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#3 1 year ago

So, I do think there should be a category for this is my first one, but I plan on collecting all three one day.
Because, I totally do... And I know some of the fears that this release will cause the other two to inflate. But, I think that might be right in the short term, but long term of 5-10 years is I think the prices will settle down somewhat.
I do think their will be a bit of a price adjustment when the bubble bursts. I don't predict the doom and gloom pins will become useless thought that some hold. I think pins will always hold some modicum of value...
And even if they do go up in price. I think somethings are worth paying for.
A the Elvira Triple set would be a nice one to own.

Anyway... I paid my deposit last week. Can't wait to get the new machine. It's going to be sweet!!!!

2 weeks later
#146 1 year ago

Okay... So I got mine today!!!!!

A few thoughts. I'm kind of frustrated right now. And I don't want anyone to chime in, "TOLD YA SO!!!!", but this game is glitchy to all get out.
My game rebooted 3-4 times on me. Seemed to happen mostly during the multiballs.
Speaking of the multiballs.
I got the junk in the attic multiball and I didn't get any speak during the intro. Sure the video was there. But, no audio.
Audio goes in and out for a lot of the stuff from time to time.

The garage lock doesn't always register. So when a ball gets shot in there and it doesn't read that it should be locked... Well... The game kind of ends.
Because a ball search will not release that ball. What I have to do is shut the game off, and boot it back up and the ball kicks out. This has happened 8 times today... if not more like 10-12... Really takes the fun out of what should be a fun time...

Lastly. While playing the game. I noticed a piece of plastic come out of the garage ball lock area after it ejected a ball.
It looks like a bit of the sculpted house. But, I don't see any broken pieces anywhere. But, I looked and looked. But, I can take a picture of hte broken plastic.
I think perhaps it was a bit that got left in by mistake when they assembled the machine... At least I hope so.

It's not all bad. I did hear "How About Another Ball" as a callout for the shoot again. That is nice that it is in there. Had fun for a little bit. But, more frustrating today than fun.
And it shouldn't be frustrating.
I get that the code isn't all there. But, this isn't even playable. I'm not angry. I'm not disappointed, I'm FRUSTRATED.
I would have thought that Stern would be smarter than to release a game in this shoddy of a state.

With all that said. I still look forward to seeing how the game progresses in the code updates. As the experience I had with my Iron Maiden was amazing.
But, Iron Maiden started off a heck of a lot more complete than this. And really Stern should have higher standards, and know better. Game was in development for a long, long time, and this is the launch code.... Actually 2nd update....

Lastly... I do like the MB starts in the game. Hope those stay.

#149 1 year ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Did yours ship with 1.0 code or higher?

Not sure I know what you mean? Did my Iron Maiden Prem ship at 1.0... No, it didn't. I got one of the first Chicagoland Prems and I think it shipped at .96 or .97. I do know a code update just came out a few days before I got mine. Of course I got a premium, and the Pros shipped first. my Elvira code is whatever code is out now. .83 or whatever.

#150 1 year ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

Sorry to hear you are having problems out of the gate. Keep calm try not to get too frustrated. It will only get better once you get the bugs out. Yeah really does suck getting the game that way though. I’ve helped setup a couple NIB games over the years and have always found one or two things needing addressed at first but nothing as much as yours. I would email or call to let them know what’s going on. Sounds like the reboot problem has been on others so I’m sure it will get addressed soon.

I told my distributor about it.
I also think I found where the plastic piece of my house broke off at.

The backside of the house left side low corner. I was hoping it was just debris that didn't get removed from the game...
I think I might need a replacement piece for this. As I think the remaining part of it is probably lost its durability and also... Even though I don't plan on selling. Having a chunk missing, regardless of if a ramp is hiding the damage or not, I don't like.
That will have to get replaced...

Now, for the positives.
I played it again for 45-60 minutes. Had a lot more fun. Still had a few of the ball search issues as before. I think there will be a lot of strategy to this game, once the code is ironed out. Lots of ways to get points. Not a solely mode based game, which I like. You can go for happy hour and get nice points there, especially if you get the double trouble playfield bonus. Haven't really been able to pay attention to the orbit/car mode so far. Don't know if that's like happy hour, but with orbits instead, or if it has slightly different rules. It be cool if it was slightly different.

Also I kept missing out on gargoils gone wild or whatever that mode is. I had it like 3 times today and insta drained before I could activate all the times.

You could go for mb's all day. But, its best to try to stack those. And I'm not certain if you can start a new deadhead while in mb, probably can't, but you certainly can finish one off.

My favorite mode so far is Teenagers from Space. I just like the people getting zapped and turned into skeletons. That to me is so much fun.

The side to side action on this game is killer. Lots and lots of drains to the outlanes while trying to get control. One thing is the pops giveth and taketh. It stinks to start a mode, it go into the pops and then drain to the left outlane. But, at the same time I've had balls go into the pops and then into the junk in the trunk for a quick lock.

And I do think there needs to be a callout to acknowledge you being a bit sneaky, when you lock the ball that way. She'll be like. Why you naughty boy. Or You're a sneaky one... Something.

Lastly. I think I might need to tinker with my crypt gargoils. As they do register. But, its weird. Sometimes even a huge hit won't register. Then sometimes a slight hit registers... Weird.

So. For me. I just got to get my damaged house sorted out. But, I will anxiously await the next code updates. With my Iron Maiden I waited every other code update to actually update. But, something tells me I'm going to be updating with each and every update. And as I said before that will be a fun journey.

#178 1 year ago

Okay... So I played it for a little bit today... Rough day... Long story... Won't begin to get into it.
So I actually was able to open up the game and put a 143 million point score together. Would have been better, but when I drained out of a multiball and still had one ball left. The flippers died and my game ended.
I think this is because of the lock issue I've been having and the game loses track of how many balls are in play and where they are at. And not really a glitch glitch...
What I do like is. I finally got house party or something. I also got gargoils gone wild or something, but I got them at the same time..
However, what was really cool. I got the nice organ introduction.
I like the callout. I think the callout from Party Monsters has more energy to it, and is a better callout. But, having her onscreen and make the callout really, really cool.

My only beef with her clips. And this is a minor gripe, because in a way it fits the theme how they have them and shot them. They look like a one camera bargain basement horror tv show... So again... Fit the theme. But, I would prefered some slicker camera works and zoom ins when she says stuff... Like how the camera is for Scared Stiffs animations. There might be a few bits of that here or there... And that could be all that is needed. But, so far none of that...
Still. I'm glad the organ is in this pin.

Lastly. I don't think its a switch issue with the balls getting locked or misplaced. It seems to happen if I have a ball locked int he garage. And I restart the game without ending proper 3 ball play. I just hold the start button down and get a new game. Then next time I fire into there. It doesn't register. So I have to restart the game by powering down the device.
It kicks the one ball out.
But, then ball searches. And I think the only time that ball pops out is during a mb... Don't know... But, it does pop out, and I think that is what cost me my game ending...

But, at leat I had fun today shooting it, and that is the highlight of my crap sandwich of a day.

#182 1 year ago

Opened it up even more. Got a better score of 274,079,160. Not a great score. Could have been better. But, isn't that always the case with pinball. That no matter how amazing your game it could have been better.
I got to Gappa. The first Gappa mode. Sadly I only hit one shot. Then I failed to get control and drained.

One thing about this game. I know people claim its the same layout as attack from mars, or maybe a bit like Monster Bash... Or Medieval Madness... I can't comment on Medieval Madness as I've only played that game 2-3 times and maybe about 15-20 plays, but this game shoots like its own thing. It does not handle or shoot like Attack From Mars. Mars is easier to get control of the ball. This game can be a challenge to get control.

The deadhead bash toy surprisingly though is a safe shot to hit. And I like that. The ramp into the house while a simple shot on the surface, if you brick it, it can be sdtm drain. Right now. I feel this game is really helping me learn my nudging and control skills. I know nudging comes into play in all games. But, to me this game keeps you on your toes in ways that other games really don't. Which is funny, because the ramps in this one are buttery smooth and just shoot amazing and you can really chain the combos together with them. And the Iron Maiden ramps. Man... Those ramps are much more brutal and dangerous to go for. And I think to date the best I've ever hit in a row is like 5-6 ramp shots in maiden. Which I've owned for over a year. And I can easily hit 8 ramp shots in a row. And Have done even more during happy hour. Game has flow. But, it generates a lot of wicked side to side and can be very brutal.

So yeah. Today I'm loving my game. Going to wax it tomorrow and then play a few rounds and see how crazy the ball gets.

#184 1 year ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

Ok, I have a small problem. There is a wire gate in the ball lock assembly that seems to provide just enough resistance to hang up the ball when it slowly passes under it. Has anyone else noticed this? Ball check doesn't help. I had to remove the glass a couple times to free it. I might have to do a little surgery and "stone" the gate to lessen the resistance. The gate is hidden for the most part. It is located under the front of the spider web under the left ramp.

That might be the trouble I am getting. As it doesn't register the lock and then teh ball is stuck. I need to wait out a ball search. Lose the ball and then keep playing.

Let me know if that does work. I also think I will be contacting stern and see what they recommend.

#201 1 year ago

Played it again today for about 30 minutes. I got house party... Or whatever the mode is for halfway through the haunts. But, sadly... My freaking ball shot out of the house and so that stopped the video from playing so I couldn't hear the OHHH nice Organ bit.

What was really nice. No garage lock issues at all today. Didn't have a single problem with it. So that made me happy. And my Gargoils are working amazing... I think a few whacks and they got their needed adjustments. Lucky I don't have to mess with them.

#209 1 year ago
Quoted from BigT:

More thoughts on this game...
After many plays I can’t decide if it is easy or brutal. If you shoot this pin without any plan it is easy. If you decide to focus in on one thing, it becomes brutal. Shooting with disregard is fun and easy, shooting for specific purpose is very difficult. We need to be prepared for the masses saying how easy it is to shoot. If you don’t care what you are shooting for then yes this is easy. My high score came on my third game. I was just shooting blindly and ended up with a great score. Now that I have started trying for objectives my score sucks
IMO, this is how great pins are built. Easy to shoot hard to master. It is easily accessible to those who don’t play pinball, but very difficult to master.

I think this game has flow. But, I also think it is brutal and things can quickly goes sideways for you. You fail to make it up that ramp to the house... Its going to be hard to avoid a sdtm. Mode starts into the pops. Gotta be ready to respond, because it can go straight into the outlane.
Ball goes into the crypt. Keep an eye out on the VUK because if it misses(which mine does about half the time) its a dangerous shot. Had one go into the left outlane directly.

And the slings in this game. They are super sensitive and really like to throw the ball into the outlane. I know that is the purpose of slings. But, with my Maiden its a bit easier to nudge and get control. Same thing with my Monster Bash. But, right now it seems like one or two slings is all it needs to go into outlanes. So I don't have much time to get control.

So while I think all the shots are indeed easy to hit. Which is amazing as there are so many shots on this pin, but it doesn't feel cramped. The ramps are easy to hit and easy to combo and the orbits are as well. So while the shots may be easy. I think the true difficulty(at least for me) is to keep control of the ball. And this game does not reward you for mode starts.
Hell even Iron Maidens shooting the ball back to you is more safe on average than those pops.

#217 1 year ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Adjust the switches on your slings

I like the challenge. Will hopefully make me a better player.

#218 1 year ago
Quoted from T7:

- Added some Elvira popups. These are videos with speech that show up
during gameplay.

Nice. This is what the game does need more of. Can't wait to update my code now.

#222 1 year ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

I don’t get the deadheads. What is the story with these? Is there some sort of history beyond their presence in Scared Stiff? It’s not like they are even pun or anything. It just seems like it’s a random word.... like doorhead, angryhead, dryhead, zipperhead.
Can anyone provide more context?

Deadheads were in the first one as well. Just all they were was a drop target bank I think. But, nothing major. Just a joke that carries over.

Speaking of deadheads. They're going to have to add a kiss demon's head ball save for the dead head vuk shot. It pisses me off when it goes down the left outlane or hits teh targets, but then caroms down the right outlane. Have to be the flash or superman to save it. I think its only fair, because you shouldn't get punished for making that shot. THat shouldn't be a risky shot as you need it to progress the deadheads.

#224 1 year ago
Quoted from moonduckie78:

IDK about bouncing off the targets and going down the right outlane, but mine goes straight to the left outlane from the VUK all the time. Really pisses me off. There should definitely be a short ball save there.

When its a really supercharged shot, that is what happens sometimes for me.

And as an aside right now... Man, while I never said I lacked faith in this games code. I might have to eat some crow on it.
As this newest update is really, really great. I still don't get why they couldn't have launched it with code more inline to this update... But, as I said before. The journey of updating the code and seeing how the game progresses is going to be a fun one.

I haven't noticed any of the Elvira popping out on the screen. But, I did finish a mode 2 times and saw some of the new completion videos. However, my ball drained before I could get control so I could watch it.... GRRRRRRRRRR....

But, I feel this might just be a special pin. Maybe not in the original ground breaking type way. But, in the homage to two amazing past pins. Where this pin is a kind of greatest hits type feel to it. Nothing horribly original, but all the stuff you did love from the prior two.

#230 1 year ago
Quoted from RobertWinter:

Deadheads were in both EATPM (Wake the Dead Heads left target bank) and Scared Stiff (upper rollovers).

Yes, I know they were in both. The post I responded to said besides Scared Stiff what's up with the dead heads.
But, I do forget what you get when you complete the left target bank. I think you get something if you complete it like 4 times in one ball... Special perhaps... I don't know. Just know that I never shoot for that. I just hit them during mb and of course when I miss and try to regain control. Same for the pizza targets.
And to a lesser extent I rarely try to shoot the Jam. Unless I need a lock and the bat rollovers are too far away from completion.

Simple rule set in Party Monsters. But, I love it. Great simple, but fun game, with great art and great callouts and great sound... And one hell of an ORGAN!

#231 1 year ago
Quoted from moonduckie78:

Because the first batch of games was ready to ship before this version of the code was complete, I guess.

Yes... I know that... But, again this isn't a game that snuck up on stern. This is something that could have been planned out a bit better for the release. Lets be honest... This game will be white hot in sales... For at least a few months. But, did the initial dead flip stream hurt the sales. Perhaps a bit. If this was the code for that stream. There would be less negativity about it.
Less, because some people just like to hate.

#235 1 year ago
Quoted from RebelGuitars:

Anyone else made a left orbit shot that diverted into the house and came out under the front staircase?
Also, he new pop-up is Elvira in a small circle in the bottom corner over the movie scenes. I've only seen one, but it was a good one-liner.
Still haven't made the skil shot or seen Jar Head yet.

I've played this pin for like 5 hours today after I updated it.
I've gotten Jar Head twice. I'm surprised he says "ASS". He's modeled off of Lee Ermy.
I've noticed a lot of new callouts, better flow between modes and also modes starting.
Also seen 3-4 of the new mode completion videos and there are multiple videos for each mode as well. Noticed some of the changed intro videos. They added some different clips of the movies before Elvira talks.

But, I haven't noticed her pop up yet. That has not occurred for me yet. Which is a bummer. I would like when code finished the pop ups be more frequent... But, I do like the new callouts during the modes. Like blah blah blah why not just call it a ray gun. If she is visible when she says it I havne't noticed. Too busy flipping. I need friends to come over so I can watch the videos while they play.

And lastly. Nope Haven't gotten the skill shot yet... But, I think the skill shot might be a short plunge to the flipper and then hit the left orbit.
I haven't tried that. As I short plunge to the flipper and go for the house. If you miss and don't hit a switch its a free shot attempt.

#236 1 year ago
Quoted from moonduckie78:

Maybe they will bring back FISH HEAD and make him PHISH HEAD the hippie this time!!

"Good Head" was always my favorite.

#238 1 year ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

I had not thought of that. Gonna have to try it! I noticed it seems like the skill shot stays active longer. ???

I've been thinking a lot about the skill shot as I said. I could be wrong. Because, at first I thought it might be like a Rudy from Fun House skill shot where you hit it just right, not too hard, not too soft. But, nope. I've tried that so many, many, many times. Or maybe even a bit like the skill shot from scared stiff. Where you really need to be precise in your plunge... Sadly the skill shot in scared stiff I feel is not worth going for. Its way too hard to be consistent on it. And you know what. Get a free hit on the crate. Having Crate MB is way more important than any skill shot... Just my thoughts.

Also if you notice the sign is on the left pointing to the house on the right. Which means that the orbit should be the path to take you to the secret entrance. So I think that is another clue that its on the left side and not on the side of the plunge.

Just my thoughts. I could very well be wrong. But, I'd love someone to test my theory... I'm done playing for today. But, next time I play this game I'll try it out. But, as I said. The center house ramp is just too tempting. Nice to get a free hit on it. Also, The drop target lock I like to hit too. Just in case the ball drains from bouncing back insanely fast...

But, if the super secret skill shot is worth a lot of points. Then I might have to alter my strat.

#242 1 year ago
Quoted from rvdv:

New code loaded and few games into it
- grandma keeps floating all over the screen and does not stop ??
- attic attack multiball no speech on Elvira
- skill shot , ball keeps getting stuck under diverted flap
- my ball got stuck after the drop target and ball search doesn’t clear it, only way to free it is to take glass of , ggrrr
Overall good improved but still lots missing
When does the ???? Target get activated ( incl light) ??
Crypt still acting weird , how is it supposed to act ?

I think you mean the deadhead Aunt Surly. You hit the bash toy to defeat her. Then hit the vault when its open and the ball will shoot out the vuk. Then she will disappear...
About the attack attack. I only ever got that once. And that was the last code update. I didn't have sound either. So it is most likely a bug that will need to be fixed.

#260 1 year ago
Quoted from rvdv:

Any one noticed the Wolfman clip is unclear
Just a big white flash upon intro

Blame the filmmakers. If its the clip I think it is, its because of the lens glare/light shining right into the camera.

I actually like a lot of the clips they used to show the Werewolf of Washington. Almost makes the movie look fun... But, then I read the reviews and not even Dean Stockwell can save that turd.. .So its up to us to save Elvira from it.

#262 1 year ago
Quoted from FtrMech:

Well, as stated to you in the other EHOH discussion, to each their own...I know that I am loving this game and can't get enough of it...my son is home on leave and we played well past midnight. He loves it as well. This game has tons of potential, it is great as is but will certainly evolve into an absolute GEM!

I was looking forward to this pin just like most of us for a long, time. Not as long as some people. Because, I only got deep into the hobby two years ago, but ever since I got into this hobby I've wanted this pin.
Then the deadflip stream was a kind of emotional gut punch. But, I thought about it, and I had faith in the theme, and the team.
First day playing it on the 2nd released code, I had a lot of grief, but I stuck with it.
And now playing this newest code, the game already is shaping up to be amazing. Still not there yet.

And one of the things I hope gets there. Is the final match animation.
I think it needs to be Elvira waving how she does and saying unpleasant dreams and then the camera zooms out of her house, the doors shut and then we see the house. And they have the numbers like the currently do.

That is the way to end the game. THE ONLY WAY. I hope, hope, hope they recorded her saying that line. because if they did, then they can easily do what I said above... They might already be planning it, just haven't implemented the effects in yet.

#326 1 year ago
Quoted from Tweety:

Spent some time on this pin last week, was really hoping to like it but I was very disappointed.
EATPM is a much better pin.

Sorry, you feel that way. Hopefully when the code is finished you'll give it another go.

One thing though is EATPM is an amazing game. Yes, its a late solid state game with alpha numeric displays. Yes, the sound callouts and quality is very limited by today's standards. But, everything that EATPM has is choice. And what a pinball machine Party Monsters is. Its a simple two ramp fan layout, but it shoots smooth and is really just so much fun to do so. And I love the ruleset. Super simple and easy to understand rules, yet they really are elegant. So I mean... At least you're comparing it to an all time classic game. Shallow or not, a great game is still and a great game and EATPM is a great game.
And I think that Elvira 3 will get there. Give it time. Its a bit of a different world now where nothing ships with completed code. Not even triple A video games with blockbuster movie sized budgets. And lets be honest. Pinball has peanut sized budgets compared to those video games.

#327 1 year ago
Quoted from BigT:

Thoughts on the white wood? Do you miss or want the the WH2O ramp as well as the physical Wheel of Fate?
I am fine with both being scrapped. The ramp looks problematic and the wheel wouldn’t be able to be watched any more than the LCD version. Not only that you wouldn’t have the visual feedback on what you need to choose for the Manos mode.
Sorry for the double image, I can’t figure out how to remove one.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

I think the WH20 ramp would be quite cool, and as I said before the ramps in Elvira 3 are kinda boring. They're plain jane, but they are super smooth and super fast, so they do feel good to shoot, but again a bit boring... So having one unique style ramp would be cool. But, one thing I will say. Having the ramps as they are, and them being clear, you can see basically all the playfield(pop area is only really obstructed area... and its pops) without obstruction. So that is nice.

As for the hand of fate wheel. No doubt that wheel would have looked amazing. But, I kind of am glad its not there. It would have been one more thing to keep working that would break. And we really do need some function for the LCD. So I think that was a change overall for the better. Just my thoughts on that one. I do hope they do change some of the rules with the hand of fate though. As really there is no good strat to get to complete it.
When in MB with the ball save timer any ball that falls down that lane does not trigger the hand of fate. You need to be out of ball save timer for it to do so... I wish they change that rule. Because, as it is now. You might have to wait for ball save to end. While trapped up and then try to shoot the outlane with one of your free balls. Get it... Then Go back to shooting for jackpots.

#330 1 year ago
Quoted from T7:

How can you try to "shoot the outlane"? This doesn't seem possible.
If the ball is already bouncing near the left outlane you could nudge to purposely loose the ball.

You could try to shatz the inlane and then nudge it to go out if you get a really smooth hit on it... Just saying. I like the hand of fate feature. But, it only gets triggered one way. And to complete it you'd need a whole bunch of extra balls and all your shots to drain from there. This is something that most people probably won't ever achieve and its something that you'd need to work for most likely.

Which is fine. I do like the ball save option on the hand of fate. But, you only get it one time. So use wisely.

#354 1 year ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

Hey owners - now that we have all had some time to play our new games make sure you rate it here on Pinside. It would be nice to see where it falls on the top 100 list. We only need a few more reviews to be officially ranked.

I think we should wait a bit to rate it personally. As so much isn't done yet. Not just rule updates, but there will be a lot of callouts added each update, with new animations and lots of other new stuff. So... I'm going to hold off until its closer to 1.0... If not maybe a little past 1.0... Will have to see the rate of updates. But, I think we might see updates fairly quick on this one.

I know my rating will be high on this one as I think the cab art for the LE is one of the best in the business. So art wise and toy wise I think it we all know the game kicks butt. Layout... Not original, but it shoots great and flows nicely. So I'd rate that as good but not great. Fun... Even now its off the charts. So while the code won't really dramatically alter my scores. It will still impact if I give it a great score or middle or good score. Just a little bit too much unknowns before I can rate.

And also, the lastibility. Only time will tell how I feel about this pin. And some of that is with the callouts, and animations. I do skip animations from time to time, but sometimes if I like an animation I'll let it play. Hell I skip mostly all of Monster Bash's animations on my LE. But, that's because I've seen them so often. But, I still will watch some of them from time to time. But, its callouts truly are great. And still make me smile when I hear them. And quite frankly that is what Elivra needs more of right now... She's getting there though.

So while I think I'd rate this game as a low 8 right now. I think given time and updates it could be a low 9. I don't see a mid to high 9 from myself even in the future. But, I still think its one heck of a game.

#357 1 year ago
Quoted from Mogg:

I also had a issue with the crypt as described by a previous poster. The fix worked. I’ll try and get a photo later.
Code update VO.85.0 addresses music after game. (Thanks, I needed that for the location)

If anyone could not just post photos, but also list the instructions for this newb. I'd appreciate it. I've gotten much better with pin repair and maintenance, but, I like to see what I need to do, before I go and tinker. With these pins I'm just a bit too afraid to touch anything without knowing what each thing does and why.

Sorry for being a newb!

And also a fix for the gate for the ball lock under the house... Again... Total newb, but I don't want to bend or tinker without knowing why and how.

#359 1 year ago
Quoted from RobertWinter:

V0.85.0 - Oct. 22, 2019
- The starting house haunt was not being initialized/reset properly in
all cases. This has been corrected.
- Removed the adjustment for photo shoot. This adjustment will be reset
to NO after update.
- Improved ramp/diverter handling.
- Fixed background lamp effect for house haunts so the cellar lamp shows
correctly when the cellar is lit.
- Added moving super jackpot for Wild Women Multiball.
- Added a score countdown (hurry-up) for shooting ramp shots during
Trailer Trash. When Trailer Trash starts, the house ramp shot is worth
1/2 of the points scored during the last haunt. The first ramp shot
increases this value to 3/4 and starts counting the value down. The
second ramp shot increases this value to 100% and starts counting the
value down.
- Added some sounds to bonus.
- Reorganized priorities so Gargoyles Gone Wild is higher than Happy Hour
and Drive Me Crazy.
- Add additional adjustments to adjustment menu.
- Game over music was not being quieted after a period of time at the end
of a game. This has been corrected.
- Added and implemented virtual lock adjustments.
- Added and implemented game over unlock of garage balls locked and trunk
balls locked.

Hmmm... Not a big update... Just really seems more like a bug fix update. Hopefully the next one will have more content added. Will update tomorrow and give it a go.

#363 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

Umm, it’s been less than a week since the last update. Exactly how much code do you think can be developed and tested in a few days?


#371 1 year ago
Quoted from whitey:

Anyone make some nice score cards ?
I don’t have the best printer but happy to buy a set ?

Always could go to a UPS store or another place and print them out there. Sometimes the people might refuse if they claim copyright. But, I think you should be fine with the cards. And even with a personal print, you're protected under fair use, and they really should print you image regardless. Only time they shouldn't is if you're printing 100 copies of another companies art.

Hell, I printed out one of Frazetta's Buck Rogers Covers, because I couldn't find a print of it to buy online. I did the same with Blake's Ghost of a Flea and some of his Red Dragon Stuff... And I've bought lots of Frazetta prints from his official Museum(they're actually some of the best print quality I've ever seen... You can see the texture of the canvas on the prints... But, again... Can't buy what they don't sell.).

Sorry for the tangent. But, to recap if anyone has some killer score cards, I'd also be interested.
I might dabble and see if I can make one myself. But, I like seeing what other people make. Gives me ideas.

#387 1 year ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

I think this is pretty common, though mine seems to not be hitting it as much lately.

From time to time it happens to me... Just got to stay on your toes and nudge it a little sometimes to make sure it comes cleanly back. Because, I had one yeserday that went from the left orbit to the sling and right into the right outlane. Wasn't happy... But, that is pinball.

#427 1 year ago

So, I was playing today and as I play I like to let the games code and rules soak in, and slowly start to form strategies for playing. I noticed that more than a couple of times I was able to get close to finishing off the haunts. My goal with each haunt use to be to try to finish the haunt. That way if you finish two you get an extra ball.
However, I was curious if I could let a haunt time out without shooting anything. Iron Maiden doesn't let you time out modes. You have to keep hitting switches for the time to keep counting down.
So, yes... You can time out modes. Even though the big points is in making shots and getting the points to build higher, and each additional haunt afterwards the starting point value builds higher...

I was curious to see what would happen if I completed the haunts. And after a couple of games of trying I got to the end. And most of it isn't programed in yet. Has a very small animation with no sound and then a mb. So can't wait for it to be included int the code.

I don't know what happens after finish that mode. As I got Gappa angry. That's a fun mode to get deep into. Haven't completed it yet. Got to where Gappa is right about to attack the city.
Now, for the sake of people not thinking I'm a good pinball player. My game is setup to reward an extra ball at 20 million, 40 million, 80 million, and then 150 million. I've only ever got over 150 million two times so far. And one of those times I only had one extra ball programmed as a reward at 20 million. Man... That was a great game, and one of my first games on the machine. Anyway. I enjoy putting extra balls as rewards and I think they're based at high enough thresholds to be a challenge to attain.

One last final thought. Some of the callouts while I think lack a bit of oomph or pop, as a whole however I really think this game has excellent callouts. I was plying my father today and the voice of the guy called out "That SUCKS!" when my father drained. I was laughing for about 20 seconds. And my pops actually was chuckling too and not mad about draining. So, I know more callouts are going to be added. And man... This game really is shaping up to be something special.

#483 1 year ago
Quoted from Mogg:

Since we know you might read this, Thank you Lyman, i really like the game so far.
have you made the skill shot yet? theres a big sign pointing to it, but it can't be made.

I've given up on trying to make it. I use to think I was good at skill shots. But, this one I've given up on.

I think the safer play is to short plunge. If you do it right. You can get a safe shot at either the ball lock drop, or the house.
If you do the ball lock and it goes straight down the middle. You'll get the ball back, because you haven't hit enough switches. So... I don't know how many points the skill shot is... But, from the percentage chance of being able to achieve it, verse the reliability of getting free shots to progress the locks and modes...

I think the best play is short plunge. Especially when the later modes points are so much per shot. Get 2x or 4x going during a mb during a later mode and you can really get the points. Then top that off with trailer trash after you finished/completed the mode and boom goes the dynamite.

#523 1 year ago
Quoted from whitey:

[quoted image]

I like that... How firm does that adhere to the lockdown bar?
I'm interested in that. Might wait and see what other mods for the lockdown bar get made, but that's a good one no doubt.

#544 1 year ago

I got a question...
So most of the haunts I think have 2 videos from Elvira that can play.
But, the Manster has 3. It has something about 2 heads being better than 1. Lets get him out of her before he uses my tweezers, and also who said you can take a bath in my house.

Do any other modes have 3 different intros by Elvira, or is it just 2.
And I have noticed that there are 2-3 different completion videos for modes as well.

#556 1 year ago

So my Turret spins during ball search, but it doesn't move during the game.
Not even during House Party...
Is the turret on the house supposed to move during house party or has that not been coded yet?

#569 1 year ago

So I just noticed something really cool about one of the recent code updates. Its in the Brain that wouldn't Die code.
I always thought the intro video of Spoiler alert "yes you do. Boo creepy doctor?" was just a little bit too random and never made a lot of sense to me... Its like... Yes he does what?!?!? Die?!?!? I never got it...

But, I think they fixed that to where it'll always play with a particular movie clip as the lead in. Because, for the first time I just saw a clip from the movie with the doctor saying to a woman. "do I look like the kind of man that would murder a woman?" And then that Elvira intro played... Man!!!!
Now that clip makes sense and now it is AMAZING.
This code really does get better week by week. Even if the ruleset don't become the greatest ever... This code might just be one of my all time favorites. Just loving all the little details so far. And you know there is so much work left to be put in...

Which leads me to wonder. Are there even more intro videos that they haven't put into the game yet? There might be. As they might have a few more specific ones like the one I described above and the one from The Manster about taking a bath(that always plays with the same lead in video)... So there could be even more videos we haven't seen yet!!!

I hope so!!!!

#576 1 year ago
Quoted from Strummy:

Can anyone give some feedback on the fun factor of the LE or Premium? I'm considering selling an AFMr LE to get one but don't want to jump into something that I might regret. Thanks
EDIT: How does the playfield and machine quality seem as well?

Well... The biggest different between LE and Prem is the cab art.

So if you don't mind the prem cab side art... Or if your machines are so close to each other you can't see it... Then it doesn't matter so much... THe backglass vs. the translite is really a personal preference(at least I think). Backglass does look a bit better in person when lit up, but the translite might look a bit better when off vs the backglass. I don't like the mirrored effect when off. When on its awesome.

As for fun. This game is fun, and its only going to get better.
I don't know about selling an LE of AFM. AFM is one of my favorite games ever... But, I've never owned one. Played the heck out of it at Galloping Ghost and at Expos, and also the pinball arcade version on PS4. So if you think you've mined most of the fun out of it, then sure... Because, its going to take awhile to mine the full experience and fun out of Elvira.

Already this game has some of the best overall callouts in pinball. I do hope their are better jackpot callouts though. Right now most of the jackpot callouts are a bit lame... But, where the callouts shine is the intro and ending of the modes, and during the modes.

Also the deadhead callouts are pretty fun too. Much better than what was shown on deadflip. I think they need to still work on those. Both their animation and flight path. And for hte love of god a ball save for when the vuk fires.
Its not fair to have the ball drain due to the vuk. Already this game is tough for ball control. Which is by design. The game is a bit diffiult to regain control, but once you have control the shots are fair and they can flow. Which is why it was designed to be a pain to get control.

I like this game a lot. Its fun. I think you will have fun with it.

As for playfield... Mine has a smidge(very little damage) to shooter lane. With the new code that shouldn't lessen. And I'm getting a protector on it. But, my playfield has lots of dimples. More already than my iron maiden which I have owned for over a year. And played the heck out of it too. But, so far no major damage to playfield. Just dimples.

#578 1 year ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

Don’t forget the beautiful powder coated red paint trim, I love it! As for fun, it’s a total blast. I love the house - three different shots into the house plus it shoots the ball out of the cellar and then you have the crypt which is a really neat mech and you also have the junk in the trunk physical ball lock. I also really like that the ball physically stops in the house when it hits the ramp while video is played. It really feels like you hit a solid shot each time your shot feels connected to the video start then after the video the ball continues on out of the house. Really fun feature.

You're right... This game while it has a lot of stop and go to it. Which you want, because you get to see sexy Elvira when it stops. How they handle the stop and go is a bit unique. You hit a ramp, which when as you said stops the ball, but when its not lit it feed to the orbits for a return(which can go by design into the slings), and during the mode start it feeds into the pops, which can go anywhere... Or it can bounce safely to the right orbit and make the safest return to the flippers in the game.

I like this design. Its a mix of going to kick your butt, but I'll give a chance to succeed. Its not trying to bust your balls, but it can.

#599 1 year ago
Quoted from Blackzarak:

Well it's going to drop if people dont submit ratings who actually own or played Elvira and rate the pin truthful, because we all know people who hate certain things like theme and other pity stuff will bash and rate very low which will drive down ratings. I seen someone Give dialed-In a 6.8 rating because theme suck and game didnt make sense which I totally disagree dialed-in blows many other pins out of the water but that's my opinion. So go and Give your Ratings people

I still want to wait for the code to mature... As is... Game has some of the best callouts and videos for a pinball machine ever. I also think it balances its ruleset between a modern game and an 90s dmd game...
What I mean by that is. There are 2 ways to get big points in Elvira3. Modes and MB. Of course you want to stack your mode with a mb... And if possible stack a garage mb with the junk in the trunk mb.. .And then try to get the playfield x's going. Which is easy to do during mb.

But, what I do like about the code is. There are points outside of MB and outisde of modes. Not huge, big points. But, more points than most modern games. In sterns SW you can play a ball for like 2-3 minutes not enter a mode and not score really any points, or you can play a 20 second ball but enter a mode and blammo your score exploded... For this game you got Happy Hour, and Drive me Crazy. And you can get if you're accurate a couple million on them. And gargoils and dead head points... Once again... Its best to not focus on these side scoring options, and try to get them while the above mode/mb stack is going on. But, the fact is... The scoring is there is what I like about the rules...

But, there still is so much more the code needs to have done.
As someone posted prior. There is no end to the Manster. I believe I got to the end of the mode. Hit the cellar. And this prompts the final shot or final shot sequences... Yet there were no lights for any shot. Timer had 15 seconds left.. .But, couldnt complete the mode...
That stunk!!!!!

So... You bet I'm going to be reviewing the game. But, I can't... Too many errors with the game. And that would reflect in a lower score. And my review will if done today be a high 8 low 9. But, I am hoping that with completed code the score will be a mid 9...
This game has so much that is amazing. Great use of sound, great variety of callouts(jackpot callouts do suck, but all the regular gameplay ones are AMAZING). I think the layout is really good. Not great. But, really good. Shoots great and is very fun. And the toys... Man... 2 amazing toys. House, Crypt... And you could argue that the hand of fate spinner is a toy... And the gargoyles...

I really think this is one of the better pins of the last 5 years. And I think that is saying something, as Dialed In, Iron Maiden, Stern JP, and... Well as we all know so many cool games. Almost like its 90s golden era all over again... Lets hope it won't crash for a good long time.

#614 1 year ago
Quoted from Blackzarak:

Got home from work today and wife surprised me with a elvira figure to display her inside I was pretty stoke let me know what you guys think. She looks on fire[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Awesome... Now you have both an Elvira pin and Attack of the 50 foot Woman!!! Cos, she is as tall as her house!!! If the house was made of brick... She'd be a BRICK....

Yeah... I'm sorry guys. I'll just slink away.

#629 1 year ago
Quoted from moonduckie78:

I think EVERYONE has been experiencing this, tbh. Almost seems intentional.

It is intentional. But, you can get around it by giving the game a bit of a nudge. You might still hit the sling... But, it should be easier to rebound and control even if it does hit the sling.
Game keeps you on your toes that is certain. And I think that is one of the trade offs for the layout of the shots. Not a lot of tough shots in this game. But, keeping control and getting the ball back under control, can be a challenge.

#659 1 year ago

Did some playing again. Before I did though I put my ball trough even lower. I think its at 175 and that seems to be a nice strength for now. Don't know why again that they would set the default as high as they did...
Also, don't know why this isn't a standard line of code in their pinball programs.

I mean... There should be basic code for their machines that they should be able to copy and paste to implement. Ball trough power should have been one of them.

Anyway... Back to the code... I was playing the Manster mode. And I think it does have the final mode completion shot. But, when you shoot it you only get the points for the shot and you do not get credit for completing the mode. Completed it again and big time bummer I didn't get the credit nor do you get trailer trash.

On a positive note. Each time I play this game I am amazed at the callouts.
I never liked the "Phew, that was close" callout... Until I myself happened to say "Phew" right as Elvira said it... And I was like... Okay, I guess it is a fun callout. I also like the "yeah light my fire" callout. Not sure if too many young people will get it... But, it doesn't matter.
I know people said before that this code for the game will be a masterpiece when it is finished.

But, I also think that this game might have some of the best uses of sound/music/callouts when all will be said and done.

#696 1 year ago

Is Elvira on it at all? Or just cemetery and characters from the b movies?

#697 1 year ago
Quoted from Multiball33:

I agree the larger gargoyles look much better and fit the game better. I would be interested depending on what the official topper is. I'm thinking they might have Elvira on her couch for the topper. Would be interested in seeing what Stern comes out with first.

Are we sure Stern will be making a topper for this? Just asking is all. The only thing I know for certain is I want a topper. But, I'm going to be picky I think.

#738 1 year ago
Quoted from moonduckie78:

Here’s the piece that broke on my house. See above for exact location.[quoted image]

My house broke on the first day I owned it at pretty much the exact place. Not quite the same break... But, same plastic... Same area. Mine was closer to where teh screw was.

Stern replaced the plastic, but I will not ever put it in... Not yet. I'll just keep it with my spare parts for now... So long as I have a plastic in great shape I don't mind that the one in the game is damaged... You can't see it. Not even if you try really, really hard to. So it doesn't impact anything.

So you should be able to get your replacement part.

#775 1 year ago
Quoted from littlecammi:

So far at least three people have had their house break in the same place:

[quoted image]

I thought I might as well share the image of my broken plastic.
I also want to say Stern was very prompt and easy to work with to get the part replaced... And as I said before... No... I will not be replacing it. It will go into the parts group for this machine. And I will only replace if the plastic completely breaks. And if I ever sell the machine I'll include the plastic for it in the sale... But, I have no intention of selling any machine EVER... I want to HOARD them all!!!!!!

Broken Plastic for Elvira (resized).jpg
#823 1 year ago

Just curious... How many of you guys had the right ramps metal protector come loose. It's happened to me 2 times. Not a big deal to get it back on and tighten it. Just curious if anyone has any pointers on keeping that locked down.

Just stinks that I got to stop play and put it back on as I don't want to risk breaking my ramp.

#835 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

Has anyone been able to make the back door skill shot and/or make it repeatedly?
I haven’t tested the opto itself but also don’t know what is supposed to happen with the shot.

I've given up. I've yet to hit it and I've stopped trying. I actually generally pride myself in hitting skill shots and I do a pretty good job on average... Just this skill shot is not worth it and too hard.

The scared stiff one was hard... But, I've made that a few times on less games... But, the cool thing about scared stiff you can get both the skill shot and a crate hit if you do it just right... I think there is a minor grace period for it... Because, I just aim for the crate on scared stiff and I know I've gotten both off the same plunge.

But, with this game... Not worth it. I plunge softly... Get a nice free shot most of the time to the ball lock drop target... Safest way to take those out.

#839 1 year ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

I’m talking “The Secret Passage” Skill shot done from the right flipper. Most people that don’t own the game don’t even know about it. It instantly awards a mode as completed. Super hard to do. It is totally hidden much like Elvira’s back door.

Ohhhh... that shot....
No... I actually was not aware that it was a skill shot.
I was told it wasn't, earlier in the feed... If it is... I'm going to go for it now.

Thanks for the heads up!!!

#841 1 year ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

It’s a skill shot but no amount of skill seems to help. Just dumb luck.

Is there a video or callout associated to the shot?

If so, what is it?

#844 1 year ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

I think Tim just says “Secret Passage” with unique music. Can’t remember if there is a graphic that goes along with it.

It should be Elvira like... Hey, watch it buster... Don't get so fresh...
So always knew you preferred the back door to the front... Which is a bit of a bacall-esque callout.

#850 1 year ago

TRUNK MULTIBALL is no longer allowed to be started during GARAGE
MULTIBALL, and vice versa.

I'm not happy about that change.
I don't think you should be able to stack trunk with garage. But, I do think you should be able to stack garage with trunk. I think that makes the game a bit cooler for strategy.
But, I do like most of these changes.
But, I really thought it was cool that you could stack the mbs... But, I never could stack the trunk with garage if trunk was started first. Didn't work that way. And like I said I don't think it should...
It just means that its easier to take mbs into a mode with you. As you don't have to worry about them stacking. Which I think could make it easier to get to house party mb.

Still, I think they need to fix attick attack mb audio start... That should be an easy fix. Its just lacking audio...

But, I am griping.
This is an amazing list. Super glad its been updated. Going to update first thing when I get home tomorrow. Fun, fun times ahead. I would update tonight. But, Thursdays are my new comic release night. So I have to publish and then advertise my newest comic... But, some things are worth waiting for. Can't wait to update and play this bad mamma jammer.

#851 1 year ago

Okay... So ignore my stupid post above. I'm being stupid...

But, just want to say... Wow, this is only .87 code still...

Look at how they're fixing and adding so much right now and its still only .87.

They do need to add a match, and I do hope its Elvira saying unpleasant dreams and waving goodbye and then the camera zooms out and you get the house shot with its numbers. That is how it should be... And I hope it will be... I'm fine with waiting for that though. But, I mean... Wow... This game keeps growing and growing. can't wait to try the new haunt.

#890 1 year ago

Got to play a few hours of the new code, and I also got to enjoy some of the added content.

First... I have yet to hit either the skill shot or the back door shot. Don't know how... So I give up trying really... Any pointers would be great. But, for the plunge I've hit it so many different ways. I'm thinking my machine must have something a bit off about it.

Now on to my feelings about the changes:
They also changed how playfield validation starts. So I can no longer do my sneaky soft plunge strategy to pick off the drop target lock safely... Bit of a bummer, but I understand why it was fixed. Just means got to find another exploit.

There are a good bit of new callouts peppered in and those are good. I was able to play 2 player against my father and hear some of those.. .Nothing great for the 2 player callouts, but nice that they are there.

Its great to finally be able to complete the manster. I think overall its probably about a middle level to lower high level difficulty to complete. Mainly because of the shear amount of shots you need to complete the mode.

The mode that really feels the most like they shortened it was Teenagers from Outer Space. Otherwise they all seemed mostly about the same amount of shots to complete.
I did notice a glitch in teenagers that I think will get fixed during the next update. Once the lobster monster is triggered. You no longer have to hit and register the right orbit switch to validate the shot. Now you just need to hit the spinner and it then primes the final shot of the mode. This makes teenagers super easy and by far the easiest mode to complete in the game. So I'm not certain if that will remain or if they will fix... But, I like that you just need the spinner... Makes it easier. and I'm all for that.

I finally got to Santa Claus vs the martians. Really like the singing intro video by Elvira. Thought it was a nice change of pace and a good one. And I only got to the mode 3 times so far and two of the times I drained out basically right away. But, I did complete it one of the times. And I really enjoyed the completion video. So far I think Santa Claus might be the most unique modes of the game.. .So far...

And lastly I have to walk back my comments on being bummed out that you can't stack multiballs anymore.
While you can't get the super huge points from all the balls on the playfield and the 4x and all the stuff going on that could be stacked... I think this change makes the game more fun. You have more control and it isn't as much of just lucky bounces. You really get the feel for how different the MBs are now and so for shear fun factor it makes the game so much better. And again it can help you reach house party quicker if you space out your MBs across the modes.

And I also of course like the extra ball with the deadheads... Provided the deadhead vuk doesn't just drain your ball for you.. .Which it does about 1/5 of the time for me. I think they need a ball saver for when it launches. I shouldn't get penalized for making that shot only for it to get launched directly into the left outlane.

That's it for now... I do have some comments about the modes in general that I'd love to talk and discuss strategies with you all about. But, I'll save those for another post. Fun, fun, game.

#900 1 year ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

Lower your crypt VUK kick power and it won’t shoot to the outlane. Play around with what works best for your setup. I never drain from the crypt shot now. That will also do less dimpling to the playfield.

My playfield is dimpled to all hell.
My only hope is they'll all dimple so much so it'll become level again.

I might lower the vuk... But, it seems lately its 2/3 of the vuk shots lead to draining. And really not from my mistake. It either dribbles straight to the tthe left outlane... Not a bullet shot, but a dribble that is still powerful enough to where you can't nudge it to save it.
Or I get a bullet shot and it hits the rubber in a weird way on the left side and it bounces straight into the right outlane. THis might be savable... If I nudge just at the right time. But, its hard to get the feel for when you need to start shaking, and because the vuk is so inconsistent in its behavior you risk doing the wrong shake...

I like the vuk... But, I think there needs to be a ball save timer that goes with it.

#901 1 year ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

This is exactly it thank you! You have to plunge so it goes through the first gate on the back of the house but does not go all the way around. It needs to stop behind the house. If it does that it seems to give you the shit every time. So it’s simply plunging strength. Since learning this key to the shot from this simple but yet brilliant post, I made the back door shot twice in my first game attempting this. On the next game made it twice again.

I've done that... I've had the ball stay at the top of the house for a few seconds then it rolls slowly down to the left orbit.
But, I haven't tried since the latest code update... I'll give it a try... Hope the skill shot is worth it.

#907 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Got it updated. Thx
Between this and JPLE I haven’t had this much pinball fun in a long time!
Wow factor

Just imagine how big of a wow factor when the code gets to 1.0!!!!

#918 1 year ago
Quoted from littlecammi:

I guess I equate playfield protectors with the clear plastic covers fussy old women put on the couch and chairs in their formal living rooms. In both instances it seems like it is just preserving things for the next owner. How much wear will a game even get when purchased NIB for HUO, especially if you own as many pins as most here on Pinside? Will the added resale value even cover the cost (and trouble to install) of the protector? Or if you intend to keep your pins until you die (like I plan on doing) are you just overly obsessive about keeping your games in pristine condition?

I'm too lazy for playfield protectors... but, with how quick and how many dimples are on my Elvira, I might consider one for the next NIB pin I purchase. With that said though I am pretty good at waxing my pins.
I have to wax my Monster Bash before I can play it again. And I'll probably wax Iron Maiden and Elvira next week as well, just because of the sheer volume I've been playing both lately.

I also plan on keeping all my pins till I die. So I'd like them to be in good condition. I know they won't stay in pristine because of the use. That is a trade off. Keep it pristine or play it... I rather play my pins, but still as I said keep they in good condition. That is a fair trade off I believe. The normal wear and tear of time and play, verses no play and staying immaculate. These are toys and meant to be played.

#935 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

It’s always exciting to get a brand new game. Makes one feel like a kid at Christmas!

Only its even better than any christmas I've ever had!!!!!!

#1002 1 year ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

1000th post, the owner's club keeps growing.

That's what she said!

2 weeks later
#1284 1 year ago

Is there a good image of the topper posted yet? And if not... Is Elvira on the topper or is it just the Gargoyles and just crypt... If that's their topper I'll be looking elsewhere for mine. I might buy a Party Monsters topper and use that in the short term. And in the long term just make my own topper then. I want a nice pinup type image of elvira. Something a bit cheesecakey, but also campy and fun.

#1286 1 year ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

This is the only image of the topper Stern has shared. Here's some cheesecake for ya.[quoted image][quoted image]

Thanks... Not a bad topper. Just not what I want in a topper. Very nice image of Elvira and festive too!
Would give you more thumbs up... But, they I can only give you one!
Thanks for the post. I'll start my plan to design the ultimate topper shortly.

#1320 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

- Added HSTD for garage/trunk multiballs.

Does anyone know what HSTD stands for. Can't figure it out. Just curious is all... I think I'm going to update and wax my game today. Good time to wax it while I wait for the file to download and then wait for it to actually update.

#1329 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

Comment on the Stranger Things thread that the layout is very similar to Elvira (and that the ST art is nostalgic in a Miami Vice cocaine sort of way)
[quoted image]
(Of course some say the Elvira layout is similar to Medieval Madness too)

It is very similar. But, the toys and the code should make them very unique to play. Also, the idea of the projection is really cool. But, I'll doubt I'll ever own a stranger things. Not a big fan of kids in my movies or tv shows. My loss I know. I do like short round and goonies.But, those are the exceptions.

Back to pinball...
While on the surface MM and EHOH look very similar. They play completely different. Not just in terms of strategy but the main difference is how the balls return to hte flipper.

In MM you can shoot the castle/moat area and the ball will kick out and it will go safely back to the left flipper. In Elvira the ball has a tendency to hit the left sling. Which can result in it being juggled by the slings and result in side to side which can lead to draining... This is really the greatest danger in EHOH is the slings and the side to side.
While the safe return in MM makes going for the castle a bit safer... Key is safer, as you'll always get a few dangerous returns and SdTM. One thing I like to go for is once I get to castle 3-ish I like to take in a mb to help me destroy it. There is no such strat with Elvira.
Elvira is mode based game and MM doesn't have any modes(video mode doesn't count... Not counting MB's or wizard modes as standard modes)

Then there is the ball lock. The ball lock on MM while perhaps being a bit harder to hit, as its not only a tight shot, but you also need to clear the moat, is a far safer shot than the garage ball lock for EHOH.
That drop target has a tendency to send your ball SDTM. In fact. I prefer to aim for it during ball save time. Or with my left flipper backhand. Its a safer shot via backhand. But, a little more difficult then with the right flipper. But, again the right flipper the rebound is just too dangerous to risk. So the lock in MM is far safer. Less risk. Because if you brick, it'll go into the moat for a safe kick out.

Mode start on EHOH is also dangerous. The ball gets fed into the pops and that can lead to numerous places your ball can drain. So while I'm not hte best pinball player or even the most knowledgeable one. I think it's easier to get control of the ball in MM than EHOH. But, on the other side. I think once you have control in EHOH it shots and flows better than MM. Because, in MM there are shots that it wants to kill you. Trolls, the gate, and then the super steep ramps that if you fail to make it up can lead to drains.With EHOH, when you're in a mode and so long as you keep hitting the shots, you should be fine.

So while yeah... Both MM and EHOH have a big toy in a similar location. They both function different and enough changes in the layouts to make them play and respond different.

I really love MM and I hope to have one someday in my collection.And I don't think they're too similar as to me they play different.

#1348 1 year ago
Quoted from ultimategameroom:

How’s your playfield look? a month ago you posted it was dimpling.
Is it evening out or cratering ?
Please post a few pics if it’s not a hassle.
Im still trying to decide if I should install a playfied protector when I get my premium later this year.

I haven't played it in about a month.
Haven't updated it yet. I want to wax it before i update to the newest.
I work a 9-5 job and I own my business. So I've been very busy and haven't had time for fun. Well... A little time for fun, but no pinball. I hope it'll even out. Its not that noticeable in certain light. But, if the glare is just right you can see the spots.
The thing that irratated me the most was the plunger lane. That minor damage I got could have been avoided if they would have had the proper settings in the code to begin with... Very minor... But, could have been avoided. And should have been...

Let's be honest... Stern is using the same system. So they should have default copy and paste code that they use with their machines. I'm not against this. no one should be against that. So really stuff like ball trough power and adjustment options should be copy and pasted between games.
Yes, there is more to coding than that. But, for the most part they can reuse old code like how I wrote above. Just a bit lazy to be honest. Don't want to harp on stern. As I am a fan of theirs. Big fan. But, they could do a few things better. And that's not asking too much.

When I start playing it again I'll let you know how it goes.
To be clear... All games should and will get unique coding. I'm just talking about the default code for stuff like ball trough. Flipper strength(for standard 2 flipper games) sound adjustment... That kind of stuff can be reused for the most part. The stuff that can't be of course is unique. But, with them rushing stuff out super quick, they should strive better to get their ducks in a row. Because, this led to damage on the machines. My damage is very minor... Some machines were damaged much worse, because of this easily avoided error.

#1352 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Ha ha! Everybody loves boobies!

Sadly... No... There is a growing puritan movement in this country where people think there is something wrong with human bodies. Looks are not everything. And even Elvira doesn't look like Elvira... There is a lot of diffusion going on in regards to how they lit her. They did a great job by the way. But, again... Its not real its fantasy.
I'm okay with that. But, a lot of people think its gross and morally wrong to appreciate the beauty in the human form. That to show a bit of leg, or bosom is something horrible. Scares me really... And hopefully it'll go away. But, not anytime soon.

#1355 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

Yes, the lighting is extreme. Cassandra was 68 years old during the filming for House of Horrors. Does she look like she did 30 years ago when EATPM was released? Of course not. But she certainly looks like Elvira and, in character, jokes about her age. I don’t give a damn about the lighting.

Neither do I. Care about the lighting. I think she looks great, and I think the clips turned out amazing. I was making a point about fantasy and reality. She looks great in person. But, nothing like Elvira. Of course in teh pin and the videos she looks great, sounds great, and is great. One of my favorite jokes is the teenagers line... I wasn't insulting her. I'm amazed that her figure really hasn't changed in like 40 years! That's amazing as I know how mine changes month to month.

Cary Grant also said the same thing about Cary Grant. When he got older and people said to him, but you don't look like Cary Grant... And he'd say "My dear no one does". Also a bit of an inside joke with him. Because, of course Cary Grant was a stage name... But, still you have the fantasy of Cary Grant and the reality. Good actor by the way.

And I think a lot of people didn't quite understand the point I was making...
Yes, our country isn't the worst out there. But, the push for inclusion means people get made at Victoria's Secret for hiring attractive women to model their wares... Because, well... Beauty standards and you want to showcase your wares in the most attractive manner possible. Now to be clear... I don't like VS models. But most men do.

You have actresses who've made a career over sexualizing themselves, now complaining about how they made their fortunes.
And I really think even with Elvira they toned down a bit of boob jokes, and innuendo. It's there... It's there... But, they played it safe... And let's be honest... Compare comedy, movies, modeling, to the 70s and 80s... Everything is tamer by today's standards. Todd Philips director of the Joker is a bit afraid to do comedy now... And while on instagram everyone is showing off their butts... To actually market stuff based on sex appeal... Its down... Quite a bit from where it has traditionally been in the past.

#1400 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

Yup. Every time I think I have the power adjusted correctly the game proves me wrong.

I've been saying that basically since day one.
They put one on for Gene's head... So we should get one for this one.

I wanted to go for the dead heads and so I made that my goal.
Plunge. Got control, two hits and I got the deadhead. It kicked out of the vuk... Drained...
Pissed me off... Restarted the game... Same thing... Drained...
One more time, restarted the game...
Got control made the two shots right away... And it kicked out and drained...
All within about 1-2 minutes.
Three drains from the vuk. I restarted a 4th time. And finally got better luck. Its too inconsistent to try to predict and get control. It punishes you for trying to advance a feature.

In the game. Sometimes I wait to have the hand of fate lit. So basically if I vanquish the dead head. I have the out lane saves. And too often it goes down those outlanes. And so basically it steals my ball saves.
Shouldn't be that way. And here's my thing... Maybe only make the ball save work if its out an outlane. Don't save it if it goes down the middle. Because, that probably is savable. But, too often I get it to the left outlane on a direct shot, or a wicked bounce that goes to the left. It really cheeses me off. Probably the one thing I HATE about this game.

#1408 1 year ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

I'd love to get an EATPM, it's one of my favorite looking machine.

It looks great, and plays great. I like the rules. Simple rules. Not deep. But, you know what that's all you need. I don't need long ball times, or super deep code. Nothing wrong with either of those things, but if a game shoots good, and has good code. Then I can still have a lot of fun with it.
And I really think the code for Party Monsters is well done.
Also, I think Party Monsters while limited in its callouts have some really amazing ones. The nice organ start on MB is one of my all time favorite mb callouts. I love that its included in the house party wizard mode in EHOH, but i think its a bit better in the original(but super great to be able to see the mistress of the dark in the new game).
Right now I only own EHOH. But, I would love to own the other two one day.

#1413 1 year ago

So I just played the heck out of the newest update. Really liking the code so far, but I don't want to talk about the code or strats in this post.
Rather I was just thinking about how we're still a good ways away from 1.0 and what do you guys think we might be seeing in the coming updates?

So we know there are a lot of movies that were advertised to be in the game that have yet to be in the game.
The most glaring example currently I think is the Wasp Woman movie, mainly because she's on the backglass of the game. It took St. Nick awhile to get into the game, but he's one of my favorite modes. The movie might stink, but man I really dig those clips, and that retro robot!!! Also, I like santa confusing Nixon with a reindeer.
I really want to know how The Satanic Rights of Dracula will be used as I'm a huge Cushing/Lee fan. That movie while not the best is always entertaining(I've seen it like 6-7 times).
We do know there is a hurryup target that needs to be worked in, and also we do know that they haven't finished the house completion wizard mode yet, nor have they coded the crypt cleaner yet, nor directors cut.
The one thing that is coming along nicely I think is the Dead Heads. I would like their behavior to be modified slightly. I think they need to do an attract mode type thing to where if you ignorre them for awhile they are like... Hey buddy I'm still here! Or something along those lines.
But, its nice to finally have a proper selection of them. I forget how many they claimed there will be. But, at least now I don't always get Aunt Surly.
Not a big fan of Denis Leary Dead Head though. But, some of his callouts are funny.
I think my favorite is Uncle Bonehead and Mummy Dearest(callouts of the mummy are the best!).

#1425 1 year ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

It also misses the atomic raygun integration with the action button and the phone a fiend/phone a thon multiball.
I also think that the following freak fryer features are missing for now:
Pool party
Dance fever
Make-out mayhem
Scream test
Run for your life!
Chuck Ernst announced 15 Deadheads in the Flip'n'Out Pinball stream 3 weeks ago.

Those modes sound really cool. 15 deadheads is a lot... And I do hope they also tweak some of their animations and pathing and even behavior. They're fine right now, but I think a little more fine tuning and they could really pop.

I like how Make-out Mayhem sounds... Scream Test could be fun... And run for your life could be cool...
I take it the atomic raygun probably will be something like if you press it, it credits you the most important shot currently available. Like a smart missile. That could be cool... Or maybe its like a big bang and it'll complete a mode for you... That be awesome and really change the games strats. As then you'll really be shooting for the Junk in the Trunk targets.

#1426 1 year ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

Thank you! I couldn't figure out who Sonny reminded me of!
Do you mean Grampa Bonehead? His call outs are good.
Did I hear Mummy Dearest call me an asshole? I couldn't really understand her. That wrap kinda muffles her voice. ;-D
My favorite is still Sergeant Jar Head's "I love pain" quote.
I just wish the DeadHeads were more animated when you vanquish them instead of just disappearing in a puff of smoke. An "oh, shit!" or surprised look on their faces would be awesome!

Santa confuses all the reindeer names! It's hilarious!

I dread the day the code gets to 1.0 as I love getting updates!

Yes, I meant Grandpa.
And Jar Heads are funny. I've laughed a few times at what he says... In fact I've laughed at a lot of the things the dead heads have said. And I just think its funny that you can't hear or understand the mummy. To me its just silly and fun.
I agree with you about their animations. I think maybe the closer to being vanquished the more they should start to panic and fly around erratically. Maybe if you stop hitting them for awhile, they settle down again. but, thats how I would program it. Gives them a little bit different behavior, but something that shouldnt be impossible to code. I mean, the faster you hit them, the more angry they get... But, if you only whack them occasionally, or if you then ignore them after they went into a frenzy... They slowly start to calm down... Sure more lines would have to be added to make this work... But, wouldn't be impossible.

And yes. Its kind of fun updating this game. I think I sat out the last 2 updates. But, otherwise I had my game with the 2nd code update till now. And its kind of fun seeing it progress... But, it'll also be great when all the bugs(or most) are gone.
Right now no audio for attic attack multiball. And that's a big bummer... Should be a simple code fix... And just a lot of the mini wizard modes are not there as well.
So I do look forward to 1.0... And possibly like a 1.03... And then the updates will really come to a crawl and eventually stop... But, that's not for a long time. And its going to be fun to get there.

#1434 1 year ago
Quoted from Vino:

Reading the owners comments on code has been useful thinking this one (like BM66) will hold up longer at home.

As of right now MMr while maybe not the deepest game. Certainly is the more polished of the two. It's going to take 6 months to a year to get Elvira finished up, if not longer.

I've never destroyed all the castles, and gotten all the madness modes to get the ultimate wizard mode in MM. Maybe if I owned it, sure it wouldn't take me too long. I don't want to say MM is shallow as you got peasants, catapult, joust, princess, and trolls to complete on top of the castles you need to destroy. And I think you probably need to get a super jack pot to get to the final wizard mode in the game... I don't know. I can't remember if that is in the rules or not, I know its in the rules from Attack from Mars and the two games codes are similar. Maybe you don't need the super jackpot.
Regardless, I really like the mb rules for MM.

So, I don't know which you would enjoy more. All I know is that I own an Elvira. I am enjoying it so much right now. but, for people who want a complete game. This game is not complete. The depth of it at its current state is probably comparable to MM, as you have 7 main game modes. Drive me crazy, unhappy hour, gargoyles gone wild. 3 mbs(no audio or really code on the last one). Junk in the trunk mb. Gappa wizard mode. House party, and the final wizard mode is just an uncoded mb right now. So there is a good amount to do... But, bugs. And once its completed a whole heck of a lot to do... Oh and deadheads to bash and vanquish. but no mode or reward besides extra ball currently for ghostbusting them. Or deadheadbusting them?!?!?
And one day I really do want to own an MMr.
I personally went with the Hostest with the mostest because I like her brand of humor and camp, and she has two big assests that MMr doesn't have.

#1470 1 year ago

So I decided to buy myself a new printer. Not a horribly expensive one, but reasonably so. I didn't get a huge plotter printer(maybe one day when I have more space), but I bought myself a model that can print 13x19 sized pages, and has 6 colors. Tested it and the print quality is really nice.
Maybe not the greatest ever. But, its nice enough for printing out mini posters and framing them to go on my wall.
I got tired of going to a print store to make custom prints. Mostly tired of the weird looks when they see all the frazetta's, blake, and other custom images I had printed out. Again. I don't re-sell this stuff. Its for my own walls, and also I got it to print out my own comic covers from my comic business. Never printed any of those out before, and its going to be so cool having my favorites up on the wall. And a side benefit will be, I can make actual prints of my comics if I so desire.

Anyway... So with that whole chunk of text as the intro. The main reason I posted about it in this thread. I think its time for me to make custom rule cards for Elvira. I don't believe any have been made.
So now the main decision will be... Do I photoshop her images and just use real life photos of the Mistress, or do I use those as a layout and then pay one of my artists to draw what I made. The artists art style will not match Greg's art style. Just no way. But, with it being still colored art, it might in a way fit the theme of pinball better...
What are your guys thoughts? Just curious... Also,if you have any cool ideas of what would look good for the cards let me know. I don't know if I will do a left rules sheet. It might only be the right card. Lots of rules in this game, and so whatever art would mostly be covered up, and so I think the current rules card is just fine.
And once again having my own printer. Means no shame in explaining to the person at the print shop what the custom card is for.

#1519 1 year ago
Quoted from Mar:

Completed that mode plenty of times on current code. It takes a lot of shots, possibly the most of any of the modes, but it’s completable.

It is now completable. But, I too think I completed the mode one time in a recent game and never got the credit for it... Now I did run right out of time right when I made the last shot. But, it should have fallen within the grace period as the timer just hit 0. So I think there could still be some weird bugs in the Manster code that could stop you from completing it.
But, mostly its yes. You can complete it now. As I've done so as well. My favorite mode to complete I think is Manos and Werewolf of Washington as I think those might be the hardest two to complete. I think I've only completed manos about 3-4 times and the werewolf maybe 6 times. Just wonder if there is a good way to complete werewolf.

#1522 1 year ago
Quoted from lasermel:

Ok, so you know that pesky VUK launch right down the left outlane problem? I'm sure you do! Well, I figured out what to do about it! The nylon part of the plunger is FLAT on the end which makes getting a straight, consistently centered hit on the ball nearly impossible. Non-centered hits cause the ball to hit the sides of the VUK bracket in all sorts of random ways on the way up. So, if you look at most other VUK plungers, they have a little "dish" in the end that fits the ball perfectly, meaning it would be easy to balance a ball without a problem on the end and it causes the ball to basically self center when it's struck by the plunger. Stern's plunger needs this to center the ball and perform properly.
If I had another VUK plunger of the same size with the "dish" I would have replaced Stern's with that, but since I didn't.... I took the bracket holding the coil and plunger assembly off (5 screws - easy) and unplugged the coil. Then I put an old pinball in a vise and used a propane torch to heat it up to a fairly high temperature. Once hot, I carefully pressed the end of the plunger on the ball and it melted the "dish" into the end. To test, I simply balanced the ball on the end and it stayed perfectly centered.
I then put all the parts back and tested. 100% perfect! I lowered the power to about 200 cause it was slamming into the targets pretty hard. I have played a bunch of games since and no more outlane launches or getting pissed off cause it happened during a great scoring game
Have fun!


Seriously congrats on your fix. I don't think I will be doing that fix. Too complicated, and I don't have the blow torch. But, really clever thinking. Nicely done!

#1527 1 year ago

Alright guys. Here is my custom Apron card.
I didn't make a rules card. Because quite frankly there are so many rules for this game. I think the default rules card is just fine.

If it was a simpler game sure. But, too much text.

I did anger my artist who I am getting to do a drawn version of this card. But, she will draw this for me later today or tomorrow when she forgives me... Anyway... This is really basic. But, I think basic is good.
And so there probably will be two versions of this card. A drawn version and this version.
I think its good. Was thinking about maybe a deadhead or two in the background behind her head. But, I got no good reference images for those. And besides. Its a small card. So simple is best.
Hope you guys enjoy it. And if anyone does use it. Just snap a pic and let me see how it looks. Measurements should be good.

Edit... I edited the image and reuploaded it. I didn't like that the text. It was a bit rough and so I smoothed the edges of it out a good bit. Looks better now... Probably would have printed fine for most people. But, should print and look just a smidge better.

elvira card copy redo (resized).png
#1529 1 year ago

Alright... I wasn't too happy with that last one.
I made another tweak to it. I added a border and I fixed the text again. Its more vibrant and just pops better now.

I did think about adding some text to denote 3 ball play or free play...
I thought about calling free play "Scream Play".
But, then again... No... Didn't like how it looked.
I'm not a graphic designer. I'm rubbish at fonts and stuff like that. I write and make layouts, and so graphic design is not my forte.

But, this is looking nice.
Also, the other version should be done soon. The artist is talking to me again. YEA!!!!!! She gets upset at me sometimes and is like. I'm outta here! But, she's back now.
elvira card border (resized).png

1 week later
#1594 1 year ago
Quoted from Indusguys:

I have a feeling not too many of us are regularly finishing Gappa and/or Final Cut. If I did I would be so happy I wouldn’t care if the game crashed.

I've yet to complete gappa. I've gotten really, really far into it. But, always drain out at the same few shots.
One day....

But, to the thing about some of the incomplete code and bugs.
There is no audio for the intro to the last garage mb. The attic one. That shouldn't be too hard of a fix. Bang it out, fix it, and it'll be super cool.
Yes, the journey for this code is amazing. But, there is still mostly barebones when you think of all the stuff they claim it will have. Phone a friend... The other items. The only item that works right now is the skeleton key. Which I love. As I love getting santa conquers mars!

Just really wish there will be an update soon is all. I'm grumping. And I really just can't wait for the next update.

#1595 1 year ago
Quoted from PersonX99:

I continue to investigate my Cellar Backdoor opto issue. This time I went under the playfield and removed the metal bracket and the opto board attached to it. One of the connector pins "seemed" a bit flakey so I replaced it, soldering the wire to the pin before crimping. I also reflowed the wire connections on the board (they looked fine prior though). I cleaned the sensor on the board (alcohol) and the metal bracket. Reinstalled and proceeded to test. After quite a few games, there were no false triggers. Tonight, my husbands task is to play as much as possible. If a problem is going to happen, it usually happens when he is playing (whenever there is a break/malfunction in any of the pins, it is usually when he is playing).
**One test for "misalignment of this opto switch is I pushed/flexed the metal ramp into the house that the top-side opto is near. I thought it may be moving that side of the switch and causing it to go out of alignment. After much pushing/hitting, it remained in alignment.

My garage alignment kind of stunk when I first starter playing. But, it luckily sorted itself out and has been super reliable for me lately.
But, it does act up a few times here and there. But, I gently pat the cab up near where the garage is. And that has been super effective to get the ball lock to register for me lately.

So I am happy about that. As that was one of my bigger issues.
Now. Give me ball save timer out of the vuk!

#1607 1 year ago
Quoted from screaminr:

Elvira got all my twipy votes . Most people will say JP is the better game but if you break it down section by section , art package , theme integration , callouts , light show , rules, ect Elvira wins . Congratulations to all you lucky bastards that have one .

Sten's JP got a few of my votes. But, most went to Elvira for me. I'll tell you why. The backglass for Elvira is one of the best backglasses ever. True I'm not 100% jazzed on how they drew the mistress on the backglass, but the rest of it. The energy and framing of the image. How it incorporates all the important elements from the game into the backglass and the game is jammed pack. It took a lot of skill. Even the gargoyles that flying are in the backglass.

And I had to vote for Elvira's custom videos. As those are just to this date the most impressive feature ever in a pinball to date. Really makes it seem like we're watching her show.

But, I do think JP has better rules. As those rules are just amazing. Elivra's rules are not there yet. Maybe one day. But, the one thing I like about JP is the rules are deep, but simple, and easy to learn, and make sense. Just amazing rules.

I think best toy was a category. And I can't remember how I voted. Three amazing options for this year. Black Knight Toy, Elvira's House, and the T-rex head. I probably voted t-rex head, as I think that is the most amazing toy ever.
But, you really couldn't go wrong with either of those three. I mean any other year... Those could have been winners... But, also since Elvira's house isn't fully coded into the game yet... It doesn't spin for house party mode... So.. that is a bit of detraction.

#1628 1 year ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

That's right, but the kit is out of stock at Stern. I wait for it for 40 days.

Really, how much does it cost.
I don't mind waiting. But, I'd like to get on the wait list or order it and wait... Never heard of that kit, and tired of never making that shot...
I'll try to level my game... But, I checked and its pretty dang level... But, Carpet... And it can shift.

#1648 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

maybe found a small bug. I had the return insert lit on the right outlane, went into junk in the trunk mb with the ball save between the flippers flashing, ball goes into the right outlane and the ball return insert light in the right outlane goes out so I basically lost that ball return. I would think you should keep that ball return when the ball save light between the flippers is flashing.

I don't think they're close to done coding that yet.
It goes dead after the ball ends even if its not used. During the mb ball save it gets used up. And I would think or hope that the reward for a vanquish will eventually carry over after the ball ends.

No reason for it to disappear, you worked hard for it, should be punished by a SDTM. Also the same thing is true for hand of fate. I don't think a ball end should wipe these rewards out. Keep them lit until claimed. It makes hand of fate a bit harder to claim.

At least that's how I would prefer it. Or maybe for tournament players or directors put it in the settings for them to change or alter if a ball drain kills them.
That would be fair.

#1652 1 year ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

You can change the settings to allow The Hand of Fate, The Dead Return and Double Trouble to carry over from ball to ball. I believe it was in the last update.

I submitted that as a bug prior to the last release. Hopefully it will make it into the next release. The Dead Return should not be used when the ball save is active.

Well... Learn something new every day. Thanks for the info...

Now, my question is as follows: If I do change the settings for them to carry over, does that make me a crappy player, or a horrible person, or both? I can live with being a horrible person, but I am trying to become a good pinball player.

Side note, trying to be a good person has been abandoned long, long time ago.

#1655 1 year ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

As you pointed out earlier, those settings are needed (especially The Hand of Fate carry over).
In a home environment, where we (?) play for fun, why not make it a little bit easier so we can accomplish more? If I were practicing for a tournament, I would make it harder. As it is, I'm always practicing flipper skills. It was this game that I was finally able to learn how to drop catch successfully. (Oh, that's awesome!) All five of my playable games have the following: 1. Extra balls on; 2. One or two replay levels set to award extra balls; 3. Match turned off (don't need a free game when it's on free play); 4. Posts left at factory position. My nudging has improved. I don't consider myself to be a crappy player, but I'm also no Keith Elwin or Bowen Kerins. What's the harm in taking advantage of the software options to make the game more fun for me? None. And I consider myself neither a horrible or good person. I just like playing the game. You do what you want to do to make the game more enjoyable or accomplish your goals.

I set my replay's to extra balls as well, and I generally use all the levels of them. But, I like to stack them progressively higher. That way its a challenge to get them. The first one I like to set at what I consider the mark for a good game, and then I generally like to double it for the next reward, and then perhaps 1.5x and so on.
From time to time I will remove all the tiers except the first one and just try to see how good I can do for a day or two.

#1656 1 year ago

Okay... I had one of my artists draw the Mistress of the night. And this is my current apron card...

But, I think I might have her tweak the mistress again. No eyeliner. I think she misunderstood what I meant. Anyway. Still really nice, and I think it fits.

As I just hate reusing assets from other areas in the apron cards. I like original assets. Gives my eyes more to take in.
Feel free to use these.
And again if you do. Take a picture.

I changed out the image with one that I just edited. Its better now.

elvira card d copy (resized).jpg
#1658 1 year ago
Quoted from Aniraf:

Did she have a stroke or did something punch her in the eye?

She's winking and trust me we went back and forth for 40 minutes to get the eyes right.

But, I think the mouth might need to curl a bit more up as well...
But, she did a really nice job matching the backglass color scheme I think. Will it be perfect no... But, this is an apron card.
And its custom art for a custom apron card. Free for use.
Free for you guys, I had to pay.

#1659 1 year ago
Quoted from Aniraf:

Did she have a stroke or did something punch her in the eye?

Okay... So I was a bit tired and cranky. But, you were right. Sometimes when you work on a project you can't see the forest for all the trees. Was a simple fix, but I think it makes the expression pop more now.
I'm very pleased with it. and I hope you all enjoy it.

#1665 1 year ago

Wow... Don't take this the wrong way guys.

But, I thought the image is cool.
I shared for free.
It took time to make. And I get insults.
So maybe I won't share anymore in the future.
Because, I don't know how much art anyone here has made.
I've made over 150 comics. Yes, winking can be hard to sell and make look natural. This is a good image. Thank you so much for insulting my artist. She did her best, and I was proud of her and happy to share it with you all.
Just not cool your responses.

But, instead of just pouting and taking my football home.
I'll go back and I'll tweak it with her.
And no that is not some dirty euphemism. So... Stay tuned. Update in a few days. Cos why stop now. Gotta try to make it perfect. And I think she was too focused at first on making it 100% realistic and I had to tell her about Robert Crumbs belief when drawing from real people. Take their most distinguished traits and slightly embellish for the art, and it makes the portraits pop a bit better. And she was worried about line for line. Which doesn't translate best. Because so much is lost in the lines.

#1667 1 year ago
Quoted from RobertWinter:

I don't think anyone is insulting you or the artist. Just pointing out that the way the winked eye was drawn looks incorrect. It looks like the eye has closed from the bottom up. When a person winks, the top eyelid comes down and the eyelashes point downward.
I liked the overall drawing, it just needs a tweak to make it look more natural.
Here are some reference shots for an Elvira wink.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Yes, I know how winking works.

Also... We used one of those images already.

Listen. No offense to anyone. And I know I'll be down voted. But, everyone is a critic.
And while I'm not a illustrator. I do dabble. She is an artist and has drawn for more hours than most people here.
That's her pinball.
So all I will say is. Its easy to criticize harder to create.

As I said before. I'll go back to the drawing board.
But, Robert... You mean well. But, your post is belittling.

#1669 1 year ago

Okay... So Eyegate or blinkgate.

Listen guys. My blood pressure ever since I've been in my 20s has been high and now I'm in my 30s its insanely high.
Not due to diet, or lack of exercise. Its because of how chronically pissed off I always am.
Lately, I hate my 9-5 job. If all goes well I should be able to quit in about 1.5 years... But, that's still a long time for doing something you hate.

So I tend to take umbrage easy. I was chatting with my artist.
And she told me to stop being a karen. She tells me that all the time.
And also to tip toe through the tulips with her... ... ... That one might be a euphemism. And yes... I never said eye was perfect. I said I'll go back to the drawing board.... Which is actually literally correct in this case. But, there is a process to art guys. It doesn't just happen. And she really nailed most of the image. Yes, it stinks that one little mistake can stick out like a sore thumb.
So I'll fix it.
Sorry for flying off the handle. But, again I've made a lot of money in art. Dedicated my whole life to it. So I can be a butt baby about such things.

#1675 1 year ago
Quoted from arcyallen:

I nominate this as the quote of the year for this thread, but only if there's no context or author sited (no need to kick a man when he's down). It stands on its own!

Its all good. I never say I can't take the piss out of myself. I might chronically be pissed off all the time, but I do have a sense of humor.

#1696 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Im considering this game again. I was a definite on this title and then it didnt wow me when it first came out but i played it at Pincinnati and really liked it. Couple of quick questions for you all. For those of you who own Elvira and JP, do you think Elvira is as good or close to JP? Also how would you rate Elvira compared to say AFM Remake or MB Remake? So many good choices right now that its really making my OCD go crazy.

Well... I think CGC will be remaking the remakes for awhile. So if you want a NIB Elvira 3, you should buy now.

I mean AFM is one of my favorite all time games. Right now, I'd say its a better game than Elvira. But, Elvira has the most sex appeal ever in a pinball machine, and that is a big factor for me. I love pinup art and cheesecake. Big, big fan of that. And I love monsters. And I do love Elvira.
But, right now. AFM is the better game. I think when the code is finished. Elvira 3 will be truly something amazing. I don't think it'll be fair to compare it to AFM as it has a quarter of a century of improvement on it. But, out of modern games Elvira 3 will be probably be a top 5 game made in the last 15-20 years.

#1699 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I know JP is extremely good. I love the Elvira theme though. Its going to be awhile so i got some time to think about it so thats a good thing.

I did mention this a few pages back. But, I actually think Stern's JP the best game in like the last 5 years. I love Iron Maiden and its a dream theme for me. But, I think with layout, rules, and the best damn toy in pinball to date its JP. Just an amazing game. And mind you I think Iron Maiden is a special and amazing game(and of course Elvira as well), but there is just something amazing about JP.

With that being said. I don't like the theme. I love dinos sure. But, those movies bore me. Not enough carnage or mayhem. I would prefer something like Dinosaurs Attack(the old trading card series). And not only does the theme do nothing, but also the art package looks good. Maybe very good. But, I don't want that in my home. If I was buying for an arcade, I'd get JP prem. But, for my home something I look at more than I'd play. Gotta go with the Mistress of the Dark.

#1701 1 year ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

I went with Elvira even though JP is a more creative layout. What's already in the code is DAMN good... and as opposed to Batman, which turned out amazing but took a year to shape up, Elvira is already super fun out of the gate with a fair amount of things to do.
I'm a huge fan of horror / b movies so in this case I decided to take the ride and see where Lyman takes it. It looks and shoots great and while it's not re-inventing the wheel I think it has real heart. No idea what percentage is coded, but I have yet to see everything and I always have a blast playing it. Mine came with both outlanes wide open from factory so I'm leaving as-is and enjoying my occasional breakout game. I figured worst case I can always straight up swap for a used JP down the line, but if the code gets up to the Batman level of content it may never leave!
Luckily for you there's no wrong decision here with these two

I think there might be some big surprises left in Elvira's code. More surprises in Elvira than I think JP. With that said JP was a homerun right from the start.

So many features of ELvira have yet to be implemented. We only got the skeleton key so far. What does the ray gun do, what is the beaker. Phone a friend(its a mb but how???).

Also. Only a very small percentage of the movies they claimed have been used so far. Like 15-20 more need to be implemented.
How will they do so?

Lastly. I don't have any hard facts its just speculation. I don't think we've heard all of the callouts for Elvira and I don't think we've seen all the videos. I think there are more coming. Not just the wizard modes. I think there might be some of the core game modes videos that have yet to be added in. Just a feeling. I could be wrong. And I might be.

#1703 1 year ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

Agreed. My dream is that each rotation of the turret on top of the house has a separate bank of movies to pick from

You might be right.
Because, what follows is generally 2 video intros per mode. And also I think there might be some with 3. But, at least 2 completion outro videos for all the modes. I personally would have recorded 3 intros and outros per mode. More variety. And if it was only the 6(seven if you count santa. Then you have to wonder why they couldn't get more. Sure. Recording time matters. But, this would be easy for Cassandra to record. She's a pro and has done this for many years. So no doubt they had the whole script ready. So I think they could have really cranked them out.
So perhaps you are right about the turret. It kind of makes sense... But, maybe not.

Lastly, back to Santa and the skeleton key. So does this key only open up one possible mode? Currently that is the case. But, it seems weird to have it like that and only have one mode to select. Maybe you can go to other sections of the house and reset the windows????? I don't know. Just seems a bit weird to have a feature to unlock only one mode. Its a great mode. I love it. Robots. Nixon. Space ships!!!!

Again. No clue what the future of the code will bring. Just saying I think there are going to be big surprises.

Also why I think there could be more intro videos.
Like the What do I look like a man who takes a woman home and murders her... Spoiler alert. Yes you DO!!! Boo creepy doctor.
For the longest time that wasn't coded right and it made no sense. But, now its one of my favorite intro clips.
Some of hte intro videos are keyed to specific clips. And thats why I Think having more than 2 makes since. 2 random ones and 1 or 2 specific coded clip intros make more sense that way. I just think they haven't been done yet.

#1720 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I just heard that the optics shifting have been a big problem in the house and the crypt on this game. Any truth to that rumor guys?

It ebbs and flows. First day was really bad for the garage. Then the game seemed to settle down after about 2-3 days. I never adjusted. From time to time It might not register. A gentle pat is generally all teh game needs to pick up the new ball. If it doesn't, I shake gently. If still not registering the lock, I think just open the coin door, and I shoot another ball into the lock. And this generally gets me both locks.

The issue is if I drain before I shoot the lock, it won't end the ball. Rather it spits a new ball out. So I then have to DQ myself and void the game. As it no longer counts. Just joking on this. But, I'm trying to play more inline with what I might expect in a tournament. No plans to ever compete. But, I like to sometimes gauge my scores. Like no ball save, no eb, and just try to get the best scores I can.

But, to answer your question. Very, very minor issues. And I've had much more serious issues with every single one of my games I have owned so far. Mind you only own 8. But, this is my best behaved... Besides my Sinbad. But, that one the drops acted up when me and my Pops were playing on it this weekend. But otherwise that one is a tank. And this game far less issues than what I had on my Iron Maiden.

#1722 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

The IMDN Premium/LE can be a maintenance nightmare. Elvira has one spinner right? Any drop targets?

1 Drop and that's the to garage. That drop has been more inconsistent then my optos for the garage. Sometimes I give it a good whack and it stays up. Can happen multiple times in a row, and that's the same issue my sinbad had this weekend. So... I get drops can be temperamental.

Has 6 standups. 7 if you count the uncoded buy it now target.

#1724 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

The IMDN Premium/LE can be a maintenance nightmare. Elvira has one spinner right? Any drop targets?

Sorry for two replies... Ummm... Really my Iron Maiden Prem hasn't been too bad. Just that was my 2nd pin I ever bought. And so I didn't know anything really about pinball.

Only know slightly more now. Ummm... First issue day two the underworld ramp got stuck up. Turns out needed a little bit of oil... That fixed it... But... I think I used too much. As I have a very, very, very minor playfield deformity around that area... It's very minor. Only an anal pinball would notice it. Live and learn. Don't think it hurts my resale too much. I'd point it out of course. But, trust me, very minor. Just a small double pinprick.

That took me a few weeks to resolve.

I did have a few issues with the newton balls that they have. But, since I got shown how to clean and just make sure they're registering, they've been fine.

The right upper flipper wire soldering joint broke. So I had to snip and solder it back on.

And then I had a switch issue with the shooterlane. I don't know how that got fixed. I mean... I know who fixed it. But, he really took everything apart to fix. The guys from Hemispheres when I paid them to setup my Elvira, he told me beforehand he'd look at my Maiden free of charge. And I didn't expect that level of service. I was prepared to live with that not working. But, I wanted to newton balls issue resolved. And he showed me how to do that. SO I really like those guys.

And while I do still have a few issues with mummy mb in Iron Madien. Mostly very minor issues now. And its just such an amazing pin. But, yeah.The pro probably is so much more dependable. And really not a whole lot of difference. Missing can I play with madness. Which I've only gotten like 20 times. So not a big deal. Sure the sarcophagus lock is cool. But, you don't need it. It does slow down play. So the virtual on the pro has some benefits. Also, underworld scoop. You don't need that either. The ramp is a harder shot anyway. But, then again its all about the recovery from the kickout. But, really the Maiden Pro is awesome, and I love playing on them when I see them in person. They got a slightly different feel.

#1725 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Usually if a drop target doesnt drop you can take the spring and tighten it up say 5 or 6 links and it will work better..

Any video links you can post my way.... I like to see something done, before I try to do so, cos I tend to blunder my way through EVERYTHING! Just changing a few bulbs on my Night Moves kicked my butt!

#1727 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

No links that I know of but it's really simple. You will see a spring. Take that spring off of the end opposite of the drop target and stretch it out about 5 coils and then put it back in place and try it. You can always put it back the way that it was. When the spring is a little tighter the target will drop easier when its hit.

So stretch the spring out to make it tighter? Just confusing to my brain... Anyplace I can buy spare springs in case I mess up?
And believe me I probably will... But, once I learn a task, I learn it. But, I generally blunder my way through a task the first time through.

#1730 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I will be home in a little while and can take a picture and give you a general idea if you like.

yeah. That would help a lot. Cos if it resolves the drop on Elvira.. .Then that be one less issue, and make the shot a heck of a lot safer. It's still a dangerous shot, and in fact I think it might be the most dangerous shot in the game. Because, even if you hit the shot clearly it can lead to a sdtm. That is why I use my left flipper mostly to hit it. Its a safer rebound most of the time. And the right flipper I try to save for when I have ball save going.

#1736 1 year ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Will the turret be coded in the next update.

Who knows... There are a lot of stuff I would have thought would have been added finally.
I would have thought at the least they'd code it to where it moved during house party mb. That would seem to be an easier thing and that hasn't been added yet.

Also, would have thought attic attack mb would have had the sound fixed by now.

I can only hope that the reason why the turret is taking so long is because the it does affect the gameplay maybe. Like how it was a hypothesized that maybe it could alter and change the available haunts. So maybe that is why its taking so long... Maybe not.

But, I hope the next update will be a good and big one. Be amazing if it were!!!!!!!

#1770 1 year ago
Quoted from arcyallen:

This is the game that cemented my opinion that I like Dennis Nordman's work!

He really is an amazing pinball designer. I just hope we haven't seen the last of his work.
And I know this Elvira game isn't completely done coding yet. Heck, we're not even in the 90s with the code yet. But, I do think it might be possible one day for a 4th Elvira. Would have to be all animated. But, that would/could be interesting.

For now. I shall just await the next code update. Which I hope will be soon.

#1783 1 year ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

Dear Lyman: I adore this game but for the love of God, PLEASE put a ball save option in for the crypt kicker next update haha. Half the time mine goes into the left outlane like a perfectly aimed 3-pointer... it doesn’t even clank around it’s a perfectly smooth shot!

I've been thinking about the VUK kickout.
And I have numerous times requested a small ball save timer be added to it.
I still believe there should be one. However, I think if there was one it would make the game a little too easy.

Now, I'm not saying lets not add a ball save timer. What I am saying is perhaps a ball save timer that only will save your ball if it drains out via the left outlane.
Down the middle you should be able to nudge it in a way to get control, and if it does bounce off the rubber and then down the right outlane, which happened to me quite a few times, I think that should be the risk of taking the shot. Because, I do think those drains are avoidable for the most part with anticipation and skill.

But, the left outlane drain, no amount of skill can save that if it plunges it directly to it. I think with that little bit of insurance it would make it just the right balance of difficulty.
Just my thoughts.

#1787 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

We are set the same as you. VUK strength set at 185 and nudge skills are needed to stop it going out either out lane.

Yeah, but if its a straight shot into the drain no amount of nudging skill will save you. I have tried sometimes starting to shake it before the kickout. But, that is risky as you can get a tilt warning if you're not careful. I do think there should be a degree of risk with the VUK. but, it should be fair. Left outlane drain should be ball save. The rest. Its just pinball baby, and play better!

#1797 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I may join the club soon then. I got bills out the ass in February coming up, many thousands of dollars for property taxes and insurance (X2) because I have a rental so I will have to see where I'm at come March. I could by a damn pinball machine with that money alone of I didnt have to pay it out.
One step forward three steps back, you know the routine.

I'm in the same boat as you. I have to find out how much I have to pay for my comic business. Hopefully, it won't be too much. But, then I want to pay of one of my student loans in full, and then I need to save up for a new deck and also new tires for my car around june-july.

But, once I know how much I owe. I like you will be looking to buy another pin... Sooner or later... Who knows. Don't know which club I'll be joining. There are 4 games that stand out to me. I like each of them. But, we'll see which one I wind up with.

#1812 1 year ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

My guess is it will be a while yet. The Black Knight topper still has to come out. It was supposed to go into production after the Star Wars topper.
I really want one, too, but I'll take a code update to tide me over.

Thats weird. I didn't think anyone wanted the star wars topper. I personally thought it looked cool, but the price is a bit scary, and I know people didn't like it.

As for Stern's Elvira topper. That's a hard pass for me.
Its too boring.
I think I'll design my own topper. And don't worry. I won't have Elvira winking in the topper illustration that I will be using.
But, first thing that is up for me is making my Sinbad topper. It'll be a bit pricey to make it, but its going to be awesome. I already worked the layout of the image. Just need to commission an artist and I spoke to the one I want to hire. Then once I get it all made I'll just need to find a printing company. Get it printed, and then I will need to assemble it.
But, I know none of my toppers will have light effects. Ohhh well... Small price to pay to get something awesome. And double sadly. The sinbad one is going to cost a lot of money, and the Elvira one will probably cost me around what Sterns will cost. So really won't be much of a savings. And I can't sell either of them, as I don't own the rights to the characters. Ohhh well... Its all for the love of pinball.

#1819 1 year ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

I was monitoring the Star Wars topper thread and, even though it carries a hefty price tag and has had some minor issues, it would seem everyone is pretty happy with it once they get it.

Ha ha

Interactive, no, but why not?

The reasons for no lighting is quite simple. I'm not smart enough to include it. And these are projects that I just want to get done and completed. So I will stay within my lane, or stick to my wheelhouse if you will. Was thinking about a few ideas. And I think I got a nice rough of a layout in my head. The only bummer is. I had this really cool idea, but its way too similar to the backglass. And I want unique assets and so... I scrapped the first idea I had. If I get a Scared Stiff I might use that for that pin.

But, I'll look into lighting effects. I just don't think I'll be able to figure anything out. I'm not very good at stuff like that.

#1825 1 year ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

Status of Code:
Elvira – For all Elvira owners, please make sure you have updated your game to the most current code version (v0.89.0). Be on the lookout for a new code update this month.

Exciting... Now lets hope its sooner in the month then later!

#1828 1 year ago
Quoted from PunishersLEMC:

Is the Shaker integrated much yet? I am on the fence about ordering one.

I like it. Its there. And you feel it. Could it happen more... Maybe. But, trust me you feel it when you're playing.

#1846 1 year ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

Going live on installing the new bracket. Pride Pinball on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClx3AxNdn30iP7yey0rOafA
Help me figure this thing out. LOL
Video will remain on YouTube.

I probably will watch this once I get the kit myself. I gotta check and then contact stern, as I'm sure my machine doesn't have that metal post or bracket. As I got my LE pretty early on in the process...

I just wish they'd get the bugs sorted before manfacturing. This is the skill shot we are talking about... An important shot for the game.

#1871 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

New code:
V0.90.0 - Feb. 6, 2020
- Allow HAND OF FATE SPIN to run from the LEFT OUTLANE switch (when lit)
while all BALL SAVERS are active.
- BALL SAVE from HAND OF FATE is eaten if BALL SAVE is awarded when the
wheel is activated.
- The LEFT OUTLANE lamp was remaining ON after the HAND OF FATE wheel was
started (it should be turned OFF once the wheel comes up). This has
been corrected.
- When starting GAPPA ANGRY a second time, the FREAK FRYER feature will
not be started unless the player completes at least 1 level (i.e. locks
at least 1 ball).
- Points are now awarded for DIRECTOR'S CUT and the mode stops immediately.
- Locking a ball in the GARAGE with balls already locked would not wait for
the BALL LOCKED effect to finish before trying to kick. This has been
- Added a new mode for collecting all of the awards on the HAND OF FATE
- Runs until the RIGHT TARGET BANK is hit one time, or the JACKPOT is
collected. (This feature can run from ball to ball as long as none
of the right 3-bank targets are hit).
- A mini-wheel with MANOS is displayed in the lower right portion of the
display. This wheel always spins.
- The following point awards are available:
250K, 500K, 750K, 1M, 2M, 5M
- Hitting any target on the RIGHT TARGET BANK awards the points being
pointed to on the wheel.
- The points that are awarded from the wheel are added to a JACKPOT
that is lit after the first hit on the targets. The JACKPOT can be
collected on the LEFT OUTLANE (SPIN).
- Removed a color effect that turned player scores black when there was no
- Rework GAPPA ANGRY mode:
- New display effects, sound effects, light shows.
- Single ball mode.
- Build JACKPOT throughout.
- Stage 1: make the HOUSE RAMP, then lock a ball in the HOUSE LOCK.
- Stage 2: make the LEFT and RIGHT ramps, then lock a ball in the
- Stage 3: make the LEFT LOOP, the HOUSE RAMP, and the RIGHT LOOP,
then lock a ball in the CRYPT.
- Stage 4: make the LEFT RAMP, the HOUSE RAMP, the RIGHT RAMP, and
the CRYPT, then lock a ball in the TRUNK.
- Stage 5: make the LEFT LOOP, the LEFT RAMP, the HOUSE RAMP, the
RIGHT RAMP, and the RIGHT LOOP, then lock a ball in the GARAGE.
- Stage 6: lock a ball in the CELLAR.
- If draining after stage 1, POOL PARTY is started with the 1 ball
that was locked in the HOUSE LOCK.
- If draining after stage 2, DANCE FEVER is started with the 2 balls
that were locked in the HOUSE LOCK and the GARAGE.
- If draining after stage 3, MAKE-OUT MAYHEM is started with the 3
balls that were locked in the HOUSE LOCK, the GARAGE, and the CRYPT.
- If draining after stage 4, SCREAM TEST is started with the 4 balls
that were locked in the HOUSE LOCK, the GARAGE, the CRYPT, and the
- If draining after stage 5, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE is started with the 5
balls that were locked in the HOUSE LOCK, the GARAGE, the CRYPT, the
TRUNK, and the GARAGE.
- Completing all stages (6) starts GAPPA ANGRY MULTIBALL (6 balls).
- Added new mode: POOL PARTY
- Started from GAPPA ANGRY!
- Single ball mode.
- 20 bumper hits scores JACKPOT value from GAPPA ANGRY!
- Lasts until the end of the ball.
- Added new mode: DANCE FEVER
- Started from GAPPA ANGRY!
- 2-ball multiball.
- HOUSE RAMP (+ 2 gargoyles) and CRYPT (+ 2 gargoyles) lit for
- Added new mode: MAKE-OUT MAYHEM
- Started from GAPPA ANGRY!
- 3-ball multiball.
- LEFT RAMP, HOUSE RAMP, and CRYPT lit for JACKPOT value from
- Added new mode: SCREAM TEST
- Started from GAPPA ANGRY!
- 4-ball multiball.
- One shot (random) scores multiplied JACKPOT value from GAPPA
- Other 3 shots multiply the multiplier by 2.
- Shots go out at you shoot them and reset when the JACKPOT is
- Multiplier is reset to 1x when JACKPOT is scored.
- Added new mode: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE
- Started from GAPPA ANGRY!
- 5-ball multiball.
lit for JACKPOT value from GAPPA ANGRY!
- Last shot made cannot be made again until a different shot is
- Fixed an issue with showing the LOCKDOWN BUTTON light color for HSTD.
The button was showing green (instead of white) when initials could be
entered. It was also showing green (instead of black) during the
announce and award display effects when initials could not be entered.
- UN HAPPY HOUR start was not displaying the points for starting the mode
(shown as 00 sometimes). This has been corrected.
- Pause TRAILER TRASH hurry-up when the ball is in the shooter lane and
during choreography.
- Change TRAILER TRASH award so it is requested after multiball awards.
- Change TRALIER TRASH award so it is requested before house advance awards.
- Fixed the JUNK lights so they don't blink when they can't be collected.
- Keep the Haunt-O-Meter from being displayed before the background for
the mode it is used for.
- Add new music, sounds, video clips, and background clips.
- Reworked the kick sequence for the CELLAR RAMP so the lamp effects run
correctly (raise ramp, kickout warning effect, kick, in that order).
- Kill start display effects when an award for a mode/multiball is given.
- Rework GARAGE multiball start lamp effects. Mask most lamps at start of
GARAGE multiballs so JACKPOT lights are visible.
- Remove DIRECTOR'S CUT display/choreography. This display was breaking
up the HAUNT final shot/Elvira outro and didn't flow well.
- Lowered FREAK FRYER increment number of switch hits from 50 to 25 (per
level), which should make getting to GAPPA ANGRY! slightly easier.
- Added new art and sounds for TRUNK MULTIBALL start.
- Fixed up ADD-A-ZOMBIE multiball super jackpot video clips and award
- Added lots of shaker motor effects.
- Shaker motor default set to MINIMAL.
- Garage lock difficulty set to MEDIUM for competition mode. This requires
the drop target to be hit each time to light a lock.
- Added ball save for CRYPT VUK (default is 2 seconds).
- Made some changes/fixes to the Haunt-O-Meter display for the SANTA CLAUS
- Added TILT video playback functionality for the SANTA CLAUS mode.
- Fixed an issue that was keeping the Japanese man from speaking at the
start of GAPPA ANGRY.
- Swapped the blink order for the UN HAPPY HOUR advance lamp effect so the
UN HAPPY HOUR light doesn't stay off for so long.
- Fixed an issue where the TRAILER TRASH award was allowed to be canceled
with the flipper buttons when the ball was not being held in the house
- Masked off unused RGB arrows during HAUNT start lamp effect.
- Added intros to GARAGE multiballs (video clips + sounds & speech).
- Added user-accessible lag settings for the house diverter UP/DOWN
- Added Tom Kopera to the HSTD table. Moved Jerry up one spot. Made Dennis
the DRIVE ME CRAZY champion.
- Paused the HOUSE PARTY multiball ball save timer while HOUSE PARTY is
starting (i.e. start display/choreography is running).
- Increased the HOUSE PARTY auto-fire time from 15 to 20 seconds.
- Add gate logic to right loop awards.
- Removed unused TRAILER TRASH adjustments.
- Added an adjustment (default NO) that will carry over TRAILER TRASH from
ball to ball.
- Add HSTD for HOUSE PARTY. Fix recording of HSTD.
- Cleaned up HSTD. Removed unused display and adjustments. Reorganized
adjustments so HSTD adjustments appear.
- Added HSTD for HOUSE modes.
- Added Haunt-O-Meter support for the SANTA CLAUS mode.
- Added Chowdah Head (deadhead) to the Deadhead Family Crypt.
- Fixed hit speech (changed to FX) for Beach Head, Bone Head, and Jar Head.
- Reworked background lamp effect for THE WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON to show
terminating shots in dark blue.
- Reworked background lamp effect for MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE to show Debbie
shot in dark red.
- Added a sound for when the drop target is hit but the player has already
lit the locks.
- Add white flashers to CRYPT start effect. Remove house RGB from CRYPT
start lamp effect.
- Added TOP LANES completed display effect (alligator).
- Improved the load-time performance of the DOUBLE TROUBLE art.
- Added a lamp effect for the BACK DOOR SKILL SHOT.
- Reworked the lamp effect for BALL LOCKED.
- Added speech for BALL LOCKED.

Holy crap! What an update! I might just run out of exclamation points just talking about it!!!!!!!

So much cool crap. And we're in the 90s... So its the game is really coming along. Got another dead head. Gappa sounds like an amazing mode, and it sounds like the farther you go, the more rewards you'll get, but you'll still get something so long as you lock a ball.
This is just an amazing update. I was expecting a big one, but only about something half this size.

WOW... Still a long way to go till the game is completed. Still no phone a friend or the other non skeleton key items. But, hey... WHAT AN UPDATE!!!!!(and now I have ran out of exclamation points)

Edit... Looks like we got our ball saver. That is cool.

#1928 1 year ago

I wouldn't know about any fun callouts for the skill shot. Never made it... And skill shots is one area in pinball where I like to think I actually am better than average at.
I know I gotta look at my game and see if I'm missing those brackets.

Think I'm going to download the code now. And have some fun with a sexy mistress later tonight.

#1942 1 year ago

WOW! Is all I can say about this new code update. Loving so much about this game.
What I like best is the new mb introduction videos. They're really nice and funny. I don't know how many variants there are. But, I believe I got at least 3 for Wongo wild women.

The zombie ones are really good too.

The bad... While there is now audio for the attic attack mb intro video. The audio is out of sync with the video. So that will need to be fixed. Still at least we know what she says. And also I got all the jackpots in that mode and then no more lit up. So that was a bummer.

The so so... The new deadhead. I got him two or three times tonight. I don't like his character design too much. I don't hate him. I like the concept of him. As a lovecraftian Cythullu Innsmouth Bostonian... Funny. It is.

I think there are routes to scoring big on mbs again like how there were in the first few code versions of this game. I had one truly mammoth ball. Felt great.

And also having Elvira call out the ball locks is a very minor detail, but it works so well. Really gives this game a whole lot of energy.
Ball save was nice on the vuk and saved my butt a few times.

And the last thing that I liked about this update. The alligator. Simple animation, but I really like it. And it also helps for you to keep track of the bonus you got. So you know if its worth it, to go for the hand of fate double bonus.

Oh and I also got Gappa twice tonight. First time I drained out without locking a ball... Like a NEWB!

Second time I was one shot away from lighting the 3rd lock. But, I got 2 locks and I got dance party. And that was fun.

WOW! There is a whole lot more left to this game guys. Whole lot more. Just such a great game.

#1946 1 year ago

I was thinking about the deadheads that are still yet to come. I do hope we get a werewolf inspired one.
What other classic monster tropes deadheads do you hope they'll include?
I don't know what ones remain. Just we got the Mummy, Skeleton, Vampire. Seems like a werewolf would fit the mix easy enough.

#1970 1 year ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

I just had it reboot on me. I was starting my second tour of the house and was in SCCTM when it happened. I didn't play SCCTM the first time through. Did you submit a bug report? I think it has something to do with the Haunt-O-Meter: they did something with it in this update. I was having a good game, too. Close to beating my previous high.
I was able to complete the Hand of Fate wheel during this game, however, you have to collect the jackpot on the left outlane. Naturally, I drained down the middle.

I know this is mentioned in the release notes, but I don't wanna look right now.
There are two things I've noticed about this:
During TBTWD, the new first stage, Find a Body, there are three (two?) pink/white shots lit and one white shot lit. The white shot is the body you're looking for. Hitting it will advance to the next stage.
During TWoW, two shots are dark blue/white and three shots are light blue/white (after hitting the orbit to transform). The light blue shots are the combo shots that will keep those shots alive (both ramps and the house). The dark blue shots (crypt and garage) are the shots that will end the combos and relight the orbits. (Checked: in the notes)
During MTHoF, the dark red shot is the Debbie shot per the notes. I guess when they're looking for Debbie, that's the shot you need. ????

Stern website > Support > Contact Us > Subject = PARTS Include your name, address, serial number and your request for the Elvira repair kit.
This is too long. I'm starting another post.

Thanks for the info...

And I didn't get or understand really at first that the orbit shots were to transform you into the werewolf. That is very clever. As we all know that Lyman did the code for MB and the orbits were the wolfman shots.
And I didn't realize that why the orbits relight was because you missed your combos. Another interesting thing to know.
I'll pay more attention.

I knew about the debbie shot for Manos. And I knew there was a similar shot in BTWD. But, honestly I was having too much fun hitting the other shots to see what would happen and what clips would play.

This game has a cheeky sense of humor and it can be a real treat to see all the silly little bits thrown into it.

#2016 1 year ago

You're all talking toppers. And I just will echo what some people already said. The stern one is a big bummer and let down.
I'm working on making my first custom topper ever right now for my Sinbad machine. If that turns out good(hell if it even just gets completed). I'll probably start the process of working on and making a topper for all my other games.

I'll use the same artist who I worked with for my custom rule card. Some people hated the wink. That's fine. I got a version without a wink. In case I decide to stop abusing her...

But, I think she did a great job on the art. And I know she'll be able to make a great topper for me. I got 2 good ideas currently for a topper.
One involves her on the couch. But, with the LE side art. Don't know if I want to do that. Or if I rather just do the other idea. Which the expression is a bit too similar to the backglass and upper cab art. We'll see...

I also have an idea for a topper for scared stiff... Which I don't own. And to be clear. These toppers I am making are solely for me. I do not want anyone to think I will be trying to profit illegally. But, I will share the process of the creation. As I know a lot of people have fun seeing those kinds of things.
Will be a few months before I start on Elvira though.

I want to see what other deadheads they come out with. As that might effect the topper.

#2020 1 year ago

Okay... So I just contacted Stern and I am getting my lane guide kit from them!!!
Was really quick and painless. I think mainly because I contacted them prior about the damaged plastic for the side of the house.
So I reminded them, I was in the system... But, I also politely told them, I could regather and resend any info they needed.

But, nope... Lucky for me... They went ahead and processed it. Happy day!!!!!!!!!!

The next bummer is for me to take it all apart, and put it in... Be a fun learning experience... But, I just hope I don't break anything.

#2024 1 year ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

It's actually pretty easy.

Quoted from fattrain:

Agreed. As long as you have a decently long magnetic nut driver you should have no problems.

Only a 1 hour video... Really easy to me...

And no I don't have any mag nut drivers... But, I do have a magnetizer at my work... Well, my co-worker has one... Which I can borrow. Been meaning too... As I wanted my screwdrivers to be magnetized. And it takes 5 seconds to do so.

#2028 1 year ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

You have to remember I did this live with practically no instructions as all I received were steps 3 and 4. I had some in chat to help me out. Had I had instructions, it would've taken me 20 minutes tops.

Well, I hope I get the instructions... And I am super slow and just rubbish at this kind of stuff(its pathetic as my 9-5 is a computer tech, but I do that type of stuff all the time, and its different... Mainly its not my stuff).

So I think I'll watch that video. Get a feel for how its done. And hopefully the part won't take too long to get to me. I should have it next week. As the shipping doesn't take too long to get to me. I am only a county away.

#2029 1 year ago
Quoted from MANTO1975:

Are these replacement brackets for all Elviras or did some of the Elviras already have the replacement brackets installed from factory,

I'm thinking most of the LE's did not have it. My model number close to 200. So... Around half if not more of the LE's didn't...
And that really is why LE's should be later in the run. Get the kinks worked out first...

Or rather. And this isn't Stern bashing... But, perhaps... Sort out the game and test it, and make sure at least the skill shot works. Really silly when they had the game in production so long. I always believe. Get your ducks in a row and then proceed. And this game shouldn't have ever been rushed. But, I have the feeling they sat on it, and sat on it. Then they were like... Crap we need to release it now, and this is our best window otherwise we'll have to wait another year. And so they rushed it out, instead of properly planning it.

I like Stern. I LOVE this game. But, I don't like a lot of their practices and their ideas for the future of pinball. But, I won't open that can of worms. This is a positive thread, about an amazing game and theme!

#2034 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

We do not have the kit it on our LE and can still get the skill shot. If the game is set up right, it should not be too much of an issue.

I didn't set my game up. I had my distributor set it up for me, and he did and does a very good job. I will say. Should I check my game again due to my floor being carpet... Sure... Last time I checked it, it was level.

But, I did kind of shift it, so that i can get in and out of my doorway a bit better...
Regardless I had have some shots that no doubt with the lane guide kit would have been a skill shot.

Some people have compared this game to funhouse... Well... In two games of funhouse at Galloping Ghost I got 3 skill shots on Rudy. A skill shot should be challenging, but not impossible. This to me so far has been impossible.

I haven't gotten it. And my game otherwise seems to be setup very well... And I know I couldn't do a better job than the person who set it up for me.

#2058 1 year ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

Before this last code update this never happened to me, but now it's happening quite often. I'll get it into the house to start a mode and the ball bounces back out. The mode starts, but when we stop to watch the scene, the ball pops out early and drains. Very annoying

That use to be more frequent. Can't comment on newest code. But, in one of the updates they fixed the issue quite nicely. It might be back due to them accidentally breaking it again.

But, if its there it'll get sorted again.

1 week later
#2112 1 year ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

We all have fingers crossed for that. With 26 movies in Elvira's Coffin Collection, and only 6+1 windows on the manor, the turret should have a role in the movie selection.

The only thing is... What item or event would turn the turret. We know their is a Skeleton key for a locked door.
So that won't turn the turret. But, right now it only activates Santa.

Which I think is proof that perhaps the turret does turn and will unlock more haunts. Of course you'll always need the skeleton key to get to that one room/window. Which makes it more worthwhile.

But, again. I don't think there will be something that you collect that'll turn the house, but rather an event that makes the turret spin.

Of course it isn't programed in. But, I think that is the only way to make it work. And it shouldn't be too hard or difficult to accomplish. As these modes are something that most people will want to explore.
Those are my thoughts.

And I really do hope they add a match to the end of this game. I really still stand by my belief that it should be Elvira waving and saying unpleasant dreams. and then them zooming out of her the doors closing and then we see the house.
I hope this happens. Yes, it'll add to the game time. But, totally worth watching.

#2136 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinstein:

I love B Horror and sci fi movies and have a huge collection of them. That's the only reason I could get an elvira in my home. However some how this movie managed to elude me so I picked up a copy so I can have the context of its clips and elviras comments. It cant be that bad right? Anyone ever see Ed Woods "Orgy of the Dead?"[quoted image]

My brother(one of them. I have many) owned it on VHS. THis was before we ever saw or heard of Ed Wood. The movie might have been out at the time. But, we had yet to rent it and discover it yet. This is pre-imdb and all those sites. So all the info like filmographies weren't really compiled yet.

Anyway. My brother loved it, as he was a high schooler and he had a VHS with nudity in it. But, man... What a lame movie with lots of bad continuity and editing gaffes, and I think the women were all old and flabby in it. So not my cup of tea, but my brother watched it a good bunch of times.

#2144 1 year ago
Quoted from drbrain:

I second this. There is a version from the original MST3k that you can find on the streaming service "Shout Factory" and there is a newer version by RiffTrax which is some of the MST3k members. They do a live show featuring Manos that is on Amazon Prime. Then as you go down the rabbit hole of the best bad movies you have to check out a more current movie, Birdemic. Also riffed live by the Rifftrax guys and it is also available on Amazon Prime.

Haven't seen the rifftrax Manos. Will look for that. Watched a lot of the Rifftrax that prime has. Girl from Rio was really funny. Loved the bit about the guys sports jacket size. Was just too funny.

Birdemic was also really funny to watch. What I like about rifftrax is I get to see movies so bad that I'd never ever watch them, but they make them so entertaining. And also since I am a writer, I view watching them as a way to learn what you should never ever do in a story. A way to learn from other peoples past mistakes and gaffes. They are funny guys.

#2145 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Absolutely one of the worst can’t-believe-it-was-released movies of all time! Fascinating story behind how it was made. The camera could only hold something like 25 seconds of footage, and no sound was recorded on set, so they had to overdub every single line of dialogue. A lot of the actors weren’t available or willing, so almost all of the roles were done by one or two people!

Well I think the camera was probably a winding 16mm camera. So it could only run for 25 seconds. It probably held a full roll. A lot of these also had motor attachments that you could rent or purchase to add on. But, that would have cost the person more money. But, yeah... And also back in those days you had to record sound separately. And that is why you might have seen the clappers in movies where they say the scene and take number(and its written down on it as well) and then they clap it.
They clap it down so that you have a physical(visible editing point) and also a sound editing point. That is how you merge them later in the editing booth.

But, to do that. IT would require a lot more work and setup as you'd need to have a boom operator(sound recorder) and also preferable a sound engineer to monitor the sound recording as the boom is too engaged. And then you'd have to stage and setup your shots to make sure they wouldn't get in the way or fall into the shots.

And even then with all that work. You're still going to want to ADR a lot of the stuff, as it just will actually sound better.

Anyway... Even making a crappy film is an achievement. So hats off. I tried to make a film in my youth. It wound up being great test footage. And a great learning experience... But, a very, very costly one.

Lastly. Bruce Campbell once said something along the lines of, the easiest films to make, are the hardest ones to watch. And he's right about that.

#2148 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Totally agree- even making a bad movie is an achievement!
But I disagree about the technical stuff. Sound could have been done on location - double system recording was definitely being used back then (it was the 1960s, not 1925 . And don’t forget even Super 8 could record sound -on- the film stock.
the director just didn’t feel like springing for a Nagra - much like they didn’t go for a motor driven magazine loading camera, which would have let them use expanded lengths of film, AND not have to hand crank! They were just cheap bastards in over their heads
And now immortalised forever... again!

I had a super 8 that could record sound... But, by the time I owned it, not sure if a they still sold that film stock and b if a processing company would know how to process it.

I have shot on both 8mm and 16mm. Long time ago in film school. 8mm is fun. But, you want to make sure you have a decent camera, as it does even matter for that. I had a lens issue with one of my films and it just didn't come out at all. Waste of an entire 2 days of filming, and a couple hundred bucks.

16mm was cool. But, by the time I got around digital was really starting to take over, and I saw the writing on the wall. Anyway... Lot of fun stuff. Had a lot of good times making silly short student films. I think I might only have shot 3 times on 16mm... So I won't pretend I'm the end all know all expert.

I will just say if it was me. And if I didn't want to hassle with the sound. I would have bought some crappy sound recording device. And just recorded a base sound. So that I could get a feel for how the ADR would need to go later. But, they only had I believe 3 guys and 1 woman record all the parts in that movie. So... That was another issue.

Just reminds me of a story about Phantasm. Where the woman in lavender actress refused to do the nude scene. So they hired a body double. The mother of the actress was at a screening and she shouted out during the scene, you should have done the nude scene, your breasts are so much nicer than the ones they got... And then later the actress agreed and told Don Consgerilli the same thing. The joys of low budget film making.

4 times... I forgot about one of my films.

#2157 1 year ago
Quoted from drbrain:

I second this. There is a version from the original MST3k that you can find on the streaming service "Shout Factory" and there is a newer version by RiffTrax which is some of the MST3k members. They do a live show featuring Manos that is on Amazon Prime. Then as you go down the rabbit hole of the best bad movies you have to check out a more current movie, Birdemic. Also riffed live by the Rifftrax guys and it is also available on Amazon Prime.

Okay. So I just watched the Riff Trax Manos Hands of Fate on Amazon Prime.

Wow... That is one really bad movie. Thank goodness I watched the Riff Trax version of it. And really the game makes the clips so much better than what they actually are.
Just a bad, bad, bad film... But, again. Hats off to the people who made it. They made a film and that's the only positive thing you can say about that production. I do think some of the ideas aren't too bad. But, its just bad.
Glad I watched the film and while yes, its the Riff Trax version. I still think it counts.

#2160 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Hoping somebody can talk me out of why I shouldn’t make this my next game! How’s it compare to JP ?

I've only played JP one time during last years Chicago Pinball Convention in Wheeling.
I love JP. Love the toys, love the animations. Love the rules. The art package is good.
But, I think Elvira wins on that one.
And for me Elvira wins on the theme as well.

The rules right now JP wins, but Elvira is getting better. So it might be a wash on rules. One thing I do like. The newest change in unhappy hour, can really make that mode lucrative all by itself. So if you're really an amazing accurate shooter, and you don't mind chopping a lot of wood. Then hit ramp to ramp to ramp to ramp, over and over again and you'll eventually get big points.

To me. Elvira 3 is more about just having fun while playing pinball. JP I think there are probably many more strats that you could employ and alt strats for when thing go off the rails. And the layout of JP is more unique than the Elvira layout.
So... I think overall I might say JP is the better pinball machine.

But, for me and my money Elvira House of Horrors wins every time hands down. I like sex appeal, I love campy horror, and I love cheesy jokes. And I do like the silly deadheads. So agian. Elvira is just pure fun. And the machine is a better looker than the JP machine.

#2176 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Finally got to play yesterday on location. Pretty sure the game code was on something prior to .90 (maybe initial release ?). The game seemed somewhat .. slow. Lots of stop-and-go, and I’m curious if anything changed in subsequent releases. The ramps are super fun!

Well, the game is a bit of stop and go. The newer code made it even more stop and go. As the final shot on the mode if its to the house, it will hold it until the mode finish video is done playing.

So... Personally you want the stop and go in this game, as thats the elvira clips. You can skip them if you wish. Sometimes I skip them. Sometimes I watch the first few seconds of it, and then skip. Just so I can get a look at the hostest with mostests best assets and then back to pinball!

#2186 1 year ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

Thank you Sir Sheats:
V0.92.0 - Feb. 27, 2020
- Added a high score for TRAILER TRASH.
- Added team member initials/names for default initials for high score
to date.
- Added a lamp effect for a loop shot during GARGOYLES GONE WILD.
- Added a lamp effect for completing the gargoyles during GARGOYLES GONE
- Added a lamp effect for the start of GARGOYLES GONE WILD.
- Added a lamp effect for the HAND OF FATE wheel award.
- Dimmed the G.I. lights during HAND OF FATE wheel select.
- Reorganized the priorities of the background display and music for the
following modes:
The most recent mode started will be the one with its display/music
- Improved the lamp effects for HOUSE PARTY start, jackpot, and super
- HOUSE PARTY is now started with the GARAGE shot lit instead of the HOUSE
RAMP. When shots are re-lit after collecting a super jackpot, the GARAGE
shot is also re-lit (if necessary).
- Added instructions/text to the background for HOUSE PARTY.
- Reworked HOUSE PARTY start video to transition more smoothly to the
- Marked up the "SHOUT" song during HOUSE PARTY so the video and lights
can be synced with the music. Lights on the house will flash bright and
house dancing left/right videos will be played in sync with "SHOUT" in
the music.
- Added character animations for a jackpot during HOUSE PARTY (gargoyles,
boogie men).
- Added TURRET light and spinning TURRET to HOUSE PARTY. The TURRET will
spin when the super jackpot is lit.
- Implemented ADD-A-BALL during HOUSE PARTY for the TURRET when the EYEBALL
WINDOW is facing the player (adjustable, current MAX = 1 add-a-ball).
- Added sounds for switch transitions for the TURRET opto switches during
TURRET test.
- Added speech and a new video clip for tilting during GAPPA ANGRY.
- Added an award for sneaking into the TRUNK LOCK during GAPPA ANGRY when
there is already a ball locked there. All jackpots are collected and
the lock for the current level is awarded.
- Added an award for the BACK DOOR SKILL SHOT during GAPPA ANGRY. One
jackpot is awarded.
- Improved the ball serve sequencing during GAPPA ANGRY. The ball is now
served after the BALL LOCKED text has finished and immediately before the
video plays.
- The Haunt-O-Meter has been re-enabled for SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE
- Fixed an issue with SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS where the image
chosen for the Haunt-O-Meter was incorrect.
- Fixed an issue with SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS where occasionally
the second stage background videos wouldn't play when they should.
- SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS now shows the final jackpot value
during the second stage.
- Added a lamp effect for EXTRA BALL.
- Moved the EXTRA BALL text down in the display effect so more of the
animation can be seen.
- Added a lamp effect for EXTRA BALL LIT.
- Added a lamp effect for MATCH.
- Added additional award sounds for POOL PARTY, DANCE FEVER, MAKE-OUT
- Added additional video clips to DANCE FEVER (these are mostly from THE
- Added bats to the beginning and end of the videos for the start of ATTIC
- Fixed an issue with the speech at the start of ATTIC ATTACK (did not
line up correctly).

Going to be a great weekend. Would have liked more callouts and elvira clips. But, its getting there. I'll update hopefully Saturday morning.

#2190 1 year ago
Quoted from Wildbill327:

Cool .92...and this pin just keeps getting better. Hopefully in the future L.S. will add a feature to the lock down button to allow us to change what’s on the display, kind of like BM66. Now time to update and enjoy.[quoted image]

And that is the type of video that I hope the end match will be. I hope they recorded something like that along with her unpleasant dreams line. And then we do a reverse zoom of the house and doors closing. And we get the house with teh match numbers.

That is how I would handle the match for this game...
I hope they did it. I asked Dennis Nordman about this... And he was coy and said I'd have to wait and see.
I know he can't talk publicly about it. So I just said... Well... If I thought about it. Then I'm sure you guys did too, as so far, you've done an amazing job wiht the pin.

And I told him how I thought, the OHHHHH Nice Organ was one of my favorite all time callouts in pinball, and I thought it was great it came back in this game. Shook his hand and told him I appreciate and enjoy all his hard work.

He thanked me and said something along the lines, thank you back and maybe it meaning a lot... And I left him be, and that was the end of the conversation...

Really, really tall guy by the way.
Made me feel short. And I'm 5'10'' and 205 pounds. Mostly lean and muscle.... And I felt like a shrimp next to him.

#2198 1 year ago
Quoted from sir_tankalot:

Greg Freres (sp?) worked super hard on this game.
Maybe more so than Dennis?
I don't know, I'm just a programmer...
I'm glad you got to meet Dennis. In the limited interaction I've had with him, I think he's a good guy. At this point I'm pretty sure he's a good guy and I hope he is doing well.
- Lyman

Wow. Thanks for the response.
I know I'm not in person to tell you this or give you my thanks.
But, I'm really enjoying this game and the code. And I really think this game is something special. You really made it feel like we're watching a late night horror show. And you've improved on some of the HORRIBLE movies.

Thank you for your hard work, and thank you for the many, many hours of enjoyment I've had on this pin, and the many, many more that are sure to come.
Thank you.

#2239 1 year ago

Finally updated my game to .92 code. Will start to play right after I make this post.

But, I got good news. I didn't want to post about it before I actually got the machine in my house. But, I just added Elvira's older sister to my collection. One of them at least.
I just got Party Monsters.

Its a bit rough in some places. Wasn't the best deal... Wasn't the worst. I haven't finished setting it up in my home to play. But, that will be done soon.
I did order the new plastics and other stuff to refurb it. Still on the original plastics that are like 32 years old.
I meant bands. I ordered new bands for it.

#2243 1 year ago
Quoted from zwartepanter:

Saw the boogiemen! And when you make a sneaky lock it counts for one lock or all the locks in that stage of Gappa Angry?

I actually drained a few balls during mb because I was looking up at the lcd to see the boogie men and the gargoyles. Ohhhh well...

I also like the house lighting effect when the organ plays before House Party mode.

#2246 1 year ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

“Ooh, nice organ!”
My favorite callout of all time! So glad that made it in the game. Great throwback to EATPM.

Mine too. We should start a club... Oh wait... We're in a club already.

#2257 1 year ago
Quoted from calprog:

Just installed the skill shot fix!! Game works the way it should now!! Big difference. This shot will start modes!! Thanks to Chas at Stern for sending me great instructions. I recommend you print the directions in color. The job is about a 45 minute job. You need a long magnetic screw driver. A 1/4 inch nut driver is also needed and a magnet. If you have a magnetic nut driver even better. You need a longer nut driver for sure. I got away using my magnetic regular screwdriver. Can be challenging at times but I got it done.[quoted image]

Haven't gotten mine yet. And I was told they'd send it to me about 2 weeks ago. I think I might have to contact them again. And make sure they sent it.

#2259 1 year ago
Quoted from BigT:

I really like the match sequence now...if you watch the house it lights your window and then lights all the windows. It then removes all but one. Very slick.

I did notice that. But, I still hold off for Elvira to be featured before it starts. I just think a good match sequence is something every pin needs.

#2263 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Sure - the flipper buttons physically stick and have a tiny delay when popping back out after I push them. I’m figuring there is some sort of plastic burr on them I’ll have to shave off. Normally I’d just replace them but since this is an LE I’d rather keep it stock
Manufacture date November

My right button had a minor stick to it sometimes. I did pop it off and back on.. That didn't help.
But, after many, many, many hours of use. It no longer sticks anymore. And works great...

Hey guys. Don't know if this is an issue with the code or my game.
But, when I got the house lit and shot the house. The diverter is not in the right spot. And it goes to the orbit. It also won't start the house mode.
Sometimes it happens on the first ball. So if I do something like start a mb or even drain the ball and start the next ball. Then the next time I shoot the house it works and starts the mode.

This is beyond frustrating. And I had my brother over for 2 player play, and it was happening all the time between us quite frequently.

Never had this issue until I updated to .90... I was hoping this was resolved in .91 and definitely .92... As stated I am updated to .92

Just curious if you think its a physical issue or an issue with the code.

#2272 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

I can start a mode on the first shot to the house - subsequent modes take more than 1 shot to activate the house. Assuming you are on standard settings and difficulty, this does sound possibly physical.

I know the rules to the game mate.

Even when the mode start is lit. Because the skull is lit. It doesn't register or change the diverter. And It won't start the mode no matter how many times I make the shot.

Until after I start mb or drain the balll.

That is my problem.

#2274 1 year ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

When the skull is flashing on the steps, the diverter should be all the way in the up position to start a haunt. When I first got mine, the diverter seemed like it was binding. I could hear the motor running, but the diverter seemed to be stuck and not moving. I ended up taking it apart, but couldn't find anything wrong with it. When I put it back together, it worked, however. I unknowingly did something to make it work.
Is your diverter functioning properly in test?

The diverter seems to go up and down just fine. But, I do notice it moving quite a bit. More than what it ever really moved before. Which I think its just moving to positions when its not supposed to. So I bet it'll function just fine in test. That's why I think there is a glitch in the code with the mode start and the diverter.

But, if I'm the only person having it. Then it points to maybe a hardware issue on my game... I'll run the test next time its on, but as stated. The issue resets itself and is resolved on the next ball or after MB has been started. It can appear at the start of a game or after the first haunt.

And its really not cool to take a MB solo and not bring a haunt into it.

#2286 1 year ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

When the skull is flashing on the steps, the diverter should be all the way in the up position to start a haunt. When I first got mine, the diverter seemed like it was binding. I could hear the motor running, but the diverter seemed to be stuck and not moving. I ended up taking it apart, but couldn't find anything wrong with it. When I put it back together, it worked, however. I unknowingly did something to make it work.
Is your diverter functioning properly in test?

So... I think sometimes it only goes like 3/4 of the way up and maybe just stops. For some reason. I do know it goes up and down and cycles that way after a mode start. I think it is having trouble switching between the positions.

I tried to run a test in the diagnostics mode. But, I either couldn't find the settings for it, or I didn't activate it right.

Where is it in the diagnostics menu?

#2296 1 year ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

It's in DIAG(NOSTICS) > GAME > DVRTR. When you press enter, the diverter will move opposite its current position and the switch will register (ding). Press enter again and it will move to the other position and the other switch will register. If it's not hitting both switches, something is wrong.
You said it's only going 3/4 of the way up. It should go all the way up. That's what mine was doing.

So..l. think the test is two settings. A 52 and 53... OR it could be 51 and 52... Either way. It won't let me select the 2nd option and run that test. THe first one is the only one that blinks and runs the test.

And now I'm noticing that when I do start modes sometimes the diverter stays down, and it balls get kicked out to the right instead of hte left...

So yeah.... I'm thinking I have an issue with my diverter .... Anyone know simple fixes for it??????

#2301 1 year ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

I believe the diverter does stay down during most haunts (doesn't it?). When it moves up to start a haunt the ball rolls into the rear "subway" and is held by an up/down post. When the haunt begins, the diverter moves back down to cover the hole to the "subway" and directs the ball to the left.
You don't need to select the switches. Pressing enter will cause the diverter to move and activate the switches. The problem is it's not moving to close both switches.
Yours seems to be behaving like mine did. Like I said, I took mine apart, put it back together and it worked. Unfortunately, I don't have the foggiest idea of what I did that corrected the problem. I originally thought it was catching on the plastic.
If you pull the playfield forward and look behind the back panel, you'll see how it is supposed to work. You may just need to play with it to make sure it's not binding up. It helps to have someone at the coin door to press enter while you fiddle with it.
This is what I did: Removed the top of the house (this is when I lost a screw I still cannot find... LOL). Removed the diverter itself from the front of the back panel (2 screws). Removed the motor and assembly from the back of the back panel (3 screws). Figured out how it worked (it's a pretty simple assembly). Put it back together. Watched it while another pressed the enter button to test it. It worked.
I wish I had a "fix" for it or knew exactly what the issue was, but I don't. Maybe someone else has a better clue, but I think just getting into the assembly and playing with it will reveal or fix the problem. You have no idea how much it pains me to not have a better answer.

Well... I still haven't gotten my new guide rails for the skill shot. Been more than a few weeks, and I live just a county away from Stern. So I did contact them today about if they sent out the replacement kit. Haven't heard back from them yet.

I would like to wait until I get my kit to mess around with it... But, must needs when the devil drives.

#2338 1 year ago