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By karmalord

6 years ago

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#1233 4 months ago

Guys, I just joined the club.
And I know its a bit stupid and silly to buy a machine without even turning it on, but I did...

I got a decent deal for it. And I figured this machine is pretty popular and so should be able to fix anything that wouldn't be working...
Anyway. I ordered some new bands, bulbs, and plastics for my machine and also pinballs for it.

Before turning it on I did my check off all the wires and fuses.

And this is why I'm posting here. There are two fuses that are not even in the upper right hand corner board.

They're labeled on the board as F2 and F3 and then 100v printed by them.
What kind of fuse are these.
I don't really own any spare fuses. I bought a fuse kit for my raven as that is next on my refurbish list. So I was wondering and hoping that two of the fuses I bought for that kit would work for these missing two.

If they don't. That's fine. Guess, I will just need and order the right fuses.
My manual also comes later this week.
I didn't preorder any of the stuff. Just in case the deal fell through, as we all know they can. But, it didn't and regardless I am very happy. I got a nice... But, a bit rough EATPM machine. With a little tender care. She'll be looking really good, and hopefully playing good too.

Thanks in advance.

#1235 4 months ago

Okay... So I decided on a whim to check out IPDB and see if they had the manual. And success!!!! They did and I looked up the fuse number.

So... The circled are the two I need. I'm not certain how to read this chart. as there are multiple entries for 1.
Sorry again.

pasted_image (resized).png
#1236 4 months ago
Quoted from guitarded:

Power Supply Board (D-12246) :
F1 - 3/8A Slow Blow 250V
F2, F3 - 1/8A Slow Blow 250V
Power Aux Supply Board (D-12247) :
F1, F2A - 2.5A SB 250V
F2C - 5A SB 250v

Thanks I think the two I need are the 1/8a slow blow 250v.
Thanks again for the quick reply. And I'm sorry about being a newb still guys. I'm not 100% new to collecting pinballs. But, I still don't know anything yet. At least now... I know what I don't know. So that's something.

#1238 4 months ago

I don't have any 1/8 amp fuses. I have 1/4 and 1/2 amp slow blow fuses.

Guess, I'm placing another order for part... And paying a 2nd time for S&H... And waiting... And we all know what Tom Petty says about waiting.
That's its the hardest part.
Really wanted to fire her up.

#1239 4 months ago

Well...I think I might have overpaid 400-800 dollars for my Elvira...

My machine was super filthy. No surprise. As I stated before the bands were never replaced. Once I get the new ones I'll replace. I haven't turned it on yet. As I don't want to turn it on without the fuses being in the driver board. So who knows what will happen.

Guy I bought it from said it was working... But, people say lots of things.
The sides are pretty beaten and worn. With some fraying of the wood and also the paint or vinyl from the sides are coming off by the legs. Translite is in good shape. Not perfect. But, really nice.

The plastics are in good shape. I did however order a replacement set. As that set comes with the topper. And I figured it can't hurt to have replacement plastics.

The monster slide though is badly cracked near the top. It could last a long time... Don't know. Might be looking for spare ramps now... Which is a bummer.

The playfield seemed to be in good condition despite it being dirty.
However... Once I cleaned it. I did notice some wear at Bat... That's common. And really wan't too bad. Mostly the B in bat was worn...

But, there is one section that I'm worried about. I'll post a picture later for you all to see.
I thought this might be mylar. But, I don't think it is.
I think its whatever they printed the playfield with.

For the left inlane there seems to be a bit of playfield that is coming up. Maybe about a quarter of an inch by like 1/8 of an inch. I thought it was mylar. But, the other side doesn't appear to have any mylar. Or I didn't notice it... I can be bad at stuff like that.
So I'm wondering...
What would be the best solution. Cut off the loose bits that are sticking up. Even if its the playfield wrap... And then put mylar over it.
Or if it is mylar. Cut the bad bit off. Or take it all off?

Again. I'll try to get a good picture. But, I don't own a smartphone with a camera. I own a crappy tablet. And that has a crappy picture...

And then one last thing. While waxing. I noticed over the inserts. Feels kind of bubbly. And its really just over the inserts. I'm think that's just the age of the pin and the inserts and how this was stored. Probably. Not in the best of conditions. As there was just a ton of dirt and dust all over it.
Is that common. I don't really know.

I'm not regretting my purchase(though some on this board might... As I am and will be pestering you all now), I think eventually. I'll have a super nice and fun Elvira to play with.

The one thing I won't be doing anytime soon is replacing the side art. Or fixing up the cab. I don't have the room to do so. But, that hopefully will get done. When I move to my 2nd house. As I want to have space to work on pins there.
Sorry about the novel.
But, any suggestions. Once again would be appreciated.
Thank you.

#1241 4 months ago
Quoted from tiltmonster:

Sorry, I'm not sure what you're worried about until I see pics but having said that... this pin is known to have decals wearing around the legs (mine was cut out and then the wood painted black). Wear in the BATS lanes, which is nothing to worry about unless you want a flawless machine, is normal. Cracked ramps (which are still available for purchase) is normal too but cliffy also offers an option if you don't want to buy new ramps. I have cracked ramps with a new set on hand that I have not installed but my game plays fine. I have wear on the BAT lanes that you can only see if you're looking for it. I also had bubbling in the mylar on some of the inserts which can be handled to minimize these issues. There are threads on how to deal with this, and I'm not saying you should do this but in a nut shell I punctured the bubble with a pin, replaced the bulbs with LED's and its hardly noticeable. So I guess it comes down to what you paid and if you enjoy the game because what you're talking about isn't really any deal breaker in my mind but everyone has their own opinion on what's important.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Your game looks really nice.

I'm not horribly concerned or devastated. Its just now that I have time to look into this machine. I'm seeing all the warts and imperfections.
I'll probably look into the decal issue with the legs at a later date and see what a good bandaid solution will be. I'm a few years out from having the space and area to do a cab rebuild and then purchase new side decals.

The bat wear, I know is common. And I've seen many games with it far worse. I don't care about that. I care only about the bulbs being lit so I can see the lanes I need to complete. So it was just a gripe about my new machine.

And the mylar with the inserts. I was just curious about that. As again... I'm still newish to the whole pinball maintenance scene. Only been in the hobby going on 2 years, and this is something I haven't come across yet. I don't think it'll really impact the game play. Just was weird when I was waxing to feel it, and hear it. Just wanted to get peoples opinions and input on it. I'll look more into this in the future. So thanks for the heads up about where I might find more discussions on it.

The main thing that concerns me though. Is that bit of playfield or mylar that is coming up in the left inlane.
I'll post images of it tomorrow. But, thinking about it... Even if its the worst case scenario. There are worse things.

For one... The elvira at the bottom of the playfield is in great condition, and really so is the rest of the playfield.
If the ramps give me issues I'll look into the cliffy solution.

And yeah. I could buy new ones, but those are a bit pricey. Maybe at a later date. Thanks for the input mate.

#1244 4 months ago
Quoted from tiltmonster:

Thank you.
I didn't mean to sound off putting and I only posted pictures to show you that a lot of what you're talking about were issues with my pin. As you can sort of see I addressed many of them and (I think) the game came out great with minimal cost. Yes, I did buy the backglass but I got that because I just love the way real backglass looks so that was an indulgent purchase. I had to do some board work where some lights/flashers were out and I replaced those resistors. I also had to replace the display and choose the X-Pin Red LED to color match. I can live with the broken ramps and when I have time I'll swap those out but the game play isn't an issue so it's not a must have fix.
This site is awesome and there are plenty of very smart, helpful people here that can walk the highly or not so highly skilled people through most issues. You got this!
[quoted image][quoted image]

We're good. I didn't take offense.
Just whenever I make a purchase, I'll always notice each imperfection and then the 2nd guessing starts. Grass always looks greener.
I might try to get a real backglass for it one day. Don't know. Focus right now is on the new rubbers, and fuses in. See how the game plays.
There probably will be flipper issues. As I have yet to purchase an older game without FLIPPER issues. And that is one area... I know I need to work on.
But, the more I watch and research the more it makes my head hurt.

Oh... and lastly bulbs.
When I got my night moves up and working. I replaced a few. More would go out, replaced a few, and more would go out. This happened I think 3 total times. But, finally all the bulbs are working and I'm happy.

I think I get now why companies stopped putting so many bulbs in the backbox. Besides the fact that certain bulbs melted the translites and backglasses. Just the shear amount of bulbs in them can make you SCREAM!

I also might one day LED the game. But, not right now. I rather just focus on getting the bulbs that are out working.
And then maybe focus on replacing a section at a time. But, in a tasteful non rainbow puke manner.

#1248 4 months ago
Quoted from moto_cat:

diospinball ,
Does your game have HV plasma or LV led displays ? The 100v fuses are not necessary if using LV displays ..

I don't know. What's an easy way to tell?

#1250 4 months ago
Quoted from moto_cat:

The plasma displays will be encased in glass like a plasma DMD.
Can you post a pic of what you have?

Both of them are Pinscores from like 2007 I think... They look to be LED. and not encased in glass.

And also... It is good news and bad news with my playfield...

The good news. The bit that was coming up was mylar or a playfield protector. So I was able to cut that out. Rip it up and cut it out.

Now the bad news... Next to it. Is indeed a pretty bad wear spot.... Not the end of the world. If it bothers me that much(I doubt it will), I can always try to do a simple repaint on it.
And I noticed a line or crack down the right side of Elvira's face. So she has a tough looking war scar... Not really noticeable. ANd when you're playing you won't see it. And I was able to check out the bubbling on the inserts...
Maybe.. Maybe a few years down the road. When I get a lot more experience working on pins, I might by a new vinyl playfield and put that on. But, for now its fine.
Hell. Really the most important things to me about this game are the callouts, backglass, cab art, and of course how it plays. So all in all. It'll have just enough projects for me to learn some things on. And should still give me plenty of hours of enjoyment.
And that's what its all about.

Besides the main goals should be play the heck out of it first... Then later refurbish it... Cos once its refurbished. Then it'll start to get more wear and tear. So I should just put as much games on it first... So yep... Fun times ahead!

#1252 4 months ago
Quoted from tiltmonster:

Please post some pics if you can, I'd like to see what you've got... enjoy!

Lost my tablet. And my phone just takes even worse pictures. So... I'll see what I can do. I don't own a smart phone. Just a cheap phone that just has unlimited minutes and long distance and text... Really, really old At&t plan. And I don't want to change over or upgrade as I'll lose the package deal I got.

Stinks when you just need to take some quick pictures. That's one of the reason's I bought a cheap tablet... But, I forgot where I put it.

#1256 4 months ago

Okay... So my goodie box arrived finally. I put the fuses in and I turned the game on, and I got an ADJUSTMENT ERROR...
I was a bit upset at first. Power cycled it, but then the same error. And that is when I realized.... Ohhh yeah, I already took the old batteries out and put new ones in. So I'll have to reset the game settings.
Took me a few minutes to figure out how the controls worked for this. But, I got it. Set it to free play and also got my extra ball rewards for replays turned on, and turned special as well to Extra ball...

Now this is where it gets funish...
So While I was trying to take a post out... I took the whole post out screw and all. This was from my attempt to see if it was wear or mylar by the outlane. And so, I'm going to have to figure out the best way to take the plastics off. As I don't think I want to remove the whole post when I do so... Anyway... That's the first thing I need to look up and figure out.

Also I then went through catloging the lights out and all the other issues... THERE ARE A LOT!
So I think about half the bulbs are out, and most on the backbox are out as well.
All but 3 flashers on the backbox are out. And I know the jam flasher is out as well.
But, I'll probably replace all the hard to get to bulbs and flashers on the playfield. AS its just not worth having to rechange if they go out later.

I bought 30 bulbs of each kind for this game, and I don't think I bought enough... So I might be placing another order. Eventually I will LED... But, I just thought it would have been easier to replace the bulbs and then LED at my leisure.

Now... For the real issues.
Besides changing all the bands.

Coffins remain in their open status. They don't reset. The switches for the targets do seem to work.
In fact all the switches seemed to work. Even the ones on the ramps. I love the OHHHH NOOO... Callout when it rolls back down(so I needed to make sure that worked).
Pizza lane worked.

Not sure if the deadheads dancing worked. But, thats tied to the coffins, and those are up... So... Couldn't test them.

BBQ switch doesn't always register. But, that got better as I played a mock game...(I did cheat and grabbed the ball sometimes to make sure I hit a few shots).
But, the BBQ shot seemed to get more reliable the more I shot a ball there. Still not 100%, but hey.. Its working. Minor adjustment might be all that needs.

Jam drops however not only stick and go slowly down. They don't seem to be registering that I hit them. Could just be one that is not registering the hit and thus not resetting. The good... They do reset on the start of each ball...

The good... Flipper strength is really good.
The bad... The right flipper is a bit out of alignment. Its not pointed the right way. ITs a bit off. I'll have to figure out how to adjust it. Yes... I know its not aligned right... But, no I don't know as of today how to fix that... I'll learn and fix it.

The pops are strong and all work. The bad. 2 of the lights are out for the pops. But, that looks easy to replace... I hope!!!!!

The good. Skull lock works. And his eyes work!!!!
ANd more important. The kickout for MB start works.

The right ramp coil kickout to the wireform. That is also working greatly. Really strong coil. So I am pleased about both of those.

The sound works. A bit staticy... And really the same issues, you'd expect from an old sound system. It doesn't like going too low volume. But, I found a nice level that the audio sounds nicely on and is just right for home use.

The potentially bad... Everytime the ball trough kicks a ball out. There seems to be a coil/switch firing somewhere. Not sure if this is a serious issue. Or just annoying or if its common. I don't think the galloping ghost one has this issue. So I'll have to look into this.

And I guess the last good.
The knocker works and is SUPER LOUD!!! I'm a big fan of real knockers. And really don't have any games in my house that work currently that have one.
So I like this one... But, it is LOUD!!!

So that is my list of things I need to fix and do. Its going to be a bit before I get this game up and running.
Maybe some people could blow these issues out in a couple of hours. Not me. But, I do hope a little here, and a little there, and I'll have a fun game.

Just funny. That no doubt a lot of these issues would have been minor fixes over the years. But, most people don't want to be bothered with pinball maintenance and so it grows, and grows and just gets to be like this.

Since I'm still a newb. What would you guys suggest I tackle first. Replacing the bands I think will be one of the last things I do. I know to get to a lot of this stuff to fix the other issues, I'll need to take off the plastics, and so of course when I take those off, I'll replace the lights and bands after I fix what is needed in those areas.
Thanks in advance for the help and suggestions. And yes. I'm going to get pictures.

Edit... One very minor thing. The plastics are in great shape. I did buy a full replacement set, but that was to get the topper mostly. Anyway.. The party punch plastic. One of hte mounts came off. So I need to figure out the hardware to get that fully secured. Very minor. But, adding it to the list!!!!! Almost could use double sided 3m tape really....

#1257 4 months ago

On vacation for the rest of this week. After breakfast I decided I wanted to look around and tinker a bit more on my new machine.

So I took off the plastic bubble on the coffin/gravestone area. I manually reset the targets and then I started a new game.

The good news is it registers when they are fully down and triggered. But, then they don't reset after I collect the bonus. At least I'm think that is when they're supposed to reset.

Also, I finally was able to get the boogie man bonus. And I made sure to collect that to see if their mech works.
And no it does not.

I'm thinking could it be possible both of these coils are out because maybe I have a fuse out I don't know about?

I looked under the playfield to double check the wires and everything seems in order.
These look to be simple mechs and I did move the piston in the coils to just see how they moved. They're not jammed or stuck, they're free moving. I think the coils just aren't firing.

So that leads me to believe 1 or 2 things. One is simple fuse out. Wouldn't surprise me. Again this maintenance was lacking. Its hard for me to tell if a fuse is blown or not. So if it could be. Any help on where and what board it would be on would be great.

Then the 2nd thing I'm thinking is it could be board related. Which is a bit scarier... But, possible. Could be many things if its board related. Even cold solder.
Anyway. Those are my thoughts. Any insight would be appreciated. I'll check my manual. See if I can find anything.

#1259 4 months ago
Quoted from guitarded:

Do they fire in the 'Coil Test'?

Good idea. I'll actually try that right now. Thanks!

#1260 4 months ago
Quoted from guitarded:

Do they fire in the 'Coil Test'?

It took me a little bit to figure out how to do the coil test. I had to use my manual(at least I got some use out of it).
No, they are not firing during the test.

I let it cycle a few times through .I even put the targets to the position to where if it fired they'd be reset.
Neither the boogie man or the coffin/tombstone targets coils fired during the test.

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