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Post #2292 game dates and guide rails. Posted by SKWilson (4 months ago)

Post #2375 Fix for balls coming out of the house during mode start Posted by Wildbill327 (4 months ago)

Post #2423 All premiums have skill shot update Posted by BillyPilgrim (4 months ago)

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#1637 5 months ago

Are the gargoyle movement and scoring not fired from the same switch? I'm having a gargoyle fire but not score or light the letter.

#1639 5 months ago

Just saw that. Man takes a lot of force to get that switch leaf moved back! Had to set it super close.

Next up... my ramp has the right spacer and is still lifting the gargoyle

#1641 5 months ago

How is double trouble currently qualified? Didn't see it in the rule sheet.

#1678 5 months ago

Show some class, losers.

Anybody come up with a good fix for a stucky ball in the "star trek" spot on the lower right pop bumper? I set the pop to as hair trigger as possible but still get a stucky sometimes.

#1688 5 months ago

No chill, no class

#1757 5 months ago

All 3 game code files have the same name and size so I think they're all identical

#1785 5 months ago

Agree. Straight to left outlane needs a save, not on center drain.

It's an interesting mech that it seems to be so widely variant on where it ends up. Ideally it hits somewhere between the two 36s, but all the ones I've seen are somewhere between the top 36 and never making it out of the VUK at all. I'm wondering if this is bad coding or if the mech is physically that problematic.

#1840 5 months ago

Just got my cliffy set installed. Easier than advertised. Instead of removing the whole house you can actually sneak the cellar protector in from the bottom. Thanks to pinsider Peanuts for leading the charge. I did the same set with both sides of the shooter lane, trough, garage drop, cellar vuk, and crypt protectors. Cliffies are the best mods in pinball!

Bonus shot of all clear titans.

All ready for the NEXT CODE UPDATE some sunny day!

#1851 5 months ago

It's a challenge to bring the community of Elvira owners together. We have to come together as a group and assemble the instructions before... I dont know... Gary Stern uses his evil powers to make our playfields all fall apart?

#1853 5 months ago

Page 12 says "here be treasure" and has half of a map.

#1854 5 months ago

The other half of the map with the X is on page 13 and at that location we will find the passphrase to email Lyman Sheats to get him to publish the next code update.

#1857 5 months ago

Have not had the first problem over a small test sample of 10-15 games, but if it was going to be a problem there I think the 1/8" gap behind the drop would have caused an issue already

#1860 5 months ago

That's everything, if you were so inclined I think there are 8 switch slots you could use the metal protectors for but none of them have ball drops on them or anything. I do worry a little about the slot under the trunk but if that gets blown out at least nobody will ever see it! It'd have to be something new from cliffy as it has that 45 degree offshoot for the vertical opto in front.

Oddly enough the single drop protectors are for the crypt and cellar, the single drop needs the narrow protector.

#1880 5 months ago

What's wrong with the new dead head? I won't get to put any time in til tomorrow

#1937 5 months ago

Gappa angry is a


#1939 5 months ago

Please tell me you're kidding

#1947 5 months ago

@loweryparkade playfield angle was my first thought as well. Mine at home and the one on location nearby both have the bubble touching the top line on the gauge by the shooter lane. You may be able to solve your issue by loosening the ball guide screw or topline screw, justifying the parts to be not-stucky inducing and retightening. Here's a pic what mine look like for reference in case yours are wildly different.

#1955 5 months ago

Since the update I've been having a lot of problems with balls not being held in the house when starting modes like lermods and others. I don't recall seeing any changes in the notes but something is definitely up unless it's a weird coincidence with all of us.

#1975 5 months ago

If you're unable to troubleshoot / test switches and order replacement parts on your own there isn't a manufacturer out there that will make you happy. Find a good distributor or technician in your area that can service your location.

#1991 5 months ago

Have you tried slap saving the dogshit out of it?

#1994 5 months ago

Sgt. Jar head still says the F word which is one of the more laugh out loud call outs in the game, probably just because it is unexpected.

#2025 5 months ago

Get a regular one sticky with a little masking tape on off on off till it is tacky enough to grab it #lifehacks

#2042 5 months ago
Quoted from jfh:

Does anyone have pics that show the difference between the original and updated guides?

Legend has it if the moon is full and the wind is just right you can still see these photos on page 37.

#2052 5 months ago

Those will look pretty sweet! Interested to see them in place.

#2057 5 months ago

I'm on the latest code. Friends over for pins and Elvira reset during house party. Dude said every insert went red and it reset. Anybody else still having this issue? Only time it has happened since I got it.

My other gripes are the house reject as mentioned above (set my delay to 250, haven't tried 125 yet) and the star trek stuck ball on the pop. Set the pop to a hair trigger and it still takes the slightest wiggle to get it into the orbit.

Other than the reset which has only happened once, small issues. Game is amazing.

#2060 5 months ago

It never happened to me before .90 now it happens pretty randomly

#2070 5 months ago

If those problems are at a distributor's shop, do not buy from that distributor.

1 week later
#2113 4 months ago

Well the action button doesn't do anything yet!

#2119 4 months ago

*anything meaningful

...smart Alecks

1 week later
#2284 4 months ago

My best game yet by about 200M. I was wondering how folks were getting such huge scores. The points from gappa angry and scream test were huge. I was one shot away from finishing gappa (or at least what I figured the end)! Everything about that mode is perfection. I am loving this game.

#2285 4 months ago

My wife wants there to be at least a short ball save when you make the back door skill shot instead of the timer ending during the mode start fanfare if you beautiful people at Stern might be able to make that happen.

4 weeks later
#2611 3 months ago

That is a really a good score for no gappa. If you can do that and get there you'll crush.

1 week later
#2650 3 months ago

Setting your pop switch to a hair trigger will help with 75% of them. I wish they'd release a little wireform to help with that spot though.

#2709 3 months ago


You can't have both a rocket right orbit shot and the kickout land perfectly on the left flipper because physics but you might be able to get a better result at your current PF angle which also plays a factor. If I was a betting man I'd say there is an adjustment at the L bracket under the plastic. If there is, please use it as intended and do not bend the entire ball guide with a screwdriver.

#2725 3 months ago

Chip chip chipping away... glad work's being done but mostly peripheral stuff. New dead head though!

#2761 89 days ago

That's interesting... with mine the skull could use to go up (I think it's up) just a touch more but the mech looked more complicated than I wanted to F with at the time.

#2796 84 days ago

Two keys is a pretty big ask except during junk multiball when you collect an item each jackpot. I don't know if It'll stack 2 if you haven't don't the other new key haunt yet.

#2830 82 days ago

Feature request: pop bumper ball search. I am confident the lower pop bumper is responsible for 95%+ of the stuck balls in this game, just like star trek. I have mine set on a hair trigger and it still gets caught regularly. Other people have had the same problem. What I'd like to suggest is a shorter timer for ball search if the last switch hit is a pop bumper, then just firing the lower pop bumper. If another switch is seen (pop or spinner) search is cancelled as usual. I have done 0 experimentationbut I'd bet that where the ball rests on that pop there would normally be another pop or the spinner hit shortly after the low pop fires.

I also hope somebody can figure out how to make pinball browser work with this because I need to figure out how to replace jump n jiving with "low".

#2832 82 days ago

After having messed around with that thing, is it possible to change the alignment? The way mine is now the skull doesnt quite make it out as far as is intended.

Also: mod community please come up with something elegant to kill the light bleed from the crypt. I've tried realigning my roof panels and still get a large amount of bleed out of the right side.

#2861 76 days ago

Dooooods how do you get phone a fiend?

#2890 73 days ago

I parted with a mint HUO TSPP (one of my favorites and a pin that got me into pinball) plus cash for my Elvira and no regerts. Same story, I'd never find another in the same condition and had some heartache over letting it go.

#2912 72 days ago

Yay yay for San-tee claus

#3007 67 days ago

Anybody else have this pop bumper alignment issue? The bottom bumper is low enough it's chewed up this crypt plastic. I have a lot of stucky balls on this pop on the right side I'm guessing because it was installed too low. I tried to loosen the bolts and justify the pop away from the plastic but there was 0 wiggle room. Don't think there's a fix other than widening the pop mount holes to move it about .20".

#3012 66 days ago

I haven't looked at moving the crypt yet but being that I'm having the issue with the stuck balls on the right side of that pop I might try wallowing out the holes in the pop assembly and see if I can kill two birds with one stone.

#3063 64 days ago

Re: trunk lock. There is a white bushing that needs to be inside the actuator arm, lots of times the screw will come loose and it'll be tightened on the outside of the hole it's supposed to sit in.

#3092 62 days ago

Shoot the ramps to slap Torgo!

#3097 62 days ago

The colors are really subtle. I often have a hard time telling the difference. Or at least figuring out which one to shoot to do what I want to do before the ball is already on its way there.

Am I the only one who is bothered by the fact that the different timers disappear depending on what's going on?

#3102 62 days ago

I put some of my secret spinner sauce (Brain lube don't tell anybody) on the beast booster spinner and now I'm clearing 6M per rip at the end of the TFOS. God it is satisfying though perhaps creating a tad of imbalance. I mostly just wanted to say that opto spinners are one of the best things Stern has done in recent years. It just keeps going.

Note: If you choose to do this put a super small amount on a q-tip, apply to spinner shaft, work the spinner around and left / right, then clean up any excess with the dry side of the Q-tip. Don't slop it on.

#3104 61 days ago

Yeah they have plenty of screen. I hope they display them SOMEWHERE or get all TSPP with it and have everything run off of one timer.

There's so much still to go with this game it gets me really excited. Entire modes not even in code yet, the stuff in the trunk, it just keeps getting better. It always sucks waiting for updates but in a way it's kind of fun learning the code as it develops.

#3165 58 days ago
Quoted from jfh:

Really? You got to keep the bad game? That’s unusual and great for you. Easily a few thousand dollars of usable parts including some that are near impossible to buy.
P.S. I hope you have some very good UV filtering film on your windows. It could be brutal on your games without it.

WHAT?! That's fucking insane. Buy a playfield bracket and you make out like a freaking bandit. There's no way...

#3183 57 days ago
Quoted from PersonX99:

Interfaced with the left and right RGB lights that illuminate the house. Carried it out to speakers, leg protectors, up and backbox lights. Maybe a bit much, but the pinball league players here are used to my excessive mods. Really simple circuit (hex inverter, resistors and FETs). PM me if you are interested in DIY. I will probably do a PCB at some point because this will work on any RGB in a Stern machine.

That is really freaking cool and I might steal it just for backbox illumination. If you were just doing a few LEDs could you simply "Y" or series connect it to the RGB led that's already in place? I was going to do that for a mod I've been thinking about that was just going to be one RGB LED copying another one already in place.

#3195 55 days ago

What makes you think that?

#3206 54 days ago

That shooter rod is hideous.

#3210 54 days ago

I'm working on a mod for the right insert, awaiting parts.other than that you just gotta be like "nothing is lit what the hell? Oh yeah right orbit"

#3265 51 days ago

Patch it with quikwood, clear over it and put a cliffy on top. I think Stern will prob just send you a clear repair kit which depending how deep the damage is may or may not get you right.

#3270 51 days ago

Best mod ever. All the games he's saving...

#3280 50 days ago

I am! Still so many things to be added!

#3284 50 days ago

Or super head shot, or trunk items! So much good stuff still to go!

#3293 48 days ago

Easiest play would be to use colored gels like has been done with IMDN etc. This is a great idea. Who did that one with the 3d printed brackets, vireland?

#3295 48 days ago

Each window has an associated haunt unless I'm mistaken, which I could be. It was def that way on older code at least. I keep telling myself to remember which is which and it immediately leaves my brain. Would have to make some choices like what color for the center (party multiball: red?) And the right window (unlocked modes. Could go red / green for santa etc).

#3301 48 days ago

Yet to be seen. I'd love it if they made each way the turret faces a different set but right now there's no reason to suspect it wont be what we have now and maybe another unlockable one or two.

#3322 48 days ago

vireland on further inspection the windows are colored yellow / orange by the plastics so I think the only solution would be an entirely new plastic set for the front of the house.

#3350 46 days ago

That's adorable. Where is that on scared stiff? We used to have one at the club but it's been a while.

#3363 45 days ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Use a punch and tap it out with a mallet or small hammer.

DONT do this unless it is a last resort. This is how you take big chunks out of your clear.

Even though the hole isn't technically "threaded" using an adjustable wrench around the nut from the top is the way to go. Usually it will back out as the reason it wont move freely is the threads have dug into the wood.

#3456 39 days ago

I want my ray gun to doooooooo something! Next code update has got to be any day now. This game is already so amazing - gets daily play by me and my spouse.

#3485 38 days ago
Quoted from tktlwyr:

I'm not a fan of throwing mods on just because they exist.
[quoted image]

90% of pinside just rage blocked you

#3488 37 days ago

The turret has an opto with a home position. Just throw it back on and it'll do the rest.

#3492 37 days ago

It's the coil stop

#3527 36 days ago

Does the crypt shot go through a power meter or something to shoot the targets? Cuz if you just hit the button and it works or not on its own that's kind of silly.

#3594 34 days ago

Don't address him and maybe he'll spare us from his 5000 word rants

#3602 34 days ago

I don't get it though. You're at the mercy of the mech working or not. If there was a power meter or something it would make sense but just hitting the button SHOULD always hit the targets, so what's the point? You hit it and it feels like a gimmie, you miss it and you feel ripped off by a crappy mech.

1 week later
#3684 28 days ago

No, that is definitely a thing. The way it counts the top right orbit vs. Balls plunged vs. Balls coming through the spinner is not dialed in to where it awards your shots. Prob very hard to get right as the balls come back down to the spinner out of the pops.

1 week later
#3781 20 days ago

They need to junk whatever stock they have and replace it with something that actually works. They have to have about a 50% fail rate in the first year.

#3820 19 days ago

It's one of the things that makes gappa so intense!! I think it's perfect. What could be more intense / high pressure than one and done with no ball save? I actually completed it once but I usually end up having a pool party. Probably only been in it 7-8 times and I think I've only ever gotten 1,2, and completed.

Grappa indifferent made me lol, strong work sir!

#3874 17 days ago

Tiltforums usually has good rule sheets

#3918 14 days ago

There are a lot of fanfare events that might superceded it, are you sure it didn't get run over by a few other things? Two balls up the center ramp can get ready pretty fast.

#3921 14 days ago

Have you shut the coin door? I know that will cause there node boards not found error. Those other motors might be running for ball search but none of the coils since the door is open.

#3930 14 days ago

Maybe try reinstalling the update first (if it will get that far) then give the SD card a go. I'd bet one or the other will do it.

#3979 8 days ago

Really nice touches on the last update with the thunder and wild women changes. This is such an amazing game. The clip where they're all looking from behind the tree like a cartoon made me lol.

#3989 7 days ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

Question for anyone also playing a game with playfield protector installed.
On my previous LE I had no issues whatsoever locking balls in the garage . I am having a lot of difficulty with the 3rd to be precise on this particular game ..keeps coming back out.
Just had a game, two trunk MBs, one houseparty , on my 7th haunt , 2 completed and 2 deadheads, but not even started wild women .. so it could be me or my skills, but I doubt it
Anyone have the same? before I start tearing the house down to investigate
Thx in advance

I don't have one on this game but many others. I'd think the issue would be more likely to be with the ball gate or ball gate spring under the plastic.

#3999 7 days ago

There's still more to be added! Lyman is slaying it with big additions every few weeks. Directors cut, and I *think* big head shot both need to be added (but I haven't killed 3 dead heads in a while) as well as a few of the trunk awards. I assume wild market value standup will also be more meaningful at some point.

#4012 5 days ago

I hereby nominate vally lodge mistake for the best pinball callout of all time.

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