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Elvira's House of Horrors - The Owner's Club

By RobertWinter

1 year ago

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Post #1848 info on different ball guides Posted by SKWilson (9 months ago)

Post #1849 info on different ball guides Posted by SKWilson (9 months ago)

Post #2292 game dates and guide rails. Posted by SKWilson (9 months ago)

Post #2375 Fix for balls coming out of the house during mode start Posted by Wildbill327 (8 months ago)

Post #2423 All premiums have skill shot update Posted by BillyPilgrim (8 months ago)

Post #2518 VUK fix Posted by Pozzest01 (8 months ago)

Post #3427 Dialing in Elvira problem areas video Posted by jandrea95 (6 months ago)

Post #4077 VUK Updated location with measurements. Posted by DeathHimself (4 months ago)

Post #4107 update VUK location Posted by HurryUpPinball (4 months ago)

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#428 1 year ago

Does anyone know the big difference between the limited edition and premium beside the cabinet art/cosmetics? Are all the mechanics/toys the same between both models suck as gargoyles jumping and house have RGB Top spinning ETC? I interested in purchasing a model but not sure if it worth the extra money for the cosmetic stuff only

#503 1 year ago

Cant say how beautiful Elvira LE looks in person I'm still setting up. Thanks to classic gameroom great guys great service was lucky enough to get one of the last Elviras LE #105
20191101_143134 (resized).jpg20191101_174730 (resized).jpg

#507 1 year ago

Well any help will help somce it's the weekend. I just powered up elvira and I got a tech message it said mode board 1 & 8 & 9 not responding any experts out there that might know what's going on? I try resetting any switches on the boards but didnt see anything loose. Come on stern I though this was QC before eit ships..

#508 1 year ago

Well any help will help since it's the weekend and I wont no help from stern. I just powered up elvira and I got a tech message it said mode board 1 & 8 & 9 not responding any experts out there that might know what's going on? I try resetting any switches on the boards but didnt see anything loose. Come on stern I though this was QC before eit ships.
Also it put 2 balls in the shooter lane at every start of a new ball ..
20191101_203507 (resized).jpg

#510 1 year ago

I did try that but it's not working I'll have to check if the switch on coin door works properly to send signal to boards showing its closed/shut

Quoted from arcademojo:

Turn game off. Shut coin door. Keep coin door shut. Power game on. Fixed.

#525 1 year ago

So basically the game needed the 8.6 update to fix all the node board issue as stated by someone else, that was my next step but I was just trying to push couple of games before I update which I did this morning plays great after that no issues yet!

Quoted from arcademojo:

Turn game off. Shut coin door. Keep coin door shut. Power game on. Fixed.
You will get the message because you powered game on with coin door open. Been posted several times in this thread.

#527 1 year ago

So is it just me or the shaker motor isn't working yet possibly not in code yet? I played about 10 games didnt feal the shaker at all I check setting and it's at maximum am I missing something here?

#532 1 year ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

Not really fixed. The update doesn't display the message that you would get when starting the game with coin door open. But, as you stated you still got the message even with coin door closed. So something is wrong that is causing you to get this error message. The update just got rid of the symptom not the cause. On the other hand the error message didn't really mean anything to begin with so it shouldn't matter anyway.

What's funny before I did the update I was playing with it to see what was triggering the node board message. Turns out if only shows message when you open the door, but when Its closed pushing the button manually to send signal It clear and was able to go in settings. Update fix all the node problems for me.

#587 1 year ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

Anyone else getting the ball stuck here?[quoted image]

It's a easy fix. take of the plastic ramp and metal ramp off to get acces for the gate theres a small piece of metal that acts like a spring that pushes the gate back to absorb the balls force, but if you shoot a soft shot it's not strong enough to push the spring so it gets caught

Also fix the other two somewhat issues
1. Left orbit lane landing to the flippers (I back the screw about 2-3 turns holding the metal rail dont tighten back on leave loose wedge white spacer to push out the rail just enough to direct the ball to the left flipper.

2. Crypt vuk just add a strip of double stick tape on the rightside make sure it starts from top of the opening and ends where the picture shows. about 1" long & ³/⁸ wide on the to allow the ball to be direct towards the junk on trunk drop targets. I tested this I haven't had any more drains or direct shots to slings. (Its the same fix for monster bash vuk kick out incase anyone owns one ) every knows monster bash will sometimes give SDTM.

20191103_191135 (resized).jpg20191103_191302 (resized).jpg
#594 1 year ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

Hey Pinsiders - EHOH has landed on the “Top 100” list for the first time. It has the #19 spot (not bad).Time will tell but I think it will stay about where it is. It is a fun game! The theme might not appeal to everyone but the game play should. Pinball veterans and newbies will both find enjoyment in this title. It is such a smooth shooter.

Well it's going to drop if people dont submit ratings who actually own or played Elvira and rate the pin truthful, because we all know people who hate certain things like theme and other pity stuff will bash and rate very low which will drive down ratings. I seen someone Give dialed-In a 6.8 rating because theme suck and game didnt make sense which I totally disagree dialed-in blows many other pins out of the water but that's my opinion. So go and Give your Ratings people

#613 1 year ago

Got home from work today and wife surprised me with a elvira figure to display her inside I was pretty stoke let me know what you guys think. She looks on fire

20191104_175112 (resized).jpg20191105_164424 (resized).jpg20191105_164400 (resized).jpg20191105_164337 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#695 1 year ago

It looks great I'll be in for one as well

#763 1 year ago
Quoted from NightTrain:

You guys diggin this game? I haven’t played it but I love the theme. Thinking about selling my Dialed In LE and getting a premium. Thoughts?

I would be interested in the dialed-in LE if you do....

1 month later
#1290 11 months ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

This is the only image of the topper Stern has shared. Here's some cheesecake for ya.[quoted image][quoted image]

All honesty that's a terrible topper. I seen the other topper of a fellow pinsider wanted to do and its 10x better than sterns (it's similar) but its homemade basicly and better. I'll pass on this and I'm pretty sure alot of others agree

1 week later
#1468 11 months ago
Quoted from fastchef:

Hey Guys, I’ve played an LE a bunch of times and really enjoyed the game. Also watched a bunch of streams. I am thinking of getting a LE and just concerned about some issues I’m reading in regards to the ramp and trunk issues. I’m thinking the LE’s were built before premiums so not sure if that means anything. Any input would be much appreciated.

purchase a LE about week after it was release. I personally had 1 issue with a node board saying 1,4,8 not working which was a simple update fix for some reason it wasnt reading it properly. Haven't had a issue ever since with anything else (knock on wood) every pin you buy from stern or Jersey jack at this point all need some type of tweaking/adjustment from My personal opinion. Obviously some issue are beyond tweaking and need tech support/parts, but that's what happens when you got manufacturers pumping out new pins ever 3-6 months.

2 weeks later
#1582 10 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Eerily quiet in here lately. Just got my premium armor back from being powder coated in Illusion Cherry, really like the look on this game.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Looks awsome loving that color.

3 weeks later
#1957 9 months ago

Did update everything works fine for me got to kappa angry and was really cool to see what Lyman did with this updated the way Elvira is getting polish it’s going to be a keeper for many I did get upset no backdoor speech booooooo stern fix it.
One thing I did notice for some reason the game did feel a bit more difficult more shots or maybe I’m just rusty haaaaaa

2 weeks later
#2163 9 months ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

I've only played JP one time during last years Chicago Pinball Convention in Wheeling.
I love JP. Love the toys, love the animations. Love the rules. The art package is good.
But, I think Elvira wins on that one.
And for me Elvira wins on the theme as well.
The rules right now JP wins, but Elvira is getting better. So it might be a wash on rules. One thing I do like. The newest change in unhappy hour, can really make that mode lucrative all by itself. So if you're really an amazing accurate shooter, and you don't mind chopping a lot of wood. Then hit ramp to ramp to ramp to ramp, over and over again and you'll eventually get big points.
To me. Elvira 3 is more about just having fun while playing pinball. JP I think there are probably many more strats that you could employ and alt strats for when thing go off the rails. And the layout of JP is more unique than the Elvira layout.
So... I think overall I might say JP is the better pinball machine.
But, for me and my money Elvira House of Horrors wins every time hands down. I like sex appeal, I love campy horror, and I love cheesy jokes. And I do like the silly deadheads. So agian. Elvira is just pure fun. And the machine is a better looker than the JP machine.

Totally agree with this very wise person

1 month later
#2654 7 months ago
Quoted from Watacaractr:

Hey everyone. I finally made a video of my topper. I apologize in advance for the shaky camera work.

[quoted image]

That looks really good buddy, nice your a local closed by to me maybe after all this Clovis-19 goes away we can meet and battle on some pinball
I would be onboard Incase u where to make a few great job

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