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Elvira And The Party Monsters club-Monstrous!

By karmalord

5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

I did a search and to my amazement found no club dedicated to all things EATPM.
This is a classic pin and anyone who currently owns one, or has in the past, is welcome to share pics,info.mods,vids,
tips,upgrades,restorations and troubleshooting help. "Hey Lets Party!"

Some additional cool related links:

-Info as provided by Internet Pinball Database

http://robertwinter.com/pinball/eatpm/index.html- Roberts awesome website dedicated to the development of EATPM!

https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/chronological-evolution-of-an-eatpm-Patofnaud's epic makeover of an EATPM!

#5 5 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

The one I bought already had that mod, as well as LED strips in the apron and behind the playfield to brighten it up, and the crossover circuit upgrade that the Korn reccommends
Working on an eyeball shooter for it now

eyeball.jpg 72 KB

Very cool Toyotaboy , would love to see some pics of that table with the Led strips!
Mine is in the second phase of restoration. I say 2nd as when I got it a few months back it needed several bulbs, plastics, and cleaning which I have done. Still needs quite a bit though. Will get a few pics up soon.

#7 5 years ago

Nice, real tempted on that one!
Couple of pics of what I have accomplished so far in my restoration journey:
New Jam plastic: Realized these two get broken the most, so I made plastic protectors for both
Monster decals and JAM plastic.jpg
Plastic protector is more noticeable on Blob. May trim down a bit more later.
Blob plastic.jpg

#10 5 years ago

Yeah decals/cabinet are rough on mine too. Have some coming in about 4 weeks, but will have to do some major sanding and wood bondo first before any decals.

#16 5 years ago

Wow Patofnaud, just spent an hour over at that restore thread you did,and am impressed with your sense of creativity.
I am in the very early stages on mine,but you and others have really opened my eyes to the possibilities .
That mod on the right bumper where the ball does get hung up is a great idea I will use right away.

I think originality is important in a restore unless you are aiming at doing a full factory original, and would never encourage fully replicating another project. However, these are great ideas that I will more than likely borrow from nonetheless! I am curious to what the final cost was of your project was?

#21 5 years ago
Quoted from Patofnaud:

Its like restoring a car you love, if you tracked the cost to rebuild it, your wife would kill you.
If I had to venture a guess? Between 400-600? Maybe? It was over the course of about 8 months.

Unfortunately my wife does all the tracking here,lol

Quoted from Aurich:

Nice. I think I ended up doing a good enough restore job on mine that I'll just keep it, but hope to see some good looking EATPMs out there.

Look forward to seeing yours when those Decals are on too.
Please link some of those restore pics you did when you get a chance. Lots of good techniques used there!

#22 5 years ago

Have yet to rebuild flippers to newer WMS specs,but have original flippers still intact!

Original apron cards still on Pin,still deciding which customs to add.

Probably the biggest flaw on the machine,chunk of cabinet ply gone.

This Pin was routed in the Salem Or. area and was owned by a couple of women for the past 8+ years before I got it
about two months ago.

#24 5 years ago

Vids guide to flipper rebuild addresses this conversion from System 11 games. Has to do with the spring type and location.

#25 5 years ago

So my Boogie men aren't Boogying

They both shake like they are tryin to boogie, but not like the see saw boogie in quick succession that is supposed to happen like the vid. Anyone ever have this problem?

#34 5 years ago
Quoted from tamoore:

Probably the linkage from the boogiemen to the coil armature under the playfield isn't connected properly.

Checked the spring and it's still attached. Went into coil test and they go up and down fine . In play after she says "Lets Boogie" the right one goes down, left one up, and they just kinda shimmer from there. This is a faster Boogie I noticed than in test,which is more of an "oompa-loompa" dance.

#38 5 years ago

Yo can run a felt strip on the sides of the playfield to avoid scratching those up I believe.

#59 5 years ago

Nice,hope they make enough to be around for awhile,as I got to keep my priorities in order! lol

#91 5 years ago
Quoted from Bohdi:

Yeah..... I don't think those look too real. Unique though??

Yeah, I don't think they were shooting for the "real" look on that.
Her Boobs should look just as campy as the rest of the artwork.
Even in real life her outfit,hair,makeup etc. are over the top and unreal like the "B" rated movies she hosted .

#94 5 years ago
Quoted from MrBellMan:

Add me to the club! One of the best Sys 11 games of all time and better than Scared Stiff IMHO. We love ours!

Welcome MrBellMan Nice example, If you have any stories about your purchase or improvements you have done to it,do tell. Like to know more about the led mod under the Moonman!

#100 5 years ago
Quoted from Turboderf:

Some boggies I mounted on a board for the self

Lighted Boogies-810.JPG 9 KB

Cool,will be into possibly doing similar mods also. Will be interesting to know how that turns out on the Boogie Monsters. Where did you wire those extra Boogie Monsters to,such as the one near ball launch?

#119 5 years ago

Whoa Skypilot, wouldn't even know where to start on that and what to use when I did. Garden hose?

#138 5 years ago

Does anyone know what the "I heart Smarkie" on Elvira's fork on the translite is about?

#141 5 years ago

Thanks,thats an awesome link for some trivia about the game!

#144 5 years ago

Great stuff Robert! I was looking through your description of the characters as some were modeled after people.
You had wondered "why the hippie headband" on the deadhead in the glass.
Well it is my best guess that they are a take on the hippies that followed the Greatful Dead who were also called that. I have to wonder now if Nordman or any of the others were Deadheads themselves? If so,that would be more great trivia to add in on your site!

#145 5 years ago

Also, I added your link to the opening post. It's a must see and a job well done!

#149 5 years ago

It appears mine says all of the above,but sometimes when BBQ bonus gives the extra ball at the beginning of the game,there is no music,just silence unlike the other times extra ball is awarded. Wondering if that's normal.

#158 5 years ago

Scans are your best hope these days. Made Cyclops and JAM/BLOB protectors myself.

#159 5 years ago
Quoted from Magicchiz:

Does anybody have any inside information if anybody is working on a playfield, backglass, plastics, and ramps. I would really like to start collecting the pieces for a restore. Elvira is the oldest in my collection and would love to give her the attention she needs.

Have to say there hasn't been a lot of Elvira love from the Decal,Ramp,plastics makers lately. Just received a message back from Joey and decals for cabinet aren't happening for at least another 3-5 (PPS) weeks.
James at Pinball Inc.has mentioned Ramps are in the works,and the Pinball world is at his mercy for anything Ramp related- a ludicrous but well known fact.
We In a dying hobby of prices driven by Doctors, Lawyers,and other 5-6 figure Yuppies grasping the muse of their childhood as the closest thing to the fountain of youth, must be patient in our passion to preserve,restore then feed this hunger.

#162 5 years ago

Very nice V8racefan, Cool to see what people are coming up with from down under!

#167 5 years ago
Quoted from Kawasakiltd:

I have no pics but I am going to look at one this week. What are the price ranges these go for I have no clue. In pretty decent shape only what the guy told me and we all know how that can be. What defects or problem areas do I need to look for on this game? From what he tells me the machine is in pretty good shape but needs a shop job which is not a problem. Just looking for the range here so I know how much to offer him.

Here you go:

If not fully restored and you know it's not-don't pay over $2,000.00 -try for less than that.

#177 5 years ago

Welcome Sprocket,
Feel free to post any pics or problems you may have,or the adventure you had finding her and getting her home safely!

#179 5 years ago

Cool! interested in how those flipper buttons look from the outside lit up

1 week later
#183 5 years ago

In case anyone missed the recent Elvira news heres another bump for that. New plastics were announced today by CPR.

Get em while they're hot!

#186 5 years ago

A coordinated effort between manufactures on a particular release on decals,ramps,and plastics.
I realize that this doesn't happen, and the interest may be low on their part,but it should be possible for suppliers to all agree on a group of titles to work on simultaneously, allowing folks to get their machines better restored.
Release dates could be more on target,and the guess work reduced or eliminated on the buyers side.

1 week later
#201 5 years ago
Quoted from CptAwesomest:

I'm happy to say that I have officially joined the EATPM club.

Very cool,
Welcome to the club. Post some pics soon!

1 week later
#211 5 years ago

Noticed Cabinet decals are available once again at PPS and BAA. Hope ramps are soon to follow over at PBI.

#214 5 years ago

Curious as to whether ramp decals are ran independently or bundled with cabinet or insert decal production runs.

#216 5 years ago

Right, that may be why he is not releasing ramps yet as I'm sure he doesn't make the decals only the ramps.
Wondering if he is waiting on the decals to be made .

1 week later
#220 5 years ago
Quoted from elevatedreality:

Just finished going through my EATPM and upgrading to LEDs. One thing I noticed, when researching what LEDs to put in is I could not find a list of what to buy for the whole machine. Lots of stuff out there for the backbox but not the playfield. Anyway, since I did a spreadsheet, I thought I would share it. It's definitely cheaper to put your own kit together than buying one of the off the shelf kits, so hopefully others will find it useful.

Elvira LED Lighting.pdf 170 KB
20140419_204912.jpeg 108 KB
20140514_211501.jpg 103 KB

Thank you for this info,I will be doing this soon,but will be tackeling the cabinet first.
Good job!

#221 5 years ago

Yeah,Blob plastic gets broke also. and the decals on drop targets and flip up targets usually need replaced if they haven't already.

#222 5 years ago

Great news from Pinball Inc.
After a much anticipation the wait is over! Anyone who has needed a ramps for this classic pin will get their chance next week when they will become available for purchase.........Bam!

#227 5 years ago

Yeah, good time to get some cliffy's too for added insurance.

#234 5 years ago

Lets get a pic . Your saying the ball flys up with two targets dropped and then gets stuck under rubber/organ player. Possibly you have the wrong size of posts that rubber is attached to, or the rubber is the wrong size for the posts. Both would allow your problem to happen.


#237 5 years ago

The whole clear coat debate rides on your experience doing it yourself. $300.00+ to have someone else do it once you have successfully removed your mylar and done all touch ups yourself. Cabinet decals just became available again for around $279.00. So you looking at a minimum $600.00(probably more like $1000.00 depending on your inventory of arsenal and know how) to get it to collector quality. Collector quality EATPMs are in the $4000.00 more/less range depending on location.

2 weeks later
#243 5 years ago

I thought I may have missed something explaining the new delay ,as he in fact announced the completion of the ramps what, 3 weeks ago?

#247 5 years ago

Did you check the size of the rubber around those posts? If the ball is getting underneath,then go down a size and see if that works.

#252 5 years ago

Here it is,I didn't even realize that was there,lol drop target guard.jpg

#253 5 years ago

Probably wouldn't be too tough to make this if you can't find one.

1 week later
#259 5 years ago

Finally got my ramps ordered from James today,woot! will be an awesome upgrade to my playfield indeed.
I am now faced with the decision of either taking mylar off playfield and clearcoating or just leave it alone. It is lifting slightly in spots on some inserts an slighly dirty around edges but otherwise not too bad,but I want awesome!
Looked at all the overlays Bay Area had,but Elvira isn't one of them. That would work also.

#266 5 years ago

Would be into doing that if they only lit when it's time for them to boogie. Anyone know the way to do that?

Quoted from RobertWinter:

Don't forget, repro playfields are coming...

They sound inviting indeed,but I would like to try my hand at bringing one back to life . I have mine all torn apart right now down to the bare cabinet sanding and filling away.

#271 5 years ago

Yeah, that sounds doable
Will give that a try once my machine is back together. She is getting a cabinet restore job right now.
Hard to say which would look better, on all the time or flash dancing.

#277 5 years ago

Got the new ramps from James also. One has a bent flap,but hopefully I can bend it straight. If not I do have a dremel and the third hand rivet tool if needed,just happy to finally get them! Mine is stripped all the way down to the bare wood on the cab getting ready for new decals,so I have some time.
You think doing a playfield is work,wait til you have a go at stripping all the wiring,electronics decals etc,from the the back box and cab and undertake the sanding filling sanding process,then painting and applying new decals and putting everything back together again successfully,whew! My level of success is yet to be determined as I'm a ways off yet.
Pondering thoughts of Powder coating etc,but can't wait to get those new ramps on! Playfield is on a rotisserie I built just waiting as that is stage 2 of my planned overhaul down the not too distant road. I will install it back in before I do that to check everything for operation. All new to me as well. I did take many pics of my undertaking and hope it pays off as Aurich said you can't have too many,and I hope I took enough.

2 months later
#329 5 years ago

Awesome,it looks like you have all you need to make that happen!
In the middle of a cab restore on mine which is taking longer than I planned,but it gives me time to think of a powder coat color . I really want to do a touch up on the worn areas on playfield and pull up the Mylar in favor of an overlay,but EATPM overlays don't exist ,so my plans for the playfield are in limbo at the moment.

#336 5 years ago

If it's the J-A-M plastic your missing, make sure to add a clear protector for it when you get one.It is one of the most common plastic pieces to get broken on this pin. Blob plastic also.

#344 5 years ago

I have the gate but the flap is broke off. Which flap will work in this gate?

#353 5 years ago
Quoted from MAJRob:

Mine was also missing the flap when I got my pin last week. I bought that same part that Brad mentioned from Marco. I took a hammer and hammered out the pin holding the flap on the new ball gate assembly. I then put the new flap on my old part. It works like a charm I just installed it tonight and I'm stoked.

So you had to buy the whole assy. just to get the flap? Nobody sells the flippin flap seperate ?

2 weeks later
#366 5 years ago
Quoted from MAJRob:

I think you do have to buy the whole assembly. I have never seen the flap just offered for purchase. I believe the whole assembly is approx. $10...plus shipping of course.

Found Marco has just the flap/N 01-1354. If yours is broken or missing and you still have the housing,this will work. A must have to prevent ball from landing in BBQ Bonus from ball launch.

3 weeks later
#393 5 years ago

There is also 2 part epoxy putty that sets up like a rock that may work. You can get it at any hardware or auto parts store.

1 week later
#406 5 years ago

I recently finished my summer project of restoring the cabinet on my EATPM. This was my first restore of any kind so lessons were learned and mistakes made,but all in all it came out pretty good.CAM00243.jpg
It ultimately got a new set of decals,and some dull black powder coating on the rails,lock plate, coin door,legs and feet before I put it back together.Carolyn 322.jpg

I installed the new ramps and a few decals on the playfield along with new instruction cards,but the playfield restore itself will be done after the holidays.Carolyn 319.jpg

#408 5 years ago
Quoted from Bohdi:

Looks really nice. Good job. I like the black rails and lockdown bar. Now just put some mirror blades in there.

Hopefully I can add some when I do the playfield. Wish the lighting was a bit better in my mancave as the LG smartphone doesn't do it justice,lol

#413 5 years ago
Quoted from Bohdi:

Some day I'm going to do my cabinet. Looks fine now, but I'd love to have it mint. Love the instruction cards too. Here's a pic of mine.

E5.jpg 366 KB

I like the idea of extra lighting on this playfield as it seems a little dark. I will re assess after adding leds though. Any reason your not using the original flippers?

#419 5 years ago
Quoted from Honch:

I always felt the dimly lit playfield suited the theme perfectly. I had LEDS in mine and pulled that out because they took the eerie glow away. I love LEDS, but incandescent lamps are perfect for EATPM.

I will have to see the difference firsthand as I just placed the order for them today through Pinball life. Waiting on backbox lamps though,but that will happen soon also.

1 week later
#421 5 years ago

Been playing quite a bit since putting it back together a few weeks ago. Still some of the same issues persisting with play.

1. Ball still rests by pop bumper despite putting an extra rubber ring on post next to bumper.
2. During multiball: Balls shoot out into pop bumper area and one will jump up onto plastic on top right under ramp and rest there also. This occurs about once every 7-8 multiballs.

I noticed there are two holes in the ramp molding right above where the ball gets stuck,so maybe there is something that is supposed to go there but pics of that area are scarce on the web.
Anyone else have these issues?

#425 5 years ago

Here are some pics of problem areas.
Stuck spot 1.jpg
Stuck 1b.jpgstuck 2.jpg
Pop bumper spot shows with and without ball. Funny,it didn't want to stay there when I recreated the issue for the pic,lol
Third pic is where the ball will end up at times when ejected from skull.

#428 5 years ago

Thanks Rob! I think I can fabricate that clear plastic piece. I knew those two holes were there for a purpose,but hadn't seen one til now.

Not sure the procedure of adjusting sensitivity on a pop wafer,but will look in that area to fix the ball resting there also.

#429 5 years ago

As far as gameplay,the right pizza passage lane feeds the drain seemingly way too often and has me doing a half plunge to avoid pops so I can at least get my ball back if it does drain when plunging. Any techniques or fixes for this "party pooper"?

#436 5 years ago

Not much response about the Pizza Passage ball drain issue I was having save for Aurich who had the same frusrations and solved it by adding a rubber ring to the outside post.

I was attempting to do that without removing any playfield parts,but was unsuccessful in getting the ring onto a yellow rubber post . However, by all the tweaking on the outside metal lane guide and the post,it appears I've fixed it as the ball now feeds to the flippers more often than not, Woot!
Game now has an entirely different dynamic, is way more fun,and I have already beat my not so high score since tweaking it!

#439 5 years ago

Yeah,I will have to tinker with it a little to see if I can get it to be more sensitive.

2 weeks later
#449 5 years ago

Yeah Rob,I took the plunge on the new playfield pre order. At $750.00 it has to be a pin worth that kind of dough . I feel it is, especially after finishing the cabinet work with new decals, Powder coat,new ramps etc. But if your gonna go that far like I did, why stop there right?

Of course I had to get my wife's blessing on the investment,but luckily she plays that pin also, and has said it is among the funnest pins out there when it's dialed in. Boom!(confetti falls)
I will do some playfield touch ups to my old one and try to recoup some of my money back,but will have to learn all the tricks in the the Vid1900 playbook and more for that one I'm sure.

2 weeks later
#454 4 years ago

This is nice,but I prefer a horizontal Elvira like the one with her on the couch. That would be more doable as a topper anyway.

1 week later
#466 4 years ago
Quoted from paulywalnuts23:

So good news. I picked up my EATPM today and she is home… Now for a couple of questions. Does anyone know of any place currently selling the ramps… The ones in this machine are ok but I would really like to replace the right return ramp/slide.. Also How about Decals? I know of one place that is selling them, but they want over 250 for them so I was wondering if there was any place selling them a bit cheaper…
Thanks everyone and very happy to be a member of the club..

Yeah, those ramps sold wicked quick and took forever for them to get produced. I'm not sure who is taking over for James at Pinball Inc.,but he would be the person to ask if there are any seconds laying around now that all the dust has settled.

#468 4 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Yeah they are and everytime we get the same old song and dance..."we only have a license to make so many" and "we only make so many because what if they don't sell and we have to sit on them". I say to that.

Yeah,that does sound familiar.

#471 4 years ago
Quoted from spiroagnew:

Pic one shows the seven wires leading to the connector. Pics 2 and 3 are the connector from top and bottom. Pin configuration is as follows:
[YELLOW/Purp Trace]
[RED/Purp Trace]
[RED/Blk Trace]
Yellow/Purp terminates at the connector, but the three others are IDC connected mid-wire to allow the wire's signal to continue on. Hence the reason seven wires are pictured in the group heading to the connector, but just four pins to fill. Hope this helps.

00-dead3.jpg 17 KB

00-dead1.jpg 22 KB

00-dead2.jpg 15 KB

2manypins: This was posted on the previous page of this thread. Hope this helps,Cheers!

#474 4 years ago
Quoted from BadBrad97:

Ok. I FINALLY fixed my multiball issue. Some may have seen my other posts about the ball not shooting over the wall and landing the ball in the pop bumper area consistently. I took some windings off my coil to beef it up and that got me the ball in that area about 80-90% of the time, but I could tell something still wasn't right. Here's what the real problem was:
The nuts that were holding the plastic were high enough that the ball would hit the nuts and bounce the ball up into the overhead ramp or back into the lane down the middle.
I switched from posts with nuts on top, to screws and now there is nothing in the way except the rounded screw head. Bingo. Not sure if these posts were originally posts with nuts or just screws.
Hope this helps someone else who may be having a similar problem.

Having this issue on my multiballs as well. I am going to start with replacing the nuts with screws to see if the balls will clear the center lane into the pop bumper area. Often they bounce back into the lock and the multiball now becomes a single ball until it drains and goes through a ball search. Often,when the balls do manage to clear, they go straight down the middle.

#475 4 years ago

Replacing nuts with screws didn't work for me. I took 70 winds off the coil,and still only getting 2/3 over center lane from skull lock.I started building up end of ramp to try for more air and it worked 3 times(9 balls) in a row while manipulating it,but during game play it was only about 80%. I have a plastic protector over the blob plastic,so I'm gonna take that off to see if that's the culprit.
If that does the trick I think trying to raise the ramp angle a little more to clear the double layered Blob plastic should work.

I won't settle for anything less than 100% on this as I feel it is important the balls land in the pop bumper area . One popping out straight down the middle is just unacceptable when trying to hit a Jackpot,but cracking a hard to get Blob plastic by leaving the protector off isn't wise either.

#485 4 years ago

Yes they are thicker on James runs it appears. I don't know anything about Starship and their capabilities or abilities to produce ramps however.

#495 4 years ago

The problem may not be the kicker, but the flap that allows the ball to pass through into the pops.
This flap has been my nemesis since I got the game. I have even replaced the flap and ground the new one so the ball will pass through without getting stuck or knocked back into the kicker with only minimal success.

#497 4 years ago

This is a tough one as it is very difficult to do anything to this area without removing ramps or playfield to access it. Once apart,you can better simulate its movement and fix any binding etc.

I am still little stumped at what the root cause of the flap failure is however. At times mine will still reject the ball back into the hole. Other times the flap will catch the ball,despite shortening it causing a ball search. Most of the time the ball does make it through,but it's not 100% by any means. if you discover the main culprit in your journeys,please share!

#502 4 years ago

Will have a look when I get a chance. Very well could be the problem on mine as well.

#509 4 years ago

Looks nice!
Illumination is one aspect the table could use more of even after installing leds, and mods such as this surely will help!

#524 4 years ago

Hey Mike,Welcome to the club!

These rails are hard to find indeed. I had a few dents in mine and went looking,but had no luck either.
I ended up reversing them so the dents were toward the back instead of the more noticeable front.

Will let you know if I spot any in my journeys.

#527 4 years ago

Since the dings on mine were up front near the flippers it worked pretty well.
You will have to see if it will make a difference on yours depending on where your dents are located.
Just don't attempt to take out the dents yourself as it will usually just make it worse.
I believe there is a torx screw on the end of each rail,so be prepared for those when removing them.

There are guidelines listed on the Pinside forums for removing rails so you don't ruin your decals if you've never done this before. Not too hard really.

3 weeks later
#534 4 years ago
Quoted from BadBrad97:

That is SO cool. I can't imagine have Dennis Nordman and Mark Penacho coming to my pinball party. I would have them signing everything I own.

Yeah, Just stopping by this club would be cool. Messaged him once,but no reply.
Just realized Brad, that even though you live thousands of miles away,you reside in the same town as my wife's mom and 3 kids!

2 weeks later
#539 4 years ago

Nice Spitfiren! Yours looks to be in much better shape than mine was cabinet wise when I bought it.
LED's look to be done throught! Did you get this from a Pinsider?

#541 4 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Hey guys I just finished putting a really cool mod on the game. Check out my topic in All Modding, New EATPM playfield skull led mod, pictures are up too. Contact Pinballdoctor1 (a Pinsider) if you want one.

This has to be one of the coolest mods yet! Good job, and a great location to put it!
Curious as to what this kit costs for all who can't resist?

3 weeks later
#576 4 years ago

Just conquered a GI lighting problem on my EATPM and thought I would share.
I have been missing my entire Playfield GI lights for the past several months and have been relying on inserts and an overhead lamp next to my machine for lighting.
Scratching my head I finally got my act together and narrowed it down after a few weeks of head scratching. I checked the plugs in the interconnect board with multimeter which showed correct voltage going out to Playfield.I had traced all the GI bulbs on Playfield and found one that was broke. Soldered it and still no luck.
Finally, today I followed the Yellow and Purple wires out of Interconnect board to Playfield all the way to relay board on underside of Playfield. The Board and connector were good as I replaced it when I first got the Pin,bit the new plug I installed had wires that really didn't look that secured into plug.
I took all 4 wires back off and then re seated them into the self piercing connector. Bam! GI lights once again! I will invest in a better crimp connector set in the future. Hope this helps someone down the road.

#578 4 years ago

You know I almost did a few times and I surely would have got it fixed sooner if I had. I actually came real close to paying a guy to come out and look at it but he cancelled at the last minute for a family crisis. Now that $50.00 can go towards some mods instead. Big sigh of relief!

#586 4 years ago

Nice example, welcome to the club!

1 week later
#607 4 years ago
Quoted from Blackbeard:

Anyone yank mylar on EATPM?
I'm thinking I may do a really good shop on this thing. Love the game and the pf is really nice.

Aurich has done this, I know it is a risky process as pulling up artwork with the mylar will happen to some extent. You can refer to several threads including Vid1900 guide to playfield restoration for different procedures. Some swear by freeze method and some think heat gun is best. I wouldn't do it unless I had all the tools for clear coating and skills with airbrushing to make it happen and turn out good.
I was going to do it, but the whole process of clear coating afterward kinda steered me towards a new playfield from Classic Playfield Reproductions instead. An overlay protector is made for several machines that doesn't stick like mylar,but Elvira is mysteriously left off this list . Good luck!

#619 4 years ago

Hmm,not sure if I would do that. I would copy this into the tech forums as there are some gurus among us on Pinside who surely can be of help,but not necessarily here. Many tech issues can be solved on this thread,but your chances of solving an electrical problem will greatly increase when sharing with the guys who live for the that area of problem solving.
Definitely envy your scores , as mine have yet to reach that level as of today at least!

#631 4 years ago
Quoted from SilverballNut:

So, I don't post a lot in here, but thought you might like a pic of my EATPM after I put all new ramps, plastics and powder coated all the metal. New tmoulding and chrome moulding too. I love the game and it came out great.
BTW: I changed the protectors to black since the red didn't look right, but this is the pic I have.
EATPM 2.jpg (Click image to enlarge)
eatpm.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

Nice choice on Powder color!

1 week later
#646 4 years ago

When you sell this awesome score you will install the non-personalized Elvira Translite undoubtedly.
I had to do a double take when I saw she had signed it to you knowing full well that it wont help the value of the pin. I don't think anyone could ever tell either way when selling once youve swapped them.

#650 4 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Er, that is, unless your name is Robert....

Lol yes, I guess that would be the exception!

#652 4 years ago

Thanks for sharing your project. There are few different examples on this thread of other folks who have done some really cool led configurations if you need to compare, and may give you more ideas.
Good luck!

1 month later
#670 4 years ago

Not sure why they would be 220 in the first place. Its not an oven or heater,so I don't see the need.

#672 4 years ago

Damn, I should've known that,lol

1 week later
#677 4 years ago

Met Dennis Nordman and Greg Freres at the Northwest Pinball and Arcade show on Sunday. They signed my EATPM Translite and I got a pic with them, Good times!

Nordman_Freres_Elvira resize.jpg Freres_Nordman 2.jpg
#682 4 years ago

Those are the Dead Heads,and I have not seen them available, but haven't really looked as mine are ok. Will post back if I find any.

#684 4 years ago

That's awesome T2,look forward to seeing some shots of that!

1 month later
#697 4 years ago

Looks like a cool set up you have for that summer bash!

2 months later
#710 4 years ago

Welcome to the club, post pics when you can. You may have to search a bit for ramps,but shouldn't be impossible.

#717 4 years ago

Yes I would say that's a kick ass line up!

#732 4 years ago

Good to hear you can still get the ramps and hopefully the decals with them also. If you have to install decals yourself and have never done this, make sure to read up on this first, and scan them before going ahead.

2 weeks later
#741 4 years ago
Quoted from TechnicalSteam:

Hey all,
Purchased EATPM in pretty rough shape in July of 2015. Most of the bulbs burnt out. Some of the rubber pieces had melted to the playfield. To many folks, it was truly a horror show. Spent the last four months cleaning, adding LEDS, cleaning some more and machining new parts. Cyclops Eye was gone and couldn't find the right sized clips for the BBQ bonus targets.
Finely Got my EATPM working 100%, after 4 months of ownership. Thanks to folks in this thread for some of the help along the way.
My machine now just needs some cosmetic work.
#1. Cabinet Artwork is a little worn, decal pealing of the cabinet.
#2. Inserts need new decals, but I don't want to remove the protective Mylar.
( I found them but they are not high end decals )
As I actually enjoy playing this game. May install some cliffy's on the switches on the lanes.
Not sure about removing the Mylar. Game is in pretty good condition otherwise.
Should I fix the inserts? Or just leave it alone and enjoy it for couple more years?

Classic Playfield Reproductions are making new playfields,so maybe just hold out for those. Put new decals on myself and those may still be available also.

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