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#13 1 year ago

Awaiting mine also. Why do people complain about EVERYTHING. All games are good. Some better than others. I’m excited.

#19 1 year ago
Quoted from pin15:

Just paid in full for the premium than going to have Steve at pinball refinery bring it to the next level with custom powder coat and lighting effects. No the hard part waiting for premiums to ship.

I ordered the premium too. Who cares in this case, premium, LE, SE. all the same game There is very little that excites me more than getting a new game in the box. It’s so awesome. I can’t stand when people rip games. Let’s be excited!!!

#20 1 year ago

Paid in full also. Sold Simpson’s party. And added some of my cash... had Simpson’s for years. Saw that haunted house...and I had to have it

1 week later
#77 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinstein:

Thanks for posting. Nice to see the pop bumper graphic is gone. The house looks like the lighting is great and lots of great spooky background music. Looking forward to getting my premium!

I have a premium coming. How long do you think?

#79 1 year ago

Well worth the wait. I couldn’t see spending the extra money for the rails and glass. So in this case I don’t think there was much difference between the premium and the LE. As long as the play fields are the same I don’t really care

#80 1 year ago

I forgot the cabinet art. I like them both

#97 1 year ago
Quoted from kingpin24:

Joining the club! Mine is getting delivered tomorrow

Well, is it awesome? Is it fun to play....? Waiting for mine

#98 1 year ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

Yes. Not a lot, but it does shake when finishing haunts and when scoring super jackpots during multiball.
On another note, so happy to hear, "Ooo, nice organ!"

Well, is it awesome to play? Do you find yourself wanting to play more???

#112 1 year ago
Quoted from Indypin:

Trying to send photos, but can’t seem to get them to post right. Will try later.
Anyways, got my pin from my buddy Zach and FlipnOut pinball. When I see his company van pull in front of my house, I now know the excitement when the ladies see a flower truck pulling up.
First of all, before I forget, did anyone else notice the NIB stern box Image sitting in the background of the first ball lock screen? Cool little Easter egg. Also, on the back glass you will notice a tombstone bearing the classic line from Night of the Living Dead stating “we’re coming to get you Barbara”, with the name Barbara marked out by a skeleton laying on the ground and replaced with Elviras name. Love it!
Okay, the pin is absolutely beautiful. With all of the goodies installed, this pin reminds me of my feeling when I got my STLE pin. I will agree it will definitely need a lot of code, but this baby has the potential to be one of Sterns best. The art package is one of the best I have ever seen and I love the mirrored back glass. At first I thought the ramps wouldn’t be too good because they weren’t metal like I prefer, but they shoot real nice and smooth. The house is just a cool toy and I think will rival the MM castle in time, especially with the cool lighting effects. The crypt has writing on the side that lights up with different phrases which I never noticed before. Before leaving, Zach filmed HD close ups of the pin and playfield and a little bit of gameplay, so check a later episode of SDTM to see it. Oh, can’t forget about the side rails and the dark, candy apple red color Stern used on this pin. Beautiful baby!
I had to work late yesterday and I had a couple of people over last night to play the pin, so I really didn’t get the chance to play it that much last night, so take that for granted as you read moving forward.
I noticed several times during the game I would hit underneath the lift ramp, but it didn’t really reward me anything ( even though it was lit) and a couple of times I would look up and not see anything lit to hit at all. Again, later code will fix this. I hit one multiball shot ( I think it was something like attic multiball) and the screen showed Elvira talking, but it had no sound at all. Didn’t notice the tower to turn at all as well. But it looks like it’s going to have several multiball modes in this game, which is awesome.
My pin did not have the latest code installed, but from what I heard from other pinsiders about their problem with the different lights in the game flipping off and on whenever they hit the flipper buttons, I’m kinda nervous about doing it. For the ones who did do the update, does it make that big of a difference in regards to gameplay elements if I do the update?
In closing, I am very happy with this purchase and I cannot wait until the latest code hits( which rumors has may be in time for Chicago Expo). I have Elvira sitting next to Munsters and they really compliment each other well. Cmon Halloween!!![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I guess I should be really excited to get my premium. The good thing is that maybe by the time I get mine the code will be already updated in my game. I’m going to put it next to my Munsters LE too. Do you think it is better than ghostbusters, Metallica or Munsters the way it is ? Or will it be better than any of them with better code. Or is it a better game than them already?

#152 1 year ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

Okay... So I got mine today!!!!!
A few thoughts. I'm kind of frustrated right now. And I don't want anyone to chime in, "TOLD YA SO!!!!", but this game is glitchy to all get out.
My game rebooted 3-4 times on me. Seemed to happen mostly during the multiballs.
Speaking of the multiballs.
I got the junk in the attic multiball and I didn't get any speak during the intro. Sure the video was there. But, no audio.
Audio goes in and out for a lot of the stuff from time to time.
The garage lock doesn't always register. So when a ball gets shot in there and it doesn't read that it should be locked... Well... The game kind of ends.
Because a ball search will not release that ball. What I have to do is shut the game off, and boot it back up and the ball kicks out. This has happened 8 times today... if not more like 10-12... Really takes the fun out of what should be a fun time...
Lastly. While playing the game. I noticed a piece of plastic come out of the garage ball lock area after it ejected a ball.
It looks like a bit of the sculpted house. But, I don't see any broken pieces anywhere. But, I looked and looked. But, I can take a picture of hte broken plastic.
I think perhaps it was a bit that got left in by mistake when they assembled the machine... At least I hope so.
It's not all bad. I did hear "How About Another Ball" as a callout for the shoot again. That is nice that it is in there. Had fun for a little bit. But, more frustrating today than fun.
And it shouldn't be frustrating.
I get that the code isn't all there. But, this isn't even playable. I'm not angry. I'm not disappointed, I'm FRUSTRATED.
I would have thought that Stern would be smarter than to release a game in this shoddy of a state.
With all that said. I still look forward to seeing how the game progresses in the code updates. As the experience I had with my Iron Maiden was amazing.
But, Iron Maiden started off a heck of a lot more complete than this. And really Stern should have higher standards, and know better. Game was in development for a long, long time, and this is the launch code.... Actually 2nd update....
Lastly... I do like the MB starts in the game. Hope those stay.

I’m considering getting a different game. I’m waiting on a premium. Looks really cool but I really don’t want to buy a headache. When I got Munsters LE I had no issues. This sounds like a massive Pain in the a**. Not sure what I should do

#153 1 year ago
Quoted from Indypin:

MET will be tough to beat because it has awesome toys as well. To me, I struggled with GB when I had it. I just thought the shots were clunky, but I heard the new code is awesome. IMO I think Munsters and Elvira both shoot smooth, but I sincerely feel once Lyman is done with Elvira it could possibly top all (3).
A lot of Elviras call outs from Scared Stiff made it into the new pin, which is great. If you even remotely like Halloween, bad horror flicks and Elvira, then I think it’s a definite must buy. Hard to judge HOH just yet because right now it’s feels so incomplete with missing adjustments, added effects and modes, etc.A lot of people are having issues with their game. Have you had any? For example resets. I really don’t feel like spending that kind of money for a massive headache. I’m starting to reconsider for a Houdini

7 months later
#3125 8 months ago

Received my game Friday from game room exchange..... look at Stern s lack of quality control....

160021C5-8404-4721-96DA-282EE1C1C614 (resized).jpeg56699843-5ABD-4C5C-9BC6-3DDC60CC8800 (resized).jpeg
#3126 8 months ago

This is what I get. Playfield only being supported by right side playfield rail. Three of the six playfield rail bolts MISSING!, 4 of the six nuts missing. The playfield was twisted, god knows for how long, now ramp will not go down unless you push it. Terit will not spin I’m test mode , speaker got bashed in by playfield, ramp scratches by left side of cabinet, speaker now sounds terrible, playfield white wood sides bashed, and I am sure the playfield clear coat has been compromised by the twisting I’m beyond angry

12EDB89A-1D31-4E10-80F8-4E178B86D1DC (resized).jpeg4ED1D64D-4924-4DCF-81C4-7009F31524F6 (resized).jpeg68C26472-4204-4639-A676-91709A6B1D03 (resized).jpeg6D6DEEA3-ECA4-4D1B-8C47-86BBDAD77AB8 (resized).jpegD6E577A0-509F-4043-B41C-C9BD453038B6 (resized).jpegF79056D1-A84E-4B4B-B8DF-8A038F63B20D (resized).jpeg
#3127 8 months ago
pasted_image (resized).jpeg
#3133 8 months ago
Quoted from jfh:

sebastian88 - I hope your are working with your dealer to get that replaced with an entirely new game.

I am. Requesting one by Friday However they have to get it even if Stern hast to send it from another distributor. Otherwise they can refund my money I’ll buy it from another distributor And I’ll send this one back in that box

#3134 8 months ago
Quoted from Mar:

Ouch sebastian88 - your distro (or Stern) better replace that entire game. That's just beyond awful.

I appreciate your support. It’s not my distributors fault and he knows it but I told him that Stern should send me a new game however they have to get it by the end of next week or I want my money back.

#3138 8 months ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Stern isn't even open, so I don't see how this is possible.

Simple, refund my money. I purchase one that is available(found one from another distributor) and I ship this one back to whom ever in that box. I bought this one from sterns biggest distributor. They can make it happen. JJ has all the contacts at stern. So get it done. This week. Not two months from now This is bull crap. This happened in Sterns factory.

#3140 8 months ago
Quoted from tktlwyr:

They’re shipping what they have in stock.

I’m sure they can find one someway somehow and get a replacement shipped to me. It’s flat out ridiculous the way this thing came in the box. Was total negligence and lack of quality control at Stern. These are not cheap. Node board, ball trough opto, power supply issues, topper issues....All out of the box I get it but to be missing the bolts that hold the side rails that support the playfield that’s absolutely ridiculous three of the six we’re missing and four bolts of the three I had were missing

#3144 8 months ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Hopefully this will be sorted for you soon. I can not imagine how disappointed you must be.
I wish you well.

That’s very nice of you. Beyond disappointed it’s unplayable because of the ramp not going down, so it’s just sitting there. So much money spent on these games/ I’m afraid I go used from now on/ at least I will know it works

#3146 8 months ago
Quoted from jfh:

I did not realize you got this from JJ. I would feel in good hands with GEX and would be very surprised if they can’t get a successful resolution for you.
It’s also possible that this happened during shipping though it doesn’t really matter. Short of unpacking it with the delivery driver there you probably couldn’t have anticipated such damage (presuming the box didn’t show any signs of damage/distress).
Having bought quite a few NIB games, I can understand how disappointing this experience must have been. Keep us posted. And sorry your welcome to the club wasn’t what you expected.

Impossible it happened during shipping/ bow was perfect....Let me clarify.... 3 bolts that support the rail for which the playfield rests on were gone/ not even in the box or game. 4 nuts gone/ not in the game. The left rail was in the bottom of the game So ..... three bolts totally missing 4 nuts missing. Unless the shippers opened up the box took the bolts and nuts out of the rails that support the playfield etc. etc. etc. So another words this happened on the assembly line it’s just absolute carelessness
I’m not angry at you if it had happened in shipping I could understand this happened at Stearns factory and that’s what angers me so much. These games are so damn expensive and they shouldn’t be. It’s the equivalent of getting a car and your wheels falling off because of no Lugnuts or bolts.

#3153 8 months ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

I've bought about twenty games from stern and not had anything like this, its a screwup for sure but they will make it right. JJ at GEX is one of the good guys. Just take a deep breath, don't let it get you mad, stay civil, few days from now and it will be sorted.

Conclusion..... receiving a whole new game in 3 to 4 weeks with side blades added. Return shipping the other back to Stern JJ was awesome. Apparently a Gary Stern was on my side too

#3154 8 months ago

Nice to know that Gary Stern cared

#3160 8 months ago

Thanks to all. I’m hoping I get it before july

#3162 8 months ago

Well, at least I have a second Elvira to harvest boards and parts, god forbid if something is wrong with the next one

#3163 8 months ago
2283776B-5478-4EAB-84F6-EC485D3F1E0B (resized).jpeg395A3294-403A-4FE4-BC7B-15EE66B8C43E (resized).jpeg428D8FE2-7E8E-4C1A-8066-0C12EBB89C4D (resized).jpeg5D250432-A163-403C-AA81-62E320541660 (resized).jpeg
#3172 8 months ago

Allowed to keep the other game until I’ve had enough time to make sure I don’t need any parts etc. power supplyNode boards,Opto’s etc. because I’ve had to wait so long and have the aggravation of packing the first up in the box I receive from the new one. the first one was received was with a smashed cabinet speaker. Bent node board 7 and 8 connections, dented playfield, Scratched ramps, and it bent the motor and mechanism that opens and closes the trap door. Not to mention the teret doesn’t work. This is all because the playfield fell into the cabinet On an angle. Who knows What happened to the turret. Gary told JJ that I could hold on to the first game until I’m sure I don’t need anything off of it just in case the second one has issues. Then I can arrange to have it shipped back. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t even want the first one back. I initially got the Munsters topper completely broken internally they sent me a second one and never wanted the first. So who knows. I just want one that works and isn’t banged up

#3173 8 months ago

Apparently Gary Stern wasn’t too happy

#3174 8 months ago
Quoted from RobertWinter:

I think some clarification is needed here...

Clarification below

#3175 8 months ago
Quoted from jfh:

Really? You got to keep the bad game? That’s unusual and great for you. Easily a few thousand dollars of usable parts including some that are near impossible to buy.
P.S. I hope you have some very good UV filtering film on your windows. It could be brutal on your games without it.

And the blinds and shades are closed 99% of the time

#3178 8 months ago
Quoted from Pinkitten:

Such a crazy, terrible story. I’m very glad to hear Stern did the (obviously) right thing and is replacing it, with free blades, and letting you use any parts that you need. How on Earth that game sustained that much damage, or was allowed to leave the factory like that is a mystery. I’ve had issues with every NIB pin I’ve purchased except for one. All needed some adjustments or fixes, except my MET. It played great from day 1 and I was amazed how it needed nothing, just getting the settings customized. Glad you will have the new, pristine game you deserve!

Thanks man

#3179 8 months ago

Now I just have to exercise a lot of patience

#3191 8 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

You guys are making my longstanding resolution to show restraint and responsibility during pandemics and recessions very difficult.

FYI. I’ve risked my life and my family s life every day since this whole thing started caring for COVid patients. No amount of money is worth seeing what I have seen in the hospital. I understand there are things more important than pinball. I was simply looking forward to SOMETHING, during this nightmare of a pandemic.

#3192 8 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

You guys are making my longstanding resolution to show restraint and responsibility during pandemics and recessions very difficult.

Oh crap, I miss read your post... sorry brother.

1 month later
#3733 7 months ago

Has anyone noticed that the ball bashes the tip of the ramp if you happen to hit it before it’s gone all the way down I think this is going to become a problem. I put a little dent in it and eventually it’s not going to be straight and flush with the playfield

#3736 7 months ago

I’m not sure I understand the playfield protector fix. it it’s the tip of the metal on the ramp. Can you send a pic of your fix?

#3739 7 months ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

I think the difference, though, between EHOH and TWDLE is that the Elvira ramp moves slowly *during* multiball while the TWD ramp is pretty instantaneous during the Bicyle Girl mode (not a multiball).
I love the numerous physical ball locks on Elvira, but I always get nervous about that center ramp during a multiball.

You are exactly right. It’s because the ramp moves slowly if it were faster it wouldn’t be an issue. And I agree during multi balls is when it happens because you can’t control where the balls going. If it comes out of the seller I just purposely don’t shoot it towards the house until the ramps down. There has to be a fix for this

#3741 7 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

The felt works great.
However, if that doesn’t float your boat they make little shooter lane plastic protectors made for specific games
I think mezel mods or one of them sell those.
I’ve bought 2 and they work great.

I don’t think I explain myself clearly there’s a piece of metal at the end of the ramp on Elvira and when the ramp goes down or up slowly there’s a chance that the ball can hit it and bend it. It’s not a matter of a plastic protector. there has to be something that you can put on the end of the ramp so you don’t bend the crap out of the thin piece of metal at the end of it If you should happen to hit it before it’s fully down

#3744 7 months ago
Quoted from RetroGamerJP:

I understand what you are talking about and have the same concern, I wonder if one could use the same PETG material as the playfield protectors and cut the shape of the small, metal lead in ramp, only about a 1/4 longer so it has a bit of an edge that sticks out underneath. You could double sided tape it to the underside of the metal lead in ramp we are trying to protect. I think its thin enough where it would not cause the ball to hop (too bad) and if a ball hi it during up or down path, it would likely just flex but if it did get damaged, easy / cheap to replace.
I'll be installing my playfield protector this weekend and do have some extra material on hand, I may try to mock something up to test it's durability.

Please! Keep me posted. I’m glad I’m not the only one concerned about this

#3759 7 months ago
Quoted from dgilmore80:

If you get a small dent, perhaps a small hammer and dolly will smooth it out. If that doesn't work, and the ramp end breaks a few years down the road, just drill out the rivets and install a new piece of metal. If you're looking for a game that will give you years of service without you having to eventually replace some things, I'm not sure which one it would be - it's part of ownership. I can't imagine giving up a game as good as this one for such a small matter.

The point is that it happened after 1 weekend of play. And the dent is significant, I know I could hammer it.... so what happens after a month... it will look like shit...

#3764 7 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

Can you share a pic?

Had to bend back down to make flush again. Looks worse in person

5F3B076D-09FC-4785-8F38-0012E14A53B9 (resized).jpeg
#3765 7 months ago

Obviously this is how it should look and did. Contacted the engineers at Stern for a solution. I don’t believe replacing the flap fixes anything

3B3E9745-F4B6-4B58-958E-50D767AD54DE (resized).jpeg
#3772 7 months ago

My pics we after the first weekend of play. I just assumed it would get worse. Maybe it won’t. It is awesome though . Nevertheless I spoke with Chas and emailed the engineers for a solution/ mod fix. Let’s see.

#3773 7 months ago

Please ..... anyone who is concerned please send pic so I can foward the photo to stern. Just trying to help. I hate cosmetic eye sores on games

#3776 7 months ago
Quoted from bloodydrake:

My experience is limited to bars, arcades and digital pinball versions of tables...but your right..Elvira HOH is just such a rich and FUN! game. I'm having a hard time picking a better single table you could own that's got as much going for it.
The humor and tone are lighthearted and fun,the music is fantastic and varied, the theme integration is top notch, and the rules are deep and targets and modes are so dense... sometimes the house is the focus, sometimes the crypt..sometimes collecting junk sometimes collecting multi ball modes.. the flow of that particular game kinda steers where I focus vs min/maxing a single strategy.
I'd gladly replace that ramp metal piece annually to get everything else.

Problem is that I believe it will be more than annually. I wouldn’t want to have to deal with removing the ramp in order to DRILL out the rivets. Most certainly won’t drill with the ramp attached/ metal shavings going everywhere on playfield

#3782 7 months ago
Quoted from docquest:

With the angle of the ramp it looks like the rivets might be far enough back that you could have just enough clearance to switch to a nut and bolt instead of a rivet. That would make periodic replacement easier.

Great point

#3783 7 months ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

Don’t let that flap deter you from buying one man..
I sometimes feel this stuff is way overblown..
Play it, abuse it, it’s how they are designed, to wear over time

Agree but not after 3 days of play. Too new and expensive

1 week later
#3931 6 months ago

Cup holders on machines are cool .......IF YOU LIKE CRAP.

2 weeks later
#4079 6 months ago
Quoted from bloodydrake:

Me too I used some heavy duty silicone hinge lubricant ..just spray on paper towel abit then wipe the shafts of the gargoils and they fly up and down now when switch is hit..way better then it was
I also found all 4 loosened constantly and I had to add locknut to all 4 . The constant hitting from the left and right edge was loosing them and shifting them alot and i found the plastic switch behind them was getting a groove cut thru them from the sharp edge..definitely recommend some threadlock

File the slot to make it slight more wide. It will never get stuck again. Especially the one to the left of the crypt

4 weeks later
#4568 5 months ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

My gargoyles are stiff and don't leap very high. Someone said to grease them. I have white lithium grease and chainsaw oil. Are either of these ok for this?

The only fix is to remove the gargoyle and file the the rectangular slits slightly wider. They will fly up and always come down

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