I’ve ever spent on a game, so hopefully the journey will be worth it!

Who’s your distributor? I thought I was buying one from GAP but he’s been unresponsive

#2230 4 months ago
Quoted from tp:

Plan on joining the club today. Before I head out to pick one up nib just making sure no current owner wants to sell me theirs. Got cash in hand.
Also is there a consensus?
Mirror blades,
Or artblades?

Where can you go just to pick one up NIB?!

#2233 4 months ago
Quoted from FtrMech:

Pinside Market...?

I mean physically go

#2247 4 months ago
Quoted from tp:

Thanks for the opinion driving as I speak to pick mine up. R Doyle I'll send you a p.m. in a little bit where the other ones at.

Found one dude . Just joined the club this afternoon! LE #383!

#2251 4 months ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Welcome to the club!

now to update... game is on 0.86

#2254 4 months ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Try the game on the old code.. You will see how much has been added in the last couple of code update.
Game rocks! We love ours.[quoted image]

good idea! just played about 5 games. I played on location earlier this week and sealed the deal when I saw all the updates going on. About to update to .92... ! the amount of updates is nuts this week

#2260 4 months ago

All right

So I’m all set up now.. I’m getting this annoying sticking with the flipper buttons - I know I’ve seen comments about this. What’s the fix?

And how do I know if I need the skill shot fix? I’m not sure if I’m just not plunging right or if I need the fix, but I’ve made it only once

#2262 4 months ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

I don't recall seeing anything about this. Could you be more specific?

Which version of the machine do you have and what is the manufacture date?

Sure - the flipper buttons physically stick and have a tiny delay when popping back out after I push them. I’m figuring there is some sort of plastic burr on them I’ll have to shave off. Normally I’d just replace them but since this is an LE I’d rather keep it stock

Manufacture date November

#2264 4 months ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

My right button had a minor stick to it sometimes. I did pop it off and back on.. That didn't help.
But, after many, many, many hours of use. It no longer sticks anymore. And works great...
Hey guys. Don't know if this is an issue with the code or my game.
But, when I got the house lit and shot the house. The diverter is not in the right spot. And it goes to the orbit. It also won't start the house mode.
Sometimes it happens on the first ball. So if I do something like start a mb or even drain the ball and start the next ball. Then the next time I shoot the house it works and starts the mode.
This is beyond frustrating. And I had my brother over for 2 player play, and it was happening all the time between us quite frequently.
Never had this issue until I updated to .90... I was hoping this was resolved in .91 and definitely .92... As stated I am updated to .92
Just curious if you think its a physical issue or an issue with the code.

I can start a mode on the first shot to the house - subsequent modes take more than 1 shot to activate the house. Assuming you are on standard settings and difficulty, this does sound possibly physical.

#2266 4 months ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

I totally know what you're talking about. The buttons Stern uses are cheap. Just buy another set from Marco or anybody else realIy. I bought the clear light up buttons from Comet. Problem fixed.

I have a bunch of extras from a restore job - maybe i'll just pop in some red or purple translucent ones. thanks for confirming this is indeed a thing!

#2278 4 months ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

Your game should have the proper guides.

Thanks for the confirmation! I waxed this morning and tried to confirm but it looks like you have to remove the house

#2281 4 months ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

Unfortunately, you really can't see them without removing the house.
If you can see this piece of metal between the house and the ramp, you should be okay.[quoted image]

Quoted from SKWilson:

Unfortunately, you really can't see them without removing the house.
If you can see this piece of metal between the house and the ramp, you should be okay.[quoted image]

Nice!! I will check when I get home tonight

#2293 4 months ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

Okay. Got confirmation on the updated guide rails. Machines had the updated rails starting in December. Anything built prior (September, October, November) would need the update kit.

damn it! LOL

Couple questions:

* What's the process for getting the update? I've not had to do that before.

* Also, my "Garg-Oil-Gauge" 250K insert does not light. If I am understanding correctly, does this mean I need a whole new board?

* Has anyone installed a shooter land protector? PinballLife has a special one for EHoH - is this specific one required for the game? Or would a generic Stern one fit?

* Last thing: is the latest code .92 or .93? Stern has .92 on the site but I've seen .93 several places, more than made me think it may not be a typo.


#2295 4 months ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

Go to sternpinball.com > Support > Contact Us and send an e-mail to PARTS. Include your name, address, serial number and request the Elvira Update Kit.

I assume you've put the lights in test. Just for fun I would make sure all the cables to that board are seated well. If you've checked everything, I would call Stern for assistance and possibly a replacement board. Hopefully there is something more simple that can be done.

I'm looking at PBL and I see the shooter eject protectors (there are 2). Are those what you're referring to? If so, I would go with the Cliffy.

The current code is .92. I saw someone posted a (poor) joke referencing .93 because the updates keep coming fairly quickly.

Thx for the replies! I have checked the board and seated everything, so it kinda just looks like a bad board.

#2305 4 months ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

The answer I got from Stern was that the December builds had the new guides.
Neil, it's the Elvira Update Kit.

I also received this confirmation today from Pablo @Stern.

He also stated that they are OOS in this but expect more by the end of the week. Perhaps it was a big order and everyone’s will go out

#2306 4 months ago
Quoted from dnaman:

I just ordered both a large order from Pinball Life and from Cliff ('cliffy's'). I can confirm from his email that the protector listed on PBL is not Cliff's. It may be 100% functional of course but I ordered the left and right eject protectors and a few others through Cliff.

That sucks. I kinda wish they would not use the term “Cliffy” then. My original question was asking whether or not the protector in question is specific to Elvira. Kinda seems like yes.

#2310 4 months ago
Quoted from dnaman:

One would assume that it is specific to EHOH as it is written that way but it also says; "Product ID: EHOH_cliffy_shooter" and it is not a cliffy.
I really like PBL but I personally think that is not cool. I just decided to go with the pro on this one.

agreed on all points..

#2315 4 months ago
Quoted from Pinballer31520:

oops[quoted image][quoted image]

What happened ? Can you force the game to install the wrong code ?

#2320 4 months ago
Quoted from jfh:

From SOTU:
Elvira – For all Elvira owners, please make sure you have updated your game to the most current code version (v0.92.0) released last week. Be on the lookout for a new code update later this month.

Holy crap. Lyman is on a roll!!

#2330 4 months ago
Quoted from RobertWinter:

You downloaded AND installed the full code by mistake? I understand possibly downloading the wrong code.
But then you need to copy it to a USB drive. You didn't notice the file was named "stranger_things...spk.zip" and not "elvira3...spk.zip". That's a little hard to believe.
Doesn't really matter as long as you avoided any damage to your game.

The end. It was posted partly as a joke. Back on topic.

#2339 4 months ago

All right. So my house shot is consistently not capturing the ball - I hit the shot, it registers, and then it DRAINS SDTM! Sometimes I can nudge it and save it, but I’ve lost a lot of balls watching the screen

I’m also getting a lot of drains when the ball comes out of the pops from the left. Those I can’t save, it’s pretty annoying! Any suggestions? Game seems level

#2341 4 months ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

Make sure it's level.

LOL. Will check again. I feel like this game got overlooked because of the outstanding JP, but even though it’s the usual fan layout, the code on this game is awesome, and I can get a pretty damn good flow going on it.

#2345 4 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

LOL. Will check again. I feel like this game got overlooked because of the outstanding JP, but even though it’s the usual fan layout, the code on this game is awesome, and I can get a pretty damn good flow going on it.

Hmm... nope. Is there something unique about the house diverter ? I see some settings in the menu but not sure what I should change. Damn frustrating.

#2349 4 months ago
Quoted from PersonX99:

Might be not as widespread on location as there is no 'pro' model. Also, BM66 did not get super popular until more of the code was complete and then its popularity jumped. These are just guesses.

Excellent point. The code is already miles beyond where B66 was at this point. That game also had the unfortunate fate of being the first $12k game for the SE. There’s only ONE EHOH on location in Washington DC, and it’s a premium, naturally.

Studying the playfield last night it seems like there are some cool opportunities with the Skeleton key and the potion and those other collectible things. Not sure what they do yet beyond the key but there’s huge potential

#2352 4 months ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

And the key has to have something more to it than just Santa's mode. I mean... Great mode. But, why would that be the only mode it opens up. I really hope you can switch mode tiers or something later on and so it could open up more than just santa.

If you look at the original release info, they have something like 20 movies in the plans - some additional secret modes are supposed to be unlocked via the key, though just what remains to be seen!

#2353 4 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Sounds like your house diverter needs to be reset manually. Mine got loose and wouldn’t position correctly. Tighten it up in the back

Aah thanks! I will check it out tonight. After fiddling with the leveling, it does seem something mechanical

#2357 4 months ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

Hey gang, I'm interested in getting some responses from you all about code progression to this point. I'm really starting to like what I'm reading about the code updates, and what I've watched on YouTube. It appears the game is becoming 'Funner' to play and a little more challenging (and rewarding) from a shooting standpoint, taking it beyond just the theme aspect, which is still important of course.
Has Stern also resolved the skill shot diverter issues completly along with balls getting stuck in the garage? Not sure about exact issues as I haven't gone back very far in this thread yet.
Convince me I need this game

There’s a kit for the skill shot. 2 new guides, if I recall correctly. Not sure how it got past the line in the state it’s in, but they already have a fix. Annoying, but it doesn’t look all that hard to install.

I have no info on balls getting stuck in the garage - that has not occurred on my game.

#2373 4 months ago

Finally have a chance to check out the haunted house mech and see why I'm getting the drains. Seems like the house isn't that hard to disassemble, although I need a LOOOONG nut driver. Wish me luck.

#2376 4 months ago
Quoted from Wildbill327:

Just recently I started to have a little trouble with Elvira. When ever I started a mode the ball would just come out of the house and it didn’t lock(hold) the ball. This was a bit frustrating because as she was talking and all the GI lighting was dimmed the ball would be hard to see and cause unwanted drains. So I took a look at what keeps the ball locked(A post that’s always down) and it was actually binding on the edge which wouldn’t allow it to go back to the down position. I loosened up two screws and realigned the post and now it’s working like as it should. Hope this helps.[quoted image][quoted image]

HA! I was just about to post the same thing. ^^ make that a key post

#2379 4 months ago
Quoted from KLR2014:

2 times now I had the problem of shooting the house and the ball gets “stuck” in the house, if i look inside i see the ball at the end of the ramp stuck. No matter how much i shake it won’t come loose. i have to remove the glass, tilt the playfield to get it loose again...
Anyone know this issue ? And whats the fix ?

This happened to me yesterday as well - ball gets stuck on the left side of the house, under the ramp. Obviously there needs to be a deflector in there somewhere.

#2390 4 months ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

I had a ball get stuck at the 1-way gate, is there a fix for that ?

The gate doesn't need to be very strong, and the way it comes from the factory, it's holding the gate closed too tightly. You need to slightly bent the little spring steel flap that holds it closed. You can test it by ensuring the ball passes through with even the smallest amount of momentum. It should stay closed if you place the ball motionless against the gate.

#2396 4 months ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

Welcome to the club! Your machine should have the updated ball guides.
I'm intrigued by the ball going through the back door and being released from the cellar without scoring. I believe there is a vertical opto at the entrance to the house from the back door. Perhaps there is an issue with it. I would suggest going into switch test and check to see if it is working/registering.

That is certainly possible the Opto got messed up. when removing the house, I noticed a few sets of wires right near the leftmost hole where you screw the house to the playfield. One of the wires powering the opto has been flattened by the metal House “leg”. I could certainly see them getting broken off

#2414 4 months ago
Quoted from ryanwanger:

Sorry, late to the party here. Thanks for the feedback. Yes, you do need to affix the sockets with (included) wood screws that go into the inside of the cabinet. There are other similar screws (from the factory) throughout the cabinet that help to organize the wiring harness. You do not need a drill...putting strong force while turning in the screw with 1/4 hex driver hand tool is enough to get it in.
Also...about the sticking flipper buttons...
This happens on all my modern Stern machines as well. As far as I can tell, what happens is the lip of the button shaft gets a little worn, which enables it to feed into the tube that the lip is there to prevent it from going into. It seems to eventually happen on many of the replacement buttons I've found as well.
The fix is to use a 1/4" e-clip on the shaft of the button, just inside the lip. This prevents the lip from wedging itself into the tube. (Sorry, this is the best way to describe it without pics).
Actually, hang on...I have a pic. I've been doing this on all my NIB Stern machines on location and it's faster, cheaper, and more effective than replacing the buttons. You can do it without taking anything apart.
[quoted image][quoted image]

That's a great idea, Ryan, and not too hard to install

#2415 4 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

How can you tell if your game has or doesn't have the skill shot fix, and if it's even needed? I can make the back door shot, it's not easy, but if I plunge correctly it works.

If you can make it AT ALL, you probably have it. It's basically impossible without the updated guide. My game is also a late November LE but has the shorter (incorrect) guide, so they must have started switching over right around then.

#2418 4 months ago
Quoted from PunishersLEMC:

DECEMBER per stern they were being installed at factory - not before

Right. Late November is totally different.

#2424 4 months ago
Quoted from BillyPilgrim:

I was just told by Stern that all premiums have the skill shot correction. I guess I need more practice.

All premiums built at the end of 2019 - not ALL, all.

#2430 4 months ago
Quoted from BillyPilgrim:

I was told today, “Per our engineering team, All Premium games have this update installed.”

Well that’s confusing. Does that mean the LE is run with a different bin of parts?

#2432 4 months ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

No, but they were not built concurrently. For EHoH the LEs were assembled first, followed by the SEs. The premiums were assembled last. At some point somebody realized the back door was too difficult and they engineered a fix for it. It could be that they already had the original parts, and, to keep the line going, used them until the new parts arrived. Or, they could have redesigned the parts after the LEs began to reach the owners. Who knows when the decision to make the change happened? I'm just glad it did. It would have been nice if they had issued an actual service bulletin documenting the affected machines, however.

That is pretty interesting. Man I need to go on one of the Stern tours one of these days!

#2436 4 months ago
Quoted from jfh:

It is annoying that we have to find out about game issues/fixes second hand. Stern probably has most of our email addresses. How hard could it be to send out an email that says “if your game was built after this date, you need this fix/kit“? I’d prefer that they would proactively send stuff out, but that’s less practical.
But I do miss the actual service bulletins. Don’t understand why they have been practically non-existent in the last few years.

Do they ever cover this type of stuff in the Stern of the Union? Seems like a useful way to distribute info

#2452 4 months ago

Still loving this game! it’s great that there are so many choices at the start, cuts down on the wood chopping.

Anybody have suggestions for strategies yet? The scoring seems a bit unbalanced, especially for the Drive me Crazy and Unhappy Hour Modes. Is there a multiplier for those somehow? (Other than double trouble I guess)

What I’ve been doing is going for Wild Women multiball right out of the gate - i usually gets 2x or 4x playfield multiplier and suddenly the score is in the 80million range without even starting a mode

My other strategy was initially to try to beat 2 Head family members and light the EB so I can make it to house party - but it’s a bit risky - I usually drain before I beat the 2nd one.

#2454 4 months ago
Quoted from chet218:

I am currently out of town and will reaffirm when I get back. Without taking the house off, I took a Long straw and put it down into the back door and the switch registered. Is there another switch I need to check? I haven’t tried reinstalling the code. The answer to 2&3 is no.
Thanks for your help everyone,

Did I see that someone mentioned the callouts are missing in .92?

#2464 4 months ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

Complete both 3-banks to light Double Trouble in the in-lanes. Roll over the lit in-lane (movable by flipping) to start 2x. Do it again (while 2x is running) to start 4x.

Happens pretty quickly during multiballs

#2471 4 months ago
Quoted from Wakky:

'Any future updates are now on hold for the time being due to uncertain situation concerning the Corona virus . This will ensure staff are secure as all our employees safety is of the utmost importance in the company.'

Where’s that from?

#2479 4 months ago

Just had an outstanding game, made it to Gappa angry.. then pinball happened.

Saw Pool Party for the first time, though I drained before I started it. Lots of secrets in this game!

Installing the skill shot fix today too..

4EF43470-A19B-4C39-BEA7-4971988E1A32 (resized).jpeg
#2487 4 months ago
Quoted from dnaman:

How do you guys get these scores?!

One out of 100, just had 1 really great ball

#2490 3 months ago

Mine is set to defaults - 3 balls, only extra ball given if you complete 2 deadheads or 2 haunts. I usually can't get past about 20 million, but on those occasions where I have a crazy good ball, all of a sudden I'm in 200 million territory. Getting to house party is huge, and the Garage multiballs can be really high scoring. But I only get that in about 1 of every 20 games. The game is a bit easier than say POTC or JP. Hopefully there will be further updates. The code is already pretty good, but I'm hopeful for some more surprises.

#2492 3 months ago
Quoted from dschulpius:

Hi all,
I've had an Elvira HOH for about a month now and love it. It's a perfect mate for my Scared Stiff.
Anyway's I have a couple issues that I can't work out. I've searched this thread and it's so long that I'm having trouble finding the answers if any.
First, I've seen a few mentions about a Skill Shot Ball Guide kit. I don't know if this would help my issue or not. I can't find any posts about the issues I have that it could fix. Perhaps I just haven't looked enough.
Anyway, I have one frustrating issue with the skill shot behind the house. If I plunge the ball too softly the ball will hang up on the gate above the pops that sits behind the right side of the house. I have to shake the pin to get it to drop out into the pops. I've tried to make adjustments by bending the gate but nothing helps. Any advice on how I can fix this or if this kit mentioned helps? If you can point me to this skill shot ball guide kit it would be welcomed. Perhaps I need that anyways.
Secondly, the Dead Head kick out Vac. Sometimes it kicks the ball out OK and other times it will just keep kicking the ball several times before it finally feebly spits the ball out. I've tried to adjust the vac bracket by bending it a little and that helped a little but did not eliminate the problem. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?
Thanks in advance for any help on these issues.

You’ll have To look closer at the issue with the gate but the VUK can be adjusted in the menu

#2496 3 months ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

I’m having the same issue.
Looking at the VUK mechanism, there is zero room for play or adjustment. I added 2 washers to the mech to adjust the angle of the ejected ball. My thought was that the ball was hitting the eject, absorbing the energy and not kicking out as intended.
Anyway, it helped only a little. I added 2 additional washers and that made it worse, so I went back.
I also tried to adjust the power. 255 is the max, and the default. Anything lower makes it worse.
I’d love to hear from anyone else that has a better fix.

Have you tried bending the VUK hood? A tiny bit one way or the other can make a huge difference

#2501 3 months ago
Quoted from dschulpius:

Thanks for the advice. I have tried adjusting the VAK power in the menu for the DH eject. I found the best setting I could at that time. I'll tinker with it again to see if I can get it set closer. I have not bent the VAC hood yet. I'll try that next. Also I'll try to loosen up the bracket and move it around a little to see if I can get it centered better. Thanks.
This Dead Head Crypt eject design looks a lot like the DE Star Trek 25th computer hole eject setup. Same solenoid bracket. That damn ST25 computer hole has plagued me for years on my ST25 pin. It most always ejects the ball STDM when it ejects the ball. When I saw that bracket on my Elvira HOH I about lost it.

Make sure you try both bending it up (to widen the gap) and down when you test. The curve of the hood has to be within a certain range. Too tight And the ball can't escape but also too loose and the ball will hit the hood awkwardly and fall back down

#2515 3 months ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

What's the VUK fix? Feel free to share more information, please.

Ditto. What’s the fix?

#2519 3 months ago

Thanks guys! I had assumed it was a physical piece. Good to know. Looks like just a screw and some adjustment

#2540 3 months ago

So... code update ?

#2546 3 months ago
Quoted from littlecammi:

We used to be a fairly exclusive club...now it seems everybody's catching on to how good EHoH is.

So now it's time for a code update!

#2548 3 months ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

I wouldn't be surprised if this month's code update is delayed. Would be nice, though.

I'm expecting that to be the case.. just would be a nice surprise

#2557 3 months ago

What a huge update! Only one Haunt added but it looks like quite a bit of scoring changes. Awesome!

#2565 3 months ago
Quoted from Moomert1:

Added this tree. Currently on the fence as to whether its "too much"[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Where did you get the tree from? That looks great!

I’m not a fan of the ghost thing. Doesn’t fit the game really.

I’ve been on the lookout for a Grim Reaper figures like the one on the dashboard of the Macabre Mobile in the movie (mistress of the dark)

#2584 3 months ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

I've heard rumor of 26 titles planned for the game. If true, I'll never sell this machine.
I want to put a clear MST3K logo over the moon in the back (turning it into the logo, but not obstructing the light.
Anyone know how I could accomplish this?

Ooh no.. dude

#2585 3 months ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

The acronyms present in the adjustements settings menu could give us indications on the list of the movies modes that are probably in work in progress at the moment:
ABOB: A Bucket Of Blood (1959)
AOTGL: Attack Of The Giant Leeches (1959)
EEGAH: Eegah (1962)
MTHOF: Manos: The Hands Of Fate (1966)
NOTLD: Night Of The Living Dead (1968)
SCCTM: Santa Claus Conquers The Martians (1964)
TBTWD: The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (1962)
TFOS: Teenagers From Outer Space (1959)
TGGM: The Giant Gila Monster (1959)
TKS: The Killer Shrews (1959)
TM: The Manster (1959)
TSROD: The Satanic Rites Of Dracula (1973)
TWOW: The Werewolf Of Washington (1973)

I believe these are the modes / films represented in the artwork

#2597 3 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

The shaker isn’t that active in the game. I mainly notice it when completing a mode or a dead head.
Not sure on the turret, but as someone asked, does it spin in test mode? If not, check connections under the playfield.

Give it time! Lyman will deliver

#2602 3 months ago
Quoted from Syco54645:

Where did you get the scared stiff style bones for the ramp?

Theyre Scared Stiff parts

#2608 3 months ago
Quoted from krustykramer:

Bueller? Anyone? Bueller?

Sorry - this has been answered a number of times, it's hard to keep track! It should be marked a key post if not already.

#2614 3 months ago

God bless that lady. That was like everything in one little 2 minute clip

#2619 3 months ago
Quoted from BigT:

Thanks I didn’t know that. I guess what I am asking for is that all of the haunts that need a skeleton key should be available when you have the key. Then have the next haunts requiring 2 keys.

I'm guessing the keys, the potion, the ray gun, (what's the other thing you can collect?) have a purpose that's not been coded yet. Obviously the keys open up additional modes, but there rules card has a reference to firing the ray gun that I don't think you can do yet. Looking forward to "don't look in the basement" and the other upcoming modes!

#2640 3 months ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

I've heard rumors all over the place, I DM'd Mr. Sheets but he didn't respond.
How many movies are going to be in the game? I've heard 26 movies (the ones that are in the movie posters of that set of side blades) and I've heard just what's set aside in the menus. What has anyone else heard?

I don’t remember the number but there are at least 3 more specifically named. “Don’t go in the basement”, “the Giant leeches” and one more I can’t think of. There are also several other Multiballs. I don’t thinj 26 MODES (“haunts”) but maybe 26 total. The movies are all the public domain ones from the 2010 run of Elvira’s Movie Macabre, so you can check there for other ideas...

#2659 3 months ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

I love scared stiff... I have yet to get the stiff o meter filled though. I think the Translite and possibly playfield might be better in SS. Cooler ramps for sure in SS. I do enjoy the playfield art a bit better in SS too. Crate is a cool toy, and great integration with the pinball cab art. However... As much as its brilliant, and it is some of the best theme integration ever... I wish it had Elvira on the side... But, then again, with that Translite on SS, you really don't need another pinup of her, cos that is the best one of the series.
I think EHOH is however a better game already, and once the code is finished, it'll be even BETTER! I also hope one day to own a SS... Just don't want to plunk 7k down right now for one.
Heck, I gotta get my EATPM working before I buy any more pinballs.

I love the look, the theme, the toys, the fun shots on SS (those ramps!). But I don’t love playing it. It got old after about a week. Really bad news, as that was the wife’s favorite Game. So I got E3!

#2667 3 months ago
Quoted from FtrMech:

Any Topper for EHOH, Official or Custom MUST have Elvira on her Couch...there is simply no other way to have it. That is where we expect to see her and only adds to theme integration. Given Stern seems to now be in the "Topper" business, it only makes sense to produce a High Quality Topper for this machine....if they can do it for Munsters, Star Wars, others, then they can certainly do it for an amazing game like Elvira House of Horrors. The whole Tombstone concept needs to be shit-canned.

I’m willing to bet Stern was taken by surprise by the success of this game. Isn’t it a contract job or whatever they call it ?

#2691 3 months ago
Quoted from Reality_Studio:

See I'm curious about what the designers actually intended though, because if they wanted it to hit the sling then I'd like to leave it like that but if they intended it to hit the left flipper then I would adjust mine. I think I may email Pablo at Stern, maybe he would have some into on how it's supposed to be.

I can't, in a million years, imagine that hitting the sling so clunkily is what Dennis Nordman intended. EATPM, SS, Indy500, even Demo man - none of them have shots that come out like that on purpose

#2697 3 months ago
Quoted from Reality_Studio:

I mean maybe you guys are right, it's just bizarre to me that the guys that created the game would play it live on the reveal with the ball hitting the sling, when that was never their intent. You'd think they would have taken a few seconds to adjust the orbit ramp, go figure.

Totally fair point - but if I Recall correctly, Lyman was the only Stern guy playing the game, and he is A) so good I doubt he even noticed, and B) had just tried to get a code update ready in time for that stream, and wasn’t able to get it quite finished.

So I doubt he was thinking about the slings. I’m betting he was thinking “Man... I wish I’d had all those new modes added and bugs fixed... and this is a BIG reveal for the company! ... and I better not DRAIN!!”

#2702 3 months ago
Quoted from Bencollins:

I hope he puts in a super duper wizard mode. I’m sure it will be in there. I’ve only finished gappa one time. When you get to the last ball lock on gappa it can be intense. It can be hard to get 4 haunts done. If u need dead heads you can bash away with the right flipper. Trailer trash is where some big points are. I got a 120 million one time. As for me all the shots are smooth as silk. All of them! not one clunker. I like long ball times. This game gives them. game is bolted to the floor. I wish this team would do another pin together.
Can you tell I love this game!
This game and Jurassic park are Hopefully the new normal from stern. Good shooters.
Well then there is stranger things. It gets a lot of hate. I’ve flipped it. Is it’s not that bad. Is it great? My opinion is no.

How did you get 120 million on trailer trash?!

#2705 3 months ago
Quoted from Charliew65:

hit on his sister and ate a Mayo sandwich?

LOL what the what?

Quoted from lodgingdolphin:

Stack a higher scoring mode with a multiball and 4x playfield running.[quoted image]

Gotcha - did not know that could carry over

#2708 3 months ago
Quoted from Bencollins:

Anyone want to tell me their thoughts on Octoberfest. I’m thinking about getting one. I’ve played it a few times. I like the layout. The animations are not great. I asked on the October page only got a few answers. I’m drawn to it for some strange reason
My Batman never shot well. I tried to tweak it but never could get what I wanted.

(Wrong thread?) It’s fun, it’s SUPER deep, and the AP team put a huge amount of thought into the rules. The mechs apparently take some time to get dialed in.

#2727 89 days ago

If I’m reading this correctly, 2 new modes added! New Frankenstein deahead! And lady Frankenstein ! Outstanding

#2730 89 days ago

Installing in 5, 4, 3...

Rob Stone you may get some parts from me. Outstanding work start to finish.

#2733 89 days ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Hell yeah man been awhile

Yep. School and kids will do that

You’re still the f’n master!

#2738 88 days ago

I can wait to install this update. Lady Frankenstein !

#2744 87 days ago
Quoted from Syco54645:

oh how do you collect a turret side? sorry not played this one in a while as we don't own it yet and with social distancing rules can't exactly go to my friend's to play it. we were going to buy it this spring then coronavirus happened.

Shoot the house while the eyeball is showing

#2745 87 days ago

i swear, this game gets HARDER with every release! (that's a good thing). When I was first playing .91, I was able to make it through a lot of modes and areas of the game, (although I had also added extra balls when hitting score levels), and I swear I can barely START 3 modes in a game now. This is such a great package

#2758 86 days ago
Quoted from FtrMech:

So, EHOH came out in October...7 months ago (mine has a build date of 1 Oct so I am counting October) and since then the code has gone from .83 to .94...11 code updates in just 7 months. I am not sure what I will do when the code is finished...seeing what is new has become part of the joy of owning this game.

And there’s still a ways to go - several movies have still not been added

#2766 83 days ago
Quoted from Chetrico:

I am having the same issue. I am not clear on which two screws that you loosened to realign the post. Is it accessible without taking anything apart? Your information is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Mine occasionally has this problem as well. I had checked it and (thought) I had fixed. I do remember a post a few pages ago about it. If I'm not mistaken, the post is accesible behind the back wall of the playfield. You don't need to remove anything to get to it, just pull out the PF

#2769 83 days ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

Tonight I will be streaming the installation of Mezelmods' 25-piece CLiP protector set for EHoH.
Feel free to stop in and chat. You might even be able to help me figure out where three of the pieces go!
9:15 pm cdt www.twitch.tv/pridepinball
[quoted image]

I’ve been thinking about getting that kit. How does it compare to the other plastic protector
Kit they have listed? I couldn’t quite figure it out, other than the color

#2771 82 days ago
Quoted from tktlwyr:

and the price difference.

Indeed. I think the expensive one has 20 or so pieces, and the other one seemed to be fewer. So that kinda makes sense, but I still don't get the overall difference

#2773 82 days ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

One kit is only for the slingshots and lane guides (4 pieces). The larger kit I'm installing is for almost every plastic piece (25 pieces).

Aah ok, thanks! So it literally is just a larger set, they don’t seem to be different for any other reason. I prefer the green ones - too bad it’s a smaller set!

#2776 82 days ago
Quoted from FtrMech:

I like the green but it seems that green is everywhere these days and on everything (I have even seen it on Tron...ugg), some purples or blues would be nice...I would prefer a medium purple or a blood red for EHOH....Also, it would be nice if they cut out the centers so that the color doesn't bleed though and alter the image on the respective plastic. I picked up a set for my Munster's last year at TPF that were cut out, green on the lane guides and purple on the slings...very happy with the appearance.[quoted image]

Purple would be nice too! There's a LOT of red on my LE, so I wouldn't mind a bit of contrast.

#2780 82 days ago
Quoted from pinballfan2000:

For Elvira .92 code in Pinball browser, does anybody know which video script is video for Tilt animation? Tilt animation is not very small like floating deadheads, so I think it's there. I looked at 350 videos so far, without finding Tilt video yet.
Thanks in advance.

Can’t help you with the Tilt animation exactly, but FYI .94 is out and they posted the full image this time, you may want to check it out!

#2782 82 days ago
Quoted from pinballfan2000:

Doesn't "Unknown firmware" message appear upon opening .94 version?

Aah, I forgot about that. I have not actually opened .94 in PinballBrowser. I will try that tonight

#2788 81 days ago
Quoted from pinballfan2000:

Olivier told me that Elvira is unable to be opened due to it's big size. But Elvira may be unable to be opened due to both size and Stern's encrypting.
BTW, where you heard that Stern is encrypting contents?

Oliver confirmed in the PinballBrowser thread

#2807 80 days ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

If I remember correctly, once you complete the Hand of Fate wheel, the Super Hand of Fate wheel will appear in the bottom right of the UI. Hitting the Hand of Fate targets will stop the wheel and add that amount to the super jackpot which is collected from the left outlane. You can keep hitting the targets to add to the jackpot. It's been awhile since I achieved this, so I'm a little fuzzy. Without seeing it, I don't know what the double zero is.

I got Super Hand of Fate once, and I believe you have to light the targets one last time, which will start the mode. There wasn't much to it, if I recall correctly. It lit, I think there were some shots (or maybe just one jackpot) and that was about it. It was pretty big though - 35M in my game for the one shot

#2811 80 days ago
Quoted from Lermods:

So you have to lose your ball to collect the hof jackpot, seems kind of odd. Does it give it back like a ball save?

If you select “ball save” , or one of the Extend Multiball choices when you Drain. Otherwise you basically have to collect during a multiball

#2814 79 days ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Thx. Seems like that needs a fix. Your reward for beating a wizard mode and collecting jackpots is losing your ball. Have we seen that anywhere else in pinball?

I dunno - I was thinking about it from the other side: when draining you get a last ditch effort to retain your ball, or at least gain a couple million bonus points. There's so much else to do in the game, this seems like one of those super tough goals that you're not normally supposed to reach (maybe like 666 mode in Monster Bash, or perhaps the Spider wheel in SS)

#2833 78 days ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

After having messed around with that thing, is it possible to change the alignment? The way mine is now the skull doesnt quite make it out as far as is intended.
Also: mod community please come up with something elegant to kill the light bleed from the crypt. I've tried realigning my roof panels and still get a large amount of bleed out of the right side.

Thin adhesive foam works wonders

#2835 78 days ago
Quoted from Lermods:

I never noticed any light bleed out the side. We have a nice sign that covers the front and we offer a spotlight add on that is interactive with the crypt flasher so I would think it would wash out any light bleed.

That sign is a must have for this game, it’s not even a question

#2841 75 days ago
Quoted from RobertWinter:

Here are the rules for Attic Attack as of 0.94.
For Attic Attack, there are two parts:
Part 1:
To bring the monster to life, you make 5 jackpot shots and then the Super Jackpot on the center ramp. (This shows the scene from Lady Frankensten of the monster destroying the Doctor.)
Part 2:
Monster on a rampage,
a) All jackpots lit, flashing. Make 1 jackpot shot and the center ramp jackpot will light up flashing and all other jackpot shots will turn solid; the turret will start to spin continuously.
b) You can continue to shoot jackpots on the shots or you can shoot the center ramp for super jackpot.
c) If you shoot the center ramp for super jackpot, the game will remember which side the turret was on (Elvira, Eyeball, Bats, Spider) when the shot was made and that "side" will not be available next time. You will have to time the shot for the super jackpot next time to coincide with a side of the turret you have not made yet. (This is Lady Frankenstein and Thomas destroying the monster.)
d) Go to a) until all sides of the turret have been made unavailable.
e) Left loop and right loop are lit for "bonus", this is the monster being defeated and the villagers setting fire to the castle.
Each new a) requires one additional shot, and c) the super jackpot now has a variety of video instead of the same scene of Thomas clubbing the monster to death.

Cool! I still have not made it to Attic Attack. Looking forward to seeing that soon -

I do hope Lyman adds a couple more 'regular' modes too, to break it up. It would be great to have 6 or more regular modes to randomly start, along with the 'secret' Santa Claus and Gila Monster modes.

#2844 75 days ago
Quoted from docquest:

Has Christopher Lee or Peter Cushing from "Satanic Rites if Dracula" made an appearance in the game yet?

Not yet. I think there are scenes in the video file already but not in-game

#2845 75 days ago
Quoted from Pinkitten:

Joining the club this week (I hope), my pin is in transit from Texas to me in Michigan. Should arrive Thursday. I haven’t played this game since Expo last fall, when my first impression was “beautiful haunted house, fun theme and art package, somewhat vanilla ramps/shots, limited code.” I have been reading for weeks that the code is stellar now, and still not quite finished. Would most people say this game is night and day different compared to when it was launched? Also, how common are people finding the VUK alignment problem? Is this pretty much an across the board design problem, or does it vary from pin to pin? I would like to be prepared to deal with any adjustments, essential mods, etc., when mine arrives. Thanks!

I was super disappointed by the reveal and the initial code. The .92 (I think?) update was a game changer. The 2 subsequent updates have been even better. More surprises, and there appears to be quite a bit more to come.

It’s not a crazy wild new layout like JP, but it’s only my second “fan layout” game, and I think it’s considerably harder than MB. And my wife plays it almost every night ! Never happened with any pin before (she did kinda like SS for a while but it passed)

I actually like the ramps - I wish they were wire forms but they add a LOT of spin to then all which makes it react strangely, and so you have more unpredictability than expected.

The VUK isn’t an issue on mine. I think the biggest issue are those SDTM drains sometimes when the ball comes out of the pops from the left. (Oh and the skill shot doesn’t work on mine, but it used to do I need to check that...)

#2877 71 days ago

I just played a game last night and made
It to house Party on 0.95 - I am pretty sure the turret was Turning. It is a key part of that mode since the add a ball depends on which part of the turret is facing you.

#2918 69 days ago
Quoted from docquest:

I think the license they got for the game was based on the revived Elvira Movie Macabre series from 2010-2011. This contained 26 public domain movies. So far all the haunts in the game are from those 26 movies.
They released a DVD boxset, Elvira Movie Macabre Coffin Collection, containing all 26 films with the Elvira segments that is now out of print. At one point you could get it for as low as $30, now it sells on Ebay for hundreds. Some of the streaming services have some if the Elvira episodes available.
The films are public domain so if you just want to watch the films themselves without the Elvira stuff you should be able to find them for free on the web or youtube.
Mystery Science Theater 3000 also had episodes with a lot of those films. Should be able to find those online or as DVD's as well
amazon.com link »

This is correct - Shout Factory also has a number of the Original Movie Macabre episodes on their website:


#2920 68 days ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

Elvira – For all Elvira owners, please make sure you have updated your game to the most current code version (v0.95.0) released last month. Be on the lookout for a new code update later this month.

Unbelievable. I think this may actually be the game I have the most fun playing. Had a killer one last night, finally started Satanic Rites of Dracula, and blew it on Gappa, so I got pool party. And the Pinball happened.

Do most games get this many updates? We’ve had multiple per month for a while now.

#2922 68 days ago
Quoted from jfh:

And the update will presumably include a new adjustment that seems interesting. While I am learning a new game I usually set it to 5 balls/game. This may be another option. If I don’t use one of them, I’ll never get to experience anything but a fraction of the cool stuff Lyman has in Batman or Elvira ...
“ Stern continuously looks to improve our systems and features available to our customers. Moving forward, all Stern games will include the unique system adjustment TARGET_GAME_TIME. The TARGET_GAME_TIME standard adjustment is only accessible when the BALL_SAVE_TIME adjustment is enabled. TARGET_GAME_TIME enables a multi-use ball saver, whose duration is dynamically calculated for each ball to help ensure the player has a guaranteed amount of play time per game. The TARGET_GAME_TIME adjustment has a range of 1m 30s to 3m 00s and defaults to NO_TARGET_TIME (disabled). When disabled a traditional single-use BALL_SAVE_TIME ball saver will be used for each ball in play. When TARGET_GAME_TIME is enabled the first ball of play will have a multi-use ball saver of BALL_SAVE_TIME seconds. The second ball will have a multi-use ball saver which is 25% of the (TARGET_GAME_TIME – player_game_time). The third and beyond will have a multi-use ball saver which is 50% of (TARGET_GAME_TIME – player_game_time).’

Interesting numbers they're using here. The setting is obviously aimed at ops.

#2932 68 days ago
Quoted from noob-a-tron:

I played both and Stranger Things is no comparison i played on location and everybody loved Elvira. And that was months ago with very early code. Stranger things in my opinion was worse than The Munsters. Elvira is as good as JP2.

(As predicted given the thread), I have to agree. There are so many different paths and approaches you can take on Elvira, and the code updates just keep coming!

I love the stranger things show - that was almost a day one buy theme for me. Stranger things the game has the REALLY cool projector and ramp, and ... Um.

#2936 68 days ago
Quoted from Chetrico:

I few weeks ago I purchased a new LE(#41). Up until this last week, minus a couple of small tweaks and the new skill shot guide which is on it's way, everything had been running great. The last dozen plays or so, the ball will occasionally get lost up the house ramp. The machine nor I can find it anywhere throughout the checks and my visual inspection...until I lift the playfield, at which time the ball falls down into the cabinet. Does anyone have any recommendations on this? Does this somehow have to do with the skill shot guide? Or maybe I will see something outta sorts when I pull out the house to install the new skill shot guide? One of the tweaks that I had to make was to slightly move the ball lock peg in back of the back board to line up with the hole in order to hold the ball during house haunts. However, this doesn't appear to have anything to do with the lost ball issue.

I would guess maybe a misaligned opto- it may be losing track of the ball. The ball is diverted a number of different ways so it may not be an obvious one. You’ll want to remove the house and test as many as you see back there

#2981 66 days ago
Quoted from Lrrr:

Yes, worth it. Ball now hits upper 36 or 24 and often 36 and 24 together, even with VUK power turned down. Was thinking of lowering power to hit lower 36 as that is is the hardest for me to target with flipper, but plenty happy as is. About 10% of the time it ejects above the upper 36, but has never gone into the trunk scoop. I would love to see that happen. What is even better than it hitting the targets though is that it just now feels right, not feeble, shooting with satisfying power.
I am also curious to know how many have made this adjustment. No idea.

Weird how this is such a finicky mech. Mine goes into the trunk scoop about half the time, and it shoots out FAST. Default settings, too. I’ve not adjusted it, just got lucky - but it shows it’s possible to get it all dialed in.

#2988 65 days ago
Quoted from Charger68:

Anyone else have alot of dimpling where the vuk discharges onto the playfield and what was your fix?

Oh TONS Of Dimpling!

On this game.. also on my 35 year old TZ.

If youre concerned about the VUK drops (which in this case certainly makes sense): Mylar.

#3015 62 days ago
Quoted from jandrea95:

Should have my premium this week. You guys should be on commission.

Code updating coming this month!!

#3047 61 days ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

Nailed it. Both games are amazing in their own ways... but JP can be a real ball buster! Elvira is the best coded fan layout I’ve ever played, and I always have a great time playing it. Having these two next to each other is a real privilege for sure!

Hear hear. I felt like the game was too easy at first too, but after the last few code updates, it's gotten much harder - there's a whole lot more to do as well!

#3048 61 days ago
Quoted from jfh:

I think your approach to purchasing is the best way to do it these days and one I advocated in the Dark Knight for Stern thread a while back.
I was willing to take a risk on Elvira in October because I really wanted an LE, believed that Stern had at least partially addressed the playfield quality issues, and, perhaps most importantly, because Lyman was on the code. I had lived through what he had done with Batman 66 from the beginning, was very pleased with the results and had no reason to doubt the same with Elvira, especially after hearing him speak about the game at Expo.
But after the Batman and Elvira LEs I can’t imagine Stern coming out with a game that would put me in the position of gambling on code again.
We are very fortunate to have a world-class pinball player and an obvious perfectionist as the lead programmer on Elvira.

Until Lyman gets put on a new game!

#3051 61 days ago
Quoted from jfh:

Ha ha. It’s not so much Lyman as it is the odds of Stern doing another themed game I’d be interested in ...

oooh... I thought the exact same thing - then Stern made IMDN. It didn't click with me although I love the band and recognize the game is awesome; I just didn't love it (but I bought it). EHOH is a home run for me though. total package. We'll see if they ever do it again...

#3060 61 days ago
Quoted from manadams:

All screws are tight and the hinge screw has a lot of play in it but as tight as I can get it.

That hinge screw is really annoying. It jus barely hangs on and will spin even when you have it right to the hole. I put some blue thread locker on it last night, along with the inner screw on the lid arm. Let’s see it work itself loose now!!

#3066 61 days ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

Re: trunk lock. There is a white bushing that needs to be inside the actuator arm, lots of times the screw will come loose and it'll be tightened on the outside of the hole it's supposed to sit in.

aaah nice. Thanks

#3067 61 days ago
Quoted from iceman44:

This ^^^^
It seems like it won't tighten but you gotta get the nut held at same time while tightening screw and it will work like a charm

Son of a ... ok thx that helps a lot

#3118 57 days ago

What’s the protocol for getting a replacement board? I logged a ticket months ago that one of my Gargoyle lamps is always dark. No response since, although I did get help and the replacement skill shot parts.

#3150 55 days ago
Quoted from Chetrico:

Same thing happened to me... and it also started a year ago with Metallica as my one and only pin, then Iron Maiden Prem somehow showed up, and as of just recently, Elvira LE. At first, all the "tweaking" and NIB repairs were a little frustrating but I later came to realize that they just make me appreciate the games that much more. It turns out that tinkering, upgrading, and repairing is half the fun... and of course, there's the anticipation of what the next release will look like and if I can sell it to my wife as another "must have".

Every game needs tweaks. New, old, NIB or HUO. Glad you figured out you enjoy it! Just beware - you can have weeks (or more!) where there are multiple issues on multiple games - and you just don't feel like working on ANYTHING. Then you get one thing fixed and it will snowball...

#3218 51 days ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

Joining the club. Selling pirates to do it. Get a Ngg out of it as a bonus. Tell me it’s worth it.

Oh wow. I have both POTC and Elvira. I gotta say, I play Elvira more. That’s not to say you won’t miss Pirates but you get a fast playing, deep game with EHOH. Pretty rare combo

#3240 50 days ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

Yes, it is designed to smak the glass. Stern fans haven't seen this before so i think a lot of the times people think it is wrong. It is one of things Dennis Nordman wanted in the game. It is kinda a Dennis thing.

It’s a throwback to the “leapers” (frogs) in Scared Stiff, which did the exact same thing.

#3241 50 days ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

Yeah, there is that but I don't worry about it. By the way, what side of the glass has the film? I know it's not on both sides. If it is on the top it is a non issue.

Anti-glare glass is coated on the top

#3247 50 days ago
Quoted from TheRudyB:

Here's what it says on PDI's intro to their glass. Not a commercial - just passing along what they say about their glass:[quoted image]

PDI May do it on both sides (May explain the price hike) but Stern’s glass is definitely only on one side. I think it’s in the glass compare thread that someone described a way to check. I can’t recall what it is though -

#3256 49 days ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

I do think it has some of the best callouts in pinball. However, its not as dirty as I'd like. There is a little bit of naughtiness in it. "These guys are really stiff... Hey, I'm talking about their acting!!!!"
So... it is there. Just not as much as I was hoping. But, really the callouts are very good and varied. I do hope there are still a few more that haven't been implemented yet.
And I"m still hoping for a match video of unpleasant dreams.

There probably are - the last update (or 2 maybe) added additional callouts which had not been used before. Not sure if there is accompanying video

#3283 47 days ago
Quoted from lodgingdolphin:

There certainly is![quoted image]

Still really curious Wtf that is.

Also.. no final Wizard mode yet

#3298 45 days ago
Quoted from docquest:

Does the haunts appear in the same window every time or do they move around?

same window, and you can change the active one with the flipper button

#3299 45 days ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Has anyone had a leaper bracket fail yet? One on my game failed last night where most of the crimped end was missing. I didn't have anything suitable to replace the hinge pin so I re-used the existing pin and hammered what was left of the bad end flat. It should hold until I can get a replacement.
I also recommend a lock washer on the top screw that secures the bracket in place.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Not the bracket, but I did have a leaper fly off a bunch of times - finally had to epoxy the rod to his butt

#3302 45 days ago
Quoted from docquest:

I think they said there were 18 movies they had access to. So wouldnt you have multiple haunts (and thus multiple colors) per window?
I dont own the game (but it's on my short list) so I'm just going on memory from playing it at Expo last year.

The movies are used in more than just the haunts - they are in the multiballs, Gappa Angry! mini-wizard mode, the several modes you get as consolation prizes when you drain on Gappa Angry. There's a lot going on

#3303 45 days ago

It's almost the end of the month! Will we see a further update?

#3319 45 days ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Are these identical to the leaper brackets used in Scared Stiff? I'm wondering if the top screw coming loose has a detrimental effect of allowing the bracket to twist which causes more stress on the hinge pin.

They are not the same at all - the SS leapers are a round rod, not a flat blade shape. The mounts are comprised of 2 slotted pieces which can get out of alignment. After lining them up and tightening the screw quite a bit, I finally added a drop of silicone grease to each one. Now they actually “leap” consistently

#3411 39 days ago
Quoted from rai:

Wow the code really has improved a lot from what was on it before .88 (I think). Before, I didn't think the pin was that great, the shots are nice but the code felt flat or unexciting. I am not sure what all changed but way better, I think more film clips. I din't really like the pin but now I think it's great.

Oh man. Just wait until you hit the new Gappa Angry or Attic Multiball! (Or when you brick Gappa and get one of the consolation multiballs, and then brick that too! Like I have done repeatedly

#3461 36 days ago
Quoted from docquest:

Well the side blades clearly show "Ray Gun Rampage" so its coming![quoted image]

Says it on the apron card too

#3493 34 days ago

Oh man the coil stops.

#3503 33 days ago
Quoted from Pinbri:

This be the final code update/ do you know what will be included? Just curious because the more I see out of this machine the more I want to buy it!!

Nobody knows. Based on previous updates, this will be an incremental release - each previous one has been .93, .94, .95, etc. They've been pretty packed with features though

#3509 33 days ago

This is astounding! This update list is longer than the complete set of code on most games! (Um, Munsters...)

#3523 33 days ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

Man, this game is special and it’s not even done. I love all the subtle touches and polish.
My only minor complaint is mechanical. The new dead head mode requires you to shoot the coffin targets with the lockdown button... but if you’re stuck with an underperforming mech, the ball kind of dribbles out and you’re stuck.
I’ve adjusted it three times and I’m batting about .500 with hitting the targets.

There’s a setting to disable it - somewhere in the read me it mentions this

#3524 33 days ago
Quoted from RobertWinter:

Just saw Katrina and what I'm assuming was the new zombie dead head (I won't spoil the actual name reveal, it's quite funny!)
Looking forward to discovering all the new stuff over the next few days.
If Lyman continues to spoil us with these epic .01 version updates, I can't imagine where this game is going to end up when he finally hits version 1.00!
Thank you Lyman.

A buddy mentioned to me that Lyman is now being put exclusively on these boutique games. This is great as an additional “exclusive” but I can’t imagine it’s great for morale. Additionally, Lyman isn’t going to want to work forever.. he needs to be mentoring the other guys to make sure they are thinking for the future; how he plans rules, light shows, etc. what I wouldn’t give to work for Stern and learn from him..

#3589 31 days ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

One of the reasons I got rid of pirates and opted to replace with EHOH was because I was sick of the maintenance. I have rebuilt 90s games but found them to be less finicky. Now I’m starting to worry about my new purchase. I will look through this forum for all the issues so that I’m prepared.

I had some majorly frustrating issues with POTC when I first got it - the Pearl lamps would turn off for long periods of time, I was worried about the clear issues... it turned out to be a completely simple fix, and I am really glad I persevered. that game is great!

EHOH has also been pretty maintenance-free. I've been lucky with the VUK, and the only real major thing I had to deal with was the trunk getting stuck because of the little arm coming loose. Took 5 minutes to take apart, Added some loctite, hasn't been an issue since. The game is fairly easy to disassemble if you need to.

#3618 30 days ago

I was a little surprised there weren’t more posts talking about how AMAZINGLY PACKED the 0.96 update was. Then I realized everybody is still playing their game!

I really like the new Crypt VUK shot with the fire button, and the movie integration continues to be outstanding! I love the little Elvira pop ups during the modes

#3639 30 days ago
Quoted from Mar:

Absolutely loving the new code. It’s amazing how a bunch of little things add to so much in the overall experience. The new callouts, lighting, Dead Head intros, ray gun and Crypt exit shot. It all ties it together so much better. It’s incredible.

Absolutely agree. Don't stop sir_tankalot

#3682 24 days ago
Quoted from littlecammi:

Do not tell my wife, but with $1300 in mods purchased so far I have over $10K in my EHoH LE:
no charge skill shot guide kit + nylon washer - warranty from Stern
1.95 left ramp crate fix from Pinball Life
4.45 x 2 replacement coil stops from Pinball Life
12.95 anti-airball deflector for left ramp from RGP Models
16.00 2-pc shooter eject protector from Cliffy's Premium Pinball
16.00 Stern Spike quiet fan kit from Pinball Life
24.95 return lane plastic protectors from SilverBall Designs
25.00 set of 2 "E" coin return buttons from Filament Printing
27.95 purple slingshot plastic protectors from Cointaker
45.00 red powdercoated shooter rod housing from Robert Stone
49.95 headphone jack + external volume control from Pinball Life
68.00 Elvira shooter rod from ModFather
79.00 crypt sign façade with spotlight from Lermods
180.00 Stern EHoH banner from Marc Chytracek
200.00 playfield protector from playfield-protectors.com
260.00 casket + VUK cover + doghouse etc. from Medisinyl Mods
296.61 Omega plus lighting from PinStadium

If you’re trying to keep this info from your lady, I’m not sure creating a post which itemizes every mod including price is the best idea dude!! Lol

1 week later
#3806 16 days ago
Quoted from jhoward1082:

Per the rule sheet wiki I think there’s a final attic mode not in code yet that is the final wizard mode

Those rules look like they might be outdated. "attic attack" is already in the code - it's the 3rd Garage multiball. I thought Director's Cut was the final wizard mode? I haven't seen that yet.

#3807 16 days ago
Quoted from drbrain:

Second this one. Always fun and challenging on TSPP.

I was about to comment about how great this is on Houdini. There's a TSPP reverse flipper mode too? D'oh!

#3814 16 days ago
Quoted from manadams:

Mode is called "House Attic Party". Don't watch if you don't want it spoiled for you but not really complete anyway. Fastest multiball drain I've had in awhile lol.

I can't believe there are so many modes I still haven't seen. this is awesome!

#3819 16 days ago
Quoted from BeeGeeMtl:

Totally agree with you about GAPPA! Can't tell you the number of times I've reached GAPPA, so excited and then....wha-whaaaaaa, the ball drains and there's no BALL SAVE for some reason. Does anyone know if there's a way to set a BALL SAVE for GAPPA for at least 4-5 seconds? It's disheartening to get all the way there and poof...balls does SDTM....

This happens to me almost every I time I make it to Gappa. There are the consolation multiballs, if you screw up at stage 2 and beyond. IMO That's such a cool thing to have it eliminates any complaint I could have about sucking on ball 1.

#3852 15 days ago
Quoted from noob-a-tron:

Is she 68 in those video clips Geez that is the best damn cleavage for a 68 year old i have seen. You people need to lighten up seriously.

Met her in Salem, Massachusetts for Halloween last year. Either she is an immortal demon, or she has the best plastic surgeon ever. And the most accommodating, patient human I think I’ve ever met.

#3853 15 days ago
Quoted from Lermods:

New batch of crypt signs ready to go....
[quoted image]

These are SO awesome I almost want to buy a second set. How about some lights? Haha

#3855 15 days ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Thanks very much! We offer a spotlight option that mimics the flasher inside the crypt so the front of the sign lights up when the crypt flasher is active.

Dang it! All right fine

#3881 13 days ago

So how’s the new .97 code? My game is packed up as we are expanding the house. Only TZ still stands..

#3883 13 days ago
Quoted from Syco54645:

Damn was hoping it would be different haunts. Game is already packed though so can't complain. Hoping to pick one up this fall.

I do think there are a couple left. Maybe they will be the ones you have to unlock - but I don't think Eeegah! is in the game yet, nor the Wasp Woman. Nor Don't Go Down in the Basement.

#3901 13 days ago