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Elvira and the Party Monsters Playfield Swap/Refresh

By dmacy

1 year ago

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#1 1 year ago

Here goes another System 11 refresh/playfield swap. This one took some time for us to get together as we’ve been trying to get this started. We’ve been planning to do this since last fall waiting for the clear to cure.

This EATPM is a nice solid 100% working machine that already has new ramps and plastics. Also, most of the mechs/metal have been cleaned up at some point. We are installing a new CPR gold playfield that’s been marinating in clear for the past 6 months. New taylorva Reese Rails will be installed along with anything we find worn/broken and all new switches.

Overall this one should be a pretty straight swap. The playfield isn’t really too bad, but as a keeper game it justifies a new playfield. Will be documenting the work in here.

61237D94-0A1B-4866-A5BB-807ECC9FF335 (resized).jpeg195B2A4F-BFC5-474D-95F3-21F1BF901A45 (resized).jpeg2C6CCECB-9508-4503-A5E3-B0D688E5AE9C (resized).jpeg66F32377-DD1E-481E-9E7B-C123938142FA (resized).jpeg

#2 1 year ago

Tear down of the back panel prepping for rotisserie:
4268CC76-FBCE-4924-B141-E0302CCDB149 (resized).jpeg441A61F9-27AA-494D-9BC0-CC8AACFE824A (resized).jpeg845D17C0-2690-4D4C-8406-F4DD6CD06BC7 (resized).jpegBC0A1D74-A698-4805-9C3B-32C2DB8505F3 (resized).jpeg

#3 1 year ago

Items in the way at bottom of playfield. Few insert bulbs, mechs, wire management and switches. Note there is a spacer under the saucer switch!!!
72B9A5C0-AEA7-498A-8A1A-911A903996A1 (resized).jpeg98948423-ECB1-4578-80C6-B491434BC619 (resized).jpeg2413C684-A89D-425B-A463-F5E9F79D7396 (resized).jpegBACDEE8A-D24E-44E2-B0D4-EA66FF8A9E66 (resized).jpeg637C0202-D289-4AA5-9F06-74265C807575 (resized).jpeg5E8E09F4-2CB7-4E0E-BA65-4B0CD4EE812E (resized).jpeg1F6E0BAB-B088-47BD-89CA-8E1348D31728 (resized).jpeg2BA2FA71-16C8-4F54-8BA7-4032E8179EFD (resized).jpeg232C8163-4881-4BFE-B4BF-D1BC70792D6A (resized).jpeg

16C426C7-9CC1-4E2A-8DD3-639E678AF3A8 (resized).jpeg
#4 1 year ago

Underside part 1:

202BEBFF-7BAE-47EB-AAC5-768B11AB02A0 (resized).jpeg26AC7BA4-B28C-4A79-AD50-7D6AE2F7F867 (resized).jpeg43FE0006-56A5-43DC-B1B1-9BECF0DA0D61 (resized).jpeg56721A3B-3B04-433B-A63D-72F2EBA5767A (resized).jpeg66F2F979-27B0-4317-A806-A342A56BFFB0 (resized).jpeg6BDED5CA-B282-4F3E-A8FD-C18C265DF649 (resized).jpeg8BD13540-1D52-4327-B46E-E783DC8CD570 (resized).jpeg9979983D-B774-43A2-AA3C-8BFA4AB64408 (resized).jpegB1040850-6D81-4603-8EA0-58F133F24249 (resized).jpegB4E87223-1225-42FC-8633-3D075BBE837B (resized).jpegDA8BB838-0FF9-45A9-9BD5-57070B13D01C (resized).jpegE0B36503-2AE0-473E-9B9D-6B2DC64DF480 (resized).jpegEA316479-C22C-4D5C-8C28-6EC41391295D (resized).jpegEC145C42-40B4-419D-93F2-8407BA00B924 (resized).jpeg
#5 1 year ago

Underside part 2. Pretty clean.

0F6A0FE2-6617-4EAE-94C1-9F891F456529 (resized).jpeg1AA5090A-3357-4A7A-A3F3-223918D30A6E (resized).jpeg21F28FD5-5442-4CBE-A48B-183FF9D05066 (resized).jpeg2EFD81C7-B87C-4F7B-AB22-CE1673D7D7B3 (resized).jpeg48EFE55F-9EAB-4A67-AF76-518B3B8B863D (resized).jpeg5C1A038D-95DC-42E8-A15D-73A2D4A9ABCD (resized).jpeg6DEE4BC4-76A3-445E-B62B-965478B4D7A5 (resized).jpeg88BD43B6-71AA-4748-B711-C67288F1E2DE (resized).jpeg9DBD8C3C-FE53-44AA-B702-EEBBA5F59716 (resized).jpeg9DF2CD6E-455C-4782-AA25-1059466938A5 (resized).jpegB585B089-384F-4EB6-9035-1DD3722D205E (resized).jpegD8685B45-F0E1-491B-BBA7-0C53C2E5BAF2 (resized).jpegEA82E82D-426D-412C-ADA4-E2269644663C (resized).jpegFCA071D1-9540-4AC3-AB96-F2125BBBF6B2 (resized).jpeg
#6 1 year ago

Underside part 3:

0D995E5F-9B71-4CB4-9D65-B6058BF28563 (resized).jpeg56C92812-402E-4767-9F57-BBD3382F1FD0 (resized).jpeg6E281B5F-5181-48EF-97B1-9D7B7CE7228E (resized).jpeg7DA6EAF3-42BA-43B5-9AC7-7AA3025F73C8 (resized).jpeg809CB93C-6115-4508-B403-990BC5EEFE1B (resized).jpeg9647069C-E407-4BC5-9EF7-4F4F67256F84 (resized).jpegC5F328BA-5525-4697-B80E-446A027EA762 (resized).jpegC86C3AA4-C1FC-4AE9-85EC-D3AC4CD69030 (resized).jpegFD411A7B-096E-41C7-A3FA-C82AA4CB1D57 (resized).jpeg
#7 1 year ago

Bottom side mostly stripped. Wire management, pops and few last pieces.

4139AD78-ED3D-4B61-B517-AFBB9A017425 (resized).jpeg5397E0CB-FF6E-4DAC-BB60-CB5FF7D000DC (resized).jpeg64B7D3BB-88A4-43D7-B2A1-72CBDF1096A0 (resized).jpeg9E196186-CA70-4DF9-8782-CD4E4575759B (resized).jpegA9107B15-3FC3-4F6C-A27C-B24F7D1F4CEF (resized).jpegA966A9F4-BE6A-45D0-AD3E-F93A6F412BA0 (resized).jpegB8C8A4C1-6C88-4D81-AED9-1368151BE685 (resized).jpegBC6B21E6-A0BB-4954-9E33-942B1C437869 (resized).jpegDA03C0EF-6668-41A9-8204-B5D8A1CAEE05 (resized).jpegEA4C9108-41E8-4F17-A555-ABD4AEB9EEF8 (resized).jpegF3DF5335-92BD-4301-9D91-F8704ADF9D94 (resized).jpegFAB4122F-0589-48DF-9227-4CF700D3FABD (resized).jpeg
#8 1 year ago

Bottom stripped. Always interesting to see date codes.

ECF08196-A16E-44AE-8084-DEA08FACC0B9 (resized).jpeg28408A4A-DA28-4736-8B7B-09758ABBC380 (resized).jpegBDC29519-F842-47C6-B645-C6275037E2D6 (resized).jpeg
#9 1 year ago

Top side pics 1:

2A9F6486-60E5-4166-AF71-EA6658771FB0 (resized).jpeg1E490CEA-DEE6-4E27-AAB6-77364077432E (resized).jpeg8BAB8AAC-51E2-43CB-A97E-1DF1FC5F7D41 (resized).jpeg3CEF53F3-8561-46F3-B9B9-ACB92BBCBD27 (resized).jpegB73F4207-0001-400F-A8CC-E13FD6159C1A (resized).jpegA0C3D627-2106-43EF-8082-130BA64A3377 (resized).jpeg7000428D-5F02-4BBE-AE6D-FDFB838DE78F (resized).jpegDFEF9274-BC8F-40DA-BB54-7E4683C1CEB6 (resized).jpeg77B801FD-BFFF-4429-AFCE-4F87CA98121E (resized).jpegE7EFBCA7-6EFD-47A0-BAA9-DD76ACA4E951 (resized).jpeg93F4E172-0FFA-4C31-8960-182FF4E0F401 (resized).jpeg6C38CA6A-1260-413A-977C-BA6050CB7E28 (resized).jpeg
#10 1 year ago

Top side pics 2:

939C3AE0-AE22-4FB8-AE4F-46007481413B (resized).jpeg4CDE08B5-F356-418E-BE45-79FC3A29CEFA (resized).jpeg2D6A9EC1-2316-4555-8300-4D27B1AD0867 (resized).jpegCCE53547-490E-411F-9AD3-DE073AE9B0AC (resized).jpeg119086B6-5169-4944-BFD3-A61DD6D9EDAA (resized).jpeg925A5D2C-020C-4F89-B43B-48542537F48D (resized).jpegB9030E40-BD4C-4F86-908B-2A71B68300BE (resized).jpeg34A250D2-A617-45F3-B024-37B82B6CC4A4 (resized).jpeg4DDA7838-155D-45DE-B30C-CE30BAD2284D (resized).jpegEEC345B6-76C4-4CE7-B82E-9CBD672BEFBE (resized).jpegBF2DE81E-8EA0-464E-B6E3-84AABDCC7BD5 (resized).jpegEF8FC745-A7E3-4278-8659-CEF242A8E602 (resized).jpeg885B96A7-9224-426E-80D5-103CF1050269 (resized).jpeg2D4237CC-4350-4A06-9DA2-17E8FCEDE54C (resized).jpegDF2CB3E8-4376-406D-AD02-74091ECD162F (resized).jpeg
#11 1 year ago

Top side pics 3:

3B753AC5-173C-4D8F-8BCE-A16E371BCB8E (resized).jpeg5212310A-C028-47C2-810B-C317C05FE9B6 (resized).jpeg8868F17E-5D83-4F50-B63C-F307A4B829DE (resized).jpeg677DDC37-27BD-4264-B335-5106A0D05D8E (resized).jpegCAB0596B-489C-4C73-B967-46D41F473F98 (resized).jpeg78E9B56A-F4A8-4A47-896A-BC5A29A6CF6D (resized).jpeg0A7435A6-F826-40C3-979B-1827A6D8966B (resized).jpegC4C83901-6714-4FBF-AFBA-328C4719D4C8 (resized).jpeg674A81B5-B8E3-4A03-8230-01E56FD30A1E (resized).jpeg45252D33-FDA8-40F7-9BAB-AA63B17E1811 (resized).jpeg56524DEC-7C6A-445B-B96D-CC41763DD1C6 (resized).jpeg25CDF84F-2337-4643-9600-5D4D1BCCC86A (resized).jpeg
#12 1 year ago

Top side pics 4:

0DCB1952-DCAE-4F0E-80BE-C5E7DFA3EF97 (resized).jpeg48E6B5B8-3120-4804-AF91-AC6AED3C6C64 (resized).jpeg4A015D4B-5035-44B0-874B-F82ACC5B2BAE (resized).jpeg4C2154CA-30B9-445C-ACC2-B6F084F16CDF (resized).jpeg54597E64-1287-49A9-85DF-AFF072634E22 (resized).jpeg66DD5206-37AA-4E49-8BAF-ED190EB1C2AF (resized).jpeg7D9EE8EF-D499-4C9E-9AC7-8FA92765771B (resized).jpegC578F259-B6AD-4BA0-945C-B09B3C92CEF4 (resized).jpegCC7F2747-862F-4717-8147-F5AFBCA7ACC9 (resized).jpegE89A9969-D90B-4269-AE4A-D5742CBD5965 (resized).jpegFAD57681-A962-4A5B-8B19-128D8BD7C999 (resized).jpegFDF4EF9B-779C-4EBC-BF50-869178420E68 (resized).jpeg
#13 1 year ago

Top side pics 5:

146C93D3-9828-4EF9-BCCF-0476A53A6CCB (resized).jpeg4E5B6D17-C5C3-4720-8897-0D0B57E46986 (resized).jpeg5DF2D32C-5E76-4696-A685-35778E9996E6 (resized).jpeg61905743-439F-483C-9704-E863EED0DCD5 (resized).jpeg754EDE6E-94A4-463D-AD6B-7DD998A708A2 (resized).jpeg7D972C36-066F-4FAB-94D0-768628E78E42 (resized).jpeg84A82761-9772-46BA-ACCD-3AAA8EA8FD94 (resized).jpegA2736DA5-56BB-46FE-A1F1-68E2D6147F1F (resized).jpegB8C6758E-C786-46DB-9881-9430CF0CEE17 (resized).jpegEADE7185-5B68-4D30-BC4C-E57698E39DB6 (resized).jpegED0BAF0B-DCEC-4DE8-BFD7-FC8EE3FDF985 (resized).jpeg
#14 1 year ago

I’m hungry!!!!

Top side pics 6:

00E5FA68-BE16-4952-9C24-AB0AD1750968 (resized).jpeg1FEF4C91-887E-4628-B826-BC7863F106B5 (resized).jpeg300086C5-6505-4755-8D55-19A3D000B275 (resized).jpeg350CE7D4-29CE-43E1-A567-3561443EA2F1 (resized).jpeg365D4379-DFCC-468F-9FDC-413893F9915A (resized).jpeg510E36DC-F6D2-4F9F-A15B-F0D5FECBB595 (resized).jpegD4CFE7B1-EE31-4DC8-9B09-DCE960D0F982 (resized).jpegD7C7CA20-CE1B-4CDF-9737-54B93C422F9D (resized).jpegF63A62D8-BC78-4B99-8AC5-2C8E171AE87E (resized).jpegF9344819-3B85-4417-B0B5-49077D164325 (resized).jpeg
#15 1 year ago

Playfield stripped. Few comparisons pics. Noted post heights of the two rear corners. Will post the others when I have parts finished out of the tumbler.

And few of new playfield on rotisserie.

DE06E6F6-9BCC-4FF0-B8A4-40E8A106BB27 (resized).jpeg71F91DEF-8D2E-4D26-AEBC-6613533413D0 (resized).jpeg0450CC9A-95C9-4CE0-A941-F981B1E0BDFE (resized).jpegF8942201-644D-430E-BEC5-6F5E2D6A2065 (resized).jpeg14F3DB75-A2D0-4F1D-9964-8621A5CEF31C (resized).jpeg7C59B00D-2E0B-4A5A-80C4-98071F81F257 (resized).jpeg423813A2-FF58-4346-8809-3ABF0C308AF7 (resized).jpegD7B57CA7-C769-4F92-83E5-476974A328F2 (resized).jpegE48CE3D2-3F76-4561-8A09-39EA85C0DE8E (resized).jpegFBC547C4-0324-432C-9327-4619194D7DA3 (resized).jpeg2C435759-619E-4951-98DE-FD9FD9A83696 (resized).jpeg
#16 1 year ago

EATPM is such a nice Pin - following!

#17 1 year ago

Tumbling away... Thankfully most of this game has small enough parts that fit in tumblers. I’m on wave 2. Usually start 1 tumbler with first batch. I separate hardware to tumble mostly: top side, bottom side, then larger parts in small batches. Run first batch in one tumbler, than start another batch on second day. I run them for two days each load. This method seems to work well as I have something each day ready. Tumbling is usually the longest part behind waiting on parts.

Ultrasonic has already cleaned posts and smaller plastics. None of the hardware has been bad enough to require this so they went straight to tumbler.

T Nut count: (8) 8-32 for the top side used for the hinge. (26) 6-32 on bottom. I personally use all new unless it’s an odd size that the replacements don’t fit. In this title, no issues with that.

79B62339-0F65-483E-89FC-7CA932F8C986 (resized).jpeg4B1B9392-A1EB-402F-A1F4-AF2EB3AA59DC (resized).jpegC2329CEE-EBBC-4966-8883-9C350C460BA1 (resized).jpeg
#18 1 year ago

Do you have any idea how much this is gonna help me when I do mine? What a great resource this is.

#19 1 year ago

Great; that’s what it’s about.

Mechs are apart. The only thing of concern is the coils for slings are wrong as well as both cranks and pivot brackets are really sloppy. From my limited experience, most every playfield swap has a good amount of play and worth checking. They’re not expensive and will get much better action out of the slings.

Also the plunger for the outhole shooter is pretty scored so a new one will be used too. Otherwise, the mechs and coils all look good. I’ll have a separate part with the pop bumpers. They’re a new to me style and would be worth highlighting if you’ve been a mostly WPC and newer snob like I used to be.

Pics one of two:

1F8B47B0-7898-427B-82F5-C9D3BA5DA4E5 (resized).jpeg48C2B982-D1C0-4199-82C3-CDFFF4A8222F (resized).jpeg652A9595-CA2C-4036-BF80-4121C53B9FDE (resized).jpeg7633B0C8-83A1-44C5-99B0-099F589E1F64 (resized).jpeg8519013A-27B1-4A07-8BFC-7775C76451C4 (resized).jpegB53594BC-2B21-483B-B0C0-97C324801D23 (resized).jpegC17F0B2C-1CD0-4448-A07E-0D0D34911018 (resized).jpegCD0DBE5D-D34B-4BA8-A91E-062AFA3E1600 (resized).jpegCE8ECFF8-88D9-4968-9438-71B07D56DF80 (resized).jpegE6DB5839-7FD6-48D6-B05C-0248894378C9 (resized).jpegF9795D08-E1A0-403A-BE00-B4C29053E746 (resized).jpeg
#20 1 year ago

Mech pics two of two:

DD73B006-04B4-4472-9BF5-38C39BA01837 (resized).jpegEBC141E2-8C0C-470E-A2AD-075ACBCAAAA5 (resized).jpegFE49DBF0-E68F-4B20-8E34-F9208E1C8A85 (resized).jpegDF7CBD5B-5CFD-4ADB-9B65-EF3EDA565B06 (resized).jpeg5ABAF5C6-D540-4373-9689-289E0F6E2587 (resized).jpegBABDEE7F-5761-40A2-A73B-08C652822B39 (resized).jpeg93BD1FAE-E6E3-4C09-999C-D0AF21084E50 (resized).jpeg8D99D0C8-FF05-494B-BB57-85CB4D862804 (resized).jpeg16E0D01F-D17F-41CE-810B-871598B6BCF9 (resized).jpeg40F2CDF6-C7A9-4B9C-970B-0C05C8D715F8 (resized).jpegFF92AAFC-7DC6-4ECD-9DA9-53C973B037F2 (resized).jpeg364C67A4-74F1-41C8-97EF-6F9E7B95EBAF (resized).jpeg
#21 1 year ago

That original playfield looks pretty good. Very restorable

#22 1 year ago

Yes, it's not too bad at all. There's some minor touch ups that could be redone. But a very nice playfield all things considered. I only just learned there were only 4000 of this title made. I would have thought it was much higher.

Ball Shooter lane brackets/runway are being replaced. One has broken ear, runway is bent up, pitted and ugly (not worth cleaning up), and the other has screws holding the bounce back bracket in.

IMG_6160 (resized).JPGIMG_6092 (resized).JPGIMG_6093 (resized).JPG
#23 1 year ago

Few more pics of tear down of assemblies for multiball lock and barbecue flip up reset. Cleaning and new switches will be installed.

IMG_6153 (resized).JPGIMG_6151 (resized).JPGIMG_6152 (resized).JPGIMG_6154 (resized).JPGIMG_6155 (resized).JPGIMG_6156 (resized).JPGIMG_6157 (resized).JPGIMG_6158 (resized).JPGIMG_6159 (resized).JPG
#24 1 year ago

One issue I've ran across is this wireform. The holes are too big so will have to fill up with some skewers and redrill.

IMG_6137 (resized).JPG
#25 1 year ago

Pop bumper tear down. We have some pretty worn down metal yokes. New replacements available so will be replaced. Fiber yokes are pretty worn in. Replacements don’t seem to exist but the standard WPC style fit and don’t interfere so will use them.

Note the lamp holders. They have a 093 style male end so wiring will pull off. One is missing and a soldered pin connection was done. We will go with a standard wired lamp holder so bulbs can be replaced.

Pretty cool modular setup that was likely done for easy replacement of the entire assembly.

E06ABA46-3358-4FCC-8C8D-4B94D8A41BB7 (resized).jpegD15B35CE-0D0E-423D-948E-CBBAB6692938 (resized).jpeg3AA0C752-40E5-4913-8F72-3EA04451BA2C (resized).jpeg8DB3319A-0305-44AF-BF9C-B9E21ECA7009 (resized).jpegF5308A51-ABF0-404E-AD9E-C2DFF78F7B4F (resized).jpegFC4725AB-550D-453D-87BA-00CE1FF27C38 (resized).jpegDD16D4A9-E1A5-4AF6-BFFE-C46C69F17797 (resized).jpeg9207CA31-D3A6-463E-AF8B-673A2C95C265 (resized).jpeg0122F5FC-B6E9-4583-93B1-261507697ED0 (resized).jpeg3796334A-C956-4F6E-9A77-E88F3465BFDD (resized).jpeg9A6D080E-F6E5-47D4-86E7-504D903D8538 (resized).jpeg19E102D2-6056-4FF3-A1DB-B101D329A163 (resized).jpegB75C339A-D4CF-4E77-AEF6-C6ED79D3B08B (resized).jpegD436AE43-FCA7-460A-B4A1-0D1FA30083FE (resized).jpegB1678AD6-B144-4EAC-9BE4-85125BC9B424 (resized).jpegD7617339-C21D-401D-BFBB-C09D606059B6 (resized).jpegFCA41E76-33E2-44A0-B56A-90BD67D21255 (resized).jpeg
#26 1 year ago

Been busy with non-pinball the past two weekends since the weather has been less wet than normal. Scored a trophy last weekend and put some numbers down on my POS weekend toy yesterday.

Pivot bushings. Part of swapping playfield is making sure these bushings aren’t worn out so the playfield doesn’t rub and moves up and down as it should. Every machine I’ve owned these are worn. Get yourself some new tubing and cut to length. I use McMaster Carr Easy-to-Weld 4130 Alloy Steel Round Tube, 0.058" Wall Thickness, 1/2" OD. Cut to length. On this one it will be 3/8”.

2D863482-71B9-4BFE-8C64-E89C3FF736B6 (resized).jpegAB627A7B-3E16-4AF7-8BFF-0E47C42DBE80 (resized).jpeg
#27 1 year ago

Most all posts are in. Still have a few more places to use the kruzman playfield kit. Mostly done and using clear rubber rings other than owner spec’d posts.

For the drops at JAM targets: chose to use the upper original hole for wire form and drilled the new lower. The other two didn’t make sense. Nothing special other than carefully marking, drilling, and using Ron’s kit like any other hole. Than ...”tap, tap, tap it in.”

90710638-9207-4017-BE1C-6FDEE3DE4E45 (resized).jpegC2EB4B7F-52D6-452B-A104-8141468C2E83 (resized).jpegCD5DA184-E28C-4949-9608-45E27A9DA893 (resized).jpegDF3E3011-ECB6-478E-809B-18DD95448F51 (resized).jpeg277B9A4E-CBE6-42AC-9CB1-5A3FC1697968 (resized).jpegF5750F25-FCE0-4BCF-955F-78498154EED9 (resized).jpeg6627B99D-3F77-43AE-8EAF-E0DDFBC937EF (resized).jpeg
#28 1 year ago

The sparkle on the black looks awesome.

F2F0ECAE-3F2E-409B-B3C7-354D2B78FA8D (resized).jpegFDFDF7F0-CA61-4D47-A8DC-A3FB0E1973AB (resized).jpeg
#29 1 year ago

Some regraining before and after:

IMG_6665 (resized).JPGIMG_6666 (resized).JPG
#30 1 year ago

Here's a tight fit area. I may open up the post hole a bit to give Clarence clearance.

IMG_6661 (resized).JPGIMG_6662 (resized).JPG
#31 1 year ago

There's two more star posts that need installed but mostly all completed for drilling and using Ron's kit. It works great and I have some plastic pippets that I'm using for applying the clear as I'm having an easier time controlling and have dozens. Kit really makes easy work out of protecting the clear.

IMG_6663 (resized).JPGIMG_6664 (resized).JPG
#32 1 year ago

Your repop is looking really tight. If you are gonna do it....
Your metal look so much better brushed, and looking new.
How do you rate this title in difficulty to other titles you have installed pf. I have seen plenty of easier dmd titles.
Looks just fantastic, you should be proud.

#33 1 year ago

Thank you Ron. Love the kit.

I think it’s one of the easier titles I’ve done. 1 being worst and 10 easiest: 5 but we will see when it’s coming further along. No major issues yet.

#34 1 year ago

Flippers were just rebuilt and checked. New wrappers and conversion to WPC springs. Installed new coil brackets without the conical seat perches. The originals saved for the owner.

E0404EBC-1558-4ECD-B7D2-E95210EACCCB (resized).jpeg51938AEF-120A-4A38-AD1A-663473B40C6F (resized).jpeg6E168645-182F-493C-B7CD-A18684B9B7E3 (resized).jpeg
#35 1 year ago

This is the area that needs a new hole drilled. I guess you could leave it out if you didn’t want to risk drilling and use LED’s. You can see it’s been an issue on original. I chose to use the left side hole (If looking at JAM inserts from ball perspective) as original and drilled new hole for right side. This looked the most centered to me.

Wonder if the original wire form wasn’t right or some other issue. So there’s extra holes but so were originals. Obviously I didn’t mess with opening these up.

Progress as of today:

24EA629E-4FA4-4FCA-A26E-AC4E5C0ABDDB (resized).jpeg44D3B7AC-E945-4F08-A6B6-E531DC70F03E (resized).jpeg30A076BA-F5F4-4A37-A31F-03624B34CC70 (resized).jpeg2424E824-D1B3-4359-878A-EEA828F7EE7F (resized).jpegD7F8AE8E-63C3-4193-995F-6603FF633409 (resized).jpeg
#36 1 year ago

Pop bumpers (without coils) in place. Using purple instead of original black skirts by request. Looks great and prefer over the black.

Don’t forget the pop switch threaded brackets. They need to go in before the assembly is mounted to the playfield.

270ADCD3-09E3-46A4-A58F-AA083B1CE8BA (resized).jpegA4963699-42AD-4C01-A3A6-A32C51D90B0E (resized).jpeg
#37 1 year ago

Agreed! Purple skirts all the way

#38 1 year ago

Following .....
I always pick up a few tips from your threads, thanks for taking the time to post so much information.

#39 1 year ago

Is this the game those bad ass purple Reese rails are going on? Those things look fantastic.

#40 1 year ago
Quoted from cosmokramer:

Following .....
I always pick up a few tips from your threads, thanks for taking the time to post so much information.

Thanks and same goes for your threads!

Quoted from Squeakman:

Is this the game those bad ass purple Reese rails are going on? Those things look fantastic.

Lol I don’t think so but will know when they get here

1 week later
#41 1 year ago

Shooter wireform. Others doing this swap have noted there is some extra wood/build up here. This creates a ball hang up/contact where the wire from “tongs” should be lifting the ball high enough. So sure enough, it does.

20922EA9-9BBD-42C4-AE6C-1E8410CB6B6D (resized).jpeg6C0E5F9C-C4BA-4CF0-8F0B-661998FDEC29 (resized).jpeg1CF9E8BC-107D-45BC-BA7A-A099A727611F (resized).jpegED19D21A-97D9-4EA5-95D0-D63527AC90DC (resized).jpeg
#42 1 year ago

I tried a few different ways of bringing the wood down. Sanding/clearing wood isn’t really an option for me unless you want to bevel what is needed, allow for enough to clearcoat, and actually re-clear.

Quarter inch spacers were tried first (between the studs of wireform and playfield) near the shooter lane but that brings the “tongs” of the wireform way too high. Than tried a single washer but wasn’t enough. Final combination was two of these washers and one single washer under the rear of the wire form.

Hard to see in the pictures, but it now clears with a few thou’s. Your results may vary regarding washers/thicknesses...
0370FACD-E356-46AA-B2FC-AF184FF70F93 (resized).jpeg73EBE583-7FD0-4B5A-A4AB-0EB4FF1F69E1 (resized).jpeg8338A3AE-89EB-4542-A89B-3C8B120C1C7C (resized).jpegB0D79AFF-992A-4843-B2E4-003D064199EE (resized).jpeg01688FA0-4F54-47DE-948B-D139F879CC8C (resized).jpeg796C529E-4882-45F6-B32F-023E67918261 (resized).jpegF8EE97E0-81A0-4FD3-947B-33CBAFD32288 (resized).jpeg5ABEE745-F617-4E77-98F1-9575B581881B (resized).jpeg

#43 1 year ago

Original shooter lane:

New CPR:

#44 1 year ago

Started on the mechs and underside. So far, dimpling is pretty far off so have been measuring off original and adjusting for centering as needed. Sling shown for example.

Pop bumper mechs are complete as is the ball feeder and drop target.

0CE857F0-79E2-4A19-AF7C-8BB537F39D66 (resized).jpegE02C2931-9A49-456A-9567-747D64280B22 (resized).jpegDEE67F36-E218-48FC-AB58-E5229AED51A7 (resized).jpegA1A550D4-5455-44A9-B1E5-5AC6A514A5E9 (resized).jpeg3C10DC66-94FA-4D70-8B26-0BF3B20CB96D (resized).jpegF7B647CB-587F-42C4-9AF2-CE57FBE5724B (resized).jpegB40C3787-09FF-4E20-B8A8-11E2ACC41B1C (resized).jpeg041E6676-726D-4E0B-A698-0416201642D7 (resized).jpeg
#45 1 year ago

My go to for marking, dimpling, and pre-drilling holes:

276EE99F-0A59-4A2C-B396-34D925CFBF99 (resized).jpeg
#46 1 year ago

Making some progress. Thanks to taylorva we have rails installed.

EFFC27E2-4757-4895-B47F-F9637DB6844D (resized).jpeg176B970F-1D2D-4AC3-855C-0AF786ADFF68 (resized).jpeg6654EFE4-E47E-477B-BF75-201BDB4CFBE3 (resized).jpeg0917E801-E39F-4ABB-A0DF-83B5DE61212F (resized).jpeg530D1D96-B818-4E38-ACFE-872360AA2CF4 (resized).jpeg
#47 1 year ago

New spacers cut and installed for playfield pivot in cabinet.

I used to do a lot of car work so chucked them up in vice and use an air cut off wheel. Cleaned up with bench grinder and brush. Dremel would do similar results but I really hate even their reinforced cut off wheels. I break half of them and end up throwing crap getting pissed off. ??:Anyway, I’ll digress. Now I remember why I hate working on older cars.

1BEF4D56-2C04-47A4-85B8-417644E9E39F (resized).jpeg4A970BBD-A94C-4501-9C64-0954F9473741 (resized).jpeg97333FA2-282E-49FC-90AA-4CB3C5F9B252 (resized).jpeg

#48 1 year ago

Tumbled tilt bob parts. Ball eject assembled and mounted. Dimples were in different zip code on this one. Templated off original and test fitted. Tweak of both resulted in pic. New 23-800 coil as the old one has a small break at eyelet lug that wasn’t noticed until I cleaned it. Thankfully have a spare. If you ever need to order something to make a mail order worth it, get a 23-800 coil. They’re one of the most common that I’ve replaced.

AD86C875-5166-4C7C-B567-6B0D3F252CA2 (resized).jpeg0BCC0B9F-CDFF-495A-B79D-4106B6A35427 (resized).jpeg
#49 1 year ago

Started placing the lamp harness. Dimples on most are pretty off. Trying to center and square up all the light boards to best center bulb and keeping it neat at the same time.

New dimples made and mounted. About half required new holes.

6DE033DB-0095-457D-AE40-A11459BB32A6 (resized).jpegAAD999EE-2A2C-4FC5-97FB-47A26D4836B9 (resized).jpegB6B45889-7393-4240-AC4E-F4EFEA779958 (resized).jpegE069D5D3-E637-4A64-A743-E2A2EE873337 (resized).jpeg0676EFDB-8484-4006-9577-9555C3AE3140 (resized).jpeg53839234-18B1-4B70-B5FC-AF45F667C118 (resized).jpeg7725C870-D39B-42BA-A345-81D2AD507808 (resized).jpeg
#50 1 year ago

Really enjoy following this thread
Great work so far.

What are you doing with the old playfield? Would you sell it?

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