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Elvira And The Party Monsters club-Monstrous!

By karmalord

5 years ago

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#29 5 years ago

Look what I just won. $9.95

ebay.com link » Elvira Hand Signed 1989 Party Monsters Nice Pinball Manual

#50 5 years ago

New Translite on Ebay. Hurry.

ebay.com link » Elvira The Party Monsters Bally Pinball Machine Translite Unapplied Greg Freres

#65 5 years ago

Quick! Sell your translite now while the price is still high, then when the backglass gets remade you will be ready!

#70 5 years ago
Quoted from Bohdi:

Yeah, put your alternate in! And post a pic so the whole world can see it...

Wait. There's an alternate? Why have I not been told about this?

#72 5 years ago
Quoted from Bohdi:

Your being told now. The alternate is a bit more revealing, that's all i'll say.

More revealing? How could it be more revealing? I am so offended.

#76 5 years ago
Quoted from Skypilot:

Im, In ....sort of... Thanks to the Ohio show

Project pin

IMG_0176.JPG 173 KB

Yes. It counts.

#78 5 years ago
Quoted from RobertWinter:

This may be the alternate translite people are referring to.

elvira_alt.JPG 295 KB

Offensive!!! Are they for sale someplace?

#79 5 years ago

on second thought.... that is not what her "stuff" looks like in real life. Fail.

#111 5 years ago
Quoted from Skypilot:

Picked up this populated playfield at the show also.
Thought you might get a kick out of it.

Amazing how clean that is getting. This is going to make for some great before and after pics.

#137 5 years ago
Quoted from Skypilot:

Picked up this populated playfield at the show also.
Thought you might get a kick out of it.

Reading the articles on the 2004 flood, I guess Kevin owned all of the machines that were damaged. If these flood damaged machines and parts keep showing up, where have they been and who is selling them? Was there an auction or something?

#146 5 years ago

Cool page. Although after hearing some of the wav files, it appears I may be missing a couple sounds.

Is there supposed to be a guy's voice saying "Light's, Organ" at the beginning of multiball? I also saw a wav for Dracula saying "Blah". I don't have that one either.

Weird. I have all the Elvira callouts.

#150 5 years ago

Here's commitment. Just days after getting a plate put in her wrist after breaking her arm, my girlfriend is back on Elvira.

#152 5 years ago
Quoted from Bohdi:

That IS commitment. Does she smoke your a$$ on that pin Brad??

Not yet. She hasn't really had much practice on it yet. Her arm has been broken since I got it running. It keeps draining on her and she can't bump the machine. It is pretty funny.

She did smoke me on Terminator 2 last night. Though....

#164 5 years ago

Ok. I FINALLY fixed my multiball issue. Some may have seen my other posts about the ball not shooting over the wall and landing the ball in the pop bumper area consistently. I took some windings off my coil to beef it up and that got me the ball in that area about 80-90% of the time, but I could tell something still wasn't right. Here's what the real problem was:

The nuts that were holding the plastic were high enough that the ball would hit the nuts and bounce the ball up into the overhead ramp or back into the lane down the middle.

I switched from posts with nuts on top, to screws and now there is nothing in the way except the rounded screw head. Bingo. Not sure if these posts were originally posts with nuts or just screws.

Hope this helps someone else who may be having a similar problem.

1 week later
#181 5 years ago

@mustangpaul. Love the light in the barbeque hole! I am going to do that for sure. Did you hook the light to the GI or does it come on with the BBQ served light?

1 month later
#212 5 years ago
Quoted from karmalord:

Noticed Cabinet decals are available once again at PPS and BAA. Hope ramps are soon to follow over at PBI.

Me too.

2 weeks later
#225 5 years ago
Quoted from Turboderf:

This was on pinball inc facebook page
I'm finally getting back to a somewhat regular schedule (at least for me it's regular) so after a long wait we are finally finishing up the run of Elvira and the Party Monsters ramp set! Yes they will include the hardware and decals

EATPM Ramps.jpg 44 KB

Fantastic news!!! I love those guys.

3 weeks later
#244 5 years ago

I got a message from Pinball Inc. on Facebook about a week ago and he said that he was filling some backorders with suppliers and that they should be available soon at the suppliers and their website. I guess they will start showing up at places like Bay Area and Marcos soon. I have found sometimes that when things first show up at Marcos, it is a while before they update the website.

Contact them directly and ask if it is in stock. A few times they have had it when the website said they didn't.

#255 5 years ago

Mine has the wire too. No posts.

1 week later
#270 5 years ago
Quoted from karmalord:

Would be into doing that if they only lit when it's time for them to boogie. Anyone know the way to do that?

They sound inviting indeed,but I would like to try my hand at bringing one back to life . I have mine all torn apart right now down to the bare cabinet sanding and filling away.

Yes. It's doable. I added flashers in that area that are tied to the lights that flash when the boogie men go. You just have to be sure they are 12 volt bulbs if they are tied to the flashers, not 44/47's those are 6.3 volts.

1 month later
#314 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

GREAT story and good to have you back. I'd leave it all original for as long as possible but when things start to show their age and break I hope you can find the parts needed. I wish I would have bought a ramp set.

I thought they just re-released the ramp set last month? Are they sold out already?

2 weeks later
#342 5 years ago

Just to give an update on the ball gate that is missing from a lot of the Elvira machines.

The gate that is supposed to be on the machine is not available anywhere.
Elvira Ball gate 1.jpg

You can get by with this part from Marco. A13101-1.

Although the holes are on the left you can bend your flap enough to make it work. I have had this one on my machine for about a year or so and it works great.
Elvira ball gate 2.jpg

2 months later
#438 5 years ago
Quoted from spiroagnew:

For the first hang-up, I can't see anything different on mine, and I don't have any issues. Perhaps just a misplaced post, by a couple millimeters, at the factory. Looks like it is settling part on the rubber and part on the pop wafer. Have you tried adjusting the sensitivity of your lower pop so the ball isn't given a chance to settle? Once the ball gets anywhere near the wafer in the settling position it will bump it away.

Rob is right. On your first hang up. If you already have the extra rubber ring around the bottom of the post, then the next option is to adjust the pop so that if the ball even barely touches it, it will fire. That is what I had to do to mine. It still gets stuck once about every 50 games but I can live with that. When it does get stuck a gentle bump will make the pop fire.

I don't remember how I adjusted it, but if I remember it was not that hard. I know with Williams pops, it needs to be exactly in the center of the spoon. You should be able to figure it out.

1 month later
#482 4 years ago
Quoted from karmalord:

Yeah, those ramps sold wicked quick and took forever for them to get produced. I'm not sure who is taking over for James at Pinball Inc.,but he would be the person to ask if there are any seconds laying around now that all the dust has settled.

Talked with James and they sold all the ramps they had for Elvira to Starship-Fantasy.com who took over making ramps for Pinball Inc.

Called Larry at Starship Fantasy and he said he hoped to make another run of Elvira ramps this year.

Larry Rosenthal, CEO
Starship Fantasy
6607 W Vista Bonita Dr
Glendale, AZ 85310-5740
cell: 602-228-7333

1 week later
#507 4 years ago

I may have posted this before, not sure but wanted to share. I have had good success using LED black light strips on Lexan plates in Elvira. They are 12 volt and will work on the flasher circuits. I put one under the Boogie men that flashes when they move and one under the skull that flashes when the light under the skull flashes.

Here is what they look like.


#512 4 years ago

I put in my playfield pre-order too. I may break down and restore it before they get around to actually doing it. I have all new plastic already and I ordered new ramps this week. My playfield really isn't that bad but it will bug me if I don't fix it before too long.

#514 4 years ago

I was on the backorder list when James sold to Starship Fantasy. Larry@Starship Fantasy sent me an email and said they found some ramps for me, so I bought them. Not sure if they have any more or not. They may have started up making them again. That would be cool.

I really only need the long one (I have one vertical crack near the top), but bought the whole set because that is the only way they sell them.

#519 4 years ago
Quoted from paulywalnuts23:

Anyone ever switch out the shooter rod spring for one with less power? Just seems like there is a ton of power for a game that really doesn't need that much to get the ball to the in lanes..

I did that on mine. When I got mine the ball gate was missing because with a full pull the ball would slam back and forth between the gates above the "BAT" lights.

Not sure which spring I have in there now, but with a full pull, it will bounce back off the second gate but not so hard that it feels like you are going to tear something up.

#521 4 years ago

Get this kit from Marco $4.95. You can try a couple different tensions and see what works the best.



#525 4 years ago
Quoted from papazit1963:

Picked up a nice, dirty Eatpm last week. Started a full shop job on it. Looks to be in great condition so far. Some broken switches, bad opto, etc. Nothing major. It does have pretty good damage on the side rails from a prior bad pack/move job. Does anybody have an extra set they want to sell? Can't seem to find any vendors with them in stock. Can't wait to finish her up and PLAY!

I have gotten rails from Doug Huse of LetsPlayPinball.com when no one else had them. You can also check with Mike Chestnut of http://horsepowerunlimited.net/. Mike mostly does plating, but sometimes he takes trades and has used rails OR you may decide to go chrome. It ain't cheap but he does amazing plating work...

2 weeks later
#531 4 years ago
Quoted from belairjoe:

hi all-finally in! had to share this story.been looking for my girl solid for 18 months..had my first pinside party 1-month ago..fantastic group of people!.3-days later find Elvira in fla not listed for sale fellow pinsider with 25 machines lets me know he has a nice one selling other machines..my old girlfriend lives near him,checks it out bingo!im in! michelle from navl gives great shipping quote,owner of pin will safe pack for me no problem.guy find touch up he did forget to tell me bump down price by 100 bucks for a nothing defect.so I sit down to enjoy my victory of things finally working out for me with a cup of coffee and think this cant get any better .then I see pm from dennis Nordman! he live near me but I did not invite him to my pin party earlier in the month as I thought why would he come to our pole barn arcade.again bingo for me! he stops over a few days later with a friend to check out our arcade.says he will be coming to our summer party.wow! my Elvira machine,then meet designer.this not going to get better.my son come home from work tell me he was at his friends house meet a guy named mark penacho who might come out check out our pins.this was software guy on Elvira! don't like to be a name dropper but a think good sign for me on timing on getting my girl!photos to follow in next few days..had to share all this ...the pinball gods have smiled on me this time..i will be asking many questions as you all have the experience and knowledge on this machine..my first question...does anyone have their machine set up with black lights on playfield or outside of cabinet? can you post any photos of this? thought id ask the fun stuff now before I start asking later when things break down.anyway I could not be any more satisfied with the way this deal went for me..did I mention when I get machine have 2 new boogiemen in a bag and three brand new silver jets?..thank you pinball gods....

That is SO cool. I can't imagine have Dennis Nordman and Mark Penacho coming to my pinball party. I would have them signing everything I own.

3 months later
#660 4 years ago

Darn. One of my displays went out and the good one was a previous repair that was never straight. I really want the green PinScore displays but they discontinued them.

Guess I am going with the orange unless someone has some stashed someplace....

#673 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

There should be other options for green. Rottendog or X-Pin maybe?
I just sold my Elvira, but I think I had Rottendog displays in it. They were orange, but I remember I had color options.

X-Pin discontinued them, but I found a guy on Ebay that still has the X-Pin in green.

#676 4 years ago
Quoted from Sethman:

X-Pin didn't discontinue them. I just bought a set at Allentown and they are listed on their product page still.

Thanks! I was confused, Marco Pinball told me they were discontinued, but it was PinScore that discontinued them....

1 week later
#689 4 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

better to ask here i think
ok than, let's admit EATPM is one of the best (or its just THE best) sys11 ever created
what do you think of ES ? not only the theme & ambiance, but also the gameplay ? must admit i'm hot for it
and what about Space Station, which i really dont know & just curious about ?

I have an ES and an EATPM. I would have a hard time deciding between the two if one had to go. I really like EATPM and ES is almost too easy for me. ES is nice if you want to just play a mindless game.

I pretty much like all the system 11 games....

#691 4 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

well, was hopping/thinking that ES is more "tactical" than EATPM, seems not if i undertsand you...

They are about the same as far as depth of gameplay goes I guess. Neither one is too deep. ES has the whole earthquake thing during multiball which is pretty cool, and if you lose a ball during multiball, you get a second chance by putting the ball into the "shelter" hole, which starts the multiball again.

Elvira has a couple more ramp combinations for bonuses, which is harder for me. I can hit the stuff on the left side all day long, but I can't seem to hit the stuff on the right when I need to.

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