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By robertg130

1 year ago

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#1 1 year ago

Hi,this is my first system 11b machine,left sling kicker solenoid turns very hot,need to turn off machine to prevent damage.
Someone can help me track this problem

#4 1 year ago

Thanks for the reply,I checked transistor and pre and looks fine both

#6 1 year ago

Yes,checked with dmm,black led to the center and check the corned with red led,mesure between.7 both.Maybe some of the Zener diodes?how to check ?

#8 1 year ago

Tested zeners z3-z9 like regular diodes and looks ok

#9 1 year ago

CD71E7D2-136C-4D6B-9B6E-03FD23D49424 (resized).jpeg

#10 1 year ago

This was a machine that was in a garage a couple of years and I bought it and made a new cabinet,and I’m trying to put it to work

#12 1 year ago

Thank you grumpy,yes I have a Logic Probe
Today rechecked transistor and pre also Zener diodes again,looks like good everything.
Left slingshot selenoid lock when turning on machine
Right popbumper also locks on the same
When I push left sling switch,the right sling fires (matrix problems?)
Also whenever I push the left bumper the coffin targets resets
The 3 test buttons just work the left one
Think this is all
Please I’m good repairing wpc system,but this system is my first one.
Maybe we start for the ic’s7402,7407
Thanks a lot

#16 1 year ago

Machine have battery holder,to my view there is no sigoof corrosion,exactly what you want I measure with the Logic Probe?

185D9221-0A01-4E63-970E-E6543BD26B42 (resized).jpeg

827A9590-3F26-44F1-8559-43BD723D040E (resized).jpeg

2F4E0558-182D-42F0-BBB6-819DFDC6B977 (resized).jpeg

#17 1 year ago

What next
Replace 7402,7407?

#19 1 year ago

Thanks.Everything reads like you said
What next

#21 1 year ago

Yes .6

#23 1 year ago

Bingo!! Q6 is shorted!

#24 1 year ago

Changed Q6,and both selenoids left sling and right pop bumper stopped from locking up at turning on the machine,both locks again when pressed start button(starting a game)☹️.
What next

#26 1 year ago

Happy Thanksgiving grumpy,u-45 pin5=h,pin6=l,pin 4=l
Pin5=h,pin6=l,pin4 =l
Thanks for your help

#27 1 year ago

Looks like both 7204 chips are bad.Some said this is happens a lot

#29 1 year ago

So what’s next?change those 7204?

#30 1 year ago

Inspect 7407?6821? Or changing the 7402 fixed the problem?

#35 1 year ago

t does the base of the predriver and driver show. If both show low then check resistance of metal tab to ground. Sometimes the TIP test good but are bad when powered up.

Don’t get it well,you said for Q71?
Also I changed both 7402 with the same results
Diode 22 test good
I’m stuck

#36 1 year ago

In game u45 pin 2=h,3=l,5=h,4=l
In atrack pin 2=h,3=h,5=h,4=l

#37 1 year ago

Inspecting diodes in the auxiliary power driver
D 40 read like bad

#39 1 year ago

Hi mr Grumpy,everything reads like you said,everything is correct
What next?
Thanks a lot

#41 1 year ago

On you mean dmm in diode test?
Black to center leg(or tap)and red to ground?
There is 38 tip 122 on cpu board

#43 1 year ago

Hello,have a nice day!
Taken in ohms in the center leg(or tap),to ground

#45 1 year ago

Ok,you’re right

#47 1 year ago

Hi,just q7=1,the others 3 not

#48 1 year ago

Changed transistors,but used t122,Q6 to hot and damage again

6EF49678-E137-444C-9017-96C9742D298D (resized).jpeg

9DA8D2FB-ED25-4ED6-A1A4-7B8AA8BF8858 (resized).jpeg

#49 1 year ago

Ok fixed,maybe bad q6
Now bumper and sling not locking in start or atrack mode
Q69=55 ohms
Q75=63 ohms
Q71=activate right sling

Things don’t work
Left slingshot
But when activate left slingshot switch right sling activate
Touching righ sling do nothing
Pop bumpers won’t work any
Or the buggy man
That’s for now

#51 1 year ago

Jaja ok,I’m waiting for the pre drivers to come,let you know
Thanks for your help

#52 1 year ago

Hi grumpy,3 pre driver replaced q69=60 ohm
Q75 =65 ohm and q71=activates the right sling
What nexts

#53 1 year ago

Sorry,righ slingshot still locks when starting a game(had a blown fuse)

#54 1 year ago

Not righ slingshot,right bumper I mean

#55 1 year ago

What next?

#57 1 year ago

Coil measure 5 ohms

#59 1 year ago

Looks fine .65 and 1 in reverse

#60 1 year ago

What next?

#62 1 year ago

Not sure what is the control wire some measures
Ground to positive in the coil is 1(open)
Ground to white (in the bumper switch)=820 ohms
Ground to green/brown stripe (center of switch)1.2k
Ground to yellow/violet(switch) =2k and up
Ground to red(violet strip) =1
Let me know if this ir right
Thanks very much

#64 1 year ago

reads 1(open)

C93A331D-99C0-4746-92C7-AE989E2566DE (resized).jpeg

#66 1 year ago

No coil is lock with 1j11,1j12,1j19 out and 5j11 and 5j12 in

#68 1 year ago

1 1
3 1
4 1
5 1
6 1
7 1
8 1
9 1

All 1 too
1 1.2 ohm
2 .6 ohm
3 1
4 1
6 1
7 1
8 1
9 1

#70 1 year ago

Connecting as you said coil don’t lock,but disconnecting 1j8 and ij10 switch test don’t give me noting,when connecting 1j8 don’t give switches work but don’t show any stuck switch

#71 1 year ago

Forget that,I was missing a auxiliary j3 plug unplugged,let me test again

#73 1 year ago

Test in again
With 1j11,1j12 and 1j19 out and 1j4,1j5 in
No coil lock
Testing again resistance in
1j11,1j12 and 1j19
1j11 all pins 1
1j12 pin 5=650 ohms the other all 1
1j19 pin 1 and 2=.4 ohms the others all 1
So there is something wrong in 1j12 pin 5
Check this and let my know
Sorry for my mistake
Thanks again

#75 1 year ago

Yeahhh,so what next

#76 1 year ago

When I connect IJ19 right bumper stuck

#77 1 year ago

What Can I do next?thanks

#79 1 year ago

I’m gonna change the pia chip and see what happens

#82 1 year ago

Have a good trip

#83 1 year ago

Changed 7407 no changes

1 month later
#85 1 year ago

Fixed!The only think that don’t work is the backbox Brown gi.Have voltage in the line but bulbs stayed off

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